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By The Cultures United Podcast
The Cultures United Podcast envisions a movement steeped in diversity that will empower change and unite us as a people. Using the podcasting platform to create an inclusive space for deeper conversation, pride in identity and diversity in perspective. This podcast is for the greater community, Cultures United believes that through fostering respect, connection and understanding we can unite each other.
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The Culture of Restorative Justice

The Cultures United Podcast

A Discussion on Feminism
Gender inequality brings a legacy of tension and oppression to the world today. From segregated opportunities to intersectionality and predetermined roles, the struggle to grow as individuals comes with many barriers. Delilah and her mother Liz dive into the topic of feminism covering misconceptions, challenges and devaluation of human beings. We talk about bringing awareness and ideas,understanding others experiences and perspectives in the movement. People have “one-sided experiences and understandings” of their context and how they see the world. Delilah highlights how far we have come, and to not underestimate our capacity to unite and conquer inequality rather than divide our humanity.
April 19, 2022
Russia and Ukraine: Compassion During Conflict Part 2
Working alongside the previous episode, we were fortunate to have Sofia and Tamara on the podcast to share their experience as Ukrainians in America. Most people in North America are aware of the conflict, though distance brings challenges to aid and understanding. Our guests share how they are keeping in touch with their families, coming to terms with fear and pain and working on reaching out and cultivating support in the ways that they can. It was a blessing to have both Sofia and her mother Tamara bring incredible resilience in their vulnerability and willingness to share their insights and raise awareness to the impacts of the conflict, both locally and internationally.
April 19, 2022
Russia and Ukraine: Compassion During Conflict Part 1
What hurts our people, hurts us all. The conflict in Russia and Ukraine is a conflict between people, communities and leaders. Anna Moiseva joins the Cultures United Podcast to talk about the impact of the conflict on Russian people. Putin has been leading with violence and this affects both the Ukrainians and Russians, in very different ways. We talk about propaganda, compassion, extreme views of right and wrong, and forgotten populations in Russia who are devastated by the warring nations. At Cultures United, we focus on the value of each nation, the richness and depth they both bring and the strong ties between cultural livelihoods. Anna suggests that connecting over our humanity and talking to people you know and have a relationship with can help bridge barriers and foster compassion and understanding. Please do what you can to help those around you and spread love in these times of great hardship. Sources:
April 19, 2022
Environmental Impacts for the Climate and Community
This week we were nourished with the presence of Robert Pavlik, a community leader in environmental conservation and with an admiral passion for ecosystems. In the east-coast of America he has been working with individuals of the community to spread knowledge and time spent uplifting the local ecosystems and communities alike. What incentives are there to take care of our environment and how should we consider our role in the health of the ecosystem? We learned so much in this episode from topics of urbanization, watershed and the span of pollution. The overwhelming pressure from climate change and action can be intimidating, but we come out of this episode with tools and tales to go outside, explore and be curious about the environment around us. Conscious communities are made up of informed individuals, just as large-scale changes can come from small, daily actions.
April 19, 2022
Energy, Technology and Access
Access comes back as a theme in this episode where we welcome a new guest, Aashish, to enlighten us on the availability of resources through technology to help people learn and contribute towards informed and sustainable energy consumption. Defining sustainability proves to be a difficult task as we work through how it can be perceived versus how it can be achieved. We explore the economic and ethical routes of sustainability and balancing our usage of resources with conscious decision-making. Concluding this episode we agreed that empowerment has a more positive impact than shame and is the tool of choice when reaching for a sustainable future.
April 19, 2022
Race, Health and Access
Where are the resources placed, and who has the most access to them? The quality and location of grocery stores, hospitals, and schools, etc. have a great impact on the communities that are able to use them and the well-being of the populations, closest and fathers from high-quality services and products. With Kirt (@kts_fit_life), and Mista Bee, we address the challenges of a segregated world and the legacy of impacts from past discrimination of the current health of populations. How people are treated and able to exist in communities can coincide with their access to the tool they need to be safe, healthy, and successful. Food Deserts, Malnutrition, Redlining and more are highlighted and we work to brainstorm solutions of what work could look like with equitable access and rights. Join our conversation online and tune it to hear what we think!
March 03, 2022
Moving Waste From Your Waist
Moving out of the body towards what goes into it, Kirt (kts_fit_life) and your culture’s united hosts look at how nutrition impacts the body. Questions like what is nutritious, what is healthy eating and how can individuals find what works best for them? Are answered with care and detail. We walk through examples and situations to create meals that best suit individual needs and explain the importance of good digestion and wellbeing. This episode ties into all the physical work we have discussed to uncover a path and baseline for self-care and sustainable health.
March 03, 2022
Spirituality and Fitness
What is spirituality? Some look at it through the lens of religion, some through stillness and others action. With recurring guest Kirt (@kts_fit_life) we find that spirituality lies in the practice of the beholder. He says “with spirituality, you are building mental and physical fortitude” which translates not only to fitness but navigating life as a whole. Through spirituality we talk about connection and “Ego work,” what it means to meet yourself on the other side of a challenge, and “nurse your emotions' ' as host Mista B puts it. Spirituality calls for exploration and a deeper curiosity of who you are and how your presence does and can make an impact.
March 03, 2022
What is Fitness?
We are kicking off our 5TH Season and the New Year we have Kirt (@KTS_fit_life) and Elijah (@emjgains) bringing in the tips, tricks, and why behind movement and fitness! Starting off, we ask ourselves and the audience, what is fitness, not just by definition, but to you as an individual. Finding motivation in movement is not about changing your appearance or being the best, but understanding why you are doing it for yourself and why it is an investment that is worthy of your time. Kirt and Elijah work through questions of practice and building a routine of movement that will help your growth in your overall health. Take a listen and let us know what you think @theculturesunitedpodcast!
March 03, 2022
Men’s Health and Collaborative Connections
In this episode, we hosted the lovely Gabryel Lake, Founder of Caarnosa, and “ah-ha” moments. Mista B and Gabryel spoke to the challenges and misperceptions that exist of male expression and emotions. Brought to the conversation was a thoughtful commentary on masculinity and vulnerability. As a writer, Gabryel articulates the power of self-expression through works and sharing her experiences through her web-based magazine, Caarnosa, and her upcoming poetry book. The pressure put on appropriate means of expression and self-care creates a generalized version of what should and can be valid. Come join our conversation and let us know how you are impacted by the expectation of health and how you experience it as an individual. What is your relationship with your emotions and how does that impact your relationship with others? Resources:
March 03, 2022
The Culture of Restorative Justice
Accountability, safe space for expression and community building are core practices to Restorative Justice outlined by our guest Catherine Bargen. We had an insightful conversation about her life experiences, furthering her education in Conflict Resolution Studies and Psychology to a career starting a business in Restorative Justice with her two peers called Just Outcomes Consulting ( Catherine illustrated creating socio-political shifts, moving away from harmful practices and facilitating “mountain top experiences'' by increasing conversation and ultimately asking, “what are the needs, and who is responsible for meeting those needs?.” We are excited to share with you what we have learnt in this episode and translate this into our mission at Cultures United, centering relationships in our actions, welcoming open-hearted conversations and continuing a culture of respect, acceptance and resilience.
October 20, 2021
The Culture of Introspection and Healing
At Cultures United, Joe Cotton acts as the Mission and Service Coach, though also hold the role of Catholic Chaplain, Life Coach, and Pastoral Care and Outreach Director. He is a multi-talented and impassioned individual who, in this Episode, shared his past experiences with work and his personal journey of how spirituality and connection have promoted well-being in his life and how he spreads this to others. We discuss the importance of being present and authentic in conversations, leaving judgment outside, and befriending wounds. Joe illustrates how he builds a safe space in both his personal and professional life and practices empathy so he can hold the burden with the people he talks to. Ultimately, in all roles, he emphasizes the importance of listening and creating a process to help people recognize their capabilities, goals, and available resources, to build a life that embraces an individual’s character is true to them.
October 14, 2021
The Culture of Politics and Personal Life
Often it is hard to relate or connect politics to our own lives and really take charge or get involved when it is personal. Council-member Dave Upthegrove (@CMUpthegrove; came onto the podcast with a vulnerability and strength that illustrated the political realm as a powerful medium to foster change and deeply impact the community. He jumped into political heart-first with a passion for justice and a keen eye for social needs, while staying true to his individuality. Dave Upthegrove had us talking about the application of academics in alignment with character, making his mark in the world through his knowledge and experiential insight. We are wholly grateful for the presence and honesty he has brought both in this episode and in his service of King County.
October 14, 2021
The Culture of Technology and Access
Phones, payments, professionalism, and philanthropy, technology is at the core of many of our lives today. We were lucky to be joined by Joe Molina (@joemoemoney88) and David Pierce (@thedahv) to discuss the work and culture in the Tech Industry. An individual is always part of a greater team in the workplace so we covered working together to maintain clarity and a collaborative spirit when moving to achieve goals. Additionally, connecting to consumers and data to develop products that will fit their needs and that of society as a whole. David covered the concept of “failing forward” where mistakes are an essential part of progress and coming together to find a method of solution or further innovation. This episode is thoughtful, informative and deeply personal to both the guest and us, please let us know how tech connects to your life and how you will use it for personal and/or professional growth!
October 14, 2021
Environmental Activism and Climate Change
This week’s episode brings passion, facts, and art to the Environmental movement. We are joined by Lukene Sotomayor (@lukenesotomayor, and Momo Rutkin (@morutkin) to talk about climate change and actions that support environmental awareness and well-being. Looking outside of the box and thinking forward Momo and Lukene shared their hopes for the future and initiatives they are taking right now to make a difference. Talking environment, empathy, and awareness we, as a community can push towards a healthier collective and planet.
October 14, 2021
The Culture of Divergence
In previous seasons we have touched on the diversity of America and the manifestation of various cultures, traditions, and identities. In this episode, Ashwin Chidambaram (@achidam4) and Jon Rivera (@j0nrivera) join us to talk about their experiences growing up in a multicultural environment. Similarities and differences present both benefits and challenges as appearance, language, and cultures can influence how American residents experience their community. We connected over the influence of positive and negative stereotypes and living in american values while navigating their family’s and their own.
October 14, 2021
The Culture of Becoming
An exciting start to our 4th season of The Cultures United Podcast we welcome Kayla Blau and Ale Villa as guests to discuss identity, assimilation, and the process of integration. Both Kayla and Ale reflect on their positions as individuals with immigrant heritage and share insights on the cultural legacy and connection that they feel external from America. This episode explores authentic self-creation alongside recognition of past and heritage, enjoy and let us know how you feel about this topic!
October 14, 2021
Critical Conversations About Race
At the core, our podcast is looking to foster conversations and connections in the community. This week we were very lucky to be joined by Adanna (@adannannenne) to take a critical look at the current educational system, the articulation of American History and the concept of race and experiences within it. Adanna works as an Equity and Family Engagement Facilitator and she shared with us ways that equity can be built, understood and we discussed the application of Critical Race Theory. She brought incredible insight, passion and practices to our episode this week and we are excited for you all to connect, apply and engage in this conversation!
July 01, 2021
State of Immigration
This episode was a privilege to record, looking back on the mission of Cultures United and what union of values, cultures and citizenship really means. We were joined by Amrita Shergill (@amyshergill20), recent Bio-Psych Graduate and currently working in Canada; Ale Villa (@ale_tamalee), an Immigration Casework & Outreach Director at US Government; and Luis Garcia (@calaveracollectivetacoma), the Co-Founder of Tacoma Migrant Justice Program; and Calavera Collective. Throughout this episode we heard from our guests on their experience of immigration, challenges that they faced and the richness that immigrants bring. The power of speaking and being heard as well as sharing narrative was a large contributor to fostering connections amongst newcomers and people in the community. What is North America without immigrants? Whom are not only foundational, but essential to the growth, diversity and innovation in the nation. Ale brought in the need for comprehensive immigration reform, Amy the importance to follow your dreams no matter the challenges and Luis value in celebration of culture in self-expression and identity. This episode brought a lot of insight and learning to not remain silent, but to speak up and build trust to build community, unity and empower all members of the nation.
July 01, 2021
State of Policing
On Wednesday we were fortunate to have Chief Ted Boe join us to talk about policing, the politics of the practice and humanity within each of us, regardless of our personal professional roles. Joining us as well were youth guests Fatima, Nowali and Cristian, who enriched the conversation with their experiences, interpretations and expectations of the Policing agents. Our discussion rounded out the role of police officers society and their relationships to community members. How this has been approached in the past, and potentials for the future. We looked at the case of  Derek Chouvin and George Floyd, in addition to the meaning of symbolic and lived justice. It is clear that justice and equity is a process of constant learning, re-assessment and respect that we, as a community and country should be working on together, informing each other of contextual, communal and social needs. Tune in to follow the discussion and contribute via our social media @theculturesunitedpodcast, your voice has an impact!
July 01, 2021
The Culture of Vaccination and Health
COVID-19 has brought many challenges, through isolation, death and new habits, jobs and adjustments. The rush to create a vaccine has finally simmered down, they are available to receive though controversy and some skepticism leaves a divide in those who get it and those who don’t. In this episode we talk to Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Kirt (@kts_fit_life) and Peter, a Molecular Biologist about health, the inner-working of the body and vaccine development. In this discussion, we highlighted a holistic approach to health, fitness and keeping a clear head when consuming both media and information about Vaccinations and self-care. This episode was both critical, compassionate and rich with information. Together we can strive for community health, understanding and empowerment. We look forward to your feedback and let us know what health means to you!
June 13, 2021
The Culture of Empathy: A closer look at Colombia and Palestine
This is a passion-filled episode about the power of empathy, interconnections of global fear, pain and politics. We had the opportunity to talk with Kayla Blau who is a youth advocate and writer ( and Amr, who is a student and soccer player from Cultures United FC,about their experiences and reflections on Israel and Palestine tensions. Our host Sebastian spoke to the Colombian context, where economic and social inequalities are hurting people directly and us as part of the human body globally. We broke down how support, awareness and the economy can impact international affairs. The beauty of the connections we make, and hope our listeners do too, is through the practice of empathy and a will to expand one’s knowledge. With a growing global connection, the state of the world is more and more a part of our lives in ways we do not see. Join us to share your experiences and truths, keeping alive a narrative of life and education through community.
June 13, 2021
Sports Culture
This week we hosted a big part of the Cultures United Family, Coach Bobby, and soccer players Kante, Aidan, Fila, Owusu, and tuning in from Indonesia Akbar, brought their experiences, insight, and passion to the discussion on sports in culture. This episode has a soccer focus, though applies to the overall team spirit and personal growth, and challenges it brings to those who follow and participate. Our group talked about the connection to communities, both international and local, being a part of the Cultures United Football Club has brought as well and furthering the understanding and solidarity with them. In this episode, we hear a lot about the passion for the sport and the heart it takes to both be involved in the community and competitive aspect. These players are pushing their physical and mental boundaries to excel in soccer, enabling them with greater skill, resilience, and connection in the world.
May 01, 2021
Food Culture
This week we had a star guest, Chad Kodama, join Sebastian, Mista Bee and Jemma to talk about the culture of food. Chad is a resident Seattleite, who has travelled both the street and the world hitting hot food destinations. He shared with us his background and perspective naming Seattle as one of his top pick in the country for both food diversity and innovation. Tune in to learn more about the food culture during a pandemic.
April 11, 2021
The State of Education
In this episode, we get to question some of our hosts, Sebastian and Mista Bee, as well as a guest scholar from their school. What an incredible source of insight and care Rume was and we felt honored to have her open up and share both difficulties, advice, and words for teachers and students alike to keep learning from each other during the Pandemic lock-down.
April 11, 2021
The Culture of Small Businesses During the Pandemic
QW (@lotallc) and Bryanna Allen (@beeyourselfhunny) joined the Cultures United Podcast to bring some valuable insight into running a business during the pandemic and maintaining strength through passion and community. Tune in to learn more about them.
March 28, 2021
Opening up and Healing
Starting the month of March, we were fortunate to have Sarah C. and a young Scholar join us to discuss mental health during the pandemic. Sarah is a practicing counselor and continuing her graduate degree in Counseling Psychology at WSU. Both Sarah and Scholar KB bring their personal and educational experiences into a rich illustration of some challenges that persist with isolation. Listen in for some incredible insight and vulnerability -  connective and collective healing brings growth.
March 09, 2021
Inclusion Through Identity
In this episode we are joined by Andres Orozco (@andresorozcoescribe) and Cam Carley (@ccar98) who bring great insight into language, acceptance, and representation for inclusion. We touch on aspects of identifying as LQBTQI+. Both Cam and Andres bring rich perspectives of the influence of media, community, and building resilience through solidarity, just as we do with the Cultures United podcast.
March 02, 2021
Music Culture
This episode we get on track with Marisol Rivera, a talented artist as well as the Spanish-speaking voice in our Cultures United introduction, and Jansel Murillo, a young creator building a new melody to both spiritual and self-expression. Jansel and Marisol share their inspiration, insight, and influences that brought them to music and the development of their own alongside moving and creating to the beat of life. Check it out.
March 02, 2021
The Political Landscape through Artistic Expression
In this Episode, the Cultures United hosts, Sebastian, MistaBe... and Jemma explore activism, through artistic expression. We talk to Brooke Blaire (@brookeamericano) and G Sanchez (@gsanchezart), discussing what brought them to use the artistic medium and how they use it for both expression and change. How does their experiences influence their art today and what is their vision of society and political change? Listen in and find out!
February 12, 2021
State of the Union No. 2 - A Tale of Two Americas
In today's episode, we discuss the state of the union, again, but this time we approach it from the lens of injustice. What happened on January 6th, 2021 will forever display the disparities within our union. Tune in to find out more.
February 05, 2021
Fully jumping into 2021, your host, Sebastian, Jemma, and MistaBe..., dissect: resolutions, what to leave in 2020, life's influences and inspiration and goal-setting for the future. We talk about individual aspirations, how we want to enter into the new year, recognizing the value of who we are and what we have with gratitude. If you like quotes, you'll love this 2020 close out episode. Check us out!
January 02, 2021
2020: A Challenging Year Part 3
2020, the year, meant something different for everyone, both locally, in the US and globally. Your hosts, Sebastian, MistaBe... and Jemma explore the remnants, lessons, and growth from the year. Through their experiences and connecting to the global context, we look at what 2020 has brought us, how we have persisted in union and what might come next. Tune in to this powerful episode to gain some insights, affirmations, or confirmations. Chime in, we want to hear from you.
January 02, 2021
2020: A Challenging Year Part 2
What is the American nation, if not an incredible collection of human beings? Is America, with all of her diversity, still separate? In today's episode, we discuss how this diversity, and all it's beauty, has been dealt with in the past and present, from discrimination, exclusion and oppression of groups, and how we, the people, can create a better tomorrow for our future generations. This isn't a history lesson, it's just a dope conversation. Join us and chime in. We're all in this together!!!
January 02, 2021
2020: A Challenging Year Part 1
2020 for some had been a tremendously challenging year. In this episode Mr. B, Sebastian and Jemma explore the individual and social difficulties that this year has presented. The death of iconic figures along with the millions affected by Covid 19. If you want to learn more, tune in and check out the discussion at hand!
January 02, 2021
State of the Union
In today’s episode your hosts Sebastian, Mr. B and Jemma look at the 2020 presidential elections. A hot mess!!! Right? They engage in a variety of discussions like: How does history play into our current political state? The ground-breaking presence of Kamala Harris as being the first woman to hold her position in this state. Where will it lead us, and where do we, as a country, want it to go? Indulge us as we debate this hot topic.
January 02, 2021
Our Roots
Welcome to the Cultures United Podcast! Episode 1, Our Roots, is an introduction to some of your hosts: Sebastian Diaz, MistaBe, and Joe Dreamz. As hosts of the podcast, we want you to know who you are listening to and know that everyone is coming from different backgrounds, but we have a common goal for our cultures to be united. Thanks for listening and enjoy!
December 30, 2020