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By Motivation and Performance Partners
Simon Williams - former Australian Institute of Sport athlete and now award-winning creative artist - sits down with some of the highest-achieving and highly-skilled people on the planet to discuss how they optimise their mind for greater performance and mental health.
As an optimised performance coach, Simon guides his guests into a deep dive to provide you with the greatest insights, tools and strategies to optimise your performance. Compassionately, no stone is left unturned.
If you enjoy learning how to live a more inspired and exciting life then this is the podcast for you.
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EP026 - Ryan Tiene - The Aussie OG of Backcountry Snowboarding
Let me paint you a picture... You're standing at the bottom of a mountain range that rises so high into the sky that clouds hide its peak. The sound of helicopter blades whomp whomp behind you - a call to arms. You eye the spine (snowpack on a mountain side) you desire to ride... it's GO time! Aboard the chopper, you visualise leaping from feature to feature (rock to rock) on a finely shaped plank of half-inch ply strapped to your feet... and riding out the bottom safely, soundly and to the sound of your crew losing their sh*t! At the peak, you look dooooooooown - it's not so easy to see the bottom... How do you develop the confidence (trust), presence (of mind, heart & soul) and belief (faith) that you can - and will - execute your plan? In EP026, the Aussie OG of backcountry snowboarding, Ryan Tiene, opens up about his process - walking us through step-by-step on how he was able to master his craft on some of the craziest terrains and parks all over the world. Riding for huge brands like Oakley and DC Shoes, there was pressure to deliver HUGE parts in feature films - so how do you keep your head in the process when everyone is counting on your for the result? And when the boyhood dream is over - what then??? 🏔 EP026 with Ryan Tiene is brought to you by Project Blank, Electric Eyewear, Highbration Organics and the Chumpy Pullin Foundation.
July 28, 2022
EP025 - Australian Winter Olympic Athlete - Jarryd Hughes
Today's episode is with Winter Olympic silver medalist, World Cup gold medalist and FIS World Champion SBX athlete, Jarryd Hughes. As a 17-year-old Jarryd Hughes his World Cup debut in February 2012 in Stoneham, Canada, finishing an impressive seventh and in the following month made his mark again by winning silver at the 2012 Junior World Championships in Sierra Nevada, Spain. After missing the 2013 Australian domestic winter season, Hughes bounced back big time onto the World Cup circuit finishing 8th in the 2013/14 season opener and going on to win his first World Cup gold at Lake Louise in Canada. Competing at his first Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Hughes was ranked number two in the World on the FIS World Cup Rankings. Hughes had to settle for 17th place after exiting the event in the second round. Then, the highlight of his career comping in the 2015/2016 season - winning gold at the X-Games in Aspen, USA. In December 2017 Hughes claimed his second podium gold at Montafon, Austria. In 2018, Hughes lined up for his second Olympic Games at PyeongChang in what proved to be a historic event, as the 22-year-old claimed the silver medal in a hotly contested men’s snowboard cross final. Leading into an Olympic year, the 2021-2022 season was a frustrating year for the Snowboard Cross athletes with many events either cancelled or rescheduled. The highlight was teaming up with Belle Brockhoff to win Australia's first ever gold medal in the team event at the 2021 World Championships in Idre Fjäll, Sweden. The team event made its debut at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. c/o OWIA Where Jarryd's individual and team results weren't in alignment with what he'd prepared for - what his illustrious career highlights to me to someone that is tenaciously dedicated to personal and professional betterment. Not only is he constantly pursuing his own goals, Jarryd is consistently on the mountain supporting the journey and success of other athletes - an attribute which speaks volumes about him as both an athlete and a human being and in this episode, he digs deep into his process, and how he prepares to be and give his all everyday. CHECK IN WITH JARRYD HERE: Instagram: CLICK HERE Website: CLICK HERE
March 15, 2022
Today I speak to an old friend, kiwi-brother, Luke Ronchi. Born in New Zealand but raised mostly in Australia, Luke became a cricketing rarity by representing both countries. His first international incarnation came for Australia in the West Indies in 2008 when he stood in for the injured Brad Haddin in four ODIs and a Twenty20 and he showed he was not out of his depth: his glovework was brilliant and at the tiny Warner Park in St Kitts he clubbed a 22-ball half-century, then the equal third-quickest ODI fifty scored by an Australia player. As New Zealand rode an ODI wave that eventually culminated with defeat at the final of the 2015 World Cup, Ronchi made a decent case for himself as a lower-order batsman. He smashed 170 off 99 balls against Sri Lanka in Dunedin in 2014, then the highest score ever by a No. 7 batsman and, in May 2015, seven years after making his international debut, Ronchi earned his maiden Test cap. A half-century in the first innings at Headingley helped his side level a two-match series against England 1-1. Ronchi played three more Tests, two World T20s and two Champions Trophies before calling time on his international career in June 2017. Nowadays, with NZ a serious powerhouse of talent and prowess, Luke is dominating his new role in world cricket as NZ's Batting Coach and this is where we pick up the story as we discuss the importance of cultivating a values-driven culture if you want to succeed; cognitive flexibility i.e. shifting mindsets for different formats; allowing your values to shape your identity; the importance of systems; the 'win or learn' mentality of growth mindset; and, one of my favourite topics - pressure. Enjoy listening to a man who has represented two countries, and is a pillar of excellence, both personally and professionally. FOLLOW LUKE HERE Instagram: @roncs04 Twitter: @ronchi04
February 07, 2022
On today's episode is my long-time pal, Sam Clark. For those that aren't part of the 217,000 people already following him on Instagram, Sam is an incredible talent and and incredible man. Loving husband to the wonderful Polly, and devoted father to two of the coolest groms from either side of Noosa River, Sam divides his time between his family, the studio and Mother Nature. Sam Clark draws permanent pictures on people's skin. Using styles of neo-traditional, illustration and realism you will see from his work why people from all over the world book in to have a "Sam Clark" on their body. e.g. Ink On Sky has his "Masterpiece" rating of 100%. Sam a high-performance artist, but as devoted family man he discusses the importance of his family for his HP process. We also discuss his values, beliefs, habits, the importance of alignment, connection to 'flow state', growth and determination, and one of my favourite topics - dealing with pressure. (Imagine the pressure of inking someone's skin?) Enjoy a couple of pals having a chat about all things mindset, performance, mental health and what it takes to succeed. Follow Sam here: Instagram Big Cartel (buy T-shirts and prints)
January 10, 2022
EP022 - DAN CHRISTIAN - International Cricketer - T20 Star
Dan "DC" Christian is someone I respect very deeply. On the field, as a player, you won't find a greater competitor. Hard as nails and ferocious, he's the type of guy you want on your side of the trenches. With that said, he always competes with the spirit of the game in mind. Off the field, he is a gentleman (unless you're competing with him at anything - golf, cards, a jog down the street - then it's back to 'on-field' Dan). With that said - he always turns up with a smile on his face and offers a handshake at the end. You can understand why he has had so much success in both his life and cricket. A global T20 gun-for-hire after spending most of his career in and around the Australia team. An allrounder who can bat in the top six and provide a valuable extra seam option, "DC" started at New South Wales, moved to South Australia and then shifted to Victoria ahead of the 2013-14 season. During that summer he was called into Australia's ODI and T20 sides and made the squad for the 2014 World T20 in Bangladesh. He had made his T20 international debut four years earlier and has since become a perennial winner at T20 tournaments. He has played for 16 different franchises in tournaments all over the world, making 11 finals and winning a staggering seven titles. He was Player of the Match in the 2018-19 BBL final for the Melbourne Renegades. "DC" has so much to offer when it comes to personal and professional excellence, adaptation, cognitive flexibility, teamwork, success and learning from losses. He's an incredible athlete and an even better man. Enjoy my conversation with the legend himself: Daniel Christian. You can follow "DC" here: Instagram: @danchristian54 Twitter: @danchristian54
December 21, 2021
EP 021 – EVAN SUTTER – Happiness Expert, International Speaker & Author
Evan Sutter is a social entrepreneur, the founder of Hapzly, a 3x Author (Awake: A Journal, a Guide, a Retreat, a Friend is available now for pre-sale), an international keynote speaker, a one on one well-being coach, the host of the podcast Sutterfaction, the creator of the online happiness course Happier, and a corporate consultant in happiness and wellness. He enjoys the intersection of philosophy, psychology, art, business, health and happiness and has dedicated nealy the past 10 years of my life to exploring the topics of happiness, meaning, fulfilment and aliveness. While living in the forests of a Buddhist monastery with my monk brother, he wrote a book and conceived a start-up to teach individuals the skills to live happy and full lives. This evolved into work that would impact not only the individual but business, culture and employee well-being too - to utilise the incredible reach of business and drive positive change for everyone – on a worldwide scale. His speaking has placed him on stages in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Chicago and Sydney; where he delivered keynote talks alongside Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden Lead Singer) and Matthieu Ricard (Monk and 'Happiest Man Alive'). Awake: A Journal, a Guide, a Retreat, a Friend Four key foundations — Exploration, Know Yourself, Meaning, and Presence — blend relevant philosophy and positive psychology. All this, along with powerful self-development practices, and engaging reflections boost well-being, creativity, and self-compassion, while easing stress and anxiety to drive you toward peak performance. Awake features over 20 practices such as the Curiosity Challenge, Daily Gratitude, Mindful Meditations, 7 Ways to Let Go, and many more. In addition, guided meditations, self-discovery investigations, mindfulness colouring exercises, and motivational quotes plus tips will allow you to flourish. This is all packed into a beautifully designed, easy to use, personal journal that you can take anywhere. Early praise for Awake "There is so much to deeply appreciate about this book: the thoughtful articulation of principles rooted in research; the ease of the language, making it accessible to so many ages and stages of life. As a reader we can feel Sutter's delight in bringing forward research, wisdom, practical guidance and inspiration so that we might actually have a chance in constructing a life of positivity and one worth living at that!" Maria Sirois, Psy.D., author of A Short Course in Happiness After Loss (and Other Dark, Difficult Times FOLLOW EVAN HERE Web: | Instagram: @hapzly To purchase a copy of Awake for you or a loved one: Click Here
October 25, 2021
EP020 - SENATOR PETER WHISH-WILSON - Senator for Tasmania | Australian Greens Party
In 2012, Pete became a Greens senator for Tasmania when he replaced Bob Brown in the Senate. He was re-elected at the 2013 election and 2016 double dissolution election. As a lifelong passionate surfer, Pete has a deep and abiding passion for the ocean. Over the last eight years, he has led political campaigns opposing Japanese whaling and illegal fishing, industrial super trawlers entering Australian waters, the environmental damage from industrial salmon farms, the impacts of plastics and micro-plastics on marine life and the devastation to marine ecosystems caused by shark nets and drum lines. Pete’s passion for the environment runs deep. He became a community leader in the decade-long campaign against the Gunns Tamar Valley Pulp Mill, one that eventually saw the power of a community win out over powerful vested interests. An economist by training, he spent the early years of his career as a young stockbroker in New York in the World Trade Centre just years before the tragedy of 9/11. Before that he graduated from ADFA, was a labourer in the WA mines, spent nearly a decade lecturing at the University of Tasmania, and running his own award-winning wine business. With the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Pete joined the massive anti-war protests that were happening across the country, his first ever experience at a protest. In 2004, when it was announced that the proposed Tamar Valley Pulp Mill would dump up to 30 billion litres of toxic industrial waste into Bass Strait and clear fell 4 million hectares of native forests annually, Pete knew he had to get directly involved. Forestry giant Gunns Ltd joined forces with the Tasmanian Government and threw everything it had at pushing approvals for the mill through. After a lengthy battle, the company abandoned the project, all thanks to a grassroots community campaign which mobilised a tide of public opinion against the mill. The takayna/Tarkine rainforest is something that, as a Tasmanian senator based in the north, he is particularly concerned about. The takayna/Tarkine is the very symbol of what is special and unique about Tasmania, but it is currently under threat from logging. Pete has also spent much of the past eight years working to build policies for the Greens in economics and finance. His work in parliament has helped achieve strong multinational tax avoidance laws, successfully establish the Royal Commission into banking and the subsequent once-in-a-generation legislative reform agenda following this. The challenge to tackle the climate emergency is now at the forefront of much of Pete’s work. He sees the huge fight ahead as one that recognises and restores our biodiversity, curbs emissions and leaves failed business models behind. Responding to the climate emergency offers a huge opportunity to create a blueprint for investing in future generations. Follow Peter – Instagram: Twitter: Office 37 George St, Launceston TAS 7250 Postal PO Box 5194, Launceston TAS 7250 Phone 03 6331 0033 Fax  03 6331 2044 Email
October 12, 2021
EP019 – MIA + BEN RENNIE – Winter Olympic Hopeful (Ski) | Founder + Leader
First to introduce these two epic humans… Mia Rennie is an 18-year-old professional Freeskier (Slopestyle & Big Air) from the small coastal town of Stanwell Park, south of Sydney. Mia grew up skiing Australia's most modest ski resort, Mt Selwyn, and surfing the local Illawarra beaches; which is a long way from the big mountains of the Rockies in Utah, Absolut Park in Austria and Wanaka, New Zealand - places she now calls home for 6 months of the year. The other months are based at Perisher where Mia trains with the Australian Park & Pipe Team. In her short 3-year career as a Pro Freeskier, Mia has risen to the Top 30 in the world, was ranked 4th in the World Juniors and has a series of medals from Australian & USA Nationals. Mia is also a Youth Olympic Games & Junior World Championship finalist. In February 2020, Mia became the youngest ever Australian athlete to compete at a Slopestyle Ski World Cup and is now working with Mike Hanely, highly regarded as the best Freeski coach in the world. Mia is a team rider for: Roxy, K2, Full Tilt Boots, Giro & Clif Bar and is an environmental ambassador for Protect Our Winters (who M&PP+ Project Blank are supporting by using our discount code: mapplife at Mia now has her sights set on Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 2022. Her dad, Ben Rennie, is the founder and CEO of RENY® & frequent speaker and advisor on the value of innovation and design thinking, Ben has participated in some of Australia’s most important design, business and innovation conferences as a speaker and advisor including TEDx, VIVID & invited to speak as a guest at Parliament House. Ben has advised some of the world's most iconic brands such as Nike, Ray-Ban, Oakley, BHP Billiton, Canon, Patagonia, Australia Post, Elgas, Tourism Australia, Bupa and Westpac including local and national government. His views on innovation & design thinking have been quoted in the media including Fast Company Magazine, Wired, PSFK, Good Magazine, The Australian, Sydney Morning Heraldand National News. As a branding and design mecca, RENY® areworking with some of Australia's most innovative brands. Can you imagine the insights you will take-away from this conversation regarding high-performance, mindset, mental health strategies and parenting?! This conversation is one not to miss!
September 21, 2021
EP018 - GUY WILLIMENT - Adventure Photojournalist
Guy Williment is a 27-year-old adventure photojournalist from the hallowed Avalon Beach, Sydney. What does he ‘journal’? Nature; and our connection to it. The whole photography thing came to him quite late (but what is time???). He was 23, had just finished a Media & Communications degree and had no idea what he wanted to do after studying. The one thing he did know was that he didn’t want to jump straight into a full-time job where he was going to be stuck in an office all day. So, he saved up some pennies and booked a ticket overseas ~ Asolo trip to North America and Canada for 3 months to do a bunch of outdoor adventuring and the some ‘soul searching’. His sister let him borrow her Canon 7D for the trip… and, like that, he was hooked. Why does he do it? “Travelling solo allowed me to share my experiences and stories with people which I really enjoyed.” Guy, and film maker, Spencer Frost (TMP EP002) formulated a (Winter!) surf trip up in the area of the Arctic Circle in order to make an independent adventure film. Shooting and surfing in 1C (Celsius) water with the air temp somewhere around -5C / -15C, surrounded by snow and giant mountains sounds like hell to most people (add in wet wetsuits and I’m done). But, for these two frothers, that made the adventure all the more the calling! Fortune favours the brave! What resulted was multi-award-winning film, A Corner of the Earth; which has toured and won those awards all over the world. (See: A Corner of the Earth on iTunes) And, guess what? Guy reveals to us some details for A Corner of the Earth 2 (working title) in this episode! His first hardcover book from the aforementioned trip sold out of the 500 books he made. I have a signed copy of that photo journal on my coffee table to remind me of three things -- 1.  Nature is the answer to any question and the solution to any problem. 2.  The art of photography is a wonderful gift and an incredible legacy. 3.  Fortune favours the brave. --- Follow Guy’s journey on Instagram: @gfunk_ Buy a Guy Williment print or book: Watch: A Corner of the Earth Listen: EP018 of The Mapplife Podcast
August 30, 2021
Season 1: Wrap!
In 2020, I set out on a journey to recruit some of the greatest performers in Australia and have them open up about the way they achieved, and continue to achieve, their greatness – both on and off the field, stage, screen, water or snow, behind or in front of the lens. The guest that were gracious enough to give us – the Mapplife family – their time were incredible; and those who weren’t already lifelong friends have become so. That’s what a powerful and insightful conversation can do to people. A great conversation is just as much listening as it is talking, a giving and a receiving; and, I (and you) were gifted so many insights, tools and strategies from the guests to implement in our own lives for personal and professional betterment that we could never be the same again. “Change can be unbearable, but if implemented with pure intention, we become unstoppable!” A reminder of the season 1 guest list: The Good Human Factory founder and WQS surfer, Cooper Chapman Award-winning adventure filmmaker, Spencer Frost Lead singer of huge Australian band, Luca Brasi, Tyler Richardson The world’s best cricketer, Pat Cummins Award-winning music photographer & filmmaker, Michelle Grace-Hunder Founder of one the greatest coaching schools on the planet in Cricket Mentoring, Tom Scollay Tour Manager and Guitar Technician for the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Crowded House, Childish Gambino, Gang of Youths and A$AP Rocky, Marcus Catanzaro Founder of sustainable clothing label, Mr Simple, Dave Fraser Royal and Australian Ballet’s, Grace Carroll Olympic Games Rower, Georgie Rowe Australia and New South Wales cricketer, Moises Henriques Award-winning Casting Director, Stephanie Pringle Sydney Dance Company’s principal dancer, Chloe Leong Australian Test cricketer, Founder of Tripod Compostable Coffee Pods & Investor with TDM Growth partners, Ed Cowan Two-time World Champion surfer and Vedic-meditation teacher, Tom Carroll Award-winning åphotojournalist and Founder of Climate Heroes, Luke Duggleby Head of Commercial and Strategic Projects with the Australian Cricketers Association, Tim Cruickshank WOW. Take a breath! And take a bow, guests – it was a privilege to hosting you on The Mapplife Podcast for Season 1. Stay tuned for Season 2! Enjoy the show!
August 30, 2021
EP017 – Leader – Tim Cruickshank on Goal Setting, Leadership and the Counter-Productivity of Worry.
Two of the most important and impactful lessons you’re ever likely to be influenced by are: 1. How to set, strategize and achieve a vision; 2. How to navigate a life, career or relationship transition. Tim Cruickshank is a former NSW Blues & Sydney Thunder representative; holds the all-time leading run scorer record for his former club in the world-renowned SCA competition; has spent time as a media personality; and, is currently the Head of Commercial and Strategic Projects for the Australian Cricketers’ Association. Tim completely understands leadership and how to lead a team, to both victory and improvement. He understands how to extract the best out of individuals for both personal and professional betterment. Tim is someone that has gone from strength to strength in his career and personal life that it would be remiss if you missed absorbing his take-away strategies for personal and professional best. If you desire to take your performance on and off the field to the next-level – this is one episode you will love - Tim Cruickshank on The Mapplife Podcast. Find Tim here: Instagram @timcruickshank_ Twitter @timdcruickshank
January 04, 2021
EP016 - Artist – Luke Duggleby on Preparation, Passion and Fighting for What's Right.
N.B. A few key names have been blanked out of this episode in order to publish it. Luke Duggleby is an award-winning documentary photographer from England who now resides in Thailand as he continues his quest to champion human rights defenders, some of whom have been assassinated during their struggle. Luke’s life work has become the preservation of their impact, legacy and memory – for both the progress of remote communities and their respective families. Luke is in development with an international N.G.O., Protection International, to provide Thailand (and eventually further afield regionally and even perhaps globally) with an online platform for human rights defenders, community leaders and documentary storytellers to expose human and environmental rights abusers and bring to justice the corruption that is plaguing the progression of the free world. In this episode, Luke and I go deep into specific quests he has been documenting and the darkness that suffocates the light in the eyes of local human rights defenders and communities. We also discuss his ideas for a potential ‘way forward' and he offers some incredible insights for creativity and emerging photographers. It is an episode not to be missed. I believe we are all awakening to the global "monsters under the bed" - those who have been suffocating and depleting the planet and its people for decades. It is champions like Luke that give me hope for the future – one in which human and environmental rights are upheld for all and one that is not corrupted by the need for excess and the greed of globalisation. Find Luke here: Instagram - @lukedugglebyphoto Web - |
December 29, 2020
EP015 - Athlete | Leader - Tom Carroll on Application, Analysis Paralysis and the Importance of Process (including his Four Pillars for High-Performance)
Tom Carroll is best known as one of the world’s greatest ever surfers and sportsmen. He holds two world professional surfing championships and three wins at Hawaii’s mega-challenging Pipeline. However, and more importantly, he envisioned and pioneered for surfing to become professional; and, if you’ve seen the state of surfing of late, he succeeded. Tom is also a man who has lived, and learned, and lived and learned again. A man of his stature and nature has endured and processed the many ebbs and flows of life. What’s absolutely alluring about Tom is the sparkle in his eye for fun and joyous expression that has never ceased as he continues to climb the metaphorical mountains of performance and personal best. On a personal note, I have spent a lot of time talking to and learning from Tom over the last few years. I appreciate many things about him – his ability to give you focused attention when talking about topics of interest; his kind and caring nature for not only his closest circle but for anyone whom he meets – new friends or old fans; his love and dedication for the sustainability of our beloved ocean and the planet; and his drive and determination to continue to pursue personal greatness alongside personal best. We all would know Tom as an athlete but these days, Tom holds various roles in a diverse range of businesses and surf-inspired charities, as well as, coaching and as a trained and certified Vedic meditation teacher. Please enjoy my conversation with the effervescent, Tom Carroll on The Mapplife Podcast. N.B. You can ‘tune in’ with Tom for free Stage 1 meditation on IG Live @ 5:50am (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday): @thomasvictorcarroll Or if you’re interested in learning Vedic meditation with Tom visit:
December 17, 2020
EP014 - Athlete | Leader - Ed Cowan on Priming, Pressure and His Passion for Process.
Ed Cowan made his Test cricket debut for Australia in the 2011 Boxing Day Test against India (which I flew down to Melbourne to witness first hand); and in him doing so, became the 18th Australian opening batsman to score a half-century (68) on debut. His maiden Test century came on 12 November 2012, a year to the day after the death of his mentor and former teacher Peter Roebuck; Cowan dedicated the century to Roebuck's memory. Cowan was selected for the Ashes in England on the tour that followed – which again, I was a first-hand witness. In reflection, I was at his first and last game for the green and gold. Remarkable. What a privilege. Since retiring from all forms of cricket, Eddie has launched a thriving compostable coffee capsule company – Tripod Coffee – becoming Australia's most sustainable Nespresso® compatible coffee pods - 100% compostable and biodegradable. He also works as an Investor for TDM Growth Partners. Ed is a remarkable man whom I’ve had the pleasure of ‘growing up’ with. To help you further understand the quality of his character: When he was called from the SCG Members bar in 2005 to field as the 13th man for Australia against Pakistan for five minutes, he refused to keep the gear he was offered because Cowan did not believe he’d earned it. Then, when NSW prematurely presented him with his baggy blue after he was picked as 12th man for the state's one-day team, he walked into Cricket NSW boss Dave Gilbert's office and handed it back, stating that he would accept it when he’d earnt it. Please enjoy my conversation with my long-time pal, Ed Cowan on The Mapplife Podcast.
December 08, 2020
EP013 – Athlete | Artist – Chloe Leong on Precision, Progress and Aligning with the Process.
Chloe started dancing at the age of six at Sydney’s Brent StreetStudios, and later studied at Lindfield’s Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre. In 2010 she completed three years training at London’s Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Chloe moved to Barcelona in 2012 to join the junior contemporary company IT Dansa under the direction of Catherine Allard. During her two years with the Company, she performed works by Rafael Bonachela, Alexander Ekman, Ohad Naharin and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Chloe joined Sydney Dance Company in 2015, and in the same year won the 2015 Helpmann Award for ‘Best Female Dancer’ for her performance in Willam Forsythe’s, Quintett. Chloe currently teaches body conditioning pilates classes in the Sydney Dance Company Virtual Studio and features in Rafael Bonachela’s latest online work Cuatro, a collaboration with Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Chloe makes her choreographic debut with Sydney Dance Company in New Breed 2020. Chloe is an exceptional athlete, artist and leader; and, it was my absolute pleasure to discuss mindset, performance and mental health with such an amazing artist. Enjoy my insightful, powerful and revelatory conversation with Chloe Leong on The Mapplife Podcast.
December 02, 2020
EP012 - Leader - Steph Pringle on Passion, Intuition and Finding Your Tribe.
Stephanie Pringle is Australia’s most dynamic casting director. With credits spanning across film, tv and big brand advertising, her focus is on emerging talent and advocating for inclusion and authentic representation on screen and stage.  In the advertising space, Stephanie cut her teeth on big brand campaigns with international directors such as David Fincher (Se7ven, The Social Network), Jean Pierre Jeunet (BAFTA award winner) and Bobby Farrelly (There's Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber) and big name locals like David Deneen (AFI award winner), Paul Middleditch (4 x Gold Cannes Lions) and Rey Carlson (AFI award winner).  She is on the Women in Theatre and Screen (WITS) Core Committee, finding ways to create gender parity within our industry and in 2018 was the first Casting Director to win B&T’s 30 under 30 Award. She is a proud member of the Casting Guild of Australia, sitting on their Diversity Committee. She co-found Chicken and Chips Casting with Alison Fowler in 2015 and is mentored by Casting Director and her former colleague, Fiona Dann. Her recently wrapped film projects include: Pioneering and award-winning Australian film, The Flood, directed by Victoria Wharfe McIntyre; Award-winning film, Ellie & Abbie (and Ellie’s Dead Aunt) directed by Monica Zanetti (the first Australian film to open 27th Mardi Gras Film Festival); Deadhouse Dark Anthology created by Enzo Tedeschi; Blood Sisters directed by Madeleine Dyer; Factual program Stargazing produced by the BBC; Chlorine directed by Melissa Anastasi and Deluge directed by Cloudy Rhodes - both premiering at the 2019 Sydney Film Festival.  Chicken and Chips Casting have also just been nominated for 3 x CGA awards (which is MASSIVE news!) Stephanie has also begun casting for theatre - beginning with an all female appropriation of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet - produced by the SheShakespeare Theatre Company.  Stephanie enjoys casting unique and authentic characters and prides herself on being Australia’s most diverse Casting Director. She is drawn to scripts that allow her to cast blindly and authentically - and, her strike rate speaks for itself.  Enjoy my conversation with my long-time friend, Steph Pringle on The Mapplife Podcast. Find Steph here: Email Instagram Personal - @itsstephaniepringle Professional -  @chickenandchips_ Twitter - @misspringle88 Facebook - Chicken and Chips Casting
November 24, 2020
EP011 – Athlete – Moises Henriques on Identity, Vulnerability, Mental Health and the Courage to Fail.
Moises Constantino Henriques is an Australian professional cricketer who currently plays for New South Wales; and was recently selected in the Australia A to play India after an incredible start to the 2020/21 season. Moises is a leader. He is process-focused; which I love and support. Born to a former Portuguese professional footballer, sport fast became how Moises’ formed his identity. However, in the years to follow, in the midst of a stellar international cricket career, he was diagnosed with clinical depression. Deciding he needed to step away from the game he loved to reassess his future, both on a professional and personal level, Moises had to rebuild himself from the ground up. In this conversation, Moises provides incredible insight into the tools and strategies he used to resurface from the depths of depression and come back to his best – his ‘personal best’ - this time was going to be a labour of love over fear. His approach is extremely valuable, consistent and replicable. This episode is one for anyone looking to improve their mindset, performance and mental health. Please enjoy my conversation with Moises Henriques on The Mapplife Podcast.
November 16, 2020
EP010 – Athlete – Georgie Rowe on Motivation, Performance and Personal Best.
This week on The Mapplife Podcast is current 3 x Rowing World Record holder, Georgie Rowe. A registered nurse, 2021 Olympic-hopeful Georgie took up rowing in May 2017 after having taken part in the Australian Indoor Rowing Championships in 2016 and being crowned a national champion. Georgie is a prolific surfboat rower, along with paddling surf skis and kayaking but now counts 'flat-water' rowing as her favoured sport. Georgie was selected to make her Australian Rowing Team debut in 2018, in the Women's Eight for the World Rowing Cups and World Rowing Championships. She went on to win two medals internationally, and then winning the Remenham Challenge Cup at the 2018 Henley Royal Regatta. Georgie currently holds World Records for the 5km, Marathon and 4 min max. metres on the Indoor Rowing ERG (that machine at the gym we all loathe because of the pain and suffering it puts us through). Georgie also held the World Record in the half marathon (21,000m) which was only just taken from her. At the national level, she holds the records for 2km, 1km, 500m, 5km, half and full marathon, and the 4 min max (some are unofficial). To say that Georgie is one of the greats of the sport is an understatement – not only for her prowess in the boat but also, and most would say more importantly, out of it. Favoured amongst her teammates, you will come to understand why in this epic interview with Georgie Rowe on The Mapplife Podcast. Find Georgie Here: Instagram: @georgierowe92
November 09, 2020
EP009 - Artist | Athlete - Grace Carroll on Dedication, Development and the Discovery of Freedom.
Have you ever wondered what it feels like to stand centre stage, in front of thousands of people critiquing every step you take and every move you make down to the placement of a single fingertip? That is the world of classical ballet; and Grace Carroll is on the path to becoming one of the greatest ballerinas in the world. In 2019, Australia’s Grace Carroll won the Senior Women’s category at Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) in New York - the most prestigious prize for emerging dancers from all over the world. She brought "effortless stage presence", "distinctive grace — in style and personality", "undeniable artistry" and "pure technique"… even under the cloudy cloak of a head cold. As a former student of the Tanya Pearson Academy in Sydney — under the direction and coaching of The Australian Ballet’s former Principal Ballerina Lucinda Dunn (OAM) and contemporary teacher Adam Blanch — her win presented her with full-year placements at; the San Francisco Ballet School, Princess Grace Academy of Classical Dance in Monaco, Joffrey Academy of Dance, and the opportunity to audition privately for a place at the Paris Opera Ballet School, in which she was accepted – an open door to a life-long goal. After being offered an opportunity to transfer to the most prestigious ballet school on the planet - she now dances full-time at the Royal Ballet School in London. Oh, and she is only 17 years old. Yes, Grace is exceptionally talented but what I love most about her is the way is her holistic approach to the amalgamation of her personal and professional lives. You'd be hard pressed to find a more kind, mature, focused, yet, grounded young woman on the planet; and it was my pleasure to discuss the tools and strategies she has implemented to excel in her life, and her love for it. You might think that you're above taking life advice from an adolescent, however, let me tell you that this episode is for anyone who wants to learn how to get the most out of themselves, their potential and to live a life you love, every day. Please enjoy my conversation with Grace Carroll on The Mapplife Podcast. Find Grace here: Instagram @grace.carroll @theholisticdancer
November 02, 2020
EP008 - Leader - Dave Fraser on The Value of Values, Sustainability and Riding Sideways.
As the Founder and CEO of Sidelife Distribution, Mr Simple and Simple Watch Co., Dave looks over the creative and business direction of the business and has become one of Australia’s leading and most successful entrepreneurs. His ethos is grounded in the value of aligning your values on both a personal and professional level; which is what stands him out in an over-populated crowd. That, and his true, authentic and honest approach to sustainability. Sidelife was founded in 2003 as a multi-brand retail and wholesale distribution company which in 2008 become the launching pad for Mr Simple clothing. With a history in the snow, surf and skate industry David has a passion for the music, travel and board-sports culture which continues to influence his direction on a personal and professional level. In this episode, Dave drops some serious knowledge bombs for budding business-minds, as well as, tells a few great stories about growing up, getting older and his desire for a legacy that matches his dedication to the planet and its people. As Dave had to run off to a meeting before I could ask him over Zoom – here are his answers to our ‘Quick 5’ for you: 1. If you could invite anyone to dinner who would it be and why? Anthony Bourdain. The chance to discuss life, travel and food with Bourdain would of been amazing. 2. What is one of your favourite films and why?  I'm a Tarantino fan and I'm still loving Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The locations, dialogue, music and fashion of Tarantino films are what makes them so re-watchable. The soundtrack is on high rotation on the record player. 3. Name one of the greatest days of your life? Outside of my family and kids it would be the day we opened The Lab on Brunswick St Fitzroy 17/02/2003. That opening day was so nerve-wracking, and I still remember the 1st sale. Taking that leap of faith to leave a job and go out on your own is scary, exciting and liberating. 4. What is something that riles up your blood/gets you angry? People that can't merge into traffic is up there... Apart from that I'm pretty calm most of the time. 5. What is something that lights you up/inspires you? Seeing other people doing amazing things fires me up to be more creative. What a legend. Please enjoy my very enjoyable conversation with my pal, Dave Fraser on The Mapplife Podcast. Find Dave (& his brands) here: Instagram @mrsimplegoods @simplewatchco @departmentofsimplethings @dc.fraser Web
October 26, 2020
EP007 - Leader | Artist - Marcus Catanzaro on Integrity, Family and Stories from The Road.
Marcus Catanzaro is a 20-year veteran of the Music Industry. Throughout this time, he has been a touring session musician, Tour Manager, Guitar Tech and Creative Director for some of the biggest artists and record labels in the world. His current path places him in Los Angeles, based working with acts like Fleetwood Mac, Crowded House and Childish Gambino. All sounds pretty glamourous, right? When you are a man like Marcus, it is. Sure, there are late nights, bright lights, tired eyes and come downs from dizzying heights; but if one has their foundations firmly rooted in integrity, family and personal best these are all just pieces in the puzzle of “the best job in the world”. One more thing – Marcus is a father “to an incredible fourteen-year-old son” … And in this interview, Marcus digs deep to let us in on how he loves and what he’s lost on his quest for personal best. This is an incredible episode with one of my long-time friends. We’ve supported each other from very early on (even as early as teenagers playing in pop-punk bands) so please enjoy the depth and connection of this conversation: Marcus Catanzaro on The Mapplife Podcast Find Marcus here- Instagram: @marcus_benito We’d also like to throw a shout-out to community organisation We Make Events which represents the awareness campaign and wider concerns of the Events Supply Industry in Australia. You can get behind the industry that provides us with so many good tunes and good times, here: @wemakeeventsaus N.B. Shout out to Justin Wysong (@justinwysong) for the cool AF image of Marcus for the Ep Artwork.
October 19, 2020
EP 006 - Leader | Coach | Athlete - Tom Scollay on Mission, Transition and Personal Best.
As a teenager, Tom dreamed of playing cricket for Australia, and felt that he was moving in the right direction when in 2010, at the age of 22, he began a professional cricket career with Middlesex County Cricket Club in England, giving him the opportunity to learn from and play against some of the best players in the world. He was incredibly excited and felt like he'd ‘made it’. However, three years later his world came crashing down when he was unexpectedly released from his contract, and decided to return to Perth.  Devastated, and upon reflection, he soon came to the conclusion that psychologically he had not been up to the task; convinced that it was his mindset that prevented him from performing at his best, and going on to have a satisfying long-lasting successful professional cricketing career.  "Scolls", as he is affectionately known by his 125,000 Instagram fans, then set out to create a business that would support nurture and develop aspiring young athletes into record-breaking professional athletes. He developed a program focused on his "6 Pillars of Success" and has not looked back! His students are amongst some of the highest performing athletes in Australian cricket. What I love about Tom and his principles is that they can be applied across all sports, and life in general. If you're looking to increase your results on your professional field or off the field in your personal life, this is the episode for you: Tom Scollay on Mission, Transition and Personal Best on The Mapplife Podcast. FIND TOM HERE WEB INSTAGRAM Professional: @cricketmentoring Personal: @scolls5 Media: @scollsmedia YOUTUBE Cricket Mentoring: PODCASTS The Cricket Mentoring Podcast: Under the Lid: FULL EP HERE:
October 12, 2020
EP 005 - Artist - Michelle Grace Hunder on Self-Worth, Empowerment and Cultivating Creative Intuition.
Beginning her career in professional photography 9 years ago, Michelle Grace Hunder already has two separate portrait series in the National Sound and Film Archive of Australia and is considered one of the most revered Australian Music Photographers. After the 2015 release of her highly anticipated photographic book, RISE, a detailed insight of her personal journey into the world of Australian Hip-Hop, Michelle has also spread her creativity across a number of different avenues, showing an agile versatility – from fashion, to film, to photography and international cultural events. Her repertoire continues to grow, with Australian and international artists requesting her talents to photograph both live performances and portrait images, used for press, publicity and album covers. Michelle has been invited as the official tour photographer for Ruel, Seth Sentry & Illy, and was the Official Festival Photographer for COME TOGETHER at Sydney's iconic Big Top at Luna Park for 4 consecutive years. After shooting with literally every major player in the Australian Hip-Hip scene, Michelle then spent four years on a major personal project called, HER SOUND, HER STORY - celebrating Women in Australian Music, across all genres, with her project partner, Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. Michelle & Claudia worked with over 80 women, both artists and behind the scenes in the music industry, across all genres, shooting portraits and interviews for this highly ambitious project. The full-length documentary of HER SOUND, HER STORY premiered with huge industry acclaim in May of 2018. It was my absolute pleasure to speak with Michelle. The insights, tools and strategies she offers in this episode cross more than just barriers, cultures & creative-realms – we outline one of the paths through the valley of shadows! A must-listen for anyone looking to overcome challenges to become the best version of themselves; for themselves and the world around them. Please enjoy my epic conversation with artist, Michelle Grace Hunder on The MAPPLIFE Podcast. Find Michelle here: Instagram @michelleghunder Twitch Web FULL EP HERE:
October 05, 2020
EP 004 - Athlete - Pat Cummins on Mentorship, Adaptability and The Greatest Day of His Life.
Patrick James Cummins is an Australian international cricketer and one of the fastest bowlers in the history of the game. He has terrorised batsmen from all parts of the world with his incredible accuracy, pace and prowess and has consistently been awarded gongs for being one of the best cricketers in the world. But, what Pat is most famous for is the quality of person he is.  Constantly and consistently being voted "Player's Player", he represents the kind of athlete all aspiring athletes should be aiming to become; and, in this interview, Pat outlines just how to do so. Pat is the current co-vice captain for the Australian national cricket team in all forms. He made his test debut for Australia at 18 - the second youngest in history. In 2020, Pat was named Test Cricketer of the Year by the International Cricket Council (ICC), as well as, being awarded as one of the Cricketers of the Year for his epic Ashes performance in 2019 by Wisden, which we also discuss in this episode.  Please enjoy this inspiring conversation with athlete, Pat Cummins on The Mapplife Podcast. FIND PAT HERE: Instagram @patcummins30 Web FULL EP HERE:
September 28, 2020
EP 003 - Artist | Leader - Tyler Richardson on Rites of Passage, Creativity and His Passion for Mentoring
Tyler Richardson is the lead singer/bass player of Tasmanian heroes, Luca Brasi. From humble beginnings on the East Coast of Scamander, Tyler and his bandmates have become a foundation of the Tasmanian music scene, and a player in the Australian music scene. Playing every major festival and venue Australia has to offer, and subsequently tours around the world and racking up an ARIA Nomination and Top 10 album, Luca Brasi have proven that effort turns into longevity and loyalty.  Tyler also is a high school teacher in Materials Design and Technology at a Tasmanian High School, meaning he splits his time between the classroom, the studio and the stages of the world. We get into how he goes about wearing these different hats (and you'll notice I didn't say masks because Tyler is as authentic as they come), as well as, his keen interest in mentoring young people and furthering social causes.  Hear about this and more from Tyler Richardson on The MAPPLIFE Podcast.  Find Tyler here:  Instagram Professional - @lucabrasitassie Personal - @tyericho  Spotify  iTunes  Merchandise FULL EP HERE:
September 21, 2020
EP 002 - Artist - Spencer Frost on Adventure, Authenticity and Being Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone
Over the past few years, Spencer Frost has worked with a number of international brands, agencies and production companies including BBC Earth, RED BULL Media House, Japan Airlines, Fiji Airways, Ducati, Corona, P&O Cruises, BMW, Destination NSW, The North Face, Audi Australia, Nutrigrain, Powerade, and Destination Queenstown just to name a lot.  Over the past 6 years, Spencer has travelled to some amazing locations around the world including Africa, Europe, Japan, Hawaii, Indonesia, South Pacific and to every state in Australia. Mentioning this, you can understand why he is so comfortable in uncomfortable climates and situations – skill and solution-based thinking.  In 2017, Spencer made his inaugural short film, Home; which went on to win the Fisher-Flicks Film Festival and was awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick. In 2019, Spencer was selected by Redbull Media House as a part of their scene concept to create his short film - Dancing in the Dark- which went on to gather 3 MILLION YouTube views and was also awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick.  In 2019, Spencer was the Director of Photography (DOP) of the Australia Desert segment for a new BBC Earth Series by David Attenborough. In 2019 and into 2020, Spencer completed his first feature length film, A Corner of the Earth, which has been screened all over the world AND WON HEAPS of AWARDS; one of which was being selected to be a part of the Ocean Film Festival World Tour and has recently been signed for distribution with Madman / Garage Films. The epic, award-winning adventure film is available for you to watch in your very own home via iTunes or Vimeo.  Moving forward, Spencer is continuing to pursue a career in the commercial film while also planning the next adventure feature film - scheduled for 2021. A true powerhouse on the cusp of greatness.  It’s an absolute pleasure hanging out with Spencer, to see his creativity being acknowledged, and to call him a mate. Hear about this, and more, with Spencer Frost on The MAPPLIFE Podcast.  Find Spencer here:  Instagram Professional: @spencerfrostfilms Personal: @spencerfrost  Project:  Film iTunes: Vimeo: FULL EP HERE:
September 21, 2020
EP 001 - Athlete | Leader - Cooper Chapman on Resilience, Gratitude and Being A Good Human
Cooper Chapman is a World Qualifying Series (WQS) surfer who has represented Australia four-times at the Junior World Championships and has been selected as part of the Australian Olympic-Readiness Team.  Cooper has been at the peak of his surfing game for 15+ years; and, with a career-high ranking of 23rd, he was (and hopefully is) well on his way to becoming part of the World Championship Tour and the Olympic Games.  However, no matter how hard he trained or how often he achieved, he states “something was missing within”; and, after a journey into the depths of himself to discover the purpose he was put on this Earth to pursue, Cooper founded, The Good Human Factory – which aims to educate and inspire our youth to be good humans.   WHY? Because we can all be a little kinder  to ourselves and others - to be a good human if we aim for it every day.  For this initiative, Cooper was recently instated as an Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Lifeline Community Custodian.  Hear about this, and more about Cooper’s pursuit for personal greatness, with Cooper Chapman on The MAPPLIFE Podcast.  FIND COOPER HERE:  Instagram Personal - @cooperchapman Professional - @thegoodhumanfactory FULL EP HERE:
September 21, 2020
EP Trailer - Athletes, Artists, Leaders
Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. The MAPPLIFE Podcast, hosted by Simon Williams, takes a trip into the treasure chest of high-performers – world-class athletes and coaches, international artists and seriously influential community leaders - to discover the strategies they use to achieve what they’ve achieved; how they were able to walk the valley of shadows and overcome these challenges; and, how they stay on top of their own mental health and wellness in order to live their most inspired life. Each and every episode will offer you insights, tools and strategies to implement in your own life for greater personal and professional achievement, happiness and fulfilment.If you want to do more, be more and achieve more with the rest of your life, this is the podcast for you.
September 12, 2020