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Exegesis: A JLJ Podcast

Exegesis: A JLJ Podcast

Readings and Interviews on select pieces published by the Jewish Literary Journal.
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14 - Matthew Andrews; Upon Seeing A Pomegranate Orchard

Exegesis: A JLJ Podcast

14 - Matthew Andrews; Upon Seeing A Pomegranate Orchard

Exegesis: A JLJ Podcast

27 - Michael Takiff; Jews, God, & History (Not Necessarily In That Order)
Exegesis Episode 27: a conversation with Michael Takiff on his one-man show, "Jews, God, & History (Not Necessarily In That Order)." Patreon Paypal Donations
June 15, 2022
VII - Introduction to Prompt Writing
Let's talk about prompts! Youtube Version Patreon Paypal Donations
June 07, 2022
26 - Mira Amiras; Malkah's Notebook
Exegesis Episode 26: a conversation with Mira Amiras on her poem, "Malkah's Notebook." Patreon Paypal Donations
May 15, 2022
VI - Using Literal Language
Discover the importance of using literal language while writing! Youtube Version Patreon Paypal Donations
May 07, 2022
V - Confronting Blank Space 2
How to keep pushing through that blank page staring back at you. Youtube Episode Patreon Paypal Donations
April 21, 2022
25 - Carla Sarett; Nebach
Exegesis Episode 25: a conversation with Carla Sarett on her poem, "Nebach." Patreon Paypal Donations
April 15, 2022
IV - Confronting Blank Space
Discover how to confront blank space when starting to write. Youtube Episode Patreon Paypal Donations
April 07, 2022
24 - Ayelet Amittay; Offering: Abraham to Isaac
Exegesis Episode 24: a conversation with Ayelet Amittay on her poem, "Offering: Abraham To Isaac." Patreon Paypal Donations
March 15, 2022
23 - Victoria Mack; Red Geraniums
Exegesis Episode 23: a conversation with Victoria Mack on her poem, "Red Geraniums." Patreon Paypal Donations
February 15, 2022
III - Preferences
JLJ Editor-in-Chief, Aaron Berkowitz continues to explain what the JLJ is looking for in submissions. Paypal Donations
February 07, 2022
II - Genre Definitions
JLJ Editor-in-Chief, Aaron Berkowitz explains what how the JLJ thinks about genre. Paypal Donations
January 21, 2022
22 - Tim Miller; Mr. Cassian's Good Friend, Albert Einstein
Exegesis Episode 22: a conversation with Tim Miller on his poem, "Mr. Cassian's Good Friend, Albert Einstein." Patreon Paypal Donations
January 15, 2022
I - What The JLJ Looks For
JLJ Editor-in-Chief, Aaron Berkowitz explains what the JLJ is looking for in submissions. Paypal Donations
January 07, 2022
21- Ezra Solway; Shlomo the Cobbler
Exegesis Episode 21: a conversation with Ezra Solway on his poem, "Shlomo the Cobbler." Paypal Donations
December 15, 2021
20 - Claire Drucker; Third Day Of Hanukah
Exegesis Episode 20: a conversation with Claire Drucker on her poem, "Third Day Of Hanukah." Paypal Donations
November 15, 2021
19 - Henry Glazer; Shabbes In Beckett
Exegesis Episode 19: a conversation with Henry Glazer on his poem, "Shabbes In Beckett." Paypal Donations
October 15, 2021
18 - Eve Lyons; Jerusalem
Exegesis Episode 18: a conversation with Eve Lyons on her poem, "Jerusalem." Paypal Donations
September 15, 2021
17 - Janet Hiller; Everything I Know
Exegesis Episode 17: a conversation with Janet Hiller on her poem, "Everything I Know." Paypal Donations
August 15, 2021
16 - Kenneth Durham Smith; Serach
Exegesis Episode 16: a conversation with Kenneth Durham Smith on his poem, "Serach." Paypal Donations
July 15, 2021
15 - Dan Ornstein; Cain and Maples, The Villain's Villanelle
Exegesis Episode 15: a conversation with Dan Ornstein on his poem, "Cain and Maples: A Villain's Villanelle." Paypal Donations
June 15, 2021
14 - Matthew Andrews; Upon Seeing A Pomegranate Orchard
Exegesis Episode 14: a conversation with Matthew Andrews on his poem, "Upon Seeing A Pomegranate Orchard." Paypal Donations
May 15, 2021
13 - Jacqueline Jules; In Quarantine You Must
Exegesis Episode 13: a conversation with Jacqueline Jules on her poem, "In Quarantine You Must." Paypal Donations
April 15, 2021
12 - Melissa W. Hunter; Our America
Exegesis Episode 12: a conversation with Melissa W. Hunter on her story, "Our America." Paypal Donations
March 15, 2021
11 - Micah Streiffer; A Wind From The South
Exegesis Episode 11: a conversation with Micah Streiffer on his story, "A Wind From The South." Paypal Donations
February 15, 2021
10 - David Villaverde; Etz Hada'at Tov V'Rah
Exegesis Episode 10: a conversation with David Villaverde on his poem, "Etz Hada'at Tov V'Rah" Paypal Donations
January 15, 2021
9 - Bernard Freedman; The Rock From Masada
Exegesis Episode 9: a conversation with Bernard Freedman on his story, "The Rock From Masada." Paypal Donations
December 15, 2020
8 - Cary Gitter; Temple Dues
Exegesis Episode 8: a conversation with Cary Gitter on his story, "Temple Dues" Paypal Donations
November 15, 2020
7 - Alan Walowitz; Divorce
Exegesis Episode 7: a conversation with Alan Walowitz on his poem, "Divorce" Paypal Donations
October 15, 2020
6 - Jay Deitcher; Addicts in the Wall
Exegesis Episode 6: a conversation with Jay Deitcher on his story, "Addicts in the Wall." Paypal Donations
September 15, 2020
5 - Susan Hunnicutt; I Hate Being Jewish
Exegesis Episode 5: a conversation with Susan Hunnicutt on her story, "I Hate Being Jewish." Paypal Donations
August 15, 2020
4 - Tikva Hecht; Holding
Exegesis, Episode 4: A conversation with Tikva Hecht on her poem, "Holding." Paypal Donations
July 15, 2020
3 - Paulette Fire; High Fall Risk
Exegesis, Episode 3: A conversation with Paulette Fire on her story, "High Fall Risk." Paypal Donations
June 15, 2020
2 - Deborah Flusberg; Keeping Time
Exegesis, Episode 2 A conversation with Deborah Flusberg on her story, "Keeping Time." Paypal Donations
May 15, 2020
1 - Danielle Resh; Yizkor, 5779
Exegesis Episode 1 A conversation with Danielle Resh on her poem, "Yizkor, 5779." Paypal Donations
April 14, 2020
XX - Introduction
This is a quick introduction to the new JLJ Podcast, "Exegesis." I hope you enjoy! Please subscribe, rate, and review!
March 28, 2020