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528hz TheLoveFreq

528hz TheLoveFreq

By TheLoveFreq
You are tuned into 528hz -The Love Freq Podcast! Her She Goddess explores varies topics and offers tools that you can use so that you can remain on the 528hz Love Frequency... Are You Ready To RISE?
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What Does it Mean to Transmute Energy?

528hz TheLoveFreq

Tuning Into The World Around Us- How To Shift Your Environment
Are You Tuned Into Your Reality? Also, check out this stone! #TheLoveFreq #ItsTheG Tuning Into The World Around Us- How To Shift Your Environment. 
August 29, 2022
Do You Have THIS Type of Passion?
Are Eustress?/ Why Passion is Important/ Tune In. Lets explore the depths of passion and why it is important to have THIS type of Passion
August 22, 2022
Balance/ Homeostasis/ Masculine and Feminine Energy
Balance/ Homeostasis/ Masculine and Feminine Energy ....#TuneIn to #TheLoveFreq ❤️
August 15, 2022
Mental Toughness/ Lion Gate Portal/ Higher Frequencies
Mental Toughness/ Lion Gate Portal/ Higher Frequencies  8/8/22  Peace Beloved ❤️ Are you activating on higher levels? Or are you stuck in ego? #TheLoveFreq #TuneIn #ItsTheG
August 08, 2022
Are You Prepared for The Journey
Are you prepared for the journey? There is a major shift happening and many of us are stepping into our purpose. Do you feel that you are on the right path towards your divine mission? Follow @Her.She.Goddess and go to for more! 
August 01, 2022
Full Moon/ Manifestation/ Vision - How do these Correlate Together? Tune In!
AnG and Mz Demo speak on the importance of having a correct vision and intention when manifesting. The full moon just passed so it is the perfect time to talk about how its energy also plays a major role in manifestation. Check it out! #TheLoveFreqs 
April 18, 2022
The Importance of Maintaining Balance- Yin Yang
When it comes to having an aspect of total wellness it is important to maintain a state of balance. How much and how deep is the balance? That is determinate on the individual. But lets take a look and chop it up as we explore the importance of having balance in our lives. 
April 11, 2022
What You Won’t Do For Love! Have You Tried Everything? 🤔❤️
The Love Freq shines light on the Oscar situation this week to analyze relationships that may be …toxic! Check it out here! #TheLoveFreq every week!
April 04, 2022
Love is Patient, Love is Kind…? Let’s Talk About It?
What does it mean to you and for you when you hear the words love is patient and love is kind? Let’s talk about it! Tune In
March 28, 2022
What Does it Mean to Transmute Energy?
Hey Loves! Do you ever wonder what it means to transmute energy? Is it even something you've considered or even heard of? Lets take a closer look at how we can transmute energy in order to create the lives we desire! (archive episode) Also, hit us up and let us know how you are liking TheLoveFreq-Podcast thus far! Follow on Instagram: and we'll catch you next time! 
March 21, 2022
Lets Discuss Chakras and The Higher Self
Lets explore the concept of chakras and how they correlate to the higher self! When we are at our higher selves we can be on this frequency of love and live a life of peace and joy  Sit tight and tune in for the crystal of the week!
March 13, 2022
Channeling Sexual Energy and The Inner Smile
What does it mean to channel sexual energy and what is the inner smile? Catch up with The Love Freq on this archive episode! Follow on Instagram: @The.Love.Freq and sign up for newsletter at  
March 10, 2022
The Benefits of Reiki and Why You Should Try It!
Today we sit down with Reiki Master Alicia Jones and talk the benefits of Reiki and why you should try it to help elevate your overall frequency!
March 07, 2022
Benefits of Cleansing Baths and Techniques to Use
In this archive episode TheLoveFreq speaks about the importance of cleansing baths and shares some techniques that will enhance the experience. Follow on Instagram: @The.Love.Freq and go to to stay in touch! Talk to you later my Loves 
March 04, 2022
The Self-Love Journey and Why it is IMPORTANT!
Welcome to The Love Freq! In this episode we talk about the fundamental aspect of love....self-love! We talk what it means and the journey to get there! Also, be on the lookout for the Crystal of the Week with Star's Crystals! 
February 28, 2022