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The PLR Show

The PLR Show

By Charles Terrence Harper
Using PLR to build your business audience. Find out about innovative content and new strategies.
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How to Have Success with PLR in 2021
This is Part 1 of an Ultimate Insider Training on the Success Path for 2021 in using PLR. To Become and Ultimate Insider To Get Access to Our Free PLR Academy
April 13, 2021
Predictions For PLR Users Get training for your weekly workshops Get Video Content for Your Business
April 12, 2021
Pre-Sell Workshop - Why Build an Academy Style Learning Center
To watch me teach this live on YouTube go here: Why Build an Academy Style Video Membership Academy - Part 1 - YouTube Go here to get our Free PLR Academy Go here to get our most Recent PLR Video Course
April 2, 2021
How To Pre-Sell a PLR Video Course on Canva
In this episode, I am sharing with you how to Pre-Sell A Course on Canva. To get Access to our Most Recent PLR Video Course, go here: To get Access to our Free PLR Academy, Visit our Site here: To watch me do this live on YouTube, go here:
April 1, 2021
How To Turn Your PLR Into An Infomarketing Business
To Get Access to Our Free PLR Academy Visit To Watch the Broadcast on YouTube Visit:
March 31, 2021
Upcoming Workshop: How To Turn Your PLR Videos Into Real Courses To Join the workshop and get the second part of the conversation. We've added in the MP4, Conversation Summary, Conversation Transcript (Machine) and Mp3 Audio when you get the workshop. Hope to see you there. 
March 30, 2021
Pitching Your PLR Offers Get Our Free PLR Academy Original Session of Meetup
March 15, 2021
Do You Need To Be On Clubhouse? - Mobile and Social Playbook
Want to follow the Mobile and Social Branding Series?...Join our Mailing List Are You A Business to Business Marketer?  Do you work with Private Label Rights (PLR)? Do you want to teach your customers about Clubhouse...get our Re-brandable PLR Videos Get our Free PLR Academy
March 10, 2021
This Audio Broadcast + Ultimate Insider Benefits The Ultimate Insider Meeting Get Our Free PLR Academy
March 6, 2021
Don't Be Scared to Challenge Assumptions Our Free PLR Academy
March 5, 2021
The Product Snowball Formula 2.0
Get Our Free PLR Academy
March 4, 2021
Audio Example of Pre-Sell Workshop
Today, is our Local Meetup Workshop.  We are pre-selling "The PLR Playbook". Get our Free PLR Academy Our Local Meetup
March 3, 2021
How to Decide the Subject of a Free Weekly Workshop Get Access to our Free PLR Academy Join Our Facebook Group
March 2, 2021
Finding Niche Specific Opportunities to Promote Your Offers Get Access To Our Free PLR Academy
March 1, 2021
Doing Regular Workshops to Build Your Brand
http:/ Get our Free PLR Academy Get our Most Recent PLR Video Course
February 28, 2021
Using Partnerships to Sell Your PLR Offers Get Our Free PLR Academy Get Our Most Recent PLR Video Set
February 27, 2021
Selling Your PLR Outside of the MMO Niche
Tonight, we're talking about what we're doing to sell PLR Outside of the MMO Niche and provide resources for you to use. To Get our Daily Newsletter and Notice of our Trainings: To See our Offer (Note done: Work in Progress) To See Our Recent Q and A Event: To See Our Local Meetup To See Our Online Business Local Meetup for Saturday Q and A
February 26, 2021
Loy Puckett - Medical PLR
January 12, 2021
Catch Up on the 30 Day Video Reseller Challnege
March 3, 2020
What's New for 2020 in PLR Video  The 30 Day Reseller Challenge
March 3, 2020
#27 - Amy Harrop - How to Use Public Domain Content with PLR    Amy Harrop discusses with me ways that you can take your content and create unique products when working in the Public Domain.
February 10, 2020
#26 - Building a List Outside of the MMO Market
Today, we're discussing why you want to consider building a list outside of JVZoo and Warrior Plus. Make sure you're getting our daily newsletters at:
December 11, 2019
#25 - Two Myths of Video PLR
Note....every purchase of one of our bundle comes with the E-Learning Playbook: How to Build Your Video Learning Center If you go on to pick up the advanced version, you'll get access to the PLR with Marketing pages. Content Creation Bundle Executive Training Bundle (With Bonuses)
December 11, 2019
#24 - Planning for 2020 with Your Content - How to Avoid Burnout in Content Creation
Resources: (Demo) Sign up for our Discussion on PLR Get Training on Working with PLR
November 22, 2019
#23 - The PLR Show Update for Friday, November 21st
Automated Webinar Platform: My Demo of the Automated Webinar Platform:
November 22, 2019
# 22 - Pricing (From New Marketer Masterclass)
This was going to be a session in the New Marketer Masterclass But I forgot to record my screen.  So I will be doing a different session to take its place. You can join the New Marketer Weekly training sessions here:
November 1, 2019
#21 - Niche Entry Method - The PLR Show
Resources Mentioned   Unlimited PLR Rights Virtual Summit Content   Subscribe to Listen Where you want to be  YouTube Channel
October 29, 2019
# 20 - Niche Entry Methods If You Want to Sell Outside of the JVZoo Warrior Plus World (New Xtreme 2.0)  (Lead Magnets PLR)  (Daily Live) (Group) (Technical and PLR Strategy Training)
October 15, 2019
#19 - Vintage Episode - A Second Training Session with Robert Smith on Corporate Sponsorships
This is a second training session with Robert Smith.  Note, since this is a vintage episode, not all links may be active.
October 15, 2019
#18 - Vintage Audio with Robert Smith on How to Get Corporate Sponsors
This is part of an audio call I did with Robert Smith who talks about how to get Corporate Sponsors.
October 13, 2019
#17 - Vintage Interview with Francis Ochoco on the Subject of Fatherhood
Vintage Interview with Francis Ochoco on fatherhood from the Playing to Win Series.
October 13, 2019
#16 Vintage Interview with Liz Tomey
Vintage Episode and Interview with Liz Tomey
October 12, 2019
#15 - Vintage Episode - Interview with Tim Borquin
Vintage Interview with Tim Borquin
October 7, 2019
#14 - Vintage Episode - Interview with Mike From Maine
Vintage Interview with Mike from Maine.
October 7, 2019
#13 - Vintage Episode - Interview with David Siteman Garland
Vintage interview with David Siteman Garland.
October 7, 2019
#12 - Vintage Episode - Product Creation with Sue Fleckenstein
Interview with PLR Creator Sue Fleckenstein
October 7, 2019
#11 Vintage Episode - Paul Counts - Creating Videos to Get Sales  Paul discusses ways that marketers and do more with video.   In it he talks about the Simple Video Management System Plugin that marketers can use to make a more professional appearance. Interestingly, the plugin that Paul is talking about isn't really one that was developed just for the launch. The plugin has been used and developed over the last 3 years and used inside of David Perdew's (NAMS) business. Listeners that would like to find out more about the plugin can do so at  Those that actually pick up the Plugin during the launch will get Part 2 of this interview.  The interview is called "The Leap". Our "Leap" Interviews are designed to show people how to make the jump from chasing opportunties to where the opportunities are chasing them.
October 3, 2019
#10 - Vintage Episode - Edmund Loh - Creating An Online Income
In this Creator Chronicles Episode, Edmund Loh Talks about how to create a consistent income online
October 3, 2019
#9 - Vintage Episode - Sharyn Sheldon - The Process of Product Creation
Sharyn Sheldon Talks About The Process of Product Creation With Charles Harper
October 3, 2019
#8 Vintage Episode - Steve Dougherty - How to Take Your Product Idea to Market
How to take a simple idea and turn it into a product for sale.....
October 3, 2019
#7 Vintage Episode with Paul Counts - How to Do a Live Internet Marketing Workshop
Paul Counts shares how you can create your own live workshop with PLR.
October 3, 2019
#6 Vintage Episode with Mike from Maine (Originally Recorded in 2016) - Moving from Info Products to Software
In this first episode of the Creation Chronicles, Charles Terrence Harper talks to Mike Thomas.  Mike talks about how he started creating infoproducts and how he moved form instruction to software.  He gives product creators tips on how to get started building up an affiliate base as well as how you can expect high sales even when you  aren't "known". He talks about the necessity to "give" first and to be ready to do what's necessary to get on the radar of larger affiliates. Check out Mike's newest release at
October 3, 2019
#5 - What Should We Do With PLR Videos (New Series)
Daily Updates on Our Products: Mentioned:  (Video Application) (PLR Repurposing)
September 24, 2019
#4 - The PLR Show Updates and Translate/Transcribing Videos
1) Upcoming is the Central PA Workshop which will be teaching small business marketing. 2) E-Learning Playbook - How to build a Learning Center on WordPress 3) Make sure to watch my demo for the Video App Links Mentioned - Demo for Vidscribe - Chad's Productivity PLR - Sajan's Paleo PLO
September 22, 2019
#3 - How to Drive Traffic to Your PLR Offers Using Amazon Alexa with Ben Murray  We are here to talk about how to drive traffic to your PLR Offers using Amazon Alexa.  Ben Murray is here to tell us about a brand new application that he is putting together to assist you with the process of getting your Flash Briefings done.
September 17, 2019
#2 - Chad Eljisr - Productivity PLR and How to Use it with both Business and Non Business Audiences  Chad Eljisr sat town to talk today about how you can use your PLR content to sell other PLR content.  In particular you can use Productivity PLR in order to start helping people at the end of the year. 
September 17, 2019
#1 Interview with Amy Harrop - Automagic Content
Amy Harrop talks about how to transform your PLR content by using automated tools.   Her guide focuses on free and available tools you can use.   To get the guide she mentions go to  
September 17, 2019