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The Future of Our Work

The Future of Our Work

By Alfredo Mathew III
My passion is creating access to the innovation economy, closing opportunity gaps, and driving real social impact. So I have launched a podcast called the Future of Our Work, because we need to be thinking big and elevating these calls to action. My hope is you not only enjoy listening to these stories, but will be inspired to find a deeper purpose behind the future of your work.
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1. Rethinking Globalization and Introducing the Fab City Movement, with Danny Beesley.

The Future of Our Work

Building Future Leaders with Dwayne Aikens
Building Future Leaders: How do you develop a policy response to social injustice?  What are the power skills that can help you succeed as a social impact leader?  Why is entrepreneurship the answer?  How do we authentically invest in Oakland youth?  How do we recognize the greatness of the Black community and stop fearing black skin?  In this episode Alfredo Mathew III is interviewing Dwayne Aikens, Co-Founder and Executive Director of We Lead Ours, as he shares his entrepreneurial journey as a grass roots non-profit leader and community activist in Oakland.  If you care about developing leaders and transforming who has the power in our society then I think you'll enjoy the episode.  Enjoy!
July 27, 2020
6. Putting Young People First with Winston Ashby
Putting Young People First: Why are you alive?  What's your purpose?  How do we help young people find their power and their purpose in a world that doesn't see them?  How do we build resources and connection around young people, and focus on the wellness of young people?  How do we support a real equity conversation in our communities?  In this episode Alfredo Mathew III is interviewing Winston Ashby, Executive Director of PARTI Program, a Bay Area organization that has focused on the social emotional well being of youth for the past 20 years.  We will explore the equity conversation in San Jose, the importance of elevating youth voice, and what we need to do in response to Covid-19, economic recession and structural racism here in California.  If you believe in including diverse voices at the table, and want to hear someone who has done the work on the ground for decades, check out this conversation with someone who always puts our young people first.  Enjoy!
June 26, 2020
5. Creative Design and Systems Change with Ivellisse Morales
Creative Design and Systems Change: How do we use messaging and good design to change systems?  How do we tap into creative self-expression to find your voice and move the world?  How can entrepreneurs build community and weather the storm of navigating a recession?  In this episode Alfredo Mathew III is interviewing Ivellisse Morales, Founder of Bombilla, a branding and creative design agency focused on the social impact space, as she discusses her journey as a small business owner during Covid-19, the importance of access to capital, and community responsive approaches to entrepreneurship.  If you care about equity and growing diverse entrepreneurs and then I think you'll enjoy this urgent message from a brilliant creative who is #litonpurpose.  Enjoy!
May 20, 2020
4. Creating Community Responsive Schools with Jeff Duncan-Andrade
Creating Community Responsive Schools: Do we have the will to fundamentally change schools?  What is the deeper purpose behind schools, and how do we create communities grounded in wellness?  With our nation's schools closed, what should we be doing to reinvest in our youth?  In this episode Alfredo Mathew III is interviewing Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Associate Professor of Raza Studies and Education at SF State and nationally recognized education reformer, as he expounds on the national project to create community responsive schools, build a diverse teacher pipeline, and promote a wellness agenda.  If you care about transforming schools then I think you'll enjoy this urgent message from one of the most ardent equity champions of our age.  Enjoy!
May 12, 2020
3. Rethinking Learning and Building an Opportunity Ecosystem with Joe Herrity
Rethinking Learning for Opportunity Youth: What if young people didn't have to choose between school and work?  What if young people could live with purpose, earn a living while they earn a credential valued in the workplace, and do it all in fellowship with a caring community of support?  Doesn't sound revolutionary, but it is!  In this episode Alfredo Mathew III is interviewing Joe Herrity, Director of Opportunity Youth Partnership based in Santa Clara County, as he explores opportunity gaps in Silicon Valley, youth development strategies, and the importance of creating access to the innovation economy and The Future of our Work. Enjoy!
April 15, 2020
2. Reimagining the World with Jess Skylar
Reimagining the World: What if everything wasn't organized around power and money?  How do we get unstuck from where we are, to where we have the potential to be; in business and in life. In this second episode Alfredo Mathew III is interviewing Jess Skylar, a social entrepreneur and growth strategist for early stage companies, as she explores her personal journey and approaches that we can use for The Future of our Work. Enjoy!
March 31, 2020
1. Rethinking Globalization and Introducing the Fab City Movement, with Danny Beesley.
Rethinking Globalization: What if a community could produce all it consumes? With current global challenges due to failing education systems, waste, global warming, and pandemics like coronavirus (COVID-19) we should begin to share knowledge on solutions that focus on abundance and emerging technologies. In this first episode Alfredo Mathew III is interviewing Danny Beesley, the Founder of Ideabuilder Labs based in Alameda, CA as he expresses philosophies, strategies and technologies that we can use for The Future of our Work. Enjoy!
March 24, 2020