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Your weekly audio goodness from the stands to you, talking about Brisbane Roar Football Club, with a rotating cast including Dave, Pricey, Ben, Dan, Rick and Yoshiba
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S9R3 - Player Reviews Forwards: Cut Right
It's the player review show! Join us as we go around the virtual table asking the tough question of Warren Moon's first full season at the Roar, asking the tough questions; such as does JOWIC know where he left foot is? Kim Who? Why wasn't Trewin a shoe-in for the Final? And are we forgetting how great Jamie Young is?
July 28, 2021
S9R2 - Player Reviews Midfielders: The Alex Parsons Project
It's the player review show! Join us as we go around the virtual table asking the tough question of Warren Moon's first full season at the Roar, asking the tough questions; such as does JOWIC know where he left foot is? Kim Who? Why wasn't Trewin a shoe-in for the Final? And are we forgetting how great Jamie Young is?
July 28, 2021
S9R1 - Player Reviews Defenders/GK: Ginger on Left, Ginger on Right, Brisbane with their Ginger Wonderland
It's the player review shows! Join us as we go around the virtual table asking the tough question of Warren Moon's first full season at the Roar, asking the tough questions; such as does JOWIC know where he left foot is? Kim Who? Why wasn't Trewin a shoe-in for the Final? And are we forgetting how great Jamie Young is?
July 28, 2021
S9 Review: That Japanese striker guy
It’s our big end of season review show. We have gathered the whole crew together to have a look at our highlights, lowlights, games and goals of the season and just relive some of the good times and the ghost whispers of a Yoshiba photocopier. Who will win our prestigious Player of the Year award, and who will forever be remembered as Villain of the year? We open the preseason predictions to find out who really predicted the Mariners rise this season and who picked Rudy Gestede for Golden Boot. Wrap around some of the latest news, close off the tipping and finish it all with a mammoth Dave’s game. And that is your lot for the year… Well except for our individual player review shows 😉
July 4, 2021
S9E22: So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish
A home final, some safe smoke, supersubs, a creaky captain, a header home, the good Gonewin, a health-and-safety half-time-pull, topped off by one last MisMiss Masterpiece! We played Adelaide United! There's also the NPL side facing Pen overPower(d) and NPLW where Jolianne made sure we Cruz'd home with a brace! Join Dave, Ben and Dan as we wrap the weekend, promote the paramounts and ring-out the Roarcast one last time for the season!
June 16, 2021
S9E21: Get your tickets now!
Fresh off the back of fuck Sydney week it's the other nasty rivals Adelaide - but this time it's knockout finals and there's everything to play for! Can Brisbane find the goalscoring answers after a tough few weeks? Have we overcome fatigue after a packed schedule? Is Jessie Daley properly warmed up for the Reds after seeing red against Retre? Will Cyrus Dehmie find a new pair of boots in time!? Hosted by DangerousDave, Dan and Rick we review our final League match for the season, discuss our chances in the finals, talk about the A-League Clubs exodus from ACL and spur listeners into make bad tipping picks! 
June 7, 2021
S9E20: Fuck Sydney Sandwich with Glory filling
We’re finals bound after putting glory back in their rightful place – out of finals. But not before our perfect record in NSW was ruined with an unlucky night in Paramatta. Next up is the final round fuck Sydney fest as we search for a home final. We round up some news, including what we think is going to happen with finals scheduling and finish with a little tipping.
June 3, 2021
S9E19: Blue Moon Eclipsed
Two from Two! And that’s even before we talk about the games 😉. It was a big week both on and off the pitch as young players signed on and announced themselves on the pitch as well. We talk the Newcy and City games, O’Shea’s mixed bag of a week, have a gander at what’s ahead, discuss the big new TV deal (woo for recording on Wednesday this week), have some fun with a big dave’s game and round out with the all-important tipping. Get around it!
May 27, 2021
S9E18: Tiredness sliding on in
Another two games in a week sees Brisbane’s charge up the ladder start to stall like a ball landing in a potato paddock puddle. We review the games against Central Coast and Adelaide including the starting debuts of two youngsters for the Brisbane Roar footballcast. See how the NPL teams got on without their headline acts and a little outfielder in the goals action if you don’t mind. Catch up on the news including who wants out and then have a little fun, which for a change doesn’t end the way it normally does. All that and more for this weeks pod, get around it!
May 19, 2021
S9E17: Puddle stomping
Join us as we review a bumper week of football, VAR confusion, last minute winners and recruiting your best mates as injury cover. Predictably we spend longer talking about Flottmann than he spent on the pitch and continue to ask the question “why” for just about anything Golgol related.
May 11, 2021
S9E16: Brisbane Water, it is magical and mysterious.
It’s our home away from home, and boy did the magical water of Gosford do the trick again as we scorched 4 past the mariners. But then as water will do it turns on you as it tried it’s hardest to force another postponement. Was it the right call, well a football game happened in the end. We also flick through the big news of the week, catch up on NPL results, have some fun with the return of Dave’s game and tipping. Get around it!
May 4, 2021
S9E15: JOWIC’s Pass
Two in a row. It’s hard to believe but here we are 4 games undefeated and two wins back-to-back away in Sydney. Great times as we celebrate the assist of the season, ginger haired defenders, and long field shots. There was only really one mismis on the night. Now can the moon man turn it around at home? We also have a chat about NPL, fixture changes, laugh at Melbourne Victory, TV deals and ultimately let Ben off the leash about the new Brisbane Roar podcasters-based tipping super league. Get around it, but not in like a Vanilla Milkshake way when you prefer Chocolate way.
April 20, 2021
S9E14: A mooing good time
How do you turn an 8-game winless run into a 3-game unbeaten streak? By winning at our new favourite away venue CampBELLtown! We discuss how we finally scored a couple of goals, why does no one seem to know why Scotty MacDonald is except Optus Sport, touch on the former favourite getting a Matildas debut, butcher some Maori names of New Zealand cities and talk screamers in the NPL. All that and a little bit of the usual fun.
April 14, 2021
Roarcast Fan Files: Ash Wynne
We speak with former Den member turned family man Ash Wynne.  We discuss why he got a BRFC tattoo, how his football experience has changed since becoming a dad and the biggest Den tifo that no one ever saw. If you want to tell your fan story in our Fan Files series please get in touch with us via or via Twitter @TheRoarcast.  We would love to hear your stories and share them with our listeners.
April 12, 2021
S9E13: Six of the worst
The Covid cleared, so on the masks we donned as we got a double treat of home games to attend over Easter. It was an action-packed W-League semi-final with more contentious decisions than most of the rest of the season combined, so we have a look through how we were robbed and maybe more importantly missed our twin pillars. Meanwhile, it was yet another winless weekend for the A-League team as we try to look at how we would look to change the Moonball system up. We shift through some news, do so tipping and that’s your lot for the week. Get around it!
April 7, 2021
Roarcast Fan Files: Fatima Flores
We speak to Roar Corp and Matildas Active member Fatima Flores. We discuss her introduction into football by her dad and how she had to introduce him to the Roar, finding her people at when joining the Roar Corp and taking on the world in Matildas Active and her new venture. If you want to tell your fan story in our Fan Files series please get in touch with us via or via Twitter @TheRoarcast.  We would love to hear your stories and share them with our listeners.
April 4, 2021
S9E12: Scotty Neville’s Amazing Race
It’s been a quieter week in lockdown as a rain event ending sees no A-League action, but never fear because the Roarcast team will still find ways to fill up your hour. We’ve got a bumper W-League review as they head off to finals with a bang and a golden boot. We’ve got a bit of NPL to review as we wonder what is more important, playing A-League or winning a golden boot. Swing past some news as we look to Finnish off the new competition and work out who could leave… Note: This was recorded before all the announcements that games are on in Brisbane this weekend.
April 2, 2021
Roarcast Fan Files: Scott Owen
We welcome Scott Owen to the Roarcast Fan Files this week. Scott tells us about being part of the River City Crew, starting an unofficial news page about the Roar and how it's exploded in popularity to the point of now covering the Roar and the local NPL competitions. If you want to tell your fan story in our Fan Files series please get in touch with us via or via Twitter @TheRoarcast.  We would love to hear your stories and share them with our listeners.
March 28, 2021
S9E11: Get the key out and take an Uber duck boat to Newy (or Sweden)
More fun than putting David Ball in a headlock, or having to swim back up to Sydney to get a return flight like Dave, it's the Roarcast Episode 11! With a hosting cast that rotates more than the Brisbane Roar formation, join Dave & Dan as we cover the surprisingly-not-delayed Wellington A-League game, preview the surprisingly-delayed Western United A-League game, discuss our chances in the W-League and what's going on with our stars leaving, and ponder if the unconventional scoring methods of our NPL & WNPL's side's is the way forward for our Senior sides. The show was recorded before some of the latest signing news, so laugh at us while we inconsequentially speculate on W-League player options.
March 26, 2021
Roarcast Fan Files: Cate Lindsay
We speak to Cate Lindsay, former Den member who had a large organisational role behind the scenes. We chat about how she got involved in the Den, the highs of putting together large scale tifos and the lows of being a target of some people vitriol online. We also discuss Cate's favourite away days and full pubs with the Mighty Seamen. If you want to tell your fan story in our Fan Files series please get in touch with us via or via Twitter @TheRoarcast.  We would love to hear your stories and share them with our listeners.
March 21, 2021
S9E10: Pricey’s big win
It is another big show as we review all the highlights, lowlights and floglights from the A-League, while wondering is watching the game in fast motion better or worse for you? Big time moment Em Gielnik steps up again, keeping us in with a faint chance of winning the league with a timely hat trick, as Hecher scores when she was most certainly definitely unrefutably onside. We also have a stop into the wonderful NPL and relive a couple of great highlights from the match on the weekend. Round it off with a bit of fun and some tipping and that is your lot for the week. Get around it!
March 17, 2021
Roarcast Fan Files: Patrick Lindsay
We meet Patrick Lindsay, a member of the Den from it's very origins.  We discuss the early days of the Den and how an online message board he started became a central hub for Roar fans, building an active supporter base for a new club, the innovations that pushed the Den to it's highest of heights and finally why he decided to walk away from it all. If you want to tell your fan story in our Fan Files series please get in touch with us via or via Twitter @TheRoarcast.  We would love to hear your stories and share them with our listeners.
March 14, 2021
S9E9: Searching deep for happiness.
The A-League team’s form line is reading like Melbourne Victory’s, ouch. That’s okay we’ll look to the W-League team to continue their strong form…. Oh…. That’s okay because the NPL is back and we kicked it off in style! Yeah, get around them. We analyse the big clash against Sydney in the AL, wonder if anyone thought about where the away fans were located at Dolphins, look at what seemed to go wrong against Canberra in the Dub and have some fun with back by popular demand Pricey quick game! Get around it.
March 9, 2021
Roarcast Fan Files: Colby List
This week we meet More Than A Game co-host Colby List. Colby is a Central Queensland born Brisbane fan that lives in Melbourne.  We chat with Colby about his 2011 grand final experience, how some randoms at the pub ended up becoming his Roar mates and trying to stay impartial when discussing football on a podcast. If you want to tell your fan story in our Fan Files series please get in touch with us via or via Twitter @TheRoarcast.  We would love to hear your stories and share them with our listeners.
March 7, 2021
S9E8: Mostly shooting blanks out west
A slightly quieter show this week as the W-League freshen up with a week off. So, it was left to the A-League team in Perth to provide the entertainment. We discuss how we ended our barren run of goals, but still wasted chances, the big penalty call, kick Dan off the show for agreeing with Robbie Slater and hope for a change in fortune for FuckSydneyWeek. We also run through some news and have a little fun. Just a nice simple normal Roarcast.
March 3, 2021
Roarcast Fan Files: Dirga Ong
This week we meet Melbourne based Roar fan Dirga Ong. We discuss his efforts trialling with a Singapore Premier League side, the unusual reason he missed the 2011 grand final, the creation of Roar Fans in Melbourne and how he went from trying to be funny in the A-League Memes comments section to trying to write funny jokes for Simon Hill. If you want to tell your fan story in our Fan Files series please get in touch with us via or via Twitter @TheRoarcast.  We would love to hear your stories and share them with our listeners.
February 28, 2021
S9E7: Not even Facebook News ban can stop us
It is a big return for Larissa Crummer, Em Gielnik remains on fire and we eventually remember to discuss the goal of the week. Really just another standard game for our W-League team as they chase top position. Fuck Sydney week gets rounded out with a bit of drawball for a second week in a row, but what subs should be made when? We discuss our travel plans to Nepal and Newcastle, break some news, see if Pricey can actually win a Dave’s game and round it out with some tipping. Get around another episode of the Roarcast!
February 23, 2021
Roarcast Fan Files: Teegan Walsh
We meet Teegan Walsh, an Adelaide based Brisbane Roar fan, in this weeks show.  We discuss supporting a team while interstate, the difficulties of being a female football supporter in an active supporter environment and the benefits of travelling away and the bonds that has created for Teegan.  And it'd be remiss of us not to mention her connection with Jack Hingert. If you want to tell your fan story in our Fan Files series please get in touch with us via or via Twitter @TheRoarcast.  We would love to hear your stories and share them with our listeners.
February 21, 2021
S9E6: The Great Sydney Dubbing
We came, we saw, we conquered. We relive the great win in Sydney for the W-League team after toppling the previously undefeated ladder leaders on their patch. Ponder how the 7-11 doctor impacted our scoreless draw against the Newcastle Jets and if someone has been infected with Frans Thijssenitis. Have a gander at some news, including who do you support in the local leagues and what has the current manager of our loanee player over in India been up to now.  Round it off with some tipping and it’s at least 30 minutes shorter this week so we’re on the improve (who says competition doesn’t improve things) Note updated fixtures came out since we recorded so check the socials for the latest info beyond this weekend 😊
February 17, 2021
Roarcast Fan Files: Richard Roar
Episode 1. Richard Roar joins us in the first ever Roarcast Fan Files. In our chat with Richard we discover how the "Richard Roar" character came to be, having the police called on him while at Robina and the being awarded the Brisbane Roar Supporter of the Year for 2020. If you want to tell your fan story in our Fan Files series please get in touch with us via or via Twitter @TheRoarcast.  We would love to hear your stories and share them with our listeners.
February 14, 2021
S9E5: It’s like 2011 all over again
Football football football. It just keeps coming, which is what Brisbane in the A-League did to Victory’s defence last weekend as we delve into our successes and their failures. We then lament a tiring midweek performance that had some wondering why no changes? But wait there’s more, because we recorded this hot off the W-League continuing their run of wins against Western Sydney, but up next it’s the old foe Sydney FC in a ding dong Fuck Sydney week clash. We cover some news, foundation building, baby happiness and even a little tipping/game time. Get around another monster episode like JBS gets around misting sunscreen on hot summers days.
February 11, 2021
S9E4: Moonball Dubbing
3 games. 3 wins. Goals Goals Goals. Dylan Wenzall-Halls is on fire and we’re loving it as O’Shea finally scores the jackpot by putting in the back of the net instead of the RSL pokie room. However, It’s all about that Moonball and around here on the Roarcast we’re holding all the way to the top baby 🚀💎. 9 goals in 2 games really sees the dub team hit their groove as a tasty double treat of wins against both Melbourne teams finally seems them scoring in record ways. Then we catch up on some news and draw machinations before doing our usual fun. Get around it as we go long on a great week for Brisbane.
February 2, 2021
S9E3: What even is a season schedule
As the football gods decided to mix up when where and why we might see Brisbane play football, here at the Roarcast we've been sitting, waiting and pondering what we will say. Do we deliver on such promise, sadly no but at least we're not ordering 50 free ketchup packets. So instead we've snuck in a chat just after Brisbane return home from venturing close to greater Sydney and taking 3 points thanks to some Danzaki/DWH magic and some stone wall like defending. We'll also ponder what part of the drawing dub team is the problem and fondly remember the good times like that Mini Gorry pile driver of a goal. Wrap up some news, do a Dave's game and round out the tipping. Hopefully it's enough for at least one trip to the Gold Coast on a Friday night....
January 21, 2021
S9E2: Crossbar Challenge
The football is back, and we've got double the games to talk through as we review the games against City at home and Victory away for both teams. Is Warren Moon amazing or did he just get lucky? Was the performance that much better or that much worse than the first? How can our W-League team not score a goal? Where's Dave? Will Ben go to a game? How was life in the Dolphin Pods? All these questions and more as we talk through all of it.  Timestamps:  1m 40s - A-League Review City 26m - A-League Review Victory Leg 1 51m - A-League Preview Victory Leg 2 56m 10s - W-League Review City 1h 12m - W-League Review Victory (Sorry some jumps in audio for this segment as recording failed 😞) 1h 17m 10s - W-League Preview 1H 23m 45s - News (it just jumps into with an audio gap) 1H 34m 50s - Dave's Game, Tipping wrap up
January 6, 2021
S9R1: Where's Dave?
Hello listeners and welcome to the Roarcast! It's not the FA-Cup preview, but if all you wanted for Christmas is  football you'll still be entertained as we uncover the truth behind  Georgie Mells' signing, mis-pronounce half a dozen of our new signings  names and cover the bigs news in our special "Roar Court" section. Oh and there's a few minutes talking about the A-League and W-League  squads, the pre-season so far and the journey to Redcliffe (& Gold  Coast) this season.
December 18, 2020
S8R3: One old Irish ROD and one Scott-ish Old Macdonald share a shiny shoe of gold.
It's the player review show! Join us as we sift through the aftermath  that was the Roar's 2019/20 season squad rebuild, decyphering why we signed Ingham and AAH, talking the tale of two golden boots and talking wistfully about a great future on the back of some of our younger talents.
October 7, 2020
S8R2: A midfield so good, we released 7/10 of them
It's the player review show! Join us as we sift through the aftermath that was the Roar's 2019/20 season squad rebuild, working out where Akbari actually likes playing, if Georgie Mells sole substitute appearance will earn him a post-covid recall to the squad, and of course, the legacy that is Dan's favourite player, Brad Inman.
October 5, 2020
S8R1: 71 reasons to defend better, 30% less coffee
It's the player review show! Join us as we sift through the aftermath that was the Roar's 2019/20 season squad rebuild, trying to remember a time before Jack & Corey were back as full starters, as we cover off our Goalkeepers and Defenders!
October 1, 2020
S8E31: A review longer than VAR
Season 8 Episode 31: Its over, it’s finally all over. A season 13 months in the making and we’ve finally decided to wrap it all up. We take a look at some of the key moments and feelings from the season including wait did he really score in that game, huh who knew that happened and I don’t recall that game at all. Its everything you come to expect from us and more. We hand out our player of the season and villain of the season tying it all nicely into the official award winners. Have a look at the news floating around including the latest in episode of what’s the next season going to look like featuring Tony Sage. Finalise the tipping champion of the year and probably the best part is look back at the season predictions from the team and you the listeners! We round it off with a monster Dave’s new game and well that’s your bloomin lot. Well except our player reviews coming over the next week or so.
September 22, 2020
S8E30: Quarantine life comes at you faster than a council water bill.
Season 8 Episode 30: The quarantine is over, so we decide it is time to look back at our Semi Final loss to the WUN. Have a gander at all the news we could find including the next instalment of Fowler v the Bakries, council water bills, famous fans on twitter and anything else that has been going on tbh.
September 9, 2020
S8E29: Gangsters Paradise
The regular season is done and a finals campaign looms. Join Dave, Dan and Ben as they look back at the Sydney game, look forward to the Elimination Final and look out for all those Gangsters about the place.
August 22, 2020
S8E28: Moons hamster farming
Season 8 Episode 28 The Roarcast is back with another episode having a look at the Victory and Nix games as Moon earns his first win and draw as Brisbane manager. But with finals football secured does the Moon man stick or twist with the current team for the final game of the regular season? We have a look at some of the news floating around, cry as another player departs for Europe, check in on NPL results and speculate on corporate ownership in the league. We finish it off with some fun (Dani Butts apologises in advance for his performance), tipping and that’s your bloomin’ lot for the week.
August 8, 2020
S8E27 It’s a new moon rising
Season 8 Episode 27. Footballs back and there’s a new Moon in town to lead our band of merry men on the quest to claim to A-League. It was Adelaide United at “home” on a cold Sunday night at Robina as the two teams shook off the hiatus blues, but only Brisbane left with a Red face as we failed to pass Kids Cancer Champion Izzo. So we got the band together to talk about how we saw the game unfold, have a look forward to our next fixture in the “Hub”, catch up on the important news, play a little game and even do some tipping. Get around it!
July 25, 2020
S8E26: Roarcast do the Forecast
Season 8 Episode 26: The Roarcast Forecast, we look forward to what will be going on over the next few weeks. Where do the teams sit, what will they be looking at doing? What will Brisbane be doing, including new interim coach Darren Davies and what our next coach could look like (spoilers since we recorded, it is apparently Darren Davies). We get some of your thoughts on what went on over the season interruption and just some good honest general musings about football in this country and where it is going.
July 14, 2020
S8E25: Roarcast Recast Returns
Season 8 Episode 25: It has been a little while, it’s gotten a bit chilly and we’ve been missing the footballs. So we got the whole gang back together to catch up on what’s been going on and try and warm you up a little. You’ve got your Fowler not returning hot takes. You’ve got your FFA/A-League/Fox Sports hot takes. You’ve got your how freaking awesome is hosting a World Cup going to be hot takes. And any other little titbits that floated up which we could remember. We’ve even got a new game and do some tipping. And that is all before Victoria might have screwed us over anyways. Get around it! *We've got another episode in the can looking more at the future fixtures as announced and what they might bring. 
July 7, 2020
S8E24: Self isolating with 20 people at Boot camp
Season 8 Episode 24: Just slipping in a cheeky episode because the virus starts tomorrow and we had to get our boot camp fix. We have a look back at what is probably the last game of the season as 3 points stay in the south east as Brisbane knocked off Newcastle in an exciting and entertaining game. Mull over what might be some of the longer last effects of Covid-19. Do a bit of going for orange, remember our best performances in the ACL and try not to run over anyone in a golf cart at 1 am
March 26, 2020
S8E23: Self isolating Robbie's Twitter algorithm
Season 8 Episode 23: *This was recorded before Brisbane v Newcastle was announced as being played Friday night* In these unprecedented times, it’s important to remember the important things in life. Family, Friends, Good Health and the Roarcast… Okay we know where we sit on that list. So amongst all the important health warnings, we look back at the Friday night clash against Marvin’s Central Coast Mariners. We loosen up our thoughts on the Covid19 situation and how it will affect the Aleague going forward. Have a swing past some NPL action and have a look at twitter stouches with public power. Keep on socially isolating where possible and stay well listeners
March 18, 2020
S8E22: Australians v Toilet Paper War
S8E22: First half goals, attacking and aggressive football, it was everything you could ever want to see from your football team…. Well along with your goalkeeper absolutely barrelling out of the box and scything down the attacker with a great tackle. We dissect the big win against Western Sydney, have a look at our next victims Marvin Central Coast Mariners. Cover across all the news, FFA Cup draws, NPL results, a good Going for Orange and of course the tips. Get around it like the disappointment when you realise there’s still no bloody toilet paper for sale.
March 11, 2020
S8E21: Double trouble as Brisbane stumble and fumble against unstoppable City
When Brisbane lose there’s a certain button we must hit on the Roarcast. Release the Ben. That’s right he’s back, as we review the double header from City as both teams return with doughnuts and we hit the end of the road for the WLeague season. We breeze through some news, NPL results, look for an FFA Cupset and finish it with the usual fun of Going for Orange and tipping. Get around it!
March 4, 2020
S8E20: Will TikTok save the ALeague?
S8E20: The Redcliffe rumble experiment continues as the defensive setup ensures the points are split. But it’s the swaps that cause the interest, almost as much as the fresh local bakery pies. Meanwhile it’s five of the best as the dub team keep their faint finals chances alive but need to beat the all-conquering City team in this week’s away double header. We wrap up some NPL, news and try to survive the man flu. Get around it.
February 26, 2020
S8E19: Oi gotta spare crypto coin so I can buy a buckethead on Mars?
Season 8 Episode 19. Travelling to Mars is great when you come back down to earth with a clean sheet, 3 points, a yellow card to the assistant manager and bunch of USB Sticks, no we won’t be inserting them. But the good news finishes there as we all but destroy our WLeague finals chances with 0 points and a fresh annoyance at the Sweeper Keeper position. We cover across some news, ELeague and NPL before rounding it off with the tips. Get around it!
February 19, 2020
S8E18: What really is Near CBD?
Season 8 Episode 18: The second half specialists get it done again as the beautiful Brexit boys bang home a double from behind. But is the key sign that we didn’t need J Young to make save of the week? Also have a look forward to how fun it’ll be to play on Mars. We also have a look at the tough run home for the Dub and see how we can sneak in finals. Wonder about a wet and wild start to the NPL. Have a lengthy look into where is this magical stadium going to be and what really is “near cbd”. Round up some other tidbits and along with your tips that’s your lot for the week. Get around it!
February 12, 2020
S8E17: Two Daves are better than One
Season 8 Episode 17: We have a very special guest on this week’s episode as GM of the football club, David Pourre calls in to have a chat! And he even drops a little exclusive just for good measure. We also talk about the very solid performance down in Sydney, which unfortunately means talking about VAR and it’s inbuilt Sydney FFA Media Bias. We also have a preview of the fighting in the tunnel for a bottle of wine derby, cover off on some mutual termination window action and of course the chaos that is the coronavirus fall out. Throw in some of your favourite player guessing game action and that’s a pretty tight show. Get around it!
February 5, 2020
S8E16: The Brisbane Water is our favourite water
Season 8 Episode 16 A little bit of a shorter episode this week as we only need to cover the ALeague team heading down to their home away from home on the beautiful Brisbane Water. Maybe there’s something in the water down there. We also have a look at the news, including Olyroos off to Japan, Matildas moving playing locations and a little player movement. Round it off with I think the longest Going for Orange we’ve ever had (I seriously cut over 3 mins of silence out) and some tipping, and that’s your bloomin lot for the week. Note: The matildas games have been confirmed for Campbelltown and West Sydney not Leichardt as mentioned on the show. But Coronavirus could make that a moot point anyway.
January 29, 2020
S8E15: Yeah nah
Season 8 Episode 15. Yeah nah, that’s what a home win feels like as Robbie’s band of merry men get the chocolates against high flying Wellington, what a choice tactics version 725 was. We also talk all the transfer news including new signings, new old signings and departures. How CoronaVirus started in Brisbane, 11 second appearances, goalkeeper goals and a very special call in. Get around it, like the amazing photo from Paul Smith on the weekend was.
January 22, 2020
S8E14: The parting of the seas
S8E14 What a win. 4 Nil. Where has it been all season? Who cares because it was absolutely glorious. Meanwhile the YLeague struggled in Adelaide leaving #ItsComingHome looking very perilous and the Aleague team is becoming a one man show. But at least it means Pricey gets to say Get InMan. Plus, all your news, Olyroos and of course we talk about the one, the only, Matt Simon. Get around it like Hayley Raso gets around Western Sydney’s defenders nightmares.
January 15, 2020
S8E13: 8 games, 1 super mega pod.
Season 8 Episode 13: A bumper filled episode as we cover 8 games of football, all the transfer rumours, a whole page full of news, plus all your favourite fun segments and more. So that’s 2 ALeague games as we played away at Newcastle and Western Sydney. 3 WLeague games as we played away in Melbourne and home against Newcastle and Melbourne City. And of course, 3 YLeague games as we played away in Melbourne against Victory and home against Melbourne City and Perth. So much to cover, it was always bound to be a super long one. Get around it! News since the episode: Matildas squad announced with 6 from Brisbane – Brisbane Roar Black Jersey auction - Timestamps: 2m 50s – Aleague review v Newcastle 19m 10s – Aleague review v Western Sydney 43m 50s – Aleague preview v Melbourne City 46m 40s – Wleague review v Melbourne Victory 48m 10s – Wleague review v Newcastle 56m 45s – Wleague review v Melbourne City 1h 8m – Wleague run home 1h 11m - Wleague preview v Western Sydney 1h 13m – Yleague 1h 20m – News 1h 57m – Going for Orange 2h 4m – Tipping 2h 8m – Bushfire relief.
January 8, 2020
S8E12: Who left our game plan on a USB in Mascot Maccas?
Season 12 Episode 8: We're back again for another scintillating Roarcast episode. We start by looking at everyone's favourite league, the Y-League as the youth boys continue to dominate the conference by dismantling Adelaide. #ItsComingHome We move onto talking about everyone's least favourite team, the A-League team as they huffed and puffed and achieved absolutely nothing against Western United. Is the pressure getting to Robbie? Who threw the best handbags between Rudan and Pourre, all that and more as Bes comes back to haunt us. Lastly it's all about the W-League team as they work hard to knock over an Adelaide United team more resilient that Hayley Raso copping another knock. Plus what is it with our games and saves of the week?  Plus all your usual favourite segments to round out what will likely be our last show for the decade, get around it! 👀
December 19, 2019
S8E11: Gorry waddlin
Let's start with the bright points, The YLeague boys are top of the league and having a laugh! After that well we have the fun of combing through an absolutely diabolical display away to the champions. Before picking it back up with the first points of the season for the WLeague away in our nation's capital and of course some news and tipping
December 11, 2019
S8E10: How to right the goodship
Season 8 Episode 10:  We take a good long look at how Robbie Fowler changed it up against Central Coast, including a couple of big ins which has one person very excited (with a strong sense of vindication) as the ALeague team claimed all three points at home.  The WLeague team continued a very stuttering start to campaign as Hamilton claimed all three points for the Wanderers, meanwhile the YLeague played in Shepparton.   Then there's a quick recap of all the news and your favourite segments in what is a completely normal ending to the show. #PriceyOut
December 4, 2019
S8E9: Bubba's Oreo
Season 8 Episode 9: Two teams played, and we have 0 points to show for it, so that means the YLeague team by virtue of having the bye was the best team on the weekend!  So we naturally start with them, move our way into some coverage of the Aleague team playing in Wellington, preview of Central Coast coming to town, have a look at the return of the WLeague team playing against Victory before moving onto a little look at the upcoming WSW game.  All that and more including your usual favourites like Going for Orange and Tipping. (PS Audio is a little funny for the last segment, sorry bout that, technology continues to annoy us well mainly Pricey)
November 27, 2019
S8E8: The Brisbane Roar Bus Company
You wait forever for a bus to come along then of course 4 come along at once. Wait goals. I mean goals. That's right we won a game and we got to see a hat trick for both teams. We review all the action from a jam packed game against City (who said Brisbane games were boring), and preview the trip across the dutch to play Wellington. We also have a little look at the news leading into the WLeague opener, a check in on the YLeague opener and of course your usual fun favourites Going for Orange and Tipping! Get around it. 
November 20, 2019
S8E7: No beer and no goals make homer go something something
Season 8 Episode 7: That's right déjà vu hits harder than 17 beers bought by the CEO as it’s a familiar story in Adelaide for the Aleague team. Meanwhile WLeague and Yleague preparations hit defcon 1 as their respective seasons get underway. Plus all your favourite segments. Get around it!
November 13, 2019
S8E6: Pourreium
Season 8 Episode 6: Robbie's band of merry lads travel to all new and improved "wonderland" but what was our favourite rides and what prizes did we win? It was all just a bit tumbleweedy.  There's also a bunch more WLeague news and of course your favourite wow I had forgotten about him guessing game. Get around it. 
November 6, 2019
S8E5: Bench swap
Season 8 Episode 5: Hopes and dreams, it all feels so distant now as we reflect back on the victory loss and discuss all the big issues of the game, like Robbie Slater and his work post Sydney derby proving physics. We also round up all the latest signings for the W-League team and your usual favourites! 
October 30, 2019
S8E4: VAR saves the day
Season 8 Episode 4: What do they always say. Never leave a Brisbane Roar game early. Robbies band of merry lads grab a late well earned point over in the west against the premiers. We also discuss the WLeague signings and all your usual fun.
October 17, 2019
S8E3: 2019/20 Season Preview
Season 8 Episode 3. It's here, it's finally here. The long long long long long long off season is over! We have your usual terrible banter filled fun as we look back at preseason, who has done well and talk through who we think will be the big name players this season.  Plus all the news since we last recorded,  and of course Australia's favourite Brisbane Football Podcast run Quiz is back! Going for Orange! We remember to do it at the end.  Please leave us clips to use at and we'll play them on the show. 
October 7, 2019
S8E2: The secret extra special FFA Cup show
That's right, when 1 FFA Cup show isn't enough, you get a special extra show. Just for you listeners.  We talk about our FFA Cup performance against Central Coast Mariners, the rest of preseason including the big Surf City Cup victory!!! All the big news (including the late breaking news around the WLeague). Get around it. Note: We tried recording separately with our new host, so let us know what you think. 
September 3, 2019
S8E1: The annual FFA Cup show
That's right, we're back baby and it's just in time to do our annual FFA Cup show! Anyway we were all at Strikers v Wellington, so our level of analysis is fantastic as per usual. We also have a look at the big off season news, catch up on the different NPL teams and a big look at where all the players have come from.  Get around around it!
August 14, 2019
S7R6: Matt McKay tribute
The end of the line. That's right its our last episode from season 7 of the Roarcast so we've left the best till last. It's our special tribute to Matt McKay as we look back at all the big moments from his playing time with Brisbane Roar. Forever a Brisbane Roar legend.
June 26, 2019
S7R5: Henrique. A Brisbane Roar Legend.
The first of our specials on the departing legends of Brisbane Roar football club. It's Henrique! Join us as we discuss all our favourite moments for the little Brazilian and a little quiz fun as well. Enjoy! PS If you missed the news Henrique has just joined our academy as a coach so he's staying in the family🧡
June 16, 2019
S7R4: 2018/19 Reviews - W-League
Season 7 Review 4: WLeague. We have a look at the key movers and shakers that shaped our 2018/19 WLeague season. Who did we think excelled, who left a bit to be desired? Tune it to find out!
June 7, 2019
S7R3: 2018/19 Reviews - Attock Attock Attock
Season 7 Review 3: The front end of the field this time, as we look at how those tasked with scoring got on.
June 3, 2019
S7R2: The midfield.
Ahh the midfield, did we have one? I mean really did we have one. Well yes there were some players stationed in that part of the park so we have a look at their output. Note: McKay gets his own special episode.
May 26, 2019
S7R1: 2018/19 Reviews: Goalkeepers and Defenders
It's Roarcast Review time! And we start with the part of the team that needs to most work to fix in the off-season. I think that's the nice way of putting it. Anyway who will Ben think was the most useless? Who got villain of the year points? All this and not much more as we keep it to the point with these.
May 20, 2019
S7E29: All out, All change as we break the timeline
It's an end of season review, as we look back at some of the season defining games, check in with general manager David Pourre on where the club is at as we head into off season mode and open our start of season predictions. PS we have individual player reviews to come!
May 16, 2019
S7E28: It's over.
Season 7 Episode 28: A bit of reflection on everything in this one; Reflection on losing to Adelaide, on gaining a manager in Robbie Fowler, award winners, released players, retained players, Trashy Tuesday costumes and the whole darn season. It's over folks, put it in the bin, set alight and lets agree to never bring it up again.
May 1, 2019
S7E20: Roarcast Interviews: David Pourre
Something different this week as Pricey and Ben (Dave was there in spirit) get to interview the General Manager of Brisbane Roar, David Pourre. We cover a whole range of topics so giving a rare behind the scenes insight, If you enjoyed this please share it around.
March 2, 2019