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The Ontario College Podcast

The Ontario College Podcast

By Jonathan Singer
Devoted to covering issues concerning Ontario postsecondary education in general, and the current negotiations between full-time and partial-load faculty at Ontario's Colleges and the College Employer Council, in particular.

This podcast contains my personal opinions and those of my guests, and does not reflect in any way the opinion of any employer, college, bargaining unit, Union, Union division, Union local or the CAAT-Academic bargaining team. Or my cats.
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EP 6: Stand in the Place Where You Work

The Ontario College Podcast

EP 6: Stand in the Place Where You Work
Episode Six starts (00:50-7:26) with Jonathan discussing current Bargaining Team events and offering an overview of the forced offer vote, scheduled for Feb.15-17, and the reasons to reject the CEC's current offer.  It continues (7:35-56:23) with an interview with the three newest CAAT-A bargaining team members, discussing the bargaining unit's first-ever attempt at work-to-rule, how bargaining relates to the mental health of our membership, and how to interpret the College's fiscal reporting.  It wraps up (56:30-57:18) with some concluding thoughts. Works Cited: Colleen Flaherty, "Faculty Pandemic Stress is Now Chronic", Inside Higher Ed, November 19, 2020.
February 10, 2022
EP5: Conciliation, Strike Vote, and Work-to-Rule
Episode Five starts (0:49-5:35) with Jonathan covering bargaining events including Conciliation, the successful strike authorization vote, the Employer’s imposition of Terms & Conditions of employment, and the start of Work-to-Rule.  It continues (5:36-18:48)with a deep dive into the explicit and implicit messages of the Employer’s deployment of the Colleges’ communications platforms for Captive Audience Messages, before finishing off with an interview (19:10-40:00) with JP Hornick, Chair of the faculty bargaining team, in which we look back at the strike authorization vote, and discuss the meaning of imposed Terms & Conditions. --- Work-to-Rule Documents: FAQ: Phase One: Phase Two: Works Cited: Sara Slinn, “Captive Audience Meetings and Forced Listening: Lessons for Canada from the American Experience.” Industrial Relations 63.4 (2008) David J. Doorey, “The Medium and the Anti-Union Message: Forced Listening and Captive Audience Meetings.” Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal 29.2 (2007) Social Media Feeds: Twitter:  @ONcollegeprof Patreon: Blog:
December 24, 2021
EP4: Facts, Fiction & Conciliation
In Episode Four (recorded on Tuesday, Nov. 16), Jonathan starts by analyzing an interesting trend in the recent messages from the College Employer Council, before looking at the current state of bargaining, at the cusp of Conciliation following the CEC’s latest escalation. The episode wraps up with a discussion of the faculty bargaining team’s approach to proposals, with a deep dive into the super-sexy topic of the importance of dispute resolution mechanisms for joint committees. READ:  a) The CAAT-A Nov. 8 Offer of Settlement b) Comparison of Offers (EN) & Comparison des Offres (FR) c) CEC Claims fact checked   Twitter:  @ONcollegeprof Patreon: Blog:
November 18, 2021
EP3: Mediation, Not Escalation
Episode 3 starts with an overview of the events of the last week at the bargaining table between the union representing faculty at Ontario’s 24 public colleges and the College Employer Council.  This includes the several proposals tabled by the CEC, as well as the proposal for a pre-conciliation mediation process, presented by the faculty bargaining team.  Then, Prof. Howard Doughty joins me to discuss his observations about the College system, based on his fifty years’ experience.  The episode wraps up with some thoughts about the thousands of hours that went into arriving at the Union’s 17 fundamental demands. CEC Proposals (with explanatory notes from the faculty baragining team, where applicable): a) M-9 (Housekeeping) b) M-10a (Balance of Non-Monetary Proposals, Part 1) c) M-10b (Balance of Non-Monetary Proposals, Part 2) d) M-11 (Monetary Proposal) e) CEC’s Offer for Settlement Faculty Bargaining Team’s Table Presentation on CEC Proposals, including Proposal for Settlement Bio of Prof. Howard Doughty from The Innovation Journal Twitter:  @ONcollegeprof Patreon: Blog:
September 21, 2021
EP2: Quality Control
In Episode 2, Jonathan offers a broad overview of the College Employer Council’s positions and responses presented at the bargaining table on August 10-12, before interviewing Profs. Kevin MacKay and Martin Devitt, authors of the soon-to-be-published 2021 Update on Education in Ontario Colleges.
August 30, 2021
EP1: Bargaining Now
In this inaugural episode (recorded August 7), Jonathan interviews JP Hornick, Chair of the College Faculty CAAT-A Bargaining Team, fresh off a second set of bargaining dates with the College Employer Council.  Topics include the bargaining process that led to this point, the origins of the CAAT-A division's current approaches to bargaining, and the experience of being at the bargaining table. The Union's bargaining proposals can all be found at, where OPSEU Bargaining Bulletins are also published. You can support this podcast by dropping a loonie in the virtual tip jar at You can also reach me with questions or concerns at
August 15, 2021