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The Dino H Carter Podcast

The Dino H Carter Podcast

By Dino H Carter
Dino H Carter, a marketing and brand consultant, and strategist, reveals strategies, killer tips, and the right mindset you need to build winning brands and marketing that actually works so you can have the time and money to chase more opportunities!

Dino and his guests supply valuable information and knowledge based on more than 20 years of marketing experience including work with Levi's, MTV, and more.

The best part is that you can use the tips and tactics you learn from Dino and his guests immediately to build a bigger and better business.
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Branding Cannabis: Dino H Carter on Thinking Outside The Bud Podcast
Today's episode focuses on marketing and branding in the cannabis space but it is valuable for any business owner, manager, or anyone who wants to understand marketing and branding on a deeper level.  Bruce Eckfeld had me on his podcast Thinking Outside The Bud and he asked great questions, so even if you are not in the cannabis space you will find some great jams that will definitely help you grow your brand.
June 06, 2022
2021 Cannabis market and consumers review
Want a successful business? Study the market, understand the consumers.  ✅ Download the free customer persona worksheet: In this episode, I will reveal extremely important information about the demographics and psychographic of the current cannabis consumers in the USA. Who they are and what influences their decision to buy.  If you are in the cannabiz you need this episode!  ✅ Get tips and tactics directly to your inbox ✅ Learn how to build a better brand and grow your sales:
November 10, 2021
Facebook Name Change to Meta
What do you think about Facebook declaration this morning that it changes its name to META?   There is a reason why it happened now.....   ✅ Get tips and tactics directly to your inbox
October 29, 2021
Today I will tell you the story of what made Harley Davidson such a huge brand. This is a great story for every business owner out there because it shows how you shouldn't give up, instead, you should find a way to make it work!  #harleydavidsonbrand
August 24, 2021
Branding lesson from NY Gov. Cuomo's managing sexual harassment allegations
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo just resigned after sexual harassment allegations so in this video I will talk about what can you learn from this for better marketing, branding for your personal brand or business?   Grow your business ➡️ Work with me ➡️ ✅ Get tips and tactics directly to your inbox
August 11, 2021
How to use NFT for your brand and marketing
How to use NFT for marketing? Watch this video and learn how you can use NFT as a marketing and branding tool.  Grow your business ➡️ Work with me ➡️ ✅ Get tips and tactics directly to your inbox
August 06, 2021
In this episode, I talk with Grant Barth about big brands collaborations. Grant is the founder and CEO of ThenWhat, a company that creates many collaborations for global brands.   Grant worked in Levi's, Nike, and others and his understanding of branding and marketing is extremely deep.   Last year I was lucky to have him as a client (yes I help other branding and marketing businesses growing their business) and we both learned we share the same perspective when it comes to marketing which is actually different than most marketers') This talk is important for any business owner or anyone who wants to start a business and build a brand because even if you don't do collabs, this video will help you "think marketing" which is something most people sure they know but only a few really do.  Grow your business ➡️ Work with me ➡️
July 02, 2021
How to grow your business in 2021 and beyond? Listen to this episode and get some info.. Need help growing your business❓  Free email marketing 101 training 👉 #digitalmarketing2021
June 25, 2021
IMPORTANT: Understanding Cold Audience and Warm Audience - why it is so important for your online growth
So what is cold traffic or cold audience?  It is a digital marketing term that applies to the traffic that comes to your website, online shop, and anything else you do online! In this episode, I will explain what it all means for your business and marketing.
June 14, 2021
Everyone knows that today, business is all about content. So how do you win the content game? How the F____ do you come up with the right content ideas to create engagement, grow brand awareness, and generate sales? In this episode, I will show you a simple way to come up with content ideas for your business.  👉 Free branding & marketing resources: Content is a must in your marketing mix. Whether you work on your personal brand or a corporate one, great content that is relevant to your customer base can actually make or break your business.   Good content converts to income but coming up with content ideas is the number one problem business owners have with their marketing.  So listen to this episode for a quick and effective, tried and tested way to come up with content ideas for your business.
May 31, 2021
Manage Your Marketing Like Amazon
In this episode, I will tell you about a system to manage your marketing that is based on the actual system Amazon, the retail giant, is using to manage its business.    If you are looking to get better marketing results, build a strong brand, and sell more, you should use this system.    FREE WORKSHEET ➔ WORK WITH ME ➔ SUBSCRIBE ➔
April 01, 2021
Remember why you do what you do
Lately, I needed a reminder of why am I doing what I do. Not only COVID is playing games with my mind, just like it does for most people around the world, but I had an influx of different marketing campaigns to run or help run for clients over the last three months.  This made me a bit detached from the reason I decided to focus on consulting and advising clients using my unique take on marketing and branding. Then I found this interview I had on the Monster Chats podcast a few months ago.  This interview reminded me and helped me refocus myself and I hope it will help all of you entrepreneurs and business people finding that focus and the reason why you do or want to do what you are doing.
March 13, 2021
How to grow sales with no paid ads
Google just announced it's changing its privacy policies on all its platforms and in addition, will stop websites and campaigns that will use cookies on its Chrome browser.   What does it mean for your online sales, and how you can grow your e-commerce business without being dependent on Google paid ads or any other paid ads. All this in this episode.   How to maximize online sales with no paid ads 👉  Learn the secrets of using emails to increase sales 👉
March 09, 2021
Brand Building in a Revenue Growth Format
In this episode. I bring you the highlights about branding and using the brand for sales and growth from my guest spot on Dubb podcast with Ruben Dah.    Enjoy Get my book and take your business to the next level
February 20, 2021
What is the difference between a commodity and a brand? And why is it important to understand this difference for business success? In this episode, I will explain exactly that.  Download the system to build winning brands & marketing that works  Branding is much deeper than most people think. Most think branding is about design but it is not. In today's world when the word Brand is so overused it's important to understand what is a brand. One of the ways is to know that people have expectations from a brand but not from a commodity.   ⭐ CLICK SUBSCRIBE   👉 Learn more about me: 👉 Get a copy of the brand building system: 👉 Get free branding worksheet: 👉 Get free social media marketing tips:
January 12, 2021
How Lululemon Marketing Strategy Creates Growth During COVID
Lululemon, the biggest brand in the yoga and wellbeing clothing category just announced that in spite of all the investors who said COVID will kill the brand, this quarter was 22% better than the same one last year!!  Let me repeat this: a brand that is heavily invested in brick & mortar locations (in high rent areas) is killing it in 2020 - the worst year for brick & mortar ever! How come? Listen to this episode of The Brand Whisperer podcast and learn. Hint - the same strategy that always creates revenue growth is always working.  📢 Looking to grow your business? Subscribe to The Brand Whisperer Newsletter:  🚀Build your brand for success: ✅Free course - the easiest way to grow online sales: 🎯Grow your social media:
December 15, 2020
How To Get Your First Consultancy Clients
In this episode, I talk with Dov Gordon about starting and building a consultancy or coaching video. If you want to start a coaching or consultancy business this video is for you.  Getting clients is hard, so in this episode, you will get some great tips on how to grow your consultancy business. And if that is not enough, you can get free help from Dov himself at this link 👉 Sign up for my newsletter:
November 24, 2020
Brand Building in 2020 | Base your brand on community and culture
In this episode, I speak with revenue genius Jared Robin about brand building, business growth based on community, corporate culture, and how it can grow revenues, and of course AI and bots. So click subscribe and use the links below to grow your business: 🚀 Free guide for a successful website 👉 Get a copy of the brand building system: 👉 Get free branding worksheet: 👉 Get free social media marketing tips:
November 19, 2020
Streetwear giant Supreme gets acquired for $2.1 Dollars!
Congrats to Supreme for the $2 Billion deal with VF Corporation! The streetwear giant Supreme which started in NYC as a skateboard shop in 1994 grew to be one of the biggest culture brands in the world and now the parent company of Vans, Dickies, Timberland, The North Face, Jansport, and many others,  announced today it plans to purchase Supreme in a $2.1 billion acquisition deal set to be completed before the end of the year.  Supreme is one of the best brands to learn from everything you can about branding, marketing, and business.  The brands originated the "drop" and is famous since the beginning for its collabs, here is one:  Cool Supreme sticker: 👉 Sign up for my newsletter: 🚀 Learn the system to build winning brands & marketing that works
November 10, 2020
Do paid ads work? Before you start pay for ads check the first step for successful website
Before you start spending money on ad campaigns, you MUST have these 7 components set in place, and set RIGHT in order to grow revenues from your website! 🚀    Learn: 🎯 How to drive more traffic to your website 🎯 How to sell more on your website 🎯 How to make visitors come back to your website Download this FREE One-Page Guide That Reveals... HOW TO QUICKLY TURN YOUR WEBSITE INTO A REVENUE GENERATING MACHINE:
November 07, 2020
David Meltzer motivation and inspiration
My guest today is no other than David Meltzer.  I'm sure many of you follow him on social media. He is huge on motivation and super inspiring. David Meltzer is the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh (“Lee”) Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. His life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy! This simple yet powerful mission has led him on an incredible journey to provide one thing…VALUE. In all his content, and communication that’s exactly what you’ll receive. As part of that mission, for the past 20 years, he’s been providing free weekly training to empower others to be happy. Link to Register to David's training: 👉 Learn more about me:  👉 Get a copy of the brand building system:  👉 Get free branding worksheet:  👉 Get free social media marketing tips:
October 19, 2020
Use COVID as a business opportunity
Hey guys! This episode was recorded back in the first weeks of #CovidLockdown initially for my YouTube channel:  I think now that our world, businesses, and lives are still so dramatically different than how they used to be, is a great time to publish it. Back then I thought it's just a matter of a few months and that's it but I realized this is not going away for at least another six months if not more. My guest Ariel Steinlauf is a Corporate Entrepreneur and Enterprise Growth & New Venture Advisor with business consultancy Bionic. Ariel has been working and consulting some of the biggest brands and Fortune 100 companies. In addition, he is my oldest friend, as we used to go to high school together (so yes, it's a pretty long time), and over the years we had the opportunities to work together a few times.  This episode is very optimistic and I hope it will motivate and inspire you guys. 👉 Get a copy of my brand-building system book: 👉 Get free branding worksheet: 👉 Get free social media marketing tips:  👉 Get marketing, branding, and sales tips to your mailbox:
October 13, 2020
Amazon prime day 2020 and Target's response to it!
In this episode, I talk about Amazon Prime Day 2020 and the brilliant response of Target to it.  This is a great lesson in marketing and branding. When your business mindset is in the right place the simplest marketing moves are clear and easy to come by.  When you "think branding" you make brilliant marketing moves that take market share from your competition and more than that, making huge holes in your competitor's brand. Killing two birds with one stone - this is how you do it.   If you want to learn marketing tactics, this is one of the best lessons.   ⭐ CLICK SUBSCRIBE   👉 Learn more about me: 👉 Get a copy of the brand building system: 👉 Get free branding worksheet: 👉 Get free social media marketing tips:
October 01, 2020
Mindset tips for business owners and entrepreneurs with Greg Reid
In today's episode, I talk with Greg Reid about mindset and some business tips.   Greg is a speaker, best selling author, an honorary Ph.D., film producer, writer, and a successful entrepreneur.   In this episode you will get:   ✅ Tips for business  ✅ Tips for a successful life  ✅ Mindset tips And more   👉 Learn more about me: 👉 Get a copy of the brand building system: 👉 Get free branding worksheet: 👉 Get free social media marketing tips:
September 16, 2020
How To Become a Badass Business Owner | Donnie Boivin
Hey marketing rockstars!  In this episode, I talk to Donnie Boivin about how to create success in your business. Donnie is an award-winning professional sales trainer, top-200 iTunes podcaster, Marine Corp veteran, and owner of his profitable Success Champions business which is how he and I met. He actually helped me focus on specific goals to grow my business. He is a hell of a guy and we talked about many aspects and elements to business success.   Sign up to my newsletter:  Download the system to build winning brands & marketing that works To get a free copy of Donnie's Work-Life Balance Workbook text the word "success" to 8173186030  If you need help turn your business into a successful brand call (323) 645-0137 or email to   Grab a free worksheet for your business
September 11, 2020
Sales training, sales tactics, and sales secrets with Skaled CEO Jake Dunlap
This video is packed with sales tips, sales tactics and so much more from one of the biggest sales masters out there, Skaled CEO, Jake Dunlap.  If you are salespeople, want to get better at sales, marketers, business owners, or CEOs this episode is a must and you need to watch till the last minute because you will learn so much!  From dealing with objections to why your sales and marketing sucks.   Get marketing, branding, and sales tips to your mailbox:  Free training: sales boosting using free emails:
August 13, 2020
Uber buys Postmates, Pricing Strategy, and Sales channels | The Monthly Drink Club
In this episode, we will be talking about tech acquisitions, pricing strategy, and sales channels.   Too many business owners think of pricing as an accounting element, as if pricing is just numbers and profits but this is a huge mistake.  When you do your pricing you need to include branding elements and think very hard about value based pricing. In addition, sales channels are all the ways you can get sales from, and these days with tech on a global scale you need to be on top of all the channels you can and manage each and every one of them. For example, a restaurant used to have one sales channel - passersby, but now they have passersby, sell products including recipe and photo books online (through YouTube, Social Media, Newsletters, Blog posts, etc), a website for delivery and pick up, Postamtes and so on...these are quite a few sales channels to make revenues from, won't you agree? 👉 Sign up to my newsletter: 🚀 Learn the system to build winning brands & marketing that works  In this episode I drink vodka sour cocktail I made -  Get your cocktail shaker: 🍸
July 31, 2020
Building successful sales sequences
In this episode, I talk with "the queen of sale cadences" Patricia McLaren about building successful sales sequences.   We all know how hard and frustrating sales can be, and as time goes by it gets harder and harder.  These days you need about 13 touchpoints in order to get a sale, and this is A LOT! So we need to create some cadences with multiple touchpoints - emails, social media, phone calls.  So watch this episode because you will get tons of value and tips on how to set these sequences and more than that, how to think when you write those emails.    Sign up to my newsletter:  #emailsequences #salescadance
July 16, 2020
Understanding digital marketing and programmatic advertising
Hey people! In this episode, we will focus on digital marketing. As the world focuses on online, understanding digital marketing is crucial for your business growth. Many think it's easy, you just use banner ads or Facebook ads and boom, you are super successful, but this is hardly the case, and as digital marketing gets more and more crowded and difficult, this video will explain to you how to think digital marketing, the steps you should take with your campaigns and more than anything - the right mindset you need to have in order to think like us marketers.
July 12, 2020
Influencers Marketing, How To Do It Right. With influencer Jessica Golich
Hi guys, In this episode, I talk with social media influencer Jessica Golich in order to give you some information on how to be more successful as a brand working with influencers.   Influencers marketing is a great marketing tool, and in a regulated industry such as the cannabis space it is even more important as a marketing and branding tool, and Jessica is a big influencer in that industry. It is great to hear what she has to say, learn how she started and how she works with brands and more than that, how she looks at a successful marketing relationship between brands and influencers.   Get free branding worksheets: Book me for branding and marketing workshops and keynotes: Get the winning brand building guide:
July 08, 2020
Pivoting During COVID19 Successfully | The Monthly Drink Club
Hey people good to have you here. Before we start, if you like this podcast please share it with your friends. Last month I started The Monthly Drink Club with my friend serial entrepreneur John Espey where we talk about business, tech, marketing, and of course having a drink or two. In this month's episode we are hosting Rachael Green, a cocktail teacher and master mixologist who pivoted her business during COVID19.  If you need some motivation for your side hustle or for pivoting your business, if you lost your job due to coronavirus and need some inspiration or if you looking to grow your business in this day and age, this episode has tons of bombs for you, so let's get started! It's a drinking club so get your Jack Daniels" Watch this on YouTube Follow me on Linkedin Learn how to build winning brands & marketing that works Download free social media and content worksheet Download free brand discovery worksheet Go to D Branding consultancy website: Ramp up your digital marketing
June 27, 2020
How to grow your Linkedin Profile | Fabio Marrama
You probably know that Linkedin is growing and it is super important to be on Linkedin if you are a business person, entrepreneur, or looking to scale your job.   Fabio Marrama is considered one of the top business and marketing leaders in Southern Ontario, Canada. It might not look like that, but there are only a few who really know how to utilize Linkedin and Fabio is one of them. So I had a conversation with him to gather some tips for you.   Get the brand building guide Free marketing & branding worksheets
June 26, 2020
How to utilize social media to grow your business | Yifat Cohen
Social media is a great tool to grow your business, but most of us getting stuck at growing followers but not actual clients, customers, or sales. That's where it gets hard. But it's doable. Listen to "master geek" Yifat Cohen, she knows how how to leverage social media to boost your brand, authority and your sales. She has been geeking on social media for years and even used to speak for Google! So she knows a thing or two. Learn more and watch Yifat's videos Get help grow your business using digital marketing: 
June 10, 2020
How to Be a Great Sales Person | Kevin Dorsey "K.D."
Kevin leads and develops the inside sales team at PatientPop. He has worked with top sales organizations and previously held roles with ServiceTitan and SnackNation before joining PatientPop. In 2018 he was named one of the Top 10 Sales Leaders in the country by, and is a highly sought after sales coach, consultant, and speaker for top national sales conferences. In this episode of The Brand Whisperer, I talk to Kevin and we find out that our perspective of sales and marketing is similar - it's about people, it's about creating a relationship.  This is the new paradigms of both sales and marketing because the old system most of you use don't work as well as it used to in the new world we live in. If you want to get better at sales with Kevin's help, click here Visit Kevin's Linkedin page: Visit my Linkedin page: Get free branding resources:
June 04, 2020
The Monthly Drink Club May Edition: Joe Rogan and The Spotify Deal, Fortnite and The Metauniverse
I decided to start a new tradition, well only time will say if it's a tradition but I'm going to try - once a month John Espey and myself will get a drink (you are all invited to send us your best bourbon) and talk about tech, startups, business, branding, marketing, and who knows what else. This time we talk about the exclusivity deal Spotify closed with Joe Rogan, and are we going to live in a meta-universe soon as virtual worlds such as Fortnite are growing and maintaining a life of their own.. Check the D Branding website here Find me on Linkedin Grab free worksheets
June 02, 2020
How to use digital and social media to grow your business | Natalie Levy
Putting yourself out there is super important for business success these days, mainly with #COVID.  Creating connections with others and with potential customers/clients is the only way to grow and leave an actual mark. Natalie Levy is an amazing life coach focused on women’s empowerment and businesses, but I had the pleasure to have her as my coach for a while before she focused on females and I must say it was a great experience.  Natalie is the founder of Babes Who Brunch Club, she is a community builder, a speaker, and an amazing content creator. Since she is so relentless, I thought you will get a lot out of listening to what Natalie has to say. If you are pivoting to online now, or thinking about it, or if you want to learn more about how to use the power of showing up and promote your personal brand online, this is an episode where you will learn a lot. Learn more and watch this conversation on video: Use this free worksheet to learn how to find your brand story and how to use it for your content
May 29, 2020
Marketing Messaging During Covid19 Crisis | Beate Chelette
The Covid19 crisis is long, hard, and impacting every aspect of our lives. It is true for everyone and that is why businesses and brands must adapt and change the messaging in their marketing. This global crisis created a new reality in marketing and as business owners and entrepreneurs you need to understand what it is and how to manage your marketing accordingly, for future success. Beate Chelette is a business strategist and leadership developer with a massive understanding of consumers, and in this episode, we bring up some great insights and points to create effective marketing and market leadership in the current times of crisis. Free resources: Book The Brand Whisperer workshop 
May 22, 2020
Startups, Entrepreneurs, And Marketing In Times Of COVID19 | John Espey
John Espey is a serial entrepreneur out of North Carolina, he is the Co-founder of Levvel and Defiance  On the first days of the #COVIDLOCKDOWN we sat to talk about tech, marketing, branding, and the future of life as we know them. This is a long episode with many interesting thoughts about doing business, invent stuff, running a successful startup, and so on. Take a listen.
May 19, 2020
How User Generated Content Disrupt The Cannabis Industry | Matt Wagner
The cannabis industry is huge but it's still not as regulated as it should and many players play with the lines on which no one really takes a good look at.  Matt Wagner is one of the people in the industry who care about the transparency and quality of the products and the industry. He uses social media and user generated content #UGC to change the industry from within. On this episode, I talk with Industry Disruptor Matt Wagner about User Generated Content and how the cannabis industry uses it to make positive changes.  The power of social media is much more than Kardashians and lifestyle influencers, it can actually create a positive change in your industry.  In this day and age, the consumers have a stronger voice than the corporation, and people in all industries should learn how regular Joes take the power of social media to their hands in order to change wrongdoing in their industry. Follow Matt: Learn about the fundamentals of branding:
May 14, 2020