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The Plugged-In Podcast

The Plugged-In Podcast

By The Plugged-In Podcast
Hello, we are a new brand taking podcasting from a new perspective on sustainable transportation. With our ages ranging from 17-18 years old, we breathe new focus to the rEVloution. Our transportation industry is changing so quickly and we have great opportunities to discuss topics and interview important figures behind the movement.

You will notice our varying accents, we are from different corners of the world and luckily met through Instagram to eventually be good friends purely from our similar interests. If you are interested, please if you could leave us a like and subscribe.
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1. The Plugged-In Podcast: Introduction Discussion

The Plugged-In Podcast

9. Exclusive Interview: Carlos Satulovsky, Founder and CEO of Elation Hypercars
Today we (Matt and Andrew), interviewed the founder and CEO of Elation Hypercars, a start-up based in Silicon Vally that aims to create one of the most thrilling rides a car can possibly give. Currently, Elation is in the prototyping phase where they plan on releasing their first rolling prototypes in the coming months. In our interview with Mr. Satulovsky, we talk about a whole multitude of questions from production dates, battery technology, design ethos, future plans, and much more. This is an in-depth 50-minute conversation which is sure to be very interesting and even ended with a cool proposition for us. Unfortunately, Ben (from ElectricCarNews) could not make it o this interview, but never the less we decided to continue.  As always, thank you so much for your support over the last couple of months as we are seeing a massive influx of listeners and followers across all platforms. If you like what you are listening to, please feel free to give us a review on any one of our platforms as everything helps. 
April 16, 2021
8. Exclusive Interview: Nathan Armstrong, Head Engineer of Aptera Motors
By now most of us have seen the new Paradigm, a brand new all-electric small commuter vehicle that looks like a teardrop. Like us, any people had lots of questions to ask about the design philosophy and the reasoning behind many of the quirks you see all over the car. This was our viewer's time to ask questions over on Instagram and allow us to ask them to Mr. Armstrong. This conversation was a very free-form conversation and we brushed up on many cool topics and really delved deep into Aptera's mission to create a completely sustainable and forward-thinking way of producing vehicles not just to be clean on the road, but from production to recycling. Like always we are really excited about our growth in the recent month and we have a lot of more quality coming your way in the near future. Some of which include, Arrival and Elation Hypercars. Remember to check us out over on our socials and feel free to subscribe on any platform of your choice to stay up-to-date with all of the cool things we are doing. 
March 31, 2021
7. Exclusive Interview: Jeff Holland, the PR Director at Karma Automotive
We have all heard of Karma at this point, a "start-up" electric vehicle producer with goals of producing over 15,000 cars a year and bringing out a brand new all-electric view capable of over 300 miles of range at a price point very competitive to the Tesla Model S Long Range. So what is the GSE-6? What are the future plans? Are they going for the mainstream market? This is our interview with Jeff Holland, the PR director at Karma on his take and future plans of production for these new vehicles and how Karma is making radical moves to shift its focus when it comes to all-electric BEVs. This interview was a time for us to quickfire questions to him and ask what the future is and how they plan to catch up to the competition. If you are interested please sit down and relax. This is our interview with Jeff Holland, the PR director at Karma on his take and future plans of production for these new vehicles and how Karma is making radical moves to shift its focus when it comes to all-electric BEVs. This interview was a time for us to quickfire questions to him and ask what the future is and how they plan to catch up to the competition. If you are interested please sit down and relax.
March 20, 2021
6. Exclusive Interview with Founder and CEO of Atlis, Mark Hanchett
"That fast?"  We had a very interesting and constructive conversation with Founder and CEO of Atlis who are a startup who are working on commercial heavy-duty trucks to both decrease their carbon footprint but to decrease running costs along with increased productivity.  Founded back in November 2016, this innovative is promising a highly configurable all-electric work truck that provides 500 miles of range, 15-minute recharging, and the creation of a new, go-anywhere charging network. The first deliveries are around one year away and they are working out many logistics. Atlis is planning on a ultra high power electric vehicle infrastructure even up to 1.5mWh find out more information while listening.  So many interesting points was talked about in this episode. We have put a rough guideline of our conversation point on our website.  Like always like us being young we bring a completely new perspective to this sector. Please listen, learn and enjoy. 
January 3, 2021
5. Our Interview with Founder & ex-CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, Michael Perschke
We sit down to discuss the future of the car industry and transport in general with former Automobili Pininfarina CEO Michael Perschke. We briefly talk about many differs topics including many that we list below. Early time at Pininfarina Goals for the Battista General Electric vehicle news Autonomy Cost of Electric vehicles Personal stories Entreprenueral spirt This is a podcast around 1 hour long, packed with a lot of information which you can easily listen to during some work. Sit down with some tea or coffee and just listen. Thanks so much, we hope you enjoy and we have so much more planned!
December 16, 2020
4. General Overview: Batteries, Solar Cells, Semi, and Tesla news updates.
This is a fully packed episode of keeping up with the latest news of which surfaced. We brief on technology which has been announced in the latest few months and some possible beliefs of what they could mean for the future. Even if you have been late recently, you can still give this a quick listen as we go over some important information which is still relevant. Thanks for more listening and we are very excited to see more people listening on a daily basis. 
December 16, 2020
3. What is the Best EV in Each Price Range?
Everyone has a different budget and with our prior knowledge, we break down each car per price range to really decide which is best at each price point. In general is a easy to comprehend and fun to listen to episode where talk about the basics of EVs. What will we pick for each price range? Find out! Remember to subscribe on your respective platforms we really appreciate it!
December 16, 2020
2. EV Discussion with Mats-André Buraas
Matt and Andrew have a deep conversation about the various electric vehicles which he has driven and their characteristics. Mats from Norway is no newbie when it comes to driving cars, owning a dual-motor Model 3 and previously owning cars such as an air-cooled 911. In this discussion, we mostly talk about the ID. 3 and Porsche Taycan 4S.
December 16, 2020
1. The Plugged-In Podcast: Introduction Discussion
Hello everyone, this is our first podcast! we will discuss the Hummer EV, the Volkswagen ID3 and ID4, and the latest Autopilot update. We are new to the podcast and will get better over time.  In the future we will be going over as much as we can interns of latest news and reviews regarding electric vehicles along with many different interviews of influential and interesting people in the electric vehicle community.  We hope you enjoy and excited to hear responses from you!
December 13, 2020