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"Curl Talk It Out" - The Hair Politics

"Curl Talk It Out" - The Hair Politics

By Sheridan C Watkins
Each episode features a new naturalista and we dive into her life and how she handles common natural hair problems, struggles and breakthroughs. Since our natural tresses come in many different types and textures, it's refreshing to hear from multiple women on how they handle their uniqueness so we can merge all their tips and advice into a regimen that works for us! Listen and take what you need!
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How many hair products do you need to see results?

"Curl Talk It Out" - The Hair Politics

How many hair products do you need to see results?

"Curl Talk It Out" - The Hair Politics

Creating Natural Hair Products
Do you like to DIY hair cocktails or have desires of even formulating your own products? Well today's episode is for you as I peek into the life of a natural hair product creator! Freda of @froliciousnaturals shared so much insight and inspiring tips on how she creates her products and stands out from the pack! And I say this episode is for those with interest in mixing cocktails but we all can benefit from this knowledge because it's absolutely necessary to understand the ingredients and the process that produces the products you buy! Tune in riiight now!  Hair Fax:  Type - 3C to 4C (multiple textures) Porosity - High  Density - High (thick strands) 
September 25, 2019
The best characteristics of deep conditioners
If I was forced to pick one type of hair product and forsake all others, I'd pick  deep conditioners every time! They are jammed-packed with beneficial ingredients that can cleanse, moisturize and seal!  On this episode of Curl Talk It Out, I spoke with Crystal of @worldofshawofficial and asked her about the characteristics we should look for when shopping for a good deep conditioner. She had some really great tips that I hadn't even considered before! Check out our new episode! 
September 18, 2019
THE easiest way to detangle
Detangling does not need to be a night anymore! When I tell you my interview with Tennille of @_embracing_mykinkz__ unlocked a whole new strategy to  the detangling game...I'm preaching to EVERYONE...take a listen to today's episode because if you haven't tried this yet, you are going to be thanking us later! More specifically this chick! 
September 13, 2019
Making educated guesses when trying new products/methods
Hair can be tricky and unpredictable but it's definitely not rocket science. All it takes is being aware of own hair. I asked Jess of @kinkykurlybabe, "Do you have any tips that can help naturals determine (even before buying the product or testing the method) whether it will be successful for THEM?" and she had some good tips to share that she learned from her own personal journey that I think will really help you out! So tune in!  Her Hair Fax: Type - 4B, 4A Porosity - High Density - High (thick hair strands) 
August 29, 2019
Your Favorite Oil
This curl talk with Trina of @curlcoach__ really highlights the fact that it's soo important to know your own hair and what ingredients agree with it the best. This episode, Trina talks about her favorite oil, why she loves it so much, and how's become a staple ingredient in her natural hair journey and her battle with Alopecia. Every natural can learn something from this so tune in right now!  Hair Fax: Type - 3C, 4A  Porosity - Low Density - Low (Fine hair strands)
August 21, 2019
The right way to keep moisture locked in
Today I discuss with a new natural on how she brings moisture into her kinks without fuss or fail. You don't want to miss this one because she shares an interesting revelation on a common technique the natural hair community calls The "LOC" Method. Tune in! Her Hair Fax:  Type - 3C, 4A Porosity - Low Density - Low (Fine hair strands)
August 13, 2019
Trusting in the "big chop" process
I never did the big chop and I think it was more of a mindset barrier so I have so much respect for the ones who've taken the plunge and committed to a radical hairstyle change! You are the chosen ones because every big chop experience is different and can feel like you're in the dark for a bit as you learn about your reborn hair! Today I'm talking with LaRhonda of @thecurltakeover_ as she talks about hers and specifically how she got over the hump to just GO for it (and it's kind of funny lol)! Take a listen.  Her Hair Fax: Type - 4C (back) 4B (middle) 4A (front) Density - Coarse 
August 7, 2019
Traveling with hair products
Your hair should never be the thing that holds you back from having a good time and exploring the world! And you don't HAVE to always put a protective style in either! Today's episode features Cheyenne (@coilsncontinents) and she goes over what she usually does when she's preparing for travel. We discuss DIY versus premade products and what's better to travel with and some other hacks to eliminate the stress altogether! Dig in!  Hair Fax: Type - 4B/4C Porosity - Low Density - Medium *Listen to more episodes on IGTV or any other podcast platform (Spotify, iTunes, etc)*
July 24, 2019
Tender Loving Care with different parts of your hair
This is for all my multi-textured naturalistas. Which is actually many if not most of us! Don't give you hair the one-size-fits-all treatment, it's important to take the time to know every strand so you can use your products in the right way. Yes I'll say it again, knowing the characteristics of our hair helps us determine *how to use hair products* so tune in with JaCole (@coleworlds.curls) and I as she shares how she cares for her multi-textured hair!  Hair Fax: Type - Mostly 4A with some 3C Porosity - High Density - Thick (with fine hair strands) *Listen to more episodes on IGTV or any other podcast platform (Spotify, iTunes, etc)*
July 14, 2019
Finding the best hairstyle for your lifestyle
We all have our go-to hairstyles, or at least we should. Something low-manipulation and easy to pull off. But what is that hairstyle? Tiffany of @texturelove16 speaks with me about her favorite hairstyle and why she thinks it works best for naturals with her hair type.  Hair Fax: Type - 3C/4A (with some 3B and maybe a type 2 patch haha) Porosity Level - High Density - Medium (with Fine hair strands) *Listen to more episodes on IGTV or any other podcast platform (Spotify, iTunes, etc)*
July 8, 2019
How many hair products do you need to see results?
This episode features my friend Deidre of @deidreforever and her wall of hair products! And we discuss how she manages it all without breaking the bank and whether or not it's a wise decision to load up on a lot of products ourselves. Tune in! 
June 26, 2019
Why are we still struggling with our hair?
This episode we dive into reasons why the natural hair community is still struggling to reach their hair goals. We have countless options of hair products and gurus who show us how to use what's the real problem here? Tune in with me and Carniece of @itscurlconfessions as we talk out what's really happening!
June 20, 2019
How to incorporate fitness without sacrificing your curls
Your curls do not have to suffer because you want to perfect your body. I spoke with Shanel of @shanelamari and she shared some awesome tips on how she includes fitness in her life and is still a carefree natural girl! Dig in! 
June 11, 2019
The Start of Your Natural Hair Journey
In the first official episode of "Curl Talk It Out" I bring on Shenique of @dopenolye and we discuss things to know when you are in the beginning phase of your hair journey. Everyone's journey is going to look different but it's important you're observing what's working for you uniquely and keep your mindset strong to deal with the obstacles that you'll face as you're discovering yourself. Check out what we had to say:
May 31, 2019
How To Find and Keep the Moisture
In this episode, I bring on Raven of @ravenleighjones and we are talking about moisture! How to you figure out the math to the products that will work for your hair? It can be a struggle but we talked it out a bit...
May 30, 2019
Different Products for Different Styles
In this episode my friend, Ashley of @absolutelyash, and I discuss how to know what hair products you should be using for different styles. Ashley wears a lot of twistouts and wash-n-go's and said she had to figure out the science that comes with every style. So if you've been struggling to nail down a specific hairstyle, her tips today could help! 
May 29, 2019