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The Mythic Masculine

The Mythic Masculine

By Ian MacKenzie
Explorations on mythology, culture and the emerging masculine archetypes. Hosted by visionary filmmaker Ian MacKenzie, co-director of Amplify Her (2018) and the forthcoming Love School (2020).
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#28 | Patriarchy In A Time With No Father - Stephen Jenkinson (Come of Age)

The Mythic Masculine

#33 | The Return of Ragnarok & Our Apocalypse Now - Rune Hjarnø (Nordic Animism)
My guest today is Rune Hjarnø, a doctor of History of Religions, educated from the Universities of Uppsala and Copenhagen. He has lived and worked in a number of countries - with a particular focus on Afro-Atlantic and Nordic religions.  He is the creator of Nordic Animism, a popular Youtube channel that explores the themes of Nordic religion, culture, and history in short accessible videos. As well, he is the orginator of the Rune Animist Calendar that introduces seasonal animism from Northern Europe. In our conversation today, we look at the function of mythology as the capacity to create relationship. We explore the challenges of modern culture, where the absence of functional mythology gives rise to conspiracy theories, and we learn how the pantheon of Nordic gods can provide expressions of transgressive masculinity. Finally, we explore the myth of Ragnorak and what guidance it might offer us in these apocalyptic times.
February 17, 2021
#32 | Way of the Graceful Warrior - Gary Dillon (Kekoanui)
My guest today is Gary Dillon, a mentor of many years and man I consider deeply grateful to know. I first met Gary through the Orphan Wisdom school, and have discovered that Gary’s rich and varied life has taken him through many pathways and modalities: including learning the traditional Hawaiian art of Lomilomi bodywork, transformational movement therapy, and the arts of sacred intimacy. In our conversation today, Gary shares how he was given the name Kekoanui, which means A Warrior of Aloha. We explore the tale of Eros & Psyche and the dynamic nature of divinity, and we speak of the role of memory and beauty, as nourishment for the mythological World Tree.
February 3, 2021
#31 | Into The Belly of the Dragon - Jan Blake (Storyteller)
My guest today is Jan Blake, one of Europe’s leading storytellers who has been performing for 35 years.  Jan specializes in myths and folktales from Africa, the Caribbean and Arabia - and has mesmerized audiences at every major storytelling festival worldwide. She has been the Storyteller-in-Residence for the Hay Literary Festival, the curator for Shakespeare’s Stories at the World Shakespeare Festival, and the recipient of the British Award for Storytelling Excellence.  Jan also leads popular workshops for emerging storytellers, and gives masterclasses on the craft of storytelling. In our conversation today, we speak of the return to her childhood home after many years living in the city of London. We explore the role of the storyteller and the necessity of permission to connect with an audience. Jan shares the story of The Hunter and the challenges young men face in the cultural climate of today, and finally we speak of the magic that blurs the line between telling a story, and the story telling you.
January 19, 2021
#30 | We Forgot We Were Kings - Alan Cooke (The Wild Irish Poet)
My guest today is Alan Cooke, a filmmaker, poet, and speaker from the wilds of Ireland. Alan’s poetic and literary work is based on the narrative of the medicine of nature, forged from the sorrow of undergoing numerous personal and cultural losses in his days.  Back in 2009, Alan won an Emmy for writing a film about his time in New York City, titled Home.   After returning to Ireland, he spent 13 years as a wandered and walker of the Irish landscape, refining the power of words to alchemize trauma into beauty. In our conversation today, we speak of his youth growing up in Dublin and his initiation into the poetic imagination, we speak of his hard days in New York and the cascade of loss that met him upon returning to Ireland, and we speak of how nature brought Alan back to a deeper sense of his masculinity, and how in the end, all darkness turns to beauty. And of course, Alan shares a few poems.   I’ve layered the beautiful harp playing of Andee Anko behind his words.
January 5, 2021
#29 | Awakening From The Trance of Domination - Riane Eisler (The Chalice and the Blade)
My guest today is Dr. Riane Eisler, a social systems scientist, cultural historian, and author whose research, writing, and speaking has made an enormous impact on the cultural landscape. I first encountered her work through the book The Chalice and the Blade, where she first articulated her cultural transformation theory of history, which includes the lens of dominator versus partnership society. In the decades since, she’s written numerous other books include Sacred Pleasure, and most recently Nurturing our Humanity. Dr. Eisler is president of the Center for Partnership Studies (CPS), as well as given keynotes at the United Nations General Assembly, the US Department of State, along with corporations and universities offering applications of the partnership model introduced in her work. In our conversation today, we cover the foundations of her cultural transformation theory, along with her own childhood experience of fleeing Nazi Germany.  We look at the limitations of language that have so far prevented the depth of cultural change we urgently need, and how sharing a new mythology of partnerism may yet regenerate a more humane and environmentally sustainable world.
December 23, 2020
#28 | Patriarchy In A Time With No Father - Stephen Jenkinson (Come of Age)
My guest today is Stephen Jenkinson, a culture activist, teacher and author, and principle instructor of The Orphan Wisdom School, co-founded with his wife Nathalie Roy. He has Master’s degrees from Harvard University (Theology) and the University of Toronto (Social Work). Stephen’s most recent books are the award-winning Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul (2015), and Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble (2018). I first encountered Stephen back in 2012, when a friend invited me to a summer teaching that was close to my home in Vancouver. That first morning, he gathered us at first light and told a story about the sun, rising.  I was never to be the same again. That meeting has altered my life completely. That winter, I joined the Orphan Wisdom School on his farm in Ontario, and have returned to many gatherings and teachings over the years. I have also produced numerous short films on Stephen’s work, including The Meaning of Death, the Making of Humans, and Lost Nation Road (2019). If you’ve listened to this podcast for some time, you know that I usually quote Stephen at least once an episode. And this interview has been a long time coming - largely because I wished to record it in person, and not over Zoom. I finally had that opportunity last September when I travelled to Ontario on a whirlwind trip to the farm.  If you’d like to hear more of that story, I’ve shared an additional recording which is available to my Patreon supporters.  Head over to the Mythic Masculine website and click ‘Become a Supporter’ if you’d like to gain access. For now, I’m very pleased to share our conversation, where we explore personal and profound territory, including: the lost origins of the mythopoetic men’s movement, the times Stephen met Robert Bly and James Hillman, the deep etymology of the word ‘patriarchy’, and the mythic understanding that a culture needs its fathering, as much as it needs its fathers. And so, enjoy my conversation with Stephen Jenknson.
December 8, 2020
#27 | The Law Is In The Land - Tyson Yunkaporta (Sand Talk)
My guest today is Tyson Yunkaporta, an academic, poet, and carver of traditional tools and weapons. He is a senior lecturer in Indigenous Knowledges at Deakin University in Melbourne, and the author of the book ‘Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World’. Since its release, Sand Talk has received many glowing reviews, and offered a crucial indigenous perspective on the areas of history, education, money, power and sustainability - using traditional wisdom for a livable future. I first learned of Tyson from the Melbourne based men’s group Warrior Within, and with the surprising success of his book, have observed Tyson being ushered into a growing spotlight. For our conversation, I was excited to explore his take on masculinity - and he offered a raw and personal dive that touched some deep places in us both. We speak about the importance of relationship as the truth of our being, where the term “toxic masculinity” came from and why it’s a bad story, how a man’s relationship with the land mirrors his intimate relationships to others, and why tracking the mystery of emergence invites us to look to the wisdom of the outliers.
November 24, 2020
#26 | The Big Epic One Year Anniversary Episode - Ian MacKenzie + Elisa Spring
Greetings dear listener. This is a special episode of the podcast, where I reflect on the year since launching. It’s been hugely satisfying for me, and based on the feedback, for many listeners as well. I thought to record this anniversary episode to share about the journey of The Mythic Masculine. But rather than be a solo-cast, I invited my friend Elisa Spring to conduct the conversation, with some questions gathered from members of The Mythic Masculine Network. In our conversation today, we explore the intersection of eros, emergence and village, the problem with personal growth, the poverty of location independence, and how to intentionally pollinate the noosphere - that is, the realm of interconnected consciousness unites us all.
November 11, 2020
#25 | Rebuilding Men's Culture Through Song - Murray Kyle (Talisman)
My guest today is Murray Kyle, a mystic troubadour from Byron Bay, Australia. Over 15 years of of writing and touring his music has built him grassroots audience from all over the world.  His songs have become anthems of the heart, inviting reconnection to each other and the wisdom of the earth. I first met Murray while touring Australia back in 2016.  I attended a singing circle he led with other local men - I still remember how rich and healing it was to raise my voice in soulful brotherhood. In our conversation today, we speak about awakening to his soul’s purpose as a musician, the cultural beauty of men coming together in song, and the power of music to beckon forth our service to the world.
November 3, 2020
#24 | The Anthropocene is a Motherf*cker - Jane Caputi
My guest today is Jane Caputi, a professor of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Florida Atlantic University.  Dr. Caputi’s primary research is in contemporary American cultural studies, including pop culture, gender and violence, and eco-feminism.  She is the author of many articles and four books, including The Age of Sex Crime; Gossips, Gorgons, and Crones: The Fates of the Earth; and Goddesses and Monsters: Women, Myth, Power and Popular Culture. Her most recent work is Call Your Mutha: A Deliberately Dirty-Minded Manifesto for the Earth Mother in the Anthropocene, which does fierce and mythic battle against the techno-hegemony of The Age of Man. In our conversation today, we explore the roots of patriarchy from a mythic lens, we illuminate startling perspectives on ancient stories, from Gilgamesh to the Garden of Eden, and we wonder what might it take for civilization to come back into right relationship with the life force of the Earth Mother, lest she turn away, forever.
October 20, 2020
Special Episode: Launching The Mythic Masculine Network - Daniel Robert (Community Manager)
This is a special episode of the podcast, the first of its kind. It's a conversation with my good brother Daniel Robert, who is also the community manager of The Mythic Masculine Network. With our official launch happening last week, I thought it would be a supportive offering to share more about the origin and intention behind the network, as well some of Daniel's story, and how it came to be that we are collaborating on this growing community of artists, activists, scholars, and mythopoets. In our talk, we speak about how he found his way to men's work, our showdown in the brotherdome at the sacred sons convergence, and understanding men and the current crisis of meaning in our culture. Finally, we share in depth about the Mythic Masculine Network and why you might join us, and many others building this community. Enjoy my conversation with Daniel Robert.
September 21, 2020
#23 | The Divine Path of Intimacy - Jack Zimmerman (Flesh and Spirit)
My guest today is Jack Zimmerman, an elder in the realm of relational intimacy. He is the co-author of The Way of Council (with Gigi Coyle), what I consider to be a key book on teaching the foundations of functional community.  He is also the co-author of Flesh and Spirit: The Mystery of Intimate Relationship, which he wrote with his life partner Jaquelyn McCandless. In our conversation, we cover the origin and foundations of the council practice. We explore the mystery of partnership: from understanding resonating wounds and the nature of projection, to how to tune into the consciousness of the Third - that relational space between you and another person. And finally, he speaks how walking the path of radical intimacy is to partner with the evolutionary intelligence of life itself.
September 15, 2020
#22 | Language Is A Lens - Jared Qwustenuxun Williams (Cowichan Tribes)
My guest today is Jared Qwustenuxun (QUEST-AY-NA-HUN) Williams, a Salish Food Sovereignty Chef and Manager at the Elders Kitchen for his community of the Cowichan Tribes. He is also a father and owner of Medieval Chaos, the largest live action role playing game in Western Canada. I’m grateful for our conversation, where he illuminates his love for traditional teachings, language, and story, deeply informed by his rootedness to his place, the land of the Cowichan peoples, where I currently also call home. We explore how language is lens into a indigenous view of the world, how it has come to be that modern people know more about Greek gods and Marvel superheroes instead of the stories of place beneath their feet, and why really, it all comes back to the food.
September 2, 2020
#21 | The Roam and the Rapture - Michael Gay (Sacred Sons)
In today’s episode, I speak with Michael Gay, a therapist in private practice based in Boulder, Colorado.  Michael has worked in the field of counseling for the last 14 years as a guide, therapist, and trainer.  He specializes in work with depression, trauma, PTSD, grief, and families. I first encountered Michael at the Sacred Sons Convergence last October in San Diego California, where he led the men in a group process of healing through attunement to stuck energy, ultimately unlocking the deep alchemy of transformation. In our conversion today, we touch upon his own adolescence and grappling with the big questions of life, how he encountered the mythopoetic men’s movement and his time with Robert Bly, how emotions like anger can be powerful tools for healing, and why a culture of safety is fundamentally about coming back into relationship, with ourselves and with each other. Enjoy.
August 19, 2020
#20 | Surrendering To The Wisdom Of Your Body - Philip Shepherd (Radical Wholeness )
My guest today is Philip Shepherd, an international authority on embodiment. He is the author of two books New Self, New World and Radical Wholeness, along with the developer of The Embodied Present Process, a series of practices for people to undo the stress and imbalances that are caused by disconnection, and find instead what it means to rest in the deeper, connected wisdom of the body. Philip's personal path was shaped by his adventures as a teenager, when he cycled alone through Europe, the Middle East, India and Japan; by his deep commitment to and studies of bodywork; and by his experiences as an actor, playing lead roles on stages in London, New York, Chicago and Toronto. In our conversation today, we explore: why living in the head, as many men do, guarantees a state of loneliness, how to tap into the emergent intelligence of life, and why the future of humanity may depend on our ability to finally come home, to your body and the earth. We begin with a guided presence practice led by Philip Shepherd.  
August 4, 2020
#19 | Dear White Men, From An Indigenous Woman - Pulxaneeks (Haisla Nation)
My guest today is Pulxaneeks (Pul-ha-neeks), from the Eagle Clan of the Haisla First Nation, a First Nations tribe located on the North West Coast what is now known as British Columbia, Canada.  Pulxaneeks is a living, loving result of the coastal Indigenous village that raised her & all that survived in the lineage she was born to. She honours the Elders, Mentors and huge family whose love she is a living result of and the Ancestors whose strength and resilience is flowing through her veins. Her recognition of the responsibility to use her strengths in a meaningful way in contribution to greater change led her to develop “Heart to Heart Indigenous Relations Consultation” based on her unique understanding from walking in two worlds, both Indigenous and Settler cultures.  As an unsettled settler on stolen land, I am grateful to consider Pulxaneeks a friend and mentor for me on this path of Practicing Allyship in support of the Indigneous Peoples of Turtle Island, as well as connecting with my own Ancestry and lineage. In our conversation today, we speak of the right use of privilege, the necessity of uncovering your trauma and discovering your gifts, and how every new encounter between indigenous folk and settlers is an opportunity to heal the unresolved pain of first contact, and come back into connection from the heart. Enjoy.
July 21, 2020
#18 | Next Culture & The Rise of Archearchy - Clinton Callahan (Possibility Management)
My guest today is Clinton Callahan, an author and cultural edgewalker that calls himself a memetic engineer. He the originator of Possibility Management, a training organization that aims to empower people as bridges to next culture. Clinton strikes me as a man from the future. And by that, I mean one who has explored the edges of our current paradigm, and has developed a sophisticated and complex series of memetic distinctions that compose an entirely different gameworld than our modern dominant context. In our sweeping conversation, we cover a lot of ground including: the importance of lowering your numbness bar to develop the capacity to truly feel again, understanding our Box intelligence that keeps us from stepping outside of the familiar, and what he believes lies beyond matriarchy and patriarchy - the rise of archearchy. It’s okay if you feel a bit lost for the first half hour of our conversation. I promise, it will all make sense (maybe) by the end. Enjoy this conversation.
July 7, 2020
#17 | Whiteness in the Wake of Hungry Ghosts - Daniel Foor (Ancestral Medicine)
My guest today is Daniel Foor a teacher and practitioner of practical animism, specializing in ancestral and family healing and helping folks learn to relate well with the other-than-human world. He is a doctor of psychology, as well as a marriage and family therapist, weaving many years of immersion in earth-honouring ways- including European pagan and Native American paths, Mongolian shamanism, and West African tradition.  He is the author of Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing, and over 15 years has given hundreds of trainings and talks across the United States. In our conversation today, Daniel and I explore a number of themes, including: the fundamental shift needed to recognize kinship with the natural world, exploring beyond the gender binary through indigenous epistemologies, and naming the practical love languages that are food for your ancestors.
June 23, 2020
#16 | These Monsters In Perpetual Exile - Bayo Akomolafe
I’m very excited to share my conversation today with Bayo Akomolafe, an international speaker, poet and activist in service of a radical paradigm shift in consciousness and culture. He is globally recognised for his unconventional, counterintuitive, and indigenous take on global crisis, civic action and social change. Bayo is also Chief Curator for The Emergence Network and the author of two books, including “These Wilds Beyond our Fences: Letters to My Daughter on Humanity’s Search for Home.” I first crossed paths with Bayo at the New Story Summit in Scotland, back in 2014, and since then have followed his genre-bending wonderings about how things came to be as they are, often crafting his lectures and essays with surprising and beautiful associations of language and imagery. In this episode, we cover a range of topics, including: Understanding fatherhood as a community, the need to confront the monstrosities of masculinity, and the tender wound that may lie at the heart of the patriarchy.
June 9, 2020
#15 | Decolonizing Men's Work - Dallas Goldtooth (1491's)
My guest today is indigenous activist and comedian Dallas Goldtooth (Diné/Dakota).  I first crossed paths with Dallas at the Bioneers conference back in 2016, as he arrived from the height of the action at Standing Rock - where water protectors clashed with police against the Dakota Access Pipeline. This massive energy project would have cut through their sacred lands and polluted the water, and Standing Rock became a global icon of indigenous resistance. Dallas is also a key member of the media team for the Indigenous Environmental Network, a non-violent direct action trainer, and a Dakota cultural/language teacher.  When he’s not fighting on the frontlines, Dallas travels with his all-indigenous comedy troupe, the 1491s. In our conversation we touch upon a number of themes, including the subject of toxic masculinity, how much of modern men’s work unconsciously enacts settler-colonialism and cultural appropriation, and the power of humour to connect and create change. We begin with a short excerpt from one of his talk’s at the Bioneers conference. Enjoy. 
May 26, 2020
#14 | A Village To Hold Young Men - Nicky Wilks (Journeymen)
My guest today is Nicky Wilks, a good friend and father of 3, who has spent many years working with youth of all ages. 5 years ago, he co-founded Journeymen, an organization dedicated to guiding young men through nature-based rites of passage, and honing their communities to be able to receive them properly afterwards. In our conversation we touch upon a number of key themes, including: why modern culture is currently failing our youth, why parents aren’t meant to be everything to their kids (and why that’s a good thing), and how we can truly make space for the genius of our boys. LINKS Journeymen - Official Website Journeyman on Facebook Journeyman on Instagram
May 12, 2020
#13 | Gambling With the Knuckle Bones of Wolves - Martin Shaw (School of Myth)
I’m very excited to introduce my guest today - prolific author and mythteller Dr. Martin Shaw. I first encountered Martin’s writing in the foreword to Stephen Jenkinson’s book Die Wise, and was immediately hooked by the elegant and unruly prose that leapt from the page. I found the same ecstatic spirit in Martin’s popular essays and numerous books including Scatterlings and the more recent Courting the Wild Twin. Over the years, we’ve crossed paths at numerous teachings and locales, from a small island off the coast of British Columbia, to a 1000 year old pub near Dartmoor National Park in the UK, where he lives. Martin has spent many years as a wilderness rites-of-passage guide, and honed his craft as a mythteller learning directly with the greats Robert Bly, James Hillman, and Michael Meade... among many others. I knew that one day I needed to speak to Martin about his time in the mythopoetic men’s movement, alongside his teaching house Westcountry School of Myth- who are self-described as a “school of courtly love disguised as a monastery for elegant pirates. In our interview today we discuss range of topics: from a bardic role of the mythteller, why we are in the underworld (but don’t know it yet), and how this time of coronavirus might be an invitation into our collective initiation. LINKS Martin Shaw - Official Website WestCountry School of Myth Cista Mystica Press 
April 28, 2020
#12 | Courting The Undefended Heart - Boe Huntress (Thirteen Queens)
My guest today is Boe Huntress, a London based musician and longtime friend, whose work powerfully explores the themes and archetypes of the feminine journey.  We first met in 2014, at The New Story Summit gathering in Scotland, where after seeing her perform, I knew I had to collaborate with her. We immediately shot a live performance of her track ‘Green Dragon’ a song about female initiation. Since then, Boe has continued to release a prolific range of albums, including Kiss the Witch, A Female Power, and the forthcoming Thirteen Queens.  More recently, Boe has undergone a quest to integrate her own inner masculine, a story which I felt was deeply fitting for this podcast. She describes how a trio of failed relationships cracked her open to the deepest heartbreak of her life, how this led her to look into intergenerational grief through her father line, and ultimately, the willingness to end the war between the polarities of her soul. Just a note: halfway through this episode, Boe performs her song “Undefended Heart”, which she wrote to crystallize the courtship of this sacred union.   The full song will be released on Boe's Patreon.  LINKS:  Boe Huntress - Official Website Green Dragon - Live Music Video
April 14, 2020
#11 | The Origins of the Mythopoetic Men's Movement: Michael Meade (Mosaic Voices)
My guest today is the venerable Michael Meade, author, mythologist, and storyteller, who was a prominent figure in the first wave of the mythopoetic men’s movement of the 80’s and 90’s.   Michael was right in the center of it - sitting alongside legends such as Robert Bly and James Hillman. By the mid 90’s Michael moved away from the men’s movement, and founded the Mosaic Multicultural foundation, a non-profit dedicated to education and cultural healing, working with at-risk youth, returning veterans, prisoners, and youth involved in gang life. Over the last few years, I’d met Michael at a few public gatherings, and have long desired to sit down with him to understand what happened back then, and what the current mythopoetic wave can learn from his perspective. Just a note: This episode was recorded in late January, at Michael’s studio on Vashon near Seattle. This was before the coronavirus lockdown, and therefore of course, we don’t speak to this topic.  At the same time, in our conversation we cover many other rich areas, including those early days of the mythopoetic men’s movement, the problem with codifying archetypes like king, warrior, magician, and lover - and the heart of men’s work, which for Michael, has always been about journey of the soul.  LINKS  Michael Meade - Mosaic Voices Official Website 
March 31, 2020
#10 | Queering the Pandemic - Day Schildkret (Morning Altars)
We live in wild times. So much has changed since I published my previous episode of this podcast. A global pandemic is now sweeping the world, with country after country imposing severe lock downs and many people retreating into isolation. In Canada, we are just beginning to feel the impact, and the future is deeply uncertain. Which is why I am deeply honoured to share my conversation today with my friend and beauty maker Day Shildkret. Day calls himself an impermanent earth artist, who has developed quite a following with his practice of Morning Altars - gorgeous mandalas that he builds through foraging for natural materials in each place that he goes. In fact, I highly recommend pausing this podcast and visiting his Instagram to see this beauty for yourself. In this episode, we begin with the obvious -  speaking about the coronavirus that has now overtaken the public imagination. We explore his own roots as a young Jewish boy that was almost killed in a bombing in Israel, before coming out as gay in New York City and claiming his sexuality for the first time.  And finally, we make a plea for the willingness to craft beauty in a time of fear, as a way to court life back into the center of the spiral.
March 17, 2020
#9 | Fatherhood Is The Medicine - Adam Jackson (Sacred Sons)
Today I’m happy to share my conversation with Adam Jackson, one of the three co-fathers of the Sacred Sons men’s organization that has been making waves these last two years. I was introduced to Adam when I attended their Sacred Sons convergence in San Diego last October, and was impressed with the way they stewarded 200 men over two subsequent weekends into realms of connection, healing, and empowerment. In this episode, I speak with Adam about the recent birth of his second son Holland, along with the birth story of my own son Oryn.  We explore the importance of not losing yourself as a new father, how he uses ritual to stay connected with his partner, and why the return of the Father archetype is so needed in modern culture.
March 3, 2020
#8 | From Mother Earth to Lover Earth - Charles Eisenstein (Sacred Economics)
I’m pleased today to share my conversation with visionary philosopher Charles Eisenstein. He is the author of numerous books, including the recent Climate: A New Story. I first came across Charles’ work over 10 years ago with his book The Ascent of Humanity, where he articulates the deep story of separation that lives at the heart of modern civilization. From there, he wrote Sacred Economics, which inspired me to reach out to him and collaborate on a short that to this day remains one of my most popular films. Since then, I’ve been privileged to call Charles a friend and ally in weaving the story of re-union - what he calls: the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. A few years ago, Charles developed his own interview series exploring the new story of masculinity. In this episode, I learn what he brought back from his journey, how he understands the role of the true king, and humanity’s coming initiation to cross the threshold from Mother to Lover Earth. A technical note: the lower quality of my audio recording becomes better about halfway through the episode. LINKS:  Charles Eisenstein - Official Website Sacred Economics - short film 
February 18, 2020
#7 | Thriving Life & A Prayer for All Men: Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining)
Today I’m happy to share my interview with Pat McCabe, an indigenous grandmother, activist, artist, and ceremonial leader.   She is an international voice for global peace, and someone I seem to continually cross paths with at new paradigm gatherings around the world. I suppose we’re following the same song lines. Recently on Facebook, I asked others to speak about the value of men’s work, and Pat wrote an intriguing response where she named her own explorations into a “thriving life” paradigm - and a new narrative for the sacred masculine that is longing to be born. In this episode, I learn more about her personal journey with spirit, how she integrated her rage as a woman on this planet, and the deep prayer she holds for men to connect once again as functional members of the Hoop of Life. By the end of our conversation, both of us are in tears.  I wish the same for you. LINKS Pat Mccabe's Official Website Support the Mythic Masculine
February 4, 2020
#6 | The Boy Hero Must Die: Eamon Armstrong (Life is a Festival)
Eamon Armstrong is the host of his popular podcast Life is a Festival, promoting adventure and personal development through the lens of festival culture. I first met him as the Prince of Parties when he worked for Fest300, where he got to travel the globe and report from world’s best festivals. It was at Rainbow Serpent in Australia where he happened to attend one of my first talks on masculinity and love. We bonded soon after, and kept in touch after returning to our home places. A year later, Eamon and I returned to Australia where we offered a series of talks on the subject of mature masculinity - we were a great combination.  I brought my experience and knowledge and he offered his playfulness and vulnerability. Plus, he made me just a little more fabulous. More recently, he has experimented with stand-up comedy, exploring the conversation around men’s work with a poignant irreverence. Up next, I’ve included a short clip before we dive into our conversation. LINKS:  Life is a Festival - Podcast
January 21, 2020
#5 | A Culture of Love Beyond Patriarchy: Benjamin von Mendelssohn (Tamera)
Benjamin von Mendelssohn is a longtime resident of Tamera peace research village in Portugal, which for the last 5 years has been the focus of a documentary I’m co-directing titled Love School.   Benjamin is co-leader of the Global Love School, as well as the director of The Grace Foundation which aims to heal our collective relationship to money. I first met Benjamin actually in my own kitchen, back when a friend asked on his behalf for a place to stay for a stop on his North American tour.  At the time, I didn’t know much about Tamera, though we said hello and I continued on with my day.  It was a year later in 2014 when I encountered Benjamin again at the Findhorn community in Scotland for The New Story Summit- he was attending as a speaker along with a few other Tamerans from his community, and it was then I recognized they were carrying an entirely different field of being. I was invited to Tamera to make a short film about their research in healing love and sexuality, and in 2015, after my marriage ended, I knew it was time to visit.  That journey began a love story with the community and a deepening relationship with Benjamin who I am now grateful to call a friend and a mentor. In this episode, we discuss his first experiences coming to Tamera, what he had to unlearn as a man, and why truth in love is the foundation of a healed culture. LINKS Tamera - Official Website The Grace Foundation
January 7, 2020
#4 | The Grail, The Dragon, and the Wild Men: Sharon Blackie (This Mythic Life)
Dr Sharon Blackie is an award-winning writer, teacher and speaker, aimed at cultivating the mythic imagination.  She is the author of numerous books, including “If Women Rose Rooted” and the host of her own podcast This Mythic Life. Sharon specializes in the myths, folklore and fairy tales of the Celtic nations and the British Isles. In today’s episode, I’m excited to speak with her about her historical and psychological insight into the masculine: from understanding the role of myth and re-examining classic stories like the quest for the Grail.  Finally, we touch on the limitations of the hero’s journey and what may come next. LINKS: Sharon Blackie - Official Website Sharon Blackie on Facebook
December 23, 2019
#3 | Shiva and the Mystic Path of Inner Integration: Zamir Dhanji
Zamir Dhanji is a longtime friend and ally in our mutual exploration of emerging culture. He is trained in Hatha yoga in the lineage of Swami Gitananda. His spiritual guru of the last eight years is the Buddhist wisdom master Maticintin, lineage holder of the “Mind Treasure Teachings” which are aimed as a direct means of cultivating the mind of enlightenment. This path includes the study of Buddhist teachings and applying oneself as a bodhisattva, dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings as a servant of life. He serves as a lead instructor for the Langara College Yoga Teacher Training program. Instructing in yoga asana, pranayama, philosophy and meditation. He weaves a long-time love of music, poetry and movement into his workshops and sessions, and continues to play with the Vancouver-based world music collective Naad. In this episode, Zamir and I discuss the masculine cosmology of India, what human love taught him about the divine, and his own journey into healing the relationship with his father. Ultimately, we explore how the mythic archetypes of the past could provide us with a model of healing the current conflict between the masculine and the feminine. Links: Official Website Zamir Dhanji
December 10, 2019
#2 | Toward Sexual Initiation: John Wolfstone (Love School)
John Wolfstone is a filmmaker, wilderness rites-of-passage guide, and sacred clown focused on the work of cultural redemption.  Over the past 10 years, he has been in service toward restorative justice, ancestral healing and peace building in conflict zones from rural Guatemalan villages, to Middle Eastern refugee camps and inner cities of the United States. In 2015, John and I began work on our feature documentary Love School, exploring the radical research community of Tamera in southern Portugal.  Since then, we have been on a deep journey of collaboration and brotherhood - complete with many bumps along the way. I am happy to have John in my studio today, where we discuss the his own rite of passage - through the lens of catastrophic personal heartbreak, which catapulted him on a journey into the underworld and back again. We speak about men’s sexuality, the gateway of grief, and the perspective that we are now in a time of planetary initiation. PART II is available as a bonus hour via my Patreon page. LINKS John Wolfstone - Medium essays Johh Wolfstone - Official Website
November 26, 2019
#1 | Villain or Messiah? The Rise of Jordan Peterson: Patricia Marcoccia & Maziar Ghaderi
By now, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard the name Jordan Peterson, and already have a strong opinion about him.  Back in 2016, he was the controversial Canadian academic who refused to agree to the mandated use of gender pronouns at the University of Toronto. This resulted in a massive debate on whether he was taking a stand for free speech, or simply a bigot who refused to bow to the progressive future.  Since then, his popularity has exploded. With the release of his new book “12 Rules for Life” he has become a Youtube star and been called the most influential public intellectual in the Western World right now. On today’s show, my guests are Patricia Marcoccia and Maziar Ghaderi, co-directors of the new documentary titled The Rise of Jordan Peterson.  The film has just finished a North American theatrical tour, and is now available widely online. In this interview, we discuss the journey of making the film, the reasons why he is misunderstood by the political Left as well as the Right, and the mythic lens by which to understand his crusade in this cultural moment. Official Website - The Rise of Jordan Peterson Facebook Fanpage - The Rise of Jordan Peterson
November 12, 2019