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The Deep Yes

The Deep Yes

By Sarah Stack
The greatest gift we can give ourselves is that of our own care and time. A meditation practice doesn't have to be hard. Come meditate with me.

Many of my recorded meditations I offer are short, because I know many people struggle with feeling like they don't have the time for meditation. Well, if you have anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, you have time to meditate!

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Bare Attention Meditation
Bare Attention is a mindfulness term coined to mean our simple observation of what is going on around us and detaching from the need to explain the world. In this practice,  the goal is to simply notice the world around you, letting Truth arise but releasing the Story Engine of the Ego Mind. We start with a simple and short body scan,  grounding into experience and then release into the Truth of "I am". Enjoy this meditation and connection with your Truth! Sarah Background music:  Morning Sun by tunestogo
May 11, 2022
Waning Moon Release Meditation
Hello gorgeous Fellow Travelers in this Space-Time with me! This meditation is a release for the Waning Moon.  This Saturday is a New Moon and a partial Eclipse, a phenomenon known as a Black Moon.   Waning moons are great for the symbology of release, and this New Moon/partial Eclipse is supposed to be ripe for a reset! So why not release some old junk you're carrying around with you? Release regrets, fears, past baggage here, and live now! Love and beauty, Sarah Background music:  Ocean Calmness by tunestogo
April 28, 2022
Unplug Meditation near the Ocean of Calm
This 9 minute meditation focuses on unplugging from the story engine of the Ego Mind.  It utilizes a bit of simple breathwork and noticing the Now.  The background music is ambient music and sounds of the ocean. Enjoy my friends! Sarah Background music:  Ocean Calmness by tunestogo
April 13, 2022
I Am Here, This Is Now Presence Meditation
This short meditation focuses on the mantra,  "I am here, this is now". We start with a short body awareness exercise and then move to breath awareness. Let go, thrive and be well! Be here now.  :) Sarah Background music:  Morning Sun by tunestogo
April 07, 2022
Meditation for Peace
With the disturbing news in Ukraine about the Russian invasion, everyone's mind has been running rampant about what this means for the future.  I wanted to share a few moments of peace, so that we can focus our collective energies on finding peace within ourselves,  to help build peace outside of ourselves. This short meditation can be done in less than 10 minutes and anywhere you can find some time to sit quietly and focus.   Sending peace and love, Sarah Background music:  Ocean Calmness by tunestogo
March 03, 2022
Releasing Stories Guided Meditation
In this guided meditation, the goal is to release stories and limiting beliefs that do not serve you. We start with a round of body awareness, then breath, then thoughts. Let's be free, Wild Souls! Background Music: Meditation by TastyAudio
January 13, 2022
Take Up Space Expanding Tree Guided Meditation
Don't be afraid to take up space! Move past the noise of modern life and find your inner expansive self.  Let that self grow and thrive.   Enjoy the universe, Wild Souls! Background music:  Ambient Meditation Music by AGsoundtrax              
January 06, 2022
Fly Free Meditation for The New Moon
This is a Fly Free Meditation for the first New Moon of 2022. Of course you can listen to it whenever you want. Let go,  and fly free, Wild Souls! Background Music: The Meditation by  Stereo_Color
January 03, 2022