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The Playful Life

The Playful Life

By Krystal Quagliara
What is the point of life if it's not playful? I believe life is meant to be enjoyed, and the only way to truly live your best life is to embrace your inner playfulness. From fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, to spiritual growth, meditation, and mindset, The Playful Life is sure to motivate you to change your perspective on your health and the world around you!
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A Buff Mindset: Developing Behaviors and Mental Fortitude to live your healthiest life

The Playful Life

Playfulness in the Bedroom with Healthy Boundaries with Barb Nangle
Barb Nangle is a boundaries coach, speaker, writer and the Founder and CEO of Higher Power Coaching and Consulting, LLC and host of the podcast, "Fragmented to Whole: Life Lessons from 12 Step Recovery." In 2015 at the age of 52, after decades of therapy and tons of self-help work in a variety of areas, Barb found herself in 12-step recovery. She’s been in two such fellowships since then and has changed deeply and profoundly as a result. As a former addict and people-pleasing rescuer, she empowers people to live their lives on purpose by coaching them to build boundary systems in their personal and professional lives. Connect with Barb on Social Media:  Instagram Facebook Website podcast Free resources on boundaries (including 20+ podcast episodes specifically on boundaries) Here's a coupon code especially for listeners: playfulboundaries, the code will get the first three listeners who use it $50 off my online course with lifetime access  "6 Weeks to Better Boundaries with Barb" (normally $149) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
September 08, 2022
Life Skills for Smoother Parenting with Rachel Kurian
Whether you are parent, a teacher, an auntie like me.... or someone who is in any kind of interpersonal relationship - pretty much everyone - you can benefit from the skills Rachel Kurian talks about in this episode!  I learned a lot about to evaluating me feelings, responding with respect and communicating consequences instead of punishment.    Rachel is a parenting coach. She works with families of little ones on a process for firm but kind parenting in all situations. Rachel takes her clients  through a process to have strategies and a plan for when things come up. You can move away from being stressed and overwhelmed to being more connected with your kids and love parenting again.   The practical problem Rachel solves is to provide support and guidance for parents to help them be confident, consistent and love parenting again.    The emotional problem is to help them improve the quality of life for themselves and their families, better relationships, and kids who are able to navigate this world and make it better when they're tomorrow's leaders. Website- Facebook Group- Instagram- Schedule your Free Dream Strategy with Krystal 
July 07, 2022
ALIVE in Beauty, Wisdom and Truth with Simon Drew
Come along on this journey through stoic philosophy, spirituality, and the pursuit of personal freedom.   Simon Drew is the founder of The Walled Garden - which is both a podcast and an online community.  Simon, along with a close team of mentors, are building a global community of philosophers, artists and seekers who are dedicated to the Pursuit of Truth, Wisdom, Virtue and the Divine wherever they may be found. Simon is the author of The Poet and The Sage, which we talk about in depth in this episode - as well as a musician and composer. We also dive a little into spirituality, stoicism and the pursuit of personal freedom.      Enter the Walled Garden: The Poet and the Sage:
June 30, 2022
Feeling Stuck? How do the puzzle pieces fit together?
When faced with a challenge or a change in our lives, our careers, our health, our relationships... it can feel overwhelming when we try to fit all the pieces together by ourselves.    How can God play a roll in putting these pieces together - and how can others help up gain a new perspective on our goals? @krystal.quagliara Krystalized Health Advisors Visit me at Krystalized Health Advisors to schedule your Free Dream Strategy Call with me today! 
June 15, 2022
What's the best gift to give your kiddos?... YOU!
Chris Cave is a Health Accountability Coach from England who specializes in helping parents regain their energy, vitality & keep up with their kids.   In 2016 he changed his life after bad health tests at work, his son bouncing on his tummy, not having enough energy to play football with his son, his mum telling him he was getting as bad as his dad plus his boss had to help him pull his spanx off his head in the gym! He trained to become a health coach, nutrition consultant then a spin & body pump instructor and completely changed his habits & lifestyle in order to lose weight, live longer and have more energy than his son! (his son is not happy now!)  He helps his clients get healthy & have more energy without spending hours in the gym or eating dust! (website) (landing page for shows) (facebook)
June 10, 2022
Time to Break Up with your Diet.
Toni Marinucci of Tips with Toni, and author of best-selling book "Once Upon A Diet" offers sound advice on breaking up with fad diets, negative self-talk and unrealistic expectations.    Toni is transparent about her struggles growing up with body image and disordered eating. She transformed her mess into her message as a Registered Dietician helping people across the globe to find their true health.     In her TEDx Talk and book titled "Once Upon A Diet", Toni speaks about the similarities between dieting and dating and how body image, self-worth and acceptance can play a role in our romantic relationships as well as our health.    Want to work with Toni? Connect with her and the Tips With Toni Podcast at:  Purchase "Once Upon A Diet" at:  Thanks for watching! Stay Playful!
December 30, 2021
"Break Free" from harmful people, patterns and behaviors with Joe DiBianca
$h*t gets real with Joe DiBianca. When is the last time you were truly honest with yourself about your relationships, your past, your habits and behaviors?  Sometimes you need to swim through the deep end to get to shore. Joe shares his intimate and inspiring story of coming out the other side of trauma to triumph and success. Now he helps others walk that journey towards empowerment and entrepreneurship.  This episode is definitely for you if you relate to the following:  Do you feel that you are stuck and don’t know why? You can't seem to get to the next level? You keep repeating the same self-sabotaging behaviors over and over... You keep attracting the same people, situations and opportunities in your life? You are an addicted people pleaser? Want to work with Joe or follow his fire on social media?
November 10, 2021
This 1 simple choice may save your life.
Conversations with other heart-centered entrepreneurs feed my spirit... Pun intended, this episode is all about food. Yum!   We all have those days where we want to hide under the covers, eat mac 'n cheese while we binge watch Netflix and hide from the world. Is this a rare occasion or a normal Tuesday? Making small choices during the day can really shift the trajectory of your life.  Facing fear head on, stepping outside your comfort zone - is this what LIVING is really about?  Sherman started 24FitMeals out of his love for serving others and helping people live a better life. His personal story of prolonging his time with his ailing mother is inspiring.  Promo Code KRYSTAL15 to get 15% off your order! 
August 25, 2021
Not another statistic - How this Queen earned her Crown
The beautiful and stunning Amy Royster tells her personal and vulnerable story on The Playful Life. Amy overcame adversity in her childhood. As a child of an incarcerated parent, she faced opposition, judgement and struggled with her self-confidence into adulthood. Amy's is a story of triumph! She was not another statistic. She excels as a career-driven educator, a strong and brave wife and mother, and most recently a Pageant Queen.  Amy was crowned Mrs. Indiana America 2021 in June! She is seizing the opportunity to step onto the platform and pick up the microphone to educate, inspire and empower others to make real their dreams despite their past. She is a true inspiration and light.  As part of her efforts to serve, Amy founded a scholarship for secondary education. She hopes to grow this endeavor to someday provide full-ride scholarships to young adults who have faced the same struggles as she did throughout her childhood.  You can follow Amy's journey to Mrs. America nationals on social media at She is seeking all opportunities to speak and reach as many people as possible with her platform, scholarship fund and mission. 
July 15, 2021
Find Joy in unexpected places when you step outside your comfort zone
Jennifer shares her amazing story of courage, overcoming the odds and finding confidence in herself through pageantry on The Playful Life Podcast.     Jennifer Garrison (Mrs. Fort Wayne Indiana 2021), inspires young adults to step out of their comfort zone and find joy in unexpected places. She is the author of "Basketball Player Penelope and Her Pageant Journey", a short children's book about a girl who finds confidence and meaning when she says "yes" to the unknown world of pageantry.    Jennifer is also the founder of Empowerment Through Education, an organization that awards scholarship funds to young adults wanting to further their education after high school.    EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION  BASKETBALL PLAYER PENELOPE AND HER PAGEANT JOURNEY
July 01, 2021
Hot Topics with Denise and Krystal - Episode 3 "Protein"
Today, we're talking about Protein supplements (they're not all created equal!), how we use protein in our healthy lifestyle and ways you can be really creative and versatile with it. We also delve into a bit of discussion on the importance of cross-training, stretching and supporting muscle health.  Coach Denise has a special edition of her dance/fitness class planned for Juneteenth (June 19th, 2021!) Details below! Saturday June 19, 2021 - 11 a.m. CST ($10.00 Admission) Bri's Dance Place - 7891 Broadway, Suite F, Merrillville, IN 46410  Like! Subscribe and Share! Pretty Please ;-)
June 10, 2021
The "Key" to your optimal health... it's more accessible than you think!
Learn more about my brand new online program launching July 1st! When is the best time to take control of your health and your life? "NOW!"
June 05, 2021
Hot Topics with Denise and Krystal - Episode 2
On this Episode of "Hot Topics" with Coach Denise and Krystal -  The world is opening up... a little... post-Covid. Are people flocking back to their gyms? Or - are home workouts here to stay?  Denise brings an awesome quote each episode you won't want to miss!  Grab your favorite coffee or mocktail and join the conversation!  YouTube: Facebook Community: DC Fitness: Krystalized Health Advisors:
May 27, 2021
Triumph in a time of Trial with Elaine Bintz - What our health needs now more than ever.
We were all thrown a giant curve ball in 2020. Elaine inspires me so much with her ability to pivot and take charge of her own future when it comes to adversity. I know Elaine will inspire you to take your difficult situations and turn them into positives. She is my queen bee friend when it comes to advice on how to manage my schedule and value my time.
May 20, 2021
"Hot Topics" with Krystal and Denise
Denise Coleman (DC Fitness) joins Krystal (Krystalized Health Advisors) on the podcast for "Hot Topics"! We pick a quote and a topic each episode to discuss from a playful perspective.  Get inspired, motivated and educated as we have a blast catching up and sharing these conversations! Check out our next 21 Day healthy lifestyle program that starts May 10th! Email:
May 06, 2021
My experience getting the Covid Vaccine.
This is not a PSA for or against the Covid vaccine... and duh, I'm totally not a scientist, doctor or nurse... so I'm not giving any medical advice.  I simply wanted to share my experience with receiving the first Covid vaccine injection today in hopes that maybe I could help someone else prepare mentally for what to expect. I understand that many people, myself included, can have anxiety about shots, medical facilities or even just dealing with leaving the house (and wearing something other than yoga pants... although you could totally wear yoga pants to get your vaccine).  Thank you so much for remembering to Like, Share and Subscribe to this podcast!  Want to start living The Playful Life? Click here to schedule your Free Dream Strategy Call with Krystal  Workouts, interviews, coaching and more ----> Subscribe to the Krystalized YouTube Channel 
April 29, 2021
Shining our Light for a Healthier Life - Art, Music and Beauty
Mozez (Wright) has certainly been a light, bringing his original music to audiences around the world. In this amazing conversation with recording and touring artist, Mozez, we discuss the call to be a Light to others. It is no secret, the world needs healing. It takes courage to stand up and shine hope, encouragement and beauty into the lives of others. Mozez certainly puts his very heart into his music and it is apparent with his energy and the way the music makes you feel. Truly much of his original music and collaborations were my personal soundtrack to 2020.  In addition, Mozez has learned how to balance the imbalance of being on tour, travel, and discovered how to live his most playful life. Or Listen to Mozez's original Music on YouTube and Spotify
April 08, 2021
A Buff Mindset: Developing Behaviors and Mental Fortitude to live your healthiest life
Krystal speaks with Heidi Bodenheimer: Integrative Behavioral Health & Wellness Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), and ACE and AFAA Certified health professional. In her health coaching business, Heidi helps people get healthy in a fun, uncomplicated manner that is sustainable and results driven. In addition, Heidi has recently taken on a coaching role at Calm. She is a firm believer that mindset comes before mechanics and assists people to develop a "buff mindset". Heidi's passion is helping people live the best version of themselves by meeting her clients exactly where they are. Heidi is also Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Email:
March 04, 2021
Are you living?... Or are you just alive?
Christine Gerling is a Certified Health Coach who completely transformed her life. After struggling with weight issues since childhood, Christine finally found a new way. She leaned in with a coach, a supportive community, systematic tools for habit change, and simple nutrition. She lost over 100 pounds and now guides others to reach their healthiest selves. Christine is over dieting and loves that she just gets to BE HEALTHY with her new habits.  Lifelong transformation is possible, one healthy habit at a time.
February 18, 2021
Being Your Own Caregiver
Peggy Chavis is a beacon of light and hope for everyone she meets. Many years of devoting her life to caregiving for others, left her health in need of a makeover. Peggy learned to say yes to herself, and developed a passion to help others gain better health and wellness. She continues the legacy of her mother and family with the care she gives her clients and all the people in the world she will inspire.  Some people spend so much time caring for others they neglect their own health and wellbeing. Peggy shares her personal story about caring for her husband and mother, finding her own passion and dedicating herself to better health. Now she takes that courage, strength and hope and helps others learn to say yes to their dreams of living a better life.  Facebook Page: Email: Phone Number: 804-837-7647
February 15, 2021
Are you the Leader of your own life?
What does effective leadership look like? Do you feel you have a leadership role in your own life, or do you feel like life is happening to you?  Former Buddhist monk, meditation teacher and entrepreneur coach John Patrick Mueller tells about his journey from unhappiness to an enlightened state of mind where he found responsibility for his own happiness.  Find more about John Patrick Mueller at 
February 05, 2021
Covid-19: Not the only danger to our health.
Michael VanBeek is a counter violence specialist. Growing up in a chaotic environment, Michael turned to drugs and crime early in life only to find himself on the wrong path going down fast. He is an example of triumph and his is a story of hope and transformation. Michael learned to take his past, his pains and mistakes and use them to help others who struggle with the same things that plagued him.  This episode of The Playful Life is meant to ignite and inspire you in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people are feeling hopeless and lost, and the virus itself, although dangerous, is not the only threat to our health. What are our true enemies that keep us up at night during these uncertain times and what are some ways to fight them back?  The Playful Life Podcast with Michael VanBeek  Michael VanBeek - Focus Counter Violence
January 16, 2021
Manifesting Your Success with Martha Banks Hall
Martha Banks Hall is the Creator of Vision Words Motivational Sticky Notes with Affirmations, Mantras and Scriptures on them.   A Master Manifestor, Martha moved from San Francisco, where she was born and raised to New York City to follow her lifelong dream of living in the Big Apple. As a mother and entrepreneur Martha has consistently lived by faith and used affirmations to create the life she desires. By creating products based on the power of positive words she hopes to help others do the same. As a speaker, coach and brand builder she works with women who want to learn how to harness the law of attraction in their lives.  Martha just recently expanded the Vision Words brand to include luxury candles for an elevated Self Care experience.  Shop and use Promo Code Krystal25 to receive 25% off your purchase this holiday season!    Instagram: @vision_words
November 26, 2020
Speaking With Royalty
Today, I'm honored, speaking with royalty.  Mrs. Indiana America, Justus Kelley, joins me on this episode of The Playful Life podcast. Behind the crowns, glitz, glam and amazing  hair and makeup, there is a depth to pageantry that is transformational. Justus shares her journey to the crown, her commitment to her mental and spiritual wellbeing and her plans to change the world!  Justus Kelley, a native of Indianapolis, IN, resides in Bloomington, IN with her husband of three years, Tyler Kelley. Dedicated to leaving a legacy of promoting inclusion and uplifting those around her, Justus promotes her state-wide initiative of "Building Inclusive Societies,” while serving as Mrs. Indiana 2020. As an IU alum and Bloomington resident, Justus will proudly represent the Hoosier state at the Mrs. America 2021 competition. With years of advocacy, youth programming, and serving her community through organizations such as Pageantry at IU, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, City Church For All Nations, and Kiwanis Club of South Central Indiana, Justus aims to make an impact in every one of Indiana’s 92 counties.
November 20, 2020
The epidemic hiding in your pantry.
Ever wonder the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?  Why is diabetes a disease you don't want to develop? Can you prevent diabetes? What are some preventive measures you can do today to lower your risk and prevent diabetes in yourself and future generations? Diabetes has steadily grown as one of the most prevalent diseases in America. Nearly 9% of Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, either Type 1 or Type 2. But what about Type 3 Diabetes? Otherwise known as insulin resistance or prediabetes, many more Americans, almost 30%, are at risk. What's most shocking about this epidemic? You hold the key to prevention and possibly even the cure. Judy Gilman, NP and Certified Diabetes Educator, has dedicated most of her professional career as a nurse practitioner and now her retirement to providing education about diabetes, it's risks, complications, prevention and treatment. I am very honored to have her on the podcast to educate listeners about this rapidly growing epidemic. 
November 14, 2020
What is the F-in' Purpose?
Whew, I get really passionate about this topic guys and gals! Your purpose! Our purpose! What the F are we doing with our lives? Let's break this mountain of an idea down to the basics. Get a grasp on your purpose. Define it - Do it! 
November 03, 2020
BUSTED! 5 Myths that are messing with your greatness
Whether it's your health, mental clarity, career, family or relationships, if you believe one of these 5 Myths, you may be blocking your own road to success. Join me as we debunk these myths and learn how to armor up against them when they pop out at you. 
November 03, 2020
Intuitive Counseling with Shannon Heater
You are going to be on fire with energy and motivation after this episode! Shannon Heater joins The Playful Life with an exciting announcement! She has taken inspired action and leaping into her amazing future with the launch of her new business!  Shannon explains how Intuitive Counseling can be so effective to help you level up in your personal life, relationships, career, health... and why it's crucial to find a tribe that nurtures your growth!    Connect with Shannon:   What More Play in your life? Like - Subscribe - Get Notified!  Podcast -  IG -
August 20, 2020
Finding Your "WHY"
As Autumn approaches, our bodies become a little more sluggish and finding the energy and motivation to roll out of bed can get harder. Identifying and truly knowing your "WHY" for what you're doing what you are pursuing is that driving force that wakes you up, gets those pants on and makes the coffee.   In this video, you'll discover the importance of your "WHY" how to find it and what to do with it! I've also got some fun Fall activities to keep you playful throughout the Autumn season!   Ok, so you've got your tool-belt and you've accumulated some tools... now what? What good are those tools if you don't know how to use them?! I've got a 21-day program designed to give you the tools and teach you how and when to access them to keep you on track towards your health goals. It's especially important as the "holiday season" approaches to have these tools sharp and ready to go!  Contact me to find out how you can get rockin' n' rollin' with your health and happiness.    Instagram: Facebook: Web: Email:  This Podcast is brought to you by Ron Harlow Media and all of our awesome sponsors!
August 20, 2020
Choosing to live healthy in a chaotic world - With Debbie Brown
Debbie Brown joins Krystal on this episode of "The Playful Life".  Debbie raised her two daughters as a single mom. Making healthy choices for her family wasn't always the easiest way, but Debbie knew she had to make her family's health a priority. Now, as a mother of two grown women and grandmother to twins, Debbie is busy as an entrepreneur helping other moms and families make healthy lifestyle choices.  We're "adding life to our years," on this episode. What good is quantity of years on earth, if those years do not have quality!? 
August 20, 2020