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The Love Quest

The Love Quest

By The Love Quest
Josaynemeant2be, Executive Director of The Love Quest Foundation shares her journey as it evolves in real time while taking a retrospective look at the warning signs and generational norms that land so many in abusive and 'unloving' relationships.
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01 Picking Cotton: Memoir of Injustice and Redemption with co-author Jennifer Thompson

The Love Quest

09 From the Background to Center Stage
Kitten Kuroi, Songwriter, Producer and Grammy Award winning Vocalist shares her alumni journey and music 101 best practices for aspiring artists to make their mark while using their voice for advocacy. Be sure to tune in for tips and resources that will add to your toolkit while you change the world one not at a time. #Grammy #RecordingAcademy #ASCAP #SESAC #BMI #SPLITSHEETS #HVGIVES
May 13, 2021
08 From the Outside Looking In
From the Outside looking in...we are continuing our alumni podcast series with an official University of Hartford alumni Dr. Ebony Wright-Campbell. A fresh perspective from someone who knew you before, during and after an experience is priceless and valuable. Additional resources were shared to equip people of all ages on this journey called The Love Quest. #Awareness #Prevention #uhart4life #thelovequest #socialworker #therapist #retrospection #introspection #outsidelookingin
May 04, 2021
07 Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation Alumni Spotlight part 2
The highly anticipated part two episode of The Love Quest Foundation's alumni interview series with Mr. Alvin Notice, President of the Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation continues. Tune in to see how Mr. Notice expanded GPS monitoring as legislation in thirteen states and counting as he continues to advocate for the prevention of violence against women. Contact your Senators to ensure the Violence Against Women Act is renewed. #Awareness #Prevention #VAWA #Uha4life #TianaAngeliqueNotice #TheLoveQuestFoundation #PSALM #WeAsOurSelves 
April 03, 2021
06 Tiana Angelique Notice the Alumni Continues part 1
The Love Quest Foundation continues our alumni series with our very first alumni connection, the Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation. Mr. Alvin Notice, President of the Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation joined us for an intimate conversation as both of our organizations advocate on behalf of women who experience violence, especially domestic violence. Dee Johnson, communications professional and co-host brought an additional layer to the conversation regarding current legislation surrounding the Violence Against Women Act. This is a two-part episode that will leave at the edge of your seat. Stay tuned for part two. #TianaAngeliqueNotice #TheLoveQuest #WeAsOurSelves #TheAlumniContinues #MultiAlumni #Awareness #Prevention
March 28, 2021
05 The Session Alumni Reunion Episode
The Love Quest podcast caught up with the original members of "The Session" featuring ElleB, Tisha Fredericks, BigNap, Dwight Stewart and Josaynemeant2be. Over ten years ago "The Session" members collaborated and performed on the Genghis Cohen stage to advocate for Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention all while California Dreaming. Join us as each "Session" member shares their latest projects. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, resources and help is available for survivors, victims and allys as we take this journey on The Love Quest.
October 31, 2020
00 Graduating to Alumni Status
Previously aired episode on another podcast (The UnderGroundSeen) hosted by The Love Quest Foundation's founder where she provides an inside look on how she became an alumni and advocate for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. The annual Take Back the Night benefit project is highlighted and songs are shared written about her personal experience. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Resources can be found at 
October 24, 2020
04 Pierre Medor: The Maven Uha Alumni
We sat down with Pierre Medor, Grammy-nominated producer, singer, song writer & engineer. Pierre kicked off his career as a freshman at the University of Hartford. Join us as we walk down memory lane highlighting his "wins" after taking the leap of blind faith that continues to fuel his passions.  As alumni we discussed the importance of networking, advocating and giving back. This year Hawktober: Stay-At-Home-Coming is virtual but the feels are viral. #UHart4Life #Alumni #TheLoveQuest #PierreMedor #Awareness #Prevention
October 16, 2020
03 Through The Bars with Dee Johnson
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Love Quest continues our alumni series for the month of October  with Writer, Poet, Educator, Communication professional, Mentor, Advocate, Survivor and the Love Quest Foundation's team member, Dee Johnson. Dee shares what inspires her to host workshops to help the healing process of individuals affected by incarceration and young people.
October 10, 2020
02 Soul Makeover with Amber Love
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Love Quest Foundation kicks off the Alumni series for the month of October. Amber Love, founder of Soul Makeover Candles shares her journey on how self reflection became the gift that keeps on giving. You can support Amber @SoulMakeoverCandles and stay up to date @thelovequestfoundation. 
October 03, 2020
01 Picking Cotton: Memoir of Injustice and Redemption with co-author Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson, co -author of "Picking Cotton" and Founder of the Healing Justice Project, share her journey of redemption as a great injustice was shared by her and the man she wrongfully accused of her rape.  As alumni of sexual assault we discussed how it felt being in the moment and being inspired by these moments. A bonus is featured at the end of the episode highlighting the life of another alumni who tragically lost her life as a result of domestic violence. #Awareness #Prevention #Alumni #PickingCotton #Injustice #Redemption #SexualAssault #DomesticViolence #ChapterClosed #TianaAngeliqueNotice #UHart4Life #TheLoveQuest #Josaynemeant2be
June 19, 2020