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The Naked Entrepreneur.

The Naked Entrepreneur.

By Korum Ellis
Korum Ellis is an Australian Entrepreneur, model, actor, inventor, creator, business owner builder and more. When was the last time you felt naked? This podcast undresses new business tactics of Perth business owners and other high achievers (and out of town guests) to discuss strategies and techniques to stay ahead of the game.
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'Is radio dead? Are you results driven or price driven? Are you making money?'.... Pt 2. with Jack Kwoh from HiTV Communications

The Naked Entrepreneur.

'Is radio dead? Are you results driven or price driven? Are you making money?'.... Pt 2. with Jack Kwoh from HiTV Communications

The Naked Entrepreneur.

Shazzi Marsh joins Korum to talk about MAFS, building a business from Zero & Maxim magazine covers!
Married at First Sight star Shazzi Marsh joins Korum to talk about reality TV, building her business from Zero & her Maxim magazine cover shoot with her identical twin sister.
February 27, 2020
Ep. 9 Ted Talks, Passive income and Linkedin. Pt 2 with Comedic Hypnotist Matt Hale
In the middle of his intense show schedule at Fringe World in Perth this month, i'm happy to release part 2 of my talk with Matt Hale, celebrity hypnotist and all-round nice guy!
January 23, 2020
Pt. 1 of Matt Hale, celebrity hypnotist joining Korum to talk Hydrofoils and building business from the ground up.
Matt Hale, celebrity hypnotist and all-round nice guy joins Korum to talk about hydrofoil surfing, how to make something from nothing and build your business from zero to hero with no capital investment. Matt has a busy month with over 30 performances booked but he generously made time for me to drop into his Scarborough house in Perth and catch up on a lot of interesting details about his prolific exposure across many media platforms, how to keep busy in your niche, how to have fun gliding across water, how to focus your mind and how to build something from nothing. You can also watch this podcast on Youtube! Search youtube for Korum Ellis and put faces to the voices you hear here on the show.
January 11, 2020
'Is radio dead? Are you results driven or price driven? Are you making money?'.... Pt 2. with Jack Kwoh from HiTV Communications
In part 2 of Korums interview with Jack Kwoh from HiTV we talk about the benefits of radio to the Audiocom brand, quality of service over low price point and playing the long game. with profit vs value vs customer service.
January 07, 2020
Episode 6 'Where is your clients attention?' Pt. 1 of guest Jack Kwoh of HiTV visiting from Sydney
My good friend and long term business colleague Jack Kwoh (based in Sydney) visits Perth and i was lucky enough to talk him into appearing on the show! We have a long history of business together and this great catch up gave us a chance to get in sync again. We had so much great conversation to give to each other i had to split this cast into two parts! visit Jacks business at visit my new Perth Ebike business at
January 02, 2020
Are radar detectors legal in Western Australia?
Radar detectors have been used in Australia for years, but did you know they are only legal to own and operate in the state of Western Australia? Audiocom CEO Korum Ellis explains the ins and outs of radar detector operation and effectiveness on WA roads in this quick podcast. Check out the full video via the youtube channel link at
December 10, 2019
Podcast Interview with Author, traveler and business Owner Jessica Cleverley
The incredible young author and entrepreneur Jessica Cleverley joins Korum for an interview regarding her upcoming book release, world travel, her waste reduction business centered around gratitude and tripping balls in Peru.  Please note: The content of this recording and the experiences related to by the guests are subjective experiences and should not be taken as advice or recommendations. Any substance intake should be researched and vetted by your trusted health professional before you attempt this experience yourself.
December 08, 2019
The E-Bike revolution has arrived in Perth, Western Australia
I like to get across trends early to make the most of them in business. A big one to hit Western Australia now and in the near future is the off-road e-bike and urban e-bike revolution, which is why i have established a new fleet of off-road and on-road E-bikes for hire in Perth!!
December 08, 2019
Are you doing enough for your clients? In-car power podcast
In this latest podcast, i explain the very simple strategy that is at the core of Audiocom Mobile Electronics growth and success in a shrinking real world (offline) retail electronics market
December 04, 2019
Episode 1 - Introduction
Thank you for subscribing! This is a brief introduction to my new stream sharing some really amazing content. Subscribe to this cast on your favorite podcast platform and connect with me across all my socials. Visit for more!
December 02, 2019