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The High Kind

The High Kind

By The High Kind
It's a strange world out there, and each week our hosts discuss a wide range of topics when it comes to dealing with aliens, the occult, and the paranormal. We work to uncover the mysteries that happen with our unusual and sometimes outlandish theories. Welcome to The High Kind.

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The Lost Colony : The Weird Theories No One Tells You
The mystery of Roanoke Island has befuddled people for years. People have lots of theories out there, but no one discusses the possibility of zombies, vampire deer, aliens, or curses, so we decided to tackle it. Buckle in because it gets weird. Show notes and bonus material at Support us
November 26, 2020
121 - Ego Death of A Salesman
While Andy goes feral in the woods the rest of THK gang talk about the concept of ego death, share their experiences, and talk about the ways they achieved it. Show notes and bonus material at Support us
November 22, 2020
120 - The Mothman Bingo and Our Interview with Jonna Kay!
This week Caitlin tells us about her encounter with one nature's terrors as we discuss the Mothman and close out the show with psychic medium Jonna Kay from Show notes and more material on
November 17, 2020
119 - Skinwalker Texas Stranger
This week we discuss the legend of the Skinwalker. We spend time talking about different stories, the source of the legend from Navajo folklore, and even discuss the rise in popularity due to the tales that come enigmatic the Sherman Ranch.  Show notes at Support us at Watch us live at
November 11, 2020
118 - The Alien Probe Rodeo, Cursed Homes, and Healing Energy
The THK gang sits down and answers some of our listener's questions. We discuss the reason why aliens probe humans, potential curses, and talk to a person who has potentially healed someone. Recorded on 11/05/2020  Show notes at Support us at Watch us live at
November 7, 2020
117 - Demon Possession is 6/66ths Of The Law
What happens when you get superhuman strength, the ability to climb walls, and have psychic powers? You would think it is a superhero origin story, but nope, we are talking about demons this week! We explore three documented stories of real-life demon possessions and one that became a Hollywood movie! Notes and Material at Support us at
November 4, 2020
116 - The Amount Of Cults is Too Damn High!
This week's episode is explicit as we dive into the inner workings of cults. We discuss Keith Raniere's NIXVM, Claude Vorilhon's Raëlism, and many more. We also discuss similar traits that these cults have in common and the things they have taken from esoteric studies. Show notes and bonus material can be found at
October 28, 2020
115 - The Key Of Solomon, Drugs, and Communist Space Worms
This week we explore the tale of King Solomon, where he communicated, bound, and conquered demons. We also explore why he is might be the ultimate ladies man and why so many occultists are influenced by him.  Show notes and more at
October 21, 2020
114 - It's 3AM, Do You Know Where The Black Eyed Children Are?
This week we talk about the legend of the black-eyed children and some encounters that people have had while exploring different legends that could be the root of them. Are they demons from Walmart, or are they an old curse from centuries ago? We explore both ideas, y'all!  Listen to more and see show notes at
October 14, 2020
113 - What Channel Are The Gnarly Demons On, Dude?
This week we talk about the famous clairvoyants and occultists who contacted entities, such as Edgar Cayce, John Dee, and Aleister Crowley. Each claimed different things, and some paid heavy prices for reaching out to forces beyond our world. Show notes and other material is on 
October 7, 2020
112 - The Demonic Catfish Are Causing Lots of Problems at Lake Lanier
This week we talk about lakes and their surrounding areas that experience paranormal events, such as all the things that happen in Georgia's Lake Lanier. Is it demonic catfish who know witchcraft, or is it just a collection of misfortunes that haunt the man-built lake? Tune in and find out! Visit for show notes and other material! 
October 1, 2020
111 - The Forest is a Golden Coral For Cryptids
This week we talk about the strange cases of adult men who go missing in the woods. We share three eerily similar stories and try to find the connection. Are they being murdered by cryptids or a herd of cats? We are going to do our best to find out.  Show notes and more at
September 24, 2020
110 - Highlanders Make Terrible Roommates For Aliens
What happens when a man buys a ranch with constant alien invaders? Well, luckily, he has tons of swords and guns, so he takes matter into his own hands and decides to fight back. Also, we talk about the latest news that is happening with UFOS. Buckle in, because we are going to the max! Visit us at 
September 16, 2020
109 - Sometimes Bigfoot Can Be Strangely Sexy
This week our hosts talk about the many various sightings of a Bigfoot across America. We discuss the differences, what we think they up to these days, and why they are so strangely sex. Buckle in because we got lots of thoughts!
September 10, 2020
108 - Inconvenient Portals To Atlantis and Other Dimensions
This week we talk about ancient stone arrangements and the possibility of a portal existing in Arizona. Where does it go? We don't know, but we know whoever operates it has to be having a bad time. 
September 2, 2020
107 - What Are You Gonna Do When Posession Runs Wild On You and Self Help, Maybe?
One Host Down and possibly being held in a black site, our remaining hosts talk about what happens when aliens and other entities take control over you. 
August 27, 2020
106 - Dude, Where is My Spaceship?
This week our hosts guide us through what happened Chihuahua, Mexico. They debate whether the CIA had set up a meeting with Aliens, psychic vampires, or techno-organic beings are responsible for what happened to a convoy in the desert. This may be the weirdest Sci-Fi Action Comedy you have ever heard, but its worth it!
August 19, 2020
105 - The Interdimesional Accountants Need To Start Unionizing
This week's episode is bound with tech goblins banishing Andy to hide the truth and why Archons are the best union busters.
August 15, 2020
104 - Reptiles Built The Moon and Other Fun Facts!
This week we talk about different theories on the moon, which cover everything from Nazi moon bases,  potential symbiotic goo, and who created the moon.  Strap in, gang, because this one gets weird.
August 7, 2020
103 - Aliens, Atlantis, and Interdimesional Can Make You Feel Like Grasshoppers
On this week's episode we discuss that Aliens might not just be in space in our own physically plane and the connection they have to other myths such as Atlantis. Buckle up because its get weird. 
July 31, 2020