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The Business Lockdown Podcast

The Business Lockdown Podcast

By The Business Lockdown Podcast
Hello there! We are The Business Lockdown Podcast, and we are here to provide you with great quality podcasts during this current climate!
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'Ensuring Business Survival in a Changing World' - Episode 75 of The Business Lockdown

The Business Lockdown Podcast

‘Digital Disruption’ - Episode 78 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 78 of the Business Lockdown. We are once again joined by the incredible Matt Dass of Springfield Solutions and EON Visual Media. Matt & James discuss how much the digital landscape has changed due to the pandemic, with Matt giving us some great insight as to how his business’s pivoted at the pandemic right through to the current day and beyond. We learn how a successful entrepreneur like Matt divides his time to ensure business development and continual growth. Matt shares his passions for human behaviour and the positive impact that technology and innovation can impact that to ensure that new ways of working can provide great results for an organisation and the people working within it. Change can be hard for many, particularly in large global brands who seem to have a scarcity mindset when it comes to disrupting the norm, Matt and his innovative team have great skills in showing and paving the way for positive business change with some global giants! Matt shares insight into how his companies develop innovative packaging products with more flexible young start-up businesses. A by-product of doing so provides an opportunity to showcase these case studies to larger brands, giving opportunity to digitally disrupt various industries across the board. This allows a more interactive consumer experience and means the customer journey is hugely improved and more immersive to bring them up to date with the digital age. Hear how Springfield Solutions and EON Visual Media are growing and accelerating over the next 3-6 months. A testament to not only their strength globally, but also their innovative strategy and positive disruptive drive! View Matt’s platform’s below: Websites Twitter @eonmedia @SpringfieldSols Facebook /SpringfieldSolutions /eonvisualmedia LinkedIn /springfield-solutions /eon-media Instgram /eonvisualmedia /springfield_solutions
March 01, 2021
'Netflix Losers: Handling Failure' - Episode 77 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 77 of the Business Lockdown. Today Phil & James are joined by The Round Table panel: Jonathan Leafe, a Business Coach, mentor and marketing expert, Dean Booty, a multiple business owner and host of the Motivated Entrepreneur Podcast and last but by no means least Dean Grimshawe, host of the Work In Progress Podcast, and Warrior Mindset Coach, as we discuss the Netflix series ‘Losers’. The series dives into the worlds of golf with Jean Van de Velde, learns of Surya Bonaly’s struggles in the world of figure skating, Pat Ryan shares his story of defeat in the 1985 Canadian Championship that lead to his strategy changing the sport forever. Aliy Zirkle shares her sled dog mushing turmoil, Michael Bentt world boxing champion tells of his knockout loss that helped him find his true passion, Mauro Prosperi shares a gruelling story of endurance running turned into a tale of survival, playground hoops legend Jack Ryan shares his failures in basketball due to lack of discipline and a bad attitude and we learn of the bizarre story of Torquay United’s saviour, in the form of a police dog.  Join us as we discuss the ways in which each episode approaches failures and draw upon how each episode portrays the lessons learned from each failing and explore the positives taken from failure, often finding there are more to be found during these times over those of winning. We often find in life that it is after our lowest points there comes a win and these stories, as told by the individuals that experiences failure themselves, share their lessons learned whilst partaking in the sports they love.  We draw upon our own experiences with failure and falling short of winning, sharing how this has perhaps carried with us throughout life and the decisions that have been influenced as a result.  View our panels platforms below: Dean Booty Website:  Twitter: @deano3622 Facebook: Business Facebook: Linkedin - /deanbooty Dean Grimshaw Website: Twitter: @deangrimshawe    Instagram: @dg_workinprogresspodcast   Facebook:  LinkedIn: Jonathan Leafe Website: LinkedIn: Jonathan Leafe Twitter: @Jonathan Leafe Reach Phil & James via email:
February 22, 2021
'Achieving Your Wildest Dreams' - Episode 76 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 76 of the Business Lockdown.  Today we are joined by the incredible James Sinclair, an incredibly passionate entrepreneur who has experienced great successes as a result of years of hard work and dedication to his passions.   James tells us of how his journey into business and the world of entertainment began in his teenage years when he decided to follow his childhood dreams of owning visitor attractions, zoos and theme parks and developed his own entertainments agency. He shares with us how he grew his business empire to allow him to develop higher entry level companies to deplete the competition and fulfil his dreams.  With an incredibly positive and forward-thinking mindset, James shares with us how he has pivoted his businesses throughout the pandemic, hitting barriers and overcoming them with a strategic and logical approach.   It is very clear how much of a high value James places upon the people around him, his approach to the way in which he offers his senior team a large amount of flexibility has fostered an amazing network of talent members who contribute to the success of his empire. Listen as James shares how this system of trust and flexibility has benefitted the companies and his team mutually, so much so that throughout 2020 during the pandemic they turned over a six figure sum, you can watch the documentary on how this was achieved here:  For any entrepreneur or business minded people with a drive and determination to succeed through passion and strategy, looking for some high energy inspiration and great actionable tips!   View James’ platforms below:  Website:  YouTube:  Instagram:  Facebook:  LinkedIn:  Podcast:
February 15, 2021
'Ensuring Business Survival in a Changing World' - Episode 75 of The Business Lockdown
Today we are joined by Greg Merrilees, founder and director of Studio 1 Design, based in Australia.  Our topic for this month is ‘How to Survive 2021: Opportunity in an Uncertain World’. Greg has so much value to share based on this, from disclosing how he has continued to ensure business longevity by being proactive with reaching out to his clients when the pandemic hit ensuring they were pivoting in the right way, discussing the various different types of focus and how that effects strategy plans.  Greg shares with us his formula for growth and how he is approaching his overall business strategy for the year ahead, giving some highly effective actionable tips as to how to break that down. When working with clients or indeed in your own business, remaining in a strategy focused arena can be tough! Greg shares his tips on how to keep yourself or your clients on your toes and remaining proactive in developing your growth strategy.  There is always room for growth and areas that you can identify to work on when you take a deep dive into your current strategies, Greg has some incredible suggestions as to how you can alter strategic plans to work for you in the current environment and beyond. Listen out for Greg’s great examples of some large businesses that have pivoted multiple times and have succeeded hugely! Finally, if you’re currently reviewing your website and looking to take it to the next level, Greg gifts us with some crystal-clear actionable changes you can quickly make to ensure you have your website full optimised to convert.  View Greg’s Platforms below: Socials Read Gregs blog on ‘How Your Small Business Can Thrive In a Changing World:
February 08, 2021
'Uncovering The Path of The Podcast' - Episode 74 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 74 of the Business Lockdown. This week’s guest is Michelle Shenton of Lion Heart Yoga in Hull. Michelle, like many has been on the battle front with her business for the last 10 months like many, fighting to ensure survival.  Focusing on our topic for February of ‘How to Survive 2021: Opportunity in an Uncertain World’ when Michelle approached James through a mutual friend for help with a video for social advertising, it was soon realised that there was a better way to ensure continual growth for Michelle. She shared the results of her dedication into breath work in recent months, having been contacted by the NHS to produce training and presentations within the field. It became abundantly clear that this former police officer turned Yogi has a strong unique niche to attract an audience for a podcast.  James discusses with Michelle the path that initial conversation has taken her down and how she is now preparing to grow her business as a result of her hard work. Hearing how Michelle worked on perfecting her skillset and network around breath work throughout lockdown and hear how James helps her to shape and mould the next pathway her business will take by delving into a brand new super niche area of expertise, learning how the path of the podcast can really help you reach new heights with a specific niche and target audience. Take a listen to hear how often avenues less commonly considered can be explored to bring new life and invigorating energy to your business, especially in times of struggle when the future may seem a concern. Often to turn things around we can find that stepping out of our comfort zones is where the magic happens.
February 01, 2021
'Health, Wellness & Fitness: The Experts Review.' - Episode 73 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 73 of the Business Lockdown. This special bonus episode brings together some incredible minds in the world of health, wellness and fitness.  Joining us we have David Mankel of Mankel over Matter, a personal trainer and mental wellness advocate, Gemma Gibson of Honu Health Coaching, focusing on habit change and removing chemicals from our diets. Gemma has over 20 years-experience in the fitness industry. Jack Burton, of Fit24 and the brand new Fit24 Coolhands gym both in Hull City centre and Michelle Vodden, of Retox Retreat – Yoga & Mindfulness and business owner at The Mumpreneur Movement.  Our group discuss their proudest moments in their fields, share how 2021 is shaping up for them so far and their plans going forward as well as imparting some great actionable tips you can implement to help you remain consistent when making positive changes in your life, plus so much more. This special episode wonderfully rounds up our collective endeavours to start the year on a positive note and gives us many tips to carry forward into February and beyond. View our guests platforms below: David Mankel: Visit David’s Website at Facebook: Instagram: mankelovermatter Email: Gemma Gibson: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @honuhealthcoaching Email:  Jack Burton: Website: Instagram: @Jack_burton92 @fit24hull @ssa.sportuk @coolhands_fit24 Facebook: Fit24 Hull Michelle Vodden: Website: Facebook:  Instagram: @michelle_vodden LinkedIn:
January 27, 2021
'Peak Performance' - Episode 72 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 72 of the Business Lockdown.  This week’s guest is Justin Atherton, a peak performance consultant, an ex-SWAT team breacher and former detective who is currently a police officer in the USA based in Houston, Texas. In today’s episode Justin shares his career journey with us, giving us some insight into how his life’s work has led him to become a peak performance coach. He gives us some incredible insight into how we can discover our ‘why’ and purpose in life, to help us ensure we are following the right path.  With Justin’s line of work comes a degree of great discipline, we are fortunate enough to have a world class morning routine shared with us to inspire us to operate at maximum efficiency no matter what our day entails. He also discusses effective goal setting and how we can approach not achieving a target we may set ourselves within that.  This episode is perfectly timed for us reaching the end of January when it’s possible that some of us may be wavering or struggling slightly in our attempts to make positive changes. Take a listen and share with us which of Justin’s tip you’ll be implementing to keep yourself on track! View Justin’s Platform’s below: Confidence Unchained Website: Confidence Unchained Summit: Email: LinkedIn:  Facebook:  Podcast:
January 25, 2021
'The Motivated Martial Artists' - Episode 71 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 71 of the Business Lockdown. Today we are joined by Gavin Cook and Jackson White. An incredibly dynamic duo who between them have many success stories. Together they created the Motivated Martial Artists podcast which has become so successful they are now producing a book of the same name, sharing inspiring interviews with some of the world’s most inspirational martial artists. They also co-founded TMMA Live, a martial arts virtual lesson platform. Gavin is also a Taekwondo instructor and owns Train Taekwondo Schools, a property investor and runs Skills Connect. Jackson is a specialist in Taekwondo, telecommunications, business and marketing. In today’s episode, Gavin and Jackson share their joint and individual business journeys, the lessons they have learnt along the way and the incredible successes they have as a result of their determination and discipline. They share how they have streamlined their processes to ensure efficiency enabling them to create more time to work on their other business plans in order to achieve their short, mid and long-term goals. If you are looking for inspiration to help you to make sure the year ahead is productive and disciplined when it comes to your business, this episode is a must to take some awe-inspiring motivation from. View Gavin and Jackson's platforms below: Train Taekwondo Schools Website: Facebook: TMMA Websites: Facebook - LinkedIn: Jackson White: Gavin Cook: The Motivated Martial Artists Podcast Website: Facebook - Spotify - Apple Podcasts - Google Podcasts - YouTube –
January 18, 2021
'How Our Business Survived 2020' - Episode 70 of The Business Lockdown
Today we celebrate episode 70 of the Business Lockdown!  Join us for this very special episode as team PINQ reflect upon 2020, sharing some of our most poignant moments, trials, tribulations and all that falls in between. Get to know the team behind the podcast and gain some further insight into what makes us tick, our passions and more. Last year was a challenge for many, us included at times. We share our vulnerabilities with you today in the hope that you can take solace in the fact that you weren’t alone in your feelings of the last 12 months and share our top tips for carrying some of our strongest coping mechanisms into 2021 and beyond, to help you ensure a strong start to your New Year, no matter what it may bring.  View team PINQ’s platforms here: Website: Facebook: WeArePINQ Instragram: @wearepinq Twitter: TheBusinessLD LinkedIn:  YouTube:  The Business Lockdown Podcast Facebook Page: @TheBusinessLD Facebook Group:   Instagram: @thebusinessld Twitter:     YouTube:   Anchor :   Apple Podcast:   Spotify:  Soundcloud:
January 16, 2021
'Find Discipline In a Mentally Draining Environment' - Episode 69 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 69 of the Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is multiple business owner Matt Stait, a multiple blackbelts world champion gold medallist and two times Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee. This former bouncer and close service bodyguard turned Amazon best-selling author has an awe-inspiring journey to share.    Matt’s drive and determination is somewhat infectious to say the least, with a zest for self-achievement and a can-do attitude, we can take inspiration from Matt’s mentality and attitude towards achieving his dreams and aspirations.    With an astounding ability to pivot and turn his hand to achieving all he sets his mind to and more, we learn of Matt’s successful quest and rightfully his proudest moment in walking away from the protection of a salaried income, to paving his career into the roaring successes he builds upon daily. A journey we can become invigoratingly energised from to help steer our own goals and inspirations in the directions we desire for 2021 and beyond.   View Matt’s Platforms here:   Websites:    Socials:   Facebook  -  -  - YouTube Matt Stait:  Modern Samurai:  For speaking or workshop opportunities: e-mail:
January 11, 2021
Netflix The Playbook: A Leaders And Coaches Perspective - Episode 68 of The Business Lockdown
Today James and Phil are joined by four individuals, who are each in their own rights’, phenomenal leaders and coaches. Meet Martin Johnson, CEO of Trans2Performance, specialising in coaching and performance psychology, Jonathan Leafe, a Business Coach and mentor and marketing expert, Dean Booty, a multiple business owner and host of the Motivated Entrepreneur Podcast and last but by no means least Dean Grimshaw, host of the Work In Progress Podcast, and Warrior Mindset Coach.  As the latest Round Table session commences, our guests and hosts discuss the 2020 released Netflix series, The Playbook: A Coach’s Rules for Life follows five sports coaching legends as they share their philosophies and rules around their sports, teams and lives. The series features legends such as Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou, former Chelsea Football Club and current Tottenham Hotspurs manager Jose Mourinho and the NBA stalwart Doc Rivers, who’s episode kicks off the series with an awe-inspiring approach to life. Join us as our group share their thoughts around the series, their favourite moments and parts that have either inspired, resonated with or repulsed them! As business leaders, it is not often that we are given a space in which such positive energy, reflection and inspiring stories can be shared in so many ways as you will watch and hear unfold today, we guarantee that you will come away from today’s episode feeling uplifted, empowered and inspired by the ripple effect of energy these guests have created whilst discussing this incredibly motivating Netflix series.
November 09, 2020
'Big Data Control Us: Are We F*cked?' - Episode 67 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 67 of The Business Lockdown. We are joined at the Round Table by Phil Pond. A Round table is a form of academic discussion. Participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. This time, we look at the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma. Are we destined for our lives to be taken over by tech or can we salvage what’s left of human connection? In an age of tech domination, Zoom as a daily tool, Facebook as our means of social engagement and Google as our main source of knowledge, it is safe to say that tech is now an essential part of our biology. Phil Pond, as a trends forecaster, uses technology against itself in his search for the truth, and tells us that the current state of the news and how we get the news is fundamentally flawed; if our hosts searched the same term, they would get three versions of the truth. Phil Pond maintains that surely there can only be one version of the truth – but even this notion is called into question by the use of tracking and big data by companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Join our discussion and let us know your thoughts as we digest this issue together – are we addicted to social media? Are you addicted to your phone? And, perhaps most importantly of all, Co-host James Ash asks: “Are We F*cked?” Let us know in the comments if you’ve watched the programme. We’d love to hear your thoughts - View Phil’s platforms below: Scarlet Opus: Facebook: @ScarletOpus Insta - @scarlet_opus Twitter -@scarletopus View “The Social Dilemma” Trailer here:
October 26, 2020
'Losing Every Single Penny' - Episode 66 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 66 of The Business Lockdown.  We are today joined by a true creative at a time when the creative industry has been somewhat destroyed by lockdown. Kerri Layton is a jazz singer, and the founder and director of Dixiebird records, a collective of musicians focusing on jazz, organising events and live music.  Coronavirus means the effective end of live events and weddings This could not come at a worse time for Kerri, as she celebrated her first part of profit – she tells us how she lost ‘every single penny’, and had to take time out to regroup mentally and come back stronger than ever. We discuss how COVID has affected the creative and events industry and Kerri’s business, and how a year of extreme adversity ended with the singer unable to sing, or even talk. What happens when you are denied your greatest passion in life? For Kerri it meant she was mute over Christmas and had to use other methods to communicate. Kerri looks to the future to maintain hope: once we’re over the coronavirus pandemic, it’s back to the roaring twenties and Kerri tells us that human interaction will feel better than ever. We can come back from this, but only by mutual support and gratitude; it is through the power of one another that we can become stronger together. View Kerri’s platforms below:  Winter Wedding Package link  - Dixiebird Records main website link - Facebook - Dixiebird Recordse Insta - Kerri Layton Insta - Kerri Layton Facebook - Kerri Layton Spotify - YouTube - Soundcloud –
October 19, 2020
'Fighting To Survive This Together' - Episode 65 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 65 of The Business Lockdown.  We are today joined by photographer, returning guest and great friend Andy Crozier.  Since his appearance on episode 22 of The Business Lockdown, A lot has changed not only for Andy but for the whole world as we navigate the collective struggle of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Andy continued to pivot as his area of expertise, wedding photography, has been put on hold and describes the way he’s changed business model with the purchase of a ‘business in a box’. Reflecting on the act of pivoting, we question whether or not the pandemic has inspired radical changes to the estate industry with the emphasis on virtual tours, and if these changes are actually outdated – with the technology we have, it's hard to see why these changes were not seen earlier.  Andy decided to take a step back and visited a yoga retreat in Turkey; in a time of resurfacing panic and uncertainty, finding the pieces to the puzzle of calmness is essential to wellbeing and mindset.  View Andy Crozier’s platforms below: FB - Insta - LinkedIn -
October 12, 2020
'$1.2M To Live' - Episode 64 of The Business Lockdown
Adversity can actually be a positive force for action; overcoming adversity shapes us into the people we are today.  There are few people who are as familiar with this statement as Kawan Glover. Kawan survived a stroke and three brain surgeries, but Kawan’s story does not end there. Kawan uses his story to massively inspire others and sees his experience as a tool to help others achieve victory.  After studying business at university, Kawan looked to his own experience to become a “testimony” that “will inspire others to take hold of themselves”. Uniting others with his individual pain, this incredible young man turns adversity into victory.  We discuss a number of topics with Kawan, such as what Kawan understands as his “why”, his inspiring and heartfelt journey that completely changed his life at just 20 years old, and the magic of human connection – something that we all desire in these strange and turbulent times.  We can take inspiration from Kawan, safe in the knowledge that through the strength of each other, we will overcome the darkest time in our life with one commonality: each other.  View Kawan’s Platforms below:  Facebook: Instagram: - @kawanglover Twitter: - @kawan_glover LinkedIn:
September 28, 2020
'Become A Confidence Guru' - Episode 63 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 63 of The Business Lockdown.  Stage fright is something we are all familiar with; the pre-show nerves where you tell yourself that everything that can go wrong will. The dreaded walk onto stage and that stuck, shocked ‘deer in the headlights’ panic which sends you straight into self-doubt. Steve Trister works from within to destroy this feeling.  Steve is an acclaimed public speaking, presentation and communication skills trainer who gives business owners, CEO’s and other senior figures the confidence they need to deliver powerful speeches. His proudest moments include training a person to open to 9,000 people in the audience live and nearly 100,000 online in Vegas and much more.  Although Steve plays a massive part in these speeches, he is more focused on the delivery of the speech rather than its content; the ‘craft of the performance’ is Steve’s passion, and he uses his experience as a former actor to develop and shape this craft. We discuss The Ego and it’s damaging properties and how to avoid this by assessing and destroying it with evidence, Steve’s personal experiences as a coach and the deeper side of communication – the importance of mindset and looking further within to communicate ideas effectively to the outside world.  View Steve Trister’s platforms below:  Website -  Online Course - LinkedIn - Twitter -  Facebook -
September 21, 2020
'Warrior Mindset' - Episode 62 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 62 of The Business Lockdown.  We are today joined by life coach Dean Grimshawe, who examines the mind with a critical eye. His approach to mindset is one of resilience, maintaining that we are already aware of what we want in life – and under lockdown, it is what we need that is more important.  This development, once realised, will help you achieve your goals.  Dean maintains that many people don’t realise they can achieve what they want, by simply realising what they want in life is easily achievable. Once we figure out our goals and how to get there, all we need to do is create a plan and follow it!  View Dean’s platforms below:  Website - Twitter - @deangrimshawe    Instagram - @dg_workinprogresspodcast   Facebook -
August 31, 2020
'Breaking Barriers, Captivating Creativity' - Episode 61 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 61 of The Business Lockdown.  Through the power of community and coworking, Tyrone Curran is destroying the barriers of convention with his project The Crosby Collective.  The Crosby Collective is a coworking space in Scunthorpe, but Tyrone is not concerned with geography; he is instead rewriting the rules of labour by transcending the office, creating a space for creativity to flow – choosing creativity as the main purpose of this space means that creatives will flourish, changing the way we can look at the concept of the office space and removing the constraints that many find blocks their creativity in an office environment. We discuss how this project came to be, and the importance of community and how Tyrone’s ideas will be manifested in the Crosby Collective.  View Tyrone’s platforms below:  Website - Instagram - Facebook - Linkedin -
August 27, 2020
'Level-Up or Lose' - Episode 60 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 60 of The Business Lockdown.  We are today joined by Angela Morgan of SeaMorgens, a conscious entrepreneur who is driven to save the planet, who created a Swimwear brand that uses recycled materials and non-plastic packaging.  Angela used lockdown to learn; she is proud of how much she focused on her business over lockdown and discovered the complexity of marketing. She is particularly interested in SEO and the back end of business, where as her sister is more focused on the front of house elements – this balance has lead to a powerful dynamic in her business.  We discuss Angela’s newfound skills, such as advertising and marketing, her new brand and it's growth and much more in our conversation with Angela, a rising expert who has a lot to give!  View Angela’s platforms below:  SeaMogens  Facebook - Instagram - Pintrest - Shop – Email -
August 24, 2020
'Left Behind' - Episode 59 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 59 of The Business Lockdown. Jack Burton is the owner of Fit24, a 24 hour gym in the heart of Hull. The health and fitness industry is one Jack, as an expert and business owner, knows has been forgotten by the government; we discuss the implications of a world left behind by the government and what this entails, and develop a behind the scenes picture of business post-lockdown.  As lockdown is eased, we can now look back at our collective struggle and begin to find answers to our multitude of questions. We may not get them all, but we can start to rebuild together. Hearing Jack’s story will inspire us all to keep on pushing; use the past to push you forward and get you through, as Jack puts it, the “assault course” that is life.  View Jack’s platforms below: Instagram –  @Jack_burton92 @fit24hull @ssa.sportuk Facebook –  Fit24 Hull
August 17, 2020
'Positive Change' - Episode 58 of The Business Lockdown
From Miss Hull to Miss Great Britain, Saffron Hart is no difference to amazing personal development. She has been the focus of international eyes, including an incident in which she was denied a top five place in a very prestigious Malaysian beauty Pageant with Miss Tourism World.   A true innovator, Saffron is not limited by her exceptional talent in the beauty world. She was a long time salon owner, and after the hairdressing chapter has closed now helps people with fitness goals with her business Herbalife Nutrition -  we discuss how this has developed during lockdown; replacing the physical store with the virtual one has meant that Saffron has been able to help more people.  We discuss the changes that Saffron has undertaken, both in, before and out of lockdown. We also discuss success in lockdown as a series of changes and developments, allowing us to reflect on the biggest changes we’ve undertaken in lockdown and how they’ve affected our lives. View Saffron’s platforms below: Herbalife Nutrition - Insta -  Facebook -  Saffron Rose Hart  This Is Me - Miss Great Britain Coaching - Insta -
August 10, 2020
'Beauty From Within' - Episode 57 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 57 of The Business Lockdown.  Today’s episode is one of pain and hardship juxtaposed with happiness and transformation as we are joined by Louise Shepherd, professional makeup artist who found further talent in talking to her clients – this began her journey into the role of the life coach. Louise unfortunately struggled with addiction and looking back on this internal conflict can pinpoint the very moment she decided to stop drinking. Transformation was undertaken once again, and now Louise looks to the future as a happy, inspirational and incredibly positive force for personal development.  If you would like to join Louise’s campaign for happiness, join “The Happy Project” group here and see how Louise can help you achieve a positive and happy life: If you’re affected by any of the issues raised in today’s episode, you can contact the Samaritans on 116 123.  View Louise’s platforms below:   The Happy Project by Louise Shepherd  Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Instagram: @Louise_shepherd_happy_project
August 07, 2020
'A Motivated Martial Artist' - Episode 56 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 56 of The Business Lockdown. We are today joined by Jackson White, a brilliant martial arts coach and podcaster. We discuss a number of topics involving Jackson’s varied life in the military, as a martial artist and now a podcaster. Jackson has a multitude of life lessons from his experience as a 16-year-old going straight into the military, following his father’s footsteps to become a Taekwondo great and his transition from the military world to the corporate world. Jackson’s story is one of many different avenues and changes and is inspiring to all as we experience the many different changes we are experiencing in these different times.  View Jackson’s platforms below:  Train Taekwondo Schools Facebook - TMMA Facebook - Jackson White  LinkedIn - The Motivated Martial Artists Spotify - Apple Podcasts - Google Podcasts  - YouTube – Facebook -
August 03, 2020
'Success In The Face Of Failure' - Episode 55 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to the full episode 55 of The Business Lockdown. Phil Benson tells an incredible story of success in the face of adversity; of adapting to great change and of retreating to the core to come back stronger than ever. These three aspects of success are related to different parts of Phil’s life.  First, we have the emotional experience of becoming a parent in Lockdown. Then we discover the spark of inspiration that led to a business being created and franchised. Finally, we discuss how Phil adapted to changing business and brand and becoming a solo entrepreneur after facing great change.  Phil Benson’s journey is something we can all take inspiration from, regardless of the specific struggle we face.  He has overcome so much that we as a collective of internal and social change can learn from his incredible story and become stronger together.   View Phil’s platforms below: Twitter - @thestoreon Instagram- The Store On Pier Street Facebook- The Store On Pier Street Twitter- @xingsmoothies    Instagram- Xing Smoothies Facebook- Xing Education Phil Benson  Linkedin: philbenson64
August 01, 2020
'Post-Lockdown Vision' - Episode 54 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 54 of The Business Lockdown. We are once again joined by our great friend and perhaps an even greater entrepreneur, Paul Gibson. Paul was featured on episode 2 and now extends the value of his first episode.  A lot has changed in just 17 short weeks, mostly our lockdown situation – Paul was featured around a few days before lockdown; we today chat to Paul at a time where normality is beginning to shine through the clouds of isolation. We discuss how lockdown has been for Paul, having furloughed two members of staff and working from his office instead of at home. Lockdown has meant Paul found time to focus, hone in and learn; this leads to a discussion about skills, passion versus academia and the future of work in automation.  Business in lockdown has meant a fluctuation in emotions; we have had fear of loss, hope of success and now, we can only look back at our experience, resilience and togetherness in order to inspire a great future.  Paul has kindly offered that should you require any support or advice you can reach him at: View Paul’s platforms below:  Paul Gibson LinkedIn - Email - YouTube - Joiuss TM - Joiuss Facebook: @Joiuss - Instagram: @official_Joiuss - Youtube: Joiuss TM - FanFrames Facebook: - Instagram: @fanframes - TurtleSavers Facebook: @tsdrinkingstraws - Instagram: @turtlesavers - Reading123 Monocle Madness Facebook: @monoclemadness - Instagram: @monclemadnesss -
July 20, 2020
'Learning From A Life Coach' - Episode 53 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 53 of The Business Lockdown.  We are once again joined by the phenomenal life coach John Borland, whose advice on vulnerability, the importance of failure and his experience running his own podcast will provide value to you regardless of your business experience. John’s humility and authenticity means that regardless of your success (or failure), his perspective will provide knowledge and entertainment. We discuss the blessing that failure and vulnerability can be; having the ability to fail forward means you can overcome any adversity.  John’s first podcast was called “None of us know what we’re doing!”. Now, with an audience that has almost tripled in size in the last 3 weeks, John Borland’s podcasting journey is also a good demonstration on the fact that vulnerability can actually play into success massively.  View John’s platforms below:  Spacious Coaching: Facebook - @spaciouscoaching The John Borland Podcast: Facebook – The John Borland Podcast Group: Insta - @thejohnborlandpodcast Podcast Platforms: Anchor -  Apple Podcast -  Soundcloud -  Google Podcast -  Read John’s book: Coaching In The Great Unknown
July 16, 2020
Becoming An Expert' - Episode 52 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 52 of The Business Lockdown. We are today joined by competition winner James Carmichael of Lasercroft, a flooring application company specialising in hygienic, protective and high-quality flooring.  It is no secret that lockdown has been tough on all of us – if you’ve been furloughed or attacking every day from home, the strain COVID has put on our social lives is unparalleled and has been experienced by everyone, regardless of their working capacity.  This has been felt by James, who had the fortune of working from home and discusses the changes in life during this unprecedented time. we share some marketing golden nuggets with James, including some great pointers on visual presence and techniques. The key to a personal connection with your audience is a degree of humanity within your presence – the ability to be vulnerable in front of the camera can connect you to your audience in ways that sterility could not.  We experience James’ expertise in the flooring industry and ask how his knowledge can aid his clients even further – by pointing out issues and holding your expertise to a high standard, you provide more value to your clients than assuming they are of the same knowledge as you. Remember - you are the expert!  View James’ platforms below:  Lasercroft’s website: Facebook – Lasercroft Flooring Twitter - @Lasercroft_LTD LinkedIn -  Lasercroft Flooring
July 13, 2020
'Rising Up As Collectives' - Episode 51 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 51 of the Business Lockdown. We can look to emotions to predict the future; Phil ponds believes in the use of human connectivity and emotions to analyse and predict trends and prefers this method much more than looking at statistics and data.  His business, Scarlet Opus is one of futurism, predicting the rise and falls of trends and consumerism.  Whilst we discuss data versus emotion, we find out exactly how and why Phil is able to analyse the future in the way that he does. We also discuss the pandemic wonder if we can even begin to predict aspects of it because we are too busy dealing with the pandemic itself.  Phil talks passionately about the great ability of togetherness – he sees the collective power that has been demonstrated in lockdown as an important tool that needs to stay post lockdown – we can rise up as a collective now to maintain greatness together after lockdown.  View Phil’s platforms below:  Scarlet Opus Facebook: @ScarletOpus Insta - @scarlet_opus Twitter -@scarletopus
July 06, 2020
'Never Stop Learning: 50 Episodes Wiser' - Episode 50 of the Business Lockdown
We are excited to welcome you to episode 50 of the business lockdown! From dreading leaving his bed to speaking in Las Vegas, Dean Booty’s business journey is a phenomenal story of highs and lows. The vulnerability of a business adventure into the restaurant industry that didn’t work out allowed Dean to grow and learn, an ability that he recognises to this day having run a hugely successful podcast that reached over 60,000 people and allowed him to ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ and learn even more. Dean ran his own betting shop and is now a motivation speaker, podcaster and an aspiration to all who feel stuck in their lives.  Dean is considered an expert in many things, and with over half a million podcast downloads we can see why. We discuss the amazing outlook that dean has on life and ask how and why this came about. From seeing fancy cars cruise past and thinking ‘There’s more to life than this’ to hosting iTunes’ top-rated betting podcast, dean’s story is nothing short of inspirational to those going through a tough time in lockdown.  Dean tells us that we never stop learning, and whilst you may be the expert in your subject, there’s always room to be a novice in another. We have as of this episode provided 50 unique lessons and have learnt so much from each other; we must take inspiration from Dean’s dedication to knowledge to dedicate ourselves to constantly learning, sharing and developing ourselves along with our global community. We have certainly learned an invaluable amount from the past 50 episodes, and if you have learnt just one thing from the many hours of learning we have provided, we have succeeded in our mission of providing a creative, resourceful space.  View Dean’s platforms below:  Facebook:  Dean Booty - StoreMoreHull - @StorMoreHull  Twitter:  @Deano3622 Podcasts (Apple Music):  Motivated Entrepreneurs - Hacking Self Storage - Dean’s Recommendations:  Book – Start from Zero  by Dane Maxwell, Available at:  Start-Zero-Business-Experience-Freedom-ebook/dp/B0848TL8L5 Podcast: Rock your Brand with Scott Volker, Available at:
June 29, 2020
'YouTube: Growth, Lockdown and Advice' - Episode 49 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 49 of The Business Lockdown.  YouTube is a social giant. We are today joined by the amazing Molly Thompson of Beauty Spectrum, who has achieved some incredible feats on YouTube: She has amassed a subscriber count of over 126 thousand, and a view count of over a mind-blowing 24,355,000 views! Her most popular video has over a staggering 590 thousand views and it is evident that for anyone looking to tackle YouTube that Molly’s journey and experience is worth listening to.  We discuss the complexities of YouTube’s algorithms, a seemingly mysterious force behind a week’s worth of work either being demonetised or extremely amplified: for Molly, this contrast could be either or every single time she uploads a video.  Molly tells us how she went from “messing about” on YouTube as an early teenager to slowly growing an audience of a thousand: instantly driven for more, she aimed for the next goal of 2 thousand. Now, at over 126 thousand she tells us she doesn’t follow the numbers as closely and is more dedicated to her core following.  YouTube may have been your go to entertainment system for lockdown, and as you will find out, a lot more work goes into the content we consume than you think; patience is the key when it comes to growth on YouTube, and as we slowly ease away from lockdown we must keep this in mind and apply it to our own safety. With patience, we will return to normality stronger together.  View Molly’s platforms below:  YouTube: Beauty Spectrum - Instagram: @Beauty_Spectrum - Twitter: @Beauty_Spectrum - Website/ Blog: Tik Tok: @Beauty.spectrum -
June 25, 2020
'Lockdown's Paradigms' - Episode 48 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 48 of The Business Lockdown.  There’s been a few paradigms in lockdown: the bittersweet home-schooling, the advantages and disadvantages of working at home and the newfound ultra-importance of a good internet connection. All of these have been felt by Hayley Sylvester, new business director of Quickline, a mum and a great friend of Co Host James Ash.   She tells us how the increased demand of broadband has affected her work and how lockdown and schooling have affected her personal life; it seems most aspects of Haley’s business and personal time have been changed to suit the situation we find ourselves in.  We have all felt the social aspects of an increase of internet use change; Haley tells us the technical aspects of broadband demand’s peak and what it means for rural areas, and on a lighter note we discuss James and Haley’s school time together, including his very “of-the-time” haircut. These memories are key to a positive mindset in lockdown, and by looking to the past we can look forward to when we will be able to meet our friends and family again.  View Hayley’s Platforms Below:  Quickline: Facebook @QuicklineUk Twitter  @QuicklineUK  YouTube Quickline UK - LinkedIn - Quickline Communications Limited
June 22, 2020
'Balance' - Episode 47 of The Business Lockdown
‘Balance’. Welcome to episode 47 of The Business Lockdown. From working in mental health alongside Co Host James Ash to creating his very own vintage clothing powerhouse in Vintage Wholesale Company, Riccardo Seaton’s business journey is by no means conventional but is undeniably relatable. He recalls the moment he received his first multifigure invoice when meeting his first major client, who is now a close friend of Riccardo’s after working with him for 14 years.  Riccardo and James worked together on a number of creative projects, such as vintage retail businesses, along with running and branding a football team to causing mischief on a colourful business trip to Bangkok! In our discussion with Ricardo, we not only discuss our favourite memories with Riccardo, but we cover the preparation that can seem impossible to gain in the final stages of retail lockdown. As this easing develops and changes every day, so will the strategy behind it.  We touch on the personal love James, Phil and Riccardo have for Thailand in the final minutes of the episode, a gentle reminder of the adventures we can look back on as we begin to look to the future with new challenges and experiences in mind. 
 View Riccardo’s Platforms Below: The Vintage Wholesale Company  Facebook   Instagram  @the_vintage_wholesale_company
 Twitter @info_vwc Poor Boy Boutique Facebook @PoorBoyBoutique Instagram @poorboyonline  Twitter @poorboyboutique Worth the Weight Facebook Twitter worthweightkilo Instagram @worththeweightvintage Temple Gym Facebook Instagram @temple_gym_hull @temple_hesslewood Twitter @Temple_Life @HumberstTemple
June 18, 2020
'Amsterdam's Situation' - Episode 46 of The Business Lockdown
'Amsterdam’s Situation’. Welcome to episode 46 of The Business Lockdown. We are today joined by Mirjam Schieveld and Ian Kenny who are the director and a coordinator of The University of Amsterdam’s world-renowned Summer School respectively. From their experience in culture studies and academics, they tell us their version of current events in Amsterdam, a city that is slowly lifting lockdown.  We discuss the differences of the beautiful city of Amsterdam in lockdown and how it compares to normality, and the various misconceptions surrounding a place that Co-Host James has visited over 46 times! On a more global note, discuss what we can all learn from this lockdown experience in terms of togetherness – this has undoubtedly caused mishaps and struggles within our life, but we can overcome this together and learn from these mistakes. Mirjam and Ian tell us about their team trips to Morocco, and how this change in environment (one that we are all currently missing!) can help to provide fresh perspectives and a closer team experience.  For obvious reasons, the Summer school has had to cancel all 2020 programmes. In response to this, they have developed a space with free podcasts and other interesting readings available here: View The Summer School platforms below: www. Facebook GSSS Summer Programmes Office University of Amsterdam
June 15, 2020
'Threat or Challenge' - Episode 45 of The Business Lockdown
'Threat Or Challenge'. Welcome to episode 45 of The Business Lockdown. Do you perceive obstacles as a threat or a challenge? The threat of an obstacle can consume us so much that we unconsciously steer towards it.  Having just come out of mental health awareness week, we want to show that mental health awareness never stops and discuss the ways we can support others and achieve a different mindset; In today’s episode, we cover a range of topics around the theme of mental health and anxiety with Martin Johnson of Trans2 Performance.  The surge of anxiety associated with COVID-19 means we are all aware of the obstacles in our life. However, if we perceive an obstacle as a challenge, we can overcome it whilst creating advantages for ourselves. We also discuss the four fundamentals to achieving a healthy mind, and how to keep them in check. During this lockdown, we may experience a surge of anxiety because of the threat of COVID-19: As Martin tells us, we can transform this anxiety to better us. Through accountability, we can look at our own source of anxiety and work around it.  A space for us to talk about mental health can never be understated, and we extend this space as we talk to Martin about how to keep our own mental health in check and the psychology and science behind this.  View Martin's Platforms here: & LinkedIn Twitter @Trans2P    Facebook Instagram YouTube – Martin Johnson T2 Podcast
June 11, 2020
'A Bucket of Good Stuff' - Episode 44 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 44 of the Business Lockdown. A huge part of our journey is it’s up and downs. This is what defines us – it is from these changes that we grow and develop. Alex Hall is no stranger to change – his business has changed a number of times, pivoting from an electricians service, to a renewable energy supplier and now to Bambu, a scaffolding company who are the main sponsor of Hull FC and a fundraiser who’s activities involved Co Host James abseiling down a high rise building in a huge frog suit!  We talk about the various platforms that Alex uses to spread positivity and resource – his fundraising activity in 100KInMay transformed into a WhatsApp group in which resource and positivity was spread by Alex. This again changed, as Alex decided to use his Pand@Monium podcast platform as a resource group – using his established expertise to further promote wellbeing and information!  We can overcome these challenges together – we are stronger together and for Alex, this strength came from his experience and diversity. Having this experience, we can learn from Alex as he tells us how to use this strength to further our own positivity. We also chat about not only his business journey but his personal journey into podcasting and connecting with more people – something we are sure you are aware we have a passion for! We also talk about our own personal GOATS; the athletes we think are the greatest of all time. Who is yours?  Alex has run a number of charity events, and his latest completion was the amazing 100K in May. If you want to get into contact with Alex and get involved with his future charity events you can WhatsApp him on this number: 07929 566612 or donate here: The latest fundraiser is a lockdown challenge: running and cycling the full length of Britain in 14 days. This is to raise money for Leeds Cares, specifically for the Owen family and their baby Roux. For more information, visit the link and join the WhatsApp group, which is also a great place for sharing resources, positivity and information!  View Alex’s Platforms here: Facebook @bambuitswhatwedo Instagram Twitter Pand@Monium Podcast Alex’s fundraiser
June 07, 2020
'Unlocking the True Self' - Episode 43 of The Business Lockdown
‘Unlocking the True Self’.  Welcome to episode 43 of the Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is the amazing and influential Jamie Catto. Join us as we talk to Jamie about film production, the source of creativity and genius, how to become your true self and more! Jamie has worked on a number of creative projects, and is highly regarded by academics, intellectuals, film makers and creatives alike. A critically acclaimed filmmaker, musician, mentor, and philosopher. Jamie is a founding member of the globally celebrated Faithless, and has produced films that have been Grammy nominated, such as the cult classic 1 Giant leap, a film that documents the amazing journey taken by Jamie whilst traveling around the world for 7 months and recorded in over 50 locations.    Jamie’s outlook on life is not easily summarised but stems from the idea of spontaneity and the true self; it is within our true, unedited self that we should find our inspiration, and this raw and vulnerable inspiration sparks moment of genius. Through working with our unconventional qualities, we can reach our true potential. We should focus on what makes us who we are and use this individualisation to become a reflection of the true self, rather than its shadow.  Jamie is a true creative, and we can become inspired by his journey. View Jamie’s Platforms here:   Facebook Facebook Page Instagram @jamiecatto  Twitter @JamieCattoLive
June 05, 2020
'Growth In A New World' - Episode 42 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 42 of the Business Lockdown. Growth may seem impossible. We have been locked down for so long, that the idea of business growth could be seen as a fantasy. Jonathan Leafe returns to The Business lockdown once again to show us how to turn this fantasy into reality: we learn from the business guru the best ways of growing your network, strengthen long term relationships with your existing clients and how to generate up to 50% more revenue from said clients. Jonathan tells us how to come out of lockdown on top, and how to build value in lockdown and strategize the ‘new world’. If we think about what the new world will need, we can create opportunity.  We can strengthen our existing value with clients by providing value in these tough times, and this will not only help each other’s mental wellbeing but also provide long term benefits.  We will inevitably face obstacles and challenges in our business journey. Jonathan helps us see this crisis as just another challenge ready for us to overcome and tells us how to not only overcome this challenge but turn it into a solution. LinkedIn – Jonathan Leafe  Twitter - @Jonathan Leafe
June 03, 2020
'An Ongoing Future' - Episode 41 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 41 of the Business Lockdown Metaphysician and transformation catalyst Vernon Frost and international organiser Di Williams joins us for today’s episode of The Business Lockdown. Vernon is a healer and clairvoyant who leads mediation sessions all over the world, and because of lockdown, digitally as well. In this pandemic, we may have felt scared or threatened; Vernon helps us to reach such an important space in this lockdown: calm.  We can use these states to heal, and progress at a time where this can seem near impossible. We talk to Vernon and Di about the change in their working environments; the ability to identify thought patterns is still present for Vernon in an online environment, as seen by our team’s guided mediation with Vernon. We also cover the advantages and disadvantages of discovering our world: through exploring the different cultures of places like Turkey, Vernon tells us what this contrast may be. We will be doing a week of guided mediation based on our session with Vernon, and we plan to document the results. Meditation is just one of the many ways we can take a step back from the noise and have a few minutes truly to ourselves. In these strange times, we can become stronger together by focusing on the mind: it is the most important factor in our health and wellbeing. Free meditations View Vernon’s Platforms here: Facebook /vernonfrost Vernon Frost Transformational Catalyst Instagram /vernon.james.frost Twitter Vernon_frost YouTube vfrostsa
May 29, 2020
'Retreating To The Core' - Episode 40 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 40 of the Business Lockdown. Jonathan Leafe joins us once again in the third part of his weekly series on the business lockdown. Today’s conversation focuses on the idea of retreating to the core of your ideas; re-evaluation and focus on the core values of your business, it's service and products, as well as clients are the fundamentals of the continuation of success.  We discuss simple methods you can carry out to ensure a fresh and exiting business strategy, and unorthodox ways of keeping this newfound freshness; Jonathan tells us that pitches are a thing of the past, and the best way to develop a great relationship with a client is through the business you do together in the long term. In Jonathans experience, If a client wants to work with you, and you want to work with them, then there is no need for a pitch! This source of genuine interest will ensure that you and your clients achieve their maximum potential. We also discuss how returning to your core values can actually create new ideas, and how the return to a normal will in-fact be different; the lockdown has led to many business owners and entrepreneurs rethinking their strategy. We will all come out of this stronger together as lockdown has provided us with a retreat to the core, whether we like it or not! Jonathan, through his expertise, shows us how to use this to our advantage.  View Jonathan’s Platforms here: LinkedIn Jonathan Leafe  Twitter @Jonathan Leafe
May 29, 2020
'Suicide' - Episode 39 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 39 of the Business Lockdown. Every two hours in the UK, a man will take his own life. Suicide is a global problem, and in the UK, Suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under 45. On today’s episode of the business lockdown, we talk suicide with Leon McQuade of Andy’s Man Club, a mental health charity that encourages its members to speak up and talk to one another about their mental health issues. The stigma around mental health is slowly changing, as men are less subject to the burden and expectation of being told to ‘man up’. However, the issue of mental health is still one of massive proportions, and the statistics speak for themselves.    We talk to Leon about how he became involved in Andy’s Man Club, a far cry from his background in IT, with his co-owned business Think Cloud Inc. We cover how he chose to follow his true source of happiness rather than becoming more caught up in the business lifestyle and chasing materialism rather than looking at what he truly wanted to experience. Leon resigned when he realised he wanted to take his kids to school, rather than buying a Rolex or chasing expensive cars.  We can become inspired from this story and it should serve as a powerful reminder; we need to take a step back. We can keep our mental health in check by thinking about what is important to us, and through strength, determination, and each other’s support we can achieve what is important to us.   Andy’ Man Club provides a safe space for men to talk about their mental health and about suicide; we want to extend this space to our community. If you are affected by any of the issues raised in today’s episode, you can visit Andy’s Man Club here:  Facebook  @andysmancub @Hullandysmanclub Instagram @andysmanclubuk Twitter @HullAMC LinkedIn #ANDYSMANCLUB View Leon’s Platforms here:  Facebook @ThinkCloudIncLtd Instagram @think_cloud_inc_ltd Twitter @ThinkCloudInc YouTube LinkedIn @ThinkCloudInc Pig Wrestling Podcast Facebook @PigWrestlingPodcast Instagram @pigwrestlingpodcast LinkedIn References Pig Wrestling: The Brilliantly Simple Way To Solve Any Problem...and Create the Change You Need, By Pete Lindsay and Dr Mark Bawden. Support and Helplines Samaritans – for everyone (UK) Call 116 123 Email   Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – for men (UK) Call 0800 58 58 58 – 5pm to midnight every day Visit the webchat page:   Papyrus – for people under 35 (UK) Call 0800 068 41 41 – Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm, weekends and bank holidays 2pm to 10pm Text 07860 039967 Email   Childline – for children and young people under 19 (UK) Call 0800 1111 – the number will not show up on your phone bill   Befrienders – (Global)
May 22, 2020
'Personality Types - Monkey or Lion' Episode 38 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 38 of the Business Lockdown. We are joined once again by Jonathan Leafe who is a mentor and teacher through his business, Leafe Consultancy. Jonathan has the amazing ability to understand and guide many clients, and we talk about the different personality types and his preferences through his mentorship.  Jonathan tells us that the best time to start a business is now, and that the best businesses are built out of recession. Jonathan is a powerful reminded that opportunity, even in this crisis, is everywhere. Our last episode was centred on the theme of resilience, and this theme shines through in Jonathan’s mindset: opportunities are still to be found, and as our business journey develops, we can find ways of making lockdown work for us.  We also chat about the opportunities that will be found coming out of lockdown, and what we miss. After the lockdown, we can all return to a normality and enjoy what we used to with a new perspective on what we had. Once we get through this lockdown together, we can move forward with a newfound peace. We will find new opportunities and our journey will continue to develop.  View Jonathan's Platforms here: Linkedin Jonathan Leafe Twitter @Jonathan Leafe References and Podcasts Read the Prolific North Article Jonathan refers to here: Take your test here:  Dan Snow’s History Hit
May 20, 2020
'Unconscious Motivation' - Episode 37 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 37 of the Business Lockdown. Psychoanalyst, CEO and founder of Trans2 Performance, Motivational speaker and author Martin Johnson joins us once again to analyse James and Phil’s Print reports, a test that works to understand people’s unconsciousness motivations. As it turns out, James and Phil’s test results are almost identical; we discuss what this means, and dive deep into the origins of these motivations.   Martin is exceptionally skilled in understanding the inner workings of the mind, and as we find out, gives incredible insight into what triggers our cognitive drives and desires. Martin is highly regarded for his expertise in organisational culture and design, leadership and human performance, looking with precision into the origins of our motivations as part of his vision and passion for developing others. Martin is a leading performance coach and motivational speaker, and as you will find out, a brilliant source of knowledge for your own unconscious mind, its motivations and where these motivations stem from.    Looking at the past, Martin encourages you to look forward by examining how and when these motivators were created and encourages, using our own personal lives to our benefit in optimising you and your teams mind to the fullest potential. Understanding is everything, and Martin has created a way to fully understand how we all work on different levels and how different life goals and outlooks effect the way we work.    We discuss the psychology behind the Print report and what our results mean in the greater context of the human condition. Our motivations are evident when we explore the reasons behind why we love what we do, and why we are working towards our goals to suit our individual philosophy.  View Martin’s Platforms here: Websites: &  LinkedIn Trans2 Performance Twitter  @Trans2P Facebook  trans2performance  Instagram trans2performance
May 15, 2020
'Resilience' - Episode 36 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 36 of the Business Lockdown. Resilience is currently at its most important. You will have been tested and challenged in lockdown, either from a personal or business perspective.  We are once again joined by business consultant and trailblazer Jonathan Leafe in the first part of a three-part series to talk about the fundamentals of resilience    Jonathan tells us the key things that people can do to build resilience, including working on your body and mind, staying away from ‘energy vampires’ who will inject negative energy into your life and keeping an open mind. Jonathan tells us how to be resilient in a time where it is needed more than ever. Join us to discover how to become resilient with expert advice from Jonathan, whose techniques and mentorship are widely regarded through his own business, Leafe Consultancy. View Jonathan's Platforms here: Linkedin Jonathan Leafe  Twitter @Jonathan Leafe
May 13, 2020
'Has Sweden Handled The Crisis?' - Episode 35 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 35 of the Business Lockdown. The incredibly talented and blue wave band We Ghosts’ Jon Christopher & Jenn Woodall join us for today’s episode. They are experiencing lockdown in Sweden, which looks very different to lockdown in the UK. In Sweden, We Ghosts are continuing to gig, and we talk about how the music scene will change after lockdown both in the UK and in Sweden. Lockdown in Sweden is a lot more relaxed; people can still eat at restaurants, go to bars and watch gigs, all providing they respect social distancing rules.    This is so far removed from the UK’s lockdown experience at this point in time, and so we ask why: Did Sweden get it right by responding earlier? Did the UK get it wrong by responding so late?    We look to our geographical neighbours and compare how different countries have dealt with the coronavirus pandemic. We also talk about how the economy will change after lockdown, and topically how our situation has been often compared to wartime mentality, it comes as no coincidence that on the day we celebrate 75 years of victory in Europe for VE Day, that we should all perhaps remember to take inspiration from those before us to keep calm and carry on, at a time where we face an incomparable, but similar feeling of anxiety.  Although we may all be feeling unsure about our short-term future, let us for today celebrate those who paved the way to victory and freedom. View We Ghosts Platforms here: Facebook  Instagram Twitter YouTube
May 08, 2020
'Lockdown: Graft and Football' - Episode 34 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 34 of the Business Lockdown. Through hard work and dedication, we can achieve anything.  Martin Lauer worked hard to become a key partner in For Entrepreneurs Only, co-owner of North Ferriby Football Club, and founded the award winning ‘The One Point’ in 2003, a company that has become industry leading in its technological field. Martin was involved in the very first 3G network, working with mobile network 3 in its earliest days.  Martin is an incredible mentor whose story will inspire those who are working hard and perhaps not yet seeing results. Martin is proof that through hard work and dedication, you will achieve anything.  We also chat about how business has changed in lockdown, and Martin’s role in Sirius, a company that supplies startup businesses with loans.  View Martin’s Platforms here: Linkedin    Facebook  @theonepoint LinkedIn The One Point Limited Instagram theonepointltd Twitter @theonepoint Facebook @northferribyfc Instagram northferribyfc Twitter @north_ferribyfc Youtube  Facebook @FEOHull LinkedIn FEOHull Instagram forentrepreneursonly1 Twitter @FEOHull Youtube /ForEntrepreneursOnly   Facebook @SiriusHull LinkedIn Sirius, Bp’s Enterprise Agency Twitter @siriushull
May 07, 2020
'Long Term Value' - Episode 33 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 33 of the Business Lockdown. Business consultant, Musician, trailblazer and innovator Jonathan Leafe joins us for today’s episode. Jonathan was ahead of the curve when he started his own digital agency business in 1989, utilising techniques that were revolutionary at that point in online marketing’s infancy.    Jonathan built an incredibly successful business before moving on to mentorship, priding himself in helping others and putting his clients’ interests before his own. Jonathan finds value in the long-term relationships he creates with his clients and tells us that this long-term commitment is worth so much more than a short term pay off.    Jonathan is a multitalented individual whose expertise extend the conventions of a one-hour podcast. Therefore, this is part one of four conversations we will have with Jonathan. In this particular chat we cover the importance of resilience, Jonathans journey from a musician to a manager and then to a marketer and business consultant. We also cover the lessons that history can teach us, and on a lighter note evaluate some famous conspiracy theories. Linkedin  Jonathan Leafe  Twitter  @jonathanleafe Book References The New Silk Roads: The Present and Future of the World by Peter Frankopan
May 06, 2020
'Visibility In Uncertainty' - Episode 32 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 32 of the Business Lockdown. ‘The Coolest guy in SEO’ and reputation manager Kris Reid joins us for today’s episode of The Business Lockdown. Kris specialises in search engine optimisation, a powerful marketing tool that can boost the visibility of your brand extensively. Chatting from Ho Chi Min City on Reunification day, albeit it with considerably quieter celebrations, Kris details how important search engine optimisation is, reminding us that your website can be the best in the world: if nobody is going to find it, it is worthless.    We also chat about networking and podcasting, relating their advantages in generating leads. On a lighter note, we relate the differences between living in Ho Chi Min City and Bangkok, the former costing James less than £2 for a round of 26 people!    Kris is an expert in visibility as the owner and founder of Ardor SEO and an inspiration to all those who may be facing uncertainty in lockdown. He tells us how he was initially ‘freaked out’, but now returns from his daily walk to the park to new customers.  FB - @ardorseocom Twitter - @ArdorSeoASEAN References The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living By Ryan Holiday   The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
May 05, 2020
Human Iceberg - Episode 31 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 31 of the Business Lockdown.  CEO and founder of Trans2 Performance, Motivational speaker and author Martin Johnson joins us for today’s episode of the Business Lockdown.  Martin is a man of many talents, and one of these is working to understand; Martin has developed his own theory of psychology to understand our mind and our motivations, the Human Iceberg theory, which looks at the origin of our personalities and how those origins influence our performance.  We cover a wide range of topics, such as the need for structure and balance in lockdown and the psychology that challenges our motivations – We search for meaning in motivation and how we can adjust our outlook on life to use these motivations to their full potential.  We also chat about life in lockdown, and the balance needed to maintain a healthy structure in the current zeitgeist of remote working.   Video Suggestions: locking Your True Potential -    Demystifying Organisational Culture -  The 4 Es of Leadership -  Leadership - The 5-1 Relationship Ratio Principle -    Podcast Suggestions:    The Three Pre Stages of Stress -  Why Hierarchies are still more desirable than flat structures -  The Trust Based Leadership Equation -     LinkedIn:    Twitter: @Trans2P    Facebook :    Instagram:     YouTube – Martin Johnson T2 Podcast: Book References: The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters  The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution by Richard Dawkins  Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions Kindle Edition by Guy Kawasaki  I Am Human: 30 Mistakes to Success by Martin Johnson
May 04, 2020
'Following Dreams' - Episode 30 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 30 of the Business Lockdown. The multi-award-winning Katrina Atkinson joins us for today's episode, offering amazing advice for those looking to benefit themselves and learn during lockdown. We talk about using this time as an opportunity to learn more, how to stay in contact with clients and the importance of working hard to follow your dream  Katrina left a very secure job to pursue her dream and never looked back. She tells us to ignore the naysayers and work hard to achieve our goals and tells her story as proof that it is possible to achieve what you want in life, even if following that dream means sacrificing your security. Katrina is living proof that it is never too late to pursue your true aspiration in life as having a secure, well-paying job does not always equal happiness.  She also tells us that we can use this time to learn and further achieve our goals by using the amazing resources available such as webinars and online courses; use lockdown to unlock your potential!  View Katrina’s Platforms here: Facebook  @topkatwellnessuk Instagram @topkatwellness  @Topkattravel Twitter @wellness_kat @topkattravel2 The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. ‎ Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life By Dr Spencer Johnson.
May 01, 2020
Working Remotely: 'Different Challenges' - Episode 29 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 29 of the Business Lockdown. Competence development manager Michael Knott talks about the difficulties and advantages that come with working from home. Now that working from home has been proven as an efficient and very possible mode of work, should we look to reduce our office hours with perhaps a day at home a week?  Michael tells us that a day to work from home would benefit his working life, but the shift to working from home five days a week has come with its own unique challenges and advantages.   We also chat about our mutual love for HULL FC, looking to a positive in a negative situation.
April 30, 2020
'Different, But No Less' - Episode 28 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 28 of the Business Lockdown. The incredible and inspirational Paul Spence joins us again to further tell his story.  We talk about how and why Paul managed to raise thousands of pounds for charity through marathons, workplace calendars, and using the incredible force of the community.  Paul is the founder of Brainworks, that Paul set up on the basis of his passion for raising awareness of the significant positive impact exercise and healthy living has on brain function and mental health. A company dedicated to creating food products that work to improve your mental health by giving your body the right fuel it needs for cognitive function. Paul's story is inspirational to all of us, and in this time of uncertainty and confusion, we can look to Paul's incredible journey to strengthen our community and become inspired. In the second part of our conversation with Paul Spence, we witness how his road to recovery transformed into a path to positivity. Facebook Paul Spence - P • A • U • L For Brain Recovery & Brainworks P • A • U • L For Brain Recovery Brainworks Twitter @paul_spence1 @Paul4Brain @Brainworkswell Instagram @paulspence14 @paul4brain @brainworks_well LinkedIn Paul Spence P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery Website Founder of Brainworks Ambassador of Hudgell Solicitors
April 30, 2020
'Start Now, Worry Later' - Episode 27 of The Business Lockdown.
Welcome to Episode 27 of the Business Lockdown. Today's Guest is DJ, Producer and Videographer Ben Rainey. Ben is not only a fantastic musician, but a great marketer and an even better advocate for mental health awareness. Working with Andy's Man Club, Ben turned personal tragedy into positivity. We chat about the rise of mental health awareness and overcoming difficulties that will inevitably arise at the start of any journey, personally or professionally. By bringing 'more than a DJ' to venues, Ben was able to learn and develop his skill set and subsequently his value to clients. We talk about our best DJ experiences and favorite memories, but also how putting yourself out there can come with negatives that need to be overcome in order to show your dedication and determination. We also hear the incredible story of Ben's work with Andy's man club, a men's mental health support group. Raising awareness for mental health and following his dreams, Ben is a multitalented individual, from Djing to wedding videography and even mentoring an amazingly talented 12-year-old DJ! We share our similar experiences in podcasting and music and chat about dealing with negativity that may arise out of following our passions. View Ben’ Platforms here: Facebook – Andy’s Man Club: Instagram - @BenRainey Twitter - YouTube - BusinessLockdownPodcastEpisode27BenRainey
April 28, 2020
'Building A Pipeline.' - Episode 26 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 26 of the Business Lockdown. Today’s episode features guests Tony and Martin from Move Ahead Media, who discuss the importance of using this time to develop and build your ‘pipeline’ and foundations; reach out to clients, show them what you can do, gain their interest and ultimately set yourself up for success after the lockdown ends. To ensure your success and to seize the opportunity that is being presented, Tony and Martin tell us that we need to look deep for it. Opportunity is available now more than ever, but it may be harder to find. Relax, Reflect and Remedy your ideas so you will come out not only with a solid foundation to your business, but so you can help others during this alien yet shared experience that desperately requires community.  We also recall to perhaps a simpler time as we remember our shared experience in Thailand, a reminder of what we should look forward to after lockdown ends.  View Tony & Martin’s platforms here:   Australia   Thailand   United Kingdom Socials YouTube   Australia Webinar with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and attached is the PDF of the webinar - page 11 has some amazing resource links   Thailand   United Kingdom
April 28, 2020
‘The Art of Working Remotely: Balance in Lockdown' - Episode 25 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 25 of the Business Lockdown.  Today’s guests are Hannah Thoresby & Helen Bissett of H&H, The UK's leading Internal Communications Agency, having been named so for the last 9 consecutive years, with no less than 14 awards under their belts. We are fortunate to be in the presence of a pair of trailblazers with an unstoppable team to boot! Listen as they share their experiences of lockdown, and the journey they are undertaking to continue to work to a high standard in such a disruptive time. Whilst Hannah & Helen have been long standing supporters of the mode of working remotely most of us find ourselves in, they see a shift in the attitude towards this method of work, a way of working they view to be highly efficient and more productive.  Now that it has been established where you work from is not as important, should we expect more focus on how we work instead?  Hannah & Helen reassure us that we will come out of this stronger together, and that this deeper understanding of remote working will be just one benefit of this. View H&H’s Platforms here: Facebook  /handh561 Instagram /handh_agency Twitter /handhagency YouTube LinkedIn  H&H Comms Helen Bissett Hannah Thoresby
April 24, 2020
'My Injury Was Invisible' The Road To Recovery - Episode 24 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 24 of the Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is Paul Spence, Founder of P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery Paul Spence shares his incredible story of recovery with us, transforming the lows of a life changing acquired brain injury back in 2012 into determination to change the lives of others; he talks of the struggle in returning to work after suffering a massive change in cognitive functions and how this inspired Paul to create a charity to give back to those who helped him.   Building a business and charity from the grounds of tragedy, through exercise and extreme determination Paul’s inspirational journey is a truly powerful account of the transition from intensive care unit to raising seventeen thousand pounds for Hull Royal Infirmary.   View Paul’s Platforms here: Facebook Paul Spence - P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery & Brainworks P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery Brainworks  Twitter @paul_spence1 @Paul4Brain @brainworkswell  Instagram  @paulspence14 @paul4brain  @brainworks_well LinkedIn Paul Spence  P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery  Website  Ambassador of Hudgell Solicitors   Founder of Brainworks
April 23, 2020
'Maintaining Relationships in the Context of Social Distancing' - Episode 23 The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 23 of The Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is Maggie Hogan. Chatting from New York, Digital Strategy Consultant Maggie talks to us about how lockdown has changed our social relationships with those we work with.  She tells us how her experience with the lockdown in a bustling city like New York has adapted to allow her to continue social relationships with Co-Workers, and how this newfound pace has changed the way she operates as part of a team. Maggie reminds us that in this pandemic, we shouldn’t forget to ‘do your best to listen’ to one another and ‘be gentle with each other’; it is through community and compassion that we as people resist the shock of such a sudden change to the way we work, live our lives and communicate.  Listen to The New York Times Podcast ‘The Daily’ here:
April 22, 2020
'The Photographer's Point of View.' - Episode 22 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 22 of the Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is Photographer Andrew Crozier, who sees the lockdown as an opportunity to understand. He tells us how he’s been using the lockdown as a gift from the cosmos, from ‘whoever is up there’ to invest in our own wellbeing and change the collective consciousness to one of kindness. For Andy, the lockdown is somewhat of a cultural reset, as social media becomes social once again and businesses use the situation to give back to the community. Andy is a photographer that aspires to help out in this time of crisis, and touches on problems of mental health, reinstating the fact that mental health in lockdown is all about the ‘little victories. He ponders the deeper meaning to this lockdown and shows us that it’s not all bad news. View Andrew’s Platforms here:
 FB -
 Instagram - LinkedIn -
April 21, 2020
'Which Business Is Bullet Proof?' - Episode 21 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 21 of the Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is Matt Dass of Eon Visual Media and Springfield Solutions. Scaling back his business in order to build it in the right way with a range of clients rather than relying on a single, seven figure project! Matt Dass opens up and shares his journey, from being a 12-year-old boy working in his Dad’s business where his parents literally put everything on the line to current day where he’s supplying 400,000 labels daily to a hand sanitiser company. We gain insight into the direction AR & VR is heading and the ability to showcase products and services. We talk about the importance of exercise and having an outlet in order to keep your mental wellbeing in check and how he approaches each day with a level of energy and focus necessary to benefit himself, his business and everyone around him. View Matt’s Platforms here: 
Twitter @eonmedia @SpringfieldSols Facebook /SpringfieldSolutions /eonvisualmedia LinkedIn /springfield-solutions /eon-media Instgram /eonvisualmedia /springfield_solutions
April 20, 2020
'Prepared For Impact' - Episode 20 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 20 of the Business Lockdown! Today’s guest is Mumpreneur’ Michelle Vodden. Michelle takes us through her journey of ups and downs, from event management onto some difficult and dark times.  Explaining how she chose a better lifestyle, looking at her wellbeing and incorporating that in her businesses. A key figure in Arbonne International who’s revenue exceeds $600 Million annually and proud to be ‘No.1 Globally for healthy living, inside and out’.  Michelle runs Retox Retreats along with her VIP Wellbeing Group and as you’ll discover, has a huge passion for helping others.

 Covering Health & Wellbeing, Leadership and Entrepreneurship as well as Motherhood and how she changed her business journey to suit her change in lifestyle.  Check out Michelle’s Platforms below: RETOX RETREAT PERSONAL BUSINESS PAGE INSTAGRAM LINKEDIN WELLBEING GROUP ARBONNE WEBSITE Best point of contact to reach out is on LinkedIn or BUSINESS WEBSITE References: The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits that will Transform your Life Before 8am by Hal Elrod.
April 17, 2020
'Socially Connected' - Episode 19 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to episode 19 of the Business Lockdown.  Best friends and business partners Jo and Conor run Supple Society, a retreat and wellbeing business. Focussing on community and encouraging people to come away from their ‘screens’ and increase real-life, in-person social interactions. The pair met our co-host James in Morocco where they stayed at Sun Desk, a co-living and co-working space in Taghazout. Covering wellbeing, community and togetherness as well as entrepreneurship, there is so much to be learned from this incredibly forward-thinking pair. The short-term future may be uncertain in many ways however, we’re sure you’ll agree the long-term future is destined to be bright for this dynamic duo! Check out their Platforms here: IG (most active) & Twitter - @supplesociety Facebook page FB Group Website
April 16, 2020
'My Most Expensive Lesson' - Episode 18 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 18 of the Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is Tech Entrepreneur Guy Wallace, who opens up to us covering a wide range of business experiences. An expensive period to a key turning point with Mentoring from Paul Sewell of The Sewell Group. We cover passion and insight into his personal life along with the impact of Covid19. From all things Digital and Tech, to Photography, Anxiety and Home Schooling there is inspiration to be drawn from many different angles here. References The Dip – A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (And When to Stick) By Seth Godin.
April 15, 2020
'Ethically Driven' - Episode 17 of the Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 17 of The Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is Phil Grimes, who has a number of businesses.  Chatting about his journey of opportunities and grabbing them with both hands along the way. Driven to make a positive impact on the environment and his community with everything he does. Covering all things ethical, charity work, the art of adaptation and family there is something we can all take from this awe-inspiring gent! Check out P|hil’s Plaforms here: FB - @resolveethical Insta - @resolveethical Twitter - @Resolveethical E-mail - Bespoke Shop Solutions FB - @bespokeshopsolutions E-mail - FB - @Grainwholefood E-mail  -
April 14, 2020
'Renaissance' - Episode 16 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 16 of the Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is the incredible Lara Jensen. How is the world of fashion dealing with this global crisis? We chat with designer and stylist for the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue & Katy Perry to name a few! A story of ‘Hull Girl Done Good’, London Based Lara covers a range of topics such as brand sensitivity and the amazing world of fashion, design and celebrity styling. With insight into motherhood and the impact being a mum has had on her career. Lara oozes creativity and a genius mind in which she Kindly shares with us. Check out Lara’s Platforms here: Insta - @thelarajensen
April 13, 2020
'Sharpen Your Tools' - Episode 15 of The Business Lockdown
Welcome to Episode 15 of the Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is Dan Morris, CEO of Mindracer Consulting based in New York. Originally from the UK, Dan was head hunted by a North American start up business 12 years ago and hasn’t looked back. With a mission statement to work with and help 1000 companies achieve their next Million Dollars! Covering the current change of life in New York and the vast differences that has made to the way the city functions as well as how business has changed for a Consulting CEO.  Gaining some insight into a highly driven mind is sure to put fire in your belly! Check out Mindracer’s Socials here: FB - @mindracer Insta - mindracernyc Twitter - @mindracernyc
April 10, 2020
'Life Through A Nomadic Lense' - Episode 14 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 14 of the Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is Ivory Coast based Digital nomad Mitchell Steinke hailing from Vancouver Canada opens up about taking action and a rapid growth of opportunity. Responsible for more than $10 Million of Facebook Ad Spend and still refuses to consider himself anywhere close to an expert! Discussing embracing change, the importance of education and much more, we are certain you will be inspired! References: Theory of Media Literacy: A Cognitive Approach by W James Potter
April 09, 2020
'Fiercely Independent' - Episode 13 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 13 of the Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is Jan Brumby, CEO of For Entrepreneurs Only, based in East Yorkshire. Covering Entrepreneurship and helping young Entrepreneurs through Education and finally touching on Teamwork you’ll find numerous golden nuggets to inspire and drive you through testing times. FB - @FEOHull Insta - Twitter -  @FEOHull YouTube - FEO TV Channel Resources 50 Tool Kits for Entrepreneurs by Sir David Hall  Tool Kit 51 by Thomas Martin – Crisis Leadership Covid-19 Special Edition.
April 08, 2020
'Futuristic Thinking' - Episode 12 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 12 of the Business Lockdown. We enjoyed sitting down with Nottinghamshire based entrepreneur and physiotherapist Beck Spencer.  Having diversified into the property market and setting up a support network for health entrepreneurs it’s an understatement to say that Beck has a few plates spinning in the business world! View Beck’s websites and socials below: FB - @exceltherapyuk Insta - exceltherapyuk FB - @perfect10propertygroup Insta - perfect10property   The Therapreneur Network - A community for Health Entrepreneurs FB - @thetherapreneurnetwork
April 07, 2020
'A New Way of Living' - Episode 11 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 11 of The Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is life coach John Borland. An ex pro footballer switching to a career in coaching of a different kind. A life coach, leader, speaker, dad and author.
Covering all of the above along with mindset and attitude. We’re confident you will take a lot from John and his journey to date. Also looking forward as best as we can under these uncertain times. References Read John’s book: Coaching In The Great Unknown  Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat
April 06, 2020
'Let Go' - Episode 10 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 10 of the business Lockdown. Today’s guest is Gen Rigma of the Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Hull, East Yorkshire.  Covering mindfulness, meditation, Buddhism and Spirituality, this will be an incredible watch for anyone seeking some mental clarity, with the added benefit of finding ways to let go and relax your mind. More Information at FB - @kadampa Insta - newkadampatradition Twitter - @Kadampa Youtube - New Kadampa Tradition Resources Free Ebook Download at with guided meditations and reading recommendations to explore. How To Transform Your Life - A Blissful Journey - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
April 03, 2020
'Flourishing In Challenging Times' - Episode 9 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 9 of The Business Lockdown. Today’s guest is Dr. Chris Garrod, a Clinical Psychologist.  Chris is based in Auckland, New Zealand and shares his experience of the current global situation as well as much insight into ways to cope with the change in circumstances. References Chris has recommended the following sites that you may find helpful to support you: Flourish by Martin Seligman:
April 02, 2020
'Just Start Something' - Episode 8 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 8 of the Business Lockdown.  Today’s guest is David Mankel, of Mankel Over Matter – Fitness and Wellbeing. With a wealth of experience in the fitness and health industry, David shares how he is innovating through the changes currently occurring and imparts some insight into the changes he is currently making within business and personally. Resources: Visit David’s Website at Facebook: @Mankelovermatter Instagram: mankelovermatter David has kindly offered his contact number should anyone want to get in touch for advice: 07464464716 or email Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins  Starting Strength By Mark Rippetoe  Practical Programming by Mark Rippetoe
April 01, 2020
'Spark A Change' - Episode 7 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 7 of the Business Lockdown! Today’s guest is Gemma Gibson of Honu Health Coaching. Gemma specializes in Health & Fitness, Functional Nutrition and helping others to implement Habit Changes. We are certain that you will gain some helpful insight into finding healthier habits, discipline and some seriously infectious positivity to boot! Should you have any queries Gemma is happy to help, reach her at: Keep an eye out for some free resources and helpful links to keep your body and mind happy and healthy as you develop your new normal.
March 31, 2020
'Be Yourself More' - Episode 6 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 6 of the Business Lockdown with special guests, Christina Colmer McHugh & Jonathan Elvidge of Moodbeam. Moodbeam is a wearable mood tracking device and is becoming increasingly popular in various industries and with individuals, both adults and children alike. With a wealth of experience and innovation between this dynamic duo, we hope you enjoy learning from their expertise and experience. References: The Four-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris: Website:
March 30, 2020
'We're Prepared For This' - Episode 5 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 5 of the Business Lockdown with Wayne Audsley, Director of James Financial and Temple Gym, Hull. We love Wayne’s pragmatic approach to the current situation, and we are sure you’ll agree his calming approach and realistic expectations are incredibly soothing! Check out the James Financial website for financial advice here: or for tailored advice you can email him at: Visit Temple Gyms website here:
March 30, 2020
'What Can We Do?' - Episode 4 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Today we have Action Coach for businesses and individuals, Mr Andrew Cussons Helping you to learn how to implement strategy and action plans to get yourselves and your business through this tough time. Resources and books mentioned: Michael Gerber The E Myth Revisited: Bradley Sugars - buying customers Building a story brand – By Donald Miller Government Funded Digital Marketer Qualification Information:…MarketerQualification
March 30, 2020
'Be Brave' - Episode 3 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Welcome to Episode 3 of the Business Lockdown. Today we have Mr Gav Cook joining us to share some wisdom and golden nuggets of business foresight with us. Gav is a Taekwondo instructor and owns “Train Taekwondo Schools, is in property investment, Skills Connect and the Motivated Martial Artist Podcast to name but a few! We hope you enjoy listening to our Podcast as much as we enjoyed recording it! Links and resources: Audible Sign Up: Apple Podcasts Download: Warren Buffett: Rob Moore: Gav’s Favourite Business Book, “How To Buy and Sell Great Businesses’ By Jonathan Jay. The Motivated Martial Artist Podcast:
March 30, 2020
'Just Adapt' - Episode 2 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
Our second Episode of the Business Lockdown is here! We are incredibly proud to introduce to you our great friend and highly respected entrepreneur Mr Paul Gibson, founder of many businesses, including Joiuss....a man who, as you shall hear, we feel we cannot do enough justice to introduce! So on that note we shall let you take a listen for yourself. Paul has kindly offered that should you require any support or advice you can reach him at: Links for sites, podcasts and books mentioned: Udemy Courses: Blue Ocean Strategy By W Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne:…nKimAndReneeMauborgne Jim Rohn YouTube Results: Tony Robbins Live YouTube: Sam Ovens TV YouTube: Dane Maxwell Start From Zero Podcast
March 30, 2020
'There Are Opportunities.' - Episode 1 of The Business Lockdown Podcast
We are proud to introduce Simon Long from Shambles Kitchen sharing with us how he is diversifying his business in the current climate. If you are in the hospitality, catering or food industry this is for you! Many adaptable business methods to learn from here folks, enjoy! Please find below links to the books advised to check out:
March 30, 2020