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The Signature Boss

The Signature Boss

By Nadia Meli
This is an introduction to TSB Podcast! What makes a SB? A SB is someone who is not afraid to create their own box, working and living to never compromise their integrity.
I believe integrity IS a sexy word and more relevant than ever.
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#10 Joshua Harris: Life after IKDG and changing paradigms

The Signature Boss

#20 Claire Baker: Use the power of your menstrual cycle
Claire Baker is a sought-after period coach, author and speaker. For nearly a decade Claire has taught thousands of women how to live in harmony with their menstrual cycle, rather than working against it. Claire believes menstrual cycle awareness is the missing key in women’s wellbeing, empowerment and creativity, and her immersive online courses and workshops inspire women to know their flow and become the authority in their own lives. Claire’s online program Adore Your Cycle has students in over 35 countries. With a background in visual arts and creative business, Claire is a certified health and life coach, has studied Menstruality Leadership and is a trained natural fertility teacher. Known for her authentic voice and ability to ‘make periods fun’, Claire is regularly featured in publications such as Red, Glamour, and Women’s Health magazine. Originally from Australia, Claire now lives in sunny East London and spends her days coaching, teaching, writing, dancing and being as close to trees as she possibly can. Connect with Claire on Insta and through her website:
November 08, 2021
#19 Jo Luehmann: Reclaiming Christianity when you have religious trauma
This is a special one for me, because I felt like a proper fangirl recording this conversation. Jo Luehmann has played a big role in my deconstruction of faith and I am forever grateful to her for who she is and what she does. Jo is a Colombian born and raised pastor with a Masters degree in ministry and theology. This woman knows her stuff. You just have to have one look at her IG or listen to her for 5 minutes and she will blow you away. Jo teaches about decolonizing + dismantling theology (and what the difference is) a lot - and it's something we cover in this episode as well. Apart from that we also speak about her own journey and the questions that kicked off her deconstruction, why deconstruction is not enough and where she has landed on today.  One thing that fascinates me is that she calls herself a Christian, even though she does not subscribe to the 'You are a sinner, Jesus died for you' message at all: you will find out how she defines that and what Christianity means to her.  We speak about her work with @dobetterchurch , a team that fights to hold churches accountable for the individual and collective abuse that gets covered up, about learning your own intuition when you have religious trauma and a lot more that's too good to miss. You can find all that Jo has to offer here:  and you should also follow her on Instagram: As always, be kind and respectful online (and IRL) x If you enjoy this episode please leave me a review and share this with someone you love :)  Thank you! Love x Nadia
May 19, 2021
#18 Tyson Joseph on storytelling and finding the way home to yourself
Follow Tyson here: Check out some of his films: My guest in todays episode is Tyson Joseph, he is a producer and director from London, founder of STORIES LIKE US and stories are his BIG passion, you'll be able to hear that from the minute he starts talking. This chat is so full of gold nuggets. Tyson was generous in sharing his own story and how that has shaped him. Storytelling is a big responsibility and an honour. And Tyson is very particular about the difference of telling a story about someone and a story that actually reflects someone. We talk about growth and love too - and the running theme throughout this episode is ultimately living in truth, whether that is in work, in your relationships, in your mindset. Using your story to walk yourself home. Back to the authentic, healthiest version of yourself.  I really hope this conversation fires you up the way it did with me. I hope it makes you remember who you are and what makes you the most alive. Enjoy, subscribe and share! xx Nadia
March 08, 2021
#17 Phil Drysdale on the stages of deconstructing Christianity and transforming your pain
Todays guest is Phil Drysdale. I first found Phil on Instagram because of his hilarious christian deconstruction memes: This is the second episode on this podcast about faith deconstruction, I have done one before with Joshua Harris, the author of I kissed dating goodbye, if you haven’t listened to that one, that might be interesting for you too. Phil Drysdale helps people loose their faith :) That is what his bio says but it’s much much more than that. When you deconstruct christianity or any other faith you are not set out to loose it. That is not the intention. You have questions. You are understanding , knowing new things from different perspectives. Things that once you. Know them you just cannot un-know them , it’s impossible, there is no turning back. Phil went through this process himself , is going through it, we are never done. And he simply helps people through the stage they are at. It’s one thing we cover extensively in this episode : the different psychological stages of growth and development and what they mean in the christian context , in a deconstruction context. Personally, I have often struggled with those stages and relating to people in stages that I have outgrown and relating to my former self in those former stages. That’s something Phil explains so generously in this conversation. We also speak about what to do with those difficult emotions like pain, shame , guilt once you are not a christian anymore. How to transform those emotions, we talk about shadow work and so many other things If you are a deconstructing christian , or an ex-christian you are going to find this episode so enlightening and healing , there is no doubt in my mind. Hope you enjoy this episode and it makes you feel less alone on your journey! Follow Phil here and check out the Deconstruction Network he created:
March 01, 2021
#16 Soraya Stuart: A personal mental health journey
Follow Soraya here:  Today's delightful guest is Soraya Stuart, mental health blogger, host for Black Minds Matter and human extraordinaire.   Soraya started posting and sharing about mental health before it was everywhere and she does it so generously, with a lot of heart, humour and honesty. She did not hold back in this episode, sharing about therapy, her mental health journey, family, racism in the workplace, how a religious upbringing influenced her mental health, how she handles social media and what 2020 taught her.  One of my favourite quotes from this chat is: “Don’t be afraid to burn bridges if you don’t plan to walk back” I hope you take value from our conversation - if you do, please leave a little review, it would mean so much! Enjoy this episode xx  Follow TSB on Instagram:
January 25, 2021
#15 Bianca Bass: the intersection of life + career; how to draw strength from both
Follow Bianca here: + Bianca is an incredible Marketing Coach that has worked with the likes of Google, has been published in Forbes and British Vogue - and in this episode she brings the GOLD! Marketing is telling stories - and she shows us so well how she draws strength from her story and weaves it into her work.  There is so much we cover here, from childhood trauma, being a third - culture - kid to how we can change work environments around us and how we can change what normal looks like: in business and in life. I am so excited for you to listen to Bianca's wisdom! Let her know how much you appreciate this episode and show your support if you are listening. Sharing is caring after all. Follow The Signature Boss on Instagram , leave us a review and some love:   Bianca's recommendations in this episode:  'Soulfriends' by Stephen Cope  'Time' on Amazon Prime, the story of Fox Rich  Have a beautiful Monday! Love x Nadia
January 18, 2021
#14 Ayesha Erkin: Where are you from?
Follow Ayesha online: Today's episode is close to my heart, because it's all about identity and belonging as an immigrant. Ayesha is Pakistani born of Turkic and Arab descent and she has lived in many places all over the world. The question 'Where are you from?' is not a simple one to answer for Ayesha and the explanation is long and interesting. I recommend listening to our full conversation, as she goes into all the details of her family history.  Ayesha is an architect but has a lot of talents and passions outside of architecture: like fashion and food. What those things mean to her and how they tie together her many identities is fascinating.  We talk meeting immigrant parents expectations, something we both relate to very well, breaking out of comfort zones and finding the place you belong and who you want to be. I love Ayesha's manifesto when she says: 'I can be more than one thing' .  What a beautiful way to enter the new year, 2021. Realising we are not set in stone, we are not trapped in the past. We can decide who we want to be, while honouring where we come from. Over and over again. Love x  Nadia
December 31, 2020
#13 Rebecca Munroe on life in the face of mortality, confidence and self-reliance (and a lot more)
Follow Rebecca here: This episode if full of big things like heartbreak, joy,  anger, romance, grief, self love, passion - Becca was so open with her life, I appreciate her so much for it! She talks to me about her dad who suffers from MS and how this has impacted her life, we talk about her beautiful work, her relationship with her partner (they've been together since they were kids!) and all the beautiful in between feelings this life throws at us.  She also tells me how this years BLM events have changed her: this episode is so RICH with content, goodness and grace and honesty ! And also very long. So you can listen to it while you’re cooking or going for a walk. Enjoy! And please leave me 5 stars and some nice words :) It really helps TSB! Much love x Nadia
December 14, 2020
#12 Vienda Maria: Living in alignment with feminine + masculine and healing the past
Follow Vienda here: Vienda is a powerhouse:  a women’s coach and a writer - and so much more. She has a psychology degree, she runs online courses on different topics, she sells a beautiful yearly planner, she writes beautifully (check our her blog!) When I look at her load of work it looks so busy and full - but Vienda and she does all of these things while drawing from her feminine energy a lot and not leaving that - which is something I am still learning how to do, something I had no idea was possible, for me HUSTLE or business , making money was always strongly connected to masculine energy and I always felt a big gap in my life because of it. We talk about this today - as well as healing the past, the divide between feminine and masculine energy - and so much more soul conversation! Enjoy!  
November 30, 2020
#11 Charisse Kenion on the beauty of being a jack of all trades
Follow Charisse here: Charisse is a writer, content creator for brands, a photographer and a podcast host - and she has become a friend this year! We met in a very unexpected way - that started all because of Nikon not posting anything about the Black lives matter movement - but I will let you listen to that story in this episode.  A few months ago I was a guest on her own podcast - the beautymepodcast - linked above -  and she was a big inspiration actually in me picking up my sleeping podcast again! Charisse and her husband Dan are  an inspiration to me in many other ways, to sum it up - they create a life on purpose instead of running with conventions, social contracts and expectations. You know how much I love people like that. That’s what this podcast is about and I am so grateful that Charisse sat down with me to talk about her life choices and views. This was recorded pre lockdown 2.0 by the way, I feel like I have to mention that! :) I hope you enjoy meeting Charisse, give her a follow and show her some love if you like this episode! xx 
November 23, 2020
#10 Joshua Harris: Life after IKDG and changing paradigms
Follow Josh here: In this episode Josh and I talk about the impact of his book IKDG on purity culture and how he turned away from it. He approaches the whole topic with so much love and integrity and is very honest about the messy process of deconstruction. We talk about faith, church, dealing with haters, spiritual experiences and new found perspectives on life. Life after leaving faith is very much still a process, a journey and not a destination and I hope this conversation will comfort and encourage you. love x Nadia
November 16, 2020
#9 Eniafe Isis: Is that what I think or is that what I was told to think?
Follow Eniafe Isis here:  @eniafe.isis : @allherwords : @freegems.podcast : What a joy to talk to Isis about life, growth and identity. We cover so much from childhood wounds to our inner knowing, navigating life detours and the relationship to our parents. We are very close in age and she feels like a sister to my soul in so many ways.  Enjoy and support Isis on the www, you will not regret it. Thank you for listening, subscribing, sharing and leaving lovely reviews x Nadia
November 09, 2020
#8 Leaving Christianity, my marriage and my career: the lonely task of being true to oneself.
2019 was a tough one for me on many levels. I made three  life changes - or one massive one depending how you look at it - that I never planned for, never saw coming and never thought would happen TO me. Much less that I would actually actively MAKE them happen. To kick off the Signature Boss again I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge this change and share it with you. People ask me all the time why I share. Why I am vulnerable or vocal on the internet. It's very simple: Sharing honestly creates connection and community. It makes someone else out there feel less alone and more normal for what they are going through. It gives someone else courage for what they are dealing with. That is what other people's stories have done for me in the past (and still do) : they have made me brave. That's why I share. Sharing honestly creates an atmosphere of freedom. And that's the space I want to live in.
November 01, 2020
#7 Lou Hendry: Finding love after love 🅴
  Today's episode is really a chat between soul sisters. I talk to my friend Lou, who ended a 17 (SEVENTEEN!) year long relationship that wasn't right for her. Since ending my own marriage of 10 years, we connected over a lot of common experiences and emotions and we discuss ALL of it on here. Lou tells the story of how she intentionally set out to meet the love of her life - and he even makes an appearance on the pod!  It gets personal, it gets teary, explicit and hilarious. Thank you for listening! Enjoy! x Nadia 
July 28, 2019
#6 Laura Jane Williams: A sandwich chat with your favourite rom-com author
WANNA SEE ME FAN-GIRL??? Then listen to this :)  What a JOY to sit down with Laura Jane Williams! Please grab a cup of something and enjoy this!  We cover her journey of becoming a writer, how she found her voice and build her courage, why she already is a mother, ageism in women, her relationship with her parents, living life online and so freaking much more! Enjoy friends! xx Nadia 
June 02, 2019
#5 Alya Mooro: Finding identity in between two cultures
Alya Mooro is an Egyptian born, London raised freelance journalist. She has been published in magazines such as Grazia and Refinery29 and has interviewed celebrities such as Ed Sheeran (major jealousy). Her first book is coming out this September and it's called The Greater Freedom: Life as a Middle Eastern Woman outside the Stereotypes.  Alya had to figure out who she was and wanted to be in between the two cultures she grew up in and she has done so beautifully. She likes to say: I am both and neither. This episode is packed with good stuff and you will love it! xx
February 18, 2019
#4 Jamie Varon: Trusting your intuition + creating your own life
Jamie is a Designer, Writer and an overall star. She is from California but currently lives in France with her husband and she shares her honest truth on the Internet. Not only does she have beautiful words - she walks the walk. Her truth has lead her to some unconventional choices - but to a life that she wants and loves, one that is truly her own. We talk about her childhood, her nomad life and what made her who she is. We talk about her inspiration for writing , how she found her confidence and how she creates habits that make her happy and keep her sane. Jamie shows me what it means to follow your intuition, even when it doesn't make sense to other people. She is fierce. Trust me you will want her to be your friend too.
December 11, 2018
#3 Andrea Kerzner: The power of Art + running a Non-Profit Andrea is the founder of the LALELA Project in South Africa . Lalela provides educational arts for at risk youth to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit. 
Art has a real impact on the life of the children that come to Lalela: they get off the streets after school, discover a new hobby, a passion even and skills they didn't know they had. That can lead to finding a career in art, graduating from college and gaining valuable life skills. In this episode Andrea shared her personal story, what led her to start the Lalela Project even if at the time it looked like a crazy idea, her Dads involvement with Nelson Mandela, her passion for art and what it was like growing up during Apartheid in South Africa from her point of view. She is such a true person, follows her instincts and creates meaning along the way.
December 04, 2018
#2 Callie Thorpe: How to keep your integrity when you are the brand
Callie Thorpe is a UK based fashion and lifestyle blogger, she is a + size model and brand ambassador for the likes of Nike. She has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and The Times, among other places, and she constantly shares her heart online, inspiring with her honest spirit and challenging the status quo. She pushes boundaries, while remaining true to her beliefs and I deeply admire her for it. We talked about keeping your integrity when working with big brands, when sharing your life online, when dealing with online bullying - And we also talk about chickens. Enjoy!
November 27, 2018
#1 What is a Signature Boss?
This is an introduction to TSB Podcast! What makes a SB? It's someone who is a boss in life and business - running both of those 'things' with a clear conviction of who they are and what they believe. A SB is someone who is not afraid to create their own box, working and living to never compromise their integrity. I DO believe integrity is a sexy word and more relevant than ever.
November 21, 2018