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The Confident Woman Podcast

The Confident Woman Podcast

By Rachel Brooks & Erin Klein
Welcome to The Confident Woman Podcast! We're here to keep it real, raw, and relatable—what it means to be The Confident Woman.

Rachel and Erin vow to show up as their true authentic, transparent, and vulnerable selves and talk about everything, including confidence, body image, love, relationships, business, finances, fitness, freedom, travel, and fun, all rolled into one!

So who is The Confident Woman? YOU!
If you’re looking to become your best and most confident self, this podcast is for you!
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70: Paving the Way with Grace Jones

The Confident Woman Podcast

119: When Body Positivity Becomes Toxic
Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt ashamed or attacked by others for wanting to lose weight or change your body in some way! Today, Erin and Rachel tackle how the body positivity movement can sometimes be toxic and how to move past the toxicity in order to become your best self! The girls chat more: Figuring out what it is you want for yourself Challenge what is normal and sustainable for YOU What you need to get crystal clear on before changing the trajectory of your life The extremes being shown on social media Why you shouldn’t feel ashamed for wanting more while still being present and grateful And so much more! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: Rachel’s Instagram:  The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram:  Quotes: “Get crystal clear on that for you and then you can change the trajectory of your life.” - Rachel “It shouldn’t feel wrong for wanting more.” - Rachel “I feel like there is no happy medium with places.” - Erin
June 16, 2021
118: Building Confidence Through Rejection with Ally Melendez
Is the fear of rejection or lack of confidence stopping you from getting the thing you want the most? Today, TV host and on-air mentor, Ally Melendez joins Erin and Rachel to chat about how she was able to build confidence and stay consistent even in the face of rejection and how you can do the same! The girls talk more about: What Ally believes is key to finding success in broadcasting The one belief you need to come back to every time you face rejection Channeling the qualities of you that will translate into the role you want Ally’s best advice for when you have to speak in front of a live audience What happens when you allow perfectionism have a hold over you Quick tips for connecting with your inner confidence And so much more! Resources: Ally’s Instagram:  @ally.melendez Ally’s Website: Erin’s Instagram: Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “It’s discouraging to get a no, but I feel like it’s even more discouraging to just be completely ignored.” - Ally “Even when you think you have a solid grasp on who you are and how you want to show up, that could change.” - Ally “Channel the qualities about you that you know will translate in that role the best.” - Ally “Perfectionism is the cockblock to creativity.” - Ally “Everybody has a different idea of what perfection is, which means it can’t be attainable.” - Ally
June 9, 2021
117: Living Courageously Through Imperfect Action with Amy Klein
What’s holding you back from getting where you want to be in life? If it’s indecision, fear or doubt, then this episode is for you. Today, the co-founder of Give Her Courage, Amy Klein, joins Erin and Rachel to talk about taking the messy, imperfect action that is required to get you to where you want to be in life! The girls talk more about: Amy's mission for instilling leadership and confidence in today’s female youth The first action you need to take when trying to achieve a goal Why flexibility is key throughout life Doing the work everyday that will lead you to your big vision Amy’s best advice for overcoming the gap from where you are now to where you want to be How to deal with the ups and downs of motherhood Acknowledging that asking for help is not a bad thing And so much more! Resources: Amy’s Website: Instagram: @the.courageous.brand Facebook Group:  Podcast: Erin’s Instagram: Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “People procrastinate and that procrastination leads to overwhelm.” - Amy “As a mom, when I’m working I am focused on my work.” - Amy “I’m a good mom because I love my kids, I’m a good role model, and when I’m with them I'm with them.” - Amy “The first thing you’re writing down is what is your mission, what is your why and why are you doing this?” - Amy
June 2, 2021
116: Overcoming Your Insecurities to Live the Life You've Always Wanted with Crystal Daye
Are you falling victim to the comparison trap? Or letting your insecurities take hold and stop you from doing and being who you are meant to be? If so, then this episode is a must listen too! Today, award-winning author, international speaker and certified empowerment coach for life and business, Crystal Daye joins Erin and Rachel to talk about how you can finally release self-doubt and show off your God given talents and skills. The girls talk more about: Crystal’s favorite ways to start combatting your insecurities Why we are all on a level playing field Where to start when you are trying to uplevel to who you want to become Crystal’s journey to becoming a “Jesus Girl” The #1 thing you need to do to fully step into who you are meant to be And so much more! Crystal’s new book, Dear Insecurity: A Woman's Guide To Release Self-Doubt And Activate Your God-Given Gifts is now available on Amazon & Kindle Resources: Crystal’s Instagram: @crystalsdaye Crystal’s Website: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You have to have a little bit more faith in who you are, in who God has called you to be and to know that you are a blessing to someone.” - Crystal “We’re all on the same level playing field, but we just have different gifts.” - Crystal “You are not alone. We are all walking this walk together.” - Crystal
May 26, 2021
115: Making Success a Family Business with Brittany Just
What started as a way to get her body back after having twins is what has led Brittany Just to where she is today. Brittany joins Erin and Rachel on the podcast this week to chat about everything from her first competition in the WBFF to how she and her husband have created multiple, successful businesses. The girls talk more about: Giving 100% focus for a season of time to make the progress you want and desire How you can be a good role model for the kids in your life Why finding the right people to surround yourself with is key to achieving your goals One big issue Brittany has seen time after time when coaching older women Becoming an active leader within your community And so much more! Resources: Brittany’s Instagram: @Brittjust_wbffpro Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Those were the moments where it really created those good habits for me.” - Brittany “When we flowed the best is when we knew our roles and we knew exactly what we needed to do on a daily basis.” - Brittany “I was really surprised at how many women get to that age, in their 40s, and don’t have the confidence.” - Brittany
May 19, 2021
114: Finding Joy in Your Everyday Life with Kyle Moss
Joy. What is it? How can we get more of it in our lives? Joyful Mindset Coach, Kyle Moss joins Erin and Rachel on the podcast today to talk about all things surrounding joy. The girls chat about everything from knowing the difference between happiness and joy to redefining joy on your own terms. The girls talk more on: Why you need to have gratitude in the present moment Why finding joy isn’t always easy but can be simple What the 3 Easy E’s to a Vibrant Me is (and how it can work for you!) Three things you might want to try to deepen your feeling of joy Why taking care of yourself first is key And so much more! If you feel like you have been lacking joy in your life, then you don’t want to miss this episode! Let’s dive in! Kyle’s Resources: YouTube Channel: IG Handle: @kylerenee LinkedIn Profile: Expert Interview Series: Courses & Products: FREE 30 min. Joyful Mindset Coaching Session: Just A Little More Joy Facebook Group: “Redefining My Joy” journal purchase link: Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “My joy is not your joy!” - Kyle “Are you delaying your encounter of joy based on your circumstances? - Kyle “What are the first 3 things that pop into your mind when you think about joy?” - Kyle
May 12, 2021
113: Becoming The Confident Woman
As we wrap up our 12 week series, Becoming The Confident Woman: From Body Acceptance to Self-Love this episode, Rachel and Erin bring it full circle as they share their message of inspiring, encouraging, and empower women to become their best and most confident selves by creating lasting change within. Let go of who you believe you are and step into who you're created to be, The Confident Woman. Inside, you’ll learn more on: ❥ How to make changes from the inside out ❥ Becoming what you believe ❥ Letting go and redefining who you are ❥ Creating your story from the power you have within you ❥ ...and so much more! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “How we approach our diet and our exercise is really, kind of in nutshell, how we approach life.” - Rachel “If we’re looking for those quick fixes to lifelong problems, we’re not going to create a sustainable lifestyle.” - Rachel “It’s all from the inside out.” - Erin “You’re just shoving everything in a closet and eventually that closet door is just going to open and spill out.” - Erin “Even though it’s a personal journey, it’s done collectively because it takes more than just YOU.” - Rachel
May 5, 2021
112: Stepping Into Who You’re Created to Be
Ready to step into who you’re created to be? In part 11 of our 12 week series, Rachel and Erin are chatting about going through the process, from falling in love with yourself to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of to becoming The Confident Woman. The girls will talk more on: ❥ Unleashing your inner confidence ❥ Seeing the potential in what lies ahead ❥ The power of shifting your perspective ❥ Opening your mind to see beyond your external/physical self ❥ And more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “If you can be, do and have anything in your life, what does that look like for you? How does it feel for you? And what is possible on the other side?” - Rachel ends 558 “Most people don’t have what they want in life because they don’t know what they want  in life.” - Erin “We don’t take the time to plan our lives and discover who we are and what we want to do.” - Erin “Our why is our north star.” - Rachel “Today I’m choosing to do me, for me.” - Rachel
April 28, 2021
111: Stepping into Self-Love
If you are tired of loathing yourself and are ready to fall in love with the real YOU, then you need to listen into this week’s live episode of The Confident Woman Podcast. In part 10 of our 12 week series, Erin and Rachel dive into how you can transform from self-loathing to self-loving one step at a time! You’ll hear more on: ❥ The big shift in focus you will need to make ❥ Why checking your emotions and changing your mindset are key ❥ What the journey actually looks like going from self-loathing to self-love ❥ Who you need to become best friends with (it might just surprise you!) ❥ The importance of recognizing that self-love is the highest form of love ❥ And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You shouldn’t have this feeling of arrogance for liking yourself.” - Erin “If you’re purposefully looking in the mirror and you’re already feeling down about yourself, don’t give it a second thought.” - Rachel “You’re a product of your environment.” - Rachel “When you receive a compliment, you don’t have to be defensive or pay it back right away.” - Rachel “If you wouldn’t take it from somebody else, don’t give it yourself.” - Erin
April 21, 2021
110: The Journey to Self-Mastery
Ever wonder what the journey to self-mastery might look like? In part 9 of our 12-week series on the podcast, Erin and Rachel are sharing how you can master your journey through healing, forgiveness, and letting go of who you believe you are so you can step into who you’re created to be—The Confident Woman. You’ll hear more on: ❥ What these 3 actions really are ❥ The one big benefit of this journey ❥ Why this journey never truly ends (and for good reason!) ❥ The ongoing commitment you need to make to yourself ❥ ...And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “To forgive is to forget.” - Erin “It’s not fair for us to carry the burden and actions of somebody else’s wrongdoing.” - Rachel “You’re giving all that power away and you’re letting that one isolated incident rob you of your entire life.” - Erin “There will always be ghosts in a sense to remind you of where you came from.” - Rachel
April 14, 2021
109: The Keys for Mastering Your Life
What does it take to finally feel like you are living life the way you were meant to? In part 8 of a 12 week series on Becoming The Confident Woman, Erin and Rachel are chatting about the keys to living the life you’ve always wanted. They share the importance of getting fit from within and taking time for self-care! The girls cover: ❥ What it truly means to get fit from within ❥ The role self-awareness can play in your life ❥ Why self-care is so important ❥ Prioritizing yourself and your needs before serving/caring for others ❥ Filling your cup up ❥ The one things that changes everything ❥ And so much more! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: ‘I feel like for many women, we’re just back there. We’re kind of sitting on simmer.” - Rachel “A lot of people don’t know where to find that measuring stick of progression.” - Erin “Self-awareness obviously starts with you.” - Rachel “It’s never about the body, it’s about how we perceive and receive ourselves.” - Rachel “I think truly being self-aware is understanding where you need to get better.” - Erin
April 7, 2021
108: How to Undo the Damage of Self-Abuse
Where do your beliefs around things like physical appearance and weight come from? In part 7 of a 12-week series, on the podcast, Erin and Rachel are talking about identifying the root cause of your beliefs and how to let go and surrender to who you are right NOW! You’ll hear more about: ❥ Why you feel the need to look a certain way ❥ The power of forgiveness ❥ Why you need to let go and heal internally ❥ Creating new beliefs ❥ And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “From a very young age, we get shaped and shifted into who we become.” - Rachel “Everybody has something they don’t like.” - Erin “How they see you is a reflection of how they see themselves. They are seeing you through their lens.'' - Rachel “I feel like minimalism is just the key to happiness.” - Erin
March 31, 2021
107: What Health & Fitness Are Really About
Losing weight. Getting skinnier. Fitting in the smaller pant size. That’s what health and fitness are all about, right? WRONG!  In part 6 of our 12-week series, Erin and Rachel sit down to chat about what health and fitness really mean and how you can start taking action today! Tune in as we discuss: ❥ Creating an overall healthy lifestyle from within ❥ How you can create and manage to build a maintain a body you love ❥The trifecta to living life as your best and most confident self - a healthy body, a positive mindset, and a soul filled with self-love and gratitude ❥ And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Where is the longevity and what is your end goal?” - Rachel “Take a nice little cruise for life.” - Erin “How would life look different if we didn’t even have to lose the weight to get to the fun stuff? - Rachel “You can find things that you enjoy doing that you like, but you can make them a part of a healthy lifestyle for you.” - Erin “Finding the fun in fitness is so important.” - Rachel
March 24, 2021
106: Have You Fallen Victim to the “Trap”
When it comes to diet and exercise, have you fallen victim to the diet and exercise trap? Do you feel stuck in your current diet and exercise routine? Do you feel that with every step forward, you take two, three, and more steps back? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and wish to put an end to this diet and exercise riddle? Well, you are not alone! In part 5 of our 12-week series, Rachel and Erin dive into the common misconceptions, myths, beliefs, lies, and common marketing ploys that try to sell you quick fix to our lifelong struggles. Tune in as we discuss: ❥ What are common and current Diet & Exercise “Traps” ❥ all the “false” beliefs/concepts/myths/fad/gimmicks/supplement ❥ How common marketing tactics prey on our mental, emotional, and physical  “insecurities” ❥ How to spot trends between diets and exercise to prevent you from being another victim to becoming the hero of your own story. ❥ The importance of longevity and lifestyle from a health and fitness standpoint ❥ The importance of addressing and healing our wounds vs. looking for the next bandage of quick fixes Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “The takeaway here is taking personal responsibility.” - Rachel “What kind of life do you want?” - Rachel “I would never give anything long enough to become a lifestyle.” - Erin “Hopefully you’re buying into programs and products where the people are teaching lifestyle.” - Erin
March 17, 2021
105: Finding Your Worth and Identity From Within
What are you tying your worth and identity to? Do you believe that these are intertwined with playing a certain part or role? In part 4 of our 12-week series, Rachel and Erin are diving into what identity and self-worth really mean and how to start accepting yourself from the inside out. The girls talk more about: ❥ Discovering the root of low self-esteem ❥ The need to look “the part” ❥ Holding steadfast to our identity, aligning it with our actions or appearance ❥ Is our worthiness dependent upon the # on the scale or the size of your jeans? ❥ Tying identity to a specific role you have in life (and what you can do to change this!) ❥ Society’s expectations of what is worthy and acceptable and what you can do to pave your own way. ❥ ...and so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “It really comes down to knowing who you are, so therefore you can determine the value of your worth!” - Rachel “The only limits that we have are the ones we set upon ourselves.” - Rachel “What really is going to make us happy is inside of us all along.” - Erin “We’re more involved in other people’s lives sometimes than our own.” - Erin
March 10, 2021
104: What is Normal? Overcoming Comparison and Shame
What is normal? Is it okay to not be “normal”? In today’s society, there are a lot of norms or what we believe to be the standard. These standards cause us to compare and shame ourselves when we don’t fit into the norm. So how can we get past this? Today, in part 3 of our 12-week series, Rachel Brooks and Erin Klein are talking all about what is normal and how to accept you just as you are! We'll be highlighting: ❥ The spheres of influence around you ❥ The effect social media and TV have on your perceptions ❥ The ideal image of what a woman SHOULD look, act, and be ❥ The comparison “gap” we fall into if not measuring up to others ❥ And so much more! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “I don’t think that’ll change anything until people start being more real.” - Erin “It’s almost like the worth is only validated by how we physically look.” - Rachel “What is wrong with really owning who we are?” - Rachel “The only way to fix it is one person at a time.” - Erin It’s literally up to us to recognize that there’s something wrong and then go back and correct course.” - Rachel
March 3, 2021
103: The Struggle is Real: Our Stories
Are you struggling with your weight? Self-esteem? Seeking validation from others? If so, then you’ll want to join us for part 2 of our 12 week series, Becoming the Confident Woman: The Journey from Body Acceptance to Self-Love. Join Rachel and Erin as they share their own stories and struggles with body acceptance and self-love. They will be talking about everything from yo-yo dieting, excessive exercise to how to silence the noise. In this episode, we’ll be discussing: Rachel’s journey around Body Dysmorphia, eating disorders, self-image and self-esteem Quieting the noise from within and seeking external validation Erin’s experience with yo-yo dieting and always going to the next fad diet to embracing a new body and identity The importance of building a lifestyle instead of a quick fix Weight loss vs. sustainability Reasons to become a healthier version of yourself with the proper understanding of knowledge and resources And so much more! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast
February 24, 2021
102: No Matter Where You Are on Your Journey, You Are Never Alone.
No matter where you are on your journey, you are never alone. To kick off our first episode in our new 12-week series, Rachel Brooks and Erin Klein will be sharing their “WHY” behind the 12-Week Series, Becoming the Confident Woman: The Journey from Body Acceptance to Self-Love In this episode, we’ll be discussing: Why we are always a work in progress That you are never alone What is current and relevant to now Is there such a thing as perfect timing? How we can contribute and empower women to reclaim their own power Changing the way we as a community/society/women see ourselves and others And so much more! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “It’s beautiful when women come together.” - Rachel “I feel like in each stage of our lives there are just different things that we feel like are so important that when it comes to our appearance that just makes us hate ourselves.” - Erin 4 “It doesn’t mean that we don’t keep working towards those things but how to still love ourselves for where we are now.” - Erin “What happens when we start comparing?” - Rachel
February 17, 2021
101: Cracking the Code with Nagina Abdullah
Struggling to make time to workout? Always have an excuse on why you can’t make your health a priority? Now is the time to move past the excuses to become a healthier version of you! Today’s guest, Nagina Abdullah, joins Erin and Rachel to chat about how she helps busy professional women, physicians and 7-figure entrepreneurs working 60+ hours lose 20-40+ pounds even if they’ve tried it all. Nagina shares her favorite tips and tricks on how she helps women crack the code to a healthier lifestyle and how you can do the same! The girls talk about: The moment where everything changed for Nagina One key important step you need to take at the beginning of your weight loss journey An important food you need to get off of at the start of your journey Why adding more foods to your repertoire you can cut the cravings Two ingredients you need at every meal What might be destroying your energy Nagina’s favorite alternatives to some of your favorite desserts The spices that can do wonders for your health and body And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Nagina’s Resources: Website: Facebook Group: Healthy Lifestyle for Professional Female Leaders  Instagram: @masalabody LinkedIn: Pinterest: Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “The weight is absolutely holding me back and I need to change it, but this time I have to keep it off.” - Nagina “The first way I decided to make it fun was to make the food I was eating taste good.” - Nagina “You can tell when someone’s eating right, it shows up everywhere.” - Nagina “Learn how to hack your body.” - Nagina
February 10, 2021
100: Why Your Struggles are Needed
The Confident Woman Podcast is celebrating 100 episodes! Throughout these 100 episodes, Erin and Rachel have talked all about how you can be your most authentic, true self. And today is no different! Today, the girls are talking all about why the struggles you are facing are real and why they are needed. The girls cover: The daily struggle Rachel has that you might relate too What overcoming a struggle actually means Why you need to look back at how far you’ve come in the last year The projection you are seeing online How everyone, including you, struggles with different things Why it’s important to share your struggles What happens when you continually deny what you’re dealing with Using your issues to motivate you into becoming a better version of yourself And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You have no idea how hard it is every single day to wake up and make it a choice to love myself.” - Rachel “Everyone is dealing with something.” - Erin “Whatever your journey is, it’s unique to you but it’s not unique to other people.” - Rachel “Things sucking isn’t a bad thing.” - Erin
February 3, 2021
99: Growing Your Business with Ease with Tiffany Napper
Building and running a business can be hard. But it can also be empowering, joyful and successful. This is exactly what our guest, Tiffany Napper, does. TIffany is a Holistic Business Coach and CEO who empowers women to find 6-figure success with their creative businesses while cultivating self-love and joy along the way. She joins Erin and Rachel today to talk about how you can grow your business successfully while having these and more ease! The girls discuss: How Tiffany was able to step up and take the messy action The “toxic dragons” that will pop up along your journey What happens when you wait for perfection Why you want to work with someone who is continually learning and growing Knowing the non-negotiables in your business Learning your strengths and what comes easily to you Finding out why something is hard to you And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Tiffany’s website: Tiffany’s Instagram: @tiffanynapper Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “What looks like success to you might not be the same level of success to someone else.” - Tiffany “Even though it’s easy does not mean it’s not valuable.”- Tiffany “If we wait until it’s perfect, it’ll never happen.” - Tiffany “There are going to be hard moments and hard times in the journey.” - Tiffany
January 27, 2021
98: How to Become a Better Leader
Do you want to become a leader at work? At home? On your team? If so, then this episode is for you! Today, Erin and Rachel are chatting all about how you can become a better leader. They talk about everything from the actions you can take to improve your leadership to the characteristics that a good leader will always have. The girls cover: The first step in becoming a good leader (and it’s not what you think!) How growing your leadership skills is a day by day process The one person you need to leading at all times What you always need to be clear on when communicating with your team Gauging the effectiveness of your leadership How to make the best decisions when taking on a leadership role The #1 thing you need to make sure all of your team members are feeling Who you need to surround yourself with And so much more! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “The thing to realize about becoming a leader and growing in your leadership abilities is that you are a student of it at all times and it continues. It doesn’t ever end.” - Erin “I realized that leadership really is about leading you.” - Rachel “I think leaders notice the hard work that you do.” - Erin “Because how you do anything is how you do everything.” - Erin “Everything starts and ends with you.” - Rachel
January 20, 2021
97: Growing Your Business with Authenticity and Ease with Molly Hillenbrand
Are you looking to start or grow your business while cultivating self-love and joy along the way? If this is you, then today’s episode is a must listen too! Molly Hillenbrand joins Erin and Rachel to discuss how she has been able to help empower women to grow their businesses with authenticity and ease and how you can do the same! The girls cover: The power in finding your why Why you need to be the face of your brand to see ultimate success The thing society has lost in recent years (and how we can get it back!) The real value in showing your femininity and softness What you need to do in order to stand out in the crowded space The right way to do manage your social media presence What you need to feel about the people you work with Molly’s best tips and tricks for remaining authentic while not spending your whole day on social media Why taking a break from social media is not as big of a deal as you think it will be And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Molly’s Instagram: @mollydare Molly’s Podcast Instagram: @onairwithmollydare Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “But really where people are going to fall in love and be loyal fans of you is if they get to know YOU.” - Molly “People want real.” - Molly “Sometimes it literally just starts with putting yourself in the photo.” - Molly “Nobody wants a perfectly curated anything.” - Molly
January 13, 2021
96: The Journey to Entrepreneurship. Finding The Right Fit for You.
Tired of your job? Feel like there is no room for growth or expansion? Today, Erin and Rachel take a look at Rachel’s journey to entrepreneurship, finding the right fit for her life, and how you can do the same! The girls talk about: What different careers Rachel had before she entered entrepreneurship The stagnation in your career that could be holding you back Why asking for help can be key even when it’s difficult to do The period of time that really allowed Rachel to grow into entrepreneurship Who you need to seek validation from Tapping into your skills and talents to find a career you’re passionate about The one thing that you will always encounter along the way And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “I knew I had to quit because it was really toxic for me. “ - Rachel “It was the greatest decision I ever made.” - Rachel “You can’t wear 37 hats in a day” - Rachel “I value freedom and flexibility more than I do money.” - Rachel
January 6, 2021
95: Crowning Your Confidence with Megan Swanson
In today’s episode, Rachel and Erin sit down to chat with Megan Swanson. Megan is the current Miss Nebraska USA as well as the CEO and founder of Powerhouse Pageantry. She helps women to live their most authentic lives by equipping them to rewire toxic mindsets, grow in leadership and communication skills. Megan talks about the struggles and lack of confidence she felt before entering the pageant world as well as the empowerment she felt after competing. She also shares how for her and her client's pageantry is about so much more than winning, it’s about the long-term effects it can have. Lastly, she talks about what it’s like to reign during a pandemic, to be present in your current situation, and that it’s the culmination of little actions that create big things. P.S. She shares her favorite way to remind yourself of all the things you have accomplished! Connect with Megan: Instagram: @megan_swanson  @powerhousepageantry Facebook: @powerhousepageantry Resources: Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “People love to pick at things that stand out.” - Megan “One of the greatest things we can learn as leaders is how to adapt and overcome.” - Megan “When crap hits the fan you figure out who the heck you are.” - Megan “There’s so much success on the other side of a little confidence.” - Megan
December 30, 2020
94: Our Holiday Wishes for You!
In this mini-episode, Erin and Rachel want to thank YOU for listening to the podcast! The girls are beyond grateful for your support and remind you to be grateful for what you have this holiday season. And remember, enjoy the holidays with your loved ones! Connect with Rachel and Erin:  Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast
December 23, 2020
93: Less Stress This Time of Year
Raise your hand if this year has been stressful? Maybe you need to raise both hands! But today, Erin and Rachel are talking about how you can reduce your stress not only this holiday season but all year long! Erin and Rachel talk more about: The #1 thing that should be a priority this holiday season The girls’ favorite ways to reduce their stress Why you shouldn’t sweat the small things Different ways to take self care during the holidays Giving yourself permission to try new things Why communicating your needs is so important And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “I think it’s realizing what’s important and what’s not.” - Erin “Don’t make the small things big things!” - Erin “You need your time.” - Rachel “Have that time do those things that are just fun and that you enjoy.” - Erin “Make sure you have time for YOU!” - Rachel
December 16, 2020
92: How to Use the 4 Areas of Fitness to Attract Love with Maggie Dong
If you think fitness involves only the physical aspect, you are WRONG! Fitness is not just the physical aspect. It also includes the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life too. Today, the girls sit down with Maggie Dong who shares how you can use these 4 areas together to call in the relationships you’ve always wanted! You’ll hear more about: How the death of a loved one started it all Why having a void in any of the 4 areas will never allow you to grow The choice you get to decide on every single day One thing Maggie will never do again in a relationship Why she does not want to have a coaching client forever (and neither should you!) The person you should always rely on What you need to do before you can be in a successful relationship The most important thing you can have when it comes to success in any part of your life And so much more! Resources: Maggie's Instagram: @maggiedong_ Maggie's Podcast: Mind Muscle Enlightenment Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Without these hardships, how will we ever grow? - Maggie “That inspired me to not settle for these things anymore.” - Maggie “We’re not here to make men feel comfortable.” - Maggie “You can’t rely on anyone else.” - Maggie
December 9, 2020
91: Building Community and Connection During COVID
In this short and sweet episode, Erin and Rachel sit down to talk about how you can build community, connection and a sense of belonging in the world right now. The girls chat about everything from the struggles that come with trying to connect online, how social media can be both good and bad and why self reflection has always been key! If you’ve been struggling to find your people in this new way of life, then this episode is for you! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “We’re energy and we need to be around people. That’s a human need.” - Rachel “I need to slow down  and just be silent to think about things.” - Erin “We need people.” - Rachel
December 2, 2020
90: Money Confidence with Elizabeth Hand
By 2030, women will control 2/3rds of our nation’s wealth. Yet, we don’t talk openly about money, our desire to make more money or how we can create financial security for ourselves. So how can we fix this? Today’s guest, Elizabeth Hand, is a Certified Financial Planner who helps women gain confidence and clarity around their money decisions. She chats with Erin and Rachel all about the right steps you can take to make the best money decisions for YOU! You’ll hear more about: Why the conversation about money needs to be different with women The #1 key to women having success with money Elizabeth’s top tips for managing your finances Small financial tweaks you can make today for financial security Two big things that are musts for long term growth and success What to look for in a financial advisor The confidence you have when know your money One big issue women of the baby boomer generation have had to deal with Framing conversations so that you are able to connect to other women of different backgrounds And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: LinkedIn: Elizabeth Hand Elizabeth FB Group: Pleasant Financial Conversations Elizabeth’s Youtube Channel: Pleasant Financial Conversations Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “I think women can be really really good at making money, but managing money and earning money are like two different beasts.” - Erin “I do think there are ways that we can make small tweaks in our lives now.” - Elizabeth “Maybe sometimes take a little bit of trickle for yourself. Save it for retirement. Getting that early. You just set yourself up for so much more success.”  - Elizabeth “We have a way of commenting about the way that people spend their money that can be really negative.” - Elizabeth “The conversations I was having this year after the economy tanked was hey let’s sit on our hands.” - Elizabeth
November 25, 2020
89: How to Navigate Through an Identity Crisis
Who are you? What do you do? Such simple questions. Yet, questions that can have a lot of impact. So much of who you are is tied into your identity, but do you truly know who you are? Today, Erin and Rachel are talking about identities and how they can impact you and your life! You’ll hear more about: The constant evolution of who you are How Erin has been reframing her identity since becoming a mom (while not losing herself) Why you are more than just one identity The conflict Rachel felt being labeled a “fitness” woman Why doing the internal work is so important Where your perceptions around identities come from The simple question that can trip you up How to figure out who you truly are And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “How you perceive that you hold of yourself, your actions are going to follow that.” - Erin “We don’t have to pigeonhole us into one role.” - Rachel “I can choose what that identity means to me and reinvent that for me.” - Erin “We hear a label and we’ve already attached a belief to it.” - Rachel
November 18, 2020
88: The Sober Curious Movement with Morgan Haman
Ever feel like maybe you’re drinking more than you’d like? Or maybe you’re tired of the way it makes you feel afterwards? Today’s guest, Morgan Haman, joins Erin and Rachel to chat about the sober curious movement and how taking time away from drinking can be the best thing for you! The girls talk more about: The decision that led Morgan to take a break from drinking What is impacted when you have even 1 drink (it’s not just a hangover) The physical, mental and emotional changes that occur when you aren’t drinking How alcohol has become both glamorized and normalized and the problems this creates The ways sobriety changes your relationship with yourself and alcohol What is ultimately behind everything you do, including to drink or not Different things you can say to people who get defensive about their drinking own The unhealthy habits people might have developed during quarantine And so much more! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Alcohol is 1 or 2 like #1 or #2 of the most addictive substances period.” - Morgan ”Anyone has the opportunity to be an addict to alcohol.” - Morgan “It changes your relationship with self and the need to depend upon something else.” - Rachel “Sometimes you have to make hard choices to get the result you want.” - Morgan
November 11, 2020
87: How to Focus on Focus
Oftentimes, we let the little things distract us from reaching our big goals. We allow things like scrolling on Instagram, watching YouTube, or checking off the little tasks to deter us from putting our big goals into focus. How do we change that? Today, Erin and Rachel share how they are able to focus on the big things and how you can too! The girls talk more on: The different ways they focus on the big tasks How to find what works for YOU! Productivity versus busy work Why knowing yourself is important to succeeding Keeping your eye on the prize Why no two routines will look the same Shedding light on what and where you’re spending your time The effect social media has on your goals Tips for focusing successfully And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “There’s so many things that go into setting yourself up for success.” - Erin “I give myself these little rewards.” - Rachel “We don’t want to do the hard work. So we’d rather just do the easy stuff because it gives us quick wins.” - Rachel “Sometimes I have to trick myself into getting things done.” - Erin
November 4, 2020
86: Email Marketing Done Right with Jena Bagley
Have you considered using email marketing for your business, but don’t know where to start? Today’s guest, Jena Bagley, sits down with Erin and Rachel to share her best tips and tricks on how you can use email marketing effectively for your business. The girls discuss: The powerful thing email marketing does for you business Why email marketing is key to business success The synergistic relationship between your emails and social media What 80% of your emails need to be focused on (hint: it’s not you!) The #1 thing you need to let your audience know Simple ways to share your offers in your emails One of the biggest mistake Jena sees people make with their emails Why a welcoming email is a must (and what should be included) The most important thing you need to be providing to your subscribers Three things you need to do if your new to email marketing And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Website:,  Jena’s Instagram: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Email marketing is really the practice of building relationships with your customers and your prospects.” - Jena “The list you’re unsubscribing from, they haven’t given you enough value to stick around and not want to unsubscribe.” - Jena “It should always be about serving your subscriber first and about you last.” - Jena “People aren’t just going to give you their email address.” - Jena
October 28, 2020
85: How The Lows Lead You To The Highs
What would you be willing to do or sacrifice in order to see your dreams come true? On this very special episode, Erin lets you in on a little bit of her own entrepreneurial journey. She shares how some of the sacrifices, like sleeping in her car for a couple of months have led her to where she is now! You’ll hear more on: Why anything worth achieving involves sacrifices What led Erin to sleeping in her car and showering in Planet Fitness for a couple of months The one thing you can guarantee will happen when you are trying to achieve your dreams Why community and connection are so important How the lows build up to the highs What all those hard situations allowed Erin to realize when the right offer came around The role ego plays And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “If you don't know the outcome and you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing or you don’t see the bigger picture, then the little things are going to trip you up upfront.” - Erin “All of your lows have amounted to your highs.” - Rachel “You have to be in motion in order for things to open to you.” - Erin “Sharing those lows makes you feel less alone.” - Rachel
October 21, 2020
84: Temptation Island to Authentic Self with Kate Griffith
Ever wonder what it's like to watch yourself on a reality TV show? Only to realize that you weren’t even being your authentic self? This happened to today’s guest, Kate Griffith when she was Temptation Island. Kate joins the girls to discuss her time on Temptation Island and how it helped her to transform her life to one of truth and authenticity. The girls talk more about: What led Kate to going on Temptation Island The vicious cycle she was in for a long time What shadow work is and how it has helped Kate take ownership of who she is The false sense of confidence she had after leaving the show How Kate processes the negative comments The moment when she realized she wasn’t being her authentic self How Kate processes and responds to the negative comments The one thing that makes you stronger every time Kate’s best advice on how to live your best authentic life And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Kate’s Instagram:  @iamkategriffith Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “The relationship is just a mirror. The other person is just a mirror for yourself.” - Kate “I’m not living my authentic life.” - Kate “React less. Love more.” - Kate “Send light, send love to those people who might be in a darker place.” - Kate “I had to fall on my face a couple of times in life in order to keep getting back up stronger.” - Kate
October 14, 2020
83: Removing the Masks We Wear
In this short and sweet episode Erin and Rachel share what they discovered after polling the women in their Facebook group, The Confident Woman, on what masks they have let go of in their lives. The girls found it very interesting to see the different responses of what people considered to be their masks and how they shed them. Some believed it was physical things like never wearing shorts because they felt uncomfortable showing their legs. Where others felt there were mental masks that they finally got rid of. Overall it seemed to be things they felt that society would not approve of. The girls share different masks they themselves have removed over time. The realization that our experiences are what connect us and if we hide those then no one can truly connect with us. Finally, Erin and Rachel share the importance of self-awareness and the questions we can all ask ourselves to see if we are not letting go of our masks. Here are some highlights: How we are all compensating in our lives What you need to lead with in both business and life Removing our masks levels the playing field And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You don’t what holds you back until you have a voice to use it.” - Rachel “The more times you fail, that just makes you more relatable.” - Erin “Those failures are what make you a better leader not your success.” - Erin “You have nowhere to hide.” - Rachel
October 7, 2020
82: Overcoming Fear with Emma Ferrick
Fears can hold you back. They can keep you stuck. But how can you move past them? Today’s guest Emma Ferrick joins Erin and Rachel to talk about how she was able to leave and move on from an abusive relationship, take control of her life and create a business that serves her and her family. She shares how she was able to overcome fear and you can too! The girls discuss: How leaving an abusive relationship led her to take control of her life What ultimately led her to creating her own business The mindset shift Emma had around her abuse and being a victim Why persistence was key to her ultimately succeeding How she was able to look at her situation with perspective Why going full-time in business during COVID was the best decision for Emma The action step you need to take right NOW A mental switch you need to make as a business owner The worst thing that could happen if your business does not succeed (and it’s not that bad!) And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Emma’s website: Emma’s Facebook: @ELFOperation Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “I don’t know if I would’ve been intact as much as I could have without her.” - Emma “You’re not just thinking of it like an employee, I have to think like 5 steps ahead.” - Emma “If I don’t have more time then I’m not going to be able to take on more clients.” - Emma
September 30, 2020
81: Finding Balance in Work and Life
Work life balance. Does it exist? Can you make it happen in your life? If this is something you’ve been trying to figure out today’s episode is for you! Today, Erin and Rachel are chatting all about work life balance. They share everything from their thoughts on what work life balance means to them to if they’ve achieved it themselves. The girls talk more about: How Erin incorporates work into her everyday life (and you can too!) Embracing the chunks of time you have throughout your day One issue Rachel runs into when she works from home The struggle to turn off your “work brain” Why we are all figuring it out as we go How life changes can cause disruptions to your normal routine Prioritizing what’s important to YOU The importance of being present in the moment Why integrating your business into your life can be a win-win What happens when you tell yourself that you don’t have time And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “I don’t want my work to be something I resent doing. I want that to be a part of my life” - Erin “I’ve had to learn how to do the most I can in 20-minute increments throughout the day.” - Erin “For me, I’m always on.” - Rachel “You shouldn’t have to choose.” - Rachel
September 23, 2020
80: Ditching The Diet with Kristen Kunk
Are you tired of constantly going from diet to diet? Do you fear eating your favorite foods because you think they’re “bad” for you? If so, then today’s episode was made for you! Today, Erin and Rachel are joined by Kristen Kunk who shares how you can ditch the diet and live a confident and carefree life free from diets, cultural should’s and other people’s opinions. The girls talk about: What women really want when wanting to lose weight and get healthy The turning point in Kristen’s life that led her intuitive eating Questions you can ask yourself when you are turning to food Why you are giving your power away even though you want to be in control of your life The repetitive cycle Kristen stayed in during her 20s (and that you may be doing too) When she finally embraced her body What you actually need to do when you go to social events The mindset required to move past the quick fixes Why putting time limits on our goals can be detrimental to achieving them What happens when you allow yourself to eat the foods you desire And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Website: Instagram: @kristenkunk Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You get to choose today to make a different choice.” - Kristen “You’re putting your value in other people’s hands. That’s affecting how your showing up in life” - Kristen “You’re not going to be the ‘I’ll start again on Monday’ girl anymore.” - Kristen “This isn’t a quick fix. This is your life.” - Kristen
September 16, 2020
79: The Right Way to Ask For Help
Have you felt like you’ve been drowning in all the things you need to do? Could someone help you with some of these tasks? Today, Erin and Rachel are chatting about knowing when it’s the right time to ask for help and how to find the right people for it! The girls discuss: Recognizing what is preventing you from asking for help The smart way to ask for help (small steps) Why asking for help is the gateway to success How to find the right person to help you The resourcefulness that is required to outsource successfully Questions you need to ask yourself to see how you can outsource The one thing that we all have Who is willing to help you (and it might just surprise you!) Vocalizing what you want exactly And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Everything starts with you.” - Rachel “You’re not too fearful to take another step if it’s just something small and minor.” - Erin “I think there’s something to be said about the pride that you have in yourself when you are resourceful enough to figure that problem out.” - Erin “We’re givers. We want to contribute.” - Rachel
September 9, 2020
78: Rejection to Redemption: The Road to Self-Love with Kelly Chase
What’s on the other side of fear and rejection? Kelly Chase joins the girls to talk about just that. She shares how you can go from a place of rejection to a place of love and worth. Oh, and she lets Erin and Rachel in on how her experience on the hit Netflix show Love Is Blind! You’ll hear more about: The pivotal moment that began Kelly’s personal development journey One important thing she makes time for every single day What events led her to mindset and empowerment coaching The power you have in sharing your vulnerability How you can bring awareness to the emotions your feeling Why having support in your life and business is key to success Books that have helped transform her life (and can transform yours too!) How Love Is Blind has affected Kelly’s life Why you need to celebrate everything, including the small things And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Kelly’s Instagram: @chaselifewithkelly Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: Every single person who asked me what I was eating, no one asked me how much I was eating.” - Kelly “I find that time. I make that time.” - Kelly “How we do one thing is legit how we do everything.” - Kelly “It’s crazy how we tie our value and our self worth to external things.” - Rachel “You have to create space for yourself.” - Rachel
September 2, 2020
77: Quick Fix Apps: Are They Right For You?
We’ve all heard of those apps that will let us lose 50 pounds in 21 days. Or that will make us $5000 in 30 days. But should you buy into it? Today, Erin and Rachel are sharing their thoughts on apps like these. They tackle everything from what to do when you see these apps, what happens when you have success from these and so much more! You’ll hear more about: The detrimental side effect these apps can have in the long run What quick fixes are built on One question you need to ask yourself when deciding if one of these apps is for you The underlying reason why these apps want you to buy (and it’s not so you can triumph) How these quick fixes prey upon people Why jumping on the bandwagon can be toxic to your future Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Nothing is a quick fix.” - Rachel “So we can trick ourselves into thinking that it’s our fault, not this 21 day program’s fault.” - Erin “It’s almost like your giving your success and failure away.” - Erin “Now it’s marketed as some fabricated, beautiful object that looks and sounds different than diet, so you’re going to try that one and it’s the same thing.” - Rachel
August 26, 2020
76: Elevate Your Life with Lee Cordell
Want to know how you can elevate and accelerate your life? If so, then this episode is for you. Today, the girls are joined by Lee Cordell who shares the steps you can right NOW to propel your life forward! You’ll hear more about: Two things that are necessary to finding balance in your life An interesting mental shift Lee had to make to in order to succeed The surprising realization Lee made about her own life (and why you might feel the same way) Questions you should be asking yourself at the end of the day What “zone of genius” truly means How saying yes to the scary things can propel you forward What’s really going on when you feel overwhelmed by making a decision Why learning how fear shows up for you is important How she created a planner without planning to create What can help you to keep going forward when imposter syndrome sets in The number of times people need to hear your message The hardest lesson Lee had to learn And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: IG: @LeeCCordell @Thewriteplanners FB: @thesuccessfulfilledwoman Websites: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: You can do whatever you want but there’s no guarantee any of it’s going to work.” - Lee “You know you just have to lower your standards in places and let things go.” - Lee “Nothing is original” - Rachel “When you’re in your zone of genius, in order to truly live there, you have to come from a space of being in faith and not being fear based.” - Lee
August 19, 2020
75: Building Relationships You Love: Part 3
Independent. Dependent. Codependent. Which one exemplifies most of your relationships? Can there be a mix of these that make up a relationship? Today, in the final installment of the relationship series, Erin and Rachel are diving into the makeup of relationships, steps you can to improve these relationships, and what ultimately relationships come down to! The girls discuss: Ways your subconscious mind may be sabotaging relationships How you may be missing the mark Communication struggles Erin faced at the beginning of her relationship with her husband (and why you may be having the same struggles) A major problem you might have in your thinking about men and relationships Repercussions that can happen when you repress your emotions Important discussions to have before you get married The two things all relationships are ultimately based off of And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You do have to kind of spell things out for them sometimes.” - Erin “I think we’re taught to just like stuff them down and not feel emotions.”  - Rachel “It’s a constant growth. The journey never ends.” - Rachel
August 12, 2020
74: How to Build Relationships You Love: Part 2
Do you want to be in a happy, successful partnership? Or maybe you want to improve the partnership you’re already in? If so, you’ll definitely want to listen to today’s episode. In part 2 of a 3 part series, Rachel and Erin are diving into how you can build the romantic relationship you desire! The girls discuss: The growth you develop throughout a marriage Why comparison will only harm your own relationship How Rachel and Erin met their husbands The mindset you and your partner need to have Distractions that people face today while dating How you can twist other people’s personalities to fit what you want What happens when you find the right person One dating pattern that kept popping up in Rache’s life The evaluation you need to do on yourself Unmet expectations you may be placing on your partner And so much more! Resources: Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “There were just subtle hints along the way where it was like this is the right type of person.” - Erin “Sometimes we ignore them [redflags] because we want something so bad.” - Erin “What you lead with, you attract.” - Rachel "Have a clear dialogue.” - Rachel
August 5, 2020
73: How to Build Relationships You Love: Part 1
Do you struggle with building real, authentic relationships with people? Or do ever wonder why friendships or relationships don’t seem to last? If so, then today’s episode is one you won’t want to miss! In today’s episode, Rachel and Erin are diving into where relationships actually start, the internal work you need to do, and more in the first part of a new 3 part series! You’ll hear more about: What Rachel let go of in her life that allowed her to meet her husband How each bad relationship teaches you something about yourself The first step you need to take in the process of finding the relationships you desire What your relationships really come down too (and it might just surprise you) Why it’s ok if your dreams don’t look like other peoples The one place women should not seek validation from Who you need to be true to at all times The pressure others can force on you (and how you can move past it) Why social media can be your biggest enemy And so much more! Resources: Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Throughout this whole journey, it really is about becoming your best friend.” - Rachel “At the time you are going through it, it can suck!” - Erin “I had to learn to be my own best damn friend.” - Erin “If you don’t value and respect yourself, there is not another human being out here on this Earth that will do that job for you.” - Rachel “Ask yourself, who’s clock are you on?” -Rachel
July 29, 2020
72: Creating a Virtual Empire with Laura Licursi
 Do you want more freedom and flexibility? Have you ever considered that starting your own online business might be the way to achieving those things? Well today Laura Licursi joins the girls to chat about how she became a virtual assistant, what she does now to help other virtual assistants and how you can build your own online business right now! You’ll hear more about: Laura’s best advice for getting started in the online world What can happen when you get information from multiple sources The first place to look when starting your own business Fundamental steps you must take in order to be successful without the overwhelm One big issue Laura sees people struggling with when trying to run an online business Some of the top reasons why you may want to start your own business What you ultimately want when breaking away from the corporate world The flexibility your own business can give you Laura’s thought on if everyone can be an entrepreneurship Why you need to always be networking in your business (and it’s not why you think!) And so much more! Laura Licursi is the founder of Elite Virtual Assistants, The Elite VA Hub, The VA School & EVA-Match. EVA is a virtual staffing agency that helps attorneys, busy professionals and small business owners go from busy to productive. Laura also supports women in the virtual assistant space with The Elite VA Hub which is a free community and resource center, The VA School which is an online course teaching women how to start their own VA business from the ground up, and Elite VA Match which is a virtual assistant match-making site. Virtual assistants can promote their business & potential clients can find that perfect VA. Laura’s Resources: Websites:,,, Social Media:,,,,, Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “I was just really ready to kind of up it and become a real business owner.” - Laura “You don’t need to throw in the kitchen sink.” - Laura “When you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work.” - Laura “You always want to be doing something to keep you and your business moving forward.” - Laura
July 22, 2020
71: Success on Your Terms with Dr. Shellie Hipsky
How do you define success? Maybe you feel that you must dress or act a certain way in order to feel successful. But what if we told you that isn’t true? Today, Erin and Rachel are joined by special guest, Dr. Shellie Hipsky to talk about what success truly means and how you can reach it! You’ll hear more about: Shellie’s favorite entrepreneurial success secret How you can navigate through all the noise One of the most important things you need to be doing on your entrepreneurial journey The only place you need to look in order to feel successful Why being true to yourself is so powerful Beliefs that may be holding you back The best approach to getting what you want The key to achieving balance in your life And so much more! Dr. Shellie Hipsky is the CEO of Inspiring Lives International an “Inc. Verified'' motivational media company. The American Chronicle called her “A top entrepreneur in the U.S.,” and The Huffington Post categorizes her as a “Fierce Woman.” She is the president of the nonprofit 501 (c)(3) the Global Sisterhood, a charity that guides and supports women and girls toward their dreams and goals. Dr. Shellie has earned the titles of “Entrepreneur of the Year in Inspiration and Empowerment,” the “Women of Achievement Award,” “Best Woman in Business,” and “VIP Woman of the Year.” Three of her 13 published books, based on 100 amazing interviews from her Empowering Women Radio show, the Common Threads trilogy focused on Inspiration, Empowerment, and Balance, earned international bestseller status. The former tenured professor of Ph.D. students and host of Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie on NBC has keynoted internationally from Passion to Profits in Hollywood to The University of Oxford in England and now teaches her signature EmpowerU Master Class, making the world her classroom. This powerful entrepreneur and influencer is the founder and editor-in-chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine: THE Magazine for Empowering Women which is available on the app, digital subscription, or at Barnes and Noble nationwide with over 5 million impressions. Dr. Shellie has been featured on over 20 magazine covers and on all the major TV networks, and she is delighted to bring the world BALL GOWNS TO YOGA PANTS: Entrepreneurial Secrets to Create Your Dream Business and Brand through Morgan James Publishing. Resources: Instagram: @dr.shellie NEW BOOK: Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants: Entrepreneurial Secrets for  Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “When we come together, we rise together.” - Rachel “You can wear whatever you damn well please.” - Dr. Shellie “The most successful people that you see out and about aren’t flashy.” - Erin “You can’t compare your chapter 4 to someone’ else's chapter 13.” - Dr. Shellie “You are not defined by what you’re wearing” - Dr. Shellie
July 15, 2020
70: Paving the Way with Grace Jones
On today’s episode, Erin and Rachel are sitting down with Grace Jones. Grace is a junior in high school and has recently won a state championship in girls wrestling. She is one of the first girls ever to go to state and win for wrestling. And today, she’s letting the girls on how she was able to help pave the way for other girls in wrestling. Grace kicks off the episode by sharing how she initially got interested in wrestling. She talks about how she continued to wrestle even after her brother quit the sport, what she loves about wrestling and why she came back to it after taking a few years off. She dives into some of the struggles she, like many others, faced around her weight and eating correctly for her body and training. Grace tells the girls her feelings on being the first person, male of female, to win a wrestling state championship from her high school. She also addresses some of the criticisms and problems she ran into from her own teammates. Lastly, Grace gives her best advice on what girls should do if they have an interest in wrestling. You’ll also hear: - Where she believes women’s wrestling will go in the future - The hardest thing she has encountered in the wrestling world - Where Grace’s drive for success comes from - What has made her stronger throughout this whole process - And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Instagram: @gracejones_ Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “ You never really know the person across from you.”- Grace “If I really wanted something, I had to go get it.” - Grace
July 8, 2020
69: The Dark Side of Time Challenges
30 pounds in 30 days. Lose 2 inches in 7 days. Have you ever bought into statements like these? Well, on today’s episode, Erin and Rachel are giving their take on the time challenges you see online and what you should do when you see one! The girls talk about: What you have to be as the consumer The marketing tactics behind these challenges What you rely on to determine if what you’re doing is working The one big thing that NOT stick when doing time challenges How to know if a certain diet is wrong for you The two things you need to find in your health and fitness journey What you are doing to yourself when you actually eat the foods you enjoy The right marketing strategy that will set you up for real success And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “ Anything worth anything takes time.” -Erin “There are so many ways today that makes healthy food taste really damn good.” -Erin “I’ve definitely bought into programs and products that I did lose weight with, but they weren’t things I was going to be able to do my whole life.” -Erin “It’s never about the weight.” -Rachel “We can't quick fix or shortcut anything that isn't in a healthy and sustainable way.” -Rachel
July 1, 2020
68: Quitting to Win: Let Go of Bad Habits and Start Living The Life You Love with Crystal Waltman
In today’s episode, Erin and Rachel sit down with special guest, Crystal Waltman. Crystal is a recovered athlete from alcohol, spine surgery, overeating, and overtraining to accomplished mother and author. She believes she had to “Quit to Win.” This led her to write her book, Quitting to Win, in which she shares her stories of tragedy to triumph. She kicks the episode off by sharing how she couldn’t picture herself past the age of 40. She realized one of her worst habits, alcohol, was holding her back.  She realized that her journey with alcohol started all the way back in high school as a way to deal with her social anxiety and that it continued to get worse and worse as the years went on. Crystal talks with the girls about what planted the seed for sobriety, and that it wasn’t until she hit her rock bottom that she finally made the decision to get sober. Her sobriety allowed her to realize that she felt compelled to share her message with others. Finally, Crystal also shares some of the highlights as well as some of the biggest takeaways from the book. She also shares what she believes is necessary in order to stay sober. You’ll also hear more about: How the book “outted” her The conscious decision you have to make daily How long it has taken her to get to where she is now One surprising enabler of her drinking The mentality that lead her to relapse (and it’s not what you think) And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: IG: @crystalclearfit FB: Crystal Waltman Quitting to Win: A Proven Plan to Let Go of Bad Habits, Learn to Feel, and Love Yourself Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Take inventory of what’s going on emotionally.” - Crystal “I’m at a point in my life where I’m turning my pain into my purpose.” - Crystal “There’s a fine line when you first start off carrying the message, not the mess.” - Crystal
June 24, 2020
67: From Chasing Perfection to Embracing Self-Love with Rachel Brooks
Have you ever felt like you were chasing the unattainable? Something so perfect that you could never quite get there? Well, in today’s episode, the girls are chatting all Chasing Perfection! To be exact, they're talking about Rachel’s new book, Chasing Perfection: A Journey to Healing, Fitness, and Self-Love! The girls talk about everything from what led Rachel to even consider writing a book, what she learned throughout the writing process, why perfection isn't realistic and so much more! You’ll hear more about: What Rachel realized she was actually chasing after in her life What you need to overcome so you can create the future your desire How the book came to fruition The one thing you need to identify before you can truly share your story Three simple questions she talks about in Chasing Perfection and why those questions are still relevant to her today The growing pains Rachel felt while she was writing the book What she was really looking for in her pursuit of perfection How her baggage skewed the way she viewed the world Why being good enough is the best you can ask for Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Chasing Perfection: A Journey to Healing, Fitness, and Self-Love Quotes: “Those who are perfection seekers know that it’s a constant burnout, a constant struggle.” - Rachel “I was so proud of the work of my own transformation that I almost felt like if I didn’t share this with others it’s a disservice because it’s a gift.” - Rachel “It’s scary to face those skeletons in our closet.” - Rachel
June 17, 2020
66: Learning to Do and Be Better
Our world has changed in the last couple of weeks. The murder of George Floyd has changed the world. Conversations and dialogues are now happening. And today, Erin and Rachel, as two white girls, are sharing their thoughts and feelings on what we can do to be more inclusive and be better people. The girls discuss: How the dialogue is starting to change Why the verbiage some people use can cause defensiveness in others Why you shouldn’t take it as a personal attack (and what you should do instead) The initial reaction both girls had to learn they had white privilege What white privilege should really mean as a white person The steps you should be taking to understand and have empathy for other people’s situation Being aware of your own actions and beliefs What feeling has existed as long as people have been on Earth What happens when you start labeling people Recognizing where your beliefs come from Stepping into discomfort is what will make you a better person And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Unlearning some of the actions and beliefs we had just kind of mindlessly absorbed as sponges throughout our whole cultural upbringing.” - Rachel “I can be aware of my own actions and how to become a better human being.” - Rachel “We just kind of operate on this autopilot until somebody throws a speed bump in the road.” - Rachel “I don’t think people respond to being defensive. There’s no growth in that.” - Erin “I think as humans, we think we have to put things in a box to be able to label them.” - Erin
June 10, 2020
65: Reaching Fashionable Success with Brittany Humble
Do you love checking out those cute little boutiques you pass walking down the street? Or do you enjoy getting one of those monthly clothing subscriptions? Even if you are not that into fashion, you are going to learn so much from our guest, Brittany Humble, today! Brittany is the owner of Be Humble Boutique where she loves to chat with people in store while also helping people from all over have access to her boutique items through her online presence. She is also a wife, mother, author and so much more! The girls discuss: Her entrance into the world of fashion Brittany’s best advice on if college is for you How mentors may be the best option for you The tough choices she has had to make to succeed in life and business The common misconception people have around entrepreneurship How her book, Project Woman Warrior, can help make you a more fashionable dresser What success is truly based on (and it’s not what you think!) How gratefulness has gotten her through tough times And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “It’s so crazy to me because it’s such a natural thing that I do and so I didn’t realize how many people didn’t know.” -Brittany “No matter where you go, that’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to sell yourself and you’re going to market it.” -Brittany “I did NOT spend money at all when we were growing our business.” - Brittany “If you don't have a struggle time, you don’t have a life.” -Brittany
June 3, 2020
64: Speaking Your Mind: When Is The Right Time?
What happens when you strongly agree or disagree with something? Do you say something or do you just hold it in?  We’ve all been in those situations where we have to decide if it’s worth it to actually say something. On today’s episode, Erin and Rachel share their thoughts on the power of speaking your mind and how to do it the right way! They kick off the episode by tackling the topic of gossip. The girls debate if it’s better to partake in gossip or speak up and potentially cause conflict. They also discuss how we take what others tell us at face value, but instead you should actually  remain open-minded and decide things on your own. Erin and Rachel agree that there are hot topics that can be very difficult to voice your opinions. It’s difficult because you never know how you will be perceived. So it is necessary, for you, to decide if it’s worth it to speak up or not. Finally, the girls end with the circumstances where you should or should not voice your thoughts. And they also share the surprising thing you can do when someone is speaking their mind to you. When is the right time to figure things out on your own How to know if it the right time to speak up The role objectivity can play in these types of situations The situation Erin experienced where she felt proud of how she dealt with someone else’s opinions Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Doing the right thing is always the hard thing to do.” -Erin “I don’t wanna say my opinion on things unless I can fully elaborate on what I mean.” -Erin “When you debate, nobody wins.” -Rachel “Know when to bite your tongue.” -Rachel
May 27, 2020
63: The Right Steps for Setting Yourself Up for Business Success with Hailey Rowe
On today’s episode, Erin and Rachel are joined by Hailey Rowe! Hailey is a business/marketing strategist who helps coaches and service providers work with their ideal clients, hit 6-figures, rock their visibility and overcome time/mindset issues. She is sharing her best tips and tricks for setting yourself up for a successful business! The girls discuss: Hailey’s best tips for beating the overwhelm What her signature method is for booking more calls and making more sales The THREE things you need to do to make your business sustainable Why patience is key in business What she wants her clients to be known for (and how you can do the same thing) Different ways you can gain social proof if you are new in business Hailey’s unique view on sales And so much more! Hailey’s Resources: Https:// Https:// Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast
May 20, 2020
62: What Does Competition Mean to You?
Do you think competition is good or bad? Does competition bring you down or inspire you to become a better version of yourself? Join Erin and Rachel today as they chat about competition. They share their thoughts on how you should deal with competition, what to do when the comparison becomes too much and so much more! The girls discuss: The best way to look at competition What you should NOT do when looking at someone who is where you want to be When is the best time to ask for help? The detrimental effect social media can have Finding the right people to surround yourself with The concept on comparison to inspire (and how you can apply it to your life) And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Compete where you’re at.” - Erin “You have to learn to love to lose and suck in competition sometimes because you still get better.” -Erin “I can only control what I can control.” -Rachel “How do we unite and collab to make a greater impact together?” - Rachel
May 13, 2020
61: Feeling Confident in Your Own Skin with Ashtyn Pharis
Do you cringe at the thought of seeing yourself without clothes on? Do you buy quick gimmicks like detoxes and teas in hopes that you will lose the weight? If so, then today’s episode is for you! On today’s episode, Ashtyn Pharis joins the girls to chat about confidence! Confidence in your own skin. Confidence in relationships. Confidence in life! The girls chat about: How getting started in weight loss or any venture is the hardest part The ONE thing that keeps Ashtyn going in business and life The crippling fear she experienced when she left her corporate job How people can see your potential before you can Balancing your feminine and masculine energy The importance of picking the right partner What sets Ashtyn’s business apart from other fitness businesses The mindset required to live happily and confidently And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: IG: @ashtynpharisfitness Facebook: Ashtyn Pharis Website: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “The hardest thing to do is start.” - Ashtyn “I choose to get uncomfortable every single day and in every single thing that I do because I know there’s more.” -  Ashtyn “I think being with the wrong person deflates your confidence.” - Ashtyn “The more people you help, the more money you make.” - Ashtyn
May 6, 2020
60: Handling Stress the Right Way
How do you handle stress in your life? Do you try to run from it or do you face it head on? On today’s episode Erin and Rachel chat all about how stress can impact your life, the right way to look at stress and the #1 thing you need to remember when stress pops up! Erin and Rachel share: The two factors that can impact how you deal with stress Erin and Rachel’s best tips for correcting course The main idea you must remember when getting through stressful situations One negative thing you may do that will stop your progress Recognize the triggers or behaviors that lead you down this path and how to remedy it The simple steps you can take to assess the stress And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “It’s figuring out ways to get myself to take action and act on what I need to do which is eventually going to lead to the elimination of the stress to begin with.” - Erin “When we talk about stress management, just nip it in the bud before it gets out of control.” -Rachel “How we react and respond to certain situations will set us up for success or failure.” -Rachel “I’m a short spurt focuser.” -Erin
April 29, 2020
59: Why NOW Is The Right Time To Start A Minimalistic Lifestyle with Marta Greca
Today Erin and Rachel are joined by special guest Marta Greca. Marta has created multiple businesses from the ground up with her 5 kids in tow. Her signature Minimalist Method to Maximum Momentum through Mindset and Media with peace and positivity so that they can also find the balance between family and scaling a business they love and are eager to wake up for while being mentally and physically present for their loved ones. She also serves as a media and marketing consultant for corporations nationally and uses that experience to bring that expertise to her coaching and small business media clients. Marta shares her journey of the road to entrepreneurship and the overwhelm and hustle she initially felt and how she learned to prioritize what was important in her life. Once she prioritized everything in her life, she was able to see her businesses really take off. Marta also had more happiness and peace in her life because she prioritized and simplified to maintain a balance between business and home life. Lastly, she shares how saying yes too quickly can cause you undue stress and what you should be doing instead. Marta also says that having the right support in your business (i.e coach) can bring the clarity you need to grow and succeed. Here are some highlights: The biggest lesson she learned that allowed her to grow her business and focus on her zone of genius What letting go of others’ opinions can do for your self-trust The hidden blessing of living in her parent's basement with 5 kids for three years! The #1 thing you can do to absorb the minimalist method How saying NO actually led Marta to new and exciting opportunities The unloading all of the girls do on their husbands that you can probably relate to And so much more Let’s take a listen! Resources: @martagreca  @mediapgh Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “We really need to lean on our support and our team and ask for help.” -Rachel “We get things done in the hours we allocate for it.” -Marta “It is the amount of energy that you are cluttering yourself with by saying yes to things too quickly.” - Marta “Once you start to let some things trickle in, everything trickles in.” -Marta
April 22, 2020
58: Decluttering Your Life: Less Is More
Are your closets jam-packed full of clothes that you don’t even wear? Do you have so many apps on your phone that you have to delete some just to have storage on your phone? On today’s episode Erin and Rachel break down how having less can actually be more and easy ways to declutter your life. Erin and Rachel tackle different aspects of what the clutter may look like in your life. They recognize it can be everything from clothes and appliances all the way to apps on your phone. The girls also take a good look at the role social media can play in your need to have more and the emotions that you may be feeling in these situations. Finally, they share a few good tips to know if what you are spending your time, money or energy on is worth it! The girls chat about: The headspace you may have when clutter is around you The financial burden social media can have on you Recognizing where your time, money and energy are going How decluttering can bring a sense of awareness to your habits What you are ultimately trying to get by doing or buying all the things And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “How does it get to a point where we have so much stuff that we forgot about the stuff we had?” -Erin “By being privy to that knowledge also clouded my mind with such negative thoughts.” -Rachel “By buying and collecting and doing more, we’re actually doing a whole lot less of what we're really after.” -Rachel “Quit spending your time, money and energy on things that bring you no joy at all just because it feels good in the moment.” -Erin
April 15, 2020
57: Business, Babies And Life Postpartum With Chelsea Skaggs
Did you think your life after having a baby would look like all of those perfect Pinterest and Instagram images you’ve seen? Only to be hit with the reality that motherhood is hard and typically far from those images. If you can relate, then this episode is for you! Join Rachel and Erin as they sit down with Chelsea Skaggs to chat all about life after baby, how business and babies are similar and how this advice can apply to you even if you don’t have kids! The girls discuss: The huge role hormones play postpartum How to use your personality type (i.e. Enneagram, MyersBriggs) to find a solution balance to your situation Comparing your mothering skills to that of your own mother (and why your comparison might be skewed) What you need to prioritize when trying to get your body “back” after baby The effects social media can have on moms, especially new ones ONE emotion that business and babies have in common And so much more! Chelsea is a Postpartum advocate and coach committed to helping women release the pressure of being “Pinterest perfect” to understand and enjoy authentic postpartum and motherhood. Let’s take a listen! Resources: IG:  IG: @postpartumtogether Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “I have to stick to what is 100% me.” -Chelsea “I think with babies and business the #1 thing women tend to feel is alone.” -Chelsea “Babies and business are so similar.” -Chelsea “What you believe, your child will model that in the long run.” - Rachel
April 8, 2020
56: Creating Clarity, Consistency and Confidence with Gina Molinari
Have the current times given you more time to think about what you need to do be doing in your business for long-term success? Or do you think that you have been struggling due to inconsistency or lack of drive? If you are nodding your head yes, then this episode is for you! On today’s episode, Erin and Rachel are joined by Confident Communication Coach Gina Molinari. Gina shares her best advice on what you can be doing right NOW to achieve all 3 C’s! The girls’ discuss: Gina’s journey to becoming a Confidence Communication Coach The surprising barrier that can hold you back in business and life How to answer the question your audience is silently asking The most common issue Gina has encountered when working with new entrepreneurs… and it may be happening to you! Gina’s strategy for planning your long term business success given the current situation Best practices for your marketing strategy on social media How practicing consistency can build your confidence Gina’s best tips for gaining clarity during our current situation And so much more! Gina Molinari, affectionately known as Gina Mo, is a Confident Communication Coach. She helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs get clear and confident as the face of their business so they can create momentum, results, and impact with their work. She utilizes her experience as a classically-trained singer and her extensive knowledge in digital marketing and emotional intelligence to focus on a combination of mindset and strategy that will unlock blocks and fears in her clients on their road to success. Let’s take a listen! Resources: Website: Facebook: IG: @theginamo LinkedIn: Audit: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “If you want the right answer, ask the right question.” -Rachel “To be a one-trick pony is monotonous” -Gina “Go hard in your yard!” - Gina “Consistency, Clarity and Confidence equals results. And if the results aren’t showing up, check your math.” - Gina
April 1, 2020
55: Thriving Through The Coronavirus
What has life been like for you during these uncertain times? How has the Coronavirus impacted your life? If you are anything like Erin and Rachel then you have been feeling the effects on life due to this virus. Today, the girls share their thoughts on what may be the best course of action on how to not just survive the virus but thrive! They discuss: The most important thing you can do with your feelings Understanding what we have control over and what we don’t Limiting time on things that may be weighing you down Choosing the right perspective to have in this situation How times like this can show our true strengths Playing your part during the quarantine And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You only have control over how you react and what you do and how you respond.” - Erin “That’s why it’s so important that we just feel.” -Rachel “Life’s going with or without us.” -Erin “All these struggles reveal our strengths.” -Rachel
March 25, 2020
54: Should You Turn Your Passion Into A Business?
Does a hobby always need to turn into profitable business or can you do something for pure joy alone? Join Erin and Rachel today as they tackle this hot topic. They share their ideas on when is the right time to turn a hobby or passion into business, when to leave it as a hobby and how to know the difference! The girls also discuss: What does NOT need to be the reason of what you do The one tool you need to use in life and business What stepping back can allow you to see The simple question you always need to ask yourself How passion does not always equal profit The surprising emotion you can start to feel after going from hobby to business And so much more! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You can’t alter what you love to do simply for money.” -Erin “Where for me it's’ about sharing something that has really changed my life.” - Rachel - We’re going to outgrow our old selves and therefore our businesses should evolve as we evolve personally.” -Rachel “What you’re passionate about doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at.” -Erin
March 18, 2020
53: Finding Your Focus with Anna Bitters
We have a special guest on today’s episode! Anna Bitters joins the girls to discuss entrepreneurship and her business coaching. Anna is a creative business coach who helps innovative entrepreneurs grow their businesses with focus and clarity. Her unique experience as a designer, educator, connector, and technologist allows Anna to help her clients reach their business growth goals utilizing a dynamic approach with laser focus. She helps them end the cycle of overwhelm and inaction and discover the steps needed to grow their businesses efficiently and sustainably. The episode is kicked off with Anna telling Erin and Rachel all about her business coaching. She shares how she gets her clients laser focused, connecting them to their why and getting them to the next level. She also gives insight into what she considers to be the sweet spot of time for coaching. Anna also shares the path that led her from feeling burnt out, struggling to find a job that fit what she wanted to do, to creating her own coaching business. She also talks about how she has developed the skills and techniques needed to teach her clients effectively. Finally, Anna gives her thoughts on how important time is in our lives. She talks about the importance of using our time wisely and how to see where all of our time is going. Other highlights: How motherhood has shifted her priorities Who her ideal client is Anna’s thoughts on entrepreneurial vacations and who should take them Having a system for creative ideas The power one of Anna’s focus sessions can have on your business Let’s take a listen! Anna’s Resources: Eventbrite Promo Code: CONFIDENT50 Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “We’re really strict about our budget, with money but give away our time so freely.” -Anna “Let your distraction flag fly.” -Anna “I knew if I could convert me, then I could convert clients who are in the same struggling position.” - Anna “There was no job description out there that captured what I wanted to give back.” -Anna
March 11, 2020
52: JLo and Shakira: Was It Too Much?
In today’s episode, Rachel and Erin are tackling the Super Bowl halftime show. They share their thoughts on the performance itself, why there was so much controversy around it, and how to move on from it! The girls kick it off by sharing how they personally thought it was a great performance, but just that… a performance. They see the outfits that JLo and Shakira wore more like uniforms than anything else. They are not outfits they wear every day. And by criticizing their outfits and dance moves, we are shaming and disempowering other women. When this happens, we need to take a look at ourselves and figure out what it is triggering in us. That way we can move past it. We also need to realize that sometimes things are not always going to appease everyone. And if we don’t like what we are seeing or hearing, then we need to remove ourselves from the situation. Finally, the girls say how we need to empower ourselves first, and then we can empower others! Other highlights: The one halftime show Erin was moved by The power and validation we give others Why we let situations affect us Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “It ultimately comes down to choice.” -Rachel “Do our actions align with our beliefs?” -Rachel Why are you giving it so much power and validation? -Erin “Think for yourself.” Erin
March 4, 2020
51: Empowering Your Life with Carmen Ohling
On today’s episode Erin and Rachel sit down with special guest, Carmen Ohling. Carmen is a self-proclaimed food nerd, self-awareness seeker, lover of vegetables- including bloody marys- and fitness enthusiast. She is also a mother, wife, friend, holistic nutritionist and someone who wants women to have it all, knowing they can have it all, and living life on their terms. Carmen shares her story on how knowing something was wrong and breaking down in her car led her to becoming a holistic nutritionist and helping women become their most confident selves. She discusses how being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis was really a blessing in disguise and what she has done to keep herself healthy and energized. She also chats with the girls about women empowerment. Carmen believes that women need to protect their energy, feel their feelings in order to build confidence and that there is power in slowing down. Carmen also touches on: Morning rituals Letting go to create space for more Learning how to dream again The expectations we place on ourselves Let’s take a listen! Resources: IG:@carmenohling Facebook: @carmenohling Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “It is going to give you the same lesson over and over and over again until you actually learn it.”   -Carmen “I focus on what matters most to me and say yes to those things.” -Carmen “You’re never going to bring anything new in because you have to let go of the old.” -Carmen “Feel, deal, heal.” - Carmen “The rule of thumb is listen more than you speak.” -Carmen
February 26, 2020
50: Is A Network Marketing Company For You?
On today’s episode, Erin and Rachel are diving into the world of networking marketing! Erin kicks it off by sharing how she has been in network marketing for over 13 years and her experiences being a part of the company. Rachel has never been a part of one but talks about her experiences being on the receiving end of network marketing pitches and what she initially thought all of these companies actually were. The girls also discuss how a person should genuinely and truly love the product or offer they are soliciting to others. Erin and Rachel believe that when you truly care about what you’re offering, you don’t come off as spammy or that you are just trying to make money. You genuinely want to let everyone know about it because you believe in it that much. Finally, Rachel and Erin tackle the best approach to recruiting people for your team and for selling your product. And that if you believe you are going to make money overnight from network marketing then you are probably in for a rude awakening! You’ll also hear about: Know, like, and trust factor Erin’s love/hate relationship with network marketing Rachel’s take on the messages she receives How that anyone can join is the best and worst thing How spamming people does not help your business The girls’ pet peeves about MLMs Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Build that relationship.” -Rachel “Don’t lie to people.” -Erin “If you’re just hardcore, all-out recruiting people, you end up being in a very low paying sales job.” - Erin “Don’t be needy or weird because I will never buy from you now.” -Erin “Clearly you, as the sender, have no interest in hearing what I have to say unless it’s sign me up!”
February 19, 2020
49: Getting Stripped Down with Kristin Gibson
In this episode, Erin and Rachel chat with special guest, Kristin Gibson. Kristin, owner of 614 Boudoir, empowers women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds through beautiful modern boudoir photography. She is also passionate about women’s confidence and sexual positivity. Kristin fills the girls in on everything that goes on behind the scenes of a boudoir shoot. She shares her thoughts on everything from how to make the client feel comfortable and confident to the difference posing and positioning can make. Erin and Rachel also talk with Kristin about the role insecurities can play in a boudoir photoshoot and our everyday life. She shares her thoughts on how boudoir photos can allow the client to see themselves through other people's eyes. Lastly, they discuss how society, beauty brands, and even influencers are actually here to make women NOT feel comfortable or confident in their bodies. If every woman had complete confidence in herself then there would be no reason for these individuals and companies. Here are some other highlights: Kristin’s introduction to photography and boudoir shoots How Erin’s underwear made her cry Rachel’s first boudoir shoot and what she’s learned since then The power of sizing and labels The biggest struggle most people have when they receive a compliment The advice Kristin would give to a woman on the fence about getting a boudoir shoot done Let’s take a listen! Kristin’s Resources: Website: IG: @614boudoir FB: Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Your health is more important than what you see in the mirror.” - Kristin “I think it’s really hard for us to hear and believe compliments.” -Kristin “Just rock it. Look good in it.” - Erin “It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside. It’s what you feel on the inside. -Rachel
February 12, 2020
48: How To Create The Business You Love With Yasmine Robles
 Today we are chatting with Yasmine Robles! Yasmine is an expert at glitter bombing you digital empire! She has over 8 years of design experience and her passion lies in landing her clients their dream clients. She does this by strategically creating drool-worthy graphics and websites that turns leads into paying customers. She is also a wife, mother, empowerer of women and girls to stand up and a lover of tacos, margaritas and latin music! We kick off the episode with Yasmine sharing her story on why she left her 9 to 5 and how she created her business, Robles Designs. She talks about some of the struggles she encountered upon becoming an entrepreneur like how to get out of the 9 to 5 mentality. Yasmine discusses the things that she and her family gave up when she became an entrepreneur. She had to give up her Starbucks coffee, clothing subscriptions and other things. But she realized that fun does not have to equal spending money and that there is so much to do that is free or relatively inexpensive. We all agree that the freedom and flexibility that come with entrepreneurship outweigh the stability that a normal job can give someone. Finally, she lets us in on her advice for someone who is on the fence about becoming an entrepreneur. Yasmine believes communication with your support person is crucial. She also thinks if you are lacking a support system to go to networking events and find your tribe. And that the biggest barrier we all face is our mindset. Here are some more highlights: How Yasmine found her niche and what services she would offer Getting into a CEO mindset Creating other streams of income to help support her family The power of networking events and to know which events are right for you The Digital Hustle Tribe Not being afraid of past mistakes Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Fun does not equal dollars.” - Yasmine “We all have those Pinterest fail moments.” -Yasmine “I think some people really undermine or don’t realize some of the things entrepreneurs give up in order to get to do these things.” -Erin “We are looking for more of that freedom and flexibility versus having that strict structural stability aspect of corporate America.” -Rachel
February 5, 2020
47: The Best Investment For Your Business
In this new episode Erin and Rachel break down what they believe is the single best investment for your business. They discuss how investing in coaching, education and more are all powerful tools when starting a business, but that they are not the most important thing. The girls believe the most important thing you can invest in is yourself. They share why having the right mindset and changing your blueprint are necessary for a successful business. They also agree that there isn’t a secret sauce when it comes to success. And that it’s important to model after others, but to put your own unique stamp on your business. Lastly, they share how outsourcing in your business can be the best decision. It can allow you to stay in your zone of genius and will, in turn, make your business even more successful. Here are other takeaways: How one book changed Erin’s way of thinking and up-leveled her life and business Rewiring of your blueprint for growth Make sure a potential coach is a good match Finding your skillset and using them to create success Book: The Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Eker Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” -Rachel “You have to outgrow where you’re at.” - Rachel “Sometimes as you grow, you outgrow your coach.” -Erin “You are the machine behind your business.” -Rachel “Step one, especially being brand new, is just opening yourself up to the learning.” -Erin
January 29, 2020
46: The Journey To Becoming An Author With Leslie McCauley
On this brand new episode, special guest Leslie McCauley sits down with the girls to talk about her journey to becoming a published author. Leslie is now the proud author of the book, Rise. She is also a wife, mother and works at a hospital in physical therapy. Leslie kicks off the episode by sharing how long she has wanted to become an author. It went all the way back to her days as a child. She even told a friend in high school that her dream was to become an author. She also tells Erin and Rachel what led her to write her book and gives a little insight into what Rise is about. The book has a lot of twists and turns that will leave you in suspense. But that we, as women, will be able to relate to the protagonist and the main conflict she faces. Leslie lets the girls in on how she feels now that she is a published author, how she was able to write and edit her story through the chaos of life and so much more! Here are some highlights: Chasing after her dream and doing it for herself Selling 100 copies to family and friends from one Facebook post Her husband’s support played a role in starting and finishing the book Reading Girl Wash Your Face led her to edit and self-publish The ripple effect this book has had on her and the people around her The start of her second book Let’s take a listen! Resources: Instagram: Lesliem4468 Book: Rise by Leslie McCauley Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “I want everyone to know I wrote that.” -Leslie “You never know the ripple effect of something right away.” -Erin “You’ve left your mark. You’ve left your legacy.” -Rachel “Having that supportive family, friends, spouse. That’s the fire we need to really back us.” -Rachel
January 22, 2020
45: Are Opinions Holding You Back?
Opinions. Everyone has them. But are they necessary? Are they something you value?  Do you let others opinions impact your decision? In this brand new episode, Erin and Rachel are diving into the world of opinions. They both agree that they do not like opinions. They believe that opinions are typically bad advice or they stop people from going after their goals and dreams. The girls think the worst type of opinion is unsolicited kind. If you were not asked your opinion, it is not necessary to give it. But in the same regard, if you ask someone for their opinion then you need to be prepared that you may not like the opinion given. Erin and Rachel also came to the conclusion that opinions are usually viewed as being negative and that it is up to us to find the positive in them. Although if it’s already viewed as a positive opinion, it’s usually regarded as a compliment. Lastly, the girls talk about the value we place on others opinions and knowing our own worth. We can allow their opinions to stop us from taking that chance or making that dream a reality. But if we get rid of the self-doubt and know who we truly are, then we can look past the opinions and make our own decisions. Erin and Rachel also highlight: Asking for opinions from those who have done it before you People can give negative opinions/advice to make themselves feel better Stopping the noise around us We shouldn’t care about most people’s opinions Those with the most opinions are the ones who aren’t doing anything Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: We’re conditioned to see the negative in things where we need to retrain to see the positive in things.” -Rachel “A lot people listen to people, like let their opinions sway them.” -Erin “I don’t think anyone who’s ever made a big impact on this world was less and weak.” -Rachel “So many people don’t think for themselves.” -Erin “Sometimes you gotta think for yourself and go out on your own and take a chance.” -Erin "Know yourself and make choices for you." -Rachel
January 15, 2020
44: Goal Setting: What really goes into it?
In this week’s episode, Erin and Rachel are tackling the topic of goals. They discuss why it is important to set realistic goals and not some grandiose goal that is seemingly impossible. The girls also say that sometimes goals are just big dreams that people will never take action on. Erin and Rachel have a lot to say about how others can affect our goals. They believe that we allow others to sway what we should set as goals or what we should want in life. But, in reality, we need to do what is our passion, or fulfills us, or is ideal for the life we want to live. The girls also dive into how setbacks and failure are necessary when reaching for goals. These are what allow us to look at our goals, reevaluate as needed and get to where we ultimately want to go. Here are some highlights: The girls’ take on Vision Boards What society tells us matters Finding your soul’s calling Action steps needed to reach goals How fear can hold us back The need to have an honest conversation with yourself Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You have a clear and  compelling why  and now you have the vision and the path that’s going to lead you to where you want to be.” -Rachel “if you lose sight of what you have, you’ll never get those futuristic things either. “ -Erin “It comes down to what fulfills you.” -Rachel “Living a fulfilled life comes from being fulfilled on the inside.” -Rachel “The setbacks are 100% necessary.” -Erin “Not every dream is a one size fits all.” -Rache
January 8, 2020
43: Pushing Past Anxiety With Tiffany Rea
Have you or someone you know ever struggled with anxiety? Do you have techniques to get through the anxiety? Or do you let it consume you? If any of this sounds familiar, then this episode is for you! On this episode, Tiffany Rea joins Erin and Rachel to chat all about anxiety. She shares how anxiety has affected her life, her first anxiety attack and the tips and tricks she uses to get past the anxiety. Tiffany also discusses how anxiety starts with a thought and emotions are then attached to it. She says acknowledging the thoughts that start it can be very powerful in moving past the moment of anxiety instead of letting it consume you. Erin, Rachel and Tiffany agree that self awareness and mind/body connection are necessary in getting past anxiety. They also share the belief that the opinion of others shouldn’t affect you and don’t take their feelings personal. You are the only person you need to please and seek praise from. Here are some other takeaways: When to seek help Is anxiety always bad Water vs. weeds analogy Who can be an anxiety trigger and how to cope Tips and tricks on getting through anxiety (panic) attack How Tiffany got into anxiety coaching The mind is a muscle to be exercised and trained Let’s take a listen! Resources: Tiffany’s Instagram: tiffanymichelleinc Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “It’s almost like a slippery slope or snowball effect” -Erin “You are not being a confident woman if you are considering other people’s opinions.” -Tiffany “Identify it, recognize what it is and manage it.” -Rachel “Whatever thought or emotion we are attaching to the anxiety or the thought itself is really going to dictate which outcome you’re going to have with it.” -Tiffany “Anxiety is a thought.” -Tiffany “It’s what your feeding the thought.” -Rachel
January 6, 2020
42: Are Resolutions Worth It?
Happy New Year! On this new episode, Erin and Rachel tackle the topic of resolutions! They discuss whether or not setting resolutions, specifically New Year’s resolutions, are actually a good idea or wasting your time. The girls agree that most people have some sort of resolution at the beginning of the year. Whether it is losing weight, quitting smoking, eating healthier or something else. But the problem is that most people do not have a plan for how to attain their resolution. Or they don’t have a strong enough why to actually change. Rachel says that in order to hit your big goal (resolution) you need to set small, attainable steps to get there. Erin believes that you also need to create habits in order to achieve your big goal. They both agree that your goals need to be realistic. Finally, Erin and Rachel talk about how people will fall into the trap of staying in their comfort zone. Their comfort zone is easier and doesn’t involve them creating a plan to actually get what they want. The girls also dive into: Time being linear Not waiting to start Giving yourself grace when you fall off Lifestyle changes Marketing around New Year’s and how it appeals to our need to set resolutions Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “It usually goes back to one small thing.” -Rachel “Don’t buy into ‘Oh, it’s that simple’ kind of thing.” -Erin “You can hop on anytime you want to change.” -Erin “If you fall off track, you get right back on.” -Rachel
January 1, 2020
41: Life Inspired With Hannah Rosenfelder
On today’s episode, Erin and Rachel chat with special guest, Hannah Rosenfelder. She is a six-figure earner, 2 time liver transplant recipient and momma to her miracle baby! Hannah kicks off the episode by sharing that she was born with Biliary Atresia, which affects the liver. It typically requires a transplant at some point and can be fatal. She talks about being in and out of the hospital growing up, but not allowing that to hold her back from what she wanted to do in life. She wanted to be as normal as possible and so she pushed to play sports, go to events and live a typical kid life. Hannah learned to be resilient at a young age. Even when sick, she would still attend sports competitions or games. She also got really into personal development, as she realized it was crucial in deciding what she wanted in life. The girls discuss with Hannah how her situation has tested her faith. Her struggle with being envious of her brother and his seemingly perfect life growing up. But she has come to realize that her life has been filled with blessings beyond compare. Erin and Rachel agree with her that hardships are typically blessings in disguise. They are what make us who we are. This is all just a little of what Hannah shares on this episode. Here are some more highlights! How her health problem was figured out as a baby The victim mentality and changing her perspective Using skills to build the life you want The story of her two transplants and how they affected her life afterwards Her relationship with her husband and her miracle baby! Why she created her podcast Let’s take a listen! Hannah’s Resources: Instagram: @Hannah_Rosenfelder Podcast: Creating Her Best Life Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “So I learned young how to just make it through.” -Hannah “There’s no point in being angry.” -Hannah “You just become that victim of that story, and that’s the story and crutch for the rest of your life.” -Rachel “No matter what you fail at or what you suck at  or lose a lot of money, you’re alive. ” -Erin “If you don’t change your perspective, the victim mentality will eat you.” -Hannah
December 30, 2019
40: Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays! This new episode is quick, but jam packed full of goodies from Erin and Rachel. The girls start it off by giving gratitude to all their amazing listeners. Rachel then shares her wishes for everyone this holiday season. She breaks down what we should really take away from this time of year. Erin says to not stress over the holidays, but present in what is happening around us. They both agree that we all need to be grateful for the things around us! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Be present with those you love.” -Rachel “Not stress out!” -Erin “It’s never about the things. It’s about the people, the experiences and the memories.” -Rachel
December 25, 2019
39: The Imperfectly Perfect Life With Faith Doerr
Today, Erin and Rachel sit down with Faith Doerr to talk about being a self love advocate, living life with purpose and so much more! Faith is an author, blogger and Target fanatic. Her goal is to help people live a life of passion, power, and purpose through empowerment, self-care, and reminding women that they were created for an extraordinary life. Faith struggled with anxiety and depression growing up and some tragic events led her to wonder why we’re living these mediocre lives. She decided she wanted women to live their authentic truth and to own it. So she started a blog and a Facebook community as a safe place for women to empower one another. One of the biggest topics that the girls get into is that of identity. Faith said she struggled with her identity after having her daughter. She felt like she was only a mom now, but that there was still Faith on the inside. Rachel believes that a lot of people experience  an identity crisis at some point in their lives. All three of the girls agree that society tends to pigeonhole people into certain identities. Even if those identities no longer fit us. The girls also dive into: Being warrior cheerleaders Faith’s mission Becoming an Overcomer Finding your purpose Faith's newest endeavor, a 90 day gratitude journal Doing one thing a day to be successful Let’s take a listen! Faith’s Resources: Website: Instagram: @doerrstoadventure Facebook: imperfectlyperfectliving Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “We need to live our truth.” -Faith “You get lost in the shuffle.” -Faith “You never fully overcome emotional health.” -Faith We live in a society where everything is instant gratification.” -Rachel “Your test will become your testimony.” -Faith “We have to live up to the image we have of ourselves.” -Erin
December 23, 2019
38: The Power Of Owning Your Story
This episode is a powerful one! Erin starts the episode by sharing her courageous story of being attacked in her apartment complex 5 years ago. She explains what happened, how she fought back and so much more. One of the biggest things Erin goes into how it changed her life afterwards. She realized the outcome could have been very different and that she was ALIVE, stronger than before and resilient! Erin also discusses why she makes a post on the anniversary of the event every year. She does it, not to garner sympathy or pity, but to remember how much of a badass she was and how much she overcame.. She realizes she actually gained so much from it. Erin and Rachel then go on to discuss the power of owning your story. How owning these situations and talking about them can empower you. They can allow you to make a genuine connection with others. Here are some highlights: How a key helped save Erin’s life Therapy was a blessing Erin didn’t think she needed What she has taken from the incident Reactions and triggers she had to the situation Telling your story can allow for resiliency and strength Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “I don’t quit.” Erin “It sucked at the time, but looking back I realize how lucky I was.” Erin “You can go through something crazy and still have that happy, optimistic outlook on life.” “The power of vulnerability in owning our story.” Rachel “You can’t move past something unless you talk about it.” Rachel
December 18, 2019
37: Relationships & Body Empowerment Through Food With Jacque Timple
Today’s episode has Erin and Rachel chatting with special guest Jacque Timple. Jacque is a wife, mom, dog mom, co-parent extraordinaire, three-time Ironman competitor, health and wellness coach through Arbonne and Intervention Specialist. Erin and Rachel start it off with wanting to know more about the Ironman competition.  Jacque dishes on her decision to train for it to combat the loneliness when her daughter and boyfriend (now husband) weren’t around. She also talks about how training and the competition itself changed her life and lifestyle. Jacque then goes into the relationship changes that also occurred when she started training for the Ironman. It led to some relationships ending and the dynamic in others to change drastically. Rachel agrees that when you make a big lifestyle change that dominates your life the relationships around you also change. They all agree that the relationships with other women especially change. Jacque also shares about her passion to help others feel good about themselves. She wants everyone to have a positive outlook in all situations. But she currently does this through coaching others on lifestyle changes and food empowerment. All three of the girls discuss what is optimal fuel is for your body. Knowing what is actually good food and how much is needed to live healthily. Jacque tells of a client success story that involved implementing these strategies. Here are some big takeaways: Jealousy of others can hinder our own success You need to be your own best friend first Slip ups with food happen and to not punish yourself Rachel’s Ferris Bueller analogy Jacque’s breast explant story Let’s take a listen! Jacque’s Resources: Website: Instagram: @Jacque_Timple  Facebook: JTimpleArbonne  LinkedIn: Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Say what you mean, mean what you say.” -Jacque “Honesty can get people so much further.” -Jacque “Who’s the common denominator in these relationships?” -Rachel “ You gotta be your own best friend.” -Rachel “I stunted my own growth and success because I had a negative association with success.” -Erin
December 16, 2019
36: What’s Holding You Back From Becoming Your Best Self?
In this new episode, Erin and Rachel tackle the topic of what’s really holding people back from becoming their best selves. They recently had polled their Facebook community to see what the women in the group said was holding them back. The two most common answers were time and money. But the girls keep it real by saying that it’s actually a lack mindset! They say that most people are not using their resources. If people leveraged the resources around them, they could be free. And that’s what most people really want, freedom! One of the most powerful things that Erin and Rachel agree on is that asking for help is necessary. We can’t be good at everything or know everything, so asking for help is a way to gain knowledge and use the resources around you. The girls believe that there is an abundance everywhere and never actually a lack of anything. Here are some top takeaways: Sitting on the sidelines will get you nowhere Find what you are good at People want to help Being solution oriented and asking the right questions is necessary Don’t accept defeat or when someone tells you no Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You can make money doing anything.” -Erin “Get out of your own way!” -Rachel Life is like a game of Go Fish.” -Rachel
December 11, 2019
35: Health From The Inside Out With Maddy Hawthorn
In this episode, Erin and Rachel talk with special guest Maddy Hawthorn. Maddy Hawthorn is the owner and head coach of Mad Fit. Mad Fit is an online coaching platform to help women reach their fitness and health goals and gain confidence from the inside out. Maddy wanted to help change the lives of other women after she lost over 30 lbs. She fell in love with fitness and had a vision to empower others to become stronger, fitter versions of themselves, and now Maddy works one on one with men and women, helping them lead healthier lives through customized nutrition and fitness plans Maddy lets the girls in on her personal journey from an overweight, depressed college student to inspiring online fitness coach. She shares how she was able to get to a positive place internally and knew she wanted the outside to match. So she got herself a fitness coach and it helped lead her to where she is now. Erin, Rachel and Maddy talk about how many struggle with being on the hamster wheel of dieting. People want to try this new fad diet or a quick fix for their weight, but they are missing the point when it comes to diet and exercise. It is about finding something that works for you and your life. And when you can find that, your overall health will improve. They also dive into the habits necessary to build a balanced life. Maddy says she starts most of her clients off with learning how to build a balanced meal and understanding food labels. This is to get an understanding of what is really going into the body. Another big topic that the girls discuss is mindset. They all agree that mindset works plays a huge role in getting healthy both physically and mentally. Rachel says that self awareness of our actions can really help us understand our reasoning behind why we do what we do. Finally, Maddy gives her top takeaways when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight! Let’s take a listen! Maddy Hawthorn Resources: Instagram: Website: Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You’re worthy of support.” -Maddy “If you want the piece of chocolate, it eat!” -Rachel “Confidence comes from the inside outward.” -Maddy “We try to slap bandaids on the external problems.” -Rachel “The key to getting over that yo-yo cycle is finding what works for you.” -Maddy
December 9, 2019
34: The Power of Our Perspective
This brand new episode has Erin and Rachel discussing our perspectives of situations. Our perspective, when something bad happens to us, can be that of negativity or blame. But when we flip the script and try to find the good in the situation we can have a more positive perspective. Erin says that a person’s perspective may be a learned behavior. That as we grow up, we learn from others around us on how to respond to situations and that those responses become conditioned. Rachel likes to think that situations are happening for her, not to her. She noticed, in the past, when she thought things were happening to her that someone else was always to blame. It was never her fault.  She came to realize that she was the common denominator in those situations, so she shifted her perspective to one of growth and positivity. In the end, the girls agree that we need to be self-aware when it comes to perspectives. We need to look at the situation, respond appropriately, use it as empowerment, and reflect on the past for growth. Here are some highlights: What road rage has to do with our perspective Erin’s mental shift when looking back at her network marketing days How heartbreak brought Rachel to where she is today Self-awareness is a game-changer Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “You have to find something good in it.” Rachel “How can I react or respond in that situation in a positive way?” -Rachel “Perspective... I think it’s a learned trait” -Erin “All these things were happening for me, they weren’t happening to me.” -Rachel “What’s the more empowering response?” -Erin “Reflect on the past.” -Erin
December 4, 2019
33: Young Girl Empowerment & J.O.Y. With Kayleigh Hanlin
In this episode, Rachel and Erin get to chat with the lovely Kayleigh Hanlin. Kayleigh is the co-creator of two amazing things for young girls, J.O.Y. journals and Empowered Minds. In 2017 she started Empowered Minds with her mom, Cathy. This mother-daughter duo's mission is to assist young girls in building a foundation of self-love, confidence, and self-acceptance. The J.O.Y. Journal is designed for girls, ages 7-14, to discover their unique selves through engaging and guided activities. Kayleigh shares her story of how being born with a congenital heart defect and the obstacles that came with it allowed her to see things from a different perspective. And it was this that led her to creating the J.O.Y. journal. She wanted young girls to feel empowered about who they are and to have self-love. Rachel and Erin also talk with Kayleigh about the prompts within the journal. They realize that these prompts are great and not just for young girls. The prompts are to see the positive in yourself, to shut down the negative and reframe thoughts into ones of empowerment. Finally, Kayleigh tells the girls about the type of speaking engagements her and her mom do to empower young girls. She also talks about how creating a retreat for young girls and their female role models is the next big goal. Here are some highlights: Kayleigh’s story Self-awareness and the victim mentality The impact of social media on young girls Kayleigh’s love of chicken wings Let’s take a listen! Kayleigh Hanlin Resources: Website: Facebook: Instagram @JustOwnYou Pinterest: Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “I had very good instincts when it came to people.” -Kayleigh “Speak up for yourself.” -Kayleigh “You’re the only person standing in your way.” -Kayleigh “When you own who you are nobody else can tell you otherwise.” -Rachel “You’re not just living to live, you’re thriving.” -Kayleigh “There’s never a perfect approach to anything.” -Rachel
December 2, 2019
32: Are You Self-Sabotaging?
Do you ever feel like you are sabotaging yourself from reaching your goals? Or that you place the blame for not achieving things on your personality? If so, then this episode is for you! Erin and Rachel discuss why they think most people self-sabotage. They believe that most people allow it to happen because they are in the moment or it’s what their internal thermostat will allow. Erin also talks about how she believes people will use their personality (i.e. Ennegram, Meyer-Briggs) to justify why and how they sabotage themselves. Where instead we should be asking ourselves why do we do what we do? If we understand our weaknesses than we know how to improve upon them. The girls agree that sometimes having time freedom can actually be more harm than good. It can make us less productive because we don’t have the push to get things done. Having good time management is crucial to achieving goals. Erin and Rachel say overall we need to look at what we need to reach our goals and to have awareness in order to achieve them! Let’s dive in! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast
November 27, 2019
31: Health, Hormones & Menstrual Cycles with Lindsay Seitter
In this episode, Erin and Rachel with special guest Lindsey Seitter, a nurse practitioner, discuss healthy lifestyles and menstrual cycles. Lindsey talks about her trip that changed her perspective about motherhood. Let's listen as Lindsey tells her story when she decided to completely surrender to God and the events that lead her to help other women fulfill their desire to become a mother. They discuss tips, tricks and misconceptions on regulating your menstrual cycles. The girls also talk about the times when they didn't have their period at some point in their lives and how to optimize your body to help you get pregnant. Your period is more important than you think, and losing it indicates something more than meets the eye. And finally the girls talk about taking some time for yourself everyday to help you lower your stress levels and maintain a good amount of your hormones. Here are some highlights: Tops reasons your hormones is out of whack Lindsey calling Surrendering yourself completely How to test your hormones Take some time off for yourself at the beginning of the day Let’s take a listen! Lindsay Seitter Resources & References: Website: Instagram: Lindsayseitter2 Facebook Page: Get Pregnant Naturally Here is the link to ZRT laboratories for the hormone trio testing: Click on patients. Then on the bottom of the page, click order tests. Go to saliva testing. The hormone trio is the first kit to order. (I tried sending the exact link but my computer is being stubborn) Trio kit tests: Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone  ($125) Spit on day 20 of your cycle, first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth. Store in the freezer if you spit over the weekend, and take to UPS store to ship at the beginning of the week. If you want to include this link to order labs you can, but if it is too confusing you can leave it out. This is a site I use for clients to order their own labs. It includes everything important I like to evaluate for overall health. Optimal Health Panel: (includes thyroid) For just the Thyroid Panel: The Confident Woman Podcast Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “ Whatever you are going through. Have joy in that because there is always something to learn.” Lindsey “Women respond to different birth control pills differently” Lindsey “Overall we are so bombarded with distractions all throughout our day that we tune out what we need.” Rachel
November 25, 2019
30: Is Balance Possible When Life Changes?
Erin has big news to share in this week’s episode! This week’s episode starts off with a bang. Erin announces that she is pregnant with her first child! This leads the girls to talking about how having a child or any big event can be life changing. Erin talks about how she still wants to do what she wants after the baby is born, but knows that things can change once the little one is here. And how if you really want something, you will find a way to make it work. The girls then get onto the topic of work/life balance and if it is possible. Erin thinks that balance may not be possible, but that integration of work and life may be the best solution. Integration may allow her to bring her family into her work life and make them work together. Finally, Rachel and Erin bring up how to switch off from work mode and into family/life mode. They talk about different ways to find things you enjoy and to decompress. And that it is necessary to fill up our cups in order to succeed in life and business. If you can relate to trying to find balance in your life then this episode is for you! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “Just because things change or pop up, you still do the things you want to do.” -Erin “You can still do the things you want to do and follow your passions and have a family at the same time.” -Erin “Cut the fat of the things you don’t need to be doing.” -Erin “When do you shut off to move onto the next thing?” - Rachel “Do something that energizes you.” - Erin
November 20, 2019
29: Who We Look Up To: Does It Matter?
In this week’s episode, Rachel and Erin discuss what makes a good role model or mentor. The girls believe that we all need to be looking at who we follow and why. And are these people providing real, authentic value to our lives. Rachel and Erin dive into if social media influencers are worth following. They ask the tough questions of how to know if the influencers are promoting things to make money and gain more followers? Or do they truly believe in these products and what they stand for? The girls also talk about what to look for in a mentor. Rachel says a mentor should have walked the path before you. Those who have really experienced what you are aiming for can offer and guide you in the best way. They both agree that one of the most important things to look for in a mentor is someone who can provide VALUE to you and your life. Lastly, they say to do your homework when looking for a mentor or role model. Do your due diligence, check their track record and see if their results align with what you want. And don’t be afraid to connect with followers or clients of these potential mentors. These people will be able to tell you if this mentor is someone you really want to look up and follow. If you have been looking for a new mentor or role model then this episode is for you! Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “It’s a lot of noise.” -Erin “Look for a mentor, not the next best thing.” -Rachel “People show themselves as an expert in a lot of areas where they’re not.” -Erin “Do your homework!” -Rachel “Pay attention to who you are following.” -Erin
November 13, 2019
28: Finding Friends is Like Dating
In this episode, Erin and Rachel discuss how finding friends as an adult is kind of like dating. It is hard to find friends as a woman today. They talk about the ease of making friends as kids, but even when going to college it started to become harder to find friends. Erin went knocking on other dorm rooms to see if anyone wanted to hang out and Rachel actually pledged a sorority at a different school because of a friend. The girls realize that everyone is looking for support and someone they can relate to and connect too. And that a lot of times our friends come from our work, through other friends or by default. They are not genuine, deep connections. Rachel also talks about trying to make friends by looking at how she can serve the other person versus what is in it for her. Erin agrees that adding value to the other person is necessary, but that you may not be the right fit for everyone. They discuss how some friendships can run their course and you don’t have to stay friends with that person. If the friendship is no longer serving you or the other person then it’s time to let go of it with no hard feelings. And finally, the girls talk about some good places to meet other like-minded women who are also looking for friendship. Here are some highlights: Finding friends is hard as an adult Serving the other person vs. what is in it for me Add value to the other person but not for everyone Finding friends is like dating and actually jiving with the other person You don’t have to stay friends Where to find and meet friends Let’s take a listen! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Quotes: “ We want to find people that we can relate and connect with.” Rachel “Sometimes you’re making friends by default, by commonality instead of a deeper connection.” Erin “I’m looking at it from a serving standpoint versus what’s in it for me.” Rachel “You’re not going to connect with every single person.” Erin
November 6, 2019
27: The Power of Vulnerability
Is vulnerability is a weakness and something we can exploit? Or is it actually a superpower and shield of honor we can wear? In this week’s episode, Erin and Rachel discuss the power of vulnerability. Most people associate vulnerability with being a sign of weakness and something that will make us less than perfect. In reality, vulnerability is actually a strength. It allows us to attract people into our lives and to empower and connect with them on a deeper level. Rachel and Erin also talk about showing up as yourself instead of putting on masks to be something you are not or think you need to be. This is to include social media and how people don’t actually want to see highlight reels of others. They want to see the failures and struggles of others because it is what makes them relatable and humanizes them. Let’s take a listen! Vulnerability: weakness or strength? Power of going deep and not having superficial connections with others What causes our vulnerabilities? Can they self-inflicted or fear-based? Putting people on pedestals when they are only showing highlight reels Showing up and connecting with others through our vulnerabilities Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Facebook: The Confident Woman Podcast Quotes: “Own the suck” Rachel “We see the highlight reels of people and we put them on pedestals and they’re just not even relatable.” Rachel “You don’t have to glamorize everything” Erin “Anything we’re self-conscious of or feel vulnerable with anyways isn’t going to go away unless you do talk to someone about it.”  Erin
October 30, 2019
26: What Does Perfection Even Mean?
In this episode, Rachel and Erin are talking about Perfection. Chasing perfection can happen to any of us. It can happen to us at any stage of our lives, even from a young age. We are constantly bombarded with what life is “suppose” to look and feel like. But we need to ask ourselves, is this truly what we want and desire? Instead of trying to achieve perfection, we need to be realistic and give it our best. By doing this, we can set realistic expectations and results from what we are doing. And when we are being realistic, we can be vulnerable and connect with others. One of the most powerful things we can do to stop the chase for perfection is to let go. This will allow us to truly discover what makes us happy and how to attract it into our lives! Here are some highlights: The chase for perfection and what leads us down the rabbit hole of perfection How many people aim for perfection because they fear failure How perfection sucks and is boring! The strive for perfection can actually hinder us from achieving the goals and dreams we have Reevaluating our wants and priorities and discovering what we truly want and desire Enjoy the show! Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Facebook: The Confident Woman Podcast Quotes: “Once you take off the mask of perfection, you start to see things with a whole new lens.” Rachel “Perfect sucks!” Erin “Take the shot.” Erin “The antidote of perfection is letting go.” Rachel
October 23, 2019
25: Is FEAR Holding You Back?
In this episode, Rachel and Erin are talking about the fears we all have about starting something new. Doing something new is scary; people sometimes fear success. If we are successful, there will be more pressure not to fail. Sometimes we cannot rationalize through our fears. One thing you can do to overcome your fears is to focus on other people’s successes. Pay attention to the people who have succeeded in what you are trying to accomplish. Don’t focus on the people who have failed. Another thing to consider is, what is the worst thing that could possibly happen in a particular scenario? If you think the worst-case scenario is still worth pursuing, then do it! Remember, we are all going to fail. Be vulnerable and ask for help. Make sure to surround yourself with people who are going to be encouraging and buy into your vision. Eventually, we will just get to the point where we do things without looking for validation from other people. “Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.” – Mark Twain. Enjoy the show! Timestamps: [02:40] Our mindsets are holding us back [04:30] Rationalizing our fears [07:45] We are all going to fail [10:50] Start with one step [13:45] Overcoming our fears Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Facebook: The Confident Woman Podcast Quotes: “Once you break through the fear wall, the other side is exhilarating.” -Rachel “I think it’s fun to be scared sometimes.” -Erin “Face your fear, and just do it.” -Rachel “Think about the absolute worst possible thing that could happen.” -Erin
October 16, 2019
24: How to Control What You Can’t Control.
In this episode, Rachel and Erin are talking about the things we can control versus the things we cannot control. Well, we can always control ourselves! We need to start controlling how we react and respond to situations. Things happen for us (not to us), and we can get through 100% of the things that are thrown at us. Choice is a powerful word; we have the decision on how to react. Another way to control situations is by reevaluating who we are spending our time with. Are these people making the situation worse, or are they helping look for the best solution? Focus on the solution instead of getting hung up on the problem. Also, it’s essential to think about what you can learn from a scenario. If the situation keeps happening over and over again, think about what you are not learning. Enjoy the show! Timestamps: [00:20] We can only control ourselves [02:20] Responding positively to situations [06:30] Consider who you are surrounding yourself with [08:00] Think about what you are learning (or not learning) [10:00] Our identities can always change [14:30] What’s the silver lining? Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Facebook: The Confident Woman Podcast Quotes: “Things don’t happen to us; they happen for us.” -Rachel “We have a 100% track record of getting through everything that has ever happened to us.” -Erin “Problems become so magnified because we are focusing on them.” -Rachel “Think of one thing you can do to fix a situation.” -Erin
October 9, 2019
23: Are You Putting Too Much Pressure On Yourself?
Rachel and Erin are talking about their struggles with aging and the expectations that society often puts on women. They tell stories about how when they were growing up, they didn’t feel on par with their peers. Erin didn’t get married until later in life, and Rachel never got her white picket fence. We only see things in the perspective of the people we are around. In a small town, getting married at a young age may be completely normal. If you get out into the world, you’ll see that women are waiting to become established before creating a family. Sam Walton didn’t start Walmart until the age of 57. Many people think when you’re 50 that your life is over, but Sam Walton didn’t buy into that story and we don’t have to either. Instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity, just do it. Enjoy the show! Timestamps: [01:40] Erin and Rachel didn’t stick with the status quo [05:10] How traveling can open your eyes [06:50] Why we need to stop comparing ourselves to others [08:45] Now is the perfect time to start [12:50] The social norms are already set for us Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Facebook: The Confident Woman Podcast Quotes: “I don’t have a white picket fence; it’s not a one size fits all.” -Rachel “I couldn’t imagine being married to anyone else.” -Erin “Do we want to follow the norm, or do we want to pave our own way?” -Rachel “We all have different purposes.” -Erin
October 2, 2019
22: Are Your Daily Habits Serving You?
In this episode, Rachel and Erin are talking about routines, affirmations, and habits. Erin admittedly does not have the best morning routine, but she’s working on that. There is so much media out there claiming that the key to success is our morning routine. Rachel realized it was more about her daily routine, habits, and behaviors. Erin is not much of a morning person, so at nighttime, she writes everything down that she needs to do the next day. This way, she won’t be thinking about it while trying to sleep. Then, the two talk about to-do lists; sometimes they can be very overwhelming. Rachel recommends permitting ourselves to get a few big things done instead of the massive lists we think we need to do. Later, the two talk about needing downtime, why we should listen to our thoughts, and how to quiet the noise. Enjoy the show! Timestamps: • [00:50] Is the key to success your morning routine? • [03:40] Erin’s nightly routine • [05:30] To-do lists can be so overwhelming • [10:00] Take time to enjoy yourself • [12:30] Learn to quiet the noise Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Facebook: The Confident Woman Podcast Quotes: ¨ “I give myself permission to accomplish 2-3 larger tasks instead of the 100 that need to be done.” -Rachel ¨ “Mornings are very slow-moving for me.” -Erin ¨ “Your soul knows what you’re supposed to do, so listen to it.” -Rachel ¨ “Look at the big picture.” -Erin
September 25, 2019
21: How to Set Expectations for Yourself & Others.
In this episode, Rachel and Erin discuss the expectations we place on ourselves, on others, and that others set on us. Rachel says we like to put expectations on people, places, and things. However, we have no power over things that are out of control like the weather and our friends. Rachel has learned to go into a situation from a place of openness with no expectations. Setting expectations for ourselves and how we will react in a scenario will have a positive impact on our day. Rachel points out that we need to have the courage to ask another person what happened instead of filling in the rest of the story in our heads. Then, Erin explains how to set realistic expectations for ourselves: they need to be achievable, and we need to accept what we can’t do. Tune in to hear why we need to embody self-love, and how to find yourself and your “why.” Enjoy the show! Timestamps: • [01:45] Expectations can be a good thing • [04:00] Why we create stories in our minds • [05:35] Setting realistic expectations for ourselves • [07:40] Embodying self-love • [10:30] How do you find yourself? Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Facebook: The Confident Woman Podcast Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action Quotes: ¨ “Have an expectation for self; that was a huge game-changer for me.” -Rachel ¨ “We are never going to be enough if we give our power to other people.” -Erin ¨ “When we are looking externally for other people to accept us, we will never be enough.” -Rachel ¨ “We make things a bigger deal in our heads than they really are.” -Erin
September 18, 2019
20: What Are You Looking For In a Relationship?
In this episode, Rachel and Erin discuss their experience with dating and what we should be looking for in a relationship. Rachel is currently celebrating her tenth anniversary with her partner. Their relationship has not been perfect because there will always be ups and downs; two people can make things complicated. However, if you know your partner has the best intentions in mind, you can work on bringing your best self to the relationship. Erin points out many people think that if they are not happy, they should not be in the relationship; it’s bullshit! We are the only person who is going to make us happy, not our partners. Then, Erin explains how she and her partner went on a marriage retreat together to create expectations for their relationship, which was integral in preparing them for the future. Plus, Rachel and Erin reveal stories from their single life, how we can grow with our partners, and why we can get tunnel vision in a relationship. Enjoy the show! Timestamps: • [01:45] Rachel’s tenth anniversary • [05:15] Embarking on a weekend marriage retreat • [08:20] Stories from the single life • [13:10] Find a partner that brings out the best in you • [15:00] Tunnel vision in a relationship Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Facebook: The Confident Woman Podcast Quotes: ¨ “Take the time to gather your thoughts and cool down in an argument.” -Rachel ¨ “The dating world today is a little insane.” -Erin ¨ “We overlook all the negatives that our friends and families point out to us.” -Rachel ¨ “If you are out looking for the perfect person, you’re going to be single forever.” -Erin
September 11, 2019
19: The Top 5 Most Influential Books.
In this episode, Rachel and Erin reveal which books made an impactful impression on their lives. First, they uncover which books were most helpful in getting their businesses up and running. Rachel says The Four Agreements had such a profound impact on her. The agreements are to be impeccable with your words, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do your best. Erin believes Think and Grow Rich is the number one all-time best business book. Another great read by Napoleon Hill is Outwitting the Devil. Erin was astonished by the number of people who are drifters – people who cannot think for themselves and react to what is given to them. Stay tuned to hear the rest of the best reads from Erin and Rachel.  Enjoy the show! Timestamps:  • [01:10] The Four Agreements had a profound impact on Rachel • [07:15] If you can’t own you, no one else will   • [10:00] Wasting time will make you a drifter  • [12:45] Our habits will have long-lasting impacts  Books: The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom The Mastery of Self: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom Think and Grow Rich Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness Resources: Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast Facebook: The Confident Woman Podcast Quotes: ¨ “If we use the same language toward others as we do to ourselves, then we are filling ourselves with the same words of encouragement.” -Rachel ¨ “My journey started when I fueled into myself instead of pouring i