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theDword Spiritual Development Podcast

theDword Spiritual Development Podcast

By Deanna Butcher
Hello and welcome my lovelies to theDword Podcast! I am your host, Deanna Butcher, Spiritual Development Coach. This season, we are diving deep and we are talking about all things spiritual. It is time to awaken, illuminate and transform your life my lovely, and I am blessed you have chosen me to be your guide. If you want to take part in my Spiritual Devleopment Coaching, I would be honored to assist you. You can book your FREE 1HR Discovery Coaching Call now and get started on this amazing opportunity to bring balance, love and healing to your life! BOOK NOW: Website: FOLLOW ME: We go live a few times a week on the facebook page. you can tune in and take part in the discussion! Instagram: I look forward to talking to you my dear! Love & Blessings, D
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Ep36: Guilt From Cutting People From Your Life. How to Accept & Heal.
This question came from a lovely listener, "How do I get through guilt when it comes to blocking someone completely out of your life?" I share how I have helped others, and myself set boundaries, and make the decision to cut people out for good. Tune in to the inspiring message today that can help you through it all.  Follow Me & See All That I'm Working On: FB/IG/TikTok/YouTube/Website/FREE APP
July 1, 2020
Ep 35: Mystic Monday: Follow Your Passion.
It is time lovely to follow your passion. Let's dive in and see what the cards had to say about how you are going to find and lean into what lights up your soul! BOOK A SESSION, LEARN MORE & GET THE FREE APP (iOS & Android) SUB TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL: FOLLOW ME: FACEBOOK:
June 29, 2020
Ep34: Taking Action & Stepping Into the Life You Want NOW
I share why it is important right now to live your best life by taking action to live from a high vibe & heart-centered place. Why it's important, how to get to that point of your transformation and how to step in and never look back. Get the life you want NOW. I share a client's experience & my own in working within the Quantum Field and how you can too. Bring what you want into your life TODAY. You are ready! BOOK A SESSION, LEARN MORE & GET THE FREE NEW APP (iOS & Android) SUB TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOLLOW ME
June 24, 2020
Ep33: Mystic Monday. Psychic Tarot Weekly Forecast
This Mystic Monday we harness the energy that is for you this week. You've done the work, now it's time to reap the benefits. Listen in and sub to the YouTube Channel so you don't miss out! Watch this reading on my YouTube Channel: Podcast: YouTube:
June 22, 2020
Ep32: Evolving on Your Journey. How to Keep Momentum
What doing the work feels like, how to move through it and prevent your past from dictating your future. Often we feel like we are failing or taking 3 steps back, it isn't so lovely! I promise you it gets amazing! Let's awaken, Illuminate and transform your life today! Get the NEW FREE app! iOS & Android.
June 15, 2020
Ep31: Things You Need to Give Up to Move On
I share my list of things you need to do to move on. Whether it's a toxic job or relationship, bad habits, or you've simply had enough and want more for yourself, we talk about how you can achieve the life you want when you take positive action.
June 10, 2020
Ep 30: Raising Consiousness During Difficult Times & What it Feel Like to Be in Alignment.
How to stay aligned and celebrate your wins when there's so much negitivity going on around us. Tune in to see how you can raise your consciousness and how to know when you're aligned.
June 8, 2020
E29: Cutting Energetic Cords. I Do A Meditation to Show You How.
Do you wonder why that ol' ex keeps cycling back into your life, or you keep getting triggered by past traumas, situations, bad bosses, or even toxic family? It's because there is an energetic cord that connects you to every person you bring into your world. When we split and give back their shit - give them back their half of the cord too!! I show you how with a mini-meditation. DO NOT LISTEN TO WHILST DRIVING OR WHEN YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OTHERS. FOLLOW ME: CHECK OUT SERVICES & GET MY FREE APP! Support the Podcast through a donation: See how your contributions will be used at
June 3, 2020
Ep 28: Preventing Burnout, Pivoting In Your Business & What's New For Me
I share what I did with my time away on break to rejuvenate and dive into self-care and why it's so important for everyone to do that during this time. I've pivoted a bit with the business and I'm offering my psychic, mediumship, and intuitive healing sessions along with my coaching. See what all is new by visiting The website is updating, so keep checking in. FOLLOW ME & POP A MESSAGE!: BOOK A SESSION:
June 1, 2020
E27: Self Care & Finding Your Inspiration
How I'm tapping in and finding what inspires me and how right now is time to do some much-needed self care. Happy Mother's Day to all my lovely mothers out there and I wish everyone a healing, blissful, and inspiring week to come! FOLLOW & CONNECT WITH ME:
May 11, 2020
E25: Deja Vu... The Validation You Didn't Know You Needed.
I dive deep and share how there are multiple versions of us in all dimensions of space and time. How becoming the truest and best version of ourselves unites our individual energy in the quantum field and how deja vu is not the anomaly we once perceived it to be. It's actually the validation you didn't know you needed! Tune in and find out what all this means for you! FOLLOW ME & REACH OUT Book a coaching session with me: 
May 4, 2020
E24: How To Stay Positive in Negative Situations
Staying positive in negative and difficult situations is so important during this time. I share how I'm working through this and ask you questions that will encourage you to dive deep within no matter what you are going through. Reach out! BOOK your FREE 1 HR Discovery Call or book a session with me today!
April 29, 2020
E23: It's Time to Take Care of You First. Treat Yourself Like Someone You Are Responsible For Helping.
It is time to take care of yourself. This is a difficult time for many of you lovelies, and I want to help you get through it and become the highest and greatest version of yourself. I share with you Jordan B. Peterson's book, 12 Rules For Life, that inspired me to do just this, and now you will too. Follow Me: Book a FREE 1 Hr Discovery Call or Session with me: NEW Episodes every Mon & Wed 6AM MST
April 27, 2020
E22 The Powerful Message That Was Censored So... F*@k the Man.. Here It Is For You Once Again!
I made a post with this exact script about a week ago & it was removed without my knowledge, permission, warning - nothing. So, I knew I was onto something! So, here it is AGAIN! I refuse to be censored! Love you all! Enjoy! Reach Out: See all about me and the things I offer: DOWNLOAD so I know that you are here and I can continue to create the content you love and deserve. New episodes come out every Mon & Wed 6am MST.
April 22, 2020
E21: Expressing Your Free Will to Change Your Reality. There's No Going Back!
Once we understand our free will controls our reality - we change the game! NOW is the time to develop confidence in ourselves so we can learn the truth, stand in our beliefs and change the world! See how you can exercise your free will and live your best life! FOLLOW ME & JOIN THE DISCUSSION:
April 20, 2020
E20: The Mental & Spiritual Health of the Collective At This Time
I'm diving deep once again, talking about the mental & spiritual health of the collective as we navigate COVID-19, the Great Awakening, Fall of Cabal & Dismantling of the elite in Hollywood. Many are struggling financially, mentally, dealing with job losses & adjusting to all these changes. I'm shedding light on how you can navigate these feelings & continue through your awakening with a little more ease.  FOLLOW ME:
April 15, 2020
E19 My Husband Joins Me in the Studio! We Share How Our Awakenings Changed Our Lives & Our Marriage.
This is a special episode! I have my husband Jason with me in the studio for the 1st time! We talk about our spiritual awakenings, how we have improved our marriage & integrate our beliefs in how we raise our boys. You get to hear Jason share his journey and what it was like to have a medium for a wife! FOLLOW ME & JOIN THE DISCUSSION:
April 13, 2020
E18: Seeing Through the Madness & Making A Difference to the Collective.
Continuing the discussion from the past episodes, I encourage you to see through the madness, see the truth & become inspired to make a difference to the world you live in. I share how you can do that & how I am here fulfilling my mission to serve humanity by awakening, illuminating and transforming your life. DOWNLOAD/SUBSCRIBE New episodes every Mon & Wed 6am MST. FOLLOW ME & JOIN THE DISCUSSION:
April 8, 2020
E17: The 3 Waves of Volunteers & What Our Mission Is
Are you woke? Find out what all this means & why it's happening NOW. We are heading to the 5D lovelies! In this inspiring, heartfelt podcast, I share the wisdom I've learned from the late Dolores Cannon & many others as we explore our awakening & what our mission is exactly as volunteers.  BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HR COACHING DISCOVERY CALL: FOLLOW ME & JOIN THE DISCUSSION:
April 6, 2020
E16 What's Coming? Humanity Heals. The Fall of Cabal & Answers To All The Questions Revealed.
I share the magnificent peace that is coming! With the fall of the cabal, we will be shown everything that has corrupt humanity UNTIL NOW. I share how knowledge is freeing & not fearful. This is the time for great change for our humanity. The very time that we as souls all came here for this big shift to the 5D! The shift is HERE! Let's celebrate! FOLLOW ME & JOIN THE DISCUSSION:
April 1, 2020
S2E15: Life Through The Awakening. What's Going To Happen Next?
*NOTICE: RATED INAPPROPRIATE FOR SOME LISTENERS. DO NOT LISTEN AROUND CHILDREN. What is going to happen in the coming weeks? I talk about the corrupt Hollywood, Celebrity, & the things that are going to be revealed that were considered just conspiracy theories. ALL IS REVEALED! BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HR COACHING DISCOVERY CALL:… FOLLOW ME & JOIN THE DISCUSSION:
March 30, 2020
E14: What's Happening to the Collective? Corona Virus... Why Now?
What's happening to the collective? What is the correlation between the Corona virus pandemic & the shift of consciousness for the world? I dive into these questions & chat about my recent channelings to guide you on your very own awakening! Want to know how you can awaken, illuminate and transform your life? BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HR COACHING DISCOVERY CALL:… FOLLOW ME:
March 25, 2020
E13: A Message For The Collective Spiritual Awakening, the Pandemic, & The World's Vibrational Frequency
I channeled an intuitive message for the collective this week. I leave little on the table as I talk about the pandemic, the world's reaction, what's really going on behind the scenes & how we are going to triumph through this shift & step into an amazing high vibe reality! Grab a coffee and tune in! BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HR COACHING DISCOVERY CALL:… FOLLOW ME & JOIN THE DISCUSSION:
March 23, 2020
E12: How To Strengthen Your Intuition
This week, I share my 3 fav ways to increase intuition. My top 3 may surprise you! We dive deep in this episode, so grab your coffee and hunker down as we explore surefire ways to sharpen your intuition & never second guess your gut again! BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HR COACHING DISCOVERY CALL:… FOLLOW ME & JOIN THE DISCUSSION:
March 11, 2020
E11: 3 Simple Ways to Ground Yourself
I share 3 simple ways that you can ground yourself ANYWHERE! At work, on the train/bus, while you cook dinner and more! Let's get into the podcast so you have the tools you need to align yourself and be at peace - even at work! Want to know how you can awaken, illuminate & transform your life? BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HR COACHING DISCOVERY CALL:… FOLLOW ME & JOIN THE DISCUSSION:
March 9, 2020
E10: The Science of Thought & The Quantum Field
I chat about the Quantum Field and how our thoughts truly are important! How I've navigated this with my clients and how important this is to your own awakening, illumination, and transformation! BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HR COACHING DISCOVERY CALL:… FOLLOW ME: FB@DeannaSpiritualDevelopmentCoach SUBSCRIBE/DOWNLOAD/LISTEN NOW:
March 4, 2020
E9: The Shift Experience: What Does the 4D & 5D Feel Like?
This week, I share my shift experience with you and how you can navigate the 4D & 5D. The energy, joys, challenges, lessons, and blessings that come when we decide to raise our consciousness are explored in this episode. SUBSCRIBE/DOWNLOAD/LISTEN NOW: BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HR COACHING DISCOVERY CALL:… FOLLOW ME: FB@DeannaSpiritualDevelopmentCoach
March 2, 2020
E8: A Message For The Collective: Shifting Consciousness From 3D To 5D
I was called to share this message with the tribe - the collective. So, if you are listening today, know you were guided here to experience this amazing shift! I'm going to talk all about it in this SPECIAL podcast episode! DOWNLOAD/SUBSCRIBE to the podcast, so you don't' miss out on new content! New episodes every Mon & Wed 6am MST. BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HR COACHING DISCOVERY CALL:… FOLLOW ME: FB@DeannaSpiritualDevelopmentCoach
February 27, 2020
E7: Reflect Not React: How to Deal With What The Universe Throws At You
I answer a viewer's question in this episode: "How to start over in mid-life?". I go through the emotions with you, and help you understand that life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you, and how necessary it is to Reflect not React when the Universe throws it's curveballs.  BOOK WEBINAR & COACHING SESSIONS: FOLLOW ME:
February 24, 2020
E6: Survivor's Guide to Mercury Retrograde
Mercury is retrograde again, Feb 18th to Mar 10th. Here's my survivor's guide to get you through these next few weeks. My answer might surprise you! BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HR COACHING DISCOVERY CALL:… FOLLOW ME: FB@DeannaSpiritualDevelopmentCoach LISTEN NOW:
February 19, 2020
S2:E5: Kindred Spirits, Soulmates & Twin Flames
I am often asked, "Are they my Twin Flame?" or "How do I know if they are my soulmate?". So today, with love still in the air from VDay, I'm diving in to shed some light on relationships and how to tell the difference between Kindred Spirits, Soulmates & Twin Flames. BOOK YOUR FREE 1 HR COACHING DISCOVERY CALL: FOLLOW ME: FB@DeannaSpiritualDevelopmentCoach
February 17, 2020
S2:E4: How To Navigate Your Spiritual Abilities & Gifts
Continuing the convo from last episode: sharing how to deal with the crazy energy that comes at you when you have spiritual gifts. I share my experiences & how I became confident with my abilities. Visit the website: Interested in Booking Your Coaching Call? BOOK NOW: Follow Me: I Go Live Every Week On FB So Join The Discussions!
February 12, 2020
S2:E3: Are You A Healer? A Medium? An Intuitive? How to Know
I am asked all the time, "D, how do I know if I'm a healer, a medium, an intuitive or just plain crazy!" I explore some incredible ways that we experience the energy, and I share my own experiences. Visit the website: Interested in Booking Your Coaching Call? BOOK NOW: Follow Me: I Go Live Every Week On FB So Join The Discussions!
February 10, 2020
S2:E2: Are You Ready To Shift To A Higher Reality?
THIS EPISODE: Are you ready to shift? Have you shifted already? Let's talk about it! I share my 5 tips to know you're ready to shift to a higher reality! Hit up the Facebook page, follow me there as I go live throughout the week and we dive deep answering your questions and engaging with the soul tribe. BOOK COACHING CALL NOW: Follow Me: I
February 5, 2020
S2:E1: How You Can Grow On Your Spiritual Journey
This Episode: I talk about what a Spiritual Journey is and how you can grow and begin to heal - awakening, illuminating and transforming into the highest and best version of yourself.  Interested in Booking Your Coaching Call? BOOK NOW: Follow Me: I Go Live Every Week On FB So Join The Discussions!
February 3, 2020
Where My Life Has Led Me: Deanna Butcher
This Episode: THE LAST ONE OF 2019. Tune in for the details of where my purpose has led me. This special dedication to where I'm headed and how I aim to serve the world.  Thank you for your support and love! See you on the other side~
December 17, 2019
Ep 15: Coming Into Alignment With Your Purpose
This episode: *Discovering Your Purpose: childhood/cultural influences, conditioning, passions & interests, adulthood dreams & developed skills. *Eliminating Your Limiting Beliefs: Replacing with empowering scripts, heal from your past. *Plan: Research, find your tribe, outline your desires. *Implement Your Plan: Using what you've learned to step into the highest version of yourself with clarity & confidence. Interested in learning more? Visit
December 9, 2019
Ep 14: The Box In The Attic of the Subconscious Mind
We are diving deeper into last week's episode of Life Doesn't Happen TO You, It Happens FOR You. In that, I spoke about "the box in the attic of the subconscious mind" and today, we are learning about how to uncover our suppressed feelings and triggers so we can heal once and for all. I take you through my process of how I've healed many existing clients with "the box in the attic" techniques and how I did the very same for myself - allowing me and others to live in peace, and purpose on our journeys.
December 2, 2019
Ep 13: Life Doesn't Happen TO You, It Happens FOR You.
This episode: I explain the reality of choice. How every moment, every thought we have, every step we take influences our future. What if I told you we can choose to live a better life. We can choose to live a better life simply by stating and choosing to take the necessary actions to change and find peace in our lives. Everything is a choice. Everything.  I dive deep and help you understand that life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you.
November 25, 2019
Ep 12: Are You Ready to Have Kids?
THIS EPISODE: We talk about starting a family, adding to your family, answering the BIG question "When's a good time to have kids?". I share with you the discussion to have with yourself, your spouse and your family to see if you are ready. Join the discussion. Tell me what your takeaways are! Are you ready to have a family? Let's take a look and see!
November 18, 2019
Ep: 11: How To Know When It's Time To Cut People Out of Your Life
THIS EPISODE: As we awaken on our journeys, we become ever more aware of our surroundings, the people in it and the overall environment we find ourselves in at this point in our journey. When we find that these jobs, relationships, family bonds, homes, etc, are no longer serving us, we know it's time to make big changes and cut them out of our lives. I share how you can work through this so you can step into yourself and become the best version of you!
November 11, 2019
Ep 10: Awaken: It's Time To Awaken & Live Your Best Life
THIS EPISODE: * I define the importance of AWAKENING, & why theDword premise is to Awaken, Illuminate & Transform Our Lives Together *I share a documentary I watched about Avacado farming of all things. *I dive deep into our purpose to awaken and how we can not only change our own lives but the lives of those all over the world. *How a simple change of perspective can be instrumental in the world we live in. Becoming the person you've always wanted to be, & why NOW is the time to AWAKEN.
November 4, 2019
Episode 9: Lifeskills: Were You Prepared For Adulthood?
THIS EPISODE: I dive into a survey conducted which asked if folks felt they were adequately prepared for adulthood - by asking, Did school prepare you for adulthood? How do you feel? Were you adequately prepared for adulthood? Listen in and see if you can guess the Top 10 Things That People Wished They'd Learned In School. Do you agree in the list? What would you say you add to necessary lifeskills? Join the discussion below in the comments or check out our forum at -
October 28, 2019
Episode 8: What Grinds My Gears: Sales Tactics: My "WTF" Experience I Had To Share
THIS EPISODE OF theDword: I had a funny-not-funny experience with a salesperson that I just had to share. Pacing my kitchen, talking to hubby about it - I decided - "Plug in the mic, I gotta record this shit!" lol As I calm I discuss financial security & the importance of not buying shit we don't need. I wanna hear your stories too! Have a funny story about an "As Seen on TV" or those Fancy Home Show Demo products? Head over to
October 21, 2019
Episode 7: Weathering the Storm: How We Talk to the Kids About Struggle and Weathering Their Own Storms
THIS EPISODE: Today, I share my playbook for how we weather the storms in our life. I update you with doing so as a family and including our kids has improved their lives, and what tools it's given them to weather their own storms. This is an account of how it works for us, so keep in mind, that this may not work for every situation, but more of how we made it work and how you too can find peace and create a great family team of your own.
October 14, 2019
Episode 6: Part 3 of 3 Part Series: Depression: Transforming the Way We Understand & Experience Depression
We're talking to REAL people, in REAL time, with REAL stories that will AWAKEN, ILLUMINATE & TRANSFORM our lives together. THIS EPISODE: Depression Part 3 of 3 Part Series We are diving deep into our experiences with depression and how we have come into a greater sense of being and peace. We share with you how we overcame depression and manage our lives in a more effective way today.
October 7, 2019
Ep 6: Depression: Part 2of 3 Part Series with Deanna Butcher
THIS EPISODE: Depression. We are diving deep into our experiences with depression and how we have come into a greater sense of being and peace. Part 2 of 3 part series - this episode, I share my experience with depression. In Part 3 - we dive deep and share with you the tools you need to find peace in your life
September 28, 2019
Episode 6: Depression - Part 1 of 3 Part Series with Samantha Caroline Lavallee
We are diving deep into our experiences with depression and how we have come into a greater sense of being and peace. Part 1 of 3 part series - this episode, we calk to Samantha about her experience. In Part 2 we talk about Deanna's account with surviving depression and in Part 3 - we dive deep and share with you the tools you need to find peace in your life.
September 20, 2019
Episode 1: Balancing Obligations - Time to Get Your S#!T Straight
We talk about the societal pressures of having to balance it all - the family, your job/business, finances, the home, school obligations, and the importance of making you priority. I share my tips on how I learned (and mostly the hard way! lol) to manage 2 businesses, 2 kids, hubby, a household, a rental property and more. My struggle with burnout & how I learned to prioritize, say no, and balance my obligations. Continue the discussion in our FB Community:
September 15, 2019
Episode 4: How to Say No: Time to Take Your Life Back
Do you feel like a doormat? Saddened by relationships, work or your friendships? Have you told yourself that enough is enough but you don't know how to implement boundaries? I can help. I have created 10 Tips on how you start saying no. We want to expose the cycles of perhaps abuse, neglect & give you the confidence to set boundaries today.
September 15, 2019
Episode 2: Burnout: What it Feels Like & How to Heal From It
Are you having difficulty with balancing your life? Too busy with kids, your job, your family, your home, to take care of yourself or perhaps you’re dropping the ball on the finances and other important areas of your life because you need organization and help. You’re not going to want to miss this episode! Learn what burnout felt like for me – & how you can begin to recognize the signs in yourself. I’m going to share some helpful techniques to get you back on track so you never look back!
September 15, 2019
Episode 3 - Strength: My Story of Finding My Strength in My Weakness
My story of finding myself in my weakness. I'm sharing with you the trials & tribulations that shaped me into being who I am today. A person of strength, wisdom, and compassion for self. I want to share that with you, that you too who are struggling, to remind you now to find your strength. May this be a place where you can maybe see a little bit of yourself in this 7 know that there is hope. But most of all, that we can come together to awaken, illuminate and transform our lives together.
September 15, 2019
Welcome Message - theDword Podcast with Deanna Butcher Welcome to theDword! This will be your place. Your place where you can come see a little bit or a whole lot of yourself. Your place to feel at home. A place where you're not alone. No fear, no judgment just here. You and me. We got this! Join the conversation over at and become a part of our exclusive Dword tribe! Enjoy!
September 15, 2019