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The Bunker

The Bunker

By Michael Brown
In the safety of The Bunker we will be discussing varied topics on the unknown, the paranormal, UFO's, and any other high strangeness.

If you have had an experience you cannot explain, feel free to drop me an email @

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Men in Black with Justin Bamforth

The Bunker

Men in Black with Justin Bamforth

The Bunker

Towards the Moon with Christina
Christina Engelhardt is an actress, model, screenwriter, producer, astrologer, and a psychic who became connected to Italian director Federico Fellini through a series of supernatural interactions with the "voice." Following the advice of her personal psychic Geri DeMarlo, Christina embarked on a hero's journey around the world with Fellini in pursuit of adventure at the behest of the "voice."  Christina's first book is Towards the Moon with Fellini You can find Christina at: On Tik Tok @ Towardsthe.moon Instagram Towardsthe.moon Youtube Towards the Moon with Fellini Book 2 Towards Manhattan Book 3 Towards Hollywood
April 01, 2022
The Peter Khoury Abduction Case
This case which took place in Australia and investigated by Bill Chalker blew me away. Peter Khoury experienced strange visitations and even abductions throughout his life. All the classic elements of alien abductions are present here, with one exception; physical evidence left behind. An in-depth interview with Peter Khoury and Bill Chalker can be seen on YouTube at Erica Luke's channel UFO Classified here: You can find an an article written by yours truly on the case at:  
November 20, 2021
Back to Roswell (with a twist)
I broke my rule of no more Roswell coverage but this was too compelling to pass up. Was Albert Einstein called to Roswell to review the crash wreckage and bodies? You be the judge.
October 10, 2021
Inner Chambers Vol. 1
It took the entire episode to come up with a name for this series, but here it is. A series of episodes of The Bunker with a more informal approach to issues, current events or just me venting about stuff. This is just as much therapy for me as it is content for the listeners. 
September 25, 2021
UAP report
Beth and I sit down with Justin Bamforth of Normal Paranormal and friend of the show and former guest Jamie Victor to discuss the recently released UAP report and the implications of its "findings." Find more information about UFOs and the paranormal in general at Some info e referenced can be found at: UAP report can be found here:
July 18, 2021
Adventures at Graestone Manor part I
Beth and I speak to Heather Rease Mattison who owns Graestone Manor and how she came to discover her psychic abilities, how this amazing home found her as well as some of her experiences in the home after moving in. We spent a long weekend in the home investigating and can't wait to get back there. Heather is a psychic medium, author, researcher and investigator; info about Graestone Manor and her books can be found at
July 08, 2021
Singular Fortean Society
I sit down with Tobias and Emily Wayland of the Singular Fortean Society to discuss what brought them into the world of the paranormal and why they decided to become investigators of all things unexplained.  You can find the latest in Fortean news as well as their book The Lake Michigan Mothman at: You can support them and get even more content at:
April 24, 2021
Voices in the Pines
Beth and I share some audio we captured at her childhood home on the last couple days that the home belonged to her family. We talk a little about space and the importance of the connection between person and place. We apparently had some unseen guests in the studio which distracted us a little but we got through it. Let us know if you hear something we didn't during this episode. Activity around Beth and I has been a little crazy lately, anyone else experiencing this? Let us know: Beth can be reached for readings, hypnosis, or psychic development classes at:
February 22, 2021
Cemetery Walks - voices of the dead?
Beth and I discuss our love of cemeteries and share some voices from the other side.
January 07, 2021
Adventures in Lily Dale
The Bunker is back!! After a long break, Beth and I return with tales of adventure from Lily Dale, NY. We discuss some history of the village, the birth of spiritualism in America as well as sharing some audio clips from our trip. We round out the episode with a conversation with our friend Tina and discuss her profound experience while visiting the village. We have some amazing episodes planned for the remainder of the year so stay tuned! 
October 22, 2020
Adventure in Allaire Village
Beth and I take a day trip to Allaire Village in Farmingdale, NJ where I ran an experiment to see if Beth picked up on the same things that another medium picked up on while there in 2012. But, as often happens in the paranormal, things take a strange turn and we end up getting wrapped up with a murder from the 1960's. Yes, you read that right. Beth can be reached for readings, guidance, etc at:
July 21, 2020
Synchronicity, coincidence and premonition with Jamie Victor
Beth joins me for a fascinating discussion with our friend Jamie where he details some of his countless episodes with strange coincidences, premonitions and synchronicity. 
June 30, 2020
Men in Black with Justin Bamforth
Justin and I discuss the "Men in Black" phenomenon and Justin's aim to expand the definition of the MIB's and the different paranormal cases they are seemingly attached to. We also discuss our own run ins with strange characters over the years, and their possible connection to the broader definition of the MIB. If you have had an encounter with these odd characters you can drop me an email at or contact Justin below at: Justin's book, The Spectrum is available at :
May 22, 2020
Talking Bigfoot with Eric Spinner
Eric Spinner is a business owner in Medford, NJ which incidentally borders the Pine Barrens. He is a certified Nutritional Consultant, Shiatsu practitioner that researches the Bigfoot as his hobby and passion. He has attended the 2008 NW Pennsylvania Expedition, the 2009 Sunshine Coast BC Canada Expedition, the 2016 So NY Expedition and is the organizer of the New Jersey BFRO Expeditions. He has made numerous solo excursions into the Pine Barrens, the Pocono Mountains of NE Pennsylvania and has done investigations in Missouri and Florida. He was most recently involved in the production of the South Jersey episode of Finding Bigfoot, and was also featured in the town hall meeting.  You can find more information about their expeditions, as well as evidence at: Or on Facebook at:
April 29, 2020
Tulpas or "Thought forms."
Join me in The Bunker for a discussion about Tulpas, or thought forms and it's connection to Tibetan Buddhism, as well as a few examples of how thought can become form and the sometimes tragic results.
April 11, 2020
Episode 2.5 - Conspiracies Part II - COVID-19
In this episode I will discuss some of the more prevalent conspiracies surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic as well as give some current statistics about where we stand at the moment. 
March 18, 2020
True Conspiracies
T.J. and I discuss three conspiracies and the implications of each. We also attempt to delve into the mindset of those responsible for these plots and what possibly weighed on their minds while involved in these programs. We highlight MK-ULTRA, Project Sunshine, as well as the alcohol poisoning program carried out by the FBI during Prohibition.
February 27, 2020
Operation Trojan Horse
In the first episode of 2020, we highlight the work of John Keel and his theories into the paranormal, aliens and ultra-terrestrials.
February 01, 2020
Year end review - 2019
Beth and T.J. join me in The Bunker to discuss the past years' episodes and share our thoughts on each one. We also talked a little about where The Bunker is headed for 2020. The "Tail" end of the episode goes off the rails a little bit but it was a fun round table discussion none the less. Season 2  of The Bunker will feature a new look and a new intro for the show. Thank you to everyone that has joined us in the safety of The Bunker. Cheers!
January 06, 2020
Fear and Death in Brazil
In this episode we will discuss the trauma suffered by the people of Brazil at the hands of UFO's during the 1970's and into the 1900's as reported by Bob Pratt in his book UFO Danger Zone. We will also talk about some similar reports to the Stonehenge Incidents we discussed in Episode 1 of The Bunker as well as some consistencies with the reports from Skinwalker Ranch. Some of the implications of these reports are downright chilling. 
December 14, 2019
Flip the script with Justin Bamforth
In this episode, Justin takes over the helm as host of the show to interview me. This should give the listeners of the show further insight into my experiences and perhaps shed light on the reasons this show was created. We hope you enjoy this special episode of The Bunker.
November 23, 2019
Interview with Dylan from
We discuss Dylan's metaphysical products available for purchase on his website as well as orgone energy, GMO foods, and the hidden chemicals we all consume on a daily basis and how to avoid them. You can follow up with Dylan at: His podcast can be found on Soundcloud:
November 07, 2019
Carolina terror
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. We hope you enjoy this special Halloween episode of The Bunker where we are joined by someone that experienced truly scary activity in their home that left a lasting mark on them for years. Our guest and everyone here in The Bunker want you to know that you are never truly alone, no matter how bad things seem. Ask for help and help will come.
November 01, 2019
In this episode Beth and I discuss our investigation of the Hoskins House in Burlington, New Jersey and how this case made me a believer in Beth's abilities as a medium. 
October 12, 2019
Episode 3.5 - Paranormal Research
Just talking a little about my thoughts and experience on paranormal research, as well as thinking out loud on some of the implications of paranormal research and evidence. Theme music inspired by Joyce who can be found on Twitter @cosmicdahlia. 
September 23, 2019
Amanda Tyson
Beth, T.J. and I sit down with Amanda Tyson who is an alien channel who can be found on Twitter @Iamthechannel1. 
September 15, 2019
Special guests Beth and T.J. join me for a discussion about the end of the world, followed by a friendly PSA from the prince of darkness. Music is provided by the great and powerful Tool.
September 01, 2019
North Hudson Park UFO incident 1975
In this episode we will explore the UFO incident that took place over a couple of weeks in the winter of 1975 in North Hudson Park New Jersey where a craft was seen to land, occupants exited the craft and took soil samples and which left physical evidence that lasted nearly a year after the incident. 
July 31, 2019