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The Couples Corner Podcast

The Couples Corner Podcast

By Alabama’s Finest™
The Couples Corner Podcast is a platform consisting of a open minded married couple who are passionate about addressing the proverbial elephant in the room & work together on ways of how to get rid of the elephant. Buckle up
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What if you were finalizing your divorce tomorrow?

The Couples Corner Podcast

What if you were finalizing your divorce tomorrow?

The Couples Corner Podcast

Can Old Flames Turn into some thangs!
Welcome back guys Mr & Mrs TrickyRicky here back with another podcast. On this episode we will be talking about old flames and can they turn into some things??? Please chime in with your messages & answer our Spotify poll regarding this topic.
October 17, 2021
Toxic Marriages & Relationships- Are they really worth the time?
Greetings friends and family. Mr. & Mrs. TrickyRicky here & we are back with another couples podcast. In today’s segment, we’re going to decipher the hardships of being involved in a toxic situation & together, we determine if those type situations are worth your time & energy.
July 02, 2021
Juneteenth National Holiday I Sip and Chat
Mr & Mrs. TrickyRicky random chat about the new national Juneteenth Holiday, over a glass of wine 🍷 🍷
June 18, 2021
What if you were finalizing your divorce tomorrow?
On today's segment, we would like to talk about divorces, Co Parenting and moving on. Today's question is what would you do if it were you? would you act accordingly?? #LetsGo. If you like today's Segment or if you have a piggyback or a rebuttal, please leave us a voice message and we will revisit  the topic on a late date. Thanks for listining!!!!
December 18, 2020
Keep your business to yourself- Couples Corner- Episode 1
Mr. & Mrs. TrickyRicky talks about relationship status, social media, family and when to let outside people give you advice about your relationship.
October 24, 2020