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The Last 3 Digits

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Talking money and everything in between. Hosted by Bola Sol, Nego True & DISUNOMICS.
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Conversation with a Fintech CEO Ft. Roqqett CEO Glenn Smith

The Last 3 Digits

A Millenial Finance Specialist at Barclays
Today we are joined by Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy, a millennial finance specialist at Barclays. Zainab is responsible for creating innovative features for the Barclays app and is a prominent voice for the millennial finance sector within the business. She’s also co-Chair of the Barclays Black Professionals Forum (BPF) and winner of the Black British Business Awards Financial Services Rising Star 2020 Award. We discuss the culture of corporations changing, FOMO, splitting bills, work/life balance and interviewing employers. Tune in to laugh and learn with TL3D and Zainab.
November 04, 2021
On today’s episode we talk about the Budget and what was announced. From increased funding in housing to more money being given to support families, it’s clear Rishi’s generosity is shining through for this budget. We also discuss who we would vote for if it were Rishi vs Boris. Make sure you tune in for all the details and hit us up on our socials. Rishi Sunak OBR has revised up uk economic growth OBR expects GDP to expand by 6.5% this year compared to 4% forecasted in March This is below the Bank of England 7.4% HE says we are better nick so more money to spend
October 27, 2021
JUUGS! The economics of financial scams!
This week we discussed a variety of scams, schemes and robberies regarding finance. From ponzi schemes, fishing, rogue traders and money heisters! 
October 20, 2021
The Humble Penny feat. Ken & Mary
On this episode we were joined by Ken & Mary, the creators of The Humble Penny. A business started in 2017 that has skyrocketed to over 50,000 subscribers and counting. Disu and Bola ask about how they keep consistent in making quality content. Ken gets into his role as CFO prior to becoming a full time entrepreneur. Last but not least Ken and Mary discuss how they paid off their mortgage in 7 years. Make sure you tune in to the full episode, it’s not one to be missed! You can find Ken and Mary at and
October 13, 2021
Food Shortages & Degree Choices
Bola gets into why she’s got a subscription at £20 per month at Pret and why it’s worth it. We get into the current food shortages and what it means for the Christmas period. With M&S already having 7000 orders for turkeys, we question whether shopping early is the way to get ahead of the curb. We also talk about Telegraph’s article around degree choices based on gender and what that means in terms of financial returns.
October 06, 2021
Petrol Crisis, Energy Prices & Salt Bae
Why are people queuing for petrol? With less HGV drivers available, Disu gets into how messy the current supply chain is. With Christmas coming up around the corner, there’s been an offer of temporary visas to 5000 foreign fuel tanker and food lorry drivers. Disu and Bola get into how some immigrants have been treated in the UK and why some of them prefer to work abroad. We also read out Nana’s question on the glorification of uni and white collar roles. We move on to the current issues around energy prices rising and what your best move is if your current provider goes bust. With the cost of living continuing to be on the rise, we discuss the cost of Red Bulls that are £11 and steaks that are up to £630. Let us know on our socials if you have any petrol stories and how much you’d pay to eat at Salt Bae’s restaurant.
September 29, 2021
Why Accounting is the key to Scaling your Business
We start the podcast by talking about why Nego is currently on a water fast, what’s making Bola look into life insurance and how Disu is coping with his return to work after coming back from holiday. We get into one of the most common mistakes in bookkeeping which is the misallocation of the cost of goods sold. Alexey gets into how the ecommerce market differs in Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK where Osome operates. Nego asks what bookkeeping tips are needed for business growth and Alexey gets into the importance of getting a professional’s advice so your books are done efficiently and are compliant. This episode is sponsored by Osome. If you’re looking for an e-commerce accountant, check them out: Get a £100 off with our discount code: Last3
September 23, 2021
Selling your business
We start by celebrating Nego having broadband after using hotspot for the last week. We move on to the main topic of the podcast about selling your business which led us to ask, what makes someone sell their business? Apart from money being the leading factor, we discussed having more time, energy and hopefully less stress. Taimur takes us through the importance of having your books in order before selling as well as the importance of getting a good team in place prior to making the sale. We reminisce on some of the biggest mergers and sales including Tom from MySpace and Michael Burch from Bebo. What would make you sell your business? This episode is sponsored by Osome. If you’re looking for an e-commerce accountant, check them out: Get a £100 off with our discount code: Last3
September 16, 2021
The impact of leaving the EU
We start this weeks podcast by discussing recent government news of national insurance and dividends going up. We also get into the effect Brexit has had on businesses that have customers outside of the UK. Taimur talks us through all the of the new regulations and how it put some e-commerce businesses off trading for the last 7 months. Tune in to get informed! This episode is sponsored by Osome. If you’re looking for an e-commerce accountant, check them out: Get a £100 off with our discount code: Last3
September 08, 2021
How To Scale Up Your Commerce Business
In today’s episode, we discuss some of the best ways e-commerce businesses can scale up their revenue. We dive into pop up shops and how they can be effective in gaining new customers for your business. Another tactic that can work well is email marketing although we are aware that some businesses make it impossible for you to unsubscribe. Moreover, when business is booming, it’s important to know when to grow your team effectively. We ask Taimur about supply chains, how a business can build one and why it’s important. TL3D shout out businesses that have been able to scale up and see continued success. What e-commerce businesses have you seen scale up significantly? Let us know through our socials. This episode is sponsored by Osome. If you’re looking for an e-commerce accountant, check them out: Get a £100 off with our discount code: Last3
September 01, 2021
This weeks episode the gang discuss ageing with money!
August 26, 2021
Online selling in 2021
Title: Online Selling In 2021 The Last 3 Digits discuss how online selling became part of our everyday lives. We look back at the first thing we ever ordered on the internet and reminisce on a time where we used to pay for ringtones. With ecommerce rising in recent years, we look at the growth of online selling in 2020 as a result of the pandemic and predict where we see it going. Taimur talks to us about the difference between social selling and selling via social media as well as partnerships that are forming to increase online sales. We know Osome provides hassle free accounting for e-commerce businesses. For a £100 discount on their services, make sure you use our code Last3 when you sign up.
August 18, 2021
Perks of having a Credit Card & Messi leaving for FREE?!
This week we start the podcast by answering some questions from a TL3D listener about credit cards. We delve into APR and why the lower percentage is better. Plus, we talk about how to choose the right card for you depending on your current needs. Would you uproot the life you have with your family for the right amount of money? We discuss how often sports players have to be on the move for the sake of their career. As Messi leaves Barcelona, we look into the financial laws in football.
August 11, 2021
The cost of socialising and charitable causes
Nego, Bola & Disu discuss the cost of socialising now we’ve been outside for over a month. We talk about our spending now vs pre pandemic and what we’re doing to make sure our finances don’t take anymore serious hits as a result. We get into the costs of running a charity and whether they should have cash reserves in case anything happens. TL3D also talk about how Go Fund Me makes the majority of their money and the most bizarre things we’ve seen individuals raise money for. Nonetheless, we know there are many notable causes that we shout out on the podcast. Make sure you tune in!
August 04, 2021
The impact of not having an accountant
We’re joined again today by Taimur from Osome who gave us insight on how an accountant can help us with our taxes. Nego lists the penalties businesses can get themselves into by avoiding tax deliberately which leads into further questioning about what counts as intentional tax avoidance. Taimur also touches on how accountants maintain compliance for their clients. We know all accountants don’t provide the same services so we discuss what else an accountant can do apart from filing our taxes. From quarterly management accounts to daily bookkeeping, there are so many services available. With the rise of eCommerce, we ask Osome what made them focus on that sector? Taimur fills us in on why eCommerce is a focus at Osome. If you're an eCommerce business looking to simplify your accounting experience, check out Osome and use the code 'Last 3' for a discount.
July 28, 2021
At what point do you need an accountant?
We were joined by Taimur from Osome and we spoke about his journey to becoming an accountant and how Osome is helping entrepreneurs make their journey a little simpler. From understanding what a sole trader is to knowing when you should become a limited company, we get into the differences from a tax and legal perspective as well as the advantages of each option. Disu talks about the wildest accounting expense he has ever heard which came up to £35,000 which led to us talking to Taimur about what exactly is classified as an expense. For anyone who wants to know their numbers for their business, this episode is for you. Check out Osome!!!!: Discount code: Last3
July 21, 2021
Restrictions easing, Love Island and TikTok ban
With restrictions coming to an end soon, TL3D discuss how they feel about being out and about from a financial and health aspect. We also discuss how much it pays to be on Love Island on a weekly basis as well as the potential income that can be amassed after. Nego, Bola and Disu discuss how what deals would be worth it vs what wouldn’t be from an integrity standpoint. Disu gets into the stats of what a popular member of Love Island can make on a single post. We also touch on TikTok banning financial ads and what that means for popular finance creators. Make sure you tune in to #TL3D for our opinion and join in the conversation on our socials.
July 14, 2021
Financial Advice & New Scams!
TL3D discuss the difference between giving financial advice and guidance. You usually have to pay a fee for financial advice which is usually given alongside the purchase of products such as shares, bonds, funds, some types of insurance, and pensions through an advisors firm. Guidance includes giving general information that doesn’t come with personal recommendations which can be great for those trying to narrow down their options before deciding the way to use your money. Nego, Bola and Disu also talk about new school scams that come through such as fraud text messages and emails that’s catching 16-60 year olds. Tune in for more from #TL3D
July 07, 2021
The Graduate Grind
Given the events of last year, graduates are struggling to find jobs irrespective of their degrees and grades. Disu, Nego and Bola talk about their experience when they left university and the advice they’d give to their younger selves. We go on to discuss whether arduous applications and long winded interview processes are worth the hassle. Is working for a top company as good as it seems? Disu gets into what it means to work for a top firm and why it’s worth it. Tune in and get involved in the discussion via our socials.
July 01, 2021
Property raffles & Flipping houses!
TL3D get into how property raffles work and the terms and conditions involved. We get into the costs just to advertise on social media alone as well as what happens if enough people don’t enter. Is house flipping still worth it in this economy? We discuss what return on investment is worth flipping a property within 12 months. Conversations of the football and our top 5 artists also come into play. Who’s your top 5? Would you buy tickets for a property raffle? Let us know on our socials.
June 23, 2021
The journey to a billion
On this weeks episode, The Last 3 Digits begin discussing how many billionaires there are in the world as well as how many came from Africa. With most billionaires wealth being held in the companies they own, we talk about delayed gratification and the type of salary we would pay ourselves if we owned a company that had a valuation that was over £100 billion. Nego, Bola and Disu talk about the causes they’d be willing to be a part of from a philanthropic/charitable standpoint which led to the conversation about how much money goes directly to the cause in question. With a net worth of a billion, how would you prefer to split up your wealth between businesses, stock, property and other assets? Let us know what you’d do on our social channels.
June 16, 2021
Man vs Woman: The costs involved
This week we explore the costs of being a man vs being a woman. Disu and Nego discuss how the costs of haircuts have risen since the early 2000s. They also talk about the costs of their hobbies, keeping up with fitness and what they’re happy to cover financially for their partner without expectations playing a part. Bola goes into the costs of hair care for women highlighting how extortionate prices can be for black women’s hair products. We also cover the gender pay gap, how feminine branded products are branded and much more. Make sure you tune in to #TL3D
June 09, 2021
BHW spending, Inflation and Stock prices
The first bank holiday weekend hit when the sun was shining and outside was open. This resulted in individual’s expenditure hitting an all time high after months of staying indoors physically and financially. We asked our audience how much they spent on the weekend and we heard ranges from £50-£4K. People questioned if costs had gone up and inflation figures confirmed this. In March inflation was 0.7% and by April, it rose to 1.5%. We discuss what this means for the cost of our goods and services as well as those who benefit from inflation. Just like inflation, house prices have also seen a 10.9% surge in the past twelve months with more buyers seeking out a property with a garden. Stocks such as AMC are also on the up now cinemas are back open. With the economy working overtime to recover, we question where this leaves our personal pockets. Let us know how you’re getting through the summer financially via our socials.
June 02, 2021
Cummings going crazy and BILLS BILLS BILLS
This week, we discussed the allegations from Dominic Cummings on Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and more! Dominic Cummings had an explosive broadcast that basically highlighted the incompetence of the government (as we know it). Political figures and media heads were put under the spotlight as former Conservatives member Dominic Cummings told the unfiltered truth about the incompetence of the government. We also discuss our different bills, which ones frustrate us and which ones we weren’t expecting. How to deal with said bills and expectations. From Broadband to Water, rent and more. We also discussed the concept of ‘evil’ as a politician.
May 26, 2021
Are we losing our culture? ft. Fassah Speaks
We sit down with the young media entrepreneur Fassah Speaks to discuss if we’re losing our culture in the diaspora? Whether language, finances and everything culture what can be done to keep our heritages going? Is there a cultural reason as to why we don’t do well in the property market? In another informative, yet funny episode #TL3D break down the intricacies of keeping a culture going.
May 19, 2021
The app that PAYS creatives on time? ft. CEO of XPO Lotanna Ezeike
This week on the Last 3 Digits we had the CEO of the XPO app. The app that pays influencers, creators and freelancers alike, on time. Starting as a market place and expanding to a bank for influencers? Lottana breaks it all down for us! We also discuss everything Joe Budden. Breaking down the ins, outs and claims from the latest episode and how it’s all come to pass.
May 12, 2021
This week Nego, Bola and Disu sat down to discuss the legendary question ‘Can money buy happiness?’ For centuries people have argued about this question. Is there an amount? Does having less impact your mental health? What are the numbers, stats, studies behind this and how does it impact our choices when we want families?
May 05, 2021
9-5 or Self Employed?
Every week we see debates around self employed work vs 9-5. This week on #TL3D we explored both. The pros and cons of being self employed and 9-5. What are the perception vs the realities. From health insurance to pensions, holidays and so much more.  We’d also love to hear from you, so leave a comment telling us if you’re 9-5 or self employed. What you prefer and what you’d rather be doing.
April 29, 2021
Economics of The Super League & Jobs for the future
This week #TL3D explore the numbers and decisions behind the proposed Super League that threatened FIFA, UEFA and apparently football as a whole. With so many big numbers in this lucrative proposal, is it worth the risk? Would it ruin football we know it? And is there really 4 billion in football for 20 teams? We also discuss the future of jobs, good and bad. After a pandemic which jobs are going out of circulation and which could be lucrative for you with a job switch? Tech? Admin? Accounting? Find out in this weeks episode of #TL3D
April 21, 2021
The Economics of the Royal Family/ The Fall of Canary Wharf
The Last 3 Digits take a deep dive into the Royal Family and the fall of Canary Wharf.  Bola, Nego and Disu discuss the ins and outs of the Royal Family. The purpose, investment and return they bring. Is the Monarchy still relevant?  An interesting topic. We dive into the rise and fall of Canary Wharf! The privately-owned grounds once pitched as the future of global business is having a slow but heavy decline. Is work from home impacting it? And will it ever return to the force it was once predicted to be.
April 14, 2021
Baby boomers, Millennials and Gen Z
Today we define the difference between each generation according to when they were born. We take a look at the characteristics that make each generation resilient such as baby boomers being resourceful or millennials being tech-savvy and Gen Z having more savings than you may expect. Baby boomers may have started off on the typewriter but it hasn’t stopped retirees from picking up new tech skills along the way. Millennials are all for a better work-life balance and have a focus on family. Gen Z is on their way to being the most educated generation yet. Which generation do you fall into? Let us know.
April 07, 2021
The Economics of CHEATING?!
The economics of cheating. Recent social events have lead to a lot of people discussing cheating from a moral standpoint. But we at #TL3D wanted to look at it from an economical point of view. What’re the financial implications of an affair? Does cheating impact divorce settlements? Who is more likely to cheat and the controversial stat that Nigerian women cheat more than any other country of ladies in the world. The boys also discuss the implication of cheating on men, the idea of consistency and what it takes for us as men to lose attraction and keep it. Bola couldn’t be with us due to unforeseen circumstances but she’ll be back next week!
March 31, 2021
Is Living in London worth it in 2021?
This week we go into detail about the census, mortgages and living in London in 2021. With commute towns on the rise and more people moving out of London. Are cities like Kent, Manchester and Bristol better options to live in? We discuss the different types of mortgages on the market at the moment. We also go into the census 2021. Dave was attacked on social media for photos with his friends, we also discuss that.  Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
March 25, 2021
FREE Financial Advice Ft. Emmanuel Asuquo
This week we’re joined by Financial Advisor Emmanuel Asuquo! The youngest financial advisor in Britain at one point. Known for his TV appearances on channel 4, the BBC and more, Emmanuel sits down with us to discuss his illustrious career as a financial advisor and drops gems on top of gems on the ins and outs of being a financial advisor. Some of the celebs he’s met on his journey and even some who he’s helped give a foundation too. Bola Sol is given her flowers live on air and we discuss the impact Princess Diana has had on all of our families!
March 18, 2021
Piers OBSESSION with Meghan explained! feat. Christina
Piers Morgan has been under fire recently for his treatment of everything Meghan Markle. We break down the reasons behind the behaviours that got him fired from his job at Good Morning Britain. How his privilege has allowed him to do this with little consequence (until now) and everything Meghan x Harry. We also discuss the launch of Christina (VAMP)‘s new organisation TAG (Twice as Good) promoting a network of ambitious black women. Sign up: Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
March 11, 2021
The Budget 2021 & How to be a content creator Ft Estare
The Budget 2021 & How to be a content creator Ft Estare  This week we sat down with well-renowned digital content creator Estare to discuss everything digital content creation and the 2021 budget. Disunomics took us through the 2021 budget, set out by Rishi Sunak. How will it impact young people? Will our tax increase? Find out on today’s episode. Are you interested in being a digital content creator? Learn from the best as Estare takes us through her personal journey and gives all the tips you’ll need Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
March 04, 2021
Are Clubs really opening on June 21st? Ft. Professor Kumi
This week the gang sit down with wedding host and contractor David Kumi to discuss the recent news around releasing the country from Lockdown. Does Boris’s plan mean we’ll be leaving lockdown for good? Is June 21st the official date? Find out on TL3D. Also, Matt Hancock has been distributing contracts to his friends with no experience? We break down the how’s and why’s of this latest scandal. We also discuss contracting, the future elections and more! Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
February 25, 2021
Conversation with a Fintech CEO Ft. Roqqett CEO Glenn Smith
In this week’s podcast were joined by a very special guest in Fintech CEO Glenn Smith. Founder and CEO of Roqqett, the open banking app that merges all of your accounts into one app and gives you the option to pay or send money to sellers or payees from any of your chosen banks. The app that hosts a way to help with contactless payment during this time! We speak with Roqqett CEO about his company, his journey into becoming a CEO and everything that’s come with it, in this very special episode. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
February 18, 2021
#TL3D One Year Anniversary special! How to get paid as a creative! Ft. Qoy
This week’s episode marks our official ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Tune in as we’re joined by host and presenter Qoy, who takes us through dating life, romance and all things Valentine’s! We also discuss how to get paid as a creative, how to manoeuvre as a lady in the negations and everything money and in between! #TL3D  Check out Qoy: YouTube: Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
February 11, 2021
How $AMC buyers played the rich man’s GME, Jeff Besoz stepping down & ASOS
This week we discuss the frenzy around GME and AMC and how social media was used to drive share sales in one of the biggest weeks in recent stock history. But first, we start with the news of Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos stepping down from his company. We discuss Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and the illustrious divorces of the rich. Tune in to learn all about how some of these stock ‘heists’ have come to be and learn about money and everything in between, this week on #TL3D Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
February 04, 2021
Talent agency? PR? Who are VAMP UK Ft VAMP UK
VAMP UK Ft. VAMP UK Christina and Ruby came through to discuss everything VAMP! The first and biggest PR and Influencer agency for diverse audiences from the UK! They’ve worked with Oprah Winfrey, Disney, Universal and many many more! Step into the minds of the agency behind such talents as Nella Rose, Mariam Musa and many more. What’s it like being a black woman in business? We dive into the perceptions, realities and expectations of said reality! Check out Vamp UK: Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
January 28, 2021
Can you really fix racism with peace? Ft D.A Miller
Writer and author D.A Miller joins us as he celebrates the launch of his book ‘Black Enterprize’! A compilation of stories and facts of some of the most successful black faces present and in history. Can you fix racism with peace?  We dive into some of the recommended ‘solutions’ for peace we’ve been told about in our lives. Can racism really be fixed with peace? Do black people get fairly treated in the media? Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
January 21, 2021
Black Girl Finance & Bitcoin Blues ft Selina Flavius
This week we were joined by Selina Flavius, author of Black Girl Finance. We discuss financial lessons and losses. Why do we find it difficult to speak to family about our finances? Do we speak about life insurance enough? Any more We also spoke about the current sham of a situation involving the governments lack of support for your children. Bitcoin is booming (at times). Disu himself has some. Will he find them? Who invented Bitcoin? Why is it valued where it is? We explore this and much more on this week’s #TL3D Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
January 14, 2021
Dubai & New Year New Me
With Bola coming back from Dubai, she talks about the exchange rate, how they are treating covid over there and her jumping into an illegal taxi. With one bedroom flats starting at £80,000 in Dubai, #TL3D discuss property out there as well as our bondage to the UK. Disu claims he’s giving up McDonalds this year so let’s all be on high alert. We discuss some of our goals for 2021 and our hopes of having a live show.  Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
January 07, 2021
Goodbye 2020!
TL3D give a round up of the year 2020 which has felt like 10 years in one. There were hard parts and enjoyable parts such as Houseparty. We talk about our episodes since we started the pod this year and the incredible guests we’ve had. Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or whether this is the first time you’re tuning in, thank you for listening! See you in 2021. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
December 31, 2020
Christmas Spending, Savings Goals & Company Valuations
With Christmas coming up, we explore spending on presents in 2020. Research shows that people are spending less on presents, in light of how the year has gone it is understandable as to why that is. Nego, Bola & Disu talk about the best presents they ever received. According to, 1 in 10 Brits (9%) have no savings at all and a third of Brits have less than £600 in savings. 2020 also seems to be the year that people are investing more. Based on the current base rate of 0.1%, it’s easy to see why people are doing more investing. Since we are on the subject of investing, Disu gets into small, mid and large cap companies. Tech company valuations like Tesla seem to be dominating many other companies. We go into why some companies seem to be overpowering others. For all of those who celebrate, Merry Christmas 🎄 Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
December 24, 2020
Clubhouse, Superpowers & Financial Mistakes
Clubhouse has become a platform to have discussion about anything. From podcasts to the latest on the vaccine and misinformation, everyone’s using it for better or worse. Speaking of better or worse, on December 21st, there has been a rumour that black people will develop superpowers. Nego, Bola & Disu discuss what superpowers they’d like to have and why. To round up 2020 we are discussing the financial wins and losses of this year. Share yours with us on our socials. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
December 17, 2020
Being a Probation Officer, Generational Curses & Matchmaking ft. Shamila
**Trigger Warning** On this episode, we are joined by special guest Shamila, she is currently a probation officer and also a director on the side. We start the podcast by discussing what it’s like working with sex offenders, murderers and rapists. We also venture into the conversation of if we believe in generational curses. Nego gives insight into the notion that we can become the very thing we dislike in regards to our parents. Last but not least, Shamila gets into her matchmaking business. We’ll leave you to listen to that segment on #TL3D Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
December 09, 2020
Men & Therapy, Heartbreak & The Tapped Therapist! Ft. Shomi the Therapist
On this podcast we are joined by Therapist & Mental Health Speaker @Shomicita. We got into why she became a therapist, the different levels of therapy and when she qualified. Do men and women react differently to heartbreak? Nego and Disu share their differences in how they deal with emotions. Furthermore, what does Nego & Disu think about therapy? Should you give it to God or give it to a counsellor? Find out on The Last 3 Digits. Catch Shom on twitter ( & Lafiya Health ( on Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
December 03, 2020
Personal Trainers & Small Businesses Navigating Through Covid feat. Meet Us After 7
Today we were joined by Yusuf & Gina who are both personal trainers and the hosts of #MeetUsAfter7. As we’ve been in lockdown for a few weeks we discussed how we are all keeping fit and the financial losses and gains of 2020. Streams of income is important for anyone so we ask our special guests to talk through theirs. We identify the difference between a sole trader and a director of a limited company. Plus, what should an accountant do for you? Depends. Tune in to #TL3D and find out. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
November 26, 2020
Black Capitalism ft 90s Baby Show
We were joined by Temi Alchemy (@temialchemy), Fred Santana (@fredsantana) and VP (@vpinthecut) These three are the mastermind behind the 90s baby show (SUBSCRIBE!!! which has now become a network. In a time where we aren’t always given opportunities, the 90s baby show has made it possible for others to have a platform. From how they got started to their next steps, TL3D get the latest. How do we feel about capitalism when it comes to black people? So often we talk about billionaires and we see one demographic dominating but as times are changing, we’re hoping to see diversity in that area. Can auntie‘s have 44 properties without Twitter making noise? We discuss land, freehold and leasehold and if there’s a need for an equal playing field. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
November 19, 2020
WE IN A PANORAMIC!!! Ft. Bejay Mulenga
This week we are joined by the great Bejay Mulenga to discuss his journey as an entrepreneur and how he is managing in this coronavirus environment. We also discussed the covid vaccine developments as well as the US elections. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
November 12, 2020
TL3D feat Las Olas
We were blessed to talk with the founder of Las Olas who also calls himself the rum papi (we’re kidding). TL3D ask about everything Las Olas related from how it started, how the name came about to the costs and the mistakes that made the business what it is today. Make sure you sign up and stay informed. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
November 05, 2020
Income judgements, Private islands & vibes
Bola starts off the podcast discussing her experience when she went into Louis Vuitton and she was met with judgement by the Sales Assistant who works there. Nego and Disu make light of the fact that as a black male, they are so used to being followed, they can only address the topic with humour. Bola says she’s going to start dressing like a nun. Disu asks Nego what he’d do if his hypothetical girl dressed like a nun. Both gave interesting answers. If you’re worth a billi, are you taking your family to a private island? Survey says, live your life! P.S. Nego & Disu make fun of Mercury in retrograde. It’s whatever, it’s whatever; it’s whatever. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
October 29, 2020
While some people celebrated Nigerian Independence Day from the comfort of Britain or America, people in Nigeria were not as keen due to their reality in Lagos. Based on what happened on the 20th of October 2020 can we blame them? This episode is dedicated to the heroes on the front line in Nigeria who are continuing to fight the good fight even in the face of potential death. Our hearts are with you and our hearts are with everyone in Africa who are living in a way that is inhumane. As for transport for London, what they have in store for us seems unrealistic in light of the current recession, pandemic and the atrocious leadership. Here we talk about the plans that are in play and how it seems to be cutting out the working class every day. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
October 21, 2020
MBEs, #EndSars & the rap game
Of course, we have to start the podcast by giving you the latest on lockdown rules. Disu leads the discussion by letting us know the difference between Tier 1, 2 & 3 when it comes Covid. Boris has been leaving SAGE on read and it shows in his decision making. In light of quarantine and chill, Nego talks about the economics of romance now people have less social options. Not everyone who is awarded an MBE takes it. We discuss a list of people who have chosen not to take it in the past and Nego, Bola & Disu discuss whether or not they would accept one. We touched on what’s happening in Nigeria and the need for change for the sake of the youth and future generations to come. Last but not least we touched on the rap game and the fact that no subject is off-limit, that includes slut-shaming. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
October 14, 2020
The Black Report with Google & 10x10, Redundancies Ft. Andy Davis
We start the pod talking about what this Tier 3 Lockdown means. Plus, with the furlough scheme coming to an end on October 31st, TL3D discuss all the redundancies happening and how some of our favourite restaurants are taking a hit. How do we dismantle patriarchy? Disu and Nego have a very interesting discussion about assumptions and stereotypes when it comes to men and money. We are joined by the genius that is Andy Davis, one of the cofounders of 10x10. The company recently put out the first qualitative and quantitative report on black founders in the UK. TL3D talks to Andy about everything, from working during university to what he looks for when investing in businesses. Tune in, get informed and enjoy this episode. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
October 07, 2020
Trademarks, Buying a property in a recession and jollof rice
Bola talks about the regrets of not trademarking her merchandise slogan earlier on. Is there a popular slogan you use? Think about how you want to build and know that it is worth registering under the government website. The business world is slowly turning colder, make sure you protect what is yours. With stamp duty on holiday, the word on the street is it time to buy a house but is it? The Last Three Digits discuss if the house prices are worth it even though properties are rising. Given the current state of the economy, could you buy a house right now? Jollof rice originates from Senegal but this week we talk about the appreciation we have for Ghanaian jollof rice as well as Caribbean food. Nego also tries to get Disunomics out of here but of course, it doesn’t land. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
September 30, 2020
Dusty Uber’s, Prenuptials & Big Tech
Heary heary, lockdown v2 is that you? Disunomics starts by talking about what the latest lockdown means and somehow we manage to get onto wedding bands. We then get onto the topic of prenuptial and Disu gives a rather surprising answer. Would you get a prenuptial agreement? If you have life insurance, why not get a prenuptial agreement? Big tech, what’s the plan? With Monzo, Uber Eats, Just Eats, Tesla and everyone else climbing up the charts, TL3D discuss the long term implications of companies. Who is actually seeing profit yet? Find out on this episode of The Last 3 Digits. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
September 23, 2020
Covid restrictions, travel & the rise of female entrepreneurship
With new announcements dropping every week from the government, we’ve got to stay on guard about new social distancing regulations. Plus, with #EatOutToHelpOut being left in the dust, what does that mean for both our pockets and the economy’s? Although the US is apparently calling their recession a “shecession” we had to use this pod to big up so many female entrepreneurs who are killing it right now. From Annie Drea to Nella Rose to VAMP to all the female entrepreneurs who are invisible or stay anonymous, we have to give it to you! Regardless of what the economy is on, you are making it work. Power to the women. Disu & Bola talk about their group trip to Greece. Was it worth the 14 day quarantine? Have a listen to #TL3D to find out. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
September 16, 2020
Auditing, Only Fans & Dating Preferences
Imagine getting one of the biggest companies in the world to pay for your degree? Well that’s exactly what Tay did and we are blessed to have her on the pod talking about her journey. She works in auditing for KPMG, tune in to the pod to hear what that entails. We had a conversation about dating preferences and height restrictions. Are women under a certain height allowed to date men over a certain height? We ask Tay what she likes. Would you start an Only Fans? There’s more uses to it than pornography. We talk about the earnings, when it started and where we think it’s going. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
September 09, 2020
Marriage, Insta likes & Careers Abroad Ft. Lekz
Leks & Tay who just like Disu went to the University of Birmingham. They speak about working at one of the big four, KPMG and the benefits of international travel for your career. What’s it like to be married when you’re both ballers? Leks breaks down his lit wedding, how they pattern investments and the future of Capital Moments. Don’t let Instagram comments have you out in the cold. TL3D discuss handling wild behaviour. Lekz Twitter: Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
September 02, 2020
Fatherhood, In An African House & Teaching Ft. Flylusi
We were blessed to be joined by a special guest today. Samuel Falusi aka Flylusi is a father, teacher and photographer. TL3D spoke about the social and financial aspects of being a dad and the need to instil confidence into children. Did you get beats growing up? We share our experiences of growing up in our individual African houses and if getting smacked made sense. TL3D talk about whether we intend to carry this trauma to our kids. Last but not least we talk about teachers and how the educational system can work to understand their students better. Bola assumes teachers are better with their money because they have to be organised but Nego and Sam have differing opinions. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
August 26, 2020
Influencers, A-Levels & BBLs feat. Uche Natori
On this episode we are joined by a special guest, Uchjn. She is a businesswoman, influencer and consultant to name a few. TL3D discuss transparency in influencing, chasing up invoices and integrity that’s long lasting. We had to get into the A Level results which is currently causing a lot of young people distress. A useless algorithm built by government officials has proven bias and it’s left a lot of uni students with no choice but to take a gap year. BBLs seem to be the latest craze and we aren’t talking about bounce back loans. Brazilian butt lifts have become increasingly popular, TL3D explore why as well as the costs and the health factors to consider. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
August 19, 2020
For Richer or Poorer, Home Cinemas and Degrees!!!
What counts as a financial red flag for you? Nego, Bola & Disu talk about the asks that irk them when dating. Bola asks Nego & Disu if they’d be happy marrying a woman whose father is a billionaire. Disu reads out stats that show women with degrees are more likely to marry. Are degrees still worth the £9K that’s charged per year? Let us know using the #TL3D hashtag. Nego let’s Bola & Disu know that we are not the same when we chat about home cinemas. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
August 12, 2020
Moving Off Ends & DATE NIGHT
As TL3D were born and raised in London, UK, we discuss the likelihood of staying in the capital in the next 5 years. Nego, Bola & Disu compare house prices and question what we are really holding onto. One way we can save for that property is by cutting down on dates and using the word “no” more often. Can we really afford a house and Hakkasan? Let us know your thoughts using the hashtag #TL3D Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
August 05, 2020
The Economics of Religion!
Is money the root of all evil? TL3D discuss the different religions and how their relationship with finances according to their values. Nego asks Disu and Bola if they think a £21k salary for a pastor is enough in this economy. What has your religion taught you about money? Shout us at #TL3D Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
July 29, 2020
Is Financial Jealousy A Thing?!
Are women allowed to be financially successful in peace? Bola starts the discussion of trends she’s noticed when women get notoriety for their craft. What about when men become more financially successful? Nego speaks on mistaken identity, Times 100 and racism and elitism being mutually exclusive. Disu adds his perspective on the glass lens that is social media & how he handles his block list. Have you experienced jealousy because of popularity, success or financial wealth? Use #TL3D and let us know. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
July 22, 2020
MP’s Should Be Paid More ?? & The MP Expense Scandal
Do MPs deserve the salary they get? #TL3D discuss the salary and the expenses MPs get to make the government look stable. If you helped shape the law and the economy, what salary would work for you? Disu gives us the latest updates in Economics. Bola touches on financial jealousy and the latest news on Meg The Stallion. Can black people get money in peace? Join us in the conversation #TL3D Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
July 15, 2020
Black Digital Banking
What digital banks do you use? #TL3D discuss their view of an up and coming cashless society. Nego goes into the details of where finance could be heading in the future. Boohoo is under fire for underpaying staff and everyone is asking what to do with their shares. Bola shares her views on ethical and individual investing. Rishi Sunak has made some announcements we should all be paying attention to. Disunomics gives us the round up of the latest in government news. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
July 08, 2020
#BLM The Organisation vs #BLM The Movement, Donation Culture & Financial Partners
ego, Bola & Disu start by discussing the politics of how the Black Lives Matter movement is currently running in the UK. With over a million raised, we ask, what are the next steps for them? Keir Starmer, we are disappointed in you calling #BlackLivesMatter a “moment”. Listen back to hear the passion. Is now the time to settle down? With a steep economic downturn around the corner, can we afford to not be in a relationship? Tune in and have a laugh with #TL3D talking money and everything in between. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
July 01, 2020
Lockdown easing?! TO FREEDOM!!
It's heating up and we all need to stay hydrated! This week the trio discuss the governments' decision to ease lockdown measures. With pubs, restaurants and hairdressers/barbers coming back, we wonder what that means for social distancing. Will people take it seriously?  Nego, Bola & Disu also discussed what they are excited to engage in from July 4th, what they have missed & how to keep sane/healthy during the quarantine. Football is back on, summer crew are we live?! #TL3D Contact:,,  Bola Sol:   Nego True:   DISUNOMICS:
June 24, 2020
Influencer Pay Gap, Was J.Cole out of line?! & Congested Politics
Are we being mistreated in the influencer market? We discuss how you’re following, gender, race and more could possibly be holding you back from getting the money you deserve. In light of being inside for the last few months, we have seen a lot of truths come too light. Between Misha B & J Cole, we have to wonder what we are standing for. Is It truth or our own version of events? Tune in and have your say using the hashtag #TL3D Last but not least, outside is open again. We talk about what this means for us going forward as a society. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
June 17, 2020
Hood tendencies, social media breaks & new activism, who’s this?!
Is it possible to have PTSD from living in certain conditions growing up? Nego, Bola and Disu take it back to uni days and times before then. In current times, social media seems to be taking a volatile turn. Cancel culture is ripe so we discussed: who gets to be the judge of morality? Last but not least, we talk about the black squares and the authenticity behind their support of #blacklivesmatter from particular businesses. Will there be lasting change? Let’s hope so. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
June 10, 2020
‘I’m not a good black‘ - RIP George Floyd
This week the boys hold down the fort in Bola's absence (get well soon Bola!) & discuss the tragedy that was the death of George Floyd. Hosts: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
June 03, 2020
Cum Again Cummings, High School Musical & New Partner, Joint Account?
Gucci Down To Disu’s Socks? We talk about drip and whether or not we would inform social media when we buy particular assets like houses. We also touch on elitism and the need for equality in 2020 and beyond. United we fall, divided we stand. Speaking of which, should children be back in schools on June 1st. Would you send your kid back to school? We discuss the health and safety of this happening so soon post quarantine. New Partner, Joint Account? How soon should we be contributing to the future in a new relationship. Nego, Bola & Disu discuss when it’s right and when it’s not. If you’re loving the #TL3D content, please continue to rate and review us on all social media platforms. We appreciate every single listener so thank you for being a part of #TL3D. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
May 27, 2020
Holiday blues, Furlough gang & Footballers return to work
his week we explore what travel is going to look like over the next few months. Would you go to your dream destination for 10 days for £100? In light of the current pandemic, we wonder when we will next be allowed to travel and if there are any restrictions coming. Nego True and Bola Sol also give good tips on where to look for flights and how to stay financially protected. With furlough being extended, we discuss how employers are supporting their employees as well as the effect on new starters having start dates pushed back. Furthermore, we tap into how 80% salary may not be optimal for everyone so what's the solution? Can you put a price on health?  With some footballers being urged to return to work sooner than later, Nego True & Disu talk about putting the safety of athlete's family members above their weekly earnings. Money can buy a lot of things but family and good health aren't factors on the table in light of the times. Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D
May 21, 2020
“I NEED DRIP!!!”, Parent protection and lockdown propaganda
We got an e-mail….. One of our TL3D listeners emailed in to ask us how we can enjoy our money now whilst preparing for the future. We spoke about the duty of care we have to our parents who left their place of origin to start a new chapter in the UK. We also touched on current cultural business such as Afronation so tune in to hear more. Last but not least, what exactly did Boris mean when he spoke on lockdown easing? Nego, Bola & Disu try to make sense of it all and we give our thoughts. Contact:,,  Bola Sol:   Nego True:   DISUNOMICS:
May 13, 2020
Erykah Bola and the Covid-19 App
Will the UK announce a 5 phase plan in a similar fashion to Ireland?  We discuss the latest on how the UK is responding to easing the lockdown. Most importantly, we check in with one another. Are you looking after your hair? Do you condition your beard? Nego, Bola & Disu discuss self-care as well as motivation during these unprecedented times. Let’s talk security. Is the new Covid-19 app safe to use? Find out more on our pod. Contact:,,  Bola Sol:   Nego True:   DISUNOMICS:
May 06, 2020
Does Kanye really have a billion?
Why are the numbers different for Kanye? We discuss Forbes, being misunderstood and what exactly is and isn’t for the culture. Tune in to hear our opinion. Contact:,,  Bola Sol:   Nego True:   DISUNOMICS:
April 30, 2020
“Your Girl Is Getting Yacked in The Club!” & Bun Boris fam!!!
Imagine you go to the club and you see your girl with her head up and a man is pouring drink down her throat? We discussed our reactions if we were in that situation after the timeline discussed it. Now, preempt this. You have an idea but you don’t move with conviction then someone else does it. Are you a copycat? Nego, Bola & Disu chat about competition in the community. Last but not least, we are called #TL3D for a reason. We speak on how we think Boris has done the UK dirty. Where are we going next? Tune in to hear our opinion. Contact:,,  Bola Sol:   Nego True:   DISUNOMICS:
April 23, 2020
Enjoy The Hood. x
We brought on Taylor, a 27 year old female who is currently making £130k as a Platform Data Engineer and Backend Engineer. In 24 hours of announcing her earnings, her social media went viral so we brought her on the pod to ask her some questions. Should Afronation refund all their customers? Nego, Bola and Disu talk about the current climate of festivals and concerts as well as what we would do if we ran similar businesses. Is Drake really Top 5? According to Diddy he is. We discuss his pen game, versatility and popularity vs purpose. Contact:   Bola Sol:  Nego True:  DISUNOMICS: .
April 15, 2020
Modern Households, Boris & Businesses Going Into Administration
If you make £50k and your partner makes £100k, does that mean they should pay double the bills? Nego, Bola and Disu talk about the modern-day household and what their preferences. In light of Boris being unwell, The Last 3 Digits discuss the latest news plus the possibilities for the government going forward. Remember Woolworths? We go into detail about what it means when a business goes into administration and we reminisce on all the companies that no longer exist. Contact:   Bola Sol:  Nego True:  DISUNOMICS: .
April 08, 2020
“The trapping industry is taking a hit.”
Have you used the Houseparty app and been hacked? British users increased 1,120% in March compared with February since quarantine is slapping us differently. We talk the numbers, the million-dollar bounty the owners are offering as well as Boris using Zoom. Are billionaires the new influencers? Some people aren’t so happy that they are self-isolating on their yacht. We talk footballers pay, known billionaires and how they are treating their employees plus redundancy. Of course, we had to touch on investing. From a potential housing crisis to European banks backing suspension of dividends and buybacks of regional lenders, we get into it. Contact:   Bola Sol:  Nego True:  DISUNOMICS: .
April 01, 2020
Drip, Dividends & Debt
Should we invest in drip without investing our money? Nego, Bola & Disunomics talk dividends, debt and whether you drip counts when your whole outfit is from Primark. Contact:   Bola Sol:  Nego True:  DISUNOMICS: .
March 26, 2020
“I lost 6 figures in a year!” & it’s Corona time! Feat. Mr Exposed
Keith Dube aka Mr Exposed joins us from #3ShotsOfTequila as he reveals how he lost 6 figures after he apologised. Is Corona revealing the real CEO’s? We discuss the power of twitter trolls, the effect corona is having on our economy, the economics of podcasting and much much more Contact:   Bola Sol:  Nego True:  DISUNOMICS: .
March 19, 2020
Recession?! , Dating rich men & The Kylie Jenner effect
In light of corona virus, there’s been talks of a recession. We explore budget 2020 and what it means if a recession hits. Are the expectations higher when dating men who are richer? Nego, Bola & Ayo share some thoughts on the Ts & Cs of being with someone with a high net worth. Last but not least, we discuss Kylie Jenner and the picture that had people comparing her to Queen B. Bola discusses the issue of black women being teased for the very thing white women are now profiting from.  Contact:   Bola Sol:  Nego True:  DISUNOMICS: .
March 12, 2020
Meg The Stallion’s Contract, Coronavirus & Credit Cards
Do you read the small print in your contracts? Nego True, Bola Sol & Disunomics discuss Meg’s contract with her label and other artists who have had the issues with their contracts. Should you have a credit card if you don’t have financial discipline? We talk the ins and outs of credit and how it’s important no matter how rich you may be. Wanna know how Corona is impacting the economy? We break down what companies are taking L’s and why it may be a good time to invest. No financial advice is given on this podcast, just information Contact:   Bola Sol:  Nego True:  DISUNOMICS: .
March 05, 2020
Paying rent to parents, Rental or home or Rolex?! and Online Bullying
Is it a problem if your parents ask you to contribute towards the household? Nego True, Bola Sol & Disunomics discuss this along with whether we’d prefer a Rolex or a rental property plus online bullying in light of #AuntyBoots Contact:   Bola Sol:  Nego True:  DISUNOMICS: .
February 27, 2020
iPhones, Insurance & Contracts
Will your death be a come up or a burden for those you leave behind? Nego True, Bola Sol and Disunomics discuss all the insurances in today’s podcast. Wether it be your life insurance, home insurance or phone insurance. RIP Pop Smoke 💔 This Episode was recorded before his sad departure Contact:   Bola Sol:  Nego True:  DISUNOMICS: .
February 20, 2020
Valetines Day, Peer Pressure & Bride Price
Nego vs Bola as we discuss if we should pay bride price? Are wedding’s worth it? Ayo certainly doesn’t think so. Are young people being pressured by the our peers to make valentines day as big as they possibly can?  Contact:   Bola Sol:  Nego True:  DISUNOMICS: .
February 13, 2020
Friends, Fraud & Finance
Would you go into business with you friends? Is it a good idea?! Bola explains Klarna, £400 date night with Nego True, Ayo breaks down how to protect yourself from fraud. Contact:
February 06, 2020