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The Dry Life: A Podcast for the Sober & Sober Curious

The Dry Life: A Podcast for the Sober & Sober Curious

By Reframe App
New Season Coming 09/21! 💫 The Dry Life is hosted by Kayla Lyons, Mental Health Advocate & Head of Business Development at Reframe App and Beth Bowen, LMSW and Head of Thrive Coaching and Content at Reframe App. Each episode explores the ins and outs of the alcohol-free lifestyle and how to navigate sober living. The Dry Life Podcast is a part of the Reframe Family, iOS #1 Alcohol Reduction application! Tune in every Thursday for a new episode!
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Amanda, Founder of Therapy for Women & Retired Party Girl
TW: Amanda and I get into a heavy conversation about the parallels of eating disorders and alcohol abuse. As someone in recovery from both an ED & AUD, Amanda has made it her life’s mission to help other women who are struggling. In this episode, we go over addiction transfer, fat phobia and how we can learn to be more compassionate to ourselves while healing. You can connect with Amanda on Instagram @therapyforwomen or visit her website
June 17, 2021
Toxic College Drinking Culture with Steph
This week Steph and Kayla dive into the dangers of the American college drinking culture, how universities turn a blind eye and how our society perpetuates the problem. Steph shares her personal experience of getting sober as a senior in undergraduate, and how she plans to navigate life after graduation. Connect with her on Instagram @funshitblog or check out her weekly zoom meetings for young people! Be sure to hit the subscribe button & tune in each Thursday for a new episode.
June 10, 2021
Tori, Alcohol Free Business Coach aka @thewholetori
This episode meet Tori, a young female entrepreneur who decided to go alcohol-free when she realized how alcohol was impacting her anxiety. Learn about how she came to her decision to stop drinking, without identifying as someone with a drinking “problem.” Tori also shares about going on vacation & being in a friends wedding boozeless! Tori is a prime example of someone who’s “sober for the health of it,” and we love that for her! Tune in every Thursday for a new episode & more insight into the lives of alcohol- free.
May 27, 2021
Alika Gambill on grief and fatherhood in sobriety
This week Beth interviews Alika Gambill, founder of Pro Recovery Power. Alika shares his story of recovery from both drugs and alcohol, talks about becoming a new father in sobriety, and shares the process of navigating grief in sobriety after the loss of his mom. Pro Recovery Power is in the process of becoming a nonprofit to help those struggling with substances and addiction. Connect with Alika on Instagram @alikagambill, @pro_recovery_power Tune in every Thursday for a new episode Support this podcast:
May 20, 2021
Talia Bennick, Creator of Sweet Crude
This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Talia Bennick, Creator of non-alcoholic cocktail brand Sweet Crude. A super delicious alternative that is infused with high-quality CBD. Talia shares her own alcohol-free journey with us, and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at being a female founder in a male dominated space! We are obsessed (with her and SC, especially Mellow Mule)! You can try these delicious beverages by ordering online at Use the code THEDRYLIFE for 15% off your next purchase. Tune in every Thursday for a new episode 💫
May 13, 2021
Katie M aka @thissobergirl
On this episode we had the pleasure of jumping across the pond to chat with UK’s former party girl and sober advocate Katie McNicol. We dive into her experience of getting sober at 24, and growing up with a sober parent. Fitness is a huge part of Katie’s recovery, and she tells us all about how it’s played an intricate roll in her sober journey. Find out how Katie’s life went from maladaptive to MEGA 🤘 Be sure to subscribe and listen to a new episode of #thedrylifepodcast every Thursday!
May 6, 2021
Let’s talk burnout 🥴😣
This week, Kayla dives into the symptoms and causes of burnout; a state of emotional and physical exhaustion. How this can effect your sobriety & what you can do to prevent it! Exhausted? You’re not alone! Let’s get through this together.
April 30, 2021
Beth Talks Sobriety & Motherhood
Motherhood is tough. Motherhood drowned in booze? Tougher. Join Beth as she shares her story of ditching the booze in motherhood, and what we do about this toxic Mommy Wine Culture that’s actively harming women.
April 22, 2021
Building Your Sobriety Toolkit
Beth and Kayla go over the basics of building your own sobriety toolkit. This toolkit, metaphorical or physical, will help you build a strong foundation to fight temptation, cravings and anxiety-inducing situations! Important for both newcomers and those in long term sobriety! Tune in & share your sobriety tool kit with us on our latest Instagram post @thedrylifepodcast 🧡
April 15, 2021
Lockdown is coming to an end.. Now what?
Introducing our new co-host Beth Bowen, LMSW and sobriety coach. Today we’re chatting about the stress that comes with lockdown ending and our “new normal” becoming the old one. We dive into how to handle the anxiety & the temptation that goes into society re-opening. Connect with us on Instagram at @reframe_app 🙂 Tune in every Thursday for a new episode!
April 8, 2021
Kim S of
TW: Infertility. On this weeks episode, blogger and Reframe host of Getting Candid with Kim shares with us her struggle of being a military spouse, her fight with infertility & her triumphant path to sobriety. We talk mommy wine culture (not the way we have before), perfectionism and the parallels of eating disorders and alcohol abuse! You can find Kim on @reframe_app every Saturday on IGTV live! Tune in every Thursday for a new episode of #TheDryLife 🧡 Be sure to subscribe & leave a review if you love our show!
March 25, 2021
Nostalgia; Going Through Mixed Emotions of the Past
In this episode, I talk about the process of grieving my past self and coming to terms with current circumstances. TW: Self harm, domestic violence
March 11, 2021
Casey M Davidson aka of Hello Someday Coaching
On this episode of the Dry Life, Casey and I sit down to talk about her transition from having a sobriety coach, to becoming one. We chat about the importance of setting your own pace, and the differences in the recovery community between now and when we both got sober, 5 years ago. Casey shares her story of going to burnt out, mom on-the-go to a flourishing life coach! You can find her at
March 4, 2021
Vince aka @thevulnerabledisco
Vince shares his journey growing up a child of addicts and how it shaped his perception of addiction early on. He chats with me about how he came to deal with substance issues himself and how he broke the cycle. We talk about sobriety and substance abuse in the LGBTQIA community and how this community is particularly vulnerable during COVID-19. Tune in every Thursday for a new episode & follow us on Instagram @thedrylifepodcast
February 25, 2021
Adam aka @adamacd87
Adam and I sit down and things get real. We talk addiction recovery, and the ugly side of sobriety. With around the same sobriety birthday (2016), we talk about what it was like getting sober before the online community existed and how we both recover now. A great listen for anyone struggling with substances or in early recovery!
February 18, 2021
Chris aka @sans_bar
Chris and I really connect in this episode. We have super similar background stories; the underdog who makes their way to sobriety fighting tooth and nail. We get into hot topics like harm reduction, detox and leaving the 12 Steps. Chris talks about how Sans Bar, Texas’ first ever alcohol free bar was created and his vision for their future. A highly stimulating conversation that may leave you with more questions than answers! Tune in.
February 11, 2021
Beth Bowen aka @bethbowen_
We’re back! And I’m sitting down with Beth Bowen LMSW, sober women’s mentor and 1HD host, to chat about her journey into alcohol-free living. We touch on what worked and what didn’t, how she came out of the sobriety closet, the disease model versus disorder and how we both broke traditional thinking to recover our own way. Beth shares about her own falling forward experience and why she chooses the learning model of substance abuse. Don’t miss it! You can also find us on Instagram now @thedrylifepodcast ⭐️
February 4, 2021
Dry January with Cynthia aka @gettingyourishtogether (Part 2)
Part 2 of our Dry January series. Cynthia, our Thursday host at 1HD, talks about how Dry January was her starting point to a sober life. She dives into her attempts at other sober months & what she attributes to her final success. We debunk myths about going alcohol-free & give our advice on how to best prepare for dry January or your first 1,000 Hours Dry! Don’t miss this one!
December 24, 2020
Dry January with Saratoga aka @the_sober_climb (Part 1)
On this special edition of The Dry Life I talk with 1HD host Saratoga about her experience with Dry January & how it played a crucial part of her early sober curious journey! This episode is all this Dry January: tips & tricks for preparing to go dry for 30 days (or 42 if you’re doing the full #1000hoursdry)! Tune in to hear Togas story & advice on trying out #thedrylife.
December 24, 2020
A Chat About the Sobriety Spectrum
Today it’s just me and you! I wanted to talk about the spectrum of sobriety, there is no black or white/right or wrong way to do it. We are all constantly evolving, how you identify today may not be how you do 6 months from now. I wanted to give you some background on my personal sober evolution, how it started and where I’m at now. I hope my story resonates with you and that you can take something away! Remember to practice self love today :)
December 10, 2020
Ash aka @the_unbuzzed
This might ruffle some feathers but that’s what we’re here for! Breaking the mold of traditional thinking. On this episode Ash & I dive into her decision to try moderation, the spectrum of recovery and why we both think milestones can be just as harmful as encouraging! Check out her community, which is inclusive to sober individuals and curious ones alike! You can follow us on Instagram @1000hoursdry and tune in next Thursday for a new episode.
December 3, 2020
Brett aka @bipolarandsober
Brett and I keep it real on tonight’s episode. Brett, a sober & mental health blogger, opens up about her dual diagnosis and how being diagnosed with Bipolar 2 has effected her life. We chat about being in recovery from substance abuse and mental health, different avenues of recovery and Brett gives her advice on how to handle early sobriety! Tune in every Thursday for a new episode episode & be sure to follow us on Instagram @1000hoursdry
November 19, 2020
Es @sober_otter & Kayla @kaylerlyons
This is a bit of a special! We switch things up and Es, Friday host of @1000hoursdry interviews me! I give the down-low on the next round of 1HD, my feelings on NA bevies & my opinion on the sober-curious movement as a woman in recovery from substance abuse disorder! Tune in & subscribe! Join us this coming Monday for the next round of 1,000 Hours Dry!
November 12, 2020
Sarah aka @NewFashionedSobriety
This week I speak with one of 1,000 Hours Dry’s original hosts, Sarah. She is now co-founder of New Fashioned Sobriety; a community for sober/sober curious womxn in Wisconsin. On this episode, Sarah talks with me about how her sober-curious journey turned into an alcohol-free lifestyle. Why she started her AF community, and the differences between parenting sober and drinking. We dive into how the media shapes drinking culture and drives us in the wrong direction! Listen in and subscribe for more dry life! Follow us on Instagram to connect @1000hoursdry.
November 5, 2020
Sadie aka @sobersadie
On this episode of the Dry Life I chat with Sadie, a sober mom of two, about parenting, adulting and prioritizing in sobriety. Sadie dives into her sobriety tool box and shares her tips on staying alcohol free during hard times. You can check out her full story at! Tune in every Thursday for a new episode. Be sure to subscribe!
October 29, 2020
Trish aka @realaboutwellness
My lovely friend Trish & I get very real on this one! Trish opens up about living with a parent that suffers from mental illness, leaving corporate life to start her own company and dating in sobriety. We get into the dangers of social media and identity crisis in recovery! You can check out her sober online community @weareunwsted on Instagram, based out of AUS. Be sure to subscribe and tune in every Thursday for a new episode of the Dry Club with Kayla Lyons, founder of @1000hoursdry.
October 22, 2020
Steph aka @funshitblog
Meet Steph one of Instagrams youngest sober influencers. Listen in while she and I chat about getting sober in college, navigating your early 20’s sans booze and more! Tune in every Thursday for a new episode. Be sure to subscribe!
October 15, 2020
Amber aka @Southern.And.Sober
This week, Amber, one of our 1HD Babes co-hosts chats about her alcohol-free journey, what it was like growing up with a sober parent and how she went from being sober curious, to being sober. We talk about how alcohol targets women and the concept of grey area drinking! Tune in every Thursday for a new episode. Be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram @1000hoursdry
October 8, 2020
Kayla aka @kaylerlyons
This week, I decided to talk to y’all 1 on 1. I wanted to give my listeners some background on myself; why I drank, how I quit and what it’s like now versus then. Please excuse my language, and trigger warning for domestic abuse. This is my authentic self and I hope after listening you get to know me better. If you want to reach out you can do so on Instagram @kaylerlyons or email me at ✨
October 1, 2020
Tori aka @theretiredpartygirl
This week I talk with Tori, founder of the Retired Party Girl Club or RPG. We get into finding sober pals online, how to navigate friendships with friends who still drink and our personal opinions on relapse. We share our own experiences with slips and talk about shame, guilt and self compassion. Tune in every Thursday for a new episode!
September 24, 2020
Amy Aka @msamycwillis
On this weeks episode of TDL, I talk with recovery and mindset coach Amy C Willis about navigating sobriety as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the importance of alcohol-free language and finding support in the online community. You can learn more about Amy and her coaching at or by following her on Instagram! Be sure to subscribe 😊
September 17, 2020
Emily P aka @HighlightRealRecovery
It’s Thursday y’all! And that means it’s time to talk sobriety. On this episode of The Dry Life, Emily and I chat about mommy wine culture, finding community online and leaving the rooms of AA for new recovery programs! Be sure to check out her group for sober curious/AF moms @sobermomsquad on Instagram or her website Be sure to read her full story in her book “Highlight Real” which can be found on Amazon or wherever books are sold! Enjoy, and we’ll see you next Thursday for a new episode!
September 10, 2020
Shane aka Kayla’s Boyfriend
On this special edition, I have a chat with my boyfriend Shane. Shane dives into what it’s like dating someone who is sober, how he navigated our friendship before and after I got sober and his own experience growing up with a sober father. This episode is aimed to help you better navigate your relationship with your partner and hopefully help open communication. Enjoy! New episodes every Thursday!
September 3, 2020
Amber aka @thehansenlife
This week I chat with Amber Hansen, co-host of @1000hoursdrydenverxnewyork ! Amber tells us all about her decision to go alcohol-free, how she got involved with the Dry Club and more. Her & I dive into what it’s like to slip up and keep moving forward without changing your “sober date”. Join us every Thursday for a new episode!
August 27, 2020
Jess aka @DecidedlyDry
On this episode, Jess and I dive into the dangers of mommy wine culture, mom shaming, the individualistic culture Americans have and how that contributes to alcohol abuse. We both share their personal experiences on early sobriety, and finding the right path of recovery for YOU! ⁣
August 20, 2020
Sammi aka @the_sober_millennial
Tune into this weeks episode where Sammi of 1,000 Hours Dry Chicago and I talk about her AF journey, her experience being a college athlete and the toxic drinking culture we have today in America. New episodes every Thursday! Be sure to subscribe :)
August 13, 2020
Kate G aka @thekategleason
On this episode of The Dry Life Podcast, Kate and I talk about starting our own sobriety communities, how Covid helped Kate find sobriety and how today’s marketing tactics help conceal the truth about drinking! Listen & learn! Thank you for tuning in, if you love our message please subscribe & tell a friend about us!
August 6, 2020
Kiola aka @kiolaraines Part 2
Kiola and I get right into the current problems the sober online community is facing; racism, separation and close-mindedness. We talk SOLUTION because, well what else is the point of bringing up our current issues if not to come to a resolution! Tune in every Thursday to listen to the Dry Life podcast!
August 1, 2020
Es aka @Sober_Otter Part 2
Es and I chat about how normalized alcohol is in our society, dealing with life stressors without alcohol and how to communicate with your partner who does drink. Tune in every Thursday for a new episode!
July 24, 2020
Kevin aka @sober_ginger
Join Kevin and I for a conversation about his experience in early sobriety, parenting before and after recovery and the variety of belief models that different recovery programs use as the foundation for their communities! **Our opinions are our own and do not reflect the entire Dry Club community as a whole.** Tune in every Thursday for a new episode of The Dry Life podcast.
July 17, 2020
Kiola aka @KiolaRaines
Tune into this episode as Health & Wellness Coach Kiola and I dive into our own experiences with getting sober, experimenting with different recovery programs and working in the health & wellness industry while drinking/being AF!
July 9, 2020
Hailey aka @HaileyDekle
On this episode of The Dry Life Hailey and I discuss being in a relationship with a partner who drinks, the hypocrisy of alcohol in the fitness industry and the dangers of alcohol consumption.
July 3, 2020
Ashley aka @the_unbuzzed
In this episode of The Dry Life podcast, Ashley and I talk sobriety and co-morbid disorders like eating DO, OCD and perfectionism. We talk about our person experiences getting sober at 23 and running dry communities. Be sure to subscribe to our channel!
June 25, 2020
Rachel aka @shotstoshakes
In this episode, Rachel and I dive into the lifestyle of the retired party girl, what it’s like being 27 and sober, and touch on topics like how to deal with the consequences of your drinking and self-compassion. Ready to heal? Join us :)
June 19, 2020
Maria G. Aka @MSnazzy
In this episode, Maria and I dive into being alcohol-free during the pandemic and the BLM movement. We get into why we think alcohol doesn’t belong in the wellness and fitness industry & more!
June 11, 2020