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The Neurodivergent Nurse

The Neurodivergent Nurse

By Jami
The Neurodivergent Nurse is a podcast hosted by Jami, a nurse who has ADHD. On this podcast she discusses all things ADHD. Her journey with this diagnosis is just beginning as she learns about ADHD and how to navigate life with it. She shares what she has learned and the occasional embarrassing stories along the way.
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ADHD and Student Life With Anna
School is back in, which is the perfect time for you to listen to the brilliant guest, Anna. Anna is a University Student who shares ways she has discovered to help achieve success at school with ADHD. You may not currently be a student, but feel free to share with those who are or may have children with ADHD who currently are. It's important to note Anna has an incredible Instagram account full of helpful tips for the student ranging from studying, self care, cleaning, and more! You can find her at @an.nalogy ************ If you would like to hear podcasts weekly (instead of twice a month) join The Neurodivergent Nurse Patreon here. If you enjoy more images you now have the option to become an Instagram Subscriber to double the amount of ADHD Images and Tips each day!
September 04, 2022
ADHD and Police Interactions (part 2)
**Disclaimer** Nothing in this episode should be construed as legal advice.  If you are in need of legal advice, please consult an attorney. This is part two of this interview. I highly recommend if you haven't yet listened to part 1 to do so now. Tom Schorr (podcast host of Just Some Podcast and Will Continue to Monitor) joins the Neurodivergent Nurse this week to discuss openly the challenges that arise from interactions of police officers and individuals with ADHD. As an ex police officer he shares insight of why we receive "not so positive" reactions at times and we chat about things that could make it easier for both parties involved. Check out more of Tom at and his Instagram
August 21, 2022
ADHD and Police Interactions (part 1)
**Disclaimer** Nothing in this episode should be construed as legal advice.  If you are in need of legal advice, please consult an attorney. Tom Schorr (podcast host of Just Some Podcast and Will Continue to Monitor) joins the Neurodivergent Nurse this week to discuss openly the challenges that arise from interactions of police officers and individuals with ADHD. As an ex police officer he shares insight of why we receive "not so positive" reactions at times and we chat about things that could make it easier for both parties involved.  This is a two-parter.  Check out more of Tom at and his Instagram
August 05, 2022
ADHD Life With Skye Rapson, ADHD Coach
Skye was gracious enough to roll with me having to emergently pick up a shift at the hospital, leaving this episode to be recorded in the parking lot via Zoom. Skye Rapson shares about what life was like with ADHD (as well as some helpful tips). She also talks about the amazing organization, Unconventional Organisation. She also discusses the differences between an ADHD coach and Therapist. Truly I learned so much from this interview, not to mention I could listen to her talk with her beautiful accent for hours. Unconventional Organisation information. Go to their website  to find out more information AND book a FREE 20 minute consultation.  If you're on Instagram please check out the help they provide via posts @unconventionalorganisation. ********* If you enjoy the podcast don't forget to rate (5 stars) and leave a quick comment to help others find the show! You can do that here. You can also sign up to be a Patron of the Neurodivergent Nurse to support the show and receive bonus ADHD content (including exclusive podcasts - check the tier), Ad free episodes, insights to the private life of The Neurodivergent Nurse, and more. If you would like to sign up, you can do so at
July 19, 2022
Darcy Michael & Jane Stanton Talk ADHD
On today's episode Jami had the honor of having comedians Jane Stanton (The Mighty Ducks tv series) and Darcy Michael (Darcy Michael Goes To Church on Netflix). Darcy and Jane talked about how they came about their ADHD diagnosis in adulthood, how undiagnosed ADHD shaped their childhood, how ADHD helped shaped them into the amazing comedians they are today, and more. Where you can find MORE Jane & Darcy content! Don't forget to listen and get hooked on their podcast if you aren't already! High School Sucked Podcast High School Sucked IG Jane Stanton IG Darcy Michael TikTok Darcy Michael IG Darcy Michael Twitter
June 29, 2022
Interview Tips For ADHD Brains
Interviewing is difficult for even the most talented candidate, but when you're struggling with ADHD while on a job interview it can seem impossible. Today's episode provides tips that will give you better chances on landing that dream job when you sit to interview! If interested in buying LGBTQ+ apparel you can do so by clicking here. 
June 09, 2022
How To Respond To Criticism With ADHD
ADHD makes us more sensitive to criticism. Our first instinct is often to respond defensively or angrily to outside comments that feel like disapproval. This episode talks about ways we can respond if the criticism is valid as well as invalid. 
May 20, 2022
How To Spend Your Sunday
Sunday ** Which is whatever is your last day of the week. Some tips to help you prepare for the next week coming and wind down a bit from a potentially busy week.  Join the Patreon
April 24, 2022
The Dangers of Driving with ADHD
On this week's episode we're going to talk about the impact ADHD has on driving.   Did you know, research has shown that those of us with ADHD tend to be an increased risk of driving impairments? I mean this really shouldn't be a big surprise if we just stop and think about it given the core symptoms of ADHD include problems with being distracted, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.  To join the Patreon go to to sign up. Links to studies mentioned in the podcast: Serious Transport Accidents in Adults With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and the Effect of Medication: A Population-Based Study | Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders | JAMA Psychiatry | JAMA Network Driving classes for ADHD:
March 26, 2022
ADHD Burnout
We have heard of burnout. If you work in the medical field you have certainly heard about it and likely felt it since the pandemic started two years ago. “ADHD Burnout” is often something a little deeper. It refers to the cycle of overcommitting and overextending that leads to fatigue in people with ADHD. It involves taking on too many tasks and/or commitments, and then the subsequent exhaustion that happens when we’re unable to fulfill all of our obligations. But why is burnout so prevalent in our community especially? On this episode I chat with you about WHY burnout happens to US so frequently and ways in which to alleviate it.  Join the Patreon at
March 11, 2022
Are You Self-Centered or is it ADHD?
Are people with ADHD more self-centered than the rest of the population? Probably not. Although there are some characteristics of ADHD can give the appearance of being self-centered. In today's episode we talk about 7 reasons you may come across as self-centered. 
February 25, 2022
Difficulty Getting Diagnosed With ADHD For Black Americans
This episode initially aired March 2021. In honor of Black History Month this conversation is one that continues to have a need to be heard. Listen as The Neurodivergent Nurse and Dr. Kimberly Douglass discuss the difficulties Black Americans have in receiving an ADHD diagnosis.  If you would like to join the patreon you can do so at
February 17, 2022
Revenge Bedtime Procrastination
Revenge bedtime procrastination is  putting off sleep for “me time” activities aka Netflix, social media, and next-day exhaustion. In this week's episode we discus this unhealthy sleep habit, why individuals with ADHD are particularly prone it, and strategies to break the cycle. Be sure to listen 'til the end for the really terrible dad joke.  If you want to join the Neurodivergent Family by becoming a Patreon you can do so at
February 11, 2022
ADHD and Travel Nursing
Live from Nashville! People in the ADHD world experience life more intensely, more passionately than neurotypicals. They have a low threshold for outside sensory experience because the day-to-day experience of their five senses and their thoughts is always on high volume. The ADHD nervous system is overwhelmed by life experiences because its intensity is so high. One way we get that hit of dopamine through new experiences is in the world of traveling. Whether you have ADHD or not, at Nurses Podcon The Neurodivergent Nurse gave tips to make your world of traveling a bit easier as well as maximizing your income! 
January 26, 2022
Social Justice Warriors with Amie and Sara Cohosts of The Gritty Nurse Podcast
People with ADHD can be more creative and more passionate. That creativity and passion can drive us to take action where others may not. Studies have found that people with ADHD have significantly higher justice sensitivity and greater perceptions of injustice than those without ADHD.  On this week’s episode I bring Amy and Sara the cohosts of The Gritty Nurse Podcast to talk about their work to bring about social justice and awareness.  You can find their Amazing Podcast here. Be sure to check out their website You can also find them on Twitter @GrittyNurse Sara @saramfung Amie @amievarley Research referenced in today’s episode: If you would like to join The Neurodivergent Nurse Patreon click here
January 20, 2022
ADHD's Social Skills Difficulties
ADHD can make it hard for people to focus and pay attention. But it affects more than just school or work. ADHD can affect social skills, too. This week's episode discusses ways in which ADHD impacts us socially with a few tips to help make it easier. Be sure to stick around until the very end for a return of the Dad Joke. Vote where to meet The Neurodivergent Nurse at Join the Patreon at
January 14, 2022
ADHD Coach Ron
"I always say, if there's one person where I'm like, man, I made a difference in their day, then I freaking won today." Today's episode starts out with talking about finding your word for 2022. I jumped on this train a little late, but it's only the first month of the year. We can still claim it, then we jump into chatting with my wonderful guest, Ron.  Ron joins this week's episode of the podcast and shares his experience with ADHD and how he landed in becoming an ADHD Coach. We also chat about ADHD as a whole and health ways to manage our negative emotions, dealings with rejection sensitivity and imposter syndrome.  Ron can be found on Instagram at Adhd_ron & TikTok at ADHDcoachron. If you are interested in a session or finding out more what Ron offers as an ADHD check out his website at  If you would like to join the Patreon family and support the show you can do it at
January 07, 2022
Glimpses of Gratefulness: Your Past Doesn't Equal Your Future
Your past doesn't not equal your future nor does it mean it is who you are today. We have have moments and periods in our lives that we are not proud of. We may have evolved and grown from those moments but you ARE NOT your mistakes, your bad choices. You are human. What is important is the fact that you're trying to be a better person today than you were yesterday and that's wortg being proud of.
December 30, 2021
Motivation Tips to Carry into 2022
Those of us with ADHD struggle when it comes to motivation. This week's episode we are going to talk about why our brains have such a difficult time as well as 9 (actually 10) tips to help you get motivated to do that task. Support the show by joining The Neurodivergent Nurse Patreon here Bring some happiness to the show by leaving a 5 star review with a comment on Apple Podcasts or if you don't have Apple Podcasts you can leave one here. Resources for Today's Show Emotions and Motivations | Psychology Today Understanding Motivation and Emotion - Johnmarshall Reeve - Google Books Mapping the interconnected neural systems underlying motivation and emotion: A key step toward understanding the human affectome - ScienceDirect Motivation Deficit in ADHD is Associated with Dysfunction of the Dopamine Reward Pathway
December 28, 2021
Glimpses of Gratefulness: You Are Strong and Resilient
You are Strong and Resilient and you can handle every situation. So many of us have been playing the same self-defeating records over and over again in our heads for so long that we don’t know how to think any differently about ourselves. Listen to today's episode and you much just change your tune.
December 26, 2021
Glimpses of Gratefulness: Juggling Roles.
New miniseries within The Neurodivergent Nurse recorded on the way to work- unedited and just truth. This miniseries will bring you the reminder you need to appreciate who YOU are because your ADHD brain doesn't always allow you to do it, so let me help. Todays episode focuses on the phrase, "I'm doing well when juggling so many roles."
December 21, 2021
Fear Less Now Host, Sam Led (part 2)
Part 2 of the two-part episode. I had the privilege to interview Fear Less Podcast host, Sam Led. We talked about his future book, his podcast, and his life as an individual with ADHD. Sam gives such great advice and hope on this podcast as he does with his clients as an ADHD coach.  Listen to his podcast now at  Follow him on Instagram at:  Or if you're interested in Sam as an ADHD coach information can be found at his site:
December 17, 2021
Fear Less Now Host, Sam Led (part 1)
Part one of this two-part episode I had the privilege to interview Fear Less Podcast host, Sam Led. We talked about his future book, his podcast, and his life as an individual with ADHD. Sam gives such great advice and hope on this podcast as he does with his clients as an ADHD coach.
December 03, 2021
Tips For The ADHD Traveler
Traveling can be incredibly difficult for those of us with ADHD. While we love it at times there always seems to be minor disasters that make planning and the follow through more difficult. This week's episode is recorded on the road as I share with you trips to  make your experience a little less stressful and maximize your enjoyment!
November 19, 2021
ADHD & Seasonal Affective Disorder
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year. If you're like most people with SAD, your symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months, sapping your energy and making you feel moody. Today's episode we discuss how those of us with ADHD often suffer from SAD. The colder weather and even the holidays can play a part. Tune in today to learn more about it and tips to minimize your suffering.
November 12, 2021
Unlock The Next Level of Your ADHD with Creativity
We know ADHD brains are creative by nature. Life seems to get in the way for us to sit and focus on creative things that bring joy into our lives, but did you know it actually has a positive impact on our brains? Check out this episode to find out! If you're interested in buying a ticket/tickets to NursesPodCon in person or online visit and use promo code ADHDNURSING for 25% off.  Links referencing the podcast:  Creativity as a Wellness Practice: Everyday creative activity as a path to flourishing:
November 05, 2021
How to Make Small Talk
On this week’s episode I talk to you about the difficulties of Small Talk with a Neurodivergent Brain. It’s just so painful for many of us. This episode gives you tips to conquer small talk when at a party or around people you have to converse with that you don’t know! If you are interested in buying tickets to the Podcon, get your ticket at Nurses Podcon Sponsors
October 30, 2021
ADHD & Comorbidities
On The Neurodivergent Nurse Instagram account I've noticed a trend of individuals confused about the possibility of ADHD and their comorbidities. So, on this week's episode we break it down. Is this a symptom of something all it's own, or is this linked to your ADHD? Let's see if this episode can help you figure it out.  Medical article about the topic: If you would like to join the Patreon you can by clicking here ->
October 26, 2021
Rumination With ADHD
So this week's episode is about something that I been dealing with a lot lately, and it is ruminating. You may think. What the heck is that? Well, let me ask you. Has your head ever been filled with one single thought or maybe even a string of thoughts, but it just keeps repeating and repeating and repeating. It's almost like a broken record that keeps going on in your head.  If this sounds like something you deal with occasionally or often, check out this week's episode to find ADHD friendly ways of dealing with if.  If you're interested in becoming a Patreon, subscribe at
October 14, 2021
ADHD & Sobriety with Chris Sweich The Host of From The Depths of Darkness to The Light of Success Podcast
Chris Sweich, the host of From The Depths of Darkness to The Light of Success joins The Neurodivergent Nurse to chat about his journey through darkness into the light of success. He is a success story of ADHD and the struggle with substance abuse who has now been clean and sober for several years. He graces the this episode with raw and real accounts of his life and his celebration of today. Be sure to check out his amazing podcast as well: If you're intersted in joining The Neurodivergent Nurse Patreon you can do so here
September 30, 2021
What Can Be Making Your ADHD Worse?
Something major has happened in the last few weeks that has caused my world to feel flipped upside down. I also started noticing my ADHD symptoms eerily similar to pre diagnosis. This led me to figure out what could cause my symptoms to be increasing (besides stress).  This week's episode talks about the things that could be contributing to worsening of your ADHD symptoms. 
September 23, 2021
Is Multitasking Your Super Hero Strength?
On today's episode we explore multitasking and the ADHD brain. Do you think multitasking is a strength of yours? Check out this episode to find out the truth of multitasking with an ADHD brain  The book mentioned is Hyper Healing: The Empowered Parent's Complete Guide to Raising a Healthy Child with ADHD by Avigail Gimpel, MS. You can join the patreon at
September 15, 2021
Quick Tips To Manage ADHD Time Blindness
This episode gives some quick tips to make time more manageable for the ADHD brain.
September 01, 2021
How To Say, "No"
Do you have a difficult time saying "no?" Then this is the episode for you! Saying no to a request from someone you like, love, admire or hate-to-disappoint is difficult. This episode will talk about why it's especially difficult for those of us with ADHD and include tips and ways for you to use to start saying "no."
August 25, 2021
ADHD & The Clutter Chaos
Clutter seems to come along with the experience of ADHD. Organizing belongings, keeping up with housekeeping, and maintaining the flow of family life can get complicated because of ADHD symptoms. This week's episode dives into the impact clutter has on the lives of those of us with ADHD and tips to put an end to it!  Be sure to listen to how to get a free body double appointment if you're +18years old. 
August 18, 2021
I'll Take A Shot... of Dopamine
Dopamine allows us to regulate emotional responses and take action to achieve specific rewards. It’s responsible for feelings of pleasure and reward. Scientists have observed that levels of dopamine are different in people with ADHD than in those without ADHD.  This episode talks about the neurobiology of the ADHD brain and the ways in which we attempt to get "hits" of Dopamine. 
August 11, 2021
Social Anxiety Disorder
As many as 80% of people with ADHD will have at least one other psychiatric condition in their lifetime. Just as untreated ADHD can lead to unnecessary problems in everyday life, comorbid conditions can cause a tremendous amount of harm in those with ADHD if left undiagnosed and untreated. On the surface, SAD and ADHD can sometimes look alike. We will discuss The following and few ways symptoms of ADHD and SAD overlap. As always this episode will include tips and ways to help minimize the suffering of Social Anxiety! If you would like to become a patreon you can at References used to help create this podcast: Sobanski E, Brüggemann D, Alm B, et al. Psychiatric comorbidity and functional impairment in a clinically referred sample of adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2007;257(7):371-377. doi:10.1007/s00406-007-0712-8 Kessler RC, Adler L, Barkley R, et al. The prevalence and correlates of adult ADHD in the United States: Results from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication. Am J Psychiatry. 2006;163(4):716-723. doi:10.1176/ajp.2006.163.4.716 Koyuncu A, Alkın T, Tükel R. Development of social anxiety disorder secondary to attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (the developmental hypothesis). Early Interv Psychiatry. 2018;12(2):269-272. doi:10.1111/eip.12372 American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th Ed.). Washington, DC. 2013
July 28, 2021
Money Management The ADHD Way
For many people with ADHD, it is hard to resist impulsive spending. Impulsivity is one of the major symptoms of ADHD, so it is not uncommon for those with ADHD to buy first and think later. Sure, impulsive spending may leave you with the challenge of storing all of your new purchases. But the real issue is that it can quickly lead you down the path to debt. On tis episode I share 10simple tips to keep your finances in better order by gaining control of impulsive spending. Give it a chance, you might enjoy it!
July 20, 2021
Treating ADHD Using Self-Compassion
The idea of non-judgmental awareness, core but not exclusive to mindfulness practice, means seeing life exactly as it is. The effect of ADHD and executive function is profound. Hiding from how it feels won’t help. But ADHD is a medical disorder, not anyone’s fault. Without judgment and self-recrimination, what’s the best step to take right now? Self-compassion is a complementary approach that may let every other part of ADHD care move forward. This episode talks about the importance of self-compassion, the benefits it offers to the ADHD brain, and ways to start putting it into practice. Research referenced on the episode: Self-compassion and Perceived Criticism in Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) | SpringerLink
July 14, 2021
Sleep Difficulties & The ADHD Brain
Before the diagnosis of ADHD I was a night shift worker who could easily stay awake for 36 hours between work and play. This episode talks about the difficulties night shift has on your body. If you are not a night shift worker, but simply struggle falling asleep no worry, fast forward to 10:19 where I chat about ADHD and difficulties sleeping.  Why Do People with ADHD Have Problems Sleeping? Tune in to find out and try these tips to have a better night's sleep with an ADHD brain.
July 07, 2021
The Lafaya Way
The Lafaya Way promotes healing in conjunction with every human’s authentic desire to connect with one another in a healthy way, by living their “Honest Truth.” Lafaya Mitchell joins this week's episode to talk about being an author as well as her experience as a therapist to families, couples and those Hypersensitive Individuals. We discuss what led her to the path to have a deep connection with those who encompass hypersensitive traits. She also gives advice on how to find a therapist that works for you, the importance of dismissing the stigma surrounding therapy, healthy ways to reflect on progress, and more.  Ms. Mitchell's specializations include: Hypersensitive Individuals (Autism Spectrum, ADHD, other moderate to severe social, emotional, and behavioral issues), Intergenerational Trauma, School Relations (i.e. bullying, student-teacher, etc.), Faith-based Relations, Professional/Work-Place Relations, Community Relations and Cops.  You can find ways to connect to her at her website, Home - Peace of Mind Therapeutic Solutions // THE LAFAYA WAY.  You can purchase her books on Amazon at
July 01, 2021
The Impact Diet Has On Your ADHD Brain With Nutritionist, Shawna Hughes
Shawna Hughes joins this week's episode to discuss the impact food choices has on the ADHD brain. She discusses her journey in discovering what is best suited for those of us with neurodivergent brains as well as foods that are best to avoid.  You can find her website at Kids' Virtual Nutritionist ADHD ( You can also find her on instagram at Shawnahughesnutrition  If you're a Patron of the show, I'll post a few ADHD friendly recipes for you to try after you listen to this episode! If you're interested in becoming a patron you can sign up at
June 23, 2021
Mindful Meditation & The ADHD Brain
This week's episode is one of the two recorded for the Neurodivergent Nurse Patreon last month. This exclusive episode was used because the hardware used to produce The Neurodivergent Nurse was held captive by Bitlocker.  If you're a Patron, you've heard this one and I will be releasing an extra this month (this week specifically) to make it up to you.  For those of you who are not, this week's episode is about the importance of Mindful Meditation for the ADHD brain. The concept seems difficult especially when our brains don't often slow down to allow us focus on one single thing. This episode brings you ways in which you can make it happen and reap the most benefits from a practice that is so important, and great for our brains.  If you would like to join the Patreon you can do so at
June 15, 2021
Best Workouts For The ADHD Brain & Tips To Get Motivated
ADHD can make it hard to pay attention, control your emotions, and finish tasks. Treatment may involve medication and therapy sessions to help get organized and stay focused. One ADHD treatment that doesn't require a prescription or a visit to a therapist's office is exercise. Research is finding that getting regular fitness can improve thinking ability, and it may improve the symptoms of ADHD To reap these rewards, though, you need to exercise the right way and the right amount. The key is to find an activity that fits your lifestyle and then stick with it. Today's episode will help you do just that!
June 08, 2021
Redefining Your Post-Pandemic Life With ADHD
The pandemic caused many things for those of us with ADHD. What will we keep? What will we change? This episode helps figure out how "normal" will be defined for you and your family.
June 01, 2021
Emotional Impulsivity of ADHD
The emotional impulsivity of ADHD can make it easier to fly off the handle, or blurt out hurtful things. Heightened, over-the-top emotions with ADHD disorder very common, in both positive and negative situations. On today's episode we are going to focus on the emotions that include anger, irritability, and frustration to name a few.  Today's episode will also help you recognize the signs of approaching anger, and provide tips to disarm and manage out-of-control feelings.
May 25, 2021
Decision-Making Difficulty With The ADHD Brain
On this week's episode Jami talks about the difference between Cold Cognition and Hot Cognition and the ways in which those with ADHD respond well to "hot decisions," but seem to struggle on more basic decision-making.  As always she brings about tips for you to use in your daily life to help our neurodivergent brain easily make the more seemingly mundane decisions.  Shout out to this week's two newest Patrons- Alyssa King and Rochelle. Thank you for joining the Patreon and supporting the podcast. Be sure to follow The Neurodivergent Nurse on Instagram and TikTok. If you are interested in joining the Patreon as well for uncut video interviews, show notes, inside information surrounding the podcast, or just simply to support a show you love you can do so at More information on Hot and Cold Cognition can be found at:    
May 18, 2021
Intrusive Thoughts of The ADHD Brain
Intrusive thoughts are thoughts that seem to become stuck in your mind. They can cause distress, since the nature of the thought might be upsetting. They may also reoccur frequently, which can make the concern worse. Intrusive thoughts are unwanted thoughts that seem to occur out of the blue. They can be disturbing and unpleasant. This episode discusses the different types of intrusive and alarming thoughts as well as ways to help you manage and when to seek help.  You can join the Neurodivergent Nurse Patreon at Additional Sources:,expression%20of%20adults%20with%20ADHD.
May 12, 2021
Are You An Imposter or Is It Imposter Syndrome?
Imposter syndrome is the psychological pattern in which an individual believes that their own accomplishments came about as a result of having been lucky or having manipulated other people's impressions—not through hard work or genuine ability. Many people with ADHD feel like they are imposters. One of the reasons for this is that you hide your struggles from the general public. People, such as your boss and coworkers, know that you are smart and get results. But you know you have to work more hours than anyone else at the office to get those results. You meet deadlines by pulling all-nighters and by making personal sacrifices, such as less time with your family. This episode takes a light swim on the surface of what imposter syndrome is, why people with ADHD often struggle and suffer from it, and tips and tricks to help alleviate the frustration you deal with while struggling with Imposter Syndrome. Information on imposter syndrome: Book Metioned: The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from Imposter Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It. Written by, Dr. Valerie Youn. If you would like to support the podcast with early episodes, video interviews, exclusive bonus episodes and content feel free to join the Patreon today!
May 05, 2021
BONUS EPISODE: Weight Loss Tips For ADHDers
Weight loss is difficult for most adults, but even more so for those who have ADHD. ADHD can lead to overeating and excessive weight gain. Over time, this can result in other health problems. This episode includes tips that could help manage weight loss for those of us with ADHD.  If you would like to contribute to this podcast please sign up to be a Patron at Be sure to follow on Instagram at
April 30, 2021
Beth Paul's Journey As A Nurse and Business Owner With ADHD
If your gut says “I know this doctor is telling me I fit these boxes, but I don’t.” Then trust that. Trust your own gut and look for the things that help. Don’t get so fixated on that label. What are the things that make you happy and healthy?” Beth Paul, a nurse, business owner, and blogger ( is the guest on The Neurodivergent Nurse this week to discuss her journey as a Nurse turned Business Owner ( with ADHD and the struggles and triumphs along the way. As always if you would like to contribute to this podcast you can go to you can get exclusive bonus episodes, script of the show prior to the release, uncut video interviews of the guests, input on upcoming shows and ideas and more! Also be sure to follow The Neurodivergent Nurse on Instagram and TikTok.
April 28, 2021
How ADHD Perfectionism Leads to Chronic Procrastination
Jami brings an episode this week to discus ADHD and the Weight of perfection. We dive into the difference between front-end and back-end perfectionist and which the ADHD brain focuses on. Feeling the need to be perfect will so often lead to chronic procrastination. Once we can figure out what we are doing and “why” we can use tips and tricks to help up do it and do it better. Listen to this podcast and find out the tips for yourself. If interested in following the Instagram account, check out @theneurodiergent nuse. Also for extra goods- check out the Patreon page Thanks to Dov Snow for being the newest Patron.
April 20, 2021
Benefits of ADHD Fidgeting With Founder of CONQUERing Tammy Nelson
Research shows that physical activity — even a little foot-tapping or gum chewing — increases levels of the neurotransmitters in the brain that control focus and attention. Learn how a subtle fidget may help block out distractions, fight boredom, and increase productivity. In this episode we briefly discuss fidgeting and how it helps those with ADHD. Tammy Nelson the Cofounder of one of Jami’s favorite ADHD products, CONQUERing joins the show to discuss the inspiration behind the product that has helped the neurodivergent community greatly. Shout out to the two newest patrons of The Neurodivergent Nurse Podcast, Robert DeSautel and Christena Foster. If you would like to join the patreon click here. Be sure to follow The Neurodivergent Nurse on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Links to today’s Guest: CONQUERing Website CONQUERing TikTok CONQUERing Instagram CONQUERing Facebook More information on fidgeting and ADHD here.
April 14, 2021
ADHD and The Shame Epidemic
For many people with ADHD, shame arises from the repeated failure to meet expectations from parents, teachers, friends, bosses, and the world. Guilt focuses on what one has done. Shame focuses on who one is. If you have ADHD this episode helps get to the causation of the shame we carry and tips to overcome it.  Don't forget to follow The Neurodivergent Nurse on Instagram and Twitter. Join the patreon at If you're interested in leaving a voice message for the show you can do so Here. Additional resources about Shame associated with ADHD: Dealing with Shame when you have ADHD The Missing Link in Thriving with Adult ADHD: Overcoming Shame Tips for ADHD management: Ten Tips for Nurses with ADHD by Adrianne Behning (as mentioned in this episode) How to Create A Brain Dump
April 07, 2021
ADHD & Friendships
Making friends and maintaining friendships can be a struggle for adults with ADHD. One of the best ways to find happiness in your life is through close friendships. But if you have ADHD, you already know that finding and maintaining these friendships can be a lot harder than it sounds. We often get so caught up in our own lives, combined with trying to manage all that's happening, that we often fail to think about others and what we can do for them. This episode will discuss the challenges as well as tips to help your friendships thrive. It also ends with encouragement and reminders needed to take away from this uncomfortable topic. Want to hear more episodes, get behind the scene views into my messy world, or have group paint nights led by the host? Check into becoming a patron at
March 30, 2021
Racial Disparities In ADHD Diagnosis
Dr. Kimberly Douglass joins this episode to discuss what is behind the difficulties of receiving a diagnosis of ADHD for Black Americans. She discusses how symptoms in Black children are ignored as we look at issues such as the school to prison pipleline, the racial and ethnic disparities across the entire healthcare spectrum, implicit bias with diagnosing Black Americans, community stigma and more. Dr. Douglass has formed an encouraging community with her presence on TikTok (drkimberlydouglass) where she shares her knowledge of all things Neurodivergence ranging from Autism to needs of executive functioning to the reminders we all need to hear that we are whole today and deserving of quality of life. About the CDC-Kaiser ACE Study School to prison pipeline Children left behind Want to hear more episodes, get behind the scene views into my messy world, or have group paint nights led by the host? Check into becoming a patron at
March 23, 2021
The Body Double and ADHD
A secret tool that you may not be aware of is the use of a body double. Those of us with ADHD often have such a difficult time with tasks, whether it's initiating, staying on track, or not getting distracted. Today's episode is going to chat with you about using a body double the benefits that can come from it.  More info on ADHD and body doubling: Body doubling group (I have not used this resource so please be sure to use caution if you choose to do so): Want to hear more episodes, get behind the scene views into my messy world, or have group paint nights led by the host? Check into becoming a patron at
March 16, 2021
Work Tips for Neurodivergent Nurses With Adrianne Behning
While being a nurse can be the perfect job for someone with ADHD, we have attributes that make it very difficult. We are forgetful, we tend to lose everything, we are disorganized, and many more which often create complication as bedside nurses. Adrianne Behning, RN, BSN host of Nursing Uncensored Podcast joins today's episode to discuss the tips and tricks she has formulated throughout her career to make being a neurodivergent nurse easier. We have enough to worry about than where we put our shears, right? She shares 5 amazing ideas and products she's found that will save you time and brain power. She also saved 5 more that you can find in her blog on Tuesday. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you won't miss an episode. Also like and share so The Neurodivergent Nurse can be found by those who may also need to know they aren't alone in their diagnosis. If you'd also appreciate daily tips and/or reminders follow the show on Instagram. Adrianne's Blog: Nursing Uncensored Podcast: Nursing Uncensored on Instagram: Adult ADHD information referenced by Adrianne: Want to hear more episodes, get behind the scene views into my messy world, or have group paint nights led by the host? Check into becoming a patron at
March 09, 2021
Best Jobs For Those With ADHD
ADHD looks a bit different in adults. It may present as restlessness, disorganization, and trouble focusing. ADHD may also come with some unique strengths. Choosing a career that capitalizes on those strengths and doesn’t depend heavily on areas of weakness may be the key to professional success with adult ADHD. That, along with successful ADHD treatment. Certain job traits may complement the strengths of some adults with ADHD: Passion-fueled High-intensity Ultra-structured Lightning pace Hands-on creative Independent risk-taker Finding a job that ranks high in one of these qualities, or a combination of them, may be just the thing to lead you to a career that you love. Check out these jobs that might be a fit. We chat about the jobs in each category and why it would be great for those with ADHD. The symptoms of ADHD can create challenges for the adult in the workplace, just as they do for children in school. Some adults with ADHD have very successful careers. Others may struggle with a variety of challenges, including poor communication skills, distractibility, procrastination and difficulty managing complex projects. I chat at the end of the episode about downfalls in the workplace concerning those with ADHD. Want to hear more episodes, get behind the scene views into my messy world, or have group paint nights led by the host? Check into becoming a patron at
March 03, 2021
Six Reminders For Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
Rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD) is extreme emotional sensitivity and pain triggered by the perception that a person has been rejected or criticized by important people in their life. It may also be triggered by a sense of falling short—failing to meet their own high standards or others’ expectations. People with ADHD cope in two main ways:  1. They become people pleasers. 2. They stop trying. Neither of these are healthy, so I want to give you six quick reminders for your Friday if you struggle with RSD as I do.  Want to hear more episodes, get behind the scene views into my messy world, or have group paint nights led by the host? Check into becoming a patron at
February 26, 2021
ADHD in Women
It was such a toss up on what to focus on first. Ultimately I decided the best choice would be what I know the most about. ADHD in women. Do you relate to the factors that comprise the ADHD woman? If  you loved todays episode be sure to share with your friends and subscribe for future episodes.  Want to hear more episodes, get behind the scene views into my messy world, or have group paint nights led by the host? Check into becoming a patron at
February 25, 2021