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Asher Packman On Being 'Under The Earth' and Shedding Your Armour To Access Your King

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By Millar Montgomery
Interviewing men about their unique life experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly. Bringing together their life lessons and gifts to one place for you to listen, take away, internalise and implement into your own life for you and your kingdom.
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Asher Packman On Being 'Under The Earth' and Shedding Your Armour To Access Your King
On the latest podcast with Asher, we delve into his life experiences covering the loss of loved ones and becoming a single father.  We cover:  - Why staying in your discomfort is the BEST thing for you - The biggest misconception about masculinity or men in general - The three warning signs to look out for when things aren't going well in your life
September 10, 2019
Stefanos Sifandos on The Healthy Masculine, Burning Your Life To The Ground & How to Rebuild Trust With Women
Today I talk to Stefanos Sifandos on what the heck the 'healthy masculine' is. He is a leader in the space of men's work and integrating the masculine and feminine into sacred union. We cover: - His story - Why it's fundamental to burn your life to the ground at least once - How to integrate the dark parts of yourself  - How to rebuild trust with your ex or women in general
July 25, 2019
Trent Falson From Bondi Rescue on Finding Meaning in Adversity & Dealing With Distant Parenting
Trent Falson aka 'Singlets' from Bondi Rescue talks about his experience being a single dad, going from having one of his sons full time to then both of his sons moving 4 hours away to the country.  He covers: -  How he deals with the time on his own - The daily practice he implements to deal with negative self-talk and emotion - The challenges he has faced since going through the split and how he has grown as a result
July 2, 2019
Billy Gene is Marketing on Overcoming Fear, Being Authentic + Programming Your Kids For Success
Billy Gene from 'Billy Gene is Marketing' opens up about his life experience as a single dad and how he's been able to deal with the fears and insecurities that come along with it.  We cover:  - How he dealt with the apprehensions of what life would look life after the breakup - How he manages a 25+ person company and still has time for his daughter every other day - His best piece of advice for newly single dads - What life lessons he's instilling into his daughter  to set your up for success in the world
April 9, 2019
Amitayus Syzygy on Self-Healing, Triggers, 'The Shadow' and the Integration Between Masculine and Feminine
In today's podcast I interview a spiritual mentor and friend who through is a coach for men and women in transformational shadow work, tantra and conscious relationships.  We cover:  - How to heal yourself when you don't get closure from those who 'wronged' you - How triggers can be used as the breeding ground for growth - What 'the shadow' is and why you must go searching for it's answers - The dynamic between masculine and feminine within all of us and how it plays out in the real world Check out his website for some awesome workshops popping up around Melbourne:
April 2, 2019
Rob Parry on Discipline, Loving Self and Being Capable of Anything You Desire
Excited to share this podcast with you guys. Rob Parry is a men's coach who has worked with men spanning from CEO's to elite sport athletes. He's an absolute beast of a man and brings some awesome insights into loving yourself and becoming the man that you know you can be.  We cover things from love, discipline, values and not settling for anything less than KING.
March 8, 2019
Wade Alters on Breakups, Purpose and Whether Women Care About Dating Single Dads
Wade Alters is an executive coach, entrepreneur and relationship specialist. He has had over 13 years experience in business, coaching men and being a dating and relationship coach. In todays podcast I delve into his mind on topics such as getting over bad breakups, finding your purpose in life and whether or not women REALLY care about dating men who have kids.  Not one to miss!
February 15, 2019
Kerwin Rae Reveals His Biggest Struggles and Life Learnings from Becoming a Single Dad
In todays podcast I interview internationally renowned entrepreneur Kerwin Rae. He gets raw and vulnerable about his experience of becoming a single father. We cover:  - Kerwin's biggest piece of advice for newly (or soon to be) single fathers  - What has contributed to his ability to have an amicable and respectful relationship with his ex wife (where they still do things together) - His biggest fears and insecurities that came up when he knew things were going downhill - How to deal with the guilt of being a parent when he makes mistakes Enjoy!
February 6, 2019
Steve Booth on Not Listening To BS Excuses and Actually Getting Results
In this episode I interview Steve Booth, who is a personal trainer, entrepreneur and public speaker who is helping men make massive body transformations and unlocking more energy, better sex and deeper connections with their family.  Here he talks about how to stop listening to that negative self-talk, start focussing on what is within your power and actually do something about it. If you've ever needed a kick up the arse, then this is the podcast for your Monday motivation.
January 21, 2019
Robert Kandell on Being a Master of Relating, Narcissists and Parenting
On the latest episode I talk to Robert Kandell - a relationships coach for men and women. We talk about how to communicate better with the mother of your kids and how to grow THROUGH the challenge of having a difficult relationship. We also talk in depth about narcissists and how to best deal with them in your life practically.  Rob also gives some insight into the relationship he is currently in and what he has learnt from being in a co-parenting situation with his partner. 
January 7, 2019
Jeff Scult On 'Finding Your Gold' And Letting Go of The Past
Today I interview Jeff Scult, owner of One Golden Thread. Jeff shares his life experiences and wisdom on how to access the 'gold' that's inherently inside all of us just for being alive. He shares how he was able to let go of the past and move on in a positive direction so that he could help impact hundreds of people's lives through his clothing company.
December 18, 2018
Sean Whalen On Owning Your Shit To Access Your Power!
Today I speak with Sean Whalen: author, speaker and all round boss. Sean opens up about being a single dad and the dark places he was in during and after the breakup. We cover: - How to stop blaming others - Accessing your power as a man - The importance of being honest about your darkness as a man.
December 14, 2018
Juvan Langford On Being Alone, Identity and Fatherhood
BOOM! Juvan Langford is an international speaker and men's empowerment coach and in this podcast we cover important topics like: - Being alone as a single dad - How to prevent passing on your wounds to your kids - The identity shift you need to make in order to be happy again.
December 12, 2018
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