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The New Norm Show

The New Norm Show

By Stormy Ray
The New Norm Show is a podcast dedicated to showing you how a plant-based diet can be your gateway to a happy healthy life! I’m here to dive deep into the minds of vegan people around the world to see what brought them to this amazing lifestyle and learn their best tips. We'll also discuss creating healthy habits, getting outside your comfort zone and striving to be your best. We’ll even hear how some people turn their passion for plant-based diets and veganism into their entrepreneurial callings. On occasion, you'll hear solo episodes where I teach you plant-based things and talk about life
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Ted Carr on Kicking old Habits through Raw Veganism, Challenging Yourself, and Food Combining

The New Norm Show

Transitioning Yourself and Your Family to a Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet with Paula Hoile
In this episode I sit down with Paula Hoile, creator of Mental for Lentils - an epic whole-food plant-based blog. We talk about the benefits of following a whole-food plant-based diet, and how to transition even if you don’t love vegetables. She explains what makes a whole-food plant-based diet different from any other vegan diet. She teaches you how to stock your pantry for success and how to transition your kids! We talk cooking for a family, and budgeting as well. She even gives us a few recipe tips along the way and so much more! Show Notes: Paula’s Plant-Based Meal Planner - Paula’s Batch Cooking Planner - SMOOTHIE BOWL GUIDE - HUMMUS RECIPE Forks Over Knives - Documentary on Plant-Based Foods for Health The Pleasure Trap- Youtube Describing What Processed Foods Does to Your Taste Buds Pleasure Trap Mental For Lentils - Paula Explaining How Your Tastebuds Adjust The Game Changers - Documentary on Plant-Based Eating for Athletic Performance NutritionFacts  - Great Resource for Evidence on Plant-Based Foods How Not to Die - Dr. Gregor’s Book How Not to Diet - Dr. Gregor's Book
May 15, 2020
How the COVID-19 pandemic is making right now the best time to adopt a plant-based diet
In this episode, I discuss all the reasons why right now is hands down the best time to go plant-based. Growing health concerns and social distancing due to the coronavirus outbreak are making great conditions for adopting a plant-based diet and actually sticking to it. In this episode, I show how SO MANY OF THE OBSTACLES that are usually present when trying to go vegan/plant-based are totally non-existent right now. Plus a ton of other great benefits of going plant-based during this weird and crazy time in the world. If I wasn't already vegan I would definitely be using this time to change up my life! Check out Plant Proofs instagram: @plantproof Plant Proofs Blog: Check out this page for documentaries or resources: If you want to hop on the plant-based train you can download my free smoothie e-book guide here :
March 27, 2020
Standing Up for the Animals, Speaking Up for What You Believe In, and Falling in Love with Vegan Food with Veggie Mandy
Mandy Powell is a strong and passionate voice for veganism in the Fraser Valley region. Mandy lives in Chilliwack, BC. I had the pleasure of meeting her at a vegan meet-up when I first moved here!  Mandy is an ethical vegan on all accounts, she came to veganism for the animals and does her absolute best to spread the word in order to do her part in putting an end to animal cruelty. She is also an awesome vegan baker and runs her own little side business. In this episode we dive deep into her journey to veganism, how it changed her life, we discuss how she is not afraid to speak up for the animals and everything she believes in, we learn about different types of activism and all about what it’s like being a vocal vegan in a very farm-based town. That’s just the gist of it but we cover so much more ! Mandy’s Instagram: @veggiemandy - Vegans of the Fraser Valley Facebook page - Mercy for Animals - Documentaries mentioned: Dominion - Earthlings - What the Health - Before the Flood - The Game Changers - Cafes Mentioned: The Polly Fox - Sprouted Oven - Sara Bellas -
March 19, 2020
Going Vegan, Travelling as a Vegan and Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone with Carly Halliday
Carly Halliday is a Canadian lady living on the Gili Islands in Indonesia. She is a world traveler and has been vegan for 5 whole years! We discuss what led her to veganism and why she decided to stay with this lifestyle. She also shows us how she manages to stay vegan while traveling all the time! We discuss her beautiful life on the Gili Islands, and she gives us all the details on how to get outside of your comfort zone even when it feels so scary! She shares with us how she has traveled for so many years and how you can do it too. Carly is an entrepreneur and a really authentic voice for self-love and body positivity! She tells us her business story and how she is working to create a life that she loves. Above all Carly is amazing at trying new things and really living to the fullest. Such an inspirational human to be around!  Carly’s Insta : - Reach out to Carly if you’re interested in joining Babes In Business : or transforming your health with 16-Week Program Happy Cow - Happy Cow App - Global Work and Travel - program Carly used to work abroad Bali Spirit Festival- Toastmasters - My FREE guide to making Smoothie Bowls -> New Norm Show Insta - @thenewnormco
February 13, 2020
Shauna Chandler on Being Vegan in a Small Town, Raising a Vegan Family, and Starting A Plant-Based Inspired Skin Care Line
Shauna Chandler is a vegan mom of two from my small home town up in Northern British Columbia. Shauna has been vegan for about 5 years now and is raising a fully vegan family. She’s a great little vegan cook and a vegan leader in her community. She also has a plant-based skincare line with her sister Krista. In this episode, we talk about how anxiety led Shauna to look into the vegan lifestyle, how the lifestyle has impacted her health and well being as well as those around her. We discuss how she transitioned not only herself but also her family to a vegan diet and she shares a little about the differences between both her vegan and her non-vegan pregnancies. We talk about what her family eats as vegans and how she raises vegan kiddies in a non-vegan world. She also shares some tips for making the transition yourself. We also get into the topic of forming new habits like running, making new friends in your community, and about her side business creating a plant-based, cruelty-free, zero-waste skincare line called Kream Come True. Shauna’s Instagram: @north.coast.vegan Kream Come True Skincare: @kreamcometrue Best Speech You will Ever Here - Gary Yourofsky Documentaries mentioned: What The Health, Cowspiracy- Vegucated Inquire here for Prince Rupert Running Club - Get my free smoothie guide HERE. New Norm Instagram: @thenewnormco
January 30, 2020
Ted Carr on Kicking old Habits through Raw Veganism, Challenging Yourself, and Food Combining
In this episode, I sit down with the lovely eccentric Ted Carr. Ted is one of the most motivated and driven people I know! Ted is 29 years old and from Vancouver BC. He is a passionate voice for the online vegan community. He dabbles in tons of projects from creating Canada Vegan Fest to collaborating on vegan retreats to teaching people how to start making money online as a vegan.  We discuss Ted’s vegan journey, cold showers, building discipline, thoughts on drugs and alcohol,  proper food combining, how veganism helped him leave bad habits behind, and a few other strategies he uses to live his best life ! To connect with Ted on Instagram visit @tedcarr or @fruitarian To be part of his Plant-Based Revolution Summit where he interviews 12 of the top online vegan entrepreneurs and learns how they do it check out ! To learn more about Canada Vegan Fest (my favourite place) visit or @canadaveganfest on Instagram
January 17, 2020