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The Millenni-HER Podcast

The Millenni-HER Podcast

By MillenniHER Duo
We're the go-to platform for millennials aiming to achieve success holistically. While offering insight into navigating among various career fields, relationships, and social matters, our weekly conversations serve as soothing audible content to decompress, wind down, and help listeners reclaim their “boss like” behavior... Courtesy of two Black women.
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SZN 2| EP. 9: "Adulting Pt. 1: I Hate It Here!" with Keyquan & Adultin' Series

The Millenni-HER Podcast

SZN 3| Ep. 14: #PSA to the KKK's... Check Your Privilege
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, finally on YouTube! Drop episodes bi-weekly. #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast. Coming into this year we've all witnessed the KKK (Karens, Kens, and Kinds alike) gon' wild. This week's episode will discuss:  The origin of KAREN White Privilege The rise of White Supremacist hate groups  Hot Topics & More... @TheMillenniherpodcast
February 07, 2022
SZN 3| Ep. 13: "Millennials Who Pod: Basic Gems"
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, finally on YouTube! Drop episodes bi-weekly. #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast.   Been thinking about starting a pod, but can't figure out where to start?   This week's episode will discuss:   Podcast Business Plan Funding Networks, Connections Partnership & Expansion  Hot Topics & More...  @TheMillenniherpodcast
January 24, 2022
SZN 3| Ep. 12: "Canceling the Culture"
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, finally on YouTube! Drop episodes bi-weekly. #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast.  Has our generation become too sensitive? This week's episode will discuss:  Cancel Culture  Canceling Cartoons The rules of Free Speech Separating the Art from the Artist & Expansion  Hot Topics & More... @TheMillenniherpodcast
January 10, 2022
SZN 3| Ep. 11: "Adultin' IV: Dating While Celibate... Facing Submission, Red Flags & the 90-Day Rule"
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, finally on YouTube! Drop episodes bi-weekly.  #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast.     Does your family consider your spousal relationship #goals?  Dating with intention or for attention?  How can you spot Green, Yellow and Red Flags? Can you date while taking a vow of celibacy?   This week's episode will discuss:  Whether submission is required in committed relationships Basics to Pre-nuptial agreements   Hot Topics & More...   @TheMillenniherpodcast
December 06, 2021
SZN 3| Ep. 10: "Adultin' III: Dating With High Standards... Find Your Soul Mate"
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, finally on YouTube! Drop episodes bi-weekly.  #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast.   Are your dating standards too high?  Are you your authentic self while dating or do you only show certain versions?  In order to find a good spouse, do you truly have to "Act Like a Lady, [but] Think Like a Man"?   CHAPTERS:  0:00 Show Intro  2:27 Hot Topics 10:00 Manifesting The Love You Want: B. Simone Sounds Off  13:00 Are Women's Dating Standards Equal to Men?  17:00 Double Standards in Relationships: Dating Multiple Partners, While One Isn't  22:00 Black Love Exists -- But May Not Be Easy to Maintain     This week's episode will discuss: Whether your spouse has to be your soul mate. Manifesting the love you want. Balancing relationships. Hot Topics & More...      @TheMillenniherpodcast
November 15, 2021
SZN 3| Ep. 9: "The Effects of Gun Violence #Forever23 with Paulina Bryan
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, finally on YouTube! Drop episodes bi-weekly.  #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast.    Gun Violence has become a worldly topic when it comes to Music (Hip-hop), Relationships (Meg Thee Stallion & Tory Lanez), and with our law enforcement and legal system (Black Lives Matter). When will we stop firing bullets and start shooting ideas to change the dynamic, and save lives? That's today's topic.    We're dedicating this episode to Shirlz close friend Jordan Bryan #Forever23  CHAPTERS:  0:00 Show Intro 1:45 Hot Topics 3:45 How Gun Violence Affects You & Those Around You 6:12 Gun Violence Hits Black Americans the Most 7:18 Red Flag New Jersey Law -- Confiscating Firearms Against Your Will? 17:45 Is Black on Black Crime Really the Problem? 20:51 Paulina Bryan tells the Story of her Slain son Jordan   Guest:  Paulina Bryan, Creator of Live Lawyer App. The app is designed to help you streamline any legal cases, once charged, to have a fighting chance and fair representation.  This week's episode will discuss: The effects of gun violence in music, relationships, basic human rights. We'll discuss the socio-economic factors that play into its popularity. If Black on Black crime really the issue or excuse not to save Black folks. Hot Topics & More...   @TheMillenniherpodcast
November 01, 2021
SZN 3| Ep. 8: "Parenting... It Takes A Village" with Dr. Richelle Whittaker
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, finally on YouTube! Drop episodes bi-weekly.  #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast.   In this progressive, modern-day America -- Parent's want to know how to best protect their children's innocence. Need advice on when and how to speak to your child about their #Genderidentity and sexual orientation? Should you encourage visual representation of sexual-fluidity in cartoons and censorship? Guest:  Dr. Richelle Whittaker, Board Certified Psychologist, Author of Burps, Bibs, and  Breakdowns (Parenting Guide)  CHAPTERS: 0:00 Hot Topics  7:15 Government Assistance Available for Parents   13:54 Black Owned Biz of the Week - Company that builds financial literacy for kids  14:23 Dr. Richelle Whitaker Interview 17:17 How to deal with unfit physicians 19:28 Who's safer: Doula/Midwife Vs Doctor?  25:40 Parents Having "The [Being Black, LGBTQ+] Talk" With Children  34:15 Root of childhood trauma and noticing when it's passed to children  36:41 How parents can seek help without going to therapy  40:51 Guest Plugs Business & Ways to Interact This week's episode will discuss: Talking about children during social media beefs. Black motherhood maternal fatality rates. For single parents -- best tools for building co-parenting relationships. Recognizing childhood trauma before passing onto children.    Hot Topics & More...  @TheMillenniherpodcast
October 18, 2021
SZN 3| Ep. 7: "Mo' Money, Mo' Outcomes" with CJ Williams
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, finally on YouTube! Drop episodes bi-weekly.  #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast.  Why Do #Millennials Want & Need Multiple Streams of Income? and most importantly, What It Takes to Get & Stay Consistent? Guest: CJ Williams, Coach & Consulting Professional, Podcast Host of @Sorrytohearpod This week's episode will discuss: Median Household Income Affects Roles of Working Households Minimum Wage Increase Efforts Within U.S.  What Multiple Streams Avenue Best Fits You How to Keep Up With the Joneses Hot Topics & More... @TheMillenniherpodcast
April 12, 2021
SZN 3| Ep. 6: "Face the Imposter"
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, finally on YouTube! Drop episodes bi-weekly.   #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast.   70% of people will experience at least one episode of Imposter Syndrome in their lives. (credit: International Journal of Behavioral Science)   Why #Millennials Suffer the Most With #ImposterSyndrome? This week's episode will discuss: Different types of Imposters Affects on millennials and youth Getting rid of need to people-please Why it's not a medically diagnosable condition Hot Topics & More -- @TheMillenniherpodcast 
March 29, 2021
SZN 3| Ep. 5: "Baked or Behind Bars" with Denese Duran
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, finally on YouTube! Drop episodes bi-weekly.  #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast. Marijuana is legal is more than 1/2 of the U.S., while convicted felons of those now-non-felonious crimes remain behind bars... rotting.   Denese Duran's a certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor. This week's episode will discuss:  NJ's MJ Bill passed by Gov. Phil Murphy. Substance Use and Ways to Cope a Growing Addiction. Gems to know before planning to invest in Cannabis business.    Hot Topics & More -- @TheMillenniherpodcast
March 15, 2021
SZN 3| Ep. 4: "(Navigating) Black Spaces"
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, AND have finally launched on YouTube! #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast. Have you ever wonder what it takes to wake up day-to-day, work and live in a world that publicly despises the progression of Black success and its culture?  This week's episode will discuss: How millennial professionals navigate through various spaces while Black, and how to let it work for you. The Spaces We Dig Deep Into: Employment Relationships (Family, Romantic, Religion) Personal Development Highlighting #BlackBusiness of the week, #HotTopics & more. @TheMillenniherpodcast
March 01, 2021
SZN 3| Ep. 3: "Politics... What's the 411?"
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, AND have finally launched on YouTube! #Subscribe​ to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast. This week's episode will discuss: Does our change in President mean a better America?  The Green New Deal Criminal Justice Reform What happens when you decide NOT to vote How to make the "Educated" vote #HotTopics Black Capital rioter Emanuel Jackson. Kanye's presidential campaign and how it negatively impacted voting polls. Student Loan Forgiveness.  Highlighting #BlackBusiness​ of the week & more. @TheMillenniherpodcast
February 22, 2021
SZN 3| Ep. 2: "99 Problems... Is Virtual Learning One?"
TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, AND have finally launched on YouTube! #Subscribe​ to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast.  This week's episode will discuss:   Resources on how to get more involved with your kids/siblings schooling at home.  #HotTopics surrounding parents use of drugs, alcohol, profanity, other inappropriate things visible to school administrators online and their extended privacy laws.  Biden's college loan forgiveness plan.  Highlighting #BlackBusiness​ of the week & more.    @TheMillenniherpodcast
February 15, 2021
SZN 3| Ep. 1: "Stop the Oppression Olympics"
After a long 1.5 year long hiatus, global pandemic, and a new weekly drop date (Mondays), TMP's co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan are back, AND have finally launched on YouTube! #Subscribe to our channel -- The Millenni-HER Podcast.  This week's episode unpacks a whole lotta ish, but most importantly events surrounding Black individuals and whether ALL #BlackLivesMatter.  We will be discussing all things: How to end racism?  Why the world doesn't protect Black people.  Should gender roles take a backseat to racial matters when it comes to oppression? Eliminating the "All" from #BlackLivesMatter movement... How to protect yourself while protesting during pandemic.  #HotTopics, Highlighting #BlackBusiness of the week & more.  @TheMillenniherpodcast 
February 08, 2021
SZN 2| EP. 12: "Becoming Us" ft. Flee
This week on TMP will be our season 2 finale episode! We have selected a loyal TMP listener to join as a special guest, Flee. We are also accompanied by a LIVE in-studio audience who will weigh in throughout the ENTIRE episode. Each finale, we give tribute to a selected book and make into a theme; this episode will follow Becoming by former first lady & NYT Best Selling Author Michelle Obama.  We will talk all things:  Tekashi 69 Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony), epic Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club interview Lisa Raye McCoy's Revealing interview on Unbothered, failed marriage, fight with Stacey Dash & more Michelle & Barack Obama's upcoming events and projects  We can't go out without a bang so we will test our ultimate TMP listener Flee on his TMP history, favorite moments, podcasts to subscribe to, HOT TOPICS & more!  Follow @themillenniherpodcast Follow @Flee_ You'll hear from us in 2020! Happy Holidays!
November 07, 2019
SZN 2| EP. 11: "The Future Is Female, OH HELL YES!"
This week on TMP, The Future Is Female, OH HELL YES! (Maya's Voice, Girlfriends) we are bringing it back to chit chat between co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan. Our production assistant & social media manager Aniyah will also be joining in on this week's #BLACKGIRLMAGIC tea! This episode specifically caters to the role of women, and those women of color, in Hollywood who have made names for themselves and have impacted the lives of others. We are unpacking the many layers of feminism and deciphering how its movement has been portrayed within the media. We will be discussing all things: Feminism within black culture The late & great, Diahann Carroll  Breast Cancer Awareness month, Matthew Knowles diagnosis Tyler Perry Studios & hosting democratic debate Cast of Girlfriends Reunion & Black-ish episode
October 31, 2019
SZN 2 | EP. 10: "Adultin'...I Hate It Here: C.R.E.A.M" Pt. 2 with Michael Bradley
This week TMP is being joined by credit repair and financial literacy adviser, Michael Bradley, of Transparent Credit Repair.  Michael Bradley opens up and shares his story from being married with children & homeless to owning real estate in multiple states and being free of debt.  We will talk all things: - Budgeting & Financial Literacy  - Credit Scores, Build & Repairing Credit - Flash Round Of "Credit, Money & Budgeting for Dummies" - Racism within credit literacy  - Building Entrepreneurs from Homeless Shelters  - Hot Topics & More! Follow Us at @themillenniherpodcast @transparent_credit_repair 
October 24, 2019
SZN 2| EP. 9: "Adulting Pt. 1: I Hate It Here!" with Keyquan & Adultin' Series
This week, TMP is being joined by the creators of Adultin' Series, an anthology that explores niche experiences that creatively highlights the ambiguity that comes with ADULTIN'.  We are also being joined by #DadGoals Ambassador, Keyquan who will break down tools and tips of all things parenting.  This episode will talk: - Millennials and Home Ownership - Awkward Conversations with Parents - Importance of 401-K and Savings. - What it means when you adult...  Hot Topics and MORE!  @TheMillenniHERPodcast @adultinseries @low_keypoppin
October 17, 2019
SZN 2 | EP. 8: "It's Cuffing Season. Ready To Settle (Down)?" with No Refund$ Podcast
This week TMP is being joined by some testosterone - No Refund$ Podcast! 2 men of color who tell it like IT IS! We have another JERSEY-bred podcast here to MAN-splain (explain) and break-down relationships for millennials.  Similar to our SZN 1: Ep. 7 (Phish In The Sea ft. Nigerian Mitch) episode, we are continuing the conversation and will talk about: Fantasia's perspective on 'submission' in relationships, biblical meaning of 'submission,' whether submitting outside of marital relationships are healthy & more. The social media infamous "Spousal Prayer" and its pioneers being celebs like Ciara, Cassie and more. Breaking down how your prayer should sound and if it's the REAL DEAL or just social media hoax.  Keys to a successful relationship. How social media dictates the dynamics of a relationship & signs to avoid.  Should you seek couples counseling/therapy for the sake of salvaging your marriage/relationship? When is it time to seek help or call quits? Determining the love language within your relationship and languages for single/bachelors and how to navigate through it.  HOT TOPICS & MORE! Follow: @TheMillenniHERPodcast Follow: @NoRefundsTV
October 10, 2019
SZN 2 | EP. 7: "Beauty & The Fro" with Fancy [Fancy Hair Innovations]
This week TMP is being joined by a hair care EXTRAORDINAIRE, Fancy! She is a hair care entrepreneur and influencer, skilled to school millennial women AND men on how to best care for their hair. This episode will talk: Tips on how to build confidence AND 'how to' LUV your hair. How to navigate the workplace (corporate america) when fighting the stigma of having natural hair.  Hairtyping...alongside the controversy involving discrimination within the black community.  Styling Tips, Best Product Lines, Determining Porosity, etc. OF COURSE  HOT TOPICS & MORE!!! Follow us at @TheMillenniHERPodcast 
October 03, 2019
SZN 2 | EP. 6: "Drinking with Millennials: Culture Appropri[h]ate" Pt. 1
This week on TMP, we are joined by our friends Drinking With Blerds! We will discuss: When African Americans wear dashikis is it consider cultural appropriation? Is cultural appropriation double sided? DWB is feature on this episode it was only right that we have fun but also have a deep discussion over drinks covering Cultural Appropriation, Diaspora Wars, Jay Z controversy, Xenophobic Attacks, and more.
September 26, 2019
SZN 2 | EP 5: "Unveiling Your Art"
We unpacked a lot last week, so this week we are 'Podcast N' Chillin'!  - Fall SZN is here!/Netflix N' Chilling - People of Color in Entertainment Industry  - Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall Show  - Netflix Getting Rid of Binge watching - Top Fall SZN Shows/Films that are a MUST SEE! - HOT TOPICS OR MORE! @themillenniherpodcast
September 19, 2019
SZN 2 | EP 4: "No Means No" with Marie Danielle-Attis, MPA
This week TMP is being joined by College & University Prevention Education Specialist, Marie Danielle-Attis, MPA. Attis has been working on campuses across New Jersey for over nearly 3 decades. Arielle, Shirlz and Marie will be talking about all things involving: Sexual Assault & Violence to those who are both male and female, collegiate and otherwise  Statistics of sexual assault on college/university campuses during first weeks of school Rape Culture/Take Back The Night  Abortion Ban Nationwide  Hot Topics: Richard Pryor Jr., Aaron Carter, Common, & MORE! Be sure to follow @TheMillenniHERPodcast and give FEEDBACK !! for EXCLUSIVE CONTENT!
September 12, 2019
SZN 2 | EP 3: "True Life: College 101"
IT'S BACK TO SCHOOL FOR US, MILLENNIALS! Whether you're beginning your senior year of high school, going/returning for undergrad or continuing in the pursuit of graduate degrees, WE HAVE THE GEMS THAT YOU NEED TO SCHOLASTICALLY SLAY! Topics will include Dorm or Commute? How to Survive 1st Week of College? Homecoming VS The Tailgate?  Differences Between Undergrad and Graduate? Update on HIGH PROFILE CELEBRITY COLLEGE SCAM HOT Topics, Upcoming events & MORE! Follow Us: @TheMillenniHERPodcast | #TheMillenniHERPodcast
September 05, 2019
SZN 2 | EP 2: "For Us, BUY US" with Nas & Jadéa Asante
Our listeners have asked, so they shall receive... THIS WEEK'S EPISODE we have special guests, entrepreneur and black business owner Nas aka EYE AM NAS and brand consulting connoisseur aka 'Digital Bae' Jadéa Asante talking: - Pros & Cons of quitting your "9 TO 5"  - Tips on how to sustain livelihood, when pursuing passion of entrepreneurship - Tips on how to build and sustain engagement with your brand  - How to decipher if you are a brand yet, or if you need to purse building one - Find out how important your social media dictate the value of your brand OF COURSE - We remember and pay homage to the LATE GREAT NIPSEY HUSSLE  - Hot topics, upcoming events & MORE! @themillenniherpodcast
August 29, 2019
SZN 2 "We're Back" | "Hot Millennial Summer"
August 22, 2019
Ep. 10 [Season Finale]: "Year of YES"
FINALLY.... YOU'VE MADE IT TO THE SEASON 1 FINALE EPISODE! For This Episode, Co-Hosts Arielle Ryan & Shirlz will discuss: - Celebrities who are killing 20-19 - Shonda Rhimes: "Year of Yes' - How to figure out what your 20-19 fortune is?: Predictions  - Season 1 Favorite Moments - Special Guest [Loyal Listener]: Amira - Hot Topics & More THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING OUR JOURNEY & LISTENING EACH WEEK! FOLLOW US: @TheMillenniHERPodcast Hosts: @arielle_ryan & I_5urelyrejoice
April 18, 2019
Ep. 9: "To Be Young, Gifted & Black"
This week's episode, co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan will discuss: - Black Talent & Art -Box Office Hits From Filmmakers of color, Hot Topics & More ALSO There are MillenniHER EXCLUSIVE interviews with the creator and cast of the YouTube sensation web series "Baby Mama Drama" & Independent Music Artist, SIS!  This is what it means TO BE YOUNG, GIFTED & BLACK! 
April 11, 2019
Ep. 8: "Taking Over For The '99 & '00's"
For this episode, co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan will discuss: - The Millennium Tour & The [Best] Millennium era - 20th Anniversary of Juvenile's "Back That A** Up" - Scripted TV vs. Reality TV Takeover  - Hot Topics & More! Hey millennial's, let's all take a trip down memory lane. 
April 04, 2019
Ep. 7: "Phish In The Sea"
In this episode Shirlz and Arielle Ryan with friend to the show Nigerian Mitch discuss Dating Relationships Astrology Red Flags Marriage   and More
March 28, 2019
Epi 6 Dreamer vs Doer
In this Episode 6 Dreamer vs Doer Arielle Ryan and Shirlz discuss How to reach your "Career Goals" Are you a Dreamer or Doer? How to turn your Network into your Net worth  This episode features a special guest Claudette Rolling Licensed New York City Real Estate Agent/ Self- Employed Hustler
March 21, 2019
Ep. 5: "PsychoLOGIC Thoughts" featuring Carolyn Cottle & Nigerian Mitch
For this episode, co-hosts Shirlz & Arielle Ryan will talk ALL things concerning Mental Health including: - Stigmas within communities for people of color - When to spot if you need to seek professional help & how-to seek it out - Mental health resources  - Hot topics including the topic of HBO's Doc 'Leaving Neverland' - AND MUCH MORE! 
March 14, 2019
Ep. 4: "The Era (ERROR) of Social Media"
On Episode 4 "The Era (ERROR) Of Social Media" Shirlz and Arielle Ryan discuss and unpack the following topics: -The Evolution of Social Media -Pros and Cons of Social Media  -The recent controversies over Jussie Smollett and Liam Neeson The ladies of the MillenniHER Podcast also conduct an experiment about the power of using social media as a platform to  express your opinions.
March 07, 2019
Ep. 3: "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number?"
In this episode, Shirlz & Arielle Ryan discusses:  - Unfolding stories of R. Kelly & Michael Jackson - Dating Preferences VS. Pedophilia  - Double Standards of Sexual Assault Hot topics & MORE!
February 28, 2019
Ep 2. "Black HERstory...Rooting For Everybody Black"
This episode Shirlz & Arielle Ryan will give a special tribute to #BlackHistoryMonth.  The hosts will also discuss the following: The "Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl" by HBO's Insecure Creator Issa Rae. Black CEO's and Historical Hidden Figures. Hot Topics. AND  Arielle & Shirlz will play a few #BHM inspired games to see who's in fear of getting their 'Black Card Revoked.' 
February 21, 2019
Premiere Episode: Quarter Century Club, Can We Have It All?
This FIRST episode is for all listeners who: - question whether or not they're succeeding at 'adulting' - cannot decide whether or not they're meant to chase a dream or job - let social media dictate they're level of achievement(s) & MUCH MORE! 
February 14, 2019