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Adam's Edge: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow in Historic Cabbagetown ATL.

Adam's Edge: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow in Historic Cabbagetown ATL.

By Jacob Elsas
In the Adam's Edge podcast, The Patch Works will examine the past, present, and future of Atlanta's historic, 19th-century neighborhood, Cabbagetown. For 100 years, from 1881 to 1981, it was a thriving mill town that supported Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills, which at one time was the South's largest employer. Today, original mill-town residents have been replaced with a new community, many of whom are artists and musicians. With the help of special guests, Adam's Edge will explore this unique neighborhood's history, along with current events, plus a peek at what the future holds for Cabbagetown.
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Adam's Edge: Episode 2 - Steve and Katie TEASER

Adam's Edge: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow in Historic Cabbagetown ATL.

Adam's Edge: Episode 2 - Steve and Katie Discuss Their Music
Welcome to Episode 2 of "Adam's Edge: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow in Historic Cabbagetown ATL." In this podcast, Nina and Jacob – with random assistance from their cat Thor – interview Steve Seachrist and Katie Butler, two beloved Cabbagetown residents who truly epitomize what makes this neighborhood so remarkable. Steve and Katie arrived in Cabbagetown in 2011 and quickly ingratiated themselves with the community. Talented musicians, they delved fully into the neighborhood's music scene, which has thrived here since the mill town's inception in 1881. Listen to their story. And then listen to a "live" performance of their newest songs... It's all here, in "Adam's Edge: Episode 2 - Steve and Katie Discuss Their Music!" And a special thanks to Chris Moscatiello for his generous support.
April 16, 2021
Adam's Edge: Episode 2 - Steve and Katie TEASER
In Episode 2 of “Adam’s Edge,” The Patch Works will be chatting with long-time Cabbagetown residents and musicians, Steve Seachrist and Katie Butler. Steve and Katie epitomize the crop of musicians and artists who descended on Cabbagetown after The Mill closed. Upon arriving, both of them immediately became active in the community (for a few years, Katie was the president of the neighborhood’s CNIA, and Steve continues to participate in organizing the annual Cabbagetown Concert Series), while also writing and performing their own original music. We’ll learn about their personal stories, as well as getting to hear some of their amazing music, which they’ll be playing live. Listen in on Friday April 16th, when The Patch Works will be airing “Adam’s Edge Episode 2 – Steve and Katie." For more information, please visit The Patch Works' website.
April 9, 2021
Adam's Edge: Episode 1 - B.T. Harman Discusses Historical Research
Our guest today is B.T. Harman, the creator of the Historical True Crime podcast, Catlick, in which Cabbagetown and Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills play a significant role. We'll be discussing each of our experiences in doing historic research — the challenges as well as the eye-opening, life-changing discoveries — plus we’ll address the concerns we’ve had about how to present this history to the public. We’d like to give a shout-out to the late, great Joyce Brookshire, whose music will be featured regularly. And to kick off this new podcast, we thought it’d be fitting to use her epic song, “Cabbagetown Ballad,” produced in 2005 by DeDe Vogt (Vote) and Elise Witt at Sound and Fury Studio, and featuring the Reel World String Band: Sue Massek, Karen Jones, Bev Futrell, and Sharon Ruble. In every episode we will be thanking our dear friend Adam Edge, who passed away on March 25th, 2020 and to whom this podcast is dedicated. Today, April 1st is his birthday. Happy Birthday, to an amazing human being. To learn more about Adam, please visit the Adam’s Edge page on our website.
March 31, 2021
Adam's Edge Begins TEASER
Hello, all y'all! This is Jacob Elsas and Nina Elsas. Join us — starting this April, 2021 — when The Patch Works Art & History Center officially kicks off its new podcast series: "Adam's Edge: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow in Historic Cabbagetown ATL." Every two weeks, we'll be chatting with a variety of special guests about the history of Cabbagetown, what's currently happening in the community, and how the neighborhood might look in the not-so-distant future. Occasionally, we'll even bring you musical performances from some of the numerous musicians who either lived or still live in Cabbagetown. Please visit our website often to find out the podcast's schedule. See y'all soon!
March 19, 2021