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The Coffee Buzz

The Coffee Buzz

By Brad Brumley
The world is a playground for the subconscious mind. This podcast explores a wide range of topics on personal development. Every Monday join Brad for a new episode. Whether you want to know more about the law of vibration, a plant based diet or exploring the the power of your subconscious mind this is the podcast for you.
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Broscience Ways to 100 Years Old
One of my goals is to live to 100 years old. I have various methods for how to achieve this, but no science to back it up. Brosciece is a term for bodybuilding. However, today I'm trying to expand that into my unverified "facts" on wellness.  If you would like to help The Coffee Buzz please tell a friend about us and as always thank you for listening! The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook The Coffee Buzz Spotify Playlist: My Wim Hof Youtube Playlist Listen to all my pod pals! The Angry Dad Podcast The Untrained Eye Divine Evolution Hermit Radio Glen Thinks Stuff The Daily Stoic #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #pronoia
September 13, 2021
Step It Up
Have you ever had a call from the universe to learn something new? To step out into the unknown and let go of preconceived ideas about your abilities? Over the last few months the universe has been screaming at me to take action and learn a new skill and I'm finally listening. It might have something to do with the book I'm reading by Rizwan Virk called Treasure Hunt. It's all about following the clues the universe gives us to find manifest our dream life. Part of what I'm coming to terms with is challenging my belief system about who I am and my abilities. Accomplishing this will require me to separate my belief system from my inner being. That is the infinite part of us that knows no limits and is beyond time and space. The belief systems we have are mental constructs that make up our reality and can be changed at will anytime we want.  If you would like to help The Coffee Buzz please tell a friend about us and as always thank you for listening! The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook The Coffee Buzz Spotify Playlist: My Wim Hof Youtube Playlist Listen to all my pod pals! The Angry Dad Podcast The Untrained Eye Divine Evolution Hermit Radio Glen Thinks Stuff The Daily Stoic #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #pronoia #treasurehunt #rizwanvirk #coldshowers 
August 30, 2021
This Magic Moment
In this quick episode I reveal one of my methods for staying in the now: moment to moment awareness. it's one of the simple ways to breaking free from the default mode network. What this means to me is being aware step by step, breath by breath, thought by thought, feeling by feeling, memory by memory, sensation by sensation, and so forth. In this way we can make everyday life into a meditation.  If you would like to help The Coffee Buzz please tell a friend about us and as always thank you for listening! The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook The Coffee Buzz Spotify Playlist: Listen to all my pod pals! The Angry Dad Podcast The Untrained Eye Divine Evolution Hermit Radio Glen Thinks Stuff The Daily Stoic #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #pronoia
August 16, 2021
Some People are Worth Melting For
I finally get around to my review of the Disney Frozen movies. After seeing it about 100 times I finally get it and today I reveal the life lessons I've learned from Elsa, Olaf and the gang. I also discuss my latest meditation method. I start off with Wim Hof power breathing exercise and then go into my meditation. I like to do this before I drink coffee to keep myself in the theta brain state. The last time I did this I had a strange visual experience with a waterslide and somehow it led me to the power of letting my inner being take over for a while.  Coffee of the day is Peace Coffee: Water has memory! If you would like to help The Coffee Buzz please tell a friend about us and as always thank you for listening! The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook The Coffee Buzz Spotify Playlist: Listen to all my pod pals! The Angry Dad Podcast The Untrained Eye Divine Evolution Hermit Radio Glen Thinks Stuff The Daily Stoic #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #wimhofmethod #frozen #letitgo 
August 9, 2021
Pronoia State of Mind
Hunter S. Thompson has a quote that turned into a life's philosophy for me: "Paranoia is a higher state of consciousness" I thought there was a virtue in distrusting people and always looking for the next bad thing to happen. As it turns out Hunter S. Thompson is a brilliant writer, but maybe not the best life coach. I have a new word in my vocabulary: Pronia which is a belief that the universe is conspiring in your favor. This is another gateway into tapping into the law of attraction. It’s an easy to unlock obstacles. It’s the belief that no matter what happens things are always working out in our favor. Coffee of the day is Tweed: Breathing Exercises mentioned in this episode:  Evolution of Dave Breathing exercise:  Wim Hof Playlist: IIf you would like to help The Coffee Buzz please tell a friend about us and as always thank you for listening! The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook The Coffee Buzz Spotify Playlist: Listen to all my pod pals! The Angry Dad Podcast The Untrained Eye Divine Evolution Hermit Radio Glen Thinks Stuff The Daily Stoic #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #pronoia
July 26, 2021
The Third Thing
In this quick episode I talk about how I used the Law of Attraction to get some Houndstooth Coffee. It's all about random acts of kindness without the expectation of being praised or thanked for it. It’s what Marcus Aurelius has called “the third thing,” because you’re not content enough with the doing. “When you’ve done well and another has benefited by it,” he writes, “why like a fool do you look for a third thing on top—credit for the good deed or a favor in return?”  I think I fell into this trap because of my childhood. Most of us were raised and how our parents and their parents were raised. To look for that recognition the ‘good boy, good girl’ from those around us. Because that meant good standing in the tribe. I call it a trap because it puts our power outside of us. It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve because if someone doesn’t provide me with that validation I’ll get very upset. Maybe even stop doing the right thing because it’s based on outcomes. Check out the Daily Stoic Podcast! If you would like to help The Coffee Buzz please tell a friend about us and as always thank you for listening! The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #thethirdthing
July 19, 2021
Embrace the Cold
I've been experimenting with cold showers after getting into the Wim Hot rabbit hole. I don't want to oversell it, but there are some seriously incredible benefits to cold showers. Improved immune system, circulation, it reduces inflammation and some studies say it can help with depression. My favorite aspect of this is how it strengthens will power. By default I am a lazy person so I'm hoping by jumping into a cold shower everyday it will help me be more disciplined in other aspects of life. If you would like to help The Coffee Buzz please tell a friend about us and as always thank you for listening! The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #icebath #coldshower #mildcoldstress #wimhof  
July 12, 2021
Journey to the Center of the Universe
Today I do my first poetry reading on the show. I also ponder the perils of space travel. One of my favorite bands The Flaming Lips have pleaded with Elon Musk to send them into space so they can be the first rock band to preform at the International Space Station. They are just crazy enough to go and he's just crazy enough to send them there. Maybe I just worried about The Lips, but after seeing "Stowaway" I don't think space travel is such a good idea for the human body. Especially when I consider my own body is a reflection of the universe itself. The more I get into meditation, breathing exercises and cold showers the more I come to understand a deeper connection with the universe without having to float in a tin can far above the world.  Sadhguru - Ode to Coffee: The Flaming Lips want to go to Space: If you would like to help The Coffee Buzz please tell a friend about us and as always thank you for listening! The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #theflaminglips #Internationalspacestation #elonmusk #enlightenment 
June 28, 2021
Introducing The Reticular Activating System
We've all heard what you think about grows; today on the show I go into the science behind why that works. It's a cluster of neurons knows as the reticular activating system and it's the brain's filtering system. Sometimes when I talk about reprogramming the mind I know it might seem a bit esoteric, but this concept is a practical nuts and bolts method for getting what you want. This is what the whole law of attraction and the secret and all that stuff are based on. Because when we get serious on what it is we want and we set that intention in our RAS the brain starts to look for opportunities that we might have missed otherwise. It starts to look for momentum to build on, it looks for evidence that things are working out. Coffee featured in this episode is Summer Moon's Fireside blend: If you would like to help The Coffee Buzz please tell a friend about us and as always thank you for listening! The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #reticulaactivatingsystem #RAS
June 14, 2021
Things Fall Apart
I take a deeper dive into Stocisim today. The more I learn about this philosophy the more I identity with it. One of the fathers of stoicism Seneca said learning to live with less will create space in your life for the things that truly matter to you. We must place our happiness on our intrinsic vale as humans and in nothing we have or can physically acquire. We must chose to do our best to keep a cool head regardless of what life throws at us. Because regardless of what it is we want at the end of the day we don’t have any control over the things that happen to us but we do have control over how we react to those things. If you would like to help The Coffee Buzz please tell a friend about us and as always thank you for listening! The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation
May 31, 2021
Every Breath You Hold
Over the last two months I’ve started a daily breathing exercise from Wim Hof. What started as a simple relaxation technique has evolved in a shift in consciousness. I’m starting to have out of body experiences and even visitations from my inner child. This is a mind blowing experience and I hope you can try one of the breathing exercises from Wim Hof below. Shout out to Mr. G for making it through the entire Coffee Buzz catalog. He has listened to over 1,000 hours of me talking and he’s going up on the Coffee Buzz Power Listener Wall of Fame. Wim Hof Breathing Playlist: The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #wimhof #pinealgland #wimhofmethod #breathwork If you would like to help The Coffee Buzz please tell a friend about us and as always thank you for listening!
May 17, 2021
It's All Frequency and Vibration with Chris from Divine Evolution Podcast
I'm so excited to bring you this episode with Chris from Divine Evolution Podcast. Chris is one of the most interesting people I know. He has an amazing story and I think you're going to get a lot of out this episode. We talk about guardian angels, spirit guides, what's after death and so much more. Thank you so much for listening and I encourage you to check out Chris's podcast Divine Evolution. See the links below. Divine Evolution on Apple: Divine Evolution Webpage: Divine Evolution on Spotify: Divine Evolution on Google: Divine Evolution email: The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #divineevolutionpodcast #frequencyvibration #reincarnation #LifeAfterDeath #soulthemovie 
May 3, 2021
On the Air with Adam West
I'm joined by one of my radio mentors today, Adam West! We talk about the good old days of radio, the music we love and a lot more. I love talking to my old DJ friends and getting together with Adam was a blast. We geek out over some of our favorite concerts and how life after COVID with no live music is driving us CRAZY! Hopefully I talked him into having a podcast! Thank you for listening! The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #AdamWest #FrankZappa #EddieVanHalen #Radiohead #Radio #RadioDJ #RadioBroadcasting
April 26, 2021
The Pros and Cons of Brain Implants
Brain implants...should we get them? On one hand they would allow us to communicate in an almost telepathic speed and transform daily life. It might be the one way to keep humans on par with A.I. especially when the point of singularity happens. Then again what if they could see all my thoughts not just the ones I want them to. What if they sold that information or they got hacked? Crazy times call for crazy questions and I'm here for you. Thanks for listening! Neurolink Video of Monkey playing Pong: The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #neurolink #monkeypong #monkeymind #brainimplants
April 19, 2021
Seeds of Fire with Guy Finley
Best selling author Guy Finley is on the show today. We talk about his latest book The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred and how that within us all is a divine nature longing to be free and express itself. Or as Guy Finley puts it "all that we need to know to grow beyond who we currently are is already a part of our true nature" This was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it! Guy Finley's Webinar: One Journey: Guy Finley YouTube: The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter TicTok Facebook #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation #guyfinley 
April 12, 2021
The Garden of Your Mind
There are two fundamentals for me when it comes to the manifesting change in my life. Meditation and the imagination. Meditation is a way of deactivating the old reality of my mind's pattern, it makes room for the imagination to day dream about something new. We can change our reality like changing a radio station and imagination is the antenna.    The Coffee Buzz      Instagram        Twitter       Facebook  #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation
April 5, 2021
Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable - The Soulless Society Podcast
I'm joined by Dustin from the Soulless Society Podcast today. He hosts a podcast that covers many topics from political to sports and even a touch of true crime. We dissect the podcasting process and talk shop about how much damn fun it is to host a podcast. Maybe after listening you'll want to start one! Dustin just wrapped up season 1 and we are all looking forward to what he does next. Soulless Society Podcast website: The Coffee Buzz Instagram Twitter Facebook #thecoffeebuzzpodcast #veganpodcast #subconsciousmind #fitness #personaldevelopment #plantbaseddiet #simulationtheory #lawofvibration #running #trialrunning #lawofone #ramaterial #neuroscience #meditation
March 29, 2021
Turn it up to 11 with Dave Florence
Today on the show David Florence joins me. He's a certified SOMA breath instructer, life coach, Youtuber and all around great guy. We talk about how to use breath work to decrease stress and live a more fulfilled life. He also goes into depth about the benefits of taking the occassionaly ice plunge and cold shower. It can awaken our autonomic nervous system and strengthen our will power. Dave has a great story and I hope you enjoy this episode! The Evolution of Dave Youtube channel: Dave Florence Website: Tribe of Evolutionaries Facebook: The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc Clubhouse @thecoffeebuzzpc Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
March 22, 2021
Don't Micromanage the Universe
I was wrong about Mi Mundo Coffee it's amazing...I talk all about it today. I also talk about how life is easy, but humans make it complicated. Very often the story about life being hard is programmed into us from our parents and other loved ones. They pass down belief systems, we form paradigms and subconsciously live out a life that reinforces that construct. Never knowing we've given up our free will to a program. The good news is we can take it back. Reinstall new operating systems like I can attract anything in to my life though the power of my imagination. As Bill Hicks said: "all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves"  Mi Mundo Coffee: The Coffee Buzz    Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc      Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc      Clubhouse @thecoffeebuzzpc   Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
March 15, 2021
The Love Lens with Dr. Carl S. Moore
My guest today, Dr. Carl S. Moore, has an excellent podcast called the Youniversal Luv Movement. It's one of those shows that keeps me aligned with my higher self. Dr. Carl and I have never met in person, but we became fast friends during this episode. He talks about how having agency over our emotions is a super power and how we can all have less 'buttons' that other people can push. We also discuss epigenetic, fasting and how the power our thoughts impacts over our lives. Thank you for listening and thank you to Dr. Carl for being my guest! Love yourself enough to love all those around you... - Dr. Carl S. Moore
March 8, 2021
The Infinite Calling with Daniel
Daniel from the Infinite Calling is my guest today. He and I go way back to almost 30 years ago! Beyond being a good friend he's an amazing musician and just released his 6th album of ambient guitar music, Meditations 2020. We talk about his creative process, personal development and the great outdoors. The Coffee Buzz   Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc     Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc     Clubhouse @thecoffeebuzzpc  Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast     Spotify Playlist:
March 1, 2021
Tales from the Polar Vortex
Today I go solo and talk about the crazy weather in Texas over the last week. I also got a package from my good friend at Chris Medellin Show. He sent me some beans from the Cartel Coffee Lab and it is superb! One thing that has kept me sane during all the snow and ice is a Wim Hot breaking exercise video. It is amazing for raising your vibration and triggering your immune system. No better time to try it out than during snowstorm in the middle of a pandemic. Thanks so much for listening! Wim Hof Breaking exercise: The Chris Medellin Show: Cartel Coffee Lab: The Coffee Buzz  Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc    Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc    Clubhouse @thecoffeebuzzpc Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast    Spotify Playlist:
February 22, 2021
The Peaceful Warrior with Cameron
I'm very excited today because Cameron from Hermit Radio joins me! I've been a big fan of his podcast over the last year and it was a pleasure to have this conversation with him. We talk about a lot of the social turmoil in the world today and how each one of us has a power to raise the collective vibration through kindness and staying in the present movement. I hope you enjoy this episode! Hermit Radio: Hermit Radio on YouTube: Cameron's Blog: The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc   Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc   Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast   Spotify Playlist:
February 15, 2021
Alien Implants and Bigfoot with Ben
I'm very excited about this episode. My guest is Ben from The Angry Dad Podcast and co-host of I Married a Bigfoot. Ben shares some great stories about a UFO encounter, having two alien implants and a Bigfoot encounter. That might sound like a lot for one person to experience but with Ben I know it's real! He is also a fellow coffee lover. We've been sending each other coffee for over a year now. The latest blend he sent me was Vita Cup Genius Coffee. I'm not sure what coffee I can send him to top this one.  Angry Dad Podcast website Instagram Twitter Snapchat @b2the4thpower TikTok For Angry Dad Merchandise go to search Angry Dad Podcast Angry Dad Podcast YouTube Channel: Coffee of the Week is Vita Cup Genius Coffee: The Coffee Buzz  Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc  Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc  Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast  Spotify Playlist:
February 1, 2021
Beyond the Simulation with Robbie
Today Robbie and I discuss aliens, the gender gap and so much more. Robbie is the host of Out of the Blank Podcast and with over 650 episodes under his belt he knows how to tell a story. I was lucky enough to be a guest twice on his show and decided to release our latest conversation here on the Coffee Buzz. We recorded this with Robbie being sleep deprived for 36 hours and somehow ended the episode with song. Out of the Blank Podcast: Coffee of the day is Ruta Maya: The Coffee Buzz   Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc  Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc  Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast  If you would like to be a guest on the show email here:   Spotify Playlist:
January 18, 2021
Luxury Problems with Marcos
I'm joined by my friend Marcos on the show today. We talk about being grateful, fatherhood and staying creative.  Coffee of the week was brought to you by Mi Mundo The Coffee Buzz  Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc  Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc  Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast  Spotify Playlist:
January 4, 2021
Magic Mushrooms with Jimmy
Today my friend Jimmy joins me in a discussion about the mental health benefits of micro-dosing psychedelic mushrooms. Humans have been using psilocybin for 6,000 years and recent studies show it can be used for depression, PTSD and anxiety. Thank you Jimmy! Articles for Reference: List of monoliths discovered in the last 3 months: Jimmy's high brow coffee at Cafe Zoetrope The Coffee Buzz   Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc  Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc  Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast   The Brumley Christmas Spotify Playlist :
December 21, 2020
The Blueprint
Bob Dylan said it best when he sang, 'there's no success like failure'. Today I join the league of epic failures by not hitting the record button on my Zoom call with Jimmy. He was supposed to be my guest this week, but mistakes happen. I decided to show up and share this story instead of feeling sorry for myself about why I can't Zoom properly. I had to let go of the blueprint this week and change the story. Hope you enjoy! The Coffee Buzz  Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast  Spotify Playlist:
December 7, 2020
Spin the Black Circle
I finally replaced my record player. Listening to all this old vinyl reminded me of my favorite store Sundance Records in San Marcos. I spent countless hours there sifting through dollar bins to find some forgotten album and give it a new life. Sundance closed in 2012, but the effect that store had on me lives on in my memory today.  Coffee on this episode is Independence - Jet Fuel. You can find it at Whole Foods and on their website for whole bean options along with many varieties you won't find in the store Groover's Paradise Piranha Records The Coffee Buzz Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast Spotify Playlist:
November 23, 2020
No One Cares
Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. Today I talk about the importance of giving ourselves permission to suck at something new. I think people all too often aren't patient enough with themselves. They will be with other people but when it comes to their own attempts at new things they're quick to criticize. What some fail to realize is that no one is paying attention to anyone but themselves. They don't care what you do and it's liberating!  The Coffee Buzz  Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc   Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast  Spotify Playlist:  
November 9, 2020
The Kaizen Method
A praying mantis visited me last week. She stayed on my front porch for three days. Was this coincidence? Maybe but what if it wasn’t? I take door number two in today’s episode and end up discussing the Japanese philosophy Kaizen.  Forget about life hacks, this technique of improving 1% each day is a more sustainable and powerful method of personal development. Simulation Theory Coffee Advent Calendars Praying Mantis visitor More on Kaizen The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast Spotify Playlist:
October 26, 2020
Is Everyone Creative?
In my last episode I ended by saying everyone is creative. Turns out I might be wrong according to Jordan Peterson who is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. For people that want to be creative one method seems to work above all else; be prolific. It doesn't have to be perfect to publish, launch or start up. Most of the people we think of as geniuses just created a ton of work and got really good in the process. Creativity for me is a skill, the more I use it the better and more rewarding it gets.  Jordan Peterson The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast Spotify Playlist:
October 12, 2020
Keep Calm and Carry On
This week I transform into Jonesboro Brumley. It's an alter ego that doesn't get stressed out by wildfires, hurricanes or pandemics. However, he's not a cold heated detached misanthrope either. How does he do it? Find out this week on another episode of The Coffee Buzz Podcast! Past episode referenced: The Batman Effect Wim Hof Method: Need voting information? Check out today's sponsor  The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast Spotify Playlist:
September 28, 2020
The Social Dilemma
Netflix has a new documentary called The Social Dilemma. It features several ex employees of Facebook, Google and other tech giants talking about how they regret unleashing the social media AI overlords upon us. I for one think humans have had their chance and now it’s time for our last great invention AKA Artificial Intelligence to take over. Singularity is here, all hail the AI gods. Thank you for listening you can watch The Social Delimmia here The Coffee Buzz Playlist for this crazy summer: The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzpc Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
September 14, 2020
The Batman Effect
Everyone should have at least one alter ego. By taking on a new image of ourselves we can change the program in our subconscious mind. If we do it enough times and we get better at it. The subconscious mind is like a tape recorder. When we take on an alter ego it’s like a permission slip to be someone else. Eventually you don’t need the alter ego because just like the regular ego it’s all an illusion. We can be whoever we want whenever we want but with an alter ego it allows us to slip right into a new way of thinking.. Father John Misty - The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment The Coffee Buzz Playlist for this crazy summer: The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast Sasha Fierce
August 31, 2020
Love is Everywhere
It's crazy how death can be a teacher. It’s a demanding teacher. In response to death’s message, we could shut down and become more hardened. Or we could open up, and become more free and loving. Our challenge is to figure out how to deal with it, because it is never a good plan to struggle against or deny reality. My method? Gratitude: it unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order. The Coffee Buzz Playlist for this crazy summer: The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast Ryan episode Check out Alamo Remedy for all your CBD needs and use promo code COFFEEBUZZ at check out for 10% off, free shipping on all orders over $49 Coffee of the week is Bartlett
August 17, 2020
Hat on the Bed
This week I explore a dream I had and what it means to see a hat on the bed. It was two hats actually which if you've seen the movie Drugstore Cowboy you know is a bad omen. There are some that believe we connect to a higher  version of our selves in our dreams. It’s the multiverses theory that instead of being reincarnated one life at a time we exist on several astral planes at once and the only thing that keeps us from realizing this is our belief that we are separate. I also review the latest Ray LaMontagne album MONOVISION available here: The Coffee Buzz Playlist for this crazy summer: The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast Check out Alamo Remedy for all your CBD needs and use promo code COFFEEBUZZ at check out for 10% off, free shipping on all orders over $49 Hat on the Bed:
August 3, 2020
Endgame 2050
Today I review 'Endgame 2050' a new documentary about the 6th extinction. Instead of it being caused by a volcano or meteor like the previous 5 extinctions this time it's one species causing most of the damage. Some hairless ape like  creature called humans. It took 65 million years to build that back all that biodiversity that was wiped out in the last extinction and in just 200 years we’ve managed to all but destroy it.  Some might say that sucks Brad but how does that affect me? The healthiest foods we eat are dependent on animal pollinators like bees. Without them we wouldn't have those options anymore...They help produce 75% of our crops!he last 40 years we’ve lost half of the wildlife on the planet. So when I was 6 years old there were twice as many animals as there are today.  How did we get here? Wiping out 50% of the animals is just 40 years? It’s overpopulation and how we consume resources. The livestock industry is the single largest user of land on earth. It’s the major driver of deforestation. They take up almost half of the planet. We always hear about how we should drive hybrid or electric cars, limit out electricity and water usage but the impact of our diet on the environment is the biggest factor. Animals make a very inefficient food source. They take up massive amounts of water, land and cause pollution. Try out a plant based diet today and become a superhuman! Watch the documentary Endgame 2050: 7 Day Vegan Challange The Coffee Buzz Playlist for this crazy summer: The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast Check out Alamo Remedy for all your CBD needs and use promo code COFFEEBUZZ at check out for 10% off, free shipping on all orders over $49 Music used in this episode Nine Inch Nails - 13 Ghosts II Used by permission from Creative Commons
July 20, 2020
Out of the Wild
The bus featured on the film 'Into the Wild' has been removed from it's remote Alaska location. In 1992 the bus was inhabited by 24-year-old adventurer Chris McCandless. His story was told by author Jon Krakauer in the 1996 book Into The Wild. In 2007 the book was adapted into a film directed by Sean Penn. This bus was in the middle of nowhere AL, located in the northern end of Denali National Park. The closest town is about 30 miles away and to reach it, you have to cross the fast-flowing Teklanika River. They had to move this bus because it this dangerous tourist attraction and people kept trying to make the trip to this bus, Two people have died trying. The most recent was killed when she was swept underwater while trying to cross the river with her husband. Five tourists looking for the bus were rescued - one with frostbite - after becoming lost 13 miles from where they were supposed to be. All in all There were 15 bus-related search and rescue operations by the state between 2009 and 2017. If you’re not familiar with the story or film in 1992 Chris hitchhikes into AL on a quest for self discovery. His last ride drops him off on a rugged road called Stampede trail. This trail was developed back in the 1930s by gold prospectors and later became a road for the state of AK. A bridge was never built over the near by Teklanika river. When Chris crossed the river in April the water level was still low. Snow and ice from the mountains hadn’t started to thaw. He makes it across the river and keeps following the trail. He was hoping to walk all the way to the Bering Sea, but one day he reached a clearing and saw bus 142 which would be the eventual resting point for Chris. Check out Ed the Builder's backyard coffee shop here Into the Wild trailer: Mick Dodge The Coffee Buzz Playlist for this crazy summer: The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
July 6, 2020
Coffee Smoothies and the Subconscious Mind
During the first 7 years of our lives our brains are in a theta state and we download rules and beliefs that last an entire lifetime. Ideas about money, religion, political ideology and much more.  Neuroscientists say 95% of our decisions come from our subconscious mind and most people never question or are aware of those programs. Today I talk about ways to change the subconscious mind and creating heaven on earth.  I also review a  coffee smoothie known as 'The Percolator' from Juiceland. I never thought I'd be the guy that drops $11 on a smoothie, but here I am. I blame the Netflix documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. After seeing that movie I was hooked on smoothies. It documents Jim Cross and his 60 juice fast. By the end his blood pressure and LDL cholesterol dropped considerably. He was also able to stop taking medications he had for an autoimmune disease. The food we eat is not just calories but it's information that tells our bodies which DNA triggers to play. I know on a personal level I feel better mentally and physically when I have my daily smoothie. Lately it's been spinach, banana and peaches. I love experimenting with the combinations. There are over 40,000 edible fruits and vegetables out there so fire up that blender! Thanks for listening!  Music used in this episode Nine Inch Nails - Hope We Can Again Used by permission from Creative Commons Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead:  Reprogramming Your Subconscious with Joe Dispenza  The Coffee Buzz Playlist for this crazy summer: The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
June 22, 2020
Problem Reaction Solution
After the brutal murder of George Floyd protests started happening everywhere, but when the riots and looting started there were some notable red flags. Things like bricks being delivered to certain neighborhoods, police cars showing up with graffiti already painted on them and other orchestrated efforts to incite property damage. I go into several reasons on why this is done and how it happens all the time. It's the Problem-Reaction-Solution paradigm.  Problem-Reaction-Solution is defined as the strategy  of creating a crisis (the problem), waiting for a call for action to resolve the crisis (the reaction), then taking action (the solution),  supposedly in response, which actually furthers a hidden agenda, usually  gaining power. This is done because the ruling class are more aware of our collective power than we are. We are co-creators of reality capable of supernatural ability and it's time to take our power back.  I am a guest this week on the After Later Podcast with John Wessling. Please listen and subscribe! The Coffee Buzz - Your Third Eye The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
June 8, 2020
The Philosophy of Flow
The happiest people spend the most time in what's called a flow state. This is also refereed to as the runners high, or the zone, it's a state of unwrapped attention and total absorption. It's the vanishing of self which is very beneficial because this is the voice that usually talks us out of good ideas. Today I talk about the benefits of flow and how to attract it. Like anything else being in flow is a skill that can be learned by anyone.  The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
June 1, 2020
Emotional Intelligence
I first heard the term Emotional Intelligence while watching the Bachelor. Even though the term was mused used by Bachelor personality Taylor it begs the question: what is Emotional Intelligence and where can I get some? This week I look into several ways to raise my Emotional Intelligence and I hope you enjoy the show!  Take the 7 Day Vegan Challenge The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
May 25, 2020
Cancel Culture Gone Wrong
Bryan Adams is the latest person to get called out from the cancel culture for saying C19 came from China. However, just because someone reports a fire doesn't make them an arsonists. Wet Markets and factory farms are hot spots for disease and infection because the animals are kept in cramped, horrific, dirty environments. It's also barbaric AF. Thank you for listening! Take the 7 Day Vegan Challenge The Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
May 19, 2020
Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind
This week I review the new Steven Greer documentary “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”. It's built around the idea that the all of us are capable of initiating alien contact. They are known as the CE-5 Protocols. The Alien agenda that has been advertised through the mainstream media and Hollywood movies is the notion that if life beyond earth exists it must surely be hostile, but what if that's not true? What if their real goal is to awaken us to science and consciousness?  "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” is the third documentary, following “Sirius” (2013) and “Unacknowledged” (2017), centered around Dr. Steven Greer, Disclosure Project founder. He offers evidence of extraterrestrial contact, including top-secret testimonials, documents and never-before-seen UFO footage. Greer also says that the Congress, the President and other world leaders have been sidelined by criminal elements within the Military-Industrial-Financial complex. CE-5 website: After Later Podcast: The Coffee Buzz  Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc  Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1  Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
May 11, 2020
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Is The New UFO
Just when you think 2020 can't get any more bizarre the U.S. government declassifies three top-secret videos of “unexplained aerial phenomena” aka UFOs. As remarkable as these videos are what really fascinates me is how powerful our own consciousness is. We are so powerful and most people don’t acknowledge it, some are totally unaware of it. Our consciousness is the most sophisticated entity on the planet. That’s why there are so many distractions around us to keep us scared and docile. It's time to take our power back and raise the collective consciousness to a new level. Pentagon Release of Videos: Coffee Naps: Spotify Playlist this month: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
May 4, 2020
Be the Sport
It looks like most if not all sports will be canceled for the foreseeable future. There are also no organized running events happening right now so I've decided to hold my own private 10K called Race From Rona. The event will be held next weekend in my neighborhood and consists of me trying to run away from people that are not observing social distancing. As usual this week I also partake in some quarantine shaming and talk about the latest cure for C19; Lysol and Light! Thanks for Listening!  Article referenced in this episode from the Atlantic: Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters: Dragging the Table Podcast: Spotify Playlist this month:  Contact the Coffee Buzz  Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
April 27, 2020
Back to Basics
During the lockdown of 2020 I’ve rediscovered my iPod classic from 2007. I don’t think I’ve used this thing in about 10 years and listening to it is like a musical time capsule taking me back to day without words like pandemic or quarantine. Hopefully this project or baking bread will keep me away from bad tv like Tiger King. Thank you for listening! Spotify Playlist this month: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
April 20, 2020
The Glory Days of Radio with John Wessling
The quarantine life has me making old school phone calls. One of those calls was to an old radio friend, John Wessling. He and I played a significant role in bringing a Rock station to Victoria, TX in the mid 90s. This might not sound like an epic tale in today’s time of streaming music, but in 1993 the internet was in its infancy. The radio options in Victoria were country, adult contemporary and religious programming. We helped change that with a coup d'etat of KLUB 106.9 which is now known as ‘The Rock of Victoria’. After a dramatic exit from KLUB John went on to become a stand up comedian and podcast host. This is a fun episode and I hope you enjoy it! John Wessling’s latest album ‘Warm at First’ is available on the following platforms: Pandora: iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: John Wessling’s website: His Podcast ‘After Later with John Wessling’ is available on the following platforms: Anchor: Spotify The Coffee Buzz Spotify Playlist this month: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
April 5, 2020
Beware of Covidiots
This week I cover some new terminology I’ve learned since the C19 outbreak. Social Distancing, Flattening the Curve, Shelter in Place and my favorite Covidiots. According to the Urban Dictionary a covidiot is someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety. Or A person who hoards goods, denying them from their neighbors. I do think this isolation is bringing out the positive sides of humanity. Stay healthy and be safe, thanks for listening! Bob Dylan - ‘A Muder So Foul’ NadaMoo: Spotify Playlist this month: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
March 29, 2020
Home Sweet Home
I can't decide if the COVID-19 quarantine is cabin fever or cabin bliss. It's probably both depending on my mood. I’ve learned 2 things since this whole outbreak happened. The first one is that it's really hard not to touch your impossible, they say the average rate is 15 times per hour. The other thing I learned is that some people have a hard time staying at home. I can tell you who is loving this quarantine and that is my dogs. I strive to attain their level of contentment in this episode. Spotify Playlist this month: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
March 22, 2020
How to Boost Your Immune System
I'm doing my best to calm the fears perpetuated by main stream media and answer the question of why toilet paper is the panic buy of 2020. I also give my best tips for maintaining a healthy immune system. It's a combination of healthy diet, strong mind set and a strict rule against watching the news. I saw a post this week that read "the ones that sell the fear will also sell the cure". Fear leads to all kinds of bad things like sleepless nights, stress and weakened immune systems.  Spotify Playlist this month:  Contact the Coffee Buzz  Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1  Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
March 15, 2020
The Beginner's Mind
Buddhists have a concept called the Beginner’s Mind. It’s an attempt to stay open and avoid complacency. Sometimes knowledge can be a curse. Experience is a wonderful thing. However, knowledge and understanding of how things work can prevent us from seeing clearly. I also discuss an article I found called Humble Narcissism. It might sound like a contradiction, but the two can be a nice combination. Spotify Playlist this month: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
March 8, 2020
Your Third Eye
I first heard about the third eye from Tool’s album Aenima. That album was where I first heard of the comedian Bill Hicks who spoke at length about the third eye. I thought it was a metaphor for perceiving the world as it is rather than glossed over facade that commercials and tv shows lead us to believe Turns out it's actually a physical thing and it’s also known as the pineal gland. It is a connecting link between the physical 3D word and the psychic dimension beyond it. Unfortunately most of us have calcified pineal glands because of pesticides, the standard American diet of processed fatty foods and fluoride. Join me this week as I talk about how to detoxify and activate your third eye. How Fluoride makes us less intelligent: Fluoride Action Committee: The Fluoride Deception: Coffee of the week Summer Moon Velvet Blaze: Spotify Playlist this month: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
March 1, 2020
Stargates and Portals
One of my favorite aspects of the ancient astronaut theory is that of Portals and Stargates, Einstein's theory of relativity established the ability to connect two rejoins in space time in order to create a worm hole that would enable us to travel vast distances in space 10x faster than the speed of light. This means that the existence of portals or stargates becomes a matter of science rather than superstition here. All around the world there are ancient sites of mysterious origins that have reported disappearances and UFO sightings. Legends describe formless thought beings that traveled a wave of sound from their home world in the Pleiades star system. These sites have a similar design and the same characteristics of being built with advanced technology. These portals are placed around the globe as if they were a power grid for UFOs.  Research for this show: How to Open a Stargate Portal Soundtrack for the Impeachment Playlist Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
February 23, 2020
Simulation Theory
The Matrix turned 20 years old last year and I look at that movie as a documentary not a work of fiction. There are some clues in our world that indicate that we are in a simulation much like a video game rather than a physical reality. As the kid told Neo in the waiting room "the secret to bending the spoon is that there is no spoon". I also give my hot take on the Coronavirus and how we can tackle a much bigger threat by just eating more salad.  How Not to Die from Heart Disease Coronavirus Information Simulation Hypothesis by Rizwan Virk Coffee of the week: West Pecan Coffee Shop I'm a guest this week on the Out of the Blank Podcast: Soundtrack for the Impeachment Playlist Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
February 16, 2020
The Quantum Field of Energy
I can’t believe I still get FOMO from not consuming the news. When the urge arises I find more interesting things to read. One of those is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book Becoming Supernatural. This is a profound book on the power we all have to create our own reality. We are, quite literally supernatural by nature if given the proper knowledge we can develop the skill of creating a more efficient, balanced, healthy body and mind. The coffee of the week is Moschetti and it was sent to me by the Angry Dad Podcast. Find his podcast here: Untrained Eye Podcast Coffee of the Week: Joe Dispenza - Becoming Supernatural Soundtrack for the Impeachment Playlist Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast or
February 9, 2020
The Origins of Memory and the Fermi Paradox
The latest research in neuroscience points to the source of our long term memory being a virus. As a result of the study, researchers now believe that a chance encounter occurring hundreds of millions of years ago, led to the virus's influence in our memory function today. My theory on how this happened? ALIENS! They upgraded our hard drives to include long term memories. That theory may be false due to the Fermi Paradox. That theory says that there are trillions of habitable planets in the universe for supporting life. Astronomers estimate that there are 1 million planets in the Milky Way that fit into the Goldilocks zone. Not too hot, not too cold, therefore they could also support life. With all these potential planets shouldn’t the universe be filled with spaceships and aliens?  Article that started this episode: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Veganuary Playlist Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
February 2, 2020
Overconfidence & Complacency
I recently had a fall while running that is going to prevent me from the trail race I've been talking about for the last few months. About a week ago I was on a run through a park with paved trails and I tripped landing all my weight on my left knee. Nothing broken but it hurts like hell to bend and it was swollen to about twice it’s normal size. I thought about how ironic it was that I could run through trails with rocks hidden under leaves and tree roots protruding from the ground, but when I get onto a paved trail I fall in the first mile. It’s because I wasn’t focused. I wasn’t being mindful. When I go out to the trail I have to be mindful, otherwise I might crack my head open. This experience made me re-think why I run organized races and I'm contemplating giving it up for good.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coffee review of Leo Seguetto January  Playlist Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
January 26, 2020
Won't You Be My Neighbor
I finally got around to watching the documentary about the life and times of Mr. Rogers 'Won't You Be My Neighbor'. It's interesting how a personality that was a big part of my childhood had so many surprises for me. This is exactly what a documentary should be. After seeing it I'm convinced that Mr. Rogers was a total bad ass. I also talk about some ways that Empaths can set healthy boundaries. This was a request from last week's episode from my friend Lacy and it was an aspect about empaths I hadn't even considered. Won't You Be My Neighbor Boundaries for Empaths: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January  Playlist Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
January 19, 2020
Are You an Empath?
Are You an Empath? Some of the signs are being able to tell when someone is lying to you, feeling an overwhelming desire to help those around you and being someone that people go to for advice. It can be draining sometimes, but being an empath is a gift. You have real conversations and you always know exactly what to say, when it needs to be said. When I started this episode I was certain I was an empath, but now I’m not so sure. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January  Playlist Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
January 12, 2020
The One You Feed
I've noticed some people bashing 2019 like it's the worst enemy ever and thinking that 2020 will be the silver bullet year that solves all their problems. I think this is a bad idea. Time is an illusion and using some arbitrary number on a calendar sets us up for failure and disappointment. This all ties into he Cherokee parable about the wolf we feed.  January  Playlist Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
January 5, 2020
Channeling Abraham Hicks
I can't seem to get enough of these people that channel. Today I talk about Ester Hicks who channels an entity called Abraham. She is another teacher that says we chose to manifest here in our current life situations. One of her main lessons is that we need to give up resistance and simply get out of our own way to manifest what we want. You don’t have to fix or improve anything. Instead of fixing things she says you have to get ready to be ready and get tuned in, tapped in and turned on to our desires.  Abraham Hicks on YouTube: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best of 2019 Playlist Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
December 29, 2019
Stop Keeping Score
I used to keep score with everyone from Friends, to co-workers. Who called who last?  Who shows up late the most? Who did the dishes last night? I finally realized that no one cares about the scorecard in my brain. This was the source of unhappiness as well as a sign of low confidence. We can’t even trust ourselves, one study found that 75% of people overestimate their role in relationships. I had to Stop thinking in concepts like “fair.” It’s completely meaningless and has no useful function. I also review Jerry Seinfeld's favorite coffee LavAzza. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Coffee Buzz November Playlist:  Contact the Coffee Buzz  Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc  Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1  Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast  YouTube
December 22, 2019
You're Doing Better Than You Think
One of the new phrases or words I’ve heard recently that I really like is self-care. As popular as that word is I think it’s not practiced enough. I hear a lot of successful people really beating themselves up over all kinds of things. Not making enough money or having enough success. How they should have a better relationship or be a better parent. If our friends treated us the way we do sometimes we probably wouldn't want to hang out with them. I'm here to tell you that you are doing better than you think you are. It's time to let go of those limiting beliefs and practice some kindness towards ourselves so that we can get out of our own way. I also talk about some people that inspire me and here's where you can find them: Kim's Photography: The Midtones project to help out victims of the CA fires: The Infinite Calling: John Wessling: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Coffee Buzz December Playlist: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast YouTube
December 15, 2019
The Impossible Burger
Impossible Burger CEO Pat Brown is on a mission to replace meat with plant based products by 2035. This could be the big change we need to reverse climate change. Cattle ranching is responsible for massive deforestation in the rain forest and uses 50% of our water supply. Join me this week as i discuss how the Impossible burger is not the veggie patty you might be used to. It's so close to meat I don't even like it....but if you eat meat you might love it.  November Playlist: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
December 8, 2019
You Chose This
I’ve been listening to some Delores Cannon lately and she says we chose this life and our parents before ever being born and manifesting on earth. At first this seemed crazy. I can get on board with us manifesting here but choosing our parents? That seemed insane to me, but she has an interesting theory on this. She says we chose to come to earth from various dimensions, we might have chosen difficult life situations in order to bring lessons to others The part I find most interesting in this theory is that in order to come here we had to forget who we are and then remember it through our life lessons. Delores Cannon YouTube: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Coffee Buzz December Playlist: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast YouTube
December 1, 2019
Guilty Pleasures and the Middle Way
I talk a lot about personal development, but I'm not a guru or a spiritual know it all. I have more guilty pleasures than I can count and today I talk about a few of my favorites. I think this actually keeps me grounded and from being a self-righteous jerk. Buddhists have a concept known as the 'middle way' as a means of keeping the ego from taking over a spiritual practice. This is the path I'm trying to follow and I hope you enjoy this episode!  The Coffee Buzz November Playlist: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast YouTube
November 24, 2019
Pendulums of Energy
We absorb other peoples energy and thoughts. This goes beyond being careful of the top 5 people you hang out with the most. We become part of pendulums of energy all the time. I have to be mindful of what pendulums I am a part of and also to be vigilant and take responsibility for the thoughts coming in. I also get into Warren Buffett's 3 steps to become super successful. Thank you for listening!  Article referenced in this episode: The Coffee Buzz November Playlist: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
November 17, 2019
Kindness is Magic
I first heard that kindness is magic on the Netflix show Derek. Now I see memes about it everywhere and it really is superpower. Just something as simple as listening to someone tell their story is a rare form of kindness. I hope you enjoy this episode. Thanks for listening! Kindness mediation The Coffee Buzz November Playlist: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
November 10, 2019
Age is an Illusion
Sometimes when I look in the mirror I don't feel as old as the guy that stares back at me. Obviously we all age, but I don't think we have to buy into the belief that we have to age gracefully. Let's age with enthusiasm. Today I talk about intermittent fasting, exercise, meditation and of course a whole food plant based diet. Thank you so much for listening! The 7 Day Vegan Challenge The Coffee Buzz November Playlist: Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
November 3, 2019
Hail Satan?
The Temple of Satan is giving Christian groups a civic lesson when they attempt to put statues of the Ten Commandments on courthouse grounds by erecting their own statue. It's a 9 food tall figure with a goat head and a male body known as Baphomet.  I talk about the documentary, 'Hail Satan?' that chronicles the unlikely rise of this group and one of my favorite philosophers Alan Watts. Thanks for listening! Watch 'Hail Satan?' Alan Watts: The Coffee Buzz October Playlist:   Contact the Coffee Buzz Instagram @thecoffeebuzzpc Twitter @thecoffeebuzzp1 Facebook @thecoffeebuzzpodcast
October 27, 2019
Reprogramming Your Mind
We think anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. Most of which are negative and redundant, but where do they come from? The subconscious mind. These programs were installed for us in the first 7 years of our life and we had no choice on what they were. Join me today as I dive into how to re-install the subconscious programs and manifest the life we want. Thanks for listening!  The Coffee Buzz October Playlist:  Contact the Coffee Buzz Sleep Hypnosis videos:
October 20, 2019
Forget Where You Came From
The memory is not as reliable as we like to think. On average only 50% of memories are accurate in the first year from the event. So why are people so obsessed with the old saying 'don't forget where you came from'? This week I give my hot take on why I think this is a bad idea. Thanks for listening!  The Coffee Buzz October Playlist:  Contact the Coffee Buzz
October 13, 2019
Toltec Wisdom
My friend Ryan introduced me to my first book about Toltec Wisdom. It's A Separate Reality: Further Conversations with Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda. I wasn't quite ready for everything this book had to say, but it planted a seed. Years later I was given 'The Four Agreements' by Don Miguel Ruiz who is also a Toltec teacher and it all started to make sense.  Book Links: Carlos Castaneda 'A Separate Reality: Further Conversations with Don Juan' Don Miguel Ruiz 'The Four Agreements' The Coffee Buzz October Playlist
October 9, 2019
The Law of Vibration
Wayne Dyer said you don't get what you want you get what you are. In this episode I explore the law of vibration and how manifest your goal. I get specific on how to do that today with a 30 day experiment. Living a life of peace, love and abundance is your birthright.  Join me today and tap into the power of your subconsciousness mind.Thank you for listening! Meditation with Aaron Doughty: Meditate with Joe Dispenza: The Coffee Buzz October Playlist: Contact the Coffee Buzz Show Sponsor:
October 6, 2019
Why I Gave Up Keeping Up with the News
The news is completely irrelevant. I know this is going to be an episode not everyone will agree with, but I state my case for giving up the news.    The Coffee Buzz Monthly Playlist can be found here Contact the Coffee Buzz at or
October 2, 2019
Confessions of a Junk Food Vegan
This week I get real about my food addiction. I may be vegan, but I haven't always been healthy. It's one of the hardest addictions out there and I talk about the science of why that is. Thank you for listening! Joel Fuhrman's YouTube Channel can be found here The Coffee Buzz Monthly Playlist can be found here Contact the Coffee Buzz at or
September 29, 2019
Album Reviews Vampire Weekend + Lizzo + King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
I’ve have 3 albums today to review for you. The latest from Vampire Weekend, Lizzo and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Yes you heard that last one right and it might be the best band name of all time. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and the are every bit as good as the name. The Coffee Buzz September Playlist Contact the Coffee Buzz
September 15, 2019
Things I've Learned From Being a Dad
I thought having a kid would be the end of my life when I was younger and I was determined to be childless. I thought that in order to have a fun adventurous life you couldn't have children. Wow, was I wrong. Meeting my wife was the greatest thing that ever happened to me for many reasons not the least of which is that she saw a future I never imagined and it’s the greatest life I can think of. Today is all about the things I’ve learned since becoming a Dad. Songs used: Pink Fong-Baby Shark, Cannibal Corpse-Evisceration Plague Contact the Coffee Buzz  Listen to the Coffee Buzz Monthly Playlist
September 9, 2019
The Underground World of Aliens
There is a cave very close to my house. Last week I found myself with some free time and decided to take the kid to see the Inner Space Cavern. While we were there it reminded me of all the stories about underground aliens and secret military bases. It seems like the kind of place that would work perfect for such an operation. One of the most notable stories on this subject would have to be Phi Schnider. He was involved in the Philadelphia Experiment and came face to face with several grey aliens. He went public with his story and then died under mysterious circumstances. I’m also going to get into some of the weirdness around the Denver International Airport also known as the Illuminati Corporate Office. Contact the Coffee Buzz Listen to the Coffee Buzz Monthly Playlist
September 1, 2019
The Power of Boredom
I can’t get enough of Carl Newport these days. He’s got a book called Digital Minimalism and it’s all about being intentional with the apps which really means being intentional with time. If a person wants to they could go for an indefinite period of time without being bored. That might sound like a good thing but the research says it’s not. I also tackle the question of whether or not coffee makes you smart, or just pretentious. For me it’s definitely the second one. Check out Carl Newport's book Digital Minimalism Giving up beef is the best way to help the rain forest, but here are some other ways: Amazon Conservation Team fights climate change, protect the Amazon and empower indigenous peoples. Amazon Conservation Association accepts donations and lists exactly what your money goes toward –– whether it's planting trees, sponsoring education, buying a solar panel and preserving indigenous lands. Donate to the Rainforest Trust to help buy land in the rainforest. The organization has saved over 23 million acres and counting since 1988. The Rainforest Foundation is committed to making sure donations made reaches projects such as supporting environmental defenders, indigenous advocacy organizations and deforestation monitoring. Song used: The War on Drugs - Thinking of a Place Contact The Coffee Buzz at
August 25, 2019
CAZTEX...the one that got away
So now the robots are after songwriting jobs too? Some say AI is going to take over music and even top the charts. Will we have an automated Backstreet Boys? I’m also going to reminess a bit about some friends of mine that had a music playlist collaboration...this was all before streaming was cool. We would send old fashioned CDs in the mail. It was a simpler time back then. It was the time of CAZTEX. Songs used: Bon Iver - Hey Ma, Stand of Oaks - Shut In, Purity Ring - Fineshrine, Vicente Fernandez - El Rey, Phosphorecent - Song for Zulu The Coffee Buzz September Playlist Contact The Coffee Buzz
August 19, 2019
Why I Can't Trust Myself
This week I look at the psychology behind why I can’t trust myself. From confirmation bias to the endless pursuit of happiness our brains are not the baseline of truth that we’ve been led to believe. Even the nature of reality is questionable due to our limited senses. While this may all seem like a set back I think embracing this skepticism about our own thoughts is a useful tool in self development . Contact The Coffee Buzz
August 11, 2019
Coffee Shaming and Data Mining
The Great Hack is a new documentary on Netflix all about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. Their influence in the Brexit and 2016 Presidential elections were enormous. They collected likes, posts and private messages on 87 million users between both of those elections and all without user consent. Check out the trailer here. We now live in a world were Coffee Shaming is a thing, but more like a generation attack by the old guard of financial gurus. Contact the Coffee Buzz here.
August 5, 2019
Learning to Flight Not Fight [Explicit]
How do you deal with a racist neighbor? I try to figure that out and also discuss the City of Austin's approach to the homeless problem. Join me for the random caffeinated thoughts running through my head this week.  Contact the Coffee Buzz
July 29, 2019
Storming Area 51
Area 51 is the holy grail for alien conspiracy. Over 1 million people have RSVP'd to the Facebook event Storming Area 51, they can’t shoot us all’ If you haven’t heard of this it’s a joke even created by a guy that apparently makes a lot of memes...but the Military is not laughing because they know just because he thinks it’s a joke that some people are going to show up as the invite says to “see them aliens”.  I’m going to talk about some of the people that have tried breaking into Area 51 and also get into Bob Lazar who claims to have worked on Area 51 doing reverse engineering of alien technology. It’s a crazy story that you have to hear.  Facebook Event  Contact The Coffee Buzz
July 21, 2019
Epigenetics: The Science of Change
Have you heard the one about how our genes determine our biology and health traits. Some even say our personality Well turns out that may be wrong.  Epigenetics is the belief that you can alter your genetics by modifying your behavior – not by taking medications. The concept of people being able to heal themselves without drugs defies the mission of big pharmaceutical companies, But according to Dr. Bruce Lipton, “A minimum of one third of all medical intervention is a placebo effect. That’s the result of positive thinking,” and not of drugs. We’re going to drive into this and talk about the latest desperate attempt by the dairy industry to get high school kids hooked on coffee.  Dr. Bruce Lipton's YouTube channel and Website Full Audio clip of Bruce Lipton on London Real Song in this episode Dave Brubeck 'Take Five'
July 14, 2019
Five to Thrive
I'm not supposed to like Rachel Hollis, but she's getting in my head lately. I'll talk about her book "Girl Stop Apologizing". I also found a new trail this week about 20 miles outside of town. I'm so out of shape I have to train for the training of running a marathon. You can find Rachel Hollis here: or her podcast 'Thrive'. You can contact the Coffee Buzz here: 
July 8, 2019
The Barkley Marathons
I recently watched the documentary “Where Dreams go to Die”. It follows the story of Gary Robbins during his two attempts at completing The Barkley Marathons. This is a somewhat underground ultra marathon race that is probably one of the toughest in the world. I’m not sure I’ll ever run an ultra marathon...probably not, but I’m inspired by the men and women that do. Today’s episode is my tribute to these amazing athletes. Watch the documentary 'Where Dreams Go to Die" Calculate your fitness age: Music by KingALIIMBA covering Gary Jules Mad World written by Tears for Fears Email The Coffee Buzz:
July 1, 2019
Picard and the Prime Directive
A Starfleet logo has appeared on the surface of Mars. Some reports are calling it random dust storms on the planet but I’ve noticed an energy field manifesting from Earth that has caused this anomaly. That energy field is a bacon to summon one of the greatest leaders of all time: Captain Picard. We’re also going to go on a deep dive into the Prime Directive. It’s time to take the show into the final frontier. I have formed a theory that the reason humans evolved so quickly in the last few hundred years is that on several occasions Aliens violated the Prime Directive.
June 23, 2019
You Belong Among the Wildflowers
This week I take the show out in the woods. Join me and Mollie the Collie as we traverse the trails of Austin and give some unsolicited opinions on father's day, park etiquette and Chuck Norris.
June 16, 2019
The Wim Hof Method
Wim Hof is nothing short of a superhero. He holds 26 Guinness world records for things that were believed to be impossible. Things like running a marathon in the desert with no water, climbing Everest with only shorts and shoes on as well as swimming at great lengths under polar ice sheets, but the main reason I’m talking about him is that he can control his autoimmune responses on demand. This guy can fight off diseases consciously. So let’s get healthy, happy and strong with Wim Hof.
June 10, 2019
Bittersweet Royalties
There have been some notable lawsuits over music copyrights. The Chiffons sued George Harrison over ‘My Sweet Lord’. The Hollies claimed Radiohead’s 'Creep' ripped off their song ‘The Air that I Breathe’ and most recently Ed Sheeran has been accused of ripping off Let’s Get it On by Marvin Gaye in his song ‘Thinking Out Loud’...I think this might be the third lawsuit over songs sounding like ‘Let’s Get it On’ but none of these even come close to the crazy story of the Verve’s ‘Bittersweet Symphony’. This song has been involved in a 22 year old legal controversy resulting in no royalties to the band because they used a 5 note sample from a song inspired by the Rolling Stones. Songs used in this episode: Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve, The Last Time by The Rolling Stones, The Last time by the Andrew Oldham Orchestra, The Last Time by The Staple Singers. Coffee of the week is Cafe Fair and it is bird friendly. Find out what that means in this episode. Contact me at 
June 2, 2019
All Up in My Facial Recognition
The facial recognition genie has been let out of the bottle. Unless we’re able to do slow it down and maybe regulate it, we are going to waking up five years from now to find that facial recognition services have spread in ways that only society issues worse. By then it’s going to be a lot harder to try to bottle it back up. Today I’m going to talk how this technology is just attack on personal freedom in the name of security. 
May 26, 2019
How to Save Earth
The UN has a new report called Nature’s Dangerous Decline and it states that 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, many within decades, and this is more than ever before in human history. Have no fear, today on the show I will tell you how we can save Earth! As you probably know this isn’t Earth’s first extinction. Our planet has had 5 over its lifetime. Unlike past extinctions, caused by events like asteroid strikes, volcanic eruptions, and natural climate shifts, the current crisis is almost entirely caused by humans.Think about how big of a deal this is. Earth is 4.5 billion years old and it’s had 5 extinctions. We’ve only been around for a blink in the grand scheme of things and already we’ve managed to concoct our own mass extinction. I remember hearing about this in the 90s. Back then they were saying if we didn’t double the amount of green space available half of all animal life will be extinct in the next 50 years. It seemed really far fetched and apocalyptic, but it’s pretty close to be right on track. Audio used: Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice, Excerpts from "Cowspiracy" available on Netflix Bill Nye the Science Guy - The Planet is on Fucking Fire!!!
May 19, 2019
Channeling Aliens [everything is energy]
Atoms are 95-99% empty space and they along with subatomic particles make up everything. What is this empty space? Since they have no internal structure and no physical size that means that they are entirely illusory or put another way, made up of energy. They are zero-dimensional and more like events than things. Reality is stranger than we think. It’s stranger than most people can think. And the reality is that everything is energy and energy is everything. I also talk about Darryl Anka. He is a spiritual medium who claims to channel an enlightened extraterrestrial entity named Bashar. Bashar says he is from 300 years in our future, and 500 light years toward the Orion Constellation. Today let’s co-create leave this physical reality with an Alien from the Orion constellation known as Bashar. Nine Inch Nails 1 - Ghosts I. Written by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Buy the  album here: Find out more about Bashar here: 
May 11, 2019
The Wonderful World of Anxiety
I’m going to get a bit personal’s also mental health awareness month so why not? It’s been over 3 years since my last drink and when I quit I thought ok, this is it, I’ve slayed the dragon and all my problems are solved. At the time it seemed like all my shortcomings were due to drinking too much. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Alcohol wasn’t my problem it was my medicine for the problem. What was the problem? Anxiety. I was 40 years old before I even knew I had it. Please forgive my feeble attempt at covering the song "Anxiety" which sounds much better when you hear it by the original artist Julia Michaels. 
May 6, 2019
Chemtrails and the Time Traveling President
By request I give my hot take on chemtrails. While going down this crazy rabbit hole I somehow land on the most outrageous conspiracy I've heard yet: the President is a time traveler. I know it sounds crazy but stay with me on this one. A novel from Ingersoll Lockwood in the late 1800s predicts the Trump presidency with odd accuracy. If nothing else this conspiracy is entertaining and potentially true...but probably not. Glen Thinks Stuff Podcast
April 28, 2019
The SoundCloud Kids
I’ve discovered some new musicians recently and as it turns out they all initially got their break by posting songs on SoundCloud. I think the internet makes it both easier and harder for musicians to get discovered. You can be heard by anyone anywhere, but because it’s so accessible and the barrier for entry is so much lower for musicians I think you have to be amazing to get break through all the white noise of the internet. Today I’m going to talk about 3 musicians that definitely did not drift off into the ether. Billie Eilish, Lil Naz X and Post Malone. This is my salute to the SoundCloud Kids.
April 22, 2019
The Shadow Self
Carl Jung coined the term the shadow self and it goes like this: In our early adolescence we develop the ego and two entities start to emerge.  the persona and the shadow. The shadow is the part of our personality we try to suppress and hide from everyone including ourselves, but confronting it can unlock a whole new side to the personality. Today I’m going to get real about what the shadow self is and some practical ways for exploring our dark side. 
April 15, 2019
All Things Coffee
36 episodes in and I haven’t done one about coffee. Kind of odd given the name of this podcast. For every article I latch onto about coffee being healthy I see another that states the exact opposite. I’m going to open up about my favorite vice and talk about the good, bad and the ugly sides of that wonderful drug caffeine. 
April 8, 2019
Rise of the Socialist Democrats
I am predicting we’re going to hear the word socialism a lot over the next few years. The right is using it like a scare tactic and the left is using it as a marketing technique. To be honest I really wasn’t sure on the technical differences between Socialism and communism until I researched this episode. I cleared the cobwebs from my brain and remembered what I learned in high school civics class. I say this because I think the two get confused in mainstream media and this confusion is sometimes is done so by design. I want to clear up the misunderstandings and look at not only Socialism, but also Capitalism with all of its shortcomings. Something I never hear politicians talk about (no matter what side of the aisle they're on) is automation and how Capitalism as we know it is about to drastically change. 
April 1, 2019
Smiley Face Killer
Today I’m going to see what to make of this Smiley Face Killer theory. It’s a theory a group of retired police officers and private detectives came up with after noticing multiple young, athletic, college aged men going missing under the same strange circumstances and are later found near graffiti of a smiley face. I would love for any of my listeners out there to share their opinions on this and tell me their theory on what is causing this. Is it really a serial killer or just a mere coincidence?  Some say the Smiley Face Killer has taken 40 victims over two decades. Others say there is no killer and this is all coincidence. This is a bizarre story that is open to interpretation and speculation. I have my own theory that is probably more outrageous than the story itself, but it might just be crazy enough to be true. Clip from David Paulides
March 25, 2019
Vaccines and Russian Trolls
I decided to dive into the controversial subject of vaccines today. There seems to be so much noise out there on this topic and emotions around it that I thought I’d share my views. This whole things has been blown out of proportion on purpose and we’re also being played by Russian trolls. These trolls are using vaccination as a wedge issue, promoting discord and confusion. in American society. However, by playing both sides, they erode public trust in vaccination, exposing us all to the risk of infectious diseases. Autism has skyrocketed over the last 15 years and the leading cause is pesticides specifically glyphosate. You can find my blog here with links to reference the numbers cited in this episode. 
March 18, 2019
#MeToo in the Music Industry
This week I explore the #MeToo Movement in the music industry. The idea for this episode came from the recent allegations of misconduct by one of my favorite singer songwriters Ryan Adams, but he’s not the only one. Turns out some of my musical heroes are also cowardly perverts that prey on the weak. Can we separate the music from the person? 
March 9, 2019
Born to Trail Run
This week I talk about my first trail run. It was at the Pedernales Falls State park, a 25K which translates to a little over 15 miles. It was such a great experience. Much different than any of the street races I’ve done in the past. For starters, it was a much more intimate gathering. My bib number was 54 I had to do a double take when they gave it to me because I’m usually numbered in the thousands.  I discuss the spiritual side of running and how I think everyone secretly loves to run.
March 2, 2019
Happiness Is a Skill
I’ve heard “happiness is a choice” all my life and while this is true it’s an oversimplification. Going to Harvard is a choice but it requires a lot of skills. Developing that Happiness skill is like learning the guitar, surfing, playing soccer, etc. I’ve read a lot of self development, self help books. They all tend to have the same overarching message of living in the present moment, believing in a self fulfilling prophecy, but it wasn’t until I heard Dr. Joe Dispenza speak that it actually made real world sense to me. He is a neuroscientist and he approaches this concept from a scientific point of view. Rather than some abstract philosophical concept.
February 4, 2019
The Joy of Missing Out
Most people by now have heard of FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out, but I heard an acronym the other day and I kicked myself for not coming up with it first. The Joy of Missing Out. This little phrase made me feel less alone in the world, like there’s other people that are as strange as me, people that enjoying missing out. I also discuss the importance of solitude and how rare it has become.
January 27, 2019
The 7 Day Vegan Challenge
Since starting this podcast I learned a new phrase. a call to action or a piece of content intended to induce a viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act, Since this is episode 30 I thought I go bold and throw down the 7 Day Vegan Challenge. Special thanks to my friends at Pod-ful of Sunshine, check out their podcast!
January 20, 2019
Tidying Up and the Final 25 CDs
I started watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and before I knew it my garage was full of trash bags of things I was throwing out or donating. It feels so good to get rid of stuff I don’t need. The hardest part for me was taking over 1,000 CDs down to 25. I reveal the list of survivors and why they made the cut. 
January 13, 2019
The Dark Side of DNA Testing
I expose the dark side of DNA testing companies. They can sell your DNA results to any third party including the government. Every swab I send to a DNA testing company hands them the key to my personal unique genetic code which may be the most valuable thing I own. I also ask the question: is privacy dead and does it matter anymore? 
January 6, 2019
Resolutions and Springsteen
This week the cedar pollen tried to keep me down, but I refuse to give up. It did lead me to laying around watching Netflix and discovering  my new favorite obsession 'Springsteen on Broadway'. I revel the only two New Year's Resolutions I've been able to keep and how I was able to do that. Happy New and thank you for listening!
December 31, 2018
Top 10 Albums of 2018
The good folks at Spotify sent me a breakdown of my listening stats for 2018. I’ve had an account for a few years now and this year they started something new where they send you stats like how long you listened, what you listened to, your top genre, etc. They say I listened for almost 50,000 minutes. I thought I’d share some of my discoveries from 2018 in the form of a top 10.
December 24, 2018
Christmas Controversies
Do you remember when you learned that Santa wasn’t real? I ponder if I should tell my daughter the Santa lie or just be real with her about it. The Elf on the Shelf is a steroid shot for the Santa Lie—a physical reminder of the Santa lie in your house for a whole month. I take on the controversy around the ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ ban. I also discuss all the horrible characters in ‘Love Actually’ and explain my theory on how it’s not a Christmas Movie. Happy Holidays! Song used at the end: ‘Is Santa the Man in the Moon’
December 17, 2018
The Big C
Today I get personal and talk about the time I had cancer and how it led me to marathon running. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2001. I was 26 years old at the time. I knew something was wrong with me. I was coughing non-stop, very lethargic and had really bizarre reactions to alcohol. After 6 months chemo and 3 months of radiation I was cured. Cancer turned out to be a great teacher for me.
December 10, 2018
Climate Change and Exorcisms
The Fourth National Climate Assessment was released and it is a bombshell of bad news for the environment. The report focuses on the economic impact of Climate Change in the US. We’re looking at food scarcity, more fires, floods and disease and many other calamities if we don’t act fast. No matter what your political views this is a topic most of us care about and the White House tried their best to bury this story. I wanted to do my small part in trying to bring attention to the biggest threat facing our society. I also have some recommendations on how we can make it better as well as revel the reasons I think our President may be demonically possessed.
December 3, 2018
Sean the DJ
This week Sean the DJ joins me for a conversation about music, desert island picks and so much more. He was the DJ at my wedding 8 years ago and we’ve been friends since. I really enjoy his take on music genres and stereotypes and how those connections have drastically changed over the years. Sean has some great stories from his experiences as a wedding DJ and running sound for the SXSW music festival. We nerd out hard on Springsteen and somehow make our way to power pop. Our conversation took some interesting turns from division of politics to how to be of service to others. I really appreciate Sean for being on the show and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening!
November 25, 2018
Thanksgiving is a Bullsh*t Holiday
This might be my most controversial episode, but I can’t hold back. I’ve never liked this holiday. It just never felt quite right to me and now I know why. The history of Thanksgiving that I was taught is a lie. The first Thanksgiving was in 1621 to celebrate the Native Americans saving the pilgrims from famine. The next Thanksgiving was 16 years later which was about family, specifically murdering them. This Thanksgiving celebrated the defeat and slaughter of those same natives by European settlers. Native Americans now mark Thanksgiving as a day of mourning and they typically fast. The irony of this is that the religiously oppressed settlers came to America and became oppressors themselves. I also discuss the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday with all its greed and wonder along with the mass slaughter of turkeys under horrific conditions. This is truly a 'feel good' episode. Join me for an epic take down of this insane holiday.
November 18, 2018
Creating New Habits and Neural Pathways
In this episode I explore the various ways to create the habit of waking up at 4:30 AM. I have always been a night owl. In high school, my mom would have to pour water on me to wake me up. As a seasoned night owl I always envied people that got up super early. I’ve tried over the years to commit to getting up 2 or 3 hours before I have to be anywhere, but it never lasted more than a few weeks at a time. Then I can across Mel Robbins. She’s a motivational speaker and life coach that Kim turned me on to. She has a method that works well for getting up early. It’s ridiculously simple but it works for me. Mel uses this technique for not only waking up but anything that she wants to begin or end. She calls it the 5 second rule. It goes something like this. When my alarm goes off I count back from 5 and when I’m done I get up out of bed. Like I said, very simple, but not exactly easy. The logic behind this is to take action before my brain has time to come up with excuses for not getting up early. My brain is amazing at rationalizing and coming up with perfectly logical reasons for not getting up. The snooze button seemed to be designed just for meUnfortunately, this is a slippery slope. I typically hit that button anywhere between 5-10 timesThe bad part is this is a horrible way to start the day. The first thing I’m doing in my day is procrastinating and it sets the tone. A friend of mine recently released his fifth album. The Infinite Calling is the name of his project and the album is called Beyond the Illusion. It's an ambient guitar project and although it’s instrumental the songs tell a story. Dan really pushes the limits on what a guitar can sound like on Beyond the Illusion. You can find it at as well as Spotify and Amazon. Mel Robbins:
November 10, 2018
Why is there Roundup in my Cheerios?
Why is there Roundup in my Cheerios? Kim sent me an article recently where scientists discovered that Roundup is in all kinds of cereal. When I researched this the news goes from bad to worse. It’s in so many foods. So today the Coffee Buzz takes on Monsanto. Documents known as the Monsanto Papers reveal a worldwide campaign by the company that claim glyphosate had no carcinogenic properties. The Monsanto Papers are discovery documents that were turned over during litigation and they are alarming to say the least. They show a deliberate attempt to deceive the public and confirm coverups. Crop-Life PAC Recipients Facebook Group: Petition to Stop the Monsanto Protection Act: Solar Roast Coffee:
November 4, 2018
Ryan, Robots and amateur predictions on A.I.
This week my friend Ryan Drops by the Coffee Buzz Studios for a talk about life goals, being creative, robots and the potential take over of AI. Ryan is from the exotic land of Portland, OR. Even though he’s a Stumptown Coffee man I think he liked the Grady’s cold brew we had during this episode. We discuss one of life’s biggest question; what is the best Terminator movie? Check out Ryan’s blog: and Grady’s Coffee:
October 29, 2018
Missing 411
This week Kim and I explore the mysterious world of unsolved disappearances in America’s National Parks. Author David Paulides has several books that were used for the documentary film Missing 411 that chronicles the similar disappearances of five children in National Parks across multiple decades. The more I researched this phenomena it does appear that it’s not just children or national parks. Paulides investigates over 1,400 disappearances in North America with odd similarities including the location which people disappear from, geographic names and bizarre places they are found. David Paulides: Missing 411 [Documentary Website]
October 22, 2018
Presidential Alert and QAnon
Did you get the Presidential Alert text? Some people on the left were really upset by that. There’s even a lawsuit against the White House over it. If you’ve listened to this show you know I’m not a fan of the President, but I actually thought this was a good idea. Radio and traditional TV have been replaced by streaming services and podcasts so the most effective way of getting out a message these days is through our devices. So I didn’t really get the outrage until I read some Tweets by John Mcafee. The "Presidential alerts": they are capable of accessing the E911 chip in your phones – giving them full access to your location, microphone, camera and every function of your phone. This not a rant, this is from me, still one of the leading cybersecurity experts. Wake up people!— John McAfee Audio used from Vice News full episode here:
October 14, 2018
Scary Movie Month w/Kim **SPOILERS**
Scary Movie Month is a time honored tradition here at the Brumley house. Kim and I thought we’d invite you in for a discussion on the movies that scare us, entertain us and make us question reality itself. We do a deep dive into Donnie Darko, Hereditary, Strangers, The Blair Witch Project, It Follows and more. This is an episode of ***SPOILERS*** so beware. Thank you for listening!
October 8, 2018
The Mandela Effect with James
My friend James stopped by the Coffee Buzz studio to talk about the Mandela effect. If you haven’t heard of this don’t feel bad. I only recently found out, but it might actually apply to you. James breaks it down for us. So hold onto your seats while we dive into some quantum physics and parallel universes.
September 30, 2018
All The Ways I'm Like a Goldfish
In this episode I talk about the various ways I’m like a goldfish and how I can’t figure out what to do with all those CDs I bought from the it time to let them go? I thought I was a minimalist but I can’t honestly say that anymore. Let's explore attachment, digital dependency and coffee. Thanks for listening!
September 23, 2018
My Strange Train Fascination
Today on the show I talk about my strained relationship with social media. It’s a love hate conflict I have. Also I’m going to review some failed celebrity retirements and my strange fascination with trains. Coffee of the week is Kona Red Original Cold Brew.
September 16, 2018
The John Mack Story and Alien Abductions
Dr. John Mack was a psychiatrist, writer, and professor at Harvard Medical School. He never intended to become an expert in the study of alien abductees, but that’s exactly what happened. Namaste by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license Artist: Audio sampled from and the Bumblebutt Podcast
September 9, 2018
Beto O'Rourke
I don’t know if you heard, but Ted Cruz has some serious competition for the upcoming Texas Senate race. Beto O’Rourke is basically tied with Cruz in the latest polls. One of the many things that sets him apart from other politicians is he doesn’t accept donations from special interest groups. This is practically unheard of in our political climate. The majority of his donations are individual everyday people.
September 2, 2018
That Time I Was in a Band
Today I tell the story of that one time I was in a band. It was during the time that I lived in Phoenix with my friends Steve Spencer and Shawn Heinmiller. We called it Jonesboro. It started out as late night jam sessions at Steve’s house. We’d play Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams basically singer songwriter type stuff. We all had original songs as well. That was the cool thing about our project is someone didn’t like my voice they could wait and hear a good singer like Steve or Shawn. I hope you enjoy this episode. Thank you!
August 26, 2018
No Bad Kids (Book Review)
Today Kim and I discuss Janet Lansbury’s book ‘No Bad Kids - Toddler Discipline Without Shame’. Kim introduced to me to this book and it was a real game changer. I am a first time parent, so realistically I have no idea what I’m doing. But there was something about this approach that resonated with me. At the core of this book is the concept that babies are whole people - sentient ,aware, intuitive, and communicative. They are natural learners, explorers, and scientist able to test hypothesis, solve problems, and understand language and abstract ideas.
August 20, 2018
My House is Haunted
Is it possible for the world of spirit and imagination to collide? My daughter is seeing either a ghost or has an imaginary friend. In this week's episode I debate that topic as well as the Man Flu. Is Man Flu real? Or are men being unjustly ridiculed for a legitimate illness? The coffee of the week is Ruta Maya espresso blend. Tim Sheehan founded Ruta Maya Coffee Company in 1990. The beans come from the highlands in Chiapas, Mexico and they are roasted in Austin, TX. The beans are are grown by Maya Indian farmers. This shade grown organic coffee is quite possibly my favorite coffee of all time. Thank you for listening! Ruta Maya
August 12, 2018
Interview with Piranha Records owner John Aleman
Today I go to Piranha Records in Round Round and talk to the owner John about what it’s like to run a record store. He is a super cool guy. Everyone that walked into the store seemed to know him. We recorded this in the listening section at his store. They have an old school listening section set up complete with a CD player and record player. How cool is that? They even have good headphones you can use. Since we recorded this episode in the store you’re going to hear some customers walk by, the door chime a few times and the phone ringing. There’s even a few guys that try to haggle him down on some hard to find Type O Negative albums. Piranha Records has so much stuff. In addition to a massive collection of CDs and vinyl they have movies, gifts, record players and the biggest collection of shoe strings I’ve seen. Check this store out if your in the Austin/Round Rock area.They also have an eBay and Amazon store if you’re not in Texas. Piranha Records:
August 5, 2018
Eclipses are harbingers of change and other caffeinated thoughts
Do lunar eclipses have an effect on your consciousness? This episode is a verbal tapestry of random thoughts and that’s one of the questions I discuss. I also ramble about Cobra Kai, Meditation, Tom Petty, and why I can’t finish the Handmaid’s Tale. My apologies to Starbucks for my critique of your iced coffee. It’s not personal. I also review the David Ramirez show at the Parish from a few weeks back. I can’t say enough good things about his music. His new album is ‘We’re not Going Anywhere’ and he is on tour. If you have the chance go see him live! Young people are wearing vintage rock band tee shirts from the 80s. Never thought I type that out. You know you’re getting old when you can refer to another generation as ‘young people’. Seeing what these kids are paying for these shirts makes me kick myself for ditching my Motley Crue shirt from 1988. David Ramirez Website: Explore Deeply Website:
July 29, 2018
Episode-4 Victor Trevino Interview, Running and Motivation
Victor Trevino and I talk about running, music and staying motivated. I thought I liked running until I met this guy. He manages a running club, has done countless organized runs, clocked in I don’t even know how many thousands of miles and recently climbed a mountain in Canada. One of my favorite parts of this interview is when Victor talks about his struggles with staying motivated and how he finds the way to keep going. Even if you’re not a runner I think you’ll find this episode inspirational and entertaining. Thank you for listening! Austin Runner’s Meet Up Ready to Run: Musicians mentioned in this episode: Grand Funk Railroad, Rick Derringer, Peter Frampton, AC/DC, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones
July 22, 2018
AMA Ask Me Anything
My wife Kim joins me for a session of Ask Me Anything. We’ve had this book of 4,000 questions laying around for years and finally put it to use. Don’t worry she didn’t ask me all the questions, but she picked some really good ones. We talk about music, high school, family and much more. Musicians mentioned in this episode: Bob Marley, Tool, Bruce Springsteen, Neutral Milk Hotel, The War on Drugs
July 15, 2018
Families Belong Together Rally
This week I go to a Families Belong Together Rally in Austin, TX. This demonstration was on 06/30 in 29 cities in protest of the Zero Tolerance immigration policy. I recorded several speeches as well as some conversations with a few protesters. Families Belong Together Texas Civil Rights Project RAICES
July 8, 2018
Why I Started a Podcast
Join me for the story of how I became a radio DJ. It was a simpler time back then. Music was played on CDs, cell phones had antennas and there was this new thing called the internet that people were talking about. Welcome to the show!
June 30, 2018