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The Collective Voice: A Place for Women Veterans and Special Needs Parents

The Collective Voice: A Place for Women Veterans and Special Needs Parents

By Raysha
Welcome to The Collective Voice. This podcast was designed to share stories from 2 very unique groups of people that I have bonded with and continue to draw strength from: parents of children with special needs and women veterans. Here you will have a chance to listen in on some of the good, the bad, the disturbing, and the inspirational things that encompass our lives.
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The Reveal Series: Linde

The Collective Voice: A Place for Women Veterans and Special Needs Parents

Women Veterans: Vanessa
Finding a jewel is always a treat; that's exactly what I felt when I spoke with Vanessa.  Her "rags to riches" story that has crossed many professions and industries is quite heartwarming.  See what she's up to by visiting her website: 
February 19, 2019
Women Veterans: Taylor
To be able to speak freely with another veteran often brings a sense of comfort and familiarity.  I had that feeling speaking with Taylor.  What a journey she had in the Navy.  I can't begin to image what I would have done or how I would have responded if I had to tolerate the things she did while serving.  Hats off to you, Taylor.  You are a SHERO!!
February 05, 2019
Women Veterans: Meg
Talking about a boss lady!  West Point graduate Meg O'Grady,  who is currently serving as the Vice President of Military and Public Sector Solutions at Purdue University Global speaks at events like Hiring Our Heroes’ Military Spouse Employment Summit for the State Licensing and Credentialing Challenges panel, and about credentialing and the opportunities with apprenticeship programs in Purdue Global’s Nursing, IT and Health Sciences programs. Meg served in the U.S. Army as a cadet, as a program officer for the Army wounded warrior program. She has specific expertise on military personnel transitioning into civilian life. 
January 22, 2019
Special Needs Parent: Hope
I am so grateful to have come across such an amazing and inspiring mother.  Listen in on her journey with children...yes plural....that have special needs.  I guarantee her honesty and compassion will motivate you just as it did me.
January 07, 2019
Women Veterans: Merci
When you think of an activist, Merci should be a person that comes to mind. Not only did she serve in the U.S. Army for over 10 years, she has become a powerhouse in D.C. shifting the conversation around veteran needs and the military woman. It was my pleasure to have her share with me some of the great organizations she works with throughout the year. Check out some of these agencies: SWAN: Service Women's Action Network Women Veterans Rock Veteran Sisters
December 10, 2018
Women Veterans- Debbie
Today's podcast is with Dede Dexter who served over 20 years in the US Air Force and is now an ordained minister. Learn more about the holistic clinic she serves California veterans at
November 27, 2018
Women Veterans: Carol Gee
What a joy to speak with Mrs. Carol Gee! I am so excited to be able to share her with even more people because she's a comfort to those that get the opportunity to be around her. Her experiences in the US Air Force in the early 1970's were unique and I am glad to have been able to hear about them. You can find her published works on her website and if you are interested in getting your thoughts onto paper, she consults budding authors as well. Learn more about that at
November 11, 2018
The Reveal Series: A medical perspective by Dr. Melmed
In this episode, we have the pleasure of hearing Dr. Raun Melmed discuss issues related to parenting and advocating for your children with special needs. You can find some of his publications on Amazon ( ) This is a very timely episode for any parent with a child that has a diagnosis.
November 01, 2018
The Reveal Series: Kristi
Today's episode is with a dynamic momma named Kristi who has a daughter with emotional and learning disabilities. She is a breath of fresh air and shares her journey online and in her book "Making Sense of Munchkin- A mother's journey to calm with a special needs child." Find her latest blogs and resources on her website
October 24, 2018
The Reveal Series: Linde
Today's podcast we discuss neurofibromatosis with Linde who's daughter received the diagnosis at 3. She's now 25 and because of her, Linde has founded a business that creates wearable items for those with special needs. Those items can be found on Etsy and the business, KindHearted 4 Special Needs can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
October 17, 2018
The Reveal Series: Bonus Dad
In this episode I speak to a friend and fellow veteran as we discuss the ins and outs of being a bonus parent to a child with unique needs. Check out his story and journey as a stepfather to a child with autism.
October 08, 2018
The Reveal Series: Carrie
This very first episode kicks off with Carrie, a mother to a precious little one named Colton who has Down syndrome. In this podcast we talk about the reveal of his diagnosis, how her family got through the varying emotions after the diagnosis, how Carrie gets through her days, and her amazing blog that can be found at
October 01, 2018
Introducing, The Collective Voice
Here's a glimpse about the purpose of my podcast and what to expect in the future.
October 01, 2018
Women Veteran Series: Jessica
I want to apologize in advance for this longwinded podcast but really, what can you expect when you get a soldier and a sailor together to discuss political correctness and gender roles in the military? Check out more from Jessica on her blog
October 01, 2018