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The Emergence

The Emergence

By J. Paul Duplantis
Welcome to The Emergence. A podcast of essays, commentary, and conversations on the failed state of a highly centralized and manipulative web and ideas on how to reverse this course to create a future web where the user is in control outside the influence of outside interests.

Whether it is through the lens of technology, politics, ideologies, philosophies, social orders, or interpersonal relationships, The Emergence will dig deep to find answers to inspire the building of a connection more representative of the user.

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Exploring the Value of Labor with Carlos Castro

The Emergence

Communication Breakdown and The Marginalized Consumer
Join the Emergence for a commentary on The Marginalized Consumer and how the profit motive in the building of communication tools is fracturing the free market. In this episode, the question is asked if communication technology is responsible for inquiry and feedback between consumers and providers, is it healthy for society when the tools for communication are built for the profit of the provider of the tools over the interests of the people using the tools. Where people who are consumers, employees, managers, executives, owners of businesses, and representatives of government are influenced by how these tools engage their interests around information, goods, and services. When this exchange is created and managed by companies for profit, wouldn’t it stand to reason the tools would be built to benefit the bottom line of the provider of the tools rather than the people using the tools? Wouldn’t this result in a framework of communication threaded throughout society optimized for a profit motive over a people motive? Is this healthy for society? What if quality of engagement was at the heart of communication tools built in the future funded by philanthropic sources focused on building open source, non exclusive communication tools optimized for a return on interaction over a return on investment? What is possible when consumer and stakeholder engagement around information, goods, and services were moved from the periphery as being driven by the market to being drivers of the market? Listen to this episode to learn more.
September 9, 2021
Discussing Worker Co-ops with ASU Post Doctoral Assocaite Nigel Forrest
Join The Emergence for a deep dive into the function of Worker Co-ops with ASU Post Doctoral Associate Nigel Forrest. What is a worker cooperative? How is a worker owned company different from a traditional organization? How will Worker Co-ops lead to a more sustainable future.  Are there limitations in raising capital for a Worker Co-op? How will employers benefit from an employee owned business? How will Worker Co-ops help mitigate the threats from technology impacting the future of work. This and many more questions answered on how Worker Co-ops will move labor more purposefully into the market as owners of the goods, services, and information they help produce. Links referred to in episode Nigel Forrest Arizona State University Bio Financing options for Worker Cooperatives The Working World Arizona State University School of Sustainability Why There's A Push To Grow Cooperative Businesses In Arizona
August 19, 2021
Exploring the Value of Labor with Carlos Castro
Join the Emergence for an engaging conversation with recent Arizona State University graduate Carlos Castro to explore the value of labor. A wide range of topics surrounding the expression and consumption of labor are covered in this deep and probing conversation through the lens of a Gen Z thinker. How has the pandemic affected the labor market? How is more choice in the expression of labor affecting the supply to employers? How are worker coops an option to create a better synthesis between labor and provider? How will changes in labor patterns affect the future of transportation and city planning? How might this affect climate change?  This and much more in a deep dive into the value of labor beyond only the monetary. LINKS shared by Carlos during conversation.
August 4, 2021
Why discovery should not be exclusive to distribution
Join the Emergence for a commentary from host J. Paul Duplantis on why discovery should not be exclusive to distribution. When Amazon accounts for 50% of all online purchases, should they hold exclusive domain over the discovery of what is effectively public information? When Google is responsible for 87% of all online searches, should they hold exclusive domain over discovery of the public data they collect? These and many more questions are explored in this evolving search for a less influenced and more free market.
July 27, 2021
Augmented and Virtual Reality with Rami Kalla from Point in Time Studios
Join the Emergence for an engaging conversation with Point in Time Studios founder Rami Kalla on the future of Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality. What are the differences between VR, AR, MR, XR, and Spatial Computing? What are the potential applications in policing, education, storytelling, marketing, and skill development when we enter the world of virtual and augmented reality? What are the obstacles to be found when we begin to replace our smartphones with smart glasses? This and much more on this forward looking episode on the future of immersive technologies. Point In Time Studios on the Web Rami Kalla on LinkedIn Point in Time Studios on Youtube Year 2045 Podcast
July 20, 2021
The Information Trap
Join The Emergence for a commentary from host J. Paul Duplantis on the role communication technology is playing in trapping information exchanged between users and providers on the web and through applications. Since the birth of the PC revolution through to today, people have engaged with digital information through computer boxes on their desktops, mobile boxes in their hands or silos on servers in the form of Google, Facebook, Twitter or Personal applications. What has resulted is a highly compartmentalized approach to managing the flow of information rewarding those who best monetize experiences coming from the users. In the late 1960’s, before the birth of the PC, Douglas Engelbart envisioned a future where information would be collaborated on more than contained and controlled to provide people with agency over their own experiences. Now there are tools on the horizon to break us out of these boxes and to free us from information traps but this change will only be driven by interests not tied exclusively to the prospects of monetary gain. Douglas Engelbart NLS Online System Building A New Internet: The Bold Plan To Decentralize The Web | NBC News Solid Project Newsletter update
July 7, 2021
Awakening the Soul of Power ~ A conversation with author Christian de la Huerta
Join the Emergence for a conversation with author Christian de la Huerta on his book Awakening the Soul of Power - How to Live Heroically and Set Yourself Free. In this discussion, Christian and host J. Paul Duplantis explore the book’s theme of harnessing authentic and soulful power within to manifest better outcomes for self and community while diving into the increasing role of women within the social hierarchy and the resulting impact on men. How does ego, understanding, and self-worth play into this quest for authentic and soulful power and how could technology help release hidden potential within us all? Additional questions asked in this thought provoking episode on looking within to explore human potential. Find Christian de la Huerta on the web Buy Awakening the Soul of Power on Amazon TOPICS Self Awareness Understanding Empathy Ego Self Validation Self Worth Technology currently monetizing lowest common denominator What tools could be built to increase value between the connected RESOURCES Vannevar Bush As We May Think Essay Douglas Engelbart Mother of All Demos Solid Project GunDB Etherium dapps
June 10, 2021
The Tunable Web
In this episode, I discuss a long brewing concept of building a tunable web for people to engage with information, goods, and services outside the influence of trillion dollar companies. As the web continues to close down into nested silos hijacking the interests and potential of people, there are new frameworks on the horizon to help reverse these trends. Join me for a commentary on technologies and concepts on the horizon to rethink the connection as a means of empowering people with discovery rather than controlling their discovery for profit. TOPICS *Separate Discovery from Distribution *People Motive Over a Profit Motive for Discovery *Google owns 87% of search *Interest Profiles *The Solid Framework *GunDB *Ethereum dApps Music Music Bed - No copyright Youtube music Outro - Performed and created J. Paul Duplantis other than drums provided by Vinko
May 26, 2021
Homelessness, Technology, Awareness, and Understanding
In this episode, I talk about a subject I plan to dig into much deeper on future episodes which is homelessness and how technology could become a catalyst to help bring more awareness and understanding to a significant societal problem as well as to potentially unify programs and funding within affected communities. For this introductory episode, I focus on thoughts around a pilot program being introduced by the city of Mesa, Arizona to tackle an increasing problem their community is facing with homlessness. To learn more about their program visit City of Mesa Virtual Summits on Homelessness found on Youtube 1st Summit 2nd Summit
March 29, 2021
Common Sense by Thomas Paine
I recorded this song 2 years ago over a wikiloop drum track with my Guitar and Bass along with excerpts of a narration by Bob Neufeld from a Librivox recording of Thomas Paines’s Common Sense. The writing behind Paine’s Common Sense was instrumental in lighting the spark behind the American Revolution. It is my belief these excerpts speak to the potential of a truly democratic society of which communication technology should serve. A potential wavering as technology continues to serve the interests of government and business more than the people represented. The Mission of The Emergence is to uncover innovations and ideas around communication technologies to better serve this potential. I see this interpretation of Thomas Paine’s words as a means to remind technologists, politicians, and technology users of the importance of the democratic values of liberty, equality, and justice. The entire Librivox recording with Bob Neufeld’s narration of Common Sense can be found here. Drum tracks provided by Bass loaned to me by Michael Shadel. Thanks Michael. You are a true friend! Excerpts “Common Sense by Thomas Paine” “Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages are not yet sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favor.” “As a long and violent abuse of power is generally the means of calling the right of it in question.” “The cause of America, is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.” “And through which, the principals of all lovers of mankind are affected.” “Philadelphia, February 14th, 1776.” “Some writers have so confounded society with government as to leave little or no distinction between them.” “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of customs.” “And this remissness will point out the necessity of establishing some form of government to supply the defect of moral virtue.”
February 22, 2021
The Emergence Mission
Episode 14 | Brief essay (under 4 minutes) on the Mission of The Emergence Podcast to set the table for conversations, essays, and commentaries to come.  What is at the core of The Emergence? To surface people, ideas, innovations, and efforts from communities into public consciousness from what is swimming underneath.  To help bring more capabilities and diverse interests into the market and into society from a broader swath of people to strengthen the core of what makes up the human experience. TOPICS COVERED User Data Rights Decrease Societal Costs Increase Societal Health Better balance between people, business, and government.
February 16, 2021
Free Market Parity through Decentralization
Episode 13 | Free Market Parity through Decentralization is an essay I had written before I launched The Emergence Podcast. The purpose of this this essay is not to devalue the importance of the shareholder or corporations in the market but to call out the evolution of the free market away from core principles tied to the productive exchange of labor to a reliance on shareholder growth we see today. Where the stock price of a good or service has become more important than the efforts and interests of the stakeholders (workers/consumers) involved. A reality more reflective of a game of roulette than a plan for a representative market, better at keeping a few freighters afloat than lifting most boats. TOPICS INCLUDED Adam Smith Wealth of Nations Stakeholders Shareholders A Bill of Data Rights The Decentralized Web Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Blockchain CITATIONS It’s Time for a Bill of Data Rights Connecting over 80% of the developed world's data is the most valuable asset in the world Offer Networks Jon Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen Blockchain and Decentralized Consensus Larry Sanger's address Blockchain Promotion Act of 2019
February 10, 2021
The Emergent Web
Episode 12 | The Emergent Web is an essay I had written before launching The Emergence Podcast I believe speaks well to the history and potential of a connection better serving the interests of more of the people connected. We have to ask ourselves will society more likely benefit from the convenience of the masses or the deeper interactions of the individual? Now that the technology exists to pull this off isn’t the best investment to make the ones we make in ourselves. What better way to strengthen the core of this than through an emergent and purposeful connection. TOPICS INCLUDED Vannevar Bush As We May Think Douglas Engelbart Mother of All Demos & NLS System Ted Nelson Xanadu Tim Berners Lee Solid Framework Sugata Mitra Educational Researcher CITATIONS Douglas Engelbart Mother of All Demos ( Google Talk with Douglas Engelbart ( Sugata Mitra The Hole in the Wall Project and the Power of Self-Organized Learning (
February 9, 2021
Exploring the Potential of Connected Communities
Episode 11 | Stream of thought episode on what is possible when we move our focus toward building a better connection between people, resources, and commerce within our local and virtual communities. To focus on the potential of labor, small businesses, the arts, science, and people in the communities we engage with. To find and inspire people building tools and rendering systems of thought around the notion of tapping into human potential. Connecting these resources at the community level rather than only the institutional level will help grow a stronger core is the argument found in this episode. TOPICS COVERED Worker Coops Elon Musk Tesla Stock Douglas Engelbart Bootstrapping Small Business Renaissance Community Engagement Open Source Software
January 17, 2021
Building Trust and Community on the Web with Sebastiaan van der Lans
Episode 10 | In this episode, I bring on Sebastiaan van der Lans who is looking to harness blockchain and open source technologies to infuse trust and community into the connection. Sebastiaan is the founder of the Van Ons, Netherlands largest wordpress digital agency and Wordproof, a timestamp blockchain technology revolutionizing the notion of how we verify content on the web.  TOPICS *Fight for a trustworthy web *Wordpress is responsible for 39% of all websites *The future is in open source technologies and communities *Stakeholders are lost in building technology for profit over purpose *Wordpress and blockchain *The Internet has a deep-rooted issue which is trust *The Internet should offer transparency and accountability *Blockchain and Timestamping *Worker Proposal System *European Commission's Blockchains for Social Good initiative *What will open source technologies look like in 2025?  CITATIONS Sebastiaan van der Lans on Twitter ( ( EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: In conversation with Sebastiaan van der Lans at WCEU2019 ( WordProof: Let's fix the broken web, together! Interview with Sebastiaan van der Lans. Ep. 24 ( A Story about the Truly Inclusive Funding of Open Source WordPress Plugin “WordProof” ( Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Sebastiaan van der Lans (
January 4, 2021
Exploring the Connection and Human Potential with Tim McLain
Episode 9 | On this episode I bring on my good friend Tim McLain to discuss the role and future of the connection as it relates to discovery and how it could provide fuel to tap into human potential. Tim has a background in Technology, Art, and Music and over the last 15 years, we have been working on and discussing the toolset to help light the spark to ignite more purpose in the human condition.  Check out Tim's band Drug Money. (  Topics covered.  Sublinked in Youtube stream below. (0:00) Introduction (2:46) Tim McLain introduced (6:25) That is part of the human condition. We only have so much time to make so much money to have quality of life (7:20) Are we supposed to have quantity of life or quality-of-life. And who is directing it? (10:00) in some ways it has taken away motivation (12:10) it seems like the expectation of the quantity from the provider is stepping on the quality of the potential of the stakeholder (15:00) Tim Berners Lee frustrated with where the web is going (15:25) Mark Nadal - Peer to Peer vs. Domain connection (20:50) The utopian vision. Theoretical vs. Practical (21:36) Google removing information (23:03) Javier Livas Cantu - Cybernetics and Centralized Control (23:38) I would like to see technology developed that is more community based (28:56) Would like to have a Marxist, a Capitalist, and an Anarcho Syndicalist on the show (30:12) Dougals Engelbart and the death of his NLS System in favor of the localized PC. (34:55) - Technology cannot replace the real world. (36:10) Why not have our own personalized algorithms that we can tune. (41:50) It shouldn’t always be about what you like. It should be about what you need to see. What you need to learn. (42:31) Word Explorer - a tool to help people discover movies that will move them. (47:34) Fed information that keeps them from addressing that shadow self as Jung called it (48:20) If we want to have better information sorry we are going to want to do a little more work. (48:44) Police reform and George Floyd (50:28) When the police aren't aligned with the communities, what is going to happen (54:40) And for the community member to have more respect for what the the police officer has to go through....
December 25, 2020
Building a Better Future through a Decentralized Connection with GunDB Founder Mark Nadal
Episode 8 | Join J. Paul Duplantis and Mark Nadal on a 2 hour deep dive into Mark’s work with ERA, Inc and his GunDB framework to help build a better future through a peer to peer decentralized connection. Topics covered: *Gun DB *AXE (Advanced Exchange Equation) Algorithm *New Economic models beyond Capitalism and Socialism *Freeism *Building a new type of connection through browser extensions  *D.Tube Meething Video Conferencing *The Marginalized Consumer *Mark Benioff (Salesforce) Tim Draper (Draper Associates) Mozilla Citations: Freeism  The AXE (Advanced Exchange Equation) Algorithm Meething Video Conferencing  Regulating Monopolies, Open Sourcing Uber, and Dreaming Big with Mark Nadal ( Opt out of Money for Fun and Profit - Presentation ( Pomp Podcast (
December 8, 2020
A Conversation with Cybernetician Javier Livas Cantu
Episode 7 | A conversation between The Emergence host J. Paul Duplantis and Cybernetician Javier Livas Cantu on the role Cybernetics could play in emerging people more resonantly into society. Topics covered: *The role of Cybernetics within systems of Politics, Economics, Government, and Labor. *Stafford Beer’s Cybersyn project in Chile from the early 1970s. *How Cybernetics may be incorporated into future technologies such as Tim Berners Lee’s Solid Framework, Ben Goertzel’s Decentralized Artificial Intelligence, and Vivienne Ming’s Socos Labs. *The Shareholder Myth *Requisite Variety Javier Livas Cantu Youtube Channel ( Videos discussed in episode INTRODUCTION TO LAW, THE CYBERNETIC WAY (V2.0) ( DEFUND OR DEFEND? Cybernetic analysis of the Police function ( TAMING CAPITALISM and WALL St., The legacy of Lynn A. Stout ( MARXIST VS CYBERNETICIAN (Richard Wolff vs. Javier Livas) ( THE EMERGENT LIE (How democratic representative government is being distorted) ( Lynn A. Stout | The Shareholder Value Myth PDF ( Cybernetics Macy Conference (
November 30, 2020
Exploring Human Potential
Episode 6 | Join host J. Paul Duplantis as he discusses Exploring Human Potential while standing next to the Verde River in Cottonwood, Arizona. Asking the questions..... Is the free market truly exercising the potential of labor? What could technology do to tap into this potential? What barriers are in place limiting the flow of this potential between people, business, and governments? Links- Vivienne Ming Socos Labs -
November 23, 2020
Technology, Direct Democracy, and Lost Potential of a Truly Engaged Electorate
Episode 5 | Essay and correspondence with Tim Berners Lee's Solid Framework team on the possibility of using Solid PODS to inspire Direct Democracy. Solid Framework Study for Flanders, Belgium -
November 3, 2020
The Future of Work
Episode 4 | The Emergence host J. Paul Duplantis riffs on ideas on the Future of Work as he walks through the streets of Downtown Phoenix, AZ. He poses the question of what happens when technology replaces human labor while the cost of acquiring skills continues to increase dramatically.
October 1, 2020
Time to Clean Up the American Presidential Debates
Episode 3 |The Emergence host J. Paul Duplantis reads his essay on ideas for and the importance of cleaning up American Presidential debates.
October 1, 2020
Awareness & Context
Episode 2 | The Emergence host, J. Paul Duplantis riffs on ideas on the importance of building decentralized communication technologies to increase awareness and context amongst users in the discovery of information.
October 1, 2020
Introduction to The Emergence
Episode 1 | What is possible when we are connected and in control is the question asked in this introduction to The Emergence podcast hosted by J. Paul Duplantis who paints the picture of a world heavily influenced by centralized forces controlling the flow of information but at the same time identifies a path forward to reverse these trends by securing user data rights, building frameworks to securely manage user data, harness the potential of decentralized AI, and to create an emergent application layer to tap into the potential of a connected user base. A setup to inspire conversations and commentary on future episodes with innovative thinkers to help build a more purposeful connection between people, businesses, and governments. Youtube Sublinking Full Podcast - ( Opening statement - ( The Tools - ( >Number 1: User Data Rights - ( >Number 2: The Frameworks - ( >Number 3: The AI Layer - ( >Number 4: The Application Layer - ( >>Training and Therapy Applications - ( >>Collaboration Applications - ( >>Information Discovery Applications - ( What If the Status Quo - ( History - ( We are Divided - ( In Conclusion - (
October 1, 2020