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Coming Off The Bench, Bucket Getter vs. Shooter, & Player Spotlight

An episode of The RAM Report

By Raymond
Hosts Raymond Maisonet and Anthony Simmons discuss all things NC High School Basketball, including surrounding topics including, but not limited to: AAU, fans, parents, trainers and training, and more.

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Instagram Foolery; Movement In The Half Court; What Does Talking Mean & MORE!
On this episode, Ray & Ant discuss: Players getting gassed on Instagram! What movement is in the half court! What it means when the Coach says 'TALK!' Spotlight
January 12, 2019
Coming Off The Bench, Bucket Getter vs. Shooter, & Player Spotlight
On this episode Ray & Ant talk about:  Major shoutout to BallIsLife East Coming Off The Bench Bucket Getter vs. Shooter Player Spotlight(s)
January 5, 2019
Footwork vs. Dribbling; Going to Prep School + More
On this episode Ant & Ray talk about: - Footwork vs. Dribbling - Is going to a Prep School a good option after high school? - Spotlight: Ody Oguama
October 1, 2018
Being told the TRUTH; Know Your Role; + MORE!!!
On this episode Ant & Ray discuss: - Great players wanting to be told the TRUTH - Knowing the role of the position you play - Spotlight Player: Dylan Blake
August 24, 2018
Playing off the Ball; "Big Timing" College Coaches; & MORE!
On this episode (Season 2; Episode 6) Ray & Ant talk about: - Playing without the ball (Mastering a skill that has nothing to do with scoring!) - Players "Big Timing" College Coaches - Spotlight Player: DJ Robertson
August 10, 2018
HISTORY of the game; AAU season is about done; & MORE!!!
On this episode of The RAM Report, Ray & Ant talk about: - HISTORY of the game - AAU is about to be OVER... What you gonna do?
July 19, 2018
Playing Hard; Perception; CONSISTENCY & MORE!!!
In this episode Ray & Ant discuss: - Playing Hard - Labeling - Consistency - SpotLight Player
June 26, 2018
From JV to Varsity; Summer Leagues; & MORE!!!
On this episode, Ray and Ant talk about: - A question we got from a viewer (Thank you and keep'em coming) - How do you transition from JV to Varsity? - Summer League(s) - Spot Light Player of the Week
June 16, 2018
Mental Toughness; Are you Coachable & MORE!!!
On this episode Ray & Ant discuss: - Mental Toughness - Being Coachable - Josh Level Classic Shoutout - Spotlight (Elijah Jamison) - Spotlight (Day'ron Sharpe)
May 23, 2018
Anthony Simmons... New Varsity Head Coach! & MORE!!!
After a short break, Ant & Ray are back for Season 2, refreshed and ready to provide great topics around high school basketball! This episode we talk about: - Anthony Simmons becoming the varsity head coach for Voyager Academy! - What do you do when you're putting in work and still don't get any offers? - How players need to make in-game adjustments!
May 9, 2018
Interview w/ UNC Freshman, Brandon Huffman - Season Finale!
On this episode, Ant & Ray chop it up with UNC Freshman big man, 6'10 Brandon Huffman to discuss: - Difference between High School and College - How to prepare for high major, division 1 basketball - What's game day and practice preparation like - & MORE!!!
April 17, 2018
HS to G-League; Exposure & Rankings; & Much MORE!!!
On this episode, Ant & Ray discuss: - HS to the G-League and how it was low-key frowned upon - Middle School Exposure Camps and Rankings... Bogus? - College Recruiting: Selling a dream or getting too personal?
April 10, 2018
From Prep to the NBA; Compare/Contrast; "Paths"
On this episode Ant & Ray talk about: - Going to the league out of high school (technically) - Compare & Contrast: Bigger name school or better fit? - Paths: What path should players follow? (Hint: Their own!) Be sure to Subscribe here and on YouTube!!!
April 4, 2018
Things we don't see at HS games; Relationships and More!!!
On this episode Ant & Ray discuss: - Things we don't see at high school games (boxing out, triple threat, jump-stopping) - Our take on relationships - Spotlight "Players of the Week"
March 26, 2018
LAST Summer; Practice; Reps vs. Skill Development & More!!!
On this episode Ant & Ray discuss: - "The LAST Summer": the last AAU season for rising high school seniors - Practice: Are y'all out here taking it seriously??? - Reps vs. Skill Development: Know the difference!!!
March 21, 2018
"AAU Mentality;" Shot Clock needed in NC? PLUS MORE!!!
In this episode, we talk about AAU mentality and is there such a thing? Does North Carolina high school basketball need a shot clock? What does it mean for players to have confidence and a "motor?"
March 11, 2018
HBCUs; Evaluation
In this episode, Ant and Ray take a deep dive into HBCUs and what are they missing. We also jump into what "evaluation" should mean and where it should come from!
March 5, 2018
FBI NCAA Investigation; Players Improving; College & More!
In this episode, Ant and Ray dive into recent events going on with the FBI and the NCAA. We discuss what and how players need to CONTINUE to improve at the collegiate level. We also discuss the high transfer rate of college players and who's responsible. Lastly, we've added a "Spot Light" segment to the show to highlight and how love to North Carolina players!
February 26, 2018
The DUNK; Parents; Players "Making the Right Choice"
This episode, Ant & Ray discuss why the DUNK is the most powerful shot in basketball; and what "making the right choice" means for players trying to go to the collegiate level.
February 19, 2018
First episode of The RAM Report feat. Ray Maisonet and Ant Simmons
February 13, 2018
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