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The New Level Podcast Network

The New Level Podcast Network

By The New Level Podcast
Welcome to the New Level Podcast!

The New Level Podcast is hosted by Philip Aguib and Theresa Forman. It studies automation technology trends and how they affect humans. The show focuses on inviting industry experts across multiple sectors, to share ideas and concepts, to help humans elevate their business. Join Philip and Theresa on a journey to gain more knowledge about automation technologies. Philip is the Sales Director of Vantree Systems, an EDI automation company based in Montreal. Theresa has been a marketing consultant in the IT space for over 20 years!

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TNL0007: Transformational Leadership With Dr. Charles Redd

The New Level Podcast Network

TNL0008: Digital Transformation with Stilian Nikolow
In today's episode, we speak with Stilian Nikolow, Director of Strategic Growth at Gestisoft. ​Gestisoft is a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Montreal specializing in deploying Microsoft CRM & ERP solutions. ​As a leader in the company, Stilian enables organizations to transform digitally by using Microsoft technology.​He is currently the President of St. Lawrence Toastmasters, Canada's oldest public speaking club, east of Winnipeg. ​He won the AMBAQ Award in November 2020, an award recognizing the accomplishments of 11 MBAs with a positive impact in Quebec during Covid-19. ​Today, we discuss how the pandemic accelerated digital transformation manufacturing and distribution companies in Canada and what technologies are driving this transformation.​ We discuss how companies' management teams should explore new solutions and what they should look for when selecting a technology provider.​ We talk about the five benefits companies can expect when adopting these new technologies.​ And finally, how important it is to involve your staff is to ensure a successful digital transformation journey.
July 8, 2021
TNL0007: Transformational Leadership With Dr. Charles Redd
In our seventh episode, we speak with Dr. Charles Redd, a sales management executive and coach.​ Dr. Charles has transformed underperforming employees at renowned companies such as The Hershey Company, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola. He's trained students at The Clark Atlanta University and Oakland Community College and is an educational consultant with Time to Teach: Center for Teacher effectiveness with K-12 educational professionals. ​He was selected to work with the Project 100 initiative to reduce recidivism rates. Additionally, he has a book called "Don't Stop Now" and has his podcast called "Dr. Charles Speaks," where he delivers inspirational teachings and lessons from his experience.​ Today, we talk about mentoring/coaching and the impact technology has in this space​. We discuss how this past year has affected individuals and tips to staying motivated. Additionally, we discuss some of the common challenges young people are facing, and finally, the process of finding one's purpose and the qualities that can determine one's success​.  If you enjoyed this podcast, please leave a rating and review to reach new listeners and grow our community. Thank you for listening!
May 19, 2021
TNL0006: Social Selling with Tim Hughes
In our sixth episode, we speak with Tim Hughes, Co-Founder & CEO of DLA Ignite. Tim has over thirty years of experience in the sales, marketing, and business development space, from working at a multinational computer software company, Oracle, and creating a Rutgers Business School program about social selling in the digital world. He has spent the last five years being the Co-Owner and CEO of social media and management consulting firm DLA Ignite, based in London, England. Tim and Adam formed DLA Ignite when they noticed the crucial impact social media has on organizations. They decided they would turn their consulting, sales, and training expertise into a series of programs that associates and partners deliver. DLA ignite’s mission is to give businesses the ability to unlock the intellectual capital hidden within their existing networks to transform how they do business in a continually changing world. Tim has also written a book called Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers, which you can find on Amazon.   Today, we talk about social selling and how it’s changed since organizations have shifted towards digital transformation. We also talk about what significant changes we’ve seen from the modern buyer and seller, recommendations going into 2021 for B2B vs. B2C businesses, and how individuals can implement automation techniques in social selling without negatively impacting the customer experience. 
March 23, 2021
TNL0005: Label Software Industry Trends with Elizabeth Sinclair
In our fifth episode, we speak with Elizabeth Sinclair, Director of Marketing at Seagull Scientific. This organization transforms data into the labels, barcodes, documents, and RFID that drive business.​ Elizabeth works with users, partners, and industry groups in sectors such as food, pharma, medical devices, chemical, and healthcare, to enable consumer confidence, supply chain efficiencies, and regulatory compliance through the deployment of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC).​ Today, we talk about new trends in the label software industry. We also discuss everything from new technologies to companies like Amazon implementing labeling regulations. Lastly, Elizabeth shares tips on how to adopt this software to ensure you are making the best out of your investment in digital transformation​.  If you enjoyed this podcast, please leave a rating and review to reach new listeners and grow our community. Thank you for listening!
January 5, 2021
TNL0004: Digital Transformation In Wholesale Distribution with Richard Tucker
In our fourth episode, we speak with Richard Tucker, Vice-President of Sales at Trident Worldwide, where customers can send, store, and sell their products on an all-in-one integrated platform. Richard brings over twenty years of wealth, experience, and knowledge working in the third-party logistics, supply chain, retail, and e-commerce sectors.We discuss the digital transformation in the wholesale distribution industry, the essential metrics to consider in warehouse management, and, lastly, how the customer experience is at the center of these recent changes. If you enjoyed this podcast, please leave a rating and review to reach new listeners and grow our community. Thank you for listening!
December 14, 2020
TNL0003: Cloud Migration Discussion with Rija Raharinosy
In today's episode, we speak with Rija Raharinosy, Vice-President Sales and Alliances at Solulan, a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Montreal. Rija comes with more than twenty years in the IT space and six years in the Microsoft space. Today, we talk about the top reasons why you should move your organization to the cloud. We talk about the differences between cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud solutions. And of course, how new automation technologies like machine learning, RPA, among others, will influence our society's future. If you enjoyed this podcast, please leave a rating and review to reach new listeners and grow our community. Thank you for listening!
December 7, 2020
TNL0002: Business Intelligence Discussion with Corey Mendelsohn
In today's episode, we speak with Corey Mendelsohn, President at NewIntelligence, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. Corey comes with over twenty years of experience in the IT space, coming from an IBM Cognos Business Analytics background. Today we talk about the importance of Business Intelligence Analytics, especially in today's society. Additionally, we talk about empowering users with the right tools to produce proper results for your business and what to look for when you're choosing the right BI solution.  If you enjoyed this podcast, please leave a rating and review to reach new listeners and grow our community. Thank you for listening!
September 28, 2020
TNL0001: Cyber Security Trends Discussion with Abraham Megidish
In today's episode, we speak with Abraham Megidish, a systems engineer and solutions architect at Jentü Technologies. With over 30 years' experience in the industry, Abraham is launching his most significant invention yet as he continues making solutions out of problems and fulfilling his life-long dream to deliver a better technology experience to the world. In our discussion, we discuss how the shift to working from home has introduced new cybersecurity risks to organizations, how AI has increased security risks in specific verticals, and what roles employees play in preventing threats from affecting organizations. If you enjoyed this podcast, please leave a rating and review to reach new listeners and grow our community. Thank you for listening!
September 14, 2020