The Retail Podcast - MOB Show - Small Business Advice

The Retail Podcast - MOB Show - Small Business Advice

By Mason on Business
Welcome to the MOB Show, this is the retail podcast.

In 2012 I walked out of prison. I began my 30th year, with £49 in my back pocket, no home, no job and little prospect of getting one.

6 years later I had founded chain of 27 stores across the UK on a shoestring and a backpack full of stock. We have multi million pound revenues each year and if I can do this, then you can achieve your own entrepreneurial dreams too.

With the ease today of setting up a website, social media profiles and easy to manage advertising options, there has never been a better time to chase your dreams.
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SHOCKER - Can you sack a customer? | The Retail Podcast
Can you sack a customer? Seems counter intuitive if you run a customer facing business, but sometimes, a customer is not a customer at all. On ridiculously rare occasions I have had to sack a customer. Or put another way, been firm, not bent over backwards and been prepared to take what they have to throw back at me. Why? Because I could commit more time and energy to those customers and team members who deserve it. If you want to find out what it means to sack a customer and what kind of circumstances it is okay to do it in, then take a listen. If you run a retail or sales business, then ask yourself whether your time is really being served by someone you dread dealing with. If it has a knock on negative impact on your wider business, or is costing so much time in labour costs, then what may seem like a customer on the outside, might actually be a loss maker in reality. Don't forget to like, subscribe and share to a friend. Thanks for listening and reach out to me @the_mobshow on Twitter and Instagram
February 17, 2019
Recruitment | How to get your CVs answered | How to recruit better
Do you go around in circles with poor recruitment choices? Do you struggle to find quality candidates? Maybe you're an applicant and wonder why no one picks up your CV and offers you an interview. Do you want to start getting job interviews more frequently? Inside this episode I talk about how to improve your recruitment issues and have a bunch of inside tips for those who want to be recruited better too. Growing your business, means growing your standards and growing the stature and job spec of the roles you have in your organisation. The same people who helped you grow your business to half a million per year, may not be the right people to take it to 5 million per year. NEWSFLASH - you might not be the right CEO for it too! So what do you do about that? You take the time to ensure that you aren't the smartest person in the room. Enjoy the podcast, please take the time to rate us, chuck us a comment and subscribe for new episodes. That's the MOBshow.
February 13, 2019
The truth about getting ahead in business and life | Target Fixation | The MOB Show
Want to know the truth about getting head in business or in your professional life? Target Fixation is one of the biggest self imposed barriers faced by so many wannabe entrepreneurs, actual entrepreneurs and professionals. If you want to know what I mean by target fixation and how to challenge yourself to achieve more in life, then check out this podcast. If you find the MOB Show podcast helpful for you in your business life or professional career, then head over to iTunes, chuck us a 5 star and share us on to a friend who could benefit too. I will never waste your time with sponsored ads running through the podcast, I simply want to share my experiences to help others avoid these common pitfalls. If you want to ask a question or get in touch with The MOB show, head over to Insta or Twitter @the_mobshow Or you can visit us online - The Retail Podcast Check out today's chat about Target Fixation, and becoming a better version of you to be around.
February 10, 2019
The Truth about why your marketing is not converting online | Growth Hacks
The truth about why your marketing is not converting online is my take on what we often forget to do in terms of UX, aka user experience. We often do marketing campaigns to grow our online and offline projects, but have you ever stopped to really consider why some campaigns work, while others don't? The truth is, different audiences, have a different perception of your brand. Some will have never even heard of you. Why does this matter? Well if you are asking people to visit your website and they have no experience of using it before, they may simply not know where the items they like are to be found. This is why we talk about enhancing UX in business and taking the time to test for it. If you are going to spend the time to market, you should spend the time to talk about what goes wrong too. If you want to find out more about The MOB show, and how to ask me any questions, check us out online at or visit us on Insta and Twitter @the_mobshow Mason on business, draws from his retail experience of growing a multi-million revenue vape shop business and dumps all those findings for you, for free to improve your game. Check out our online vape shop or CBD eliquid shop too. And that is the truth about why your marketing is not converting.
February 9, 2019
Do you even business bro? | Ensure your business passes the 'bus test'
If you were to get hit by a bus tomorrow, would your business still run without you?  Every person who starts out a business, does it for a reason. Be it for themselves, for their family, for their legacy. BUT, you'll never grow into a bigger business if you're still thinking like a smaller business. Outsource your skills, use who you have, give someone in your business the experience of doing something outside of their comfort zone to develop their skills and free up your time to work ON the business not IN the business. You may think you can't afford to pay another salary for somebody to do another role, but in the long term, you can't afford to NOT do that. In today's podcast I talk about the 'bus test'.. make sure your business passes. If you enjoyed this episode, check out our latest episode.  Insta/Twitter @the_mobshow Check us out online
February 6, 2019
Patience is a virtue | Penny wise, pound foolish
Patience is a virtue, for a reason.  We may live in a world where social media and society alludes us to believe that you need a fancy car or a fancy watch to prove your success.  But the reality is, if you worry about the short term things, you won't have a long term to worry about.  Do not underestimate what you can achieve from being patient. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish.  Thanks for listening in and please share this on to a friend if you know someone else who would value this. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out our last episode.  IG / Twitter @the_mobshow
February 5, 2019
SMS Marketing | IT'S BACK!!! | Growth Hacks
SMS marketing. No it's not a replay of a podcast from 2001; we took a look at the unloved marketing medium, SMS.  Email marketing has it's place and it does work. BUT, its a crowded marketplace, and you aren't just competing for attention from competitors but also from other industries too.  Every so often I get a text from my phone provider reminding me I have nailed my data. I also get a text once in a blue moon from the Doctor's and from my Dentist. And that's about it. If you run an e-commerce or a retail  business that collects information relating to deliveries etc, using the email data because it costs less to send an email; is a bit of a 'stepping over a dollar for a nickel' strategy. This means, in order to save a few quid/dollars, you do something that yields less money. But email isn't free, you need to pay for mailchimp accounts and there is design time too. Then you send out the email, and you are sending it to someone's email inbox that has spam catchers. A text message, is a couple of sentences, creates a phone screen notification, doesn't target a medium with a spam net and it just costs you a couple of pence/cent per send. So to guarantee you reach more people's attention-o-meter, you have to pay a few quid up front. Spend a little more, get a whole lot more. We tested it this Friday and the results are covered in the podcast. For those vape fans who follow this podcast, the discount code is PAYDAY20. Check it out at Vape and Juice, the online vape shop. If you want to get in touch or DM me, follow me on IG or Twitter, @the_mobshow, or head over to
February 3, 2019
What is Single Customer View | How to Boost your marketing | Growth Hacks
What is single customer view? It's the understanding that as a retailer, you should see the journey and engagement of a customer as one, across all platforms. This means, focusing on a customer as an individual and not a group. Why is this something worth paying attention to? It means higher marketing conversions, which means more sales. Having come back from a recent e-commerce event hosted by Qubit and Harrods Director of Customer Insights, I thought I should take the time to discuss how this understanding can improve your own efforts.  If you want to know why your marketing emails fail, then you should listen to today's show. Thanks for listening in and please share this on to a friend if you know someone else who would value this. IG / Twitter @the_mobshow
February 1, 2019
Are you missing the obvious? | Getting your branding right
Are you missing the obvious? "Retail is dead!" No. Retail is not dead. Retailers are simply missing the obvious. Today I talk about why...
January 28, 2019
Underpriced Attention | Bing that's the answer | E-commerce Growth Hacks
"It's not the best brand that wins, it's the best known brand" Today I talk about what underpriced attention is, and why it's so important in a business. Small business owners often wonder "Why are we not showing up on Google search?". In this episode, I cover some useful tips and tricks to help you be found on the internet. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out our latest episode Interview with a PT. If you have any comments or feedbacks for things we should do next time out, drop us a message on Twitter or Insta @the_mobshow or head over to our website
January 28, 2019
Extreme Ownership | Just Podding Along
If I told you, that everything that goes wrong in your business is your fault, how would you react? Extreme Ownership is the act of taking complete responsibility of all areas of your business to ensure your plans are fully implemented.
January 27, 2019
Way of the Wolf | Best Business Book Review | How to be Charismatic
 'Way of the Wolf - Straight Line Sales' is the work of rogue Stockbroker Jordan Belfort. It's a business book with an edge. The focus of this title is about employing sales skills at the highest level. Straight Line Sales, is Jordan's technique for working efficiently as a salesperson and for building insane charisma skills.  I listen to a shed load of business books on Audible, so I have taken the time to review this particular title and tell you what's cracker-lacking with it. If you want to improve charisma, sales or are looking for a how to sales guide, this business book review covers a title you should be taking a look at. How to improve Charisma - How to get insane sales skills - this title may be one of the most interesting business book reviews out there. If you want to keep on top of what's going on with The MOB Show, follow me on Insta @the_mobshow Check us out online and follow what happens when I trial out these ideas on the Same day vape delivery company, CBD Star and Vape and Juice.
January 25, 2019
Interview with a...PT | Starting a PT business | Entrepreneur Interviews
In this episode I speak to Becky Spencer-Davies, sports and nutrition advisor, and founder of 'The Fit Thing'. The Fit Thing is a personal training business based in Oxfordshire.  Offering both an offline and online service, Becky's business provides her clients with one-to-one sessions, bespoke workout plans, and pre and post natal training.  With Becky's passion for fitness, and her background in marketing, meant that with a bit of risk-taking, hard work and determination, she now runs a successful business doing something she loves.  If you have a small business and are trying to grow your clientele, then this interview will be really helpful.  If you enjoyed the show, please share it on to one person today :)  Check out our website or twitter and Insta: @the_mobshow
January 23, 2019
Why patience is the route to success | Just Podding Along
Patience is the most undervalued attribute in humankind. I answered a profoundly sad question this week on Quora that I hope got through the recipient. It highlights just why patience is the key to success. If you are in a funk, then this podcast is for you. I talk about how I ended up going from a bad place to a happy one. Life is for exploring, but be patient and open minded. Check us out at insta/twitter @the_mobshow Please share on to a friend and chuck us a review where you can.
January 21, 2019
Sacking a supplier | Great business book review | Just Podding Along
Sacking  a supplier, can be a liberating experience. Do business, only with those that you love doing business with. I have some suppliers now that wow me and some I genuinely enjoy speaking to. They do more for me than supply a product, they help me grow my business too. Its a handful of names those folks, but in the journey to getting here, there are all too many that take your business for granted. They add little value and expect your money.  I never expect a sale from any customer, so why it is any different in B2B is beyond me. One such supplier about 3 years ago we put out of our lives. At first there is the worry, "What will my customers say?" But the truth is, if they don't fulfill on time, they are probably taking your clientele on their own site. This happened on two occasions with two suppliers. They no longer earn a penny from us and our labour. I have not heard of their brands much and I'm sure it was because I was not alone in this problem. Never take your customers for granted, regardless of the end of the market you deal in. And on that, check out 'Delivering Happiness' by Tony Hsieh. A fantastic audiobook by the former CEO of Zappos shoe and apparel company. Have a fantastic weekend, and a new interview with someone who broke the chains of 9 to 5 is coming soon. @the_mobshow
January 19, 2019
Interview with a... Rockstar | Jonathan Pfahl | Rockstar Group CEO | True-life Entrepreneurs
"80% of people who work for someone else, hate what they do." 'Interview with a Rockstar' introduces entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Rockstar Group, Jonathan Pfahl. In his day to day role, the Aussie born entrepreneur operates a seed fund, crowdfunding platform, mentoring group and startup accelerator as well as having a broad range of private equity investments and interests. There are few better versed in identifying a successful opportunity right now than Jonathan and his black book of industry contacts. Born in Australia and emigrating to the UK, Jonathan began his first venture at the age of 9. He studied down under before working in investment banking at Goldman Sachs. After a number of years in Hong Kong also, the allure of working for himself and the advice his father and role model gave him: "You will never get rich working for someone else" led him into establishing Rockstar Group. Today Jonathan is a regular public speaker at startup events at locations such as the Great British Business show as well as helping startups scale. If you want to find out more about Rockstar Group, and are keen to find out more about their mentoring or crowdfunding, visit their site: I ask Jonathan what it takes to be an entrepreneur, what was his best failure and how to identify the right business idea. We hope you love this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. If you have any comments or feedbacks for things we should do next time out, drop us a message on Twitter or Insta @the_mobshow or head over to our website: Note: We had a few issues with audio which we have tried to smooth over, next time I won't forget to turn one of our mics on. :)
January 17, 2019
Pitfalls of renting a commercial premises | Lease Help | Just Podding Along
If you are looking to take on a commercial premises, be it a shop or a cafe etc, then I talk you through some things to look out for.  I have dealt with a ton of leases myself, in the early days out of necessity, but with experience have become a little more comfortable doing it anyway. In the past we have made some big mistakes and these have been my education. I talk you through one such tale, of an aggressive landlord in my past and how we try to avoid this today. A bad lease, leads to a bad business. This is doubly troubling if you want to sell a business or need to wind up to move on. If you want some guidance on what you should be asking for before you even get to the lease stage, then I hope this podcast on how to handle making an offer on a commercial property is of use. If you like these podcasts, please forward it on to some one you know who loves business, and don't forget to chuck us a little review. If you want to get in touch, you can reach us at or via Twitter and Instagram @the_mobshow
January 17, 2019
Apps for growing social media | Just Podding Along accounts
We are documenting the launch of our new business CBDStar and are taking the time to talk about what apps we are using to grow our following. If you are starting your own business, then check in and see how we have got on with the plethora of 'grow your followers' apps. In this podcast I cover a YouTube app, Twitter and Instagram.
January 16, 2019
Interview with a... Wife | How to use Hashtags correctly | Podcast for Startups
This episode I speak to my business partner and wife, about her new venture 'Stories like ours'. Stories Like ours is a wedding stationary business that offers a high end product but without the price tag. Using a range of available templates that are updated as trends change, Rachel's business provides the full service including printing; utilising the lower print costs the company benefits from, due to pre-established networks. Rachel's background is in graphic design, while her sister Becky her business partner is a copywriter. Together they have begun to build a lifestyle business with the focus on supplementing their income and expanding beyond. I talk today about the importance of building a social presence in an intelligent way, as well as coming up with ideas to enable them to capitalise on what is a global audience for this product.  Hashtags are things that as consumers we whack on, but for businesses, monitoring them correctly and having an alternative approach for using them in your own content, is generally forgotten. If you have a small business and are trying to grow your audience, then this discussion over our sunday cheese and biscuits (munching has been edited out.) will be really helpful. It's Rachel's first time she has helped me with a podcast so we haven't often spoken about what her venture should be doing, which made this so much more genuine. My takeaway is that I should probably help her a bit more! If you enjoyed the show, please share it on to one person today :) Check out our website or twitter and Insta: @the_mobshow
January 13, 2019
How to measure and improve Customer Service - Just Podding Along with a Startup CEO
When you start your business and it begins to grow, very often it's you the customers come back for. When you can't be there and need to take on staff, maintaining that commitment to excellence can be a real challenge. At Vape and Juice we monitor and measure customer service and constantly work to improve it. Finding a way to do this when you aren't around can seem a puzzle. After reading 'Delivering Happiness' by former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh; we cracked it. I discuss for little more than £100 you can create a system that allows you to ensure your core values are adhered when you aren't around. If you operate a customer facing business then you will find this short podcast of real value. Implementing this system has helped increase positive reviews and therefore grow revenue. Want to know how you can do it? I also briefly touch on slow replying and why that's a mistake. If you enjoyed this podcast, subscribe and share on to a friend - I'm watching you ;)
January 12, 2019
Just Podding Along | How to deal with reviews & Big Co. ethics
Just Podding along - the ramblings of a man in business. This episode on my journey to and from the office I am touching on business ethics, how we cope as a society with big companies and how to handle reviews online and offline. Reviews are the modern day word of mouth and it's incredibly easy to pick up a negative one, very hard to grab a good one, even when you are good 95% of the time. I'm covering some simple tips to pick up good reviews and how to consider the negative ones. Documenting the pitfalls you have to face no matter how big your company gets I feel is a truer reflection of SMEs startups and mid-size companies than you ever get from Instagram unreality. I use Instagram as it's an important business tool, but my social commitment to it is pretty low. As I say, just because you don't like something, doesn't mean you should be so blindly foolish as to ignorant it for your own business. I'm talking Nike, Amazon and even white privilege. How's that for a diverse chat? Check out this Latest episode of The Retail Podcast - MOB Show - Small Business Advice
January 11, 2019
Start a CBD shop - promoting businesses banned from ads
Hi there,  this is the audio taken from my recent vlog on the Youtube channel. I am in the process of setting up a CBD business and this means we are limited to where we can market and how we can market. For this reason we have had to be a little more inventive. I thought I would air this as a podcast too, as it is useful for those who want to listen and not just watch. If you run a sports supplement business, CBD or vaping business, then this topic will be right up your street. We know how difficult it can be to reach out to new consumers where every bit of advice out there is all about facebook ads, instagram ads, boosts, and adwords. No help for you folks I know. If you have any feedback and found this useful, we would love your feedback at or hit us up on twitter or IG @the_mobshow
January 11, 2019
Setting up Twitch and interview nerves
Welcome to the Startup podcast, I'm Mason on business. We are preparing today for our first outside interviewee, Jonathan Pfahl. CEO of Rockstar Group, he's an entrepreneur, a mentor and has seen the rough with the smooth. While waiting for that we are setting up our Twitch channel. If you haven't heard of Twitch, then imagine you could be on Youtube 7 years ago, then this is the gaming version of that. No-one quite knows what it will be just yet, but its growing fast and is another avenue to build your profile with the customers of tomorrow. If you want to find out a bit more about Twitch then this episode is for you. Thanks for listening and stay tuned this weekend for our interview with a rockstar. Episode titled Jonathan Pfahl.
January 10, 2019
Get rich quick schemes | MLM and what's the point
Get rich quick schemes seem to never go away. From MLM schemes that sell health supplements to some now landing in the Cannabis market. Why do people sign up to them and what's the benefits to those who do? The grass is greener on the other side or so many who dislike their 9-5 think. We can't help but see constant signs of success on platforms like Instagram and people painting an edited version of their lives. We follow Dan Bilzerian, Kylie Jenner and Youtube stars who have made riches from their armchairs. People we know sharing images of them looking great 'living their best life'.  We all want a piece of the entrepreneurial lifestyle but sadly, predator companies are preying on this. (BTW, most of what you see on iG hides those posters' own unhappiness.) If we can't think of a business idea, what better than a well packaged and very well sold (to us) idea in a box? It seems an easy way to start your own business, but these MLM companies that encourage you to sell to your friends and family lock you in an incredibly awkward situation. Leverage your micro influence is what word of mouth is all about. But what about when that word of mouth is influenced by commission and not integrity of the products - is that good? A ton of questions I know, but if you have seen your friends or old school chums trying to get you to come down to their 'be your own boss' parties, then you may want to steer clear. I know of no successful MLM operators except for the founders of those companies. Any product that comes with a business idea you can sell on and pay you for it, is inherently odd. We made a decision at Vape and Juice some years back to not do review of product videos. We felt that the reviews would seem biased as we also had the products in our shops. It isn't smart business buying products just to slate and then binning them anyway. So we decided to offer advice and give tutorials instead. We took a little too long to do the latter, but we have begun again and are starting to generate traffic to our site in a way that doesn't challenge our ethics.  As a retailer of multi-branded products, our staff are able to offer customers the most appropriate advice for their varying needs and not just limited to one brand only. Our brand. A decade ago, banks were forced to disclose in a lot more detail if they were an agent of a product they were promoting, for good reason. Retail should be no different. If you are able to build a customer base through your own hard work, and based on people's trust in you; then do the right thing for them and for you. Offer them a wide range of products than one MLM brands' and you will realise you have an actual business. By sourcing your own products, you will also capitalise on larger margins and be able to have faith in you as a service. You won't have to be a recruitment agent as well. That's the podcast today in a nutshell, check it out for yourself and excuse the heavy breathing, I was walking home in the freezing cold :) If you enjoyed this podcast or if you have any suggestions on what we should talk about next time, fire them over to me on twitter @the_mobshow
January 9, 2019
My Quora Profile got 15k hits in 7 days
Have you ever asked a question or read the answer on Quora? Well Quora is a big way to win if you want to grow your personal brand and its as easy as caring enough to write decent written content. This episode I talk Quora, how to use it and how Twitter let's you win from under your duvet.
January 8, 2019
How to win at Amazon | E-commerce hacks | Ep20
How to win at Amazon, when all about you are losing theirs. Okay, I have kind of b*stardised someone else's quote there. But, this - 'How to win at Amazon', is my cheeky getting your own back tip, to boost your own brand awareness while using Amazon. Promise me one thing please - if this is of value to you, share it on to three people you think will appreciate it to. Go on ;) What does 'winning at Amazon' mean? I mean, operating an e-commerce business, but also using Amazon, not about making money on the site, but about connecting with potential future customers of your own site.  I break down in this podcast how to do this. This is one of those tips, I simply have never heard someone mention in their tell all books, or 'how to be an e-commerce entrepreneur guides'. I don't charge for this gem. Did you ever think the word ecommerce is so much easier to type than e-commerce. But if you don't stick a hyphen in on your text, it shows up that annoying red spelling error line. I am distracting you - HOW TO WIN AT AMAZON! Amazon is a curse but can be a blessing for online or offline retailers. This is a 7 minute podcast max that you literally have to listen to and I am not selling snake oil. The only pleasure I get out of this, is seeing those listener numbers go up. If it's a good idea in your eyes, be a doll, and share it on. That's the only payment I ask of you. You will see shed loads of MLM systems being touted online and FBA seminars, particularly right now on Insta advert feeds, they are there to make money for the trainers. They are not true businesses in the sense of the word and if you get involved in them, remember that you are offering no extra value that I or others can't also offer. Importantly, Amazon can do it better as well. Once Amazon sees that a product is doing well, they stock it and then sell it themselves and then it's game over for that segment or SKU. This is why I believe it's vital that you create a brand that is unique and is backed by a level of customer service or localised specialty that Amazon can't compete with as it's too micro. Do this and use the growth hacking tip I give on today's podcast about to how to use Amazon to grow your own website business. Don't fall for the Fulfillment by Amazon training seminars etc, or MLM schemes out there. They make money for very few people and divert your energy away from doing something that you uniquely love doing which could be your own project for decades to come. Selling 'kids neon torches' from Shenzhen for a couple of months because you have found an out of stock area on Amazon that's led to a surge in sales on the marketplace, is not a sustainable or a long term model.  That's me for today, check out the podcast the real juicy info is in the show. That's how to win at Amazon and growth hack your ecommerce business.
January 5, 2019
How to get followers on social media | Apps that make life easier | ep20
How to get genuine engaged followers on social media and some tools we are using to make life easier.  We are documenting the launch of a new CBD shop business and today's podcast talks about what we are doing to begin cementing our brand and helping it grow. I have used a couple of apps lately, Lumen5, Twiends and Sprizzy. I tell you what they do, and give a little feedback on their effectiveness. Getting yourself established on social media is fundemental to grow your brand and build a longer lasting business with roots and fans, not just customers. Growing a brand is fundamental to longevity in any business. Brand wins every day. Here's an example, an Amazon seller, is only winning for as long as they are cheap and offer free shipping. THEN, a rival shop undercuts them by a penny and the race to the bottom continues. If you have a brand, then you control the price it goes out to market at, and you control distribution. Brand wins everyday. So if you are looking for some tips to get you motoring, plug in to today's podcast on setting up social media in the right way. If you have any feedback, hit me up on Twitter @the_mobshow or via our website, home of startup advice Save the pangolin
January 4, 2019
Content Hacking Tip | Finding Great Blog Content Easy | Ep 19 The MOB Show
Content Hacking Tip for guerilla marketers coming up in today's bitesize podcast.  Finding great content for a blog can be a chore at times and even more so if you are new to the industry you have jumped into. I've been there, I know the difficulty. You want to find content that will be well ranked and will be uniquely written so you don't get down marked by Google, Bing etc. So how do you get that content? Super cheap, super simple and super sneaky. Jump onto Youtube, search for videos uploaded in the last 7 days, or 30 days within your sector. See what is ranked the highest and you will be able to see what people are actively hunting out and absorbing in droves. Grab those titles and throw them into Google. Check if much has been written on this topic and importantly, see how long down the page before random unrelated topics show up. This tells you how under reported it has been in written format. This is your window of opportunity. This is your chance to rank well, using SEO friendly copy and land yourself some extra traffic to your site organically. If there are tons of articles written already, move on, if there hasn't been, then you're in business. Make sense? If you just want content and don't care about SEO scoring, then of course you can use this strategy to get an idea on what to write without linking to someone else's site also. This is one of the simplest content idea hacks we ever came up with and it was born out of necessity as we didn't always get sent new products first for our online vape shop, Vape and Juice. We used this to be able to write reviews and then link them into the product pages on our ecommerce site and score well. This would almost certainly land us extra hits when employed correctly. The best part about it, its free.  So if you want some tips on how to find quality blog content then check out our guerilla marketing tip on the podcast "Content Hacking". If you want to start a business and are interested to follow our journey on starting our offline and online CBD shop, CBD Star, you can follow us on our Instagram @localCBDshop. Thanks for listening and send us your comments at 
January 3, 2019
Guerilla Marketing guide | £500 a month marketing budget | Small business Podcast
The £500 a month Marketing Budget for a small business or startup. What you should spend your money on each month for marketing if you have £500 a month or less. For many businesses, big capital to outlay on marketing budgets, just isn't there. Whether your new business is a side hustle or a new company, a budget of £500 can really get you moving providing you commit the time to it and are willing to do the additional work. The audio of my recent YouTube video discusses how you can get your business growing month on month whatever your sector with a budget of just £500.
January 3, 2019
The state of the High Street - Retail
The state of commerce and in particular high street stores is constantly in the press. With a stream of interesting news over the Christmas period about retail, I talk about the state of the wider High Street and the future of big brand Halfords. Part of me is posting this simply to document its future collapse and a massive pat on the back on what will be another loss in the coming 12-18 months.
January 2, 2019
Which social media platform should I use to promote my business | Small business podcast
 There is a common question asked in business circles with the ever growing presence of apps and social media platforms. What is it? It's 'which social media platform should I use to promote my business?' Today's episode is going to answer that for you. We have long struggled with every new social media site that begins, it means more content right? This episode will identify for you how to create enough content for all. Importantly, how you can streamline that content creation process.   Content is credibility is a fundamental philosophy that I follow. I urge others to consider it too. What does it mean? It's about the brand equity you get from observers when they see that you either talk sense or are so invested in your sector that they feel they can trust you when you speak. That brand equity is so valuable if your business is based on sales, or on any element of trust handover. If you are asking someone to give faith to you in your brand, then creating content is credibility. Make sense? Then check out today's podcast. Which social media platform should you use to promote your brand or business? All of them, and I will show you a quick management trick that helps you reach out to the widest audience in the simplest way.
December 27, 2018
Pricing your products and how to do it
This episode talks about how to price products for your online and offline shop. I discuss bias in power and buyers in need as well as undercutting pricing and loss leaders. pricing your products correctly is the difference between success and failure but also it's important to recognise the difference between price and value. we hope you find this podcast helpful to set your pricing and if you have any comments please send them to us on Instagram at the_mob show. pricing is affected by taxes in the UK the USA and Europe it's important to make sure that when you set your prices you consider future taxation because your customers won't want to pay more.
December 15, 2018
How to get customers into an offline shop
How to get customers into an offline shop. The power of indexes. If you are looking to drive more customers to your offline Bricks and mortar shop, then check out this first step. Marketing for offline shops starts online and I explain how, in this episode that I have reiterated before.
December 15, 2018
Prison to profit, not another prison podcast.
Tales from rock bottom up, dives back into why I am doing all this and how I came to be sat where I am now. I don't intend to produce just another prison podcast, instead I want to talk about the good that has come from my experiences, my life truly has been, prison to profit. If I can turn my life around, then you just hating your job is not a good enough reason to be sat on your hands letting the world go by. NB: This is not a podcast about ill gotten gains and living off the fat of that. This is for every one who has ever messed up in their life and just needed a little motivation to know they can restart again. Here's to absolutely anyone, who gets gee'd up a little and feels a bit more positive from this all. If you like this, please do me a solid and share on to at least one person; then save a dolphin.
December 10, 2018
F*ck Instagram Influencers - Why Insta is not your best life
Don't believe the hype. Why you should turn off Instagram and ring your folks. Instagram influencers and fake realities I discuss in this episode of A.R.E.A.M / the Hustle. Ever wondered why people look like they make it overnight on Instagram, well here's the truth. Let's talk about hard work :)
December 7, 2018
Does University matter for business?
We talk about Gary Vaynerchuk's recent discussion on the current downturn of University appeal as well as the worry that University debt will have in causing the next financial meltdown.
December 7, 2018
Digital Detox - Whatsauto Reply Apps
Digital Detox? Get yourself on this WhatsApp Autoreply App. And an App Fail discussion
August 23, 2018
To-do lists - Habits of successful people
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you're like me and love a to do list, then this podcast introduces a great new app you should check out. Plus an update on Virthium the review rebate app.
March 26, 2018
Rotacloud and Shopping Review Rebates
Are you struggling to keep on top of time sheets? Are your staff getting to work on time? Do you even know. We are talking about RotaCloud today and how to encourage customers to write reviews with Shopping rebates.
March 10, 2018
Optimising Google Map & dem damnbandoned carts
Hi all, I'm talking about how to optimise your Google map page plus trialing heat maps with Lucky Orange on Shopify, Big Commerce and Wordpress
March 8, 2018
Starting your first Shop
Looking to open a retail business in a bricks and mortar location. It's old school, but be new school about marketing it.
March 7, 2018
The Hustle - Apps Rule Everything Around Me
Introducing Mason Zacharie and how to hustle small business. I love Apps and I love Hip Hop. I will probably deviate from both in my passion to talk about growing businesses.
March 7, 2018
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