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The Furious Curious

The Furious Curious

By The Furious Curious
The Furious Curious unpacks the weird and wonderful of modern cultural phenomena. We’ll give you answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had: why is Normcore a thing? What is Yacht Rock? Why did Marie Kondo take off? Can mullets ever look good? (Spoilers, they can).

We wrestle with these big questions so you don’t have to. Never be lost for words at the water cooler again. Get curious, stay curious with The Furious Curious.
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74. Film Series (Pt. 2): The Return of Film Noir
Today we're continuing our film mini-series with part 2: The Return of Film Noir. SOURCES: "Film Noir’s Early Days: How Studios Resisted, Then Embraced, the Genre" (The Hollywood Reporter, Thomas Doherty, 12/22/2021), "The 100 Best Film Noirs of All Time" (Paste Magazine,  Amanda Schurr, Andy Crump, Mark Rozeman & Paste Staff, 11/05/2021). "Neon Noir: The Dopest Film Genre You’ve Never Heard Of" (No Film School, Alyssa Miller, 10/12/2020). "'The Batman' & 'Nightmare Alley': Why Noir is Primed for a Major Comeback" (Collider, Grance Carbone, 03/22/2022). "Some Like It Dark" (, Terry Teachout, 10/2021). MUSIC: "On Hold for You (Kevin Macload), "Dark Bar" (bandersn4tch). ©2022 Britton Rice
June 16, 2022
73. Film Series (Pt. 1): The Expansion of Superhero Films (feat. comic creator, Daniel Grussi)
Today we’re talking about the expansion of superhero films, featuring comic creator, Daniel Grussi. I'm Brit and this is a The Furious Curious. SOURCES: "The Rise of Superhero Movies" (John Kindall, Budapest Reporter, 09/30/2021). "The Rise of Superhero Movies" (Roja Pande, The Daily Q, No Date Provided), "The Rise of Superhero Films" (New Your Film Academy, 06/30/2017). MUSIC: "Iron Man 3 Theme" (London Music Works). ©2022 Britton Rice
June 01, 2022
Summer Preview
Hello Furious Curious listeners! We will be returning with new episodes in June, including a two-part series of film phenomenons and what they are telling us about changes in culture. Part 1 will be first unpacking "The Return of Film Noir" with reoccurring guest Chase Domergue. Part 2 will be the "Rise of Comic Films and the Expanded Universe" with Courageous Comic writer Daniel Grussi. Also to come, fellow writer Ben Santoriello and I will also be speaking to Sam Gosling about this book Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You, as we unpack the dynamic between our possessions and our personal identities. Ben and I will also be unpacking "Imposter Syndrome," this idea of an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. All coming your way this summer. Until then, stay curious.
May 18, 2022
72. The Recurring 1990's
Today we’re talking about the recurring 1990's. I'm Brit, he's Chase and this is The Furious Curious. SOURCES: "Gen Z brought the '90s back because it feels impossible to grow up in today's economy" (Insider, Hillary Hoffower, 01/23/22), "The Nineties: A Book" (Chuck Klosterman, 02/08/22), "How Democrats would be better off if Bill Clinton had never been president" (Boston Globe, Neil Swidey, 07/10/18), "23 Fashion Trends From the ’90s That Are Back and Better Than Ever" (Cosmopolitan, Lauren Adhav, Maggie Griswold, 03/01/22), TikTok. MUSIC: "I Want It That Way" (Backstreet Boys), "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand" (Primitive Radio Gods). ©2022 Britton Rice, Chase Domergue
April 20, 2022
71. The Mechanics of Storytelling: Part 2
Today we’re talking about The Mechanics of Storytelling: Part 2. I’m Brit, he’s Ben and this is The Furious Curious. SOURCES: "How to Structure a Story: The Fundamentals of Narrative - article" (Author Learning Center), "How to Write a Better Novel: The 4 Most Common Story Structures" (MasterClass. 08/30/2021), "Story Structure: 3 Proven Templates for Timeless Storytelling" (Self-Publishing School, R.E Vance, 11/09/2021). Second City, accelerated writing (levels 1-3) under Jay Steigmann, February - April, 2019. MUSIC: "Agnate Ukuleles" (Steve Jablonsky). ©2022 Britton Rice, Ben Santoriello. 
April 06, 2022
70. The Mechanics of Storytelling: Part 1
Today we’re talking about The Mechanics of Storytelling: Part 1. I’m Brit, he’s Ben Santoriello and this is The Furious Curious. SOURCES: "How to Structure a Story: The Fundamentals of Narrative - article" (Author Learning Center), "How to Write a Better Novel: The 4 Most Common Story Structures" (MasterClass. 08/30/2021), "Story Structure: 3 Proven Templates for Timeless Storytelling" (Self-Publishing School, R.E Vance, 11/09/2021). Second City, accelerated writing (levels 1-3) under Jay Steigmann, 02/19 -04/19). MUSIC: "Agnate Ukuleles" (Steve Jablonsky). ©2022 Britton Rice, Ben Santoriello.
March 23, 2022
69. Ikigai (feat. bestselling author, career and workplace expert, Lindsey Pollak)
This week, Brit talks to New York times bestselling author, keynote speaker, and career and workplace expert, Lindsey Pollak about the Japanese concept of Ikigai. Ikigai (生き甲斐, 'a reason for being') is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living. LINKS: BOOK: Recalculating: Navigate Your Career Through the Changing World of Work TEDx talk: MUSIC: "ekki hugsa (amsterdam) - live (Ólafur Arnalds)
February 16, 2022
68. 2020-2021 Highlights Reel
We rolled some of podcast's best moments and summations of 2020-2021 into a catch-all montage highlight reel. Just for you! MUSIC: "Working for a Livin'" (Huey Lewis and the News), "Running" (Moderat), ""Hate it or Love It" (The Game, 50 Cent), "Stop Making this Hurt" (Bleachers), "Purple Hat" (Sofi Tukker), "Now I'm in It" (HAIM), "Feel the Bern (Remix)" (Tony Tig, The Gregory Brothers). ©2020-2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice. 
January 05, 2022
67. 2021 Recap + What's to Come
This week, Chas and Brit recap 2021, including highlights and big takeaways. Plus, what they're super excited about for 2022. MUSIC: "It Takes 2 Honey" (18 Carat Affair), "Dancing in the Dark" (Bruce Springsteen).©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
December 29, 2021
66. Web3
A wiser world of the web? This week we're talking about Web3. SOURCES: "What Is Web 3.0 and Why Should You Care?" (Natasha Bansgopaul, Newsweek, 09/15/21), "Why Web3 Matters" (Chris Dixon, a16z, Twitter, 09/26/2021), "People are talking about Web3. Is it the Internet of the future or just a buzzword?" (Bobby Allyn, NPR, 11/21/2021), Wikipedia). MUSIC: "Chaos A.D." (Sepultura), "Do You Believe? (Original Mix)" (Poolside). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
December 22, 2021
65. The Pratfall Effect
This week we're talking about The Pratfall Effect. SOURCES: "How the Boston Red Sox Touch All the Branding Bases" (Strategy + Business Magazine, Glenn Rifkin), "Why Some People Are More Likeable Than Others" (According To Science, Pema Bakshi), "The Pratfall Effect" (Everyday Psych), "Why does the Pratfall effect work?" (, "Falling for the Flaws: The Pratfall Effect" (, Priya Baid), "The effect of a pratfall on increasing personal attractiveness" (Research Gate, Elliot Aronson, Ben Willerman, Joanne Floyd), "The Pratfall Effect In Marketing: Profit From Your Mistakes" (Einstein Marketer, Josh Barney), "The Pratfall Effect: How Being Imperfect Makes You More Likeable" (Psych2Go, Kanjyi, 01/16/15), "The Pratfall effect: humanise your brand through its faults" (Good Rebels, Joanna Turner). MUSIC: "Desire" 18-Karat Affair), "Pictures of You" (The Cure). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
December 08, 2021
3. Cottagecore [Redux]
This week, we're revisiting one of our earliest episodes. Cottegecore is a nature-filled place somewhere between escapist fantasy and self-care. MUSIC: "Out of the Woods" (Nickel Creek) 'Simple Gifts" (performed Joyce Merman, attributed to Elder Joseph Brackett), "Oo-de-lally" (Roger Miller). ©2020 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice. 
December 01, 2021
64. The Four-Day Work Week
This week, we're talking about The Four-Day Work Week. Co-host, Britton Rice returns to join Chas Quirk. SOURCES: "The Impact of Working a 4-Day Week" (Amy Fontinelle, Investopedia, 10/11/2021), Wikipedia, "The Pros and Cons of a 4 Day Working Week" (Cahange Recruitment Group), "These companies have a 4-day workweek. Here’s what they’ve learned" (Michelle Fox, CNBC, 10/22/2021), "Opinion: Should the U.S. Adopt a 4-Day Workweek?" (Lindsay Lyon, US News, 10/19/2021), "Workers are crying out for a four-day week. It's time for their bosses to pay attention." (By Alison Morrow CNN, 11/17/21), "Goodhire: The Meaning of Work in 2021 — A Generational Divide" (Sara Korolevich, Good Hire, 11/09/2021), "U.S. Employee Engagement Reverts Back to Pre-COVID-19 Levels." (Jim Harter, Gallup, 10/16/2020), "The 40-hour workweek isn't working. Reducing it could help with productivity." (Ruth Tam, NPR, 10/2021), "4-Day Workweek Boosted Workers' Productivity By 40%, Microsoft Japan" (Bill Chappell, NPR, 11/2019). RESOURCES: "The 4 Day Week: How the Flexible Work Revolution Can Increase Productivity, Profitability and Well-being and Help Create a Sustainable Future" (Andrew Barnes), "Shorter: Work Better, Smarter, and Less—Here’s How" (Alex Soojung-Kim Pang). "Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World" (Cal Newport). MUSIC: "Working for the Weekend" (Loverboy), "Lofi Loner Night Chill Jam Track in A Minor" (Chusss Music). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice. 
November 24, 2021
63. Curious Take: Read the book or... watch the movie first?
Curious Take: read the book or... watch the movie first? Chas and recurring guest, Chase Domergue give their takes and break down their favs. MUSIC: "Sick of Fish" (Nico Muhly, Teitur), "Doug" (Lambert), "My Name is Lincon" Steve Jablonsky. ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Chase Domergue, Britton Rice.
November 17, 2021
62. The Loneliness Epidemic
This week we're talking about the Loneliness Epidemic with our re-occuring guest, Chase Domergue. SOURCES: "Loneliness in America: How the Pandemic Has Deepened an Epidemic of Loneliness and What We Can Do About It" (Richard Weissbourd, Milena Batanova, Virginia Lovison, and Eric Torres, Harvard, Making Caring Common Project), "How Loneliness Could be Linked to a Lack of Trust" (PsycheCenteral, Medically reviewed by N. Simay Gökbayrak, PhD. 10/28/2021), "COVID-19 Is Making America's Loneliness Epidemic Even Worse" (Time, Jamie Ducharme, 05/08/2020), "Solving the Loneliness Epidemic, Two Generations at a Time" (Standford Innovation Review, By Madeline Dangerfield-Cha & Joy Zhang, 05/29/2021), "Lonely religious people are less depressed than atheists because they see God as a friend replacement, study finds" (Daily Mail, Mia De Graaf, 09/05/2018), "A More Secular America Is Not Just a Problem for Republicans" (The New York Times), Ryan Burge, 08/25/2021), "Loneliness won't end when the pandemic ends" (CNN, Maria Morava, Scottie Andrew, 04/17/2021), "Millennials are the loneliest generation" (YouGov America, Jamie Ballard, 07/30/2019), "Does social media make you lonely?" (, Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH 12/21/2018. "How Millennials Killed Hobbies" (It's Nerd, Joe Marli, 02/21/2020) MUSIC: "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" (The Backstreet Boys), "Here I Go Again" (Whitesnake). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Chase Domergue, Britton Rice.
November 10, 2021
61. Squid Game
A deathmatch in a dazzling dystopia. This week we’re talking about Squid Game. SOURCES: "Loved “Squid Game”? Watch These Similar Movies & Shows Next" (Sara Delgado, Teen Vogue, 10/01/2021), "Netflix's 'Squid Game' is a sensation. Here's why it's so popular." (Kalhan Rosenblatt, NBC News, 10/04/2021), "Squid Game: Why The Guards Wear Red & Players Green" (Rick Stevenson, Screen Rant, 10/07/2021), "Why is the Netflix show Squid Game so wildly popular" (Sadiq Shaban, Gulf News, 10/18/2021). MUSIC: "Squid Game - Pink Soldiers [Maddix Remix] (Maddix). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
October 27, 2021
60. The Dunning-Kruger Effect
Knowledge humbles. Ignorance boasts. This week we’re talking about The Dunning-Kruger Effect. SOURCES: "What’s behind the confidence of the incompetent? This suddenly popular psychological phenomenon." (Angela Fritz, The Washington Post, 01/07/2019), [Original 1999 Study]: "Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessment." (Justin Kruger and David Dunning, Cornell University, 1999), "The Dunning-Kruger Effect: Why Incompetence Begets Confidence" (Allison He, The New York Times, 05/07/2020), "Chapter five - The Dunning–Kruger Effect: On Being Ignorant of One's Own Ignorance" (Davind Dunning, Science Direct, 2011), "Dunning-Kruger Effect" (Psychology Today). Wikipedia, "The Dunning-Kruger Effect" (Kendra Cherry, Very Well Mind, 08/06/2021. MUSIC: "Upside Down & Inside Out (OKGO), "Heads Up" (Ori Kul). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
October 14, 2021
59. The Prepper Movement
Think you’re ready? You’re not. But there’s hope. This week we’re talking about The Prepper Movement. SOURCES: "We mocked preppers and survivalists – until the pandemic hit" (J Oliver Conroy, The Guardian, 04/30/2020), "Disaster ‘prepping’ was once an American pastime. Today, it’s mainstream again." (Nina Strochlic, National Geographic, 11/10/2020),, "Doomsday Prepping Goes Mainstream" (NPR, 06/30/2021),, Wikipedia, "The Prepping Industry Wasn’t Prepared for the Coronavirus" (Kate Knibbs, Wired, 03/12/2020, "Heat is about to restructure American life in ways we can only begin to imagine" (Chris Hayes, MSNBC, 07/21/2021), "Doomsday Preppers: I Hope I'm Not Crazy" (YouTube). "We Should All Be Preppers" (Bradley Garrett, THe Atlantic, 05/03/2020), "BBC: Why 'preppers' are going mainstream" (Manuela Saragosa. BBC, 12/10/2020), "Bad News Bias" (David Leonhardt, The New York Times, 03/32/2021). MUSIC: "Get Ready" (Rayelle), "Survivor" (Destiny's Child). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
October 06, 2021
8. Corporate Jargon [redux]
Synergize then circle back to take it offline because this robust game changer won't just move the needle – it’s going to be a win-win. Let’s get the ball rolling. This week, due to popular demand, we're re-airing our Corporate Jargon episode. SOURCES: The Atlantic,, Asana,,, MUSIC: "Working for a Living' (Huey Lewis & The News), "Walking on the Sun" (Smash Mouth), "Manic Monday" (The Bangles). ©2020 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
September 30, 2021
58. The Metaverse
First there was the Internet. Next, there was the Metaverse. And this the Furious Curious. "Are We in the Metaverse Yet?" (New York Times, John Herrman and Kellen Browning, 07/10/2021), "Factbox: What is the 'metaverse' and how does it work?" (Reuters, Joori Roh, 09/07/2021), "Mark in the Metaverse" (The Verge, Casey Newton, 07/22/2021), "Balenciaga Joins Fortnite in the Metaverse" (, Rachel Tashjian, 09/20/2021), "China’s Metaverse gold rush is on but practitioners differ over how these virtual, digital worlds should operate" (South China Morning Post, Josh Ye, 09/19/2021), "Razer CEO says Covid-19 has accelerated path to the ‘Metaverse’, where content, commerce and networking exist in true virtual world" (South China Morning Post, Josh Ye, 08/28/2020), "Why the ‘metaverse’ will prove to be more than a buzzword" (Fast Company, Nick Pringle, 09/06/21), "The Metaverse Is Coming And It’s A Very Big Deal" (Forbes, Cathy Hackl, 05/07/2020) MUSIC: "Madskillz (Mic Chekka Remix)" (BT). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
September 22, 2021
57. The Rise and Rise of E-Learning
Today we're talking about E-Learning. SOURCES: "eLearning Market to Reach USD 370 Billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 8.56% | Valuates Reports" (, 05/17/2021), "E-Learning Market Size By Technology (Online E-Learning, Learning Management System (LMS), Mobile E-Learning, Rapid E-Learning, Virtual Classroom), By Provider (Service, Content), By Application (Academic [K-12, Higher Education, Vocational Training], Corporate [SMBs, Large Enterprises], Government), COVID-19 Impact Analysis, Regional Outlook, Growth Potential, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2021 – 2027" (, 05/2021), "15 More Companies That No Longer Require a Degree—Apply Now" (Glassdoor, 01/10/2020), "Forbes: Is College Worth The Cost? Pros Vs. Cons" (, Kat Tretina, 03/31/2021), "12 Trends Killing Co"llege" (, Tom Vander Ark, 06/17/2019), "How YouTube is changing education" (, Jelissa Burns, 12/09/2020), "5 Reasons Why Online Learning is the Future of Education" (, Gemma Josep. 08/23/2021), "The Year of the MOOC" (, Laura Pappano, 11/02/2012, "The Rise Of E-Learning In 2020" (, Carlos Gonzalez De Villaumbrosia, 05/02/2020), "The Brave New World of Online Learning: Amy Collier at TEDxStanford" (YouTube, Amy Collier, 60/20/2013), "Daphne Koller: What we're learning from online education" (YouTube, TED, Daphane Koller, 08/01/2012), "Elon Musk explains Why School Is Useless" (YouTube, Dr. Infographics, 10/08/2017). MUSIC: "Punga" (Klingande). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
September 15, 2021
56. The Great Resignation
Today we're talking about The Great Resignation. SOURCES: "Granderson: Why the 'great resignation' of 2021 is a sign of hope - Los Angeles Times" (LZ Granderson:, LA Times, 08/28/2021), :What’s fueling ‘The Great Resignation’ among younger generations?" (Rachel King, Fortune, 08/26/2021), Study: Gen Z, Millennials Driving ‘The Great Resignation’ ("Tim Smart, US News, 08/26/21), "The Great Resignation Is Here, and It's, Real" (Phillip Kane, Inc., 08/26/2021), "Real time with Bill Maher: The Right to Disconnect" (YouTube), "The Great Resignation: How employers drove workers to quit" (Kate Morgan, BBC, 07/01/2021), "As The Pandemic Recedes, Millions Of Workers Are Saying 'I Quit'" (Andrea Hsu, NPR, 06/24/2021), MUSIC: "I Quit My Job" (Old Man Luedecke). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
September 01, 2021
55. Ted Lasso
Today we're talking about Ted Lasso. SOURCES: "Why Ted Lasso became the hit that put AppleTV+ on the map" (Emily VanDerWerff, Vox, 02/24/21), "Why 'Ted Lasso' is a feel-good show that's winning over viewers" (Drew Weisholtz,, 02/26/21), "The Real Reason Why Audiences Love Ted Lasso So Much" (Eammon Jacobs, Looper, 07/26/21), "Why is 'Ted Lasso' so popular? Here's why Apple TV+ show resonates with viewers" (Aayush Sharma, Meaww, 07/22/21). MUSIC: "Ted Lasso Theme" (Marcus Mumford, Tom Howe). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
August 25, 2021
54. Sober Curious (ft. Betera co-founder, Aaron Sanchez)
Today we're talking about "Sober Curious" with special guest, co-founder of Betera, Aaron Sanchez. SOURCES: "It’s time to rethink how much booze may be too much" (Julia Belluz, Vox, 12/19/2018), "Statistics on Alcohol Use in the U.S." (Buddy T, Very Well Mind, 09/15/2020), "The Unstoppable Rise of (Actually Good) No- and Low-Alcohol Drinks" (Jamie Millar,, 04/02/2021), "America Has a Drinking Problem" (Kate Julian, The Atlantic, July/August/2021), "The Book Newly Sober People Love to Give to Each Other" (Edith Zimmerman, The Cut, 04/19/2019), "What Does It Really Mean To Be Sober Curious?" (Theodora Blanchfield 09/03/2019), "Why Are People Sober-Curious?" (Goop), BOOKS: Allen Carr "The Addictive Brain" (Thad A. Polk), "Alcohol Explained" (William Porter), RESOURCES:, MUSIC: "Something New" (Axwell /\ Ingrosso). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
August 12, 2021
53. Sleep's New Frontier
Today we're talking about Sleep's New Frontier, with reoccurring guest, writer Chase Domergue."Sleep expert Matthew Walker on the secret to a good night’s rest" (Janan Ganesh, Finacial Times, 01/11/2019), "17 Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night" (Rudy Mawer, MSc, CISSN, Healtline, 02/28/2020), "Why we're sleeping less" (By Madison Park, CNN, No date mentioned), "Working Americans Are Getting Less Sleep, Especially Those Who Save Our Lives" (10/28/2019), "Why are we so sleep deprived, and why does it matter?" (Michael S. Jaffee, The Conversation, 03/07/2018, 03/03/2020), "These Sleep Trends from Last Year Explain Why We’re All So Tired" (Casper Editorial Team,, 02/17/2021), "Shipping Forecast Dreamland" (YouTube, Jayne Anne Strutt). BOOKS: Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams" Matthew Walker, Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson, How do Sleep by Rafael Pelayo. MENTIONS: Apps: Breethe, Calm, Oak, Random Shipping Forecast Podcast. MUSIC: "Mr. Sandman" (performed by Pomplamoose). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.  
August 04, 2021
52. Side Hustles
Today we're talking about Side Hustles, with reoccurring guest and writer Chase Domergue. SOURCES: "53% of Workers Now Say Side Hustles Are a Must. 3 Tips for Finding the Right One" (, Maurie Backman, 04/26/2021), "The COVID Pandemic Has Generated A BOOM In ‘Side-Hustle’ Start-ups" (, Laruene Rey-Millet, 05/05/2021), "Get your side hustle on and make the most of the changing landscape of work" ( 05/18/2021), "The rise of the side hustle"  (, 01/16/2020), "The growth of the side hustle" (, 12/01/2020), Wikipedia. MUSIC: "Underdog" (Alicia Keys). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
July 21, 2021
PREVIEW: Side Hustles + Updates
Hey everyone. Britton here from the Furious Curious podcast. We have some exciting updates to share, you'll notice the next few weeks our episodes will be shorter, and perhaps more to the point as we get to our flagship five reasons why faster. We're always eager to hear feedback regarding what you like about the podcast and what you think could make it better for everyone.   As we look to next week, we'll be back unpacking why more and more people are pursuing Side Hustles. We'll include some tips on how to get started on a side hustle of your own, plus a maybe open the mail bag and read from out listeners.  Until next week, stay curious.  The Furious Curious Podcast ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
July 14, 2021
51. Burnout
Today we're talking about burnout. SOURCES: What causes us to burnout at work? (World Economic Forum, Gill Cassar, Dominik Breitinger, 10/10/2019) "Is Burnout an Epidemic Among American Workers? Experts Are Divided." (Elemental x Medium, Markham Heid, Not Dated), "From moms to medical doctors, burnout is everywhere these days" (The Washington Post, Jenny Rough, 03/30/2019), "Burnout Symptoms and Treatment" (Very Well Minds, Elizabeth Scott, MS, 03/20/2020), "By Now, Burnout Is a Given" (The Atlantic, Lucy McBride, 06/30/2021), "Burnout Prevention and Treatment" (Help Guide, 10/2020). EPISODE MENTIONS: "Self-Care' #30, "Mental Health" #23. MUSIC: "Stop Making this Hurt" (Bleachers). The Furious Curious Podcast ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.  
July 08, 2021
50. Chicken Sandwich Wars
This week, we're talking about Chicken Sandwich Wars. SOURCES: "Everything You Need to Know About the 'Chicken Wars'" (Hypebeast, Clara Malley, 03/01/2021), "A Brief History of the Chicken Sandwich Wars" (Resturant Business, Patricia Cobe on 01/07/2021), "Toward a unified theory of chicken sandwiches" (The Takeout, Aimee Levitt, 06/03/2021), "Chicken Sandwich Wars: Who has the best fast-food chicken sandwich?" (M Live, John Gonzalez, 05/21/2021), "7 New Fast-Food Chicken Sandwiches Everyone's Talking About" (Eat This, Not That, Mura Dominko, 03/04/2021), "The Chicken Sandwich Wars Will Ignite Again in 2021" (QSR Magazine, Danny Klein, 04/14/2021). MUSIC: "Cotton Eye Joe" (Rednex). The Furious Curious Podcast ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
June 30, 2021
49. UFOs
This week, we're talking about UFOs. SOURCES: "Spaced Out: What does UAP mean and how is it different from a UFO?" (THe U.S. Sun, Charlotte Edwards, 06/14/2021. "Why UFOs are now UAPs: Explore One Of the Government’s Most Successful Marketing Campaigns" (American Marketing Association, 06/16/2021), "Aliens likely aren't visiting Earth, but scientists believe they're out there. Here's how they're searching for intelligent life." (USA Today, Doyle Rice, Grace Hauck, 06/04/2021), "Conspiracies and FBI secrets: Why we love UFOs" (Sarah Scoles,, 09/02/2020), "Why We Love Aliens" (NPR, Marcelo Gleiser, 05/25/2016), "Why Do People Love UFOs So Much?" (Wired,  DATE OF PUBLICATION: 06/11/21). "U.S. Navy Releases Videos of Unexplained Flying Objects" (New York Times, 05/03/2021), "‘Something’s going on’: UFOs threaten national security, US politicians warn" (The Guardian, Adam Gabbatt, 06/17/2021), "Filmmaker discusses UFO footage captured off the San Diego coast" (CBS8 San Diego, Brian White, 06/17/2021) MUSIC: "Idioteque" (Radiohead), "Intergalactic" (Beastie Boys), "Love Walks In" (Van Halen). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
June 23, 2021
48. Generalists (feat. Mike Stopforth | Beyond Binary | 48 Hours)
This week we're talking about Generalists with special guest, Mike Stopforth of Beyond Binary, 48 Hours, and The One-Eyed Man podcast. SOURCES: "When Generalists Are Better Than Specialists, and Vice Versa" (Harvard Business Review, Florenta Teodoridis, Michael Bikard, and Keyvan Vakili 07/13/2018, 07/31/2018), "Don’t Underestimate Generalists: They Bring Value to Your Team" (Knowledge @Wharton, 07/09/2019), "The advantages of being a generalist in modern business" (, 10/16/2020). "Move Over, Specialists: The Rise Of The Generalist Is Here" (Forbes, Nicole Smartt Serres, 09/12/2019). LINKS:,, MUSIC: "Let Me Love Open the Door" (Peter Townshend), "Fireworks" (Nymano, Pandrezz). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
June 16, 2021
47. Hot Takes
This week, we're talking about Hot Takes. Chas joins recurring guest and writer, Chase Domergue. SOURCES: A History of the Hot Take (The New Republic, Elspeth Reeve, April 12, 2015); Where Do 'Hot Takes' Come From? (Merriam Webster);  MUSIC: "2 Legit 2 Quit" (MC Hammer), "Be the One" (Dua Lipa). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice, Chase Domergue.
June 10, 2021
46. The One-Eyed Man podcast talks strategic lessons in film and more w/ Chas
This week, we're bringing to you an episode from the One-Eyed Man podcast with Mike Stopforth. He talks with Chas about their mutual passion for cinema, the lessons learned from Hollywood, Chas' ongoing project, "Strategy on Screen," and the wisdom of Kung Fu Panda's animated movies. "The One-Eyed Man" podcast is a quest to explore, define and master a new brand of impactful leadership. Mike speaks to experts in business, philosophy, technology, and social impact in this weekly podcast. 
May 27, 2021
45. Plant-Based Meat
Tastes like it bleeds but it’s made from seeds. This week, we're talking about plant-based meat SOURCES: "How China Could Change the World by Taking Meat Off the Menu" (Time, Charlie Campbell, 05/2021), "9 Scientific Benefits of Following a Plant-Based Diet" (Eeveryday Health, Moira Lawler, 01/17/2020) "Earth Month 2021: 7 Reasons To Go Vegan For The Planet" (, Dr. Justine Butler, 04/07/2021), "Nutrition and healthy eating" (Mayo Clinic), "Plant-Based Persuasion: The Tricky Psychology Behind ‘Eat Less Beef’" (Forbes, Jenny Splitter, 07/22/2019) "Food industry watches Texas moves to stop plant-based proteins using terms like 'beef' and 'meat'" (ABC Rural , Jon Daly, Kallee Buchana 05/15/2021), "Why plant-based meats are healthier than regular meats, according to dietitians", "Plant-based Meat Has Officially Reached 'Global Phenomenon' Status" (, Brian Kateman, 02/26/2020), "Vegetarianism: Tapping Into the Meatless Revolution" ( Katie, Jones, 06/22/2020). MUSIC: "Even Better Than the Real Thing" (U2), "Sacrifice" (Elton John). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice
May 20, 2021
44. Gray Divorce
This week, we're talking about Gray Divorce. SOURCES:"The 'gray divorce' trend: As the Gates split shows, more older couples are getting divorced. Here's why" (John Duffy, CNN Opinion, 05/06/2021), "Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced. So are increasing numbers of older Americans." (Susan L. Brown, NBC News, 05/05/2021), "6 of the most expensive billionaire divorces: From Jeff Bezos to Elon Musk" (Jackie Salo, Fox Business, 05/06/2021), "Bill and Melinda Gates divorce highlights rise of older-age splits" (Anne Marie Chaker, Fox Business, 05/06/2021), "Bill and Melinda Gates are the latest couple to get a 'gray divorce.' Here's why more married people part ways after 50." (Julia Naftulin, Business Insider, 05/072021), Wikipedia, ?'Gray divorce' — getting divorced later in life — is on the rise. Here's how an attorney says you should handle separation when you're older." (Nicole Sodoma, Business Insider, 05/04/2021), "Facing a Gray Divorce? Watch Out for These 7 Critical Issues" (Joe Dillon, Equitable Mediation, Date N/A), "Grey Divorce: Its Reasons & Its Implications" (Marguerita Cheng, Forbes, 02/29/2021), "The rise of 'gray divorce,' as couples over age 50 split" (CNBC, 05/07/2021), "Why 'Gray Divorce' is Surging" (Wall Street Journal, 03/02/2021), "Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce | What is "Gray Divorce?"" (Dr. Todd Grande, YouTube, 05/06/2021).  MUSIC: "Solsbury Hill" (Peter Gabriel), "Invisible Touch" (Genesis). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice
May 12, 2021
43. Deepfakes
This week, we're talking about Deepfakes. SOURCES: The Emergence of Deepfake Technology: A Review (Time Review, 11/2019), "What is a deepfake? Everything you need to know about the AI-powered fake media" (Business Insider, Dave Johnson, 01/22/2021), "Deepfakes advertised on underground markets, signaling possible shift, Recorded Future says" (Cyberscoop, Tim Starks, 04/29/2021), "What are deepfakes – and how can you spot them?" (The Guardian, Ian Sample, 01/13/2020), Wikipedia, "Deepfakes: What they are and why they’re threatening" (Norton), "Auf dem Weg in eine alternative Realität?" (Tagesschau, Patrick Gensing, 09/03/2020). MUSIC: "Running" (Moderat III), "Decisions" (Nagashi). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice
May 05, 2021
42. The Super League (feat. Mike Reeder of Smiling Lions)
This week, we're talking about the proposed Super League with Mike Reeder of Smiling Lions. The Super League, commonly referred to as the European Super League (ESL), was a proposed annual club football competition to be contested by twenty European football clubs. Mike Reeder is a self-described brand and customer strategy nerd. He's driven strategies for some of the best brands in the world. He recently launched a strategy consultancy named, Smiling Lions where he develops communication strategies for brands, start-ups, and agencies. This work is grounded in optimism and empathy and with the fervent belief that creativity, technology, and storytelling can transform the brand and customer relationship while also enhancing the communities they share. SOURCES: "European Super League Q&A: Why it failed - and will clubs try again?" (Simon Stone, BBC Sport, 04/21/2021), Wikipedia. MUSIC: "Can I Kick It?" (A Tribe Called Quest), "The Way I Feel" (Keane) ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice.
April 27, 2021
41. Outdated Phrases (feat. writer, Chase Domergue)
Close, but no cigar", "Burning the midnight oil", "Jumping on the bandwagon". Today we’re talking about Outdated Phrases. SOURCES: "Common Phrases That Are Completely Antiquated" (, Candice Darden, 08/12/2019), "15 Phrases That Just Don't Make Sense Like They Used To" (A Plus, Lisa Winter, 08/21/2015), "50 Outdated Words That Instantly Age You" (Best Life, Sarah Crow, 11/08/2020), "'Rolling' down a window: 17 common phrases that no longer reflect the action" (Today, Francesca Gariano, 07/26/2020), "Our top old-fashioned English sayings" (Lingoda, Laura Jones, 02/17/2021), "How Does Language Evolve?" (Babbel Magazine, Steph Koyfman, 11/29/2017). MUISC: "I Can't Stand You Anymore" (Sleigh Bells), "Detroit Madness (Instrumental)" (J Dilla), "Steppin' Out" (Joe Jackson). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice
April 21, 2021
40. Calmtainment
We don’t need more to things to watch— we need more peace. Today we're talking about Calmtainment. SOURCES: "Wellness 2021: 'Calmtainment' Is The New Trend For Relaxing Programming" (ETX Studio, 02/23/2021), "The Future 100: 2021" (Wunderman Thompson, 2021), "How to meditate and relax the subject of Netflix, HBO Max shows amid wave of entertainment targeting the stressed, anxious - and just curious" (Hattie Rowan,, 04/06/2021), "THE FUTURE 100 TRENDS THAT WILL SHAPE CULTURE AND ECONOMICS IN 2021" (Molly James, Communicate Magazine, 02/08/2021), "HOW TO MEDITATE AND RELAX THE SUBJECT OF NETFLIX, HBO MAX SHOWS AMID WAVE OF ENTERTAINMENT TARGETING THE STRESSED, ANXIOUS - AND JUST CURIOUS" (, "The Meta Trending Trends: 2021" (Matt Klein, Medium, 01.25.2021), "Calmtainment is the new trend for relaxing programming" (AFP,, 02.17.2021), "Calmtainment is the new trend for relaxing programming" (Malay Mail, 02.18.2021), "'Calmtainment' is the new trend for relaxing programming" (The Star, Agency, 02.19.2021), "Calmtainment is the Future of Relaxing Entertainment" (ETX Daily Up, Prestige Online, 03.08.2021). VIDEO SOURCES: "Why is Doom Scrolling? | Khadija Mbowe (Khadija Mbowe, YouTube, 01/31/2021), "MINDFULNESS Documentary Film 2020" (Positive Revolution, 07025.2021), "How to Stay Calm Consistently : Psychology & Mental Health" (ehowhealth, YouTube, 10.11.2012). MUSIC: "Soft Landing (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) (David Hohme), "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand" (Primative Radio Gods). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice
April 14, 2021
39. The Impossible Network interviews The Furious Curious
This week The Impossible Network interviews the co-hosts of The Furious Curious – Charlie Quirk and Britton Rice. In the interview, they explore the impact of their parents and upbringing on their values, how they cultivate curiosity, the life attributes that prepared them for lives in advertising, plus how they unpack the weird and wonderful modern cultural phenomena on their podcast.
April 07, 2021
38. Sustainable Fashion (feat. Vanessa Barboni Hallik, Founder & CEO of Another Tomorrow)
Today we're talking about Sustainable Fashion with Vanessa Barboni Hallik, Founder & CEO of Another Tomorrow. SOURCES:, MUSIC: "ekki hugsa (amsterdam) - live" (Ólafur Arnalds), "Ring the Bell" (White Hinterland). ©2021 Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice
March 31, 2021
37. Sneaker Culture
Copping drops of unending freshness. Today we’re talking about Sneaker Culture. MUSIC: "Hate it Or Love it" (The Game, 50 Cent), "Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)" (US3), "Instant Karma (We All Shine On)" (John Lennon), "So Fresh, So Clean" (Outkast). SOURCES: MENTIONS: Goat, StockX , Kicks on Fire SITES:,,,,, © Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice
March 24, 2021
36. NFTs
Crypto punks, the silly rich, and starving artists finally unite! Today we’re talking about NFTs. SOURCES:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MUSIC: "8 Bits" (, "January" (Kokoro), "There's That Grin" (Deerhoof).  ©Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice 
March 17, 2021
35. Workplaces of the Future (feat. Bill Dowzer, Principal at Architecture BVN)
A shared sense of purpose — and place — in a post-pandemic world. Today we’re talking about “Workplaces of the Future”. LINKS: Bill on his philosophy (, Bill on the impossible Network podcast (, Bill at World Architecture Festival Berlin 2017 (, Bill's project (, Bill's Architecture firm ( MUSIC: "Working for the Weekend" (Loverboy). © Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice
March 10, 2021
34. Ageism
Ending prejudice against our future selves. Today we’re talking about Ageism. SOURCES:"Everyday Ageism and Health" (University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging, Ober Allen J, Solway E, Kirch M, Singer D, Kullgren J, Malani P. 07.2020), "Discrimination and negative attitudes about ageing are bad for your health" (WHO, 09.16.2016), "Fighting ageism" (American Psychological Association, Melissa Dittmann, 05.2003), "Ageing: Ageism" (WHO, 11.02.2020), "Ageism: A ‘Prevalent and Insidious’ Health Threat" (New York Times, Paula Span, 04.26.2019), "The Complex Nature of Ageism: What Is It? Who Does It? Who Perceives It?" (Oxford Academic / The Gerontologist, Elias S. Cohen, Volume 41, Issue 5, 10.01.2001), Wikipedia, "How the Frances McDormand drama 'Nomadland' defies Hollywood ageism" (ABC News, Daniel Arkin, 02.21.2021), "Baby boomers face financial distress and age discrimination" (Market Watch, Howard Gold, 02.20.2021). MUSIC: "Don't Change" (INXS), "Somebody's Gonna Love You" (THE WLDLFE). © Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice
March 03, 2021
33. Urban Regeneration (feat. Mark Fallows of The Impossible Network)
Helping build back the neighborhood, because local is vital. Today we're talking about Urban Regeneration. LINKS:,,,, Regen Villages and Village OS -, James Elrich - discussing, Another Tomorrow: MUSIC: "Sign" (VHS Collection), Father and Son (Apollo Brown). © Charlie Quirk, Britton Rice
February 24, 2021
32. Clubhouse
What if Twitter was a podcast that you could live inside of? Today we’re talking about Clubhouse. SOURCES: "Clubhouse May Be Social Media's Future. What's All The Hype About?" (NPR, Bobby Allyn, 02.11.2021), "Clubhouse app: what is it and how do you get an invite to the exclusive audio app?" (The Guardian, Rafqa Touma, 02.16.2021), "The Hot New Thing in Clubby Silicon Valley? An App Called Clubhouse" (NYT, Erin Griffith, Taylor Lorenz, 05.19.2020, "Facebook Is Said to Be Building a Product to Compete With Clubhouse" (NYT, Mike Isaac, 02.12.2021), "What Is Clubhouse? The Invite-Only Chat App Explained" (PC Mag, Eric Griffith, 02.02.2021). MUSIC: "Purple Hat (Sofi Tucker).
February 17, 2021
31. The Creative Process (feat. Rob Meyerson of How Brands are Built)
Looking behind the curtain to where the magic is made. Today we're talking about the creative process.  SOURCES: "I name brands and companies for a living — here's what it takes to succeed as a 'professional namer'" (Business Insider, Rob Meyerson, 08.17.2018), "Branding trends for 2021 (Best of the Web)" (, Rob Meyerson, 12.14.2020)  LINKS:,  MUSIC: "Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!" (Kishi Bashi).
February 10, 2021
30. Self-Care (feat. Amy Ridley of Unscripted Studio)
Maintaining that healthy relationship with none other than... yourself. SOURCES: "7 acts of self-care you can practice during a winter lockdown" (Rachel Thompson, Mashable, 01.26.2021, "Doctors, Facing Burnout, Turn to Self-Care" (Abby Ellin, The New York Times, 01.26.2021), "Why Money Management Should Be A Key Part Of Your Self-Care Routine" (Casey Bond, Huff Post, 01.29.2021) POEM: "The Acsent" (Beau Taplin) LINK ( BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS: "Well Designed Life: 10 Lessons in Brain Science & Design (Kyra Bobinet), "Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones" (James Clear). PODCAST RECOMMENDATIONS: "Unlocking Us" (Brené Brown), "Dare to Lead" (Brené Brown), "Seize the Yay" (Sarah Holloway). APP RECOMMENDATIONS: Headspace, Breethe, Oak, Healthy Minds. MUSIC: "Work in Progress" (Geowulf), "Dear to Me" (Electric Guest).
February 03, 2021
29. That Bernie Meme
A picture is worth a thousand words. And in this case, 100,000 memes. Today we’re talking about that Bernie Meme. SOURCES: "The Bernie Sanders Meme Proves the Internet Is Resetting" (Angela Watercutter, Wired, 01.22.2021), "Rotten Tomatoes, explained" (Alissa Wilkinson, Vox, 06/2018), "Bemittened Bernie: The meme that resonated around the world" (Miriam Berger, The Washington Post, 01.22.2021), "Bernie Sanders’s Viral Inauguration Coat Has an Even Better Origin Story" (Erin Vanderhoof, Vanity Fair, 01/20.2021), "Woman who made Bernie Sanders' mittens says she has no more to sell" (Samantha Murphy Kelly, CNN Business, 01.22.2021), MUSIC: "Feel the Bern" (The Gregory Brothers), "The Way You Do The Things You Do" (The Temptations), "This Land is Your Land" (Bernie Sanders and 30 Vermont Artists).
January 25, 2021
28. Rotten Tomatoes
Certifying what's fresh and what's rotten. Today we're talking about Rotten Tomatoes. SOURCES: "Attacked by Rotten Tomatoes" (Brooks Barnes, New York Times, 09/2017), "Rotten Tomatoes, explained" (Alissa Wilkinson, Vox, 06/2018), "The percentage is NOT a rating! How does Rotten Tomatoes work?" (dwadmin,, 01/2021), "Rotten Tomatoes Updates “Top Critic” Criteria, Adding 170 New Voices In Inclusion Push" (Dade Hayes, DEADLINE, 12/2020), "Rotten Tomatoes change review policy following Captain Marvel trolls" (Jack Shepherd,, 02/2019), "The biggest divides between audience and critic scores on Rotten Tomatoes" (Nolan Moore,, 10/2018), "Rotten Tomatoes Is A Fine Site, But You're Using It Wrong" (Scott Mendelson, Forbes, 02/2019), "How Hollywood Came to Fear and Loathe Rotten Tomatoes" Chris Lee, Vanity Fair 06/2017). "Has Rotten Tomatoes Ever Truly Mattered? (Ben Lindbergh, Rob Arthur, The Ringer 09/2020). MUSIC: "Cruel Summer" (Bananarama), "Finale" (Danny Elfman), "The Kiss" (Trevor Jones), "The Power of One" (Hans Zimmer).
January 20, 2021
27. Gorpcore
High fashion meets high altitude. Today, we're talking about Gorpcore. SOURCES: "Gorpcore How Arcteryx Parkas and Salomon Hiking Boots Became High Fassion" (WSJ), "Gorpcore is the New Normcore: Everything You Need to Know about Fashion's Newest Phase" (Vogue), "Arcteryx Recognized as Leader in Gorpcore Trend" ( "Gorpcore: Why People Who Rarely Go Outside are Wearing Hiking Gear" (The Guardian), "What is Gorpcore" (Grailed), "New Fashion Trends: Normcore, Gorpcore" (The Cut), "Best Gorpcore Camping Peices" (NY Mag), "Che Cos e il Nuovo Lusso" (NSS Mag), Wiktionary, "How to Style Gorpcore/Hikercore | 2020 Fashion Trends" (YouTube, This Is Antwon). "The North Face, Patagonia, Napapijri… Pourquoi tout le monde s'habille “gorpcore” ? | DIG IT | GQ" (YouTube, GQ France). MUSIC: "Paris" (Fickle Friends), "Flare Guns ft. Chelsea Cutler" (Quinn XCII), "You Know Me" (Air Traffic Controller). MENTIONS: Arcteryx, Mammut, Patagonia, REI, Marmot, Helly Hansen  Goldwin, Gramicci, Manastash, La Sportiva, And Wander, Snow Peak, F/CE, Houdini, Gyakusou, Acronym.
January 13, 2021
26. Deep Work
Staying focused in a dystopia of distraction. Today we’re talking about Deep Work. SOURCES: "Deep Work" (Cal Newport, 2016), "Drive" (Daniel Pink 2011), "People are embracing work-from-anywhere. Where does this leave coworking spaces? (Jeremy Redleaf, 12/24/2020), "Slack is the right tool for the wrong way to work" (Cal Newport, The New Yorker, 12/14/2020),  BOOK RECOMMENDATION: "Deep Work" by Cal Newport.  APP MENTIONS: Expensify, Zirtual, Calendly, Zenefits, Slack, Brainwave 35 Binaural Programs, and Rainymood.  MUSIC: "A Moment Apart" (ODESZA), "Alone in Kyoto" (Air).  Listen to the THE FURIOUS CURIOUS Deep Work Playlist here.
January 06, 2021
25. The 2020 Recap + What's to Come
This week, Brit and Chas recap the highlights and learnings from 2020, plus give a sneak peek into the plans for 2021. MUSIC: "Sunshine" (Los Porcos), "I'll Work For Your Love" (Bruce Springsteen). 
December 23, 2020
24. Softbois (w/ special guest, writer, Chase Domergue)
Faux sensitivity, emotional manipulation, superiority complexes, and making sure that everyone knows that he has the most refined tastes in all the arts forms... Today we’re talking about Softbois.  SPECIAL GUEST: Chase Domergue, writer. SOURCES: "From Seth Cohen to the Hot Priest: A Cultural History of the Softboi" (Morwenna Ferrier / Vox) September 2019. "What is a softboi? You might be dating one – and you don't even know it" (Max Benwell, Vox) September 2019. MUSIC: "Some Boys" (Death Cab for Cutie), "Futile Devices (Dovemen Remix)" (Sufjan Stevens), "The Promise" (When In Rome).
December 16, 2020
23. Mental Health (w/ special guest, Amanda Elizabeth Dold, MFT)
It's important at every stage of your life; affecting how we think, feel, act. Today we’re talking about Mental Health. SPECIAL GUEST: Amanda Elizabeth Dold, MFT. Amanda is a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT). She serves as the Integration Services Manager for the Behavioral Health Services division of Contra Costa in Martinez, CA. She also supports clinical informatics for the County’s specialty mental health programs. MUSIC: "Now I'm in It" (HAIM).
December 09, 2020
22. Direct-to-Consumer Brands
Third-party retailers, wholesalers, or any other middlemen, shall it be death by a billion clicks? Today we're talking about Direct-to-Consumer. "Why Brands Are Shifting To Direct-To-Consumer Marketing" (Joseph Safina,, 03/2020), "Is it time to blow up your business model and switch to DTC?" (Derek O’Carroll,, 09/2018), "Direct to Consumer: The Means to an End" (Michael Applebaum,, 06/2019, "Direct-to-Consumer (Wiki), "Retail Brands’ Future Is Direct-to-Consumer: Robert Burke CEO Bloomberg Markets and Finance" (YouTube, Bloomberg Markets and Finance), "Shopify president on the success of its direct-to-consumer business NBC Television CNBC Television" (YouTube, CNBC, NBC), "Direct-to-consumer companies are trying to take on Amazon this holiday season" CNBC Television" (YouTube, CNBC) MUSIC: "Bloom" (Troye Sivan), "I Said I Loved You But I Lied", "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You? (Michael Bolton).
December 02, 2020
21. Tiger King (*from the road, May '20)
Polygamy, big cats, low-budget country music videos, drug use, rivalries, murder mysteries, and amputated limbs. Today we're talking about the American true crime documentary streaming television miniseries, Tiger King. SONG CREDITS: “I Saw a Tiger” (Joe Exotic, Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, origionally written by Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton), intro music from "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness", "I Drive Your Truck" (Lee Brice).
November 26, 2020
20. Supreme
Street cred, skate culture, scarcity and... stock prices? Today we’re talking about Supreme. SOURCES: "How Supreme Built A Billion Dollar Brand Empire" (CNBC Make It), Charting the Rise of Supreme, From Cult Skate Shop to Fashion Superpower (Robert Sullivan) "History of Supreme Skate Clothing Brand" (Vogue), "Why Is the Owner of North Face Buying Supreme for $2.1 Billion?" (GQ), The hype machine: Streetwear and the business of scarcity (BBC, Damian Fowler). MUSIC: Intentions (Justin Bieber). 
November 20, 2020
19. Nostalgia
That warm feeling for the good ol’ days. Now coming to you in your movies, clothes, music, commercials and more… Today we’re talking about Nostalgia. SOURCES: "Hot-dog sales surged by more than 120% early in March" (Business Insider / Timothy Yu-Cheong Yeung - CEPR Press)"Heartwarming memories: Nostalgia maintains physiological comfort"  (Zhou, Xinyue; Wildschut, Tim; Sedikides, Constantine; Chen, Xiaoxi; Vingerhoets, Ad J. J. M.) "The latest US food trend is 1950s nostalgia with the return of carhops" (CNN), "Gen Z Is Bringing the 2000s Back…Here’s How Brands Can Keep Up" (, "21 Nostalgic Gen X Tweets That Are Also Super Funny" (Buzzfeed), " Why We Reach for Nostalgia in Times of Crisis" (The New York Times) "The Unconscious: Theory, Research, and Clinical Implications (Joel Weinberger and Valentina Stoycheva) MUSIC: 4EVER! (LANY), Somday, Someway (Marshall Crenshaw), Blinding Lights (The Weeknd), Shot At The Night (The Killers), All the People (Panama Wedding), Elevate (St. Lucia), Run to Paradise (Choirboys), Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper), "Don Draper Explains Nostalgia" (YouTube / AMC). 
November 11, 2020
Quick Update: What's to Come
Hey everyone, this is your co-host Britton Rice from the Furious Curious. Over the past 18 episodes, Chas and I have been having a blast unpacking all sorts of cultural phenomena, from Cottagecore, Remote Work, and TikTok to Corporate Jargon, Karens, and Dopamine Fasting, to name a few. And the positive response from all of you has been amazing. To keep our episodes even more entertaining, relevant, and useful, we plan to take a short break for the next few weeks. We’ll be back in late October with some exciting new topics and ideas that will continually make The Furious Curious one of your favorite Podcasts. Looking forward to being with you all again very soon; until then… stay curious.
September 28, 2020
18. Podcasts
Today we are talking about Podcasts. SOURCES: MUSIC: "I Want You to Want Me" (Save Ferris, originally by Cheap Trick). 
September 23, 2020
17. Kanye West and the Rise of Yeezy
From sneakers, to what’s coming out of your speakers. And from singing on sunday to dominating the runway. Today we’re talking about Kanye West and the Rise of Yeezy. SOURCES:, High Snobiety: Kanye West Really Loves Akira, GQ: Inside Kanye West’s Vision for the Future (, Elite Daily: He’s An Innovator: Why The Kanye West Will Always Be Relevant, HypeBeast: Kanye West Dissects His Design Methodology in 'Forbes' Video Interview: MUSIC: "I Am A God", "Use This Gospel", "Homecoming", "Wash Us In The Blood" (Kanye West). 
September 16, 2020
16. New Words / Meanings
Gender reveals, snowflakes, techlash, and a whole lot of nothingburgers –– all while remaining socially distant… Today we’re talking about New Words and New Meanings. SOURCES:,,,,,, MUSIC "Money Ain't a Thang" (Jermaine Dupri Feat. Jay Z), "More Than Words" (Extreme), "Bootylicious" (Destiny's Child). 
September 09, 2020
15. Hipsturbia
Meatloaf and mayberry meets macha and manbuns... Today we’re talking about the Rise of Hipsturbia. SOURCES: "Creating Hipsturbia" (New York Times), "How Millennials Are Changing Suburb" (Rice Kinder Institute for Urban Research), Millennials Are Fleeing Big Cities for the Suburbs (CNBC), Millennials with Families are Leaving Major Cities for the Suburbs, Transforming them into Hispturbia (Forbes), hipsturbia-millennials-suburbs-cities-cost-of-living (, What’s Happening With Hipsturbia in Atlanta (Newsbreak), "Are people really fleeing cities because of COVID? Here’s what the data shows" (, Get me out of here! Americans flee crowded cities amid COVID-19, consider permanent moves (USA Today), "Revenge of the Suburbs" (The Atlantic), "Is it time you moved to “hipsturbia”?" (Property Guides) MUSIC: "Suburbs" (Pet Shop Boys), "Drive" (Ben Rector), "Rocking the Suburbs (Ben Folds Five), "Subdivisions" (Rush). 
September 02, 2020
14. "The Last Dance" (Michael Jordan Documentary)
Three-peats, multiple retirements, sneakers, vengeance, and fame. Today we’re talking about the "The Last Dance", the documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. SOURCES: Michael Jordan The Last Dance Soundtrack (, The Last Dance Soundtrack, Michael Jordan Espn Episode Songs 1505004 (, Wikipedia. MUSIC: "The Choice is Yours” (Black Sheep) “Rosa Parks" (Outkast).
August 26, 2020
13. TikTok
FOMO, lipsyncs, dance challenges, while the AI machines do the dirty work. Today we’re talking about TikTok. SOURCES: "What is TikTok?” (, "Tiktok Tracked User Data Using Tactic Banned by Google", Wikipedia. MUSIC: "Roses (Imanbek Remix)" (Saint Jhn), "Mutant Brain" (Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums ft Assassin). 
August 19, 2020
12. Quarantine Hobbies
Doing Puzzles and baking Sourdough while learning spanish in a sweater you just knitted. Today we’re talking about Quarantine Hobbies. MUSIC: Organic 186 (Asche & Spencer), Bensusan (Michael Hedges), Troublemaker (Weezer). SOURCES: "The Hobbies and Products Getting WIRED Staff Through Quarantine" (, "I Followed the Masses Through Every Clichéd Quarantine Hobby in the Book" (, "The Best New Hobbies to Try During Quarantine (That We’ve Written About)" (, "Hobbies To Try At Home in 2020" (YouTube), "Hobbies To Start In Quarantine Youtube Christina Marie" (YouTube), "6 Things to do While Under Quarantine YouTube Ari Cagan" (YouTube), "Skills You Should Learn During Lockdown YouTube Mike Boyd" (YouTube), "My Quarantine Hobbies! | How to Stay Sane in the Lockdown, Abby Andrew (YouTube).
August 12, 2020
11. Remote Work
Collaborating, emailing, and slacking with your co-workers -- pants optional. Today we're talking about Remote Work. MUSIC: "Radar Love" (Golden Earring), "From a Distance" (Bette Midler), "So Far Away" (Dire Straits), "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" (Eric Idle). SOURCES: The Problem with Open-Plan Offices (and How to Fix it) (, "How People and Companies Feel About Working Remotely" (, "14 major companies that have announced employees can work remotely long term" (, "Here are some dread-inducing statistics on open plan offices" ( WION, CNBC. 
August 05, 2020
10. Executive Haircuts
Hair as slick as your business dealings, and smoother than any shareholder meeting. Today we’re talking executive haircuts. MUSIC:  "Sharp Dressed Man" (ZZ Top), "I'm Afraid of Americans" (David Bowie), "Goody Two Shoes" (Adam Ant). FILM: "Wall Street" SOURCES:, 
July 29, 2020
9. Dopamine Fasting
Turn off your phone, put down that game controller, and that slice of pizza…. and take little pseudoscience trip with us towards a little destination called nothingness. Today we’re talking Dopamine Fasting. SOURCES:,, KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas, The Doctors "Is it Good to Give Your Dopamine Receptors a Break?", The Real Daytime. Grinspoon, P. “Dopamine Fasting: Misunderstanding science spawns a maladaptive fad.” Harvard Health Publishing. MUSIC: “Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead), “Watermusic” (William Basinski), “Dopamine” (Kungs Ft. JHart). 
July 22, 2020
8. Corporate Jargon
Synergize then circle back to take it offline because this robust game changer won't just move the needle – it’s going to be a win-win. Let’s get the ball rolling. Today we’re talking Corporate Jargon. SOURCES: The Atlantic,, Asana,,, MUSIC: "Working for a Living' (Huey Lewis & The News), "Walking on the Sun" (Smash Mouth), "Manic Monday" (The Bangles).
July 15, 2020
7. White Claw & The Rise of Hard Seltzer
Bubbly better-for-you blandness meets fruit flavors and feeling fancy. Today we’re talking about Spiked Seltzer. References: Jennings, Rebecca "Hard seltzer is here to stay". Vox. Ritzen, Stacey. "Best White Claw Memes: Why Has the Hard Seltzer Gone Viral?". Huddleston, T. “How White Claw and the hard seltzer craze are taking on beer — and taking over America.” Music: “High No Copyright Music” (JPB / RFM), “Piece Of Your Heart” (MEDUZA, Goodbye), “I Don’t Care” (Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber). Hosted and produced by Britton Rice and Charlie Quirk.
July 08, 2020
Audio tingles and triggers providing a sense of a relaxation and... maybe a little bit more. Today we are talking about ASMR. Music Credits: “ASMR Making You All Sleepy Slowwww” (ASMR Glow), “Teardrop” (Massive Attack), "If I Had No Loot" (Tony! Toni! Toné!)  Sources: NYT, Web MD, Wiki, Urban Dictionary, Steady Health, fMRI study of ASMR, and The ASMR Research project by Dr. Craig Richard
July 01, 2020
5. Minimalism
Getting more out of life by having less. Today we are unpacking Minimalism. Music credits: "Haru" (Fennesz)
June 25, 2020
4. Karen
Blond bobs, calling the police, she lives laughs and loves, but not with you… and she needs to speak with the manager. Today we're talking about Karens.  Music credits: "Sorry" (Beyoncé) "Iris" (Goo Goo Dolls)
June 17, 2020
3. Cottagecore
A nature-filled place somewhere between escapist fantasy and self-care. This week we're talking about Cottagecore. Music credits: "Out of the Woods" (Nickel Creek) 'Simple Gifts" (performed Joyce Merman, attributed to Elder Joseph Brackett), "Oo-de-lally" (Roger Miller).
June 08, 2020
Quick Update: Recent Events
With the pandemic and even more recently the events happening after the George Floyd tragedy, we decided to postpone our next episode this week to instead provide space for reflection during this time. Furthermore, since this is affecting many different communities, we encourage you all to safely engage in your local community to make a positive impact. Talk soon. 
June 05, 2020
2. Yacht Rock
Impeccable smoothness and vague suggestion of sleaze. Today we are talking about Yacht Rock. Music Credits:  "Avalon" (Roxy Music), "Escape: The Pina Colada Song" (Rupert Holmes, "Steal Away" (Robbie Dupree, "Sailing" (Christopher Cross).
May 26, 2020
1. Normcore
Blousy oxfords, chunky sneakers, stone-washed jeans, pleated chinos. Today we're talking about Normcore.  Music Credits: "Nevermind" (Nirvana)
May 26, 2020
At the Furious Curious we unpack the weird and wonderful of modern culture. Never be lost for words at the watercooler again. Get curious, stay curious. With the Furious Curious.
April 23, 2020