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The Broccoli Roast

The Broccoli Roast

By Kale Brock
Like news but better. Award nominated writer Kale Brock, who's credits also include Filmmaker (The Gut Movie, 2017) & TV Presenter (Network Ten, BCM), shares the latest news in the health space with special guests from all over the globe. Filmed & recorded in studio in Sydney, Australia, Brock's sharp analysis & quick, self-deprecating wit will shift your perspective faster than a magnesium oxide bowel flush. Sitting loosely in the 'Fitness & Nutrition" category, The Roast will analyse society & culture in a way that's as refreshing as a cucumber enema (enough colon references?).
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Pandemic In The Blue Zones How Coronavirus Has Impacted Okinawa, Ikaria & Loma Linda
In this short investigation I reached out to speak with my friends in three of the five 'blue zones', the world's healthiest populations, around the world to find out how the pandemic has affected their communities.    The Longevity Film is finally available, world wide, on iTunes and other major platforms so please check it out below!    THE LONGEVITY FILM ON ITUNES - THE GUT MOVIE -  MY INSTAGRAM -  THE LONGEVITY BOOK - 
June 5, 2020
All About Pregnancy - Thriving Bubba's with Kasey Willson, ND
In this episode I sit down, virtually, because otherwise the government would throw me away, with Kasey Willson, ND to chat about her latest work around pregnancy, infant nutrition, breastfeeding & more.  Join Kasey on socials @kaseywillsonnd and check out her new ebook at (use code BROCCOLI for a discount!) Join me on socials @kalesbroccoli
April 16, 2020
Corona, Men's Health & Coaching Scott Morrison w' Nick Perry
Nick Perry & I sit down for a chat at my house about corona, men's health and how we would coach Scott Morrison...  Connect with Nick on Instagram @rhythmhealth  Join me on Instagram @kalesbroccoli  K
March 18, 2020
Why I'm Not Worried About Coronavirus
The heightened security, the face masks and the scary looking handouts paint a picture of some sort of pandemic armageddon, but do we really need to be worried about coronavirus? Join me on instagram @kalesbroccoli Check out supplements I use to bolster my immune system
March 4, 2020
Sebastian Terry Hot & Sweaty Psychadelics
Recorded in a hot & sweaty infrared sauna in Venice Beach, California, kindness entrepreneur Sebastian Terry and I chat about things such as underwear, psychedelics, new-age melodramatic wellness experts & more.
February 24, 2020
Helen Padarin + A Hot Steamy Sauna
In this episode naturopath & medical herbalist Helen Padarin and myself sit in a hot sweaty sauna to chat about such topics as managing stress, eating veggies, longevity and more. Many toxins were expunged during the recording of this podcast - I'm still sweating. MY INSTAGRAM -  THE LONGEVITY FILM -  THE GUT MOVIE -  HELEN'S WEBSITE (9v9 + retreats) -
February 12, 2020
What If Wine Made You Live Longer?
Whether it’s the lightly coloured, naturally fermented home-made red wine of Ikaria or the dark, dry Grenache red in Sardinia, when it comes to the observation of cultures who live a long time – one may come to the conclusion that alcohol, in particular, wine, may actually contribute to their longevity. Written by Kale Brock & brought to you by The Longevity Film 2019 Official Tour Visit for more info
August 31, 2019
How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally w' Dr. Andrea Huddleston | Hormonal Mastery
Huge episode today. One that's really, really powerful. This sort of information should be taught in schools, in the office, in the home, wherever and whenever!  In this episode Dr. Andrea Huddleston & I get together to chat about women's hormones, the delicate dance that is your female endocrine system. In a world where most people's endocrine system is completely out of whack, Dr. Andrea's solutions could provide the perfect tool to bring them back into homeostasis.  If you'd like to join Hormonal Mastery, the incredible online course, today at a super special discounted rate (50% OFF!!), use this link here
July 26, 2019
100 Things Before You Die?
Seb doesn't put it that way - a bucket list is a bit gloomy for a bright man. It's just a list of shi* to do. Super psyched to have connected with this inspiring legend.  In 2009, at the ripe-old age of 27, Seb Terry realised that like most people, he has not achieved anything on his long-forgotten list. The death of a close friend combined with a naturally abstract view on life sparks a moment of clarity.  In the midst of overseas trip, Sebastian decides to put pen to paper and re-create a list of 100 Things. His goal, to tick off everything. It’s the start of a crazy, no holds barred adventure that sees Sebastian travel to the ends of the earth on a quest to prove that anything is possible, including true fulfillment. MY INSTAGRAM - THE GUT MOVIE - BOOKS I'VE WRITTEN - GUT HEALTH PRODUCTS - MY ONLINE COURSES -
June 20, 2019
Curated Social Feeds, Political Depression & Longevity w’ Marcus Pearce
In this episode I am joined by Marcus Pearce to chat about various topics such as political apathy and depression, curating your social feed and its importance in maintaining emotional well-being, and of course The Longevity Film. Marcus was at my house today to be interviewed for the film and we went in depth into important pillars of longevity such as purpose, movement, family, finances and much more. I’ll be sharing the interview later this year with The Longevity Film cinema tour!! I hope you’ll join me there :) in the meantime check out Marcus on his podcast 100 Not Out with good friend Dr Damian Kristof. You can also join me on socials @kalesbroccoli
May 27, 2019
Get A Microbiome Test - Poo Analysis Talk
In this episode of the show, brought to you by Nice Life The Gut Health Store ( I chat with my go-to naturopath for poop testing; Amanda Ledwith. Whilst recording The Gut Summit content I had some great discussions with experts like Amanda and wanted to release some for free to check out.  Oh and hey great news, you guys can work with Amanda simply by visiting after the show and clicking on the Microbiome Testing link.  So much to share with you about my next film, The Longevity Film! I can't wait to start drip feeding some content over the next couple months with a trailer due in August!  Much love,  Kale. 
May 6, 2019
In this short episode I share what’s been happening in Okinawa for my film on longevity! It’s been a long time between drinks hasn’t it? And I’m sorry about that - it’s been a hectic time organising the trip, the logistics and all the rest of it, so I hope you’ll join me for the journey over on YouTube and Instagram as well :) @kalesbroccoli
April 26, 2019
Change the way kids eat.
A short episode today sharing with you my thoughts on how Mandy Microbe could be the saviour our kids need when it comes to their health & wellbeing. Facts tell. Stories tell. Kids don't want to learn about gut health. They want to hear a good story. By creating a story which helps them develop a tangible relationship with the microbes who call them home we can absolutely empower them to make intelligent dietary choices. When families work together, the outcomes are far more positive. See you in the New Year! Thank you so much for tuning in this year - its been an interesting one. Keep up to date with me on or on Instagram @kalesbroccoli - love ya!
December 10, 2018
Why Aren't Kids Healthy Anymore?
On this episode of The Broccoli Roast Jay G returns and together we delve into Australia's Childhood Health Crisis (my new doc premiering over on YouTube Sunday Dec 9th 7pm AEST @kalesbroccoli). We also chat about business, making money off of YouTube, social media, entreprenInfluencers in Bondi & a whole bunch more. It's been a HUGE week for me so it's good to reflect and look at the things that I've learned whilst filming the Au Kids Health crisis doco. Remember you can join us over on Instagram to stay up to date in between shows :) @kalesbroccoli @jaygeering
December 2, 2018
Health & Politics | Dr. Damian Kristof
On this episode of The Broccoli Roast I sit down with Dr Damian Kristof after filming for Australia's Childhood Health Crisis (Dec 9th, 7pm AEST on YouTube @kalesbroccoli) up at my house in Sydney. We discuss topics such as politics (dare we?), children's health, social media, health philosophy, inflammation, longevity & more. It's always a great chat with Damo, & if he didn't insist on living in Melbourne I'm sure we'd have a show together... This episode was brought to you by Forage Cereal. Get some bircher, paleo mix or muesli for your morning routine over at (save 10% with the coupon code BROCCOLI ) This episode was also brought to you by Mandy Microbe's Big Gut Adventure. It's my new book about gut health... but its for kids! The story is designed to inspire kiddies to develop a wonderful relationship with the bacteria they must feed every single day. Don't forget, my new short documentary, Australia's Childhood Health Crisis, premieres for FREE over on YouTube @kalesbroccoli on the 9th of December 7pm AEST. You can also follow me on Instagram @kalesbroccoli
November 28, 2018
David Wolfe on Children's Health.
I caught up with David Wolfe to shoot my new documentary about children's health. We had a great conversation, in fact it was a reunion of sorts because I interviewed David a long time ago whilst working for a TV Network. You get the full interview here on the podcast, the polished version will be included in the documentary, Australia's Childhood Health Crisis, which airs for FREE on my youtube channel @kalesbroccoli (subscribe now so you don't miss out) on December 9th, 7pm AEST. David's logical and intuitive wisdom is a breathe of fresh air. I love how, even though we take different approaches to health, he shares love for the world and everybody in it and is super passionate (& cognisant) of affecting change with a positive light. If you enjoy this convo, please consider sharing it with friends, and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel @kalesbroccoli so you don't miss Australia's Childhood Health Crisis, airing on December 9th, 7pm AEST.
November 22, 2018
Stupid Health Trends.
On this episode of The Broccoli Roast I'm joined by nutritionist, author & speaker Steph Lowe (@thenaturalnutritionist). We sit down for a chit chat about the more stupid of the extreme health trends in the industry right now and discuss the idea of extremism in health. I do find it quite strange that people are rushing to align themselves with extreme diets as if these provide a foundation upon which to build their identity. Yo - you are so much more than what you eat. Steph is a straight shooter. I like that about her. She's also pregnant. And this conversation surrounding birth and birth plan and the freaking amazing feat of one human growing another all feature in this lovely conversation. Remember to subscribe to the channel to support the show and join me on Instagram @kalesbroccoli. Loads of cool stuff coming up (talked about in the show!). Don't agree with any sentiments I shared in the show? You might be surprised to know that I don't really care. 
November 19, 2018
Sickness. Relationships.
On this ep of The Broccoli Roast Jay G and I sit back and chat about what we've been up to lately. We chat relationships and I bravely share a word of advice on the topic (don't listen to me, pls). We also chat about getting sick, what does it mean, how should we handle it etc etc. We'd love to hear from you. Let us know what else you'd like to see/hear on the show. To stay up to date in between podcasts please join me on Instagram @kalesbroccoli - Jay is off IG at the moment so sorry :( Remember we've got Mandy Microbe's Big Gut Adventure coming out soon ( and a new short documentary in a few weeks. Chat soon, K.
November 14, 2018
Motivation: The Broccoli Roast
On this episode of The Broccoli Roast Jay G & I sit down to chat about Motivation. It's an interesting concept; the idea that we as humans need to pull extrinsic drive from somewhere to stimulate us into pushing through physical and mental boundaries to achieve a goal. Jay & I talk about the meaning of motivation and how it relates to purpose and fulfilment. We talk about motivation & how it may be more of a 'trick in the back pocket' required to push through the inevitable tough times when chasing something worthwhile & interesting. Remember to follow us on Instagram to stay in touch @kalesbroccoli @jaygeering
October 31, 2018
CHANGE + meet my new co-host
How do you deal with change in a way that doesn't leave you as a pile of dust, blowing in the wind at the whim of the universe's seemingly endless ambition to disrupt your routine? In this episode of The Broccoli Roast you'll meet my new co-host (& housemate) Jay Geering!! We discuss CHANGE and its inevitability in life, plus consider how to approach it and even encourage it in a positive way. If you enjoy this episode please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. You can also add your thoughts to the discussion in the comments below! Thanks for supporting the show dont forget to join me on instagram @kalesbroccoli
October 25, 2018
Philosophies Helping Me Right Now & The Importance of Comedy
In this episode of The Broccoli Roast I sit down, alone, to muse on the current philosophies really helping me stay mentally healthy right now as I transition to a different project! Being in the creative space, the film space, you're moving in ebbs and flows. Nothing is steady, and nothing is concrete. To have any chance of longevity in this space, you need to develop a strong mental fortitude that allows you to flow effortless between fast and slow paced work. Stoicism has helped me a lot here, as have some other philosophies which I'll share with you in this episode. I didn't have any notes for this episode, but it comes straight from the heart :) See you soon! Next episode we may have a new co-host FYI !! How exciting. Support the show by pre-ordering Mandy Microbe's Big Gut Adventure Or come hand out with me in person at The Gut Summit Or simply follow me on socials @kalesbroccoli Hope to see you soon!! Kale.
October 15, 2018
Dietitians Association SPLITS from Corporate Sponsors
Last week the DAA officially announced it is cutting ties with its corporate sponsors such as big food companies Nestle and Campbells Arnotts. In what I suppose was an inevitable move the DAA say that this will serve to curb the public perception that their approach to nutrition & dietetics is somehow influenced by these partnerships. What do you guys think? I am overwhelmingly positive about this change as it means we can start to develop, theoretically, a truly independent authority body on nutrition in this country. Don't forget this episode is brought to you by The Gut Summit. It's a LIVE one-day event all about your gut health and its coming to Perth (Nov 3rd), Adelaide (Feb 2nd) and Sydney (Feb 16th). Tickets are available at a special price over at This episode is also brought to you by Mandy Microbe's Big Gut Adventure! It's a new kids gut health book and I've written it so that the grommets can start to develop an understanding and appreciation for the trillions of microbes which call their gut home! Pre-order your copy in time for Christmas over at Stay up to date with me over on Instagram @kalesbroccoli
October 7, 2018
Health Philosophy, Flow State & Movement w' Nic Laidlaw
In this episode of The Broccoli Roast I'm joined by good friend Nic Laidlaw @balancedstudio to chat all about health philosophy, flow state & movement (with a good dose of surf talk). "You can't hack your way back to health. It just doesn't work like that." Nic brings a great, holistic perspective to the health discussion and is always a gentle, warming guest. Don't forget we've got The Gut Summit; a LIVE one day event all about your gut health (Perth, Adelaide & Sydney) coming soon!! Head to to grab tickets and stay updated. AND, my new kids gut health book, Mandy Microbe's Big Gut Adventure, is due out in time for Christmas! How exciting! In it, metaphorical lessons of gut health are told in story form as we follow along on Mandy's adventure throughout the digestive tract! Follow me on Instagram for more @kalesbroccoli
October 2, 2018
The My Health Record: Why I'm Opting Out
I feel like all the movies we’ve watched over the years projecting this insanely controlled future filled with brain chips and trackers and an overarching government have kind of been… just movies right? But as we continue down this trajectory that we’re currently on, politically, socially, economically, I can’t help but think that Hollywood writers and directors were way ahead of their time. You might think I’m overreacting, but the My Health Record situation sets some seriously concerning precedents about individuals’ privacy and, arguably more significant, the increasingly intimate ties between industry and government. In this episode I discuss why I'm opting out of the My Health Record - and why you should at least consider your options. We've got The Gut Summit Live events coming up soon (Perth, Sydney, Adelaide) and my new kids gut health book is almost ready for pre-order! Stay up to date, and let me know your thoughts on today's episode on socials @kalesbroccoli
September 25, 2018
Coke Aquires Mojo Kombucha ... Thoughts
In this short episode I share my thoughts on yesterday’s hot news that Coca Cola has purchased Mojo Beverages outright. What does this mean for the health industry? It’s a huge move for sure... here are my thoughts ... oh, did you want to come to my LIVE one day event all about gut health? Join your community here
September 20, 2018
Exercise Boosts Gut Healthy Bacteria: Study
Well who knew that going for your daily run or gym session might actually be a tool for better gut health. Today we look at a study which demonstrates this phenomenon! You guys know that I've been banging on about the link between positive exercise habits & good gut health. The two have been, so far in observational studies, commonly seen in a seemingly congruent relationship. But taking this theory a step further, a new study has actually used exercise as an interventional stimulus to see whether it actually induced positive changes to gut bacteria. Essentially looking at the idea that exercise may actually cause increases in beneficial gut microbes within the digestive tract. Steph Lowe (@thenaturalnutritionist) & I had a chat about the study, which she rightly pointed out had it's limitations. This episode recording comes from my discussion with Steph about fat-adaptation, gut health & more from The Gut Healing Series Online Course. Check it out at @kalesbroccoli
September 18, 2018
Glorifying Obesity? Tess Holliday Cosmo UK Cover Reaction
Last week the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine UK edition featured a plus sized supermodel, size 22 in fact, Tess Holliday on the cover. Now, inherently, there’s nothing wrong with this. But what is concerning, and has certainly got people fired up, is the fact that this seems to be a story which glorifies obesity. Her morbid obesity is unchallenged, that’s not what is in contention here. What is in contention is the fact that there has been such a large amount of negative attention being given to using models who are drastically underweight - basically what Cosmo have done is run to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, and have put a morbidly obese person on the cover. Now again, I don’t think there’s any problem with Tess Holliday. She might be a nice person however my main concern here is that… are we trying to move to a space where we actually encourage people to become obese like Tess? I discuss both sides of the argument! More @kalesbroccoli @theguthealthstore
September 14, 2018
Seaweed: Gut Health Superfood w' Dr. Pia Winberg
Today we’re talking all about seaweed - it’s one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. I’m excited. In fact, I’ve been excited about this range of superfoods for a very long time. The reality is that seaweed, the reds, the greens, the browns, all have huge implications for the global economy, our environment and of course our health.  But with 99% of seaweed agriculture occurring in Eastern countries, it’s still a food & topic I know very little about. I want to change that.  Join myself & Dr. Pia Winberg for this in-depth discussion about the myriad benefits of seaweed from both an ecological standpoint and health perspective. Get the best seaweed products in the world, including Dr Pia's, at - get $10 off your first order by using the discount code BROCCOLIROAST Remember to follow me on socials @kalesbroccoli
September 12, 2018
Feminism & The #MeToo Movement w' Dr. Andrea Huddleston
Today we’re talking about feminism. I had planned to write something interesting here before you watch this chit chat with my good friend Dr. Andrea Huddleston, but honestly, I’m too scared to.  I’m worried that if I get something wrong, if I say something insensitive or offend a listener, I’ll have the wrath of the internet brought down upon me in a wave of the extreme left.  There you go, I said it I guess. Sometimes, feminism goes too far and is extreme. I feel like this is the case in recent times when the actions of a very, very small portion of the male population become a stand post upon which an argument is made that all men are bad and somehow inherently sexist. I thoroughly disagree with that and I’m almost offended by that.  Enjoy this discussion with @drandrea & myself @kalesbroccoli & be sure to check out - the gut health store bringing Australians the best gut health products from around the world.
September 4, 2018
The Future Of Food... Crickets & Insects?
As the world’s population soars toward a 2050 expectation of 10 billion people, one of the biggest questions on my mind is how on earth are we going to feed everyone.  Space will be a luxury, agricultural space may not even be a reality especially those methods which carry a heavy ecological footprint such as large-scale inorganic animal farming, or genetically modified crops (which we know do not withstand the natural adaptive qualities of the earth.)  So what do we do?  Well, there may be an answer. A category of animal protein not considered seriously for the past few hundred years. It’s incredibly nutritious, vastly more sustainable and arguably much more ethical, allowing animals to reach their full maturity before harvesting. We're talking about INSECTS. Big thanks to @griloprotein for being a part of the show and to Nice Life The Gut Health Store ( ) for providing us with gut nourishing goodness every day! Follow me on insta @kalesbroccoli to boost my ego
August 28, 2018
Blue Light From Devices May Cause Blindness (New Study)
In this episode of The B Roast we chat about a study released recently demonstrating the harmful effects of blue light from our smart devices on our eyes. The study, published in the peer reviewed journal Scientific Reports, showed that when retinal cells in the eye are exposed to blue light they can become toxic, leading to damage of the eye itself which could lead to blindness over time. To help me dissect this issue in a broader manner, I brought in Baxter Blue (blue-light blocking glasses company) CEO Aaron Telford. We discuss the general misuse of smart devices right now and some potential strategies to overcome such habits. This episode is brought to you by Nice Life, The Gut Health Store. Nice Life has just become an official stockist of Baxter Blue blue light blocking glasses and you can grab yours at - the discount code BROCCOLI ROAST will get you $10 off your first order with us. Instagrams @kalesbroccoli @baxterblue & @theguthealthstore
August 28, 2018
Depression & Food| How Diet & Lifestyle Impact Mental Health
On this episode I sat with Olivia Kaplan (@livinbondi) a nutritionist & content creator from Bondi Beach in Sydney. We chatted about everything from studies demonstrating how wholefoods can reverse depression, probiotics & their impact on stressed out mice, social media and it's concurrent rise in alignment with mental health issues & more. Gut health is a really important factor when it comes to staying mentally well. I've curated my favourite probiotics on my online store so that you can access them, too. Grab them on Nice Life, The Gut Health Store's website| | - you can enjoy $10 off (or free shipping) on your first order with us by entering the discount code BROCCOLIROAST For any more info from the show head to Don't forget to follow me on socials @kalesbroccoli & also connect with Olivia @livinbondi Enjoy!
August 28, 2018
What the hell is The Broccoli Roast
What the hell is The Broccoli Roast? In this introductory episode of my new show, I give you the run down on what to expect in regards to formatting, level of weirdness, your interaction, how to listen in, where to watch and more. Don't forget to subscribe on your preferred platform so you don't miss any of the upcoming eps... including: - Study shows your devices may cause you to go blind w' Aaron from Baxter Blue - The most sustainable, gut healthy, affordable food ever w' Dr. Pia Winberg - Depression is caused by inflammation w' nutritionist Liv Kaplan - Exercise & gut health (new study) w' Steph The Natural Nutritionist - Crossfit makes you fat & tired w' Nic Laidlaw from Balanced Studio - Important news updates & more Guys, if you can do me one huge favour I will be forever grateful (i already am). Please share this with your friends. I really want this to be the number one online chit chat show, brought to you in a completely different tone than the norm.
August 23, 2018