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The Light Inside

The Light Inside

By Jeffrey Besecker
The Light Inside is a journalistic podcast exploring the journey of everyday people towards change in their behavioral patterns.

Lingering just below the surface of our conscious minds are patterns of thought, feelings, emotions and motivations. We aren't immediately aware of them, but they wield a powerful influence over how we behave and react to events in our everyday lives. Our program helps reveal the unconscious patterns that drive our human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.

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Confidently Surrendering the Pattern of “No” to Break Negative Mind States
By The Age of five, the word “NO’ is etched in our brains - happening at a startling 60,000 times. And for a long time, the only window to the mind was through introspection. This posed a methodological problem as a result of the unreliable and disruptive nature of meta-cognition — a state also known as” thinking about one’s own thoughts.” We often experience it — the cycle of negative thought patterns clouding our perception of life. Why is it perhaps, we tend to have a hard time with the word “No”? Our guest today, author, Rob White - shares how this ’intruder “ acts as an unwanted mental houseguest that stops you from conducting your daily affairs fruitfully, so your life can unfold like the beautiful symphony it’s meant to be. Tune in to find out how to overcome it, in order to empower the infinite creating living inside of us all. -------------------------- JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Production Manager: Anna Getz
June 30, 2022
All Bellyache and Bluster: Why complaining leaves us tied up in “not’s" with Mark Scherer
We are joined today by Mark Scherer - Founder and CEO of Encompass Life. Mark is a life coach who has created a coaching strategy called the Quantum Leap Technique - a system which focuses on the energetic impact our chosen words have on our day-today experience of life. The program brings specific awareness to the significance within the word “Not” - and how repetitive use of this one word, is directly related to the amount of anxiety one experiences throughout their lives. At times - it can seem as if life is somehow destined to challenge us. And at times we question this notion, seemingly on almost a daily basis. Our motivated thinking and projected constructs aside, as we each address our daily circumstances, there are times when we turn towards coping mechanisms to address such feelings as anger, contempt, disgust, fear and sadness. Perhaps chief among these - is a desire to complain. Complaining is referred to as expressing discontent or resentment. While we may think we are just “venting”, in reality, complaining has significant impacts on our brains and our happiness. Input from this data shows that most people complain once a minute during a typical conversation. Complaining is tempting because it feels good, but like many other things that are enjoyable -- such as smoking or eating a pound of bacon for breakfast -- complaining isn’t good for you. Research from Stanford University has shown that complaining shrinks the hippocampus -- an area of the brain that’s critical to memory, problem solving and intelligent thought. The study found that engaging in complaining or simply hearing someone complain for more than 30 minutes could physically damage our brains. Your brain loves efficiency and doesn’t like to work any harder than it has to. When you repeat a behavior, such as complaining, your neurons branch out to each other to ease the flow of information. This makes it much easier to repeat that behavior in the future -- so easy, in fact - that you might not even realize you’re doing it. Words, being expressed as sound ; have an energetic vibrational frequency. Perhaps then, as we consider the frequency of the words we express, we can see the correlation between the feelings and thoughts we each share - helping us to understand our relationship with ourselves and others.
June 17, 2022
The Essence of Confidence: Developing Quiet Courage
The Oxford dictionary describes confidence as the state of feeling certain about the truth of something. To quote the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz “If you think you lack courage - well you, my friend, are the victim of disorganized thinking.” We all know that being confident gives you an edge in life and there are many articles written on how to “become confident.” with many of the recommendations being the same. Projecting confidence helps us gain credibility. While empowering us to deal with pressure. Which enables us to tackle personal and professional challenges. While courage alone is often an effective life goal - Its also an attractive trait, as confidence helps us put others at ease. Yet none of this is an innate, fixed characteristic, but rather an ability that can be acquired and improved over time through courage, emotional strength, and fortitude. So just how DO WE improve our confidence on a daily basis? Today we explore how to develop quiet courage as we embrace the essence of confidence. Facing ostracism, and rejection as he struggling with His identity, Lee Hopkins fled his small-town Ohio roots for California, Seeking to find a sense of both understanding and belonging. Lee identifies as a transgender male, which means he was born as a female with female anatomy, but transitioned into a male. His perspectives lend thoughtful insight into how many transgender individuals are facing conditions that might seem more like a cruel social experiment. As they are cut off from connecting face-to-face with the people they typically look to for support, encouragement, and acceptance - loneliness and isolation are a nearly inevitable result. Loneliness tends to stir up negative feelings, and while these can be useful to explore our inner selves, we are also averse to them and want to avoid them as much as possible. The time and energy spent on developing friendships with others can often become emotionally draining without self-care and self-awareness. During our interview with Lee, we explored how our listeners can gain a deeper understanding of the role social judgment, stigmatization, and comparison can often play in further separating us from a supportive community of friends and loved ones. Confidence and Relationship Coach, Dominey Drew shares how we can develop quiet confidence in our own sense of self-security. Guests in order of appearance: Lee Hopkins Dominey Drew Credits: Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Production Manager: Anna Getz Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
June 07, 2022
Heroes: A Tribute To Courage
Heroes. Are they born - or made? They touch our hearts, fill us with admiration, and make us reconsider our world view. As we look at the plethora of superhero movies these days and you can see how much our society values and loves its heroes. -Just what makes certain people take heroic actions in the face of great danger? According to the Heroic Imagination Project (HIP), a non-profit organization that focuses on teaching people to become heroes in their everyday lives, heroism involves a behavior or action on behalf of another person or for a moral cause. While many of us cower to the challenge of fear, heroes, those in the truest sense - rise to serve others. Beyond our conceptualization of superpowers, exceptional talent and true ability -lies something other. Genuine courage in the compassionate discernment of a loving heart. A love that sacrifices all - so that others may themselves rise again, to see another day. We set aside the coming weekend to honor and thank our veterans, let us be mindful that we should do this every day of the year and not just this one. As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words; but to live by them . In honor of those whose sacrifices have been many, we take this week to pause … and hold reverence. As you enjoy the love and leisure of family friends and acquaintances this weekend. May we fondly remember those who gave it all, so that we may continue to see the coming light of a new day. To our active duty friends, service people and veterans. To all who served, sacrificed and especially to those who gave their lives — their all. A most sincere Thank you from all of us at The Light Inside Community. Because of you we may each enjoy this time to ourselves- a time of reflection and relaxation. May we always hold you in our hearts, and never forget. Credits: Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
May 27, 2022
How Our Social Personas are Influenced by Our Perceptual Identities: The Rest of The Story with Michael Hynes
If you joined us last week, you learned how our biases influence so much of our reality. Shaping and moving how we each see things.We also talked a bit about that great classic movie - the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz is a fantastic movie that tells an allegorical story with many different layers and symbolism. Whether intentional or not - It was a great reminder that everything I need I already have if I only look within. -To see that light that already shines inside. What can we learn fro The Wizard of Oz…. Stuff like dream interpretation, the nature of our hidden fears and what constitutes ‘rational reality’. We hold the power to create the life we desire; while taking time to truly look within and reconnect with who we are and our heart’s desire -Embrace change.  Change and facing our fears can be scary. Just like the witch and tornado that Dorothy faced, we too will face challenges and change. These things are neither good nor bad.  We simply need to see them for what they are —  An opportunity for growth. We revisit our conversation from last week with Michael Hynes to discover… the rest of the story. Michael and I explored additional insights discussing how as a result of our biases; our stories often become myth or fable. JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Full Episode Transcript HERE! GUESTS: Michael Hynes Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Production Manager: Anna Getz
May 20, 2022
Storytelling: How Our Social Personas are Influenced by Our Perceptual Identities
Today we look at the psychological aspect of Magical Thinking and the role it plays in the introspection illusion of social influence. Explaining perhaps why the idea of social influence is based in naive realism. And how the focusing effect leads to foundational attribution errors, observation discrepancies and various forms of subjective biases  -And how our need to find fulfillment in the external validations of others often leaves us feeling unhappy.  Our intention is to establish the role our self concepts play in forming how we connect and relate to the world around us. Are these patterns rooted in one's sensing of internal identity conflicts and underlying insecurities; rather than an aware, informed and empowered sense of volition and authentic self concept? In a social age, creating a powerful public persona is no longer a choice. Those who master the art and science of attraction leap out from the crowd, amass large followings, create lucrative businesses around their knowledge and personalities, and enjoy lifestyles of fulfillment and contribution. Those who don’t; are seen as somehow falling behind - a lesser voice in a faceless crowd. This group is about breaking through the noise and transforming yourself, your ideas, your message, story and expertise into a brilliant business and life that you absolutely love. We examine the role our social illusions and raised constructs play in our social interactions. Not only do we measure ourselves by this false yardstick - we do it to evaluate and judge others as well. "It’s not about ego—it's about evolving into the person you always thought you would be—now, instead of some day; and making a profound difference in the world." JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Full Episode Transscript HERE! GUESTS:  Segment #1 Fundamental Attribution: Michael Hynes Segment #2 Overachievement Identities: Dr. Sharon Grossman Segment #3 Tall Poppy Syndrome: Douglas Garland, MD Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Production Manager: Anna Getz
May 13, 2022
Openness: How Experiential Avoidance Closes us to More Expansive Life Experiences and Learning
Leigh Hearl had a secret. A secret which filled her with guilt and shame… A secret, which nearly killed her. As we’ll soon find out - speaking her truth not only liberated her from this guilt and shame — It saved her life. You see, Leigh was living with the burden of discovering her husband had been living a hidden double life. As she clung to his secret, her husband becoming emotionally abusive.Riddled with the guilt and shame - it devastated Leigh. Leaving her feeling hopeless and immobilized. In an effort to numb herself and block her painful suffering - she shut out the world, closing the doors where others might have learned of her story and offered her compassion and loving support. Society often tells us, learn to bite your tongue - to repress what it is we feel inside. And Sometimes, as we shut out the world - important stories go untold.  Some people are silenced by laws- while others wish to protect the privacy of the ones they love. Upon closer examination there are those who, when faced with the unyielding burden of harboring a secret-  cannot bear the pressure and judgement of public life. For many, an echo of their own fear, doubt or shame silences them. As a result, we often withhold secrets which inhibit each of us from much needed healing. Even the tiniest of ‘white lies’ often keeping us from fully connecting with others; leaving gapping holes in our relationships. Our most important stories often untold as a result of the impact of secrecy. The greatest lie - incidentally being the ones we frequently tell ourselves. Through her touching story and unique life experiences, Leigh Hearl is changing how we view the simple art of ’truth-telling’. In our segment, Leigh and I discussed the role harboring secrets plays in our lives - a fact none of us are immune from experiencing. We find out how on The Light inside.
May 06, 2022
Seeing Things Differently: Developing Inclusion and Disclosure in Uniquely Talented Individuals
We lean in today, looking ay what it means to be neurodivergant - and exploring how both as a community and a society - we embrace these beautiful differences in our brains. As we develop new paradigms - this task often requires a new language addressing it - this case can certainly be made as we approach the neurodiversity paradigm. We do this, perhaps, by seeking to understand the entire 'picture' of the neurodiverse experience - of what, where, when, how, why, and who....Then we can see where society needs to fill the gaps. The way we see things in life is often filtered by both the scope of our vision and the lens of our past experiences. Often turning into polarizing and hurtful biases.Under-appreciating the value of these differences often making it difficult for those who experience neurodiverisity to feel seen, heard, and accepted. Guests in order of appearance: Liz Weissman-Young Shane Thrapp Carla Rodgers-Smith JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Production Manager: Anna Getz
April 29, 2022
The New Light: Explore, Learn, Grow
Change. Its perhaps the one thing in life with any certainty. Inevitable in its being, and as a result, evolution and growth become possible. As human being, we often get stuck in our habits- the patterns of our belief and being. Like moss on a stone, weighing us down. After two years of podcasting- we’ve been seeing and doing things a certain way. But now, thats about to change- and for the better. Its time. For new perspectives, to see things a little differently, to shine in a way which allows us to see things under a new light. During this period of realignment, we’ll take a short break from our program.And when we return, relaunching with a new, more expansive format. Giving you a fuller, richer narrative from which to more fearlessly explore, learn, and  grow. Investing even greater attention to research, study, and supporting data. Featuring a broader scope of guests- in each episode. And providing; what we feel will become further clarity into the behaviors and patterns driving us all! Traversing the ever-expansive fields of Human Potential, Neuroscience, Psychology, and The Metaphysical. We’ll explore a more prolific diversity of topics -such as reframing accomplishment, perceptual realities, post traumatic grief, and Neophobia - or the fear of learning. As we delve even further into what may, or may not; make us human. Change is seldom about where you begin, where you end up, or even in how you view the ride… Its about taking meaningful action! We hope ours will inspire you to new heights of awareness and growth. Only those who risk going far, ever possibly figure out where they will go. We hope to take you with us- on this new journey…. Empowering you to discover even more of The Light Inside.
April 01, 2022
How to Turn Enemies and Adversaries into Venerated Friends
It’s not easy to know how we come across to others, especially when we’re meeting people for the first time. Finding a commonality in others we perceive to be vastly unlike us can often become the great divide which separates us from forming more authentic and genuine bonds. Our first impressions of someone can shape how we perceive them. This forms every interaction we have with them as the relationship moves forward. It's often the very first thing that separates us, creating adversaries and enemies. You’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression. What is the first thing you generally notice about a new acquaintance? This episode, find out how you can turn enemies and adversaries into your closest friends by utilizing this information as we learn- How to Turn Enemies and Adversaries into Venerated Friends. Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
March 12, 2022
The Self-Improvement Trap: Surrendering Patterned Beliefs and Biases for Self-Acceptance with Megan Warren
Enoughness. Perhaps one of our more persistent burdens in life, often becomes the tireless pursuit of improvement; of feeling the consequences of proving our very being and worth. Venerated Poet, Walt Whitman reminds us- “I Exist as I am, and that is enough.” Known as The Queen of Unstuck- Self Leadership coach, Megan Warren is here to free us from this tiresome burden which often keeps us stuck. Remember, You are you. Your light shines bright, and that is enough. Leaning in today, we discover confidence does not have to PROVE anything. It just flows with acceptance… Join us to find out how to release the unnecessary patterns and biases of the 'Self-Improvement Trap' on this episode of The Light Inside. Episode 102 The Light Inside “The Self-Improvement Trap: Surrendering Patterned Beliefs and Biases for Self-Acceptance with Megan Warren “ Credits: Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
March 02, 2022
Self-Awareness: Losing Myself To Find A New Pathway to Me with Lindsay Jewell Pt.2
Our personal traumas. They often leave an indelible mark; a scar to remind us of the very real and often heartbreaking pains experienced throughout life. Our guest today, author, Lindsay Jewell shares such a story in her latest book, “Cycle of the 7's: My Souls Journey” serves as a signpost to help guide others through the often Hellish journey through Childhood Assault, Sexual Abuse, Mental Health and Addiction. In part one of this episode, We explored the harrowing story of how Lindsay lived the mentally traumatic experience of childhood sexual abuse, at the age of six. As we revisit the rest of her journey in todays episode, she vulnerably shares how additional incidents of sexual assault continued, and how these disintegrating effects moved her further into her downward spiral. Today, we revisit this conversation to learn how she was able to find that light inside which empowered her to overcome her trauma and pursuit a more fulfilling life. Tune on to find out how on this episode of The Light Inside. Credits: Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
February 23, 2022
Self-Awareness: Losing Myself To Find A New Pathway to Me with Lindsay Jewell Pt.1
Our personal traumas. They often leave an indelible mark; a scar to remind us of the very real and often heartbreaking pains experienced throughout life. Our guest today, author, Lindsay Jewell, shares such a story in her latest book, “Cycle of the 7's: My Souls Journey” serves as a signpost to help guide others through the often Hellish journey through Childhood Assault, Sexual Abuse, Mental Health and Addiction. In a vulnerable honest and genuine look at her circumstances, Lindsay shares how others can find hope while connecting the dots to overcome the traumatic events and experiences in their lives. Tune on to find out how on this episode of The Light Inside. Credits: Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds Superintendent by McCupcakes Again and Again and Again by Lvly Facilitating by Xavy Russan Ambivolant by deem JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
February 22, 2022
Developing a Secure Attachment Style and How It Affects Your Behavior Patterns with Leah Marshall-Marmulla
Human nature. Its the one constant throughout our being.  Within our nature, the desire to seek connection with others. Our relationships enriching our sense of aliveness. It is for this reason, we seek loving, supporting, and nurturing bonds with each other. In fact, according to social psychologist Roy Baumeister, the ‘need to belong’ is one of the main forces that drives us as individuals. After all, belonging is a crucial element in forming a sense of closeness and intimacy in our lives. And from an evolutionary perspective, cultivating strong relationships has an endless array of advantages throughout our being. Yet, our relationships with others are rarely perfect and problem-free. Today we will explore the essential role our attachment styles play in forming effective relationships- both with ourselves and others, as we join this discussion with our guest Leah Marshal Marmulla. Tune in to discover your attachment style and why it matters - on this episode of The Light Inside.
February 17, 2022
The Transformative Power of Kindness—How choosing to live a kind life changes the world with Donna Cameron
Kindness. It’s more than a behavior. An Action or response. Kindness is a quality of being. This act of giving and being kindness is often simple, free, positive and healthy. Our guest today, Author, Donna Cameron, shares NO act of kindness is ever wasted. Her book, “A Year of Living Kindly: Choices That Will Change Your Life and the World Around You” details how choosing to extend kindness and live a kind life-changes individuals while changing the world. Tune in to find out more on this episode of The Light Inside…
February 03, 2022
Stress Elimination: How Your Daily Habits and Rituals Might Be Creating Resistance and Limiting Your Potential with Linda Bjork
Inspirational Author- Lailah Gifty Akita tells us: “A Calm water, is like a still soul.” When navigating the occasionally stormy seas of life, rather than building a better ship, simply listen instead; to that quiet voice inside. Be still. I am excited to talk with author and podcast host, Linda Bjork about how each of us can create a more effective relationship with stress- reframing how one identifies with this often debilitating and limiting pattern of behavior. In her book, “You Got This” Linda Bjork talks about  how to decrease stressors, increase coping skills, increase confidence, increase resilience and find solutions to your problems. Today, we explore how feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, and stress are all emotional reactive cycles of response. But don’t worry any longer, in this episode we will learn how life becomes happy, delightful and yes, enjoyable, will you set yourself free from worries. With a little courage, curiosity and resiliency, one can learn to flow with the stressors which frequently present themselves, shifting them into a new perspective which allows us to surrender and simply say “You Got This!” Tune in to discover the skills that will help you flow through life- Unrattled and Unperturbable. On The Light Inside. Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds Cloud Patterns by Cospe Never Forgotten by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen Reverence by Ecovillage JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
January 26, 2022
A Look Inside: How To Develop A Greater Awareness of Our Somatic Experience and Energetic Signature with Ann Hince
The greek philosopher Plato Tells us: “Love is the name of our pursuit of wholeness. For our desire to be complete. “ The greatest of beauty- organic wholeness. The wholeness of life. And of things. The divine beauty of the universe. By our trust in the divine beauty of every person, every place, in every thing. We develop this beauty- within ourselves, and as we do, The whole of the world changes. Our guest today is teaching us how to change the world - from the inside, out. As a Spiritual teach and author, Ann Hince details how becoming who we are, and what we might be- A me simply changing. A me ever evolving. A me simply experiencing… Is an inside job. Our energetic signature- a key element in that process. We look  at the overall role our somatic experience plays in shaping the state of our being. Tune in to find out how on The Light Inside. Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds Paint The Horizon by Deep Inside Inside Clarity by Synthetic Tides Shapeless Inside by Cobby Costa Love You On The Inside by Lvly JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
January 19, 2022
Releasing Stress Triggers to Integrate with Flow and Embrace Renewalism with Sandeep Nath
Welcome back! And Thanks for joining us for this, the inaugural episode of the year 2022 as we debut season three of The Light Inside. We are grateful for your support and happy you have returned. As we lean into this new year, we are grateful to share this conversation with Sandeep Nath, international Reiki master, business Qigong guide, mindfulness coach, and Author of two books. Sandeep is an expert on Stress Management and applying ancient oriental wisdom to modern challenges of life.His time-tested practices are the pathway to highly-effective stress-release strategies.leading to calm clarity and the enhanced mindfulness needed to navigate a peaceful, fulfilling life.Through his insights, we explored how to create flow and embrace a sense of Renewalism throughout every aspect of one’s being. Tune in to find out how on The Light Inside. Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds Only Human by Phillip Ayers Together We Rise by Phillip Ayers Global Impact by Phillip Ayers Chase Me by Shiver Disk JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
January 13, 2022
Who’s Business Is It…In The Way with Sharon Valenti
Your truth. My Truth.  Just Who’s truth is it- getting in the way? And is there any way, we can see our way through it- together. It truly is curiously amazing what can happen when we step outside of our own ‘business” and embrace others. As we willing accept the space between us with genuine and authentic openness. To simply allow what will be- to be. This is where we travel today, in this free-spirited exploration of our relationships to others, with our inspirational guest, Sharon Valenti. Tune in as we discover how truly getting down to business is a group effort, guided by equanimity- or equal mind. On this episode of The Light Inside. Credits: Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds Unfinished Stories by Ealot A Night of What If’s by The New Fools Intermission Pose by Colors of Illusion Elusive Language by Ealot JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
December 15, 2021
Self Concept: Living in Joy to Embrace the Simple Awe and Wonder in Your Life with Allen Klein
Apathy. That often overrated rock of protection each of us frequently finds ourselves hiding under. Life’s seemingly endless challenges, often placing one in line with a sense of jadedness, yet hope lies in our ability to sense the world with awe and wonder. Our guest today reminds us of that. As a former set-designer on the legendary and formidable long-running children show, Captain Kangaroo, our conversation with self-proclaimed Jollytologist, Allen Klein is sure to inspire our listening community with a sense of awe and wonder. Today we share an lively conversation with Allen, with his quaint and endearing storytelling, heart-warming smile and unique perspective on embracing the magic of life. We exploring how joy, awe and wonder are such essential elements to a happy and successful life. As an award-winning author, Allen’s book, “The Awe Factor” is shedding new light on an often overlook element essential for living a life fulfilled. Tune in to find out how a little bit of wonder can make a big difference in your life, on this episode of The Light Inside. Credits: Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds World of Dreams by Christoffer Moe Ditevsen Magic Awaits by Howard Harper-Barnes Don’t Mind The Clouds by Gerald Franklin This Was Fun by Gavin Luke JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
December 08, 2021
Self-Acceptance: Developing Positive Self-Awareness From a Neutral Perspective with Dmitria Burby
Comparison. It’s the thief of self-awareness, and as a result of our own limiting biases, the idea of embracing change can often be hard to swallow. Learning how to become more self-aware is an early step in the creative evolution of your life. Often, our own expectations and judgements casting a shadow over the perception of the self, casting a cloud on our ability to form an effective sense of self-acceptance. Our value is the sum of our beliefs. Yet how one views themselves, often gives way to patterned ideas and outside thoughts. Today, we explore how embracing a more neutral stance can empower us to form a truly effective sense fo self knowing, as we share this conversation with Consciousness Coach, Dmitira Burby, helping us Illuminate our sense fo Self-Understanding. Tune in to find out how to empower your sense of self-concept, on this episode of The light Inside. Credits: Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds Before It Went Down by Flux Vortex Special About You Craig Reever Closure by Snake City Better Off With You by Mindme JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
December 01, 2021
Honey, It's Just The Trauma Talking: How Repressed Trauma and Inner Child Wounding Unexpectedly Surfaces with Marina Yanay-Triner
In Latin, human beings are homo sapien, loosely translated as ”The man who knows”. Yet within each of, remain parts unknown. Unseen. Repressed and Unrecognized Trauma. Realized and felt, yet one can't quit put a finger on it. The impact of recovering memories, repressed for years, can be debilitating As one goes through significant trauma, the brain shuts down, dissociation takes over. Seeking an inner sense of safety from the challenges of trauma, your mind doing what it needs, in order to keep safe. These regular regressions are all indicative of memories unlocked. This week, we explore the various ways Repressed Trauma can come back to you in this discussion with Transformation Coach, Marina Yanay-Triner. Whether that inner voice is a whisper, or a scream; Honey, its just the trauma talking… Tune today to find out what it might be saying, on this episode of The Light Inside. Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Imaginary Friends by oomiee Love Thing by Paisley Pink 368 by Jobii A Nifty Piece Of Work by The New Fools Open All Night by Frook INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
November 23, 2021
I Can Appreciate That: How Gratitude Allows Us To Move Beyond Cynicism
Cynicism. It often clouds one’s ability to remain open to the possibilities in life, as one observes some of the hardest and most trying times, What if, instead of embracing cynicism, one gratefully remains open to bounty of lessons and blessings waiting to be uncovered within the journey? Today we look at how our patterns of thought, many of which are often negative. Exploring how they might be examined in a more favorable light. If you are finding yourself wondering how- It can be as simply as embracing gratitude and yes, positivity. As a self-professed cynic, our guest today, author, Steven Crane found himself at an all-to-important crossroads, begging the answer to this very question. Tune in to find out why appreciate can be such a wonderful thing on this episode of The Light Inside. Credits: Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds AIWIC by Ooyo I Don’t Give a Damn by Vivera Without Love by Rain Jewels Outro Type Track by Pandarps JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Guest booking by
November 17, 2021
Be An Open Book: Life-Long Learning is Essential to Embrace Open-Minded Evolution and Growth with Danny Brassell, Ph. D.
One of the greatest gifts one can shine on themselves is the gift of perpetual learning. When we expand as individuals, we empower ourselves to rise to our fullest potential. Knowledge is truly empowering The Greek philosopher, I think ‘Anonymous’, once said- “Your mind is like a parachute, It works a lot better when it's open.” Each of us is better served in society, when one surrounds themselves with people that are constantly saying- Why? Why? Because being around people who have totally different points of view points from us, challenges one to examine the world in different ways. Life-long learning empowers a mind state which opens us to simply consider potential. How are you embracing and utilizing a learning mind state effectively in your life? Join us in this, a truly powerful conversation with America's Leading Reading Ambassador, Coach and Motivational Speaker, Danny Brassell, exploring why life-long learning is an essential component of personal expansion and evolution. Tune in to find out how, on This episode of The Light Inside. Credits: Musical Score by Epidemic Sounds Shine Like Diamonds by Filthy The Kid We Kick It Like No One Else by Gloria Tells Don’t Take It So Personal by Sarah, The Instrumentalist Down Down Baby by Adelyn Paik -JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast -SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Discover life-long learning at
November 10, 2021
Embracing Vulnerability: Effectively Questioning Your Own Self-Limiting Beliefs with Judith Joy
Reality Its often a reflection of your beliefs. This is not to say one becomes self-limiting in their beliefs, and why you need to identify yours to make lasting change. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein tells us: “Our essence of awareness is blocked when we are absorbed in the dramas and stories of our lives, we can learn to stop being entranced by these stories by letting our minds get a bit quieter and a bit more still, we can begin to get glimpses of what and who we truly are.” When one asks how they might be creating self-limiting narratives, one begins to create a transformation towards a new evolution of self- Empowering ones ability to truly embrace pure potentiality and accept the spaces in which life exists. As I share this conversation today with Transformational coach, Judith Joy, I stop to consider my own sense of reality, and in the process we catch some of those beliefs as they begin to slip over that edge… JOIN US AT: The Light Inside Connect with Judith: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Jazz Bars by Dusty Decks I Go Blind by The Eastern Plain The Fear by Pastis 25 by Dylon Sitts JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Neuriva Brain Suppliments by
November 04, 2021
Circumstantial Evidence: Overcoming a Victim Mentality with Nelson Tressler
“We cannot control the winds, but we can absolutely control how we set our sails” When one shifts from searching for hope and inspiration in others and place faith and belief in the life you create, simply being responsible for what YOU can take action upon: Your thoughts. And how you chose to respond to the feelings you have. What you find value and meaning in. The actions which bring this experience of fulfillment Releasing anything outside of your experience One begins to break the chain or cycle of trauma. Our guest Nelson Tressler teaches us how we can overcome extreme adversity and harsh traumatic experiences, avoiding the tendency to fall into a victim mentality and repetitive emotional cycles of regret. As The Author of the book- “The Unlucky Sperm Club”, Nelson shares how he has leveraged the power of choice to overcome extreme adversity in life, to embrace true personal empowerment, allowing him to elevate above circumstance to achieve his fullest potential. Tune in today to find out how, on The Light Inside. Connect with Nelson: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Tomorrow is Another Day by Jo Wandrini The Light Inside by Jeffrey Besecker Walk Tall by Johannes Bornlof No1 by Amaroo JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Visit Neuriva Brain Supplements by
October 26, 2021
Discovering More Grace By Aligning With Our Inner Light: Engaging The Collective Consciousness with Marque Kolack
GRACE- For some, it's the simple, elegant refinement of their movement. For others it's courteous goodwill and respect for others. A simple prayer before a meal. Honoring one's presence by showing regard with dignity, respect and reverence. With so many ways of approaching a state of Grace and extending it towards others - there is often room to get lost in the interpretation. Today, we are going to explore not only how to form your own understanding of what Grace means to you. But also how discovering what lights you up inside, allows you to extend this same grace to others. Tune in as we find out how, with today’s guest- Marque Kolack, on this episode of The Light Inside. Connect with Marque: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Crystaline by Dovetail Trail of Crumbs by Martin Landstrom Postcard Paradise by Ballpoint Shatterproof by Tori Wolf JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Neuriva Brain Performance by
October 22, 2021
We're All on The Journey to Discover The Light Inside
Join us, on the adventures. The tales. And the search for truths. As we explore the people. The stories. That guide us to... The Light Inside. That spark that connects us all...It ignites the fire that sheds light on our lives; Our World. We're all on the journey to discover the light inside, that beacon which guides us to live our truest, most authentic self.  Hosted by: Jeffrey Besecker I am a  Holistic Behavioral Coach who guides energized and enthusiastic individuals in reshaping inefficient or ineffective behaviors and habitual thought patterns. Visit to find out more.
October 21, 2021
Shadow Integration: Removing Emotional Baggage to Release False Beliefs with Hoda Zekavat
As children, we are each given a metaphorical bag and this bag, we carry throughout our lives. And we fill the bag with all the desires and wants and needs- And more often than not- the beliefs and ideas that other people around us frown upon, disapproving of them. In order to be loved and accepted, we take those ideas and thoughts and beliefs and desires. Shoving them down into this bag. The bag grows, becoming heavier, and heavier, and HEAVIER as we go through life -Often until it becomes so heavy, we feel stuck and unable to move. Yet we continue to carrying The Bag, throughout our lives. In psychology, this bag is often called the Shadow Self. We're going to take a look at how we can begin to unpack this bag, and bring our shadow self back into integration- Allowing us to live an aware and aligned life. Fully integrated within our true self and our core beliefs. Today we explore rewiring our energetic field, that spark that powers out sense of being. That spark- empowering us to step into our light so that we can begin to write more effective narratives. Join us in this conversation with our guest, Transformation Coach, Hoda Zekavat, as we discover how shadow work can guide us on this journey back to The Light Inside. JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Hoda: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Calabasas Cruise Control by Forever Sunset Caroline by Marc Torch Lost Without Your Love by Coma Svensson Open Door by Marc Torch From Here on Out by Got Happy ** ENTER AND WIN- FREE BOOK: “Beyond The Pale”, by author, Mathew Turner. JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
October 13, 2021
Rewiring Our Energetic Field : Writing a More Effective Narrative with Amanda Hill Ryall
Reality. It's a question of perspective. We each hold a different view of our beliefs, with others often holding their own options, their own views. Yet what is essential, is the belief you hold in yourself. Believe in you! In recent episodes, we have explored how our identity; the beliefs we hold when viewing our sense of self- shapes so much of our experience within the world, and informs our relationships with others. We’ve learned that our energy, at its core, is a key element in effectively being aware of how one simple shows up. Today we explore rewiring our energetic field, that spark that powers out sense of being. That spark- empowering us to step into our light, so that we can begin to write more effective narratives. Join us as we dive into this thought-provoking conversation with best selling author, coach and podcast host, Amanda Hill Ryall. Tune in to find out how on The Light Inside. Connect with Amanda: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Holding on To The Rope by nothanks Quiet Storm by Lama House Lucid Light by Luftmensch JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
October 07, 2021
Moving Past Labels & Archetypes: Reconnecting with Our Innate Wholeness with Kevin Russell
We begin today, by simply asking: What label have you attached to yourself lately? In our modern search for meaning. One’s essential task often becomes discovering who and what we are. In answering that often imposing question- WHY am I here and what is my meaning. My purpose- The search for clarity. Labels are what you call yourself in your head. They are tags that you attach to yourself to describe the person you think you are. And quite often, they are the outside views we can often feel others are thrusting upon us, in simply adopting and adapting to the various labels we each chose to identify with. Our guest today, Kevin Russell, is going to help us peel back the layers often buried behind these labels- allowing us to connect and integrate with that light inside each of us. Tune in to find out how on The Light Inside…..
September 29, 2021
The Blueprint For Happiness: How Ego Can Be Your Guide Rather Than a Foe with Julia Wesley
“Who you are begins with creating your inner truth.” That simple act of self-determination allows us to become who and what we chose. In order to discover who we are on the inside, we must be true to ourselves on the outside. And this, is where personal and spiritual growth truly begins. But often, as we travel this road of uncovering the truth, our ego steps in, interjecting its voice of reasoning. Our guest, Julia Wesley, is a medium and spiritual healer helping guide you to uncover Your Soul Blueprint for Happiness. Today Julia share how the ego can become a guide leading us to our blueprint for happiness, rather than a foe, leading us astray. Tune in to follow us on this journey- on The Light Inside.
September 22, 2021
A Generational Epidemic: Releasing The "Hustle" Mindset with Author, Matthew Turner
There is a well-worn adage: a time and place for everything- A time for work, a time for play, and especially- a time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. The all to important act of down time. A still time and place OFTEN to be and do NOTHING. Structured meaning and purposeful intention, gets a task done. Yet often, one can get lost in the pale, a space between here and there, where we simply lose touch with ourselves. Where we get buried in the hustle. Join us as we explore the toll often played by the strangling hold of a hustle mindset with our guest, author, Matthew Turner. Sit down for awhile, and tune as we learn the difference between "sit" and "set" as we share how Joyful Oblivion can also be a positive state - By allowing time and space for new neural connections to form and happen. Creating time for Zoning out. Take time on a beach, or laying in the hammock. Tune in to find out how to Release the hustle mind set on The Light Inside. JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Matthew: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Liberate by Peter Sandberg Mastermind by David Celeste Smoke and Ashes by Experia JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
September 15, 2021
Just Shine: Embracing Simply Optimism To Stand in Your Light and illuminating Others with Jacquelyn Vasquez
Optimism. Just what is it? The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as: the quality of being full of hope, emphasizing the good parts of a situation,or a belief that something positive will happen. Our guest today, author and success life coach, Jacquelyn Vasquez,reminds us: “When one releases their judgements- They can find the joy and the happiness in every situation.” When it comes to seeing things in an optimistic light, you really don’t need any super powers. And there really is no secret. The key- Just believe! Jacquelyn and I share this discussion to show you how to let that light inside of you, inside of everybody- to shine! I am extremely grateful and excited to explore how embracing simply optimism empowers us to Stand in our Light and illuminating others. Tune in to find out how on this episode of The Light Inside.
September 08, 2021
Releasing Generational Patterning and Programing to Embrace Self-Confidence with Phoebe Garnsworthy
“Your life is within your fingertips. You can create the life you want.”- Author, Phoebe Garnsworthy Today, Phoebe and I explore How to create a life of self confidence by Releasing Generational Patterning and Programming. And as phoebe so beautifully put it… Your life is within your fingertips. You can create the life you want. What more can I say, but ….Tune in to find out how, on this episode of The Light Inside. JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Phoebe: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Believe In You by Cacti and Frigga Somebody New by Zorro Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
September 02, 2021
Tapping Our Inner Voice of Freedom: Breaking Through Traumatic Memories and Release Triggered Emotions with EFT
Trauma can often have a devastating impact on our emotional and physical health. EFT or Emotional -Freedom Technique is a super simple tapping therapy But what exactly is EFT Tapping? A combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology, tapping disrupts the repetitive emotional cycles which keep us stuck- quickly getting to the heart of the issue, working to rewire the brain, calm the amygdala, and create a sense of safety in the body to ease stress and release stored trauma responses. The emotional freedom technique (EFT) tapping sequence is a sequence used while tapping on the ends of nine meridian points. Twelve main meridians reflect each side of the body and correspond to an internal organ. To perform sequencing, you tap each meridian point while saying a reminder phrase. The sequence that has to be followed while tapping includes: Top of the Head (TOH) Beginning of the Eyebrow (EB) Side of the eye (SE) Under the eye (UE) Under the Nose (UN) Chin point (CH) Beginning of the collarbone (CB) Under the arm (UA) Karate chop (KC) Our guest today, Eric Almeida, is an Emotional-Focused Therapy practitioner. Using EFT to manage his own traumatic experience with often crippling social anxiety as a template. He is now guiding others to do the same with their own stored traumas. Tune in to find out how to Tap Our Inner Voice of Freedom on The Light Inside. JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Eric: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Swoosh by Bonkers Beat Club Funhouse by Tilden Parc Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
August 26, 2021
The Fight Inside: Clearing Subconscious Emotional Patterning with Dawna Campbell
Nikola Tesla once said: “If you want to know the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency” Such a potentially life altering insight, yet Tesla’s work and papers were largely hidden in a concealed warehouse location for almost 75 years. When discovered, revealing that the secret to a happy and joyful life, are truly no secret at all. If you want to gain a clear and present understanding of how to create a life you love - a life filled with abundance, gratitude, joy and fulfilling energy - You will want to join in our discussion with our guest today, Dawna Campbell, as we explore how our vibrational energy is the blueprint for living the abundant life we chose to create. Tune in to find out how on The Light Inside. JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Dawna: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Let It All Go by Rospigg Future Flower by Yomoti Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
August 17, 2021
Cultivating Encouraging Connections By Intentionally Being In Service Of Others with Jeff Teresi
Einstein tells us: “A human being is a part of the whole called by us- universe. A part limited in time and space, experiencing himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.“ He goes on to task us with freeing ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion by embracing all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. In this regard, it makes positive sense then, to cultivate our interconnectivity with our fellow human beings. Join us with our guest today, Jeff Teresi as we explore how to perfect this all-to-important art of human interaction. Tune in to find out how on The Light Inside. US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Jeff: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Crossing Manhattan by Martin Gauffin Bam Bam by Yomoti Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
August 12, 2021
Somatic Therapy: Healing The Autonomic Nervous System by Releasing Egoic Attachments with Debbie Emick
Author Michael Singer, In his book “The Untethered Soul” shares this sage advice- “There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind - you are the one who hears it.” Michael goes on to add- “Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or give it to yourself. Nobody else can.” But what do we do when that inner voice of intuition has gone astray and is knocked off course by our unprocessed traumas and coping mechanisms when strong physical or emotional reactions begin to surface? As a result we begin to experience the psychosomatic responses often associated with unprocessed trauma. Our guest today- Author, Debbie Emick spent years battling multiple chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases. When doctors were unable to pinpoint the source of her illness and having taken the long road to learning on her path to healing.Debbie discovered her unprocessed childhood traumas where the cause, through accessing the mind-body connection to disease and health, addressing and releasing the repressed emotions of past trauma. She is now able to experience a life of greater health, ease, and fulfillment by living out my authentic purpose. Join Debbie and I, as we explore how to release from the startling grips of the neurobiology of trauma and heal from chronic disease. We hope to inspire and empower people to live the life their soul is calling them to today on this episode of The Light Inside. US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Debbie: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Shakedown by Lofive Someone New by Zorro Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
August 05, 2021
Finding Resolve: Releasing Past Trauma to Step into The Present with Amelia Zachry
Somewhere in America, every 2 minutes, a woman is raped. National surveys of adults suggest that between 9-32% of women and 5-10% of men report that they were victims of sexual abuse and/or assault during their childhood. Despite the fact of these harrowing tragedies, our ever vigilant efforts as a society, and of what we now know as the “#MeToo” movement- We still witness such a confounding and painfully small reduction in the frequency by which these ghastly atrocious acts against another occur. Often feeling the shocking pull of rape culture. Enough is enough. Our answer- Become the solution. Our guest today- Amelia Zachry, knows all to well the painful scar left on ones soul as victim of rape and sexual assault. Having experienced for over twenty years, the trauma first hand trauma inflicted by this most handouts and horrific act. Her struggles of overcome such adversity and the stigma are never-ending, yet today, she has found the light to prevail. Join us as Amelia shares her story of how she was able to overcome the often debilitating trauma of rape, so she could find the inner peace and serenity in the present moment, allowing her to truly LIVE AGAIN. Tune on to find out how on The Light Inside. For further support for rape victims, their families and resources for advocates against sexual assault, please visit JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Amelia: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
July 22, 2021
Recognizing Trauma Triggers: Understanding How Blind Spots Affect Emotional Reactivity with Joe Ryan
Most of us have such psychological “blind spots,” aspects of our personalities that are obvious to everyone but ourselves. You can find the answers if you care to—or more accurately, if you dare to. This is the roughest mission you can undertake: a direct seek-and-destroy attack on your own pockets of denial. Identifying your own blind spots is an exercise in paradox, because if you’re aware of a problem, it doesn’t count. Our guest today, Joe Ryan, has been on a lifelong journey of overcoming trauma, shame, and the demons that plague him as a result of childhood abuse. With often bone-jarring honest and authentic vulnerability, he is sharing his invaluable insight; paving the way to help others heal from the turmoil and distress of past traumatic experiences. Joe and I explore how we each can become more emotional connected to uncover and understand our emotional blind spots, empowering us to recognize past trauma triggers so we might mi e behind emotional reactivity. Being emotional and emotionally connected to self are two very unique and different states. Joe teaches how to go inward, facing our trauma triggers, so we might uncover those hidden blind spots which allow us to become fully engaged and present. Tune in to find out how lean into those often uncomfortable emotions. In the process, learning how to become more comfortable with your authentic self on this episode of- The Light Inside. JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Joe: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Colours by Tori Wolf Into The Burning Flame by Jeb Keep Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
July 15, 2021
Sweet Surrender: The Role Ego Plays in Spiritually Evolving Past Patterns of Addiction with Dr. Linville Meadows
Spiritual Teacher Eckhart Tolle tells us: “Ego is presented as an accumulation of thoughts and emotions, continuously identified with, creating the idea and feeling of being a separate entity from one's self.” We learn only by disidentifying one's consciousness from it can one truly be free from suffering. Psychologist and author Dr. Nicole LePerla shares this: “The Suffering within our world comes from the human egos misguided attempts to keep us safe. It’s always creating stories.” When we stop to reconsider the words of both Tolle and LePerla, one has to ask- are these stories truly serving me and feeding my spiritual evolution, or are they leading to a destruction of self? -The Me that is within. Our guest today, Dr. Linville Meadows knows the often devastating effect of allowing our egos to step into the driver seat. Having walked the journey of his own recovery and through collecting the lessons, tips, and techniques he used to get sober.He adds his observations from over twenty years of helping addicts and alcoholics. Now, as an author, incorporated these ideas into his recently released book, “A Spiritual Pathway to Recovery from Addiction, A Physician's Journey of Discovery" Linville is hear to today to share his perspective. Tune it to find out The Way Doctors Do It on The lIght Inside. JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Linville: Credits:Music Score by Epidemic Sound Bryant Bark by Dylan Sitts The Light by Loving Calibre Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
July 08, 2021
Be a Dick: How One Person Can Change the World in the Most Unexpected Way with Marc Ensign
In a world where we can each be ANYTHING we want; Ironically, we often discover a world which feels like it's filled with jerks. Some dick's are a special breed of jerk— they give offense to the world without a shred of awareness that they’re doing so, and deny they have a role when relationships go wrong. The sad truth is, anybody can be a dick sometimes. Yet, Our guest today, Marc Ensign, is here to reach us That being a Dick is often the best thing we can be, if we hope to make close connections and build solid relationships while we travel along our journey of success. Learning when to be a dick is one thing. Many of us must master when and how not to be a dick. Or , when at our best, become skillful, in being the right kind of Dick. What happens to those who DON'T learn this artful skill... Well, they usually end up F#&Ked! Remember, success is in the eye of the beholder. And we often fail to see, how being the RIGHT kind of DICK will move us into alignment with this vision- Ultimately allowing us to reach our destination. Tune in to find out if your Dick game has what it takes to get the job done on The Light Inside. Credits: JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Marc : Credits:Music Score by Epidemic Sound 1-800-DIRTY by Fasion Slipping by AGST Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
July 01, 2021
Projected Patterning: The Journey Back to Our Authentic Self with Suzanne Reilley
When we each embrace our personal journey throughout life, we each get to uniquely become the authors of our own story. Its a narrative that only we get to chose, unless we surrender this role to others. The unknown is too vast to live within known unhappiness. We remind ourselves- We are all important parts of a much larger system, pieces of the universe’s puzzle that would not be complete without us. As we launch into this journey to find our way back to our authentic self, There comes a time to consider the possibility that there is a self—a part of us that is real, unique, and essentially us; an us which can be seen as distinct from what we’ve incorporated as an identity based on others' projections, rejections, actions and reactions towards us. Our guest today is Life Transition Coach, Suzanne Reilley. Suzanne and I share a conversation discussing how projected patterns of belief often hold us from aligning and being our authentic self. Tune in to find out how to break the pattern, and re-engage with the authentic you on this episode of The Light Inside.
June 25, 2021
The Quiet Mind: How Intermittent Silence Recharges and Rewires our Brains with Krishna Bhatta
"He who is rooted in oneness realizes that I am in every being; wherever he goes, he remains in me.” -Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna Yet, as human beings, we are often disconnected, not only from the oneness that is self, but also the oneness that is the universe surrounding us. Until we reunite the two - we remain simply ; at odds. Our minds are our greatest tool, and when empowered, an become our greatest asset. But often our minds are cluttered with distraction, causing us to lose our focus and connection to the source of this energy. The antidote- silence. When we quiet our mind, we recharge our energies. Yet many of us fear this silent reprise. Silence isn't empty, it's full of answers. We must remind ourselves, as in the immortal words of the poet Rumi- "The quieter we become, the more we learn." Our guest today, Dr. Krishna Bhatta, is here today, to share how intermittent silence serves as the doorway to meditation and recharging our minds! His meditation app RELAXX is an advanced program for achieving peace, happiness, tranquility and relaxation through understanding of body, mind, and what Krishna calls The Flame of consciousness. Tune in to find out how to apply this super simple practice to your everyday life on The Light Inside.
June 17, 2021
The Empowering Energy of Choice: Becoming Creative on Purpose with Scott Perry
"Between stimulus and response there its a space.And in that space lies our ability to choose our response. " Tune in to find out how to discover greater meaning in your life, by becoming Creative on Purpose. As we are determining the course of our life, When we create on purpose - that space between sorry and congratulations is all that matters. How we chose to fill this space is of the most significance in establishing the meaning which we might achieve within everything we endeavor. Sharing his insights on how we can to learn how to differentiation between work you have to do and the work you want to do - Our guest Scott Perry guides you towards: Outlining your core values Empowering your ability to decidedly chose. We learn that Embracing your authentic self automatically becomes the difference only you can make in determining your ultimate fate. Tune in to find out how to discover greater meaning in your life, by becoming creative on Purpose On this episode of The Light Inside. Credits: JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Scott : Credits:Music Score by Epidemic Sound Minitaur by Tigerblood Jewel Not What I Expected by Smartface Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
June 09, 2021
The Mosaic: Understanding How Listening is The Alchemy Of Life with Danny Bruce Levin
When you step back and take a look at the picture of your life do you like what you see? If not, don’t worry, you are not a jigsaw puzzle where every piece only fits in one place; You are a mosaic, free to alter the picture you were given. In a mosaic, every piece can go wherever you, the author and owner, want it to go. If you are ready to have the image of your life reflect the person you truly are - Our guest today is ready to guide you. Helping you call in and align the pieces of your mosaic so that what people see is who you really are. As a former Corporate Head, Danny Bruce Levin was the Director of Business Development at Hay House, playing a crucial role in helping it grow exponentially over a 10 year period -turning it into a powerhouse player in the publishing industry. Danny walked away from it all, becoming an ordained Rabbi then spending 10 years as a Monk, living in a monastery in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Now, as a much respected author and visionary - Danny is teaching others to discover how The connections you align determine the life you make. Tune in today, to learn how you can become the author and owner of the mosaic of your life - on The Light Inside Credits: JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Danny : Credits:Music Score by Epidemic Sound Better For My Soul by Snake City, Tilden Parc You Thought You Knew by Particle House Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio Affiliate advertising with
June 02, 2021
What's in It for Me: Building Relationships Through Interdependence
Mahatma Gandi tells us- “Man is a social being.” And “Interdependence is and ought to be as much our ideal as self-sufficiency.” In fact, the fundamental law of humanity is interdependence. A person is a person through our connection to others. We look at how a sense of competition breeds separation, rather than guiding us towards forming collaborative bonds. Our interaction with others aligns us and allows us to do great things. Our guest Maxwell Ivey shares insight from A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success, as we explore the all-to-important reason why our interactions with others allows us to form greater bonds and build deeper connection, leading us towards our limitless potential to collaborate and communicate-create. So often we are taught to view dependency as a negative thing Join Max and I as we dispel this inaccurate mistruth on The Light Inside.
May 27, 2021
Adversity Rewired: Adapting Positive Psychology to Develop Emotional Stamina
Theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, once shared: “Adversity introduces a person to themselves.” Very often, your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, determines how our life’s story will develop. Our guest today, knows a thing or two about standing tall in the opportunities presented in our personal challenges, reframing our perspective on them. Having courageously endured her experience with cancer, Author and Motivational Coach, Lori Marini is giving others the necessary inspiration to empower and motivate them to live a life which truly thrives. Reminding us in the process; Just because you may feel like you are struggling, it does not mean you are failing. Today we want to explore how finding gratitude can fill you with the strength and emotional endurance to not only face these opportunities- but to also evolve past these potentially daunting experiences, giving you the tools to thrive. Tune in to find out how you can find the courage and mental determination to endure any adversity on The Light Inside. Resources- 5 Keys to Developing Emotional Stamina: Effectively Processing Emotions Holding Space for Faith Adaptability; so often we talk about mind set, being able to move with fluidity and becoming comfortable with change. Releasing a need to control. Balancing your energy to engage productive action based tasked Releasing reactionary emotions like anxiety. fear and worry - focus on what can effectively be executed Developing Resilience Credits: JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Lori: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Hurts by Snake City Let Yourself Go by Ooyy Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
May 20, 2021
Self-Mastery: Owning Your True Self with Lucy Smith
Our guest today encourages us all to explore our goddess within, going on to sharing that, Yes, even us dudes have a goddess hidden somewhere within us. Through her coaching practice; Persephone’s Jewels, Lucy Smith is guiding others towards building self-esteem and identity exploration filtered through the lens of the Greek goddesses. American singer, songwriter, actress, author, and television personality, Kelly Clarkson tells us: “Confidence is seen, not heard.” Yet we all deserve to feel heard, validated, hopeful, inspired, motivated, and empowered. We discover that, by accepting authorship and ownership in your life - You can achieve this all with a simple belief in yourself. Proving we can all rise above our story with an affirmative “Hell Yes, You CAN” attitude- Lucy shows us how you CAN change your identity with inspiration, building a new life starting with a single thought. When you boost your connection to Source: YOU CAN be happy, fulfilled, and loved... exactly for who YOU ARE. Our discussion today will enlighten your mind and nourish your heart, giving you the tools to turn soot into gold on The Light Inside. -Resources Let's start by looking at who the Greek goddesses are and what gift they identified with carrying: Aphrodite: Self-esteem- confidence, fire, resiliency Artemis: Independence- embodiment and owning who you truly are. Athena: Drive- setting values, goals and establishing focus and purposeful intention Demeter: Family- being vulnerable, but leaning into others for support and strength Hera: Partnerships- forming string bonds and relationships with others Hestia: Enlightenment- developing a strong sense of adventure, curiosity and discovery. Becoming more aligned and aware of your work and the world around you. Persephone: Self-mastery- Agency, self-efficacy, self-control. Empowering your ability to choose you direction and purpose. JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Nobody Else by Swif7 Sword of Light by Kristu Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
May 13, 2021
Delegation: Building Your Team Culture By Empowering Others with Paul and Kelsey Tompkins
A house is not a home without a heart in it. Today we are going to teach you how to inspire and ignite teams which positively effect and impact your teams bottom line. Building effective teams and empower others to grow exponentially - while also avoiding burnout, anxiety and stress. Sometimes if you want to go far you have to take others along for the ride. In order to empower others- you have to have a clear vision of what the mission is and the systems and processes which create them. How do you feel we effectively form how we create that vision: How do we effectively communicate vision, mission, purpose and goals to others? Creating open and authentic cultures is so important when creating effective buy-in and instilling passion in others Why building a solid culture which energizes your community matters in your success? You and your team want more than showing up- everyone wants significance and a sense of fulfillment. Phenomenal results and knowing you made a difference becomes so rewarding, instills gratitude and leads not only to accomplishment but ultimately joy. That’s what makes us HUMAN. It creates a family and community environment of shared heart and mind. This is our focus on todays show… As we are joined today by The dynamic husband and wife duo of Real Estate Investors, Paul and Kelsey Tompkins. The Tompkins have fast become known for their success as entrepreneurs, real estate investors, speakers, and coaches. Completing so many fix and flip real estate deals that people began referring to them as the House Flipping Experts & the nickname stuck! Armed with their expertise in the industry- Paul and Kelsey have gone on to become the founders at Flippin Experts Academy, have created the most comprehensive real estate investors academy with all of the training, tools and knowledge needed to become a successful and profitable real estate expert. All while also avoiding the pitfalls of burnout, anxiety and stress. Find out how to Effective Delegation becomes a key element in Building Your Dream By Empowering Others on this episode of The Light Inside. Key takeaway: Effectively delegating to others empowers you to more effectively focus your growth while expediting the speed and pace of your strategy. Developing clear and effective communication skills Holding space and showing compassion for others How to effectively correct course Managing disputes Creating measurable benchmarks Why Sharing in the victories and successes are so important- hint buyin, gratitude, ownership, reward, fulfillment Being a mentor, educator and spiritual guide- creating a legacy of example JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Bright Shadows by Kristu Learning Empathy by Kristu Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
May 06, 2021
Celebrating Solitude: How to Develop a Sacred Space to Honor Your True Self with Rachel Astarte
It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, And to make your happiness a priority...In fact - it's a necessity. The world "out there" can often become a crazy, busy, and stressful place - If we let it. Have you ever encountered someone who is incredibly giving but clearly emotionally fried? Often this person wears the mask of perpetual exasperation over how—Happily! Happily!—busy they are giving...and doing...and being. The last tiny pieces of their being shared with everyone. Everyone that is - but themselves. On today's episode, our guest author, transpersonal psychotherapist and transformational coach, Rachel Astarte will share a practical guide exploring how developing a regular solitude practice engages you ability to become more authentically aligned. Freeing you to be in the present moment with yourself, while flowing effortlessly in alignment within the essence of your being in all that you do. Rachel shares how creating a sacred space for your self and placing importance on self -care frees us from the patterns and ways of being which often lead us towards overwork, mental and physical fatigue, stress and ultimately - burnout. Being more aware of the internal patterns often preventing us from of seeing our larger tapestry frees us to see the mosaic of who and what we are. Embracing our sacred space, honoring our true self and practicing self-love can often feel challenging- Taking the time to nurture our well-being and our happiness. While getting in touch with ourselves, we practice self-love so we can push through our limiting beliefs and live a life that truly shines. Tune in to find out how to develop a sacred space to create more time doing what truly makes your soul happy on The Light Inside. Visit Rachel: Facebook: Podcast: Promotions: JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Musical Transitions: Socialite by Jontha Links Where The Sunflowers Bloom by Elin Sandberg Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
April 29, 2021
Self-Development: Using a Craftsman Approach to Build a Life You Love with a Charles Collins
You life is in the hands of a primary crafts person. You...are that crafts person. Your job is to learn and make a masterpiece of your life. Joining us today is master craftsman and author- Charles Collins. His book The Way of Craftsmanship: The Tao of 'Life As A Craft' teaches us that Craftsmanship is an attitude of mind. With research spanning three decades, Charles teaches us  'The Way of Craftsmanship'. Handed down over the centuries by master craftsmen and craftswomen across the world.  We  uncover the universal principles for developing a high level of skill in any endeavor in  life, replacing the often frustrating methods of learning personal development and parenting skills by trial and error. Find out how you can Craft a life you love... On this episode of The Light Inside. Audience Take Away: Charles' work demonstrates how anyone can learn to practice 'Life-as-a-Craft' to achieve extraordinary results. It is a big-picture framework for managing life topics, similar to the way we manage our occupations and professions vs. the 'hit-or-miss' results of living by trial and error. Listen to the brief 5-minute overview. Discover how you can view 'life-as-a-craft' and become the master craftsmen and craftswomen your own lives  While teaching the next generation skills to make a masterpiece of their own. We show you how moving past traditional educational systems allows you to become an apprentice of learning and life. Craftsmanship is an attitude of mind- having the skills to engage the mind in a way that utilizes all of our functions, organizing them into strategies and effective systems or processes. We are at our best as craftspeople when the myriad systems of life are organized, taught and learned. It's those all important elements of strategy, systems, processes and execution. The Four Phases of Life: Apprentice- one learns to comprehend the nature of the raw materials of the craft, and the skillful use and application of the tools of the craft of life. Journeyman- comprises the many years of work performed after Apprenticeship toward becoming a Master. It is the time when a craftsperson distinguishes him or herself by earning their way in life by their craftwork Masterwork- characterized as the finishing or 'polishing' Phase, after years of Journeywork to distinguish oneself as a skilled craftsperson Mentorship- the time period in the practice of life as a craft, during which the primary objective is to make accessible to those who would seek it, select masterworks, knowledge  and an account of your practice of craftsmanship as a legacy for the next generation Visit Charles: Podcast: Promotions: JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Musical Transitions: Invested by Loving Caliber Make It In Time by Gamma Skies Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
April 20, 2021
Developing Emotional Intelligence to Building Self- Confidence and Create Change with Mike Acker
Our beliefs often make or break us, and Self-doubt is something we often experience. Even the people who look like they have it all together have insecurities. Developing healthy, constructive beliefs about yourself allows you to accomplish what you want. Do you have difficulty believing in yourself? It's time to stop mirroring the stories and experiences of others. People often struggle with their self-confidence because of their past experiences.And Being comfortable in our own skin can be a challenge at times. But what if you are lacking this essential trait? Embrace you confident self - Because confidence starts with you! Most of us are simply not taught and empowered with this necessary life skill. Our guest Mike Acker is going to share a few key components which will allow you to develop the emotional intelligence needed to gain a greater sense of self- confidence, and self-awareness - All while becoming a more effective communicator. He tells us : Confident Communication Equals Currency Mike Acker is a speaker, leadership coach, and bestselling author, with over 19 years of experience in speaking, leadership development, and organizational management. Known for his authenticity, humor, and engaging presence, his expertise in communications and leadership has drawn a wide range of engagements including his presentations to executive teams, emerging leaders, non-profit organizations, churches, and public schools. Mike shares how building emotional intelligence can be a powerful tool leading us to Confidence -Stay tuned to find out how to develop more confidence and translate that into success on this episode of The Light Inside. Visit Mike: Instagram Resources: Promotions: JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Musical Transitions:  Uptown by Jerry McHoy Bassline Esstablished by Jerry McHoy Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
April 15, 2021
Moving into Confidence: Learn to Walk through Fear and Into Purpose with Lucia DiVieste Severtson
Fear imprisons our minds and blinds us to hope and possibility. Today our mission is to guide you in crossing the bridge from fear into freedom. We are told fear is one of our greatest survival mechanisms. But was it ever really fear that allowed us to survive truly threatening situations? Or is it our ability to logic - always coming to truly save the day? Personally, as a coach and as a leader - The mind is a tool I feel a great many of us struggle to form a healthy relationship with. Join us as we share a conversation with Lucia DiVieste Severtson- Empowerment and Leadership Coach at Be Brave Psychotherapy We will discuss: How fear manifests in both obvious and subtle ways We Explore how Dance/movement and drama therapy can help break habitual patterns of mind and body Empowering us to embrace What it means to live a brave life on a daily basis. Lucia tells us How bravery leads us towards love and away from fear And why this is crucial to embodying authentic leadership In the process developing a plan while face the Giants in our lives Tune in to find out how you can leverage body movement to gain more confidence on this episode of The Light Inside. Visit Lucia: Instagram Resources: Laban Movement Analysis Promotions: Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Musical Transitions by Otto Wallgren and Ooyy Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
April 08, 2021
Releasing Shame: Embracing Resiliency to See Our True Self.
The greatest thing we can have is a balanced and healthy sense of self. But shame often can clutter up this relationship filling our view with baggage which holds us stuck from realizing our true sense of value and worth. Its ok to release the shame… In fact, its not just ok to be ok- Being ok is the key to being great! Author and thought leader Brene Brown tells us: “Shame is the warm feeling that washes over us, making us feel small, flawed and never good enough.” We find out today that when we release expectation and the guilt often associated with shame- The law of averages kicks in and we become centered in who and what we truly are. We share this conversation today with online therapist, Melissa Russiano discussing how empowering empathy can become a tool for combating shame internally-stepping beyond yourself to connect with and lead others. Find out how to Releasing Shame: So your can begin Embracing Resiliency to See Our True Self. On this episode of The Light Inside.
March 25, 2021
How to Leverage Neuroscience To Achieve More Effective Goals with Purdeep Sangha
There are certain truisms, when examined- which provide great insight into the very deep and evolving nature of life. Vision, after all, is often the difference between what is and what could have been. If you don’t know where you are going, well, you will probably end up somewhere else.  Motivation speaker Les Brown shares this inspirational thought- “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars." Moving into alignment with purposeful intention requires setting clearly defined goals. Smarter Goals begins with Developing a Smarter Brain. Sharing this mind-opening episode is Purdeep Sangha- Internationally acclaimed personal advisor and coach to high-performing executives and entrepreneurs, exploring How to Leverage Neuroscience To Achieve More Effective Goals. Lean in as we unlock the mysteries of the mind, empowering you with the science of smart- So you can develop efficient and effective goals on this episode of The Light Inside. FOLLOW PURDEEP: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: LINKEDIN:
March 23, 2021
Discovering Your Emotional Set Point to Uncover Hidden Traumas with Amanda Webster
Our Emotional Guidance System has a wide range of emotions beginning with the most positive empowering emotions to emotions of desperation and weakness. This system is designed to signal whether our thought, in the present moment - are in harmony with our desires and greater good. But often we find ourselves staring into the edge of the unknown, feeling lost in that desperation - And Chasing out the darkness inside. On today's show, we share a conversation with Recovering Addict, Suicide Survivor and Life Coach - Amanda Webster exploring how her brush with suicidal ideation, hearing a favorite song during an episode on a Canadian hotel ledge led her to discover the importance of establishing a healthy emotional set point. And why realigning our emotional and physical state of being is crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship with ourselves. Find out how on this episode of The Light Inside
March 16, 2021
Memory Skills: The Easy 3 Step System to Remember Anything and Everything with Chester Santos
At some point in our lives, we are all faced with memory loss and forgetfulness. Important faces, names, numbers, or information we try to recall- yet we pull a blank. Sometimes we even struggle to retain even the simplest daily data. Right now, That's all about to change... Memory Expert Chester Santos is known as the International Man of Memory. Chester is one of the world's foremost authorities when it comes to developing memory. Chester shows us How to Remember and Retain More in shorter period of time We learn that repetition and brute force memorization is not the way to go Losing the need to endless repeat things in our brains. How do we develop what you call mental filing systems? We discover how to master instant recall, forward and backward, in a matter of minutes. Chester also shares Tricks and Tips To Improve Your Memory Teaching you how to remember anything that's important to you, forever. We find out, everyone is capable of doing extraordinary things with their memory by developing a few easy to learn skills. As We learn how to finally come to our senses in order to improve our memory on this episode of, The Light Inside. JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Musical Transitions by Peter Sandberg and Gavin Luke Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
March 08, 2021
The Legacy of Trauma: Releasing Trauma Identity with Andrew Ecker
We so often become the identities which are imprinted on us- by our upbringing, our environments, society and even ourselves The stories we live under, the stories others tell us, or simply the stories we choose and become comfortable within.  Discovering our true self can often feel like a battle for our soul. We struggle to find  the light inside. Sometimes that trauma keeping us from discovering our light is buried deep in our emotional DNA. Our greatest battle becomes aligning our emotional set point-In finding our True North.  Our guest Andrew Ecker knows the pain and suffering of overcoming generational and cultural trauma all too well. Born into an inheritance of trauma, both his parents were addicted to drugs and died very young. Growing up in the height of the Reagan and Clinton “War on Drugs” policies  Led Andrew down a path of destruction that included cocaine and heroin abuse, ultimately causing  him to serve 3 and a half years in prison on federal drug charges.  While in prison, Andrew found much needed healing through the use of ancient technologies including drumming and the  ceremonial processes of his Native American ancestry- which inspired him to write his  book ‘The Sacred 7’. His program- The Sacred Seven: A Path to Finding the Wholeness of Self-Identity is guiding others on their path of rediscovery. Helping others transform their lives beyond trauma and allowing them to rediscover Their True North. From the four winds, life will rise unto the beauty it is when the sun mingles with the twilight. Join us as we discover why the essences of what is not seen, but only felt, becomes the secret to making us feel alive- On this episode of The Light Inside What are the Sacred 7?  * The Sacred Child * The Sacred Feminine * The Sacred Masculine * The East The Sacred Newness * The South The Sacred Family - Center * The West The Sacred Community - Center * The North The Sacred Elemental
March 04, 2021
Emotional Detox: Cleansing Yourself of Stagnated Emotions with Sherianna Boyle
Throughout our everyday lives-we often find ourselves caught in struggle and wrestling with some of our deepest held emotions. Re-living the situations which bring us pain and suffering, replaying the scene in every detail we can remember. In her career as an adjunct professor of psychology at Cape Cod Community College, our guest Sherianna Boyle has been supporting educators and families along there emotional journeys since 1995. In our discussion today we share why Your emotions matter, and how processing them matters even more. We explore why emotional detox is a reset for the soul- flushing out negative feelings, which clears a path for new habits and behaviors. In our conversation Sherianna will share how: All emotions are good-Revealing that no emotion is toxic. We discover how to uncover suppressed reactions and very effectively release them- Allowing us to changing the way we relate to our emotions. Join in as we Learning to free ourselves to process and experience all of our emotions in a more healthy way on this episode of The Light Inside.
February 25, 2021
Developing Unconditional Love in a Conditional World with Larry Indiviglia
As we celebrate the one year anniversary here at The Light Inside, looking back- we’ve talked a great deal about finding deeper purpose in our lives. Simply asking- What does it mean to live deeply? It's often said- If we want to truly LIVE deeply, we must LOVE deeply. If we want to set our worlds on fire. Seek those who fan our flames. Loving them deeply and the life we create together in return. Joining us today is Author, Fitness Professional and Life Coach, Larry Indivigilia. His Amazon best-seller, 126 Days and 11 Minutes: Our Love Story was written to honor the life of Gayle, a women he shared a short but very compassionate, deep and and endearing love story with as she battled  Stage IV cancer. Today, we hear why Larry considers his relationship with Gayle one of the most profound experiences of his life. Find out why on this episode of The Light Inside. What is Unconditional Love? ITS EMBODIED IN: Acceptance Compassion Communication Empathy Personal Regard Understanding Respect Affection without any limitations, or love without conditions, also known as true altruism or complete love.
February 17, 2021
Inner Purpose: How to Find Meaning Full Filled with Dieter Randolph
We ask ourselves- How can we design the space to discover who we are and what brings us the greatest sense of meaningfulness? Viktor Frankl reminded us by saying - “Everything is Practice. What is demanded of man is not, as some philosophers teach, to endure the meaninglessness of life, but rather to bear his incapacity to grasp its unconditional meaningfulness in rational terms.” Joining to day is Dieter Randolph, author of the book Meaning Full Filled, Dieter is third generation minister on a mission to transform the spiritual experience beyond the traditional church. Find out what happens when we venture “Way Past Okay” In our search for meaning and purpose in life On this episode of The Light Inside
February 12, 2021
Faith, Family, And A Song: Overcoming The Devastating Loss Of Child With Shannon And Brittany Clark
In today's conversation, we share a discussion with musicians, Shannon and Brittany Clark, as we explore the story of how the tragic and sudden loss of their newborn daughter, to a rare heart condition -Nearly side railed their love and shared career as recording artists. We also explore how music has been a common bond which has given them strength and resiliency to overcome the devastating loss of a child- pulling them closer together as a family with their surviving children. We discover how leaning into your faith, learning to surrender and trusting your gut can become your life line to pull you out of the pain of grief. On this episode of The Light Inside.
February 11, 2021
Who's Driving Here: Understanding Human Needs Psychology with Chandra Lynn
As Human beings- we all feel a certain pull, driving us towards basic wants, desires and needs. Having needs is not evidence of weakness – it is, at its core- to simply be human. Three things are needed for humanity to co-exist: Truth, peace and basic needs. Everything else - Is irrelevant. We are all on a course seeking change- our evolution. The great unfolding of our becoming what is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself. This episode, we share a conversation with join us today is the founder of Glow Living, Chandra Lynn - A Lifestyle entrepreneur, she is Inspiring us to love the life we each live. We share this discussion exploring how the need for change is such a driving force in discovering our roots, allowing us to grow and rise. Tune to find out Who's Driving Here? On The Light Inside. Create a balanced foundation, get unstuck and begin truly loving life! Join Chandra for a FREE INTRODUCTION to her program, Root To Rise- A System for Loving Life Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Bedroom by Loving Caliber Starfields by Hallman Musical Transitions by Peter Sandberg and Gavin Luke Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
February 03, 2021
Self-Enlightenment: Channeling Your Inner Voice with Dean McMurray
Today we take a look at yet another interesting example of the role our energies play throughout our being- as we are exploring some of the prevailing ideas, myths and labels concerning psychic abilities. In this conversation with the Military Medium- Dean McMurray, an Internationally Acclaimed psychic, medium, healer, dowsed and an ordained minister. A retired vet serving 24 years in the US Army-Dean discovered his hidden psychic abilities shortly after the last tour duty of his enlistment. We hear how a visit from Dean’s deceased Grandmother was the surprise uncovering of his abilities-And What that experience was like We also learn how being open to new possibilities while Embracing his unique gifts allowed Dean to confidently step into a new career after his life into military. And finally, we explore how listening to our inner voice and tapping our intuition can often be a crucial asset in forming a productive decision making process. This show is all about enlisting the spirit of our inner voice in order to find a more authentically aligned connection, which allows us to become fully aware of our unique personal gifts. Listen in on this episode of The Light Inside,
January 29, 2021
Emotional Integrity: Holy Fuck and The Sacred Water with Ullis Karlsson
Join us this week as we share a discussion and a rather blunt look how we are all interconnected, exploring how we are each responsible for our own shit in life. How the baggage we each carry must be purified like the dirty waters of a mountain stream. We can’t expect positive results from drink the same emotional, spiritual and mentally polluted waters. Taking a bold leap today- we explore a conversion with Author and Yogi, Ullis Karlssson discussing her latest book- “Holy Fuck, And The Sacred Water: The Secret Connection To Everything." Hold on- this conversation is definitely not PG 13, As we share this bold discussion about taking out the trash in our lives. On this episode of The Light Inside. PURCHASE THE BOOK
January 21, 2021
Relationship: What's Going On with Lauren D' Abate a.ka. Singer/Songwriter Ximxia
Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. We connect with each other through a give and take of signals that links us from the inside out. Joining us today is Singer/Songwriter, Lauren D’Abate, known by her stage name Ximxia, We share a discussion exploring how being vulnerable and open to our authentic emotions allows us to develop a more effective relationship with ourselves and others. We can empower ourselves to connect more authentically with our ideas about memory, emotion, trauma, and brain-mind integration, by integrating our ability to be aware, present and aligned within- redirecting the flow of energy and information in our brains. Opening us to our relationships and embodying us with a more essential sense of our own humanity and listen in, as we reveal how we are all essential one energy, connected at our core. On this episode of The Light Inside.
January 14, 2021
Developing The Quiet Ego: The Loudest Lion Never Roars with John Beede
We hear it all the time- every journey starts with a single step. Often those journeys can feel like moving mountains. "The man who moves mountains begins by carrying away a small stone." But How do we prepare for the climb?  Today we talk with Global Adventure and Mountaineer, John Beede, as he shares his insights and experiences. We learn that the journey is about build perspective, preparing the mind, and how to maintain stamina to endure the trip. Our paths in life offer us the chance to ground and humble us- to experience the “Quiet Ego”. The Loudest Lion Never Roars. How are we all being humble lions? Are we showing courage and vulnerability? What paths are we following throughout life? What paths are we being guided towards? We each travel a different path in life. Experience different potentials. Sometimes we have to focus our vision on a specific path. We learn that "the journey" is about build perspective, preparing the mind, and maintaining stamina to endure the trip. Level-up your resilience using strategies discovered at the top of the tallest mountain on every continent. Find out how we can better navigate that adventure on The Light Inside. Music Credits: Epidemic Sound Musical Transitions by Peter Sandberg and Gavin Luke Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
January 07, 2021
Improvisation: Just Wing It with Eran Thomson
For this- the last episode of our inaugural 2020 season of the light inside, we explore how creativity and the act of improvisation can lead us to become more open to our potential while experiencing a life that sings with joy. The desire to create is one of the deepest hearings of the human soul- everything and anything you can imagine can also be brought to life. Our guest today goes by the handle “The Joy Pusher”  Eran Thomson is a creative machine! Having worn the Hats of  Advertising Creative Director, Writer, Director, and FreeStyle Rapper-Just to name a few careers he has explored. We dive into this conversation discussing how creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way…. On Episode number 0045 of The Light Inside.
December 23, 2020
Be Grateful AF: Discovering Everyday Gratitude with Michael Ian Cedar
Of all our greatest searching for purpose and value in life, No bigger search exists throughout humanity than our search for meaning. Celebrated psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, in his groundbreaking book “Man’s Search For Meaning” shared this insightful view: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” On today’s show we explore: Reshaping our language of struggler and fear in order to find Gratitude in our challenges. Then resisting our urge of Fight, Flight Or fear- reframing our response for The Modern World. Living Life on Your Terms- Making a conscious choice to live as a vibrant human being. Owning your inner voice in order to silence the inner critic and remove the urge to self sabotage our endeavors. Learning to separate our human traits from our evolutionary and generational patterning to order to be more aligned with the essence of our authentic self. We also look at how we can form a more responsible human evolution towards our fellow human beings, the planet and within our existence in the universe. To borrow from the great Albert Einstein quote: “The most important decision we make, the one which is most aligned within our essence, is whether we live in a friendly or hostile universe” It becomes our responsibility to then decide whether we act in harmony within our responses, creating an existence that contributes to the forward motion of creation. Join us on this very humorous and thought provoking conversation with Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker, Michael Ian Cedar of The Legacy Of You  about becoming more grateful on The Light Inside. Music Credits: Epidemic Sound Musical Transitions by Peter Sandberg and Gavin Luke Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
December 17, 2020
Intentionality: Discover The Value Within -Alex Sanfilippo
Intention is one of the most powerful forces we can experience. Nothing in the universe exists without intention. What you mean when you do a thing- your intention, will always play a powerful role in determining the outcome of your actions. The quality and commitment of your intention- your forethought, becomes the planning which guides your actions. On this episode, we focus on explore the virtues of slowing down, Digging in., And being aware of the values that shape and form our intentions. We discover how aligning within our values allows us to focus on what is of most meaning to us, while being of value and service in the world around you. Joining us this conversation is Alex Sanfilippo, of Creating A Brand and founder of a podcast matching and booking solution for both guests and hosts, As we look at becoming more effective at creating a happy, purposeful life guided by intention and meaning. On this episode of The Light Inside. Music Credits: "Olympo" By Ooyy "Little By Little (Siren Song) by Geminii Musical Transitions by Peter Sandberg and Gavin Luke Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
December 09, 2020
Moving Into Mindfulness: Centering Techniques for More Balance with Melo Calarco
Our minds are the gateway to our world. Everything we create, everything we experience- is a process of the mind. All that we feel, think and touch, all filtered through the perception of the mind. How do we get more aware, focused and in touch with our thoughts? Simple- Mindfulness. By slowing down our breathing and clearing the clutter of cobwebs that often cloud our thinking. An aligned and aware brain is a productive brain. It builds worlds. Khalil Gibran once said: “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.” With that-The way we think shapes the way we live. What mental, physical and psychological states take place as we move into mindfulness? Opening our heart Changing our breathing Activating energy centers The act of grounding Refocusing and re-establishing yourself to a state where you feel: Centered whole and complete in who you are. Confident in your life path. Satisfied with where you are at this moment in your life. Calmness- A peaceful, easy feeling. We Learn how to increase our mindfulness to maintain better balance, achieve greater clarity and reach for a higher level of peak performance. Joining us today is High Performance Coach, Melo Calarco sharing this story of how a 30,000 kilometer transcontinental bike journey empowered him with the tools to teach others how to be more mindful while bringing forth their essence. Embodying them with their unlimited potential in this episode of The Light Inside. VISIT MELO CALARCO TO START YOUR JOURNEY TO MINDFULNESS . Music Credits: “Little By Little"  by Geminii “Like a Ricochet” by Loving Caliber Musical Transitions by Peter Sandberg and Gavin Luke Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
December 02, 2020
Becoming Fearless
Everyone has a horror story- so they say... But who are "they"? And why do they get any say in how you create YOUR story? Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears. Join us this episode as we discover how you can become fearless. “Fear is like “mind candy” - hollow calories for the conscious soul.” To find out more about empowering your fearless self- becoming all that you can be, visit:
November 21, 2020
Cultivating Self-Acceptance: The Awesome Power Of Not Yet with Trent Bray
So often we travel through both life and business in a state of unconscious. Our lives are filled with limitless choices and options, yet we often ignore them so thoroughly they might as well not exist. How do we realign within our awareness- our conscious state of being, to access the essence of these choices? To become what we might be. Routines and patterns are easy. But choices are just as easy. Every choice we make-when exercising the actual act of choosing, happens at a rate of lightning-fast millo-seconds. Today we share a conversation with Entrepreneur Trent Bray, Host of The Hustle Energy Podcast as we explore that space between- The place before things start to happen. As we explore the Awesome Power of “Not Yet” and how opening our conscious awareness serves as a guide post to accessing our essence. Join us as we open the door on…The Light Inside Music Credits: “Olympos” by Ooyy “Axoloti” by Killigrew Musical Transitions by Peter Sandberg and Gavin Luke Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
November 18, 2020
Active Listening: Conversations (Are You Listening?) with Jonathan Miller
In an increasingly polarized world, our ability to connect with one another has never been more important. Our words have the power to shape our reality and impact others in profound ways. Communication is an essential key in bridging those gaps, forming more connected and open relationships. When we become more mindful of those around us- we move beyond conflict and the ego, allowing us to create more meaningful connections. By showing compassion, consideration and thoughtfulness towards others, we create authentic bounds that bring us together in our universal “oneness” The essence of our being. Today we share this conversation with Professional Communication Coach, Jonathan Miller of Discussing how great communication takes a little work- But Its not rocket science. By exercising practice, patience and persistence- We can develop the awareness to become empowered and embodied communicators while building engaged relationships with others. Find out why mindful communication is so important in our relationships On this episode of The Light Inside… Be sure to visit entering Promo Code LIGHT50 for 50% off your 4 part conflict resolution video series or gain access to your 45 minute Conflict resolution assessment. Visit The Mindful Communication Podcast to gain even more great communication insight from Jonathan Miller. Credits: Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Sound Engineering by: Aloft Media Group Music Credits: “Crawling Upward” by Mike Maven “Tomorrow Is Another Day” by Jo Wandrini “Reach Out Your Hand” by David Celeste Musical Transitions by Peter Sandberg and Gavin Luke
November 11, 2020
Intersubjectivity: Overcoming A Silo Mentality with Dr. Benjamin Ritter
One of the keys to becoming a more effective entrepreneur or business leader- an even a better human being, is by avoiding the traps of silo thinking and mentality. In order to develop successful and effective relationships, its crucial we communicating to people their worth, value and potential, So that they see themselves for their contributions and the blessing they truly are. How we align with others determines how life around us will be. We are at our best when everyone is in synchronicity. We can accomplish this when we are driven by sharing and reach for Singularity- working as one. But it's only when we can put ourselves In the other person's shoes, that we create our greater sense of unity with others. Today we are sharing a discussion with Austin, Texas based based Leadership and Empowerment Coach, Dr. Benjamin Ritter, founder of Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting, exploring how you can eliminate the silo mentalities in your life that are holding you back from forming more effective relationship. Join us to learn more about overcoming this self-limiting mindset on This episode of The Light Inside.
November 03, 2020
Clarifying Our Vision: Walking Backwards To The Present with Jeff Nischwitz
If I was not "me," who would I be?” Literary critic Mary Lamberton Becker shared this great quote: We grow neither better nor worse as we get older- but more like ourselves. We start our show today asking-Are You Ready to Unmask & Unleash Your Leadership? On this episode we are sharing a conversation with author and coach Jeff Nischwitz, of The Nischwitz Group in our discussion we will be exploring how you can begin working towards being aligned with all you are capable to become. So often, we look at the idea of success as forward motion and momentum as making progress and striving for goals. Our ultimate focus on what we might become in the future- By being present with right now. Our thoughts are things. They have energy and weight, meaning and Impact.What we think, we become! Today we explore how we can rearrange our energy to see a new view of the future and learn how We truly become Unstoppable... On this episode of The Light Inside… Check out authors latest book " Just One Step: Walking Backwards To Present On The Camino Trail" Music Credits: “Autumn Haze” - West & Zander “Learning Empathy” - Killigrew Sound Design: “Illuminate Us”- Jack Elphick “Trynna Make It” - Jack Elphick
October 29, 2020
Two Minute Tuesday - Head Start To Riches
Head Start To Riches Education is Empowerment. As a recent opportunity to partner with Head Start 2 Riches Team- an educational company that offers a unique wealth building course for children. Their mission is to bring awareness and insight to children, instilling within them the knowledge to reach for their dreams and achieve. We shared this inspiring message answering what head start we are giving at a young age which allowed us to reach for our awareness of success- empowering the leaders of tomorrow.  Question: What type of head start was given to you? You can hear how this advantage became our most meaningful lesson on our journey of discovery in life. .This mission and purpose is the vision we live every day here at The Light Inside. Be sure to support the mission at Head Start To Riches- empowering the leaders of tomorrow with insight and purpose to reach for their dreams. Read the transcript here: The greatest thought-seed ever planted was the notion of discovery. I am grateful this example was set by my mother throughout our young lives. Seek knowledge- Knowledge is empowering.  When we reach for understanding and meaning- it becomes purpose. Those who know- do. Awareness is freeing. It moves us into alignment with others and the world around us. It’s an equalizing force of nature that brings us together. When we connect we create. Marie Curie said “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” To understand we must first search for meaning. Reach for knowledge. Engage context. Form a thought. Then feel with our hearts. You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individual. To that end each of us must work for his own improvement, and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity- our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful. When we each become responsible for our own betterment, the world will simply become better. We have to ask- how can I simply be of service to myself and others, then be responsible for shaping our own destinies. The greatest advantage one can be lies in being an advantage to others. Seeking knowledge, meaning and understanding empowers that. Ultimately realize that the greatest riches we gain in life are in enriching others.
October 27, 2020
Empowered Thoughts: Developing The Universal Power Of Energy with Kerrian Fournier
The average human being spends roughly 60,00 thoughts a day shaping and forming their world. Often, very sadly- the large majority of those thoughts are negatively aligned and statistically - many of them are repetitive. The Buddha said- What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract What you imagine, you create. Our thoughts and and our actions contain the energy of the universe. How we wear that energy determines every step of our course. Every path we follow in this life and into the worlds we come to experience and know….for ourselves and others. Our guest today, Kerrian Fournier, shares this  talk about the Universal power of energy, and how energy influences the way we act because it forms the “lens” through which we perceive the world. The choice in how we see that world so often becomes the reality we live and the experience we create. Join us today as we learn how to play with your perception of that world view and shift how your energy signs within it- On this very insightful and thought-provoking episode of The Light Inside. Music Credits: “Thoughts In My Head” Swif7 “Don’t I” Swif7 Musical Transitions Arranged by: Peter Sandberg Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio
October 20, 2020
Shadow Work: Removing The Mask with Meghan Fischer
Joining us this week for part two of this discussion of The Masks We Wear is Voice Dialogue and Shadow Alchemist- Meghan Fischer. Happiness is an inside job. A job we shouldn’t assign to anyone else but our true self. Today we look at how we call up those shadowy, repetitive thoughts that often can swirl around in our heads- Leading us to sabotage our best intentions, keeping us from reaching our light inside and blocking our ability to truly shine. Tune to to find out how we finally remove those masks that we wear on this episode of The Light Inside.
October 12, 2020
Identity Crisis: The Masks We Wear with Ryan Stanley
Every Single Moment is an Opportunity to Decide Who You Want to Be and Then Do Something About It-The choices we make guide the actions which create our world. Our spaces of being... Carl Jung said- “Those who look outside, dream; those who look inside, awaken.” When we turn inside, connecting with who we are at our source, we discover our truest self. The self we were meant to be. Today we are going to take a look at the masks we often wear-Hiding our true brilliance from our selves and others blocking our own innate genius Keeping our inner light from shining it's brightest Join us today as we share this conversation with Author, Speaker and Leadership Coach - Ryan Stanley
October 04, 2020
Cultural Diversity: The Beauty In Diversity with Catharine Clarenbach
So often- as a society and as human beings- the tendency to allow our self-held beliefs hinders our ability to be open. To truly consider the world around us. And In the process, we don't allow room to see the beauty and brilliance in diversity. Our guest today, Catharine Clarenbach is an Ordained Ministry with a Masters in Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary in Unitarian Universalism. Catherine is a survivor of multiple sexual assaults, battled bipolar 1 disorder and ADHD, endured the struggles associated with her sexual orientation, as well as weight yet-despite all of that, discovered how to run a successful business, while creating a balance, beautiful and happy life. Join us to day as we explore "The Beauty of Diversity". On The Light Inside.
September 29, 2020
Perspectives: Thrive In Spite Of Limitations with Rob Oliver
How do the obstacles in my life affect me? “The Things that happen to Us, especially the bad things, are not life sentences- But instead, our life lessons.” In August of 1993, Rob Oliver was paralyzed from the chest down as the result of a body surfing injury. At 21 years old, he was confronted with major life questions and decisions. Obviously following his own advice- His podcast-Learning from Smart People is simply overflowing with words of wisdom and sound advice. Join us as we share this thought-provoking conversation with Inspirational and Motivational Speaker- Rob Oliver, As we learn how he has used the infinite intelligence of perseverance to overcome the perceptions of challenge and set-back On this episode of The Light Inside. ==Episode sponsored by They quickly and effortlessly connect ideal podcast guests and hosts .
September 22, 2020
Authentic Embodiment: The Fallacy Of Identity In Business and Life with Jermane Cheathem
 What if everything your ever wanted is on the other side of fear?  Today We ask- Am I caught in an identity that has the potential to hold me back from my flow? Identity has the ability to influence every aspect of our character and being.  What allows us to break free. To Live free. Discover how to simplify your life for more peace, happiness and joy. In the process, maximizing opportunities and minimizing stress. Eckhart Tolle shared this great advice- "Ask yourself: Is there joy, ease, and lightness in what I am Doing? If there isn't, then time is covering up the present moment and life is perceived as a burden or struggle." You see, our goal as business leaders should not just be focused on building economies of scale- our very being should be guided toward building better systems of sustainable abundance in all areas of our existence. How do we accomplish this? By nurturing all areas of our lives- all those that it touches. We become the energy we place into the world. What we build with love-Thrives. What we plan with care- Endures. The seed we plant in others- Bears fruit for all. It’s not just an economic cycle. It’s aligning with the very core of our existence. Within balance and harmony. How do we begin to educate the next generation of true leadership in order to build a new tomorrow? We are about to Discover how “The Fallacy of Identity” is keeping you from moving past who you think you are and into all you can be, in this discussion with Jermane Cheathem, The Minimalist Entrepreneur on The Light Inside. CanO Water was created in response to the damaging impact that plastic bottles have on the environment, With a desire to clean up our environment. Visit to do your part and order yours today.
September 15, 2020
Creating Life Goals: The Bucket List Guy with Trav Bell
Joining us is Certified Bucket List Coach , Keynote and Tedx Speaker- Trav Bell. A former personal trainer and gym owner-based in Australia, Trav is the Founder and CEO of Certified Bucket List Coach®. Their Mission is to build a tribe of 10 million Global Bucket Listers world-wide leading purposely fulfilled lives. Trav and his team are training up Bucket List Coaches from all around the world helping him spread his important message for life. Why wait for opportunity- create it! Discover how creating a bucket list becomes the rocket fuel you need to attack life on this adventurous episode of… The Light Inside. CanO Water was created in response to the damaging impact that plastic bottles have on the environment, With a desire to clean up our environment. Visit to do your part and order yours today.
September 09, 2020
Near Death Experiences: Back To Life with Danny Bader
Joining us this episode is Best-Selling- Author, Keynote Speaker, and Inspirational Coach- Danny Bader. Danny’s life was transformed by a near death experience more than 20 years ago. He started his own company in 2007 focused on helping others truly understand themselves by creating a powerful vision for their futures. As one of the world’s most sought-after inspirational speakers, he routinely gives workshops and seminars to the biggest organizations in the nation. Find out how coming Back To Life, become the powerful change leading him to inspiring others to live their best lives…. on this episode of The Light Inside. How many days have you truly spent alive? Discover your life in days:
September 02, 2020
Unlocking Creativity: The Creator Mindset with Nir Bashan
Join us this episode as we share a conversation with Author, Speaker, and former Film Producer- Nir Bashan. His latest book release, “The Creator Mindset” - hit shelves on August 4th, of 2020. The Creator Mindset is perfect for anyone looking to be more innovative and creative in their problem solving. Nir provides exceptional training on how we can learn to be more creative in everything we do. Find out how you can develop the Creator Mindset- unlocking the secrets of innovation, growth and possibility. On this episode of The Light Inside. This episode is sponsored by  Australian Designer, Godwin Charli- specializing in tailored fashion for men and women. Godwin creates world class garments that underline his customer’s individuality, and the brand’s exacting standards of quality, design & premium fabrication. --Visit today to dress and be your best.
August 25, 2020
Building Communities: The Structure of Belonging with Jakub Zajicek
Joining us this week is Entrepreneur, Consultant and Podcast Geek, Jakub Zajicek. As human beings- one of our greatest challenges is transforming our isolation and our self-interests into connectedness. We begin this process by shifting our perspective from problems and instead finding potential. Jakub is mastering the art of community building and connection- harnessing our ability to engage and empower others. Possibility is a future just beyond our reach. Today we share a conversation about bridging the gap. On this episode of The Light Inside. The Light Inside PSA: The Borgen Project is an incredible nonprofit organization working towards ending poverty and hunger. In a Nutshell:The organization is doing amazing work to fight extreme poverty. If you want to become a powerful agent joining in the fight to end global and hungry- visit
August 20, 2020
Two Minute Tuesday - Finding Purpose in Change
It's Two Minute Tuesday on The Light Inside. Every Tuesday, we share our greatest lessons and insights. Short thoughts of discovery that help us all change, evolve and become our best version of ourselves. This Tuesday, we talk about change- how it is the one constant in life. Why making friends with change leads us towards our ultimate discoveries and adds deeper meaning and purpose in our lives. As entrepreneurs and leaders, Change is one of our greatest challenges. What Have I learned? Embrace it! Heraclitus said- “The only constant in life is change” We all face changes every day – whether it’s a simple change in the weather, our schedule or expected change of seasons. Change affects us all. And we each deal with change differently. The only constant in life, the only thing we can be sure will happen- is change. Find fulfillment in the being, becoming and the evolution. Embrace and enjoy the process. Be comfortable in your skin. Change is where we find alignment-in the discovery, because in the discovery lies true balance and FLOW. Life IS change. There is no comfort in the knowing, Only the “unknowing”. And by understanding that change is the only constant in life its more easy to recognize what Heraclitus is saying. The way up and the way down are one and the same. Living and dead, waking and sleeping, young and old- All are the same. These things are the 'same' in that they are all subject to change. They arise from one change to vanish into another. All things, constantly-are changing. And, in that regard, they are the same- All things “come into being” through opposition. Come into being. I mean...WOW! How awesome IS that? It’s a process - Discovery. The being is not the destination and arriving is not the result. The process IS the result. Simply being Change. Its easy to observe the contenting of forces in nature. And yet as human beings, we resist the natural movement of life. Instead we cling to what is known- what we consider safe. "In opposition there is agreement- between unlikes, the fairest harmony." It is in changing that we find purpose. Meaning. Focus. And Direction. In change we discover who and what we are each meant to be. All that we will become. The greatest lesson I have learned- Embrace the change.
August 18, 2020
Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship: The Business of Love with Mark Silver
Joining us this episode is Sufi Master of Divinity, Mark Silver, as we share  this spirited discussion about bringing your heart to work. Mark's program- The Heart of Business teaches us to have  a heart-centered approach in our daily interactions. Find out how our human-to-human connection leads us to our best lives. On this episode of  The Light Inside
August 13, 2020
Self-Expression: Misery Loves Company (Be The Lighthouse) with Michelle Myrick
On this episode, we were sharing an enlightening conversation with Author and Transformational Mindset Coach, Michelle Myrick.  We hear Michelle’s story of growing up in the Cape Pine Lighthouse on the southernmost tip of Newfoundland, Canada, discovering how her inspiring and empowering message motivates us to examine own thought patterns and life circumstances , giving us a new and powerful perspective- allowing us to become the best version of ourselves. We discuss how the heartache and loss of her only sister at a young age, became the experiences through which she discovered her greatest purpose and meaning in life.  Michelle shares how  the act of self-expression and aligning with the creative process can help us to each discovering what truly lights us up. Find out how you to can Be The Lighthouse- On this episode of The Light Inside.
August 06, 2020
Jordan O’Donnell and Jake Harris- Zoon Garden: Decline of a Nation Part Two
“Radical Ideas inspire revolutions and bring revelations.” Today- we return for part two of our conversation with author, Jordan O’Donnell and Literary Agent, Jake Harris. In part one of our conversation we discussed Jordan’s career with the FBI and the influential role that experience played in leading him to write his first novel- Zoon Garden: Decline of a Nation. In this special episode, We explore the unique strategy the pair created in their promotional efforts for the book’s debut. Sit back today as the wheels on the bus go round and round. On this episode of The Light Inside.
July 31, 2020
Author, Jordan O’ Donnell and Literary Agent, Jake Harris.- Zoon Garden:Decline of a Nation
Joining us for a conversation this week is Former FBI Agent and turned Novelist, Jordan O’ Donnell and Literary Agent, Jake Harris. We discuss how O’Donnell’s career led to the recent release of his allegorical first Novel- Zoon Garden: The Decline of A Nation. A candid and metaphorically filled expose on modern society, highlighting a thought-provoking examination of how we conduct our lives in the current american diaspora. We also learn how the lifelong friendship between Jordan and Jake-formed during their college wrestling careers at Virginia Tech, has lead to an innovative approach in marketing the new novel. You’ll want to Pull your chairs up for this one and listen in- as The Circus comes to town. On this episode of The Light Inside.
July 30, 2020
Understanding Law of Attraction: Stop Chasing, Start Attracting- (Be, Do, Have) with Kristen Noelle
This week we are sharing a conversation with author, transformational mind-set coach and Feng Shui Consultant- Kristen Noelle.  Join us for this fun and energetic discussion on how utilizing the principles found in Chinese Metaphysics can bring more abundance and balance into our lives.  Kristen teaches us how to stop chasing and start attracting-helping all visionaries step into their soul's purpose,allowing them to make the income and impact they were placed here to make.  Imaging having the ability to double your income.  Attract more opportunities into your life without having to do more work or operating from a space of endless “to-do’s”.  What if you could move form ending your days drained, tired, and depleted it was filled with joy, fulfillment and happiness.  Discover how to attract the life you want with ease!  On this episode of… The Light Inside  Pick up Kristen’s latest book “Stop Chasing, Start Attracting” Stop Chasing Start Attracting: Discover The Three Pillars That Will Help You Become An Energetic Match To Money, So You Can Do Less And Attract More.
July 23, 2020
Mental Fortitude: The Grit Mindset with David Bamber
Joining us is  Jiujitsu Instructor, Studio Owner, Business Coach, and Speaker, David Bamber. Known as Co-Founder of one fo the fastest growing online learning platforms and consulting services for the martial arts industry. We talk with David about The Grit Mindset: What does it take to have true grit. To grind it out. Developing focus and fortitude and moving past the ugly side of "the dirt" We discuss how There are times we all feel a little disconnected or “Off”. Even a little lost sometimes. We look at Developing a “Learn to walk before you can run mentality.” This Episode we talk about how: Attitude Focus Fortitude Endurance Mental Toughness All play a key role in developing The Grit Mindset. On The Light Inside.
July 16, 2020
Generational Trauma: Pivoting Through Pressure Part 2 with TedX Speaker Pierce J. Brooks
Joining us for this special two part episode is Empowerment Strategist, Speaker and Coach, Pierce J. Brook. Growing up, having been predicted to reach a height of 6’ 7”- Led to speculation and extreme pressure of Pierce, being Destined for a Storybook career in the NBA. Today we learn the story of how the high-demands of social pressure, strained relationships and expectations, and the untimely suicide death of his father have led him to discover and find meaningful inspiration from trauma. As a speaker- Pierce has shared his insightful and inspiring story on the TedX Stage. This is part one of a two episode talk with Pierce you won’t want to miss. As new explore how pivoting through pressure is important for achievement in our lives. On this Episode of The Light Inside.
July 10, 2020
Generational Trauma: Pivoting Through Pressure Part 1 with TedX Speaker Pierce J. Brooks
Joining us for this special two part episode is Empowerment Strategist, Speaker and Coach, Pierce J. Brook. Growing up, having been predicted to reach a height of 6’ 7”- Led to speculation and extreme pressure of Pierce, being Destined for a Storybook career in the NBA. Today we learn the story of how the high-demands of social pressure, strained relationships and expectations, and the untimely suicide death of his father have led him to discover and find meaningful inspiration from trauma. As a speaker- Pierce has shared his insightful and inspiring story on the TedX Stage. This is part one of a two episode talk with Pierce you won’t want to miss. As new explore how  pivoting through pressure is important for achievement in our lives. On this Episode of The Light Inside. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************* PART TWO WILL AIR FRIDAY, JULY 10TH, 2020
July 09, 2020
Cultivating Business Culture: Achieve by Encouraging Openness- Why Space Matters with Lee Chambers
Today we share a conversation with Environmental Psychologist Lee Chambers. Lee shares the story of how a debilitating Auto-Immune disease led him to focusing on how our surroundings contribute us leading our best and most effective lives. We look at how the psychology of our spaces influences our behaviors and actions. We challenge our notions about the idea of expertise- how asking the right questions brings more effective answers The Value of honest and open conversation bridges and creates connectedness And how workplace culture opens the door for innovative collaborations We also open the door to discover how our words contain weight and why that matters? On this episode of The Light Inside.
July 02, 2020
Generational Patterning: Out of The Normal and Into The Unknown with Darryl Osborne
Joining us on this episode of The Light Inside is Impact Coach, Speaker and Trainer at Darryl Osborne Today we are going to discuss Being Who you were born to be vs. Being A Blank slate. Allowing ourselves to Becoming An open space to imagine and create. -FINDING LIMITLESS POTENTIAL! We talk about how Being an expert is limiting. Why that realization stops you from moving forward. We are sharing a conversation with Darryl about how Our greatest discover happens in the unknown. Connecting to your truth and stepping into your greatness. On this episode of The Light Inside.
June 25, 2020
Personality Isn't Permanent with Dr. Benjamin Hardy
On today’s episode, we will hear the story of how a Personality test nearly ruined Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s life. And how the unfortunate event eventually led him to write his book, Personality Isn’t Permanent Crushing and outdated paradigm-Giving you the process to create a Bigger, bolder future... Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an author, psychologist, TedX speaker and writer at We will explore how choosing one's own way is what makes us human. Benjamin talks about who you wish to become is not defined by personality- But instead by the choices you make. We will look at how deciding who you’ll be designs the life you’ll live-You can have anything you truly want. On this episode we will discover: That Personality is defined by the patterns of our past. Our future is designed and dictated by our choices for the future. In short, Personality Isn’t Permanent provides you the science and strategy for never getting stuck in an identity or pattern again. Allowing you to become the narrator of your life’s story. Find out how... On this episode of The Light Inside.
June 18, 2020
Self-Discovery: Z-isms: Insight to Live By with Matt Zinman
With us today is Matt Zinman, author of the book, Z-isms: Insight to Live By. Matt  is a personal development trainer whose varied experiences as an entrepreneur,athlete, single parent, caretaker, consultant and nonprofit founder drive him to be a difference-maker- positively impacting people. His book - Z-isms- Insights to live By is richly authentic, deeply personal and highly motivating. Z-isms offers new ways to better ourselves, our experiences and out encounters. Its impossible to read Z-isms and not be better for it. We talk with Matt on this episode about Self discover- defeating worry and anxiety. Recognizing true perception. We will learn how to become more engaged in our personal interactions. Heightening our mindfulness while swimming with the current. And enriching our lives by winning the battles within on this episode of The Light Inside…
June 15, 2020
Social Equality: Can We Have a Conversation: Special Episode with Colin Thompson
This week, we share a candid and frank conversation with International Life Coach, Colin Thompson. We discuss global tensions and his reaction to racial injustice, what life has been like having been born a Canadian- Jamaican, and growing up as a black man in the Midwestern town of Louisville, Kentucky. We hear why Colins academic career at Howard University taught him the true value and strength in his racial identity. How the values his family instilled in him to think and explore globally, and how this ultimately landing Colin in a career in Shanghai, China as a Motivational Life Coach. We learn Colin’s perspective on what it's like to live globally as a person of color and how that experience has affected and shaped his life.Its time to lean in and listen. To Know better. To Do Better. To be Better. Life is about too much more than just conducting business. We must conduct life though our being, our the life of our being is dead. By bringing life to the world, You are interacting in a way that brings positive light to the that world. You leave that world a better place for all. Colin and I have discussed a lot today, join us by clicking to learn how you can raise you voice for honesty, truth and compassion against racial injustice. We can and must create a better reality for our future together.
June 11, 2020
Self Concept: Becoming Humans Being with Noa Ronen
Our guest today, Noa Ronen, is on a mission to help you dare- To boldly step in your being. A new adventured saw her family moving to New Your City from her native Israel, where she knew and spoke very little english. She mastered the language and went on to become a top drawing public speaker and author of the book, BEyond: Leadership from AwareLess to AwareNess: Daring you to be the leader you can be. Join us as we discover how we are at our greatest when we find our balance-moving from just doing into truly being On this episode of The Light Inside
June 09, 2020
Allyship: Be a More Powerful Voice for Action and Change- June 4th Special Episode
I come to you today with a heavy heart- The events of the past week have been a painful reminder. The time for a real and lasting change is at hand. We have to have to conversations that are all to discomfiting- Both internally and externally. Its time for life as we know it. The status Quo, to change. Systematic Racism must be dismantled. We can’t just be hollow cogs in a system of systematic racism and oppression. Life is about deeper connection. Deeper meaning for all. It's about equal human interaction and exchange. And Most importantly- forming a deeper understand. It's about finding balance and creating harmony as the human community. Its time we realistically acknowledge the very real and potentially life threatening struggle faced daily by People of Color. It's time we have the difficult and uncomfortable conversations about racism and white privilege. Its beyond time that we truly address exactly what that struggle is. How do we each perceive it? How do we each act in regards to it? How can we build more empathy towards the struggle of People of Color? Then share a greater understanding a responsibility to dismantle it. We are taking a moment to pause. In acknowledgement and respect- of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed, Tony McDade and the many other People of Color who have lost their lives. Who have struggled against the hands and feet of systematic racism and oppression-Simply because of the color of their skin. We are taking some time to reflect, listen, then act- as we all should, about what truly matters in this life. We can not be silent, nor will I remain silent or inactive. Black Lives Matter. For now. We are taking time to listen. To be open, and engaging in a way that advocates for real, meaningful and lasting change. To be become a greater ally for People of Color. Marginalized Individuals must carry the weight of their identity, shaped through oppression-every single day, for better or for worse. As allies, we must come to understand that this is a weight that we, too-must be willing to carry and never put down. I personally realize-  there is much to learn and unlearn as a result. I realize that it will be work and that mistakes may be made along the way towards creating a better future. Because an ally might have more privilege-and recognizes said privilege, they are powerful voices alongside  the voices of the oppressed.I come to you today, To be a More Powerful Voice for Action and Change. “If we want our children to grow up in a nation that lives up to its highest ideals, we can and must do better.” Please visit the links in our show notes and stay tuned at to discover more ways you can help create change for the future. Guide to Allyship Anti-Racism Resources Campaign Zero
June 04, 2020
Stress Management: Tension To Tranquility with Georgiana Danet
This episode we are talking with Georgiana Danet, of Holistic Life an internationally certified Yoga & Tantra teacher, mental trainer, compere, book author and sociologist with 30 years of experience- working with thousands of people in 15 countries. We are sharing how yoga can become an integral part of maintaining balance in business and life. Her Masterclass: FROM TENSION TO TRANQUILITY MASTER YOUR ENERGY FOR SERENE LIVING teaches us How to Unleash Your Unlimited Potential while staying healthy, happy & harmonics for self- development and stress management. Being present, mindfulness, conscious, and aware effects every area of our health and our being. Join us as we discover how Mastering your energy for serene living can move you from Tension to tranquility- leaving you Unzenable… on The Light Inside.
May 28, 2020
Authenticity: The HERO Show, On The Road Again and Back with Richard Matthews
Our next guest got his start in business with his first side-hustle at the age of 13. He is also a speaker, consultant, author, and inventor whose work has impacted some of the top expert brands across the country. Host of The Hero Show Podcast- Richard Matthews is helping entrepreneurs cross the crocodile infested waters of business, turning their expertise into gold with his  Digital A.L.C.H.E.M.Y. Formula. Find out how he is helping others create 6 and 7 figure businesses while living life on the road with his family on this episode of… The Light Inside
May 21, 2020
Self-Awareness: Sesame Street To Fire and Brimstone with Will "Brimstone" Kucmierowski
This episode we welcome Grindhouse Radio Personality- Brimstone. Brim has been a Child actor- appearing on the beloved children’s show Sesame Street, a Former Pro-wrestle who has had comic book characters modeled after him, Developer of an award winning hot sauce, and a renowned radio personality on the New York city area radio scene. Always a shapeshifter- we will look at how Brimstone has ultimately discovered his true personality, followed his heart and his dreams and always delivered through his personal self-belief and confidence in his true identity. Join us as we look at how never giving up on yourself leads to discovering your Super Hero Identity on this episode of... The Light Inside.
May 15, 2020
Overcoming Adversity: Sink or Swim with Alex Kuhn
Join us as we talk with client leader, business mentor and coach, Alex Kuhn as we explore how a career as a collegiate swim coach taught him the business and life skills necessary to stay afloat- weathering the stormy seas. On this episode of The Light Inside.
May 07, 2020
Battling PTSD: Finding The Extra in The Ordinary with Giampierno Scattolon
On today's show we are going to find the extra in the ordinary with retired US Army veteran, Giampierno Scattolon, who has overcome the traumatic effects of PTSD tro become an Aspirational Public Speaker and Conversation Facilitator. Join us for this inspiring story of victory and growth on this episode of On The Light Inside.
April 29, 2020
Authentic Grace: Don't Leave Food on The Table with Tavarus Hogans
This episode we are sharing a conversation with Author, consultant, and Podcast Host Tavarus Hogans of True Seven- a business consulting agency specializing in sales, management and leadership training. Tavarus Talks with us today about acting with grace in our relationships, finding your voice and staying positive in times of change. We are going to look at how the act of becoming is a part of our process for success on this episode of The Light Inside.
April 23, 2020
Defining Listening Community: It's Like 10,000 Spoons When All You Need Is A Knife with Ben Krueger
Join us as we talk with Ben Krueger, the Podcast Educator, founder & CEO of Cashflow Podcasting Ben dedicated to helping Industry Advocates start, launch and grow world-class podcasts for their businesses. Using his Podcast Principles, we will show you how Discovering Your Ideal Client Avatar leads to effective storytelling, allowing his clients to easily host shows that make a deep impact while reaching millions and driving sales. Find out the Ironic nature of why not understanding this critical element of your sales cycle isn’t going to cut it. On this episode of The Light Inside.
April 16, 2020
Core Values: Life On Purpose with Stephen and Karissa Merrill
Husband and wife team-Stephen and Karissa Merrill are making a name for themselves in the Miami real estate scene buying and flipping homes. Through their coaching and marketing consultant business, Pursuing Purpose, they are helping others discover their vision and mission. Join us today as we explore how to live Life on Purpose On The Light Inside.
April 09, 2020
Self Awareness: To Know Thy Self, is to Love Thy Self with Rohan Kale
Our next guest, at the age of 22, found himself 25,000 euros in debt, as a young IT SPECIALIST and struggling to Overcome gambling addiction. He went on to create his own video and content marketing agency Rohan Kale Don’t call it a comeback - A change is as good as a rest. On today's Episode of The. Light. Inside.
April 03, 2020