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The Skill Tree (A Gaming Podcast)

The Skill Tree (A Gaming Podcast)

By Gh0ulface, Hashim, & K1NG ELJAY
You've reached The Skill Tree, a gaming podcast powered by The L1TEWORK Company and The Geek Dojo!

Every week, you can expect ELJAY, Gh0ulface (Jeff), and Hashim (Paul) to run down their favorite topics of that week in gaming, along with more shenanigans.

And the good news? It's rated PG, so you can (mostly) play it out loud.
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Always (Episode 11)

The Skill Tree (A Gaming Podcast)

Madness (Episode 17)
On today's festive episode (which features Hashim in the best mood he's possibly ever been in), the guys talk about their initial impressions of Guilty Gear -Strive-, and the first part of the Summer Games Fest for 2021, which includes (but not limited to): Elden Ring, Tiny Tina's Wonderland, Battlefield 2042, the Ubisoft Forward, Devolver Digital, and more! The guys also talk about Overwatch finally getting crossplay, and Back 4 Blood rumors. 
June 24, 2021
StoneCold (Episode 16)
In today's episode, the guys talk about the success of the beginning of their Knockout City tourney and talk about the week leading up to the week of E32021. Other topics include God of War: Ragnarok being delayed, Sony seemingly turning on their original "new-gen only" stance, Sony's announcement of the EVO Community Series, Babylon's Fall having a stream beta listed, Far cry 6 writers finally admitting their newest instance is political, and a new My Hero Academia fighting game in the vein of Marvel vs Capcom 2? Catch this content, because Stone Cold said so! 
June 13, 2021
Affiliated (Episode 15)
In today's episode, the guys address the ugliness around IGN's Management shuffling the blame elsewhere for the Palestine post takedown. After that, the games ensue as the Skill Tree reacts to SEGA's bounceback (19:00), the Horizon: Forbidden West water jug simulator [and the rest of the demo (32:00) ], Overwatch 2's huge upcoming change, BlizzCon 2021 being cancelled, THQ Nordiq being fed up on Twitter, the return of Timesplitters, Sony blocking crossplay form PS5, and much more. Everybody's affiliated now! Catch this content!
June 06, 2021
Bullying (Episode 14)
On today's episode of the podcast, the guys revisit a couple of topics for clarity (7:58) before taking some quality time to address the current implosion of the Joe Budden Podcast and how it affects them as Black creators (15:55). After the serious conversation piece ends, the guys address Ubisoft's shift of focus to "more high-end, free-to-play" games. The guys then speak on Riot recording Valorant voice chats to root out toxic players (50:30). In The Respec Section (or, the quick rundown section, for those new here - 1:04:) the squad cycle through topics such as the Witcher 3 director leaving CD Projekt amid bullying allegations, rumors about a new Donkey Kong game, Knockout City release details, limited PS5 stock, and much more. Catch this content!
May 18, 2021
Legally (Episode 13)
Episode 13 is here and #TheSkillTree's talking about their reactiions to "Returnal" (4:37), WePlay being effectively neutered due to seedy business relationships (33:15), Respawn Games thriving with Apex Arenas and Titanfall 2's skyrocketing player base (44:13), and more in our Respec Section (55:10). Of course, legally, we can't address CinnPie at the 16:25 mark, or her statement she put out that seems... off... but legally, you can catch this content, which you can play out loud again (no language warning)!
May 06, 2021
Spoilers (Episode 12)
In honor of the new Mortal Kombat movie, we had to bring on the biggest MK fan we know for this UNRATED (warning: language) episode. Melvin Burch, one-half of the Rap Rankings podcast and friend of the show, joins us for the longest pod yet to talk SPOILERS (again, read, SPOILERS) for the movie (27:00). The guys then round back into shape talking Sony's statements on having more exclusive games than other consoles (1:09:52), Jeff Kaplan leaving Blizzard and how this affects Overwatch 2 (1:28:10). And of course, the Respec Section closes the pod out (1:36:25). Salute to Moulz and Mel! Catch this content! 
April 28, 2021
Always (Episode 11)
On today's episode, the guys dive into what Days Gone creative director/writer John Garvin had to say about supporting games at full price and if that's feasible (12:20). The Resident Evil Showcase gets the reaction treatment (30:56), alongside the Nintendo Indie World Showcase (46:29). That segways into thoughts concerning Nintendo deciding to focus on more original IPs going forward (1:00:52). And of course, the Respec Section returns (1:14:00) with more inappropriate jokes than you can be- nevermind, you'll know where the title came from when you get to it. We're still PG, baby! Catch this content.
April 20, 2021
Milestone (Episode 10)
We made it to Episode 10! Take a shot of (redacted) and get into today's content, which features the PS5's recent focus on blockbuster hits (10:40), Twitch finally taking a stand on banning streamers for serious off-platform conduct (28:20), E3 being an all-virtual event and what it could mean (45:28), and our reactions to Knockout City (1:06:45), the Street Fighter V Spring Update (1:18:20), and Streets of Rage 4's new DLC coming later this year. It's a content-filled hour and a half, so lock in with us!
April 15, 2021
Vocab (Episode 9)
Episode 9 is here after a few technical delays! The guys give their thoughts on the latest Among Us drop (6:38) before getting into the bi-weekly check in on what they've been playing (18:30). They address the Apex Legends/Titanfall integration speculation and give their ideas on what they're hoping for (36:19) and talk about the spice behind Xbox's decision to make MLB The Show - a Sony property - free on Xbox Game Pass (50:00). There's way more in the Respec section as well (1:07:30), so catch this content and be sure to tune in live every Saturday night to be a part of the recording at! 
April 07, 2021
Rumors (Episode 8)
Allergies or not, the pod must continue! Today's episode has a quick pocket check to see what the guys have been currently playing (5:15) before diving into the rumor-heavy topics. First, the Game Grumps allegations and how it's nasty, regardless if it's true or not (21:15). Secondly, although not confirmed at the time of this podcast (but confirmed as of 3.29), the rumors concerning Sony closing down it's PS3, Vita, and PSP digital stores (37:45). Lastly, the guys address the Microsoft power moves that continue to accumulate, including the supposed purchase of Discord. There's way more in The Respec section (1:09:20) but you'll have to listen in for the rundown! Catch this content!
March 29, 2021
Flowchart (Episode 7)
In today's episode, ELJAY tells the story of how it was Microsoft's fault he has a PS5 before the team dives into the content (5:08). There's a new TMNT side-scrolling game on the way, and the guys take some time to talk about it, and which games they'd like to see revived next (15:40). Meyers Leonard's racist C.o.D. rant sparks a bigger conversation about accountability in gaming and elsewhere (26:57). Sony sudden acquisition of EVO is the latest in gaming power moves, along with Microsoft's merger with Bethesda going live (40:00). And, of course, The Respec Section has the guys addressing new Tekken characters, game delays, and more icky activity from EA and Activision/Blizzard (1:08:35). Catch this content!
March 22, 2021
Discontinued (Episode 6)
The podcast returns with more content for you! The guys get into the Sony State of Play and adress the list of games announced (11:55). They also spend some time dissecting the latest Outriders demo, and their concerns with the base game as it stands (37:44). Pokemon announcements make its way to the stage as a main topic as well (51:00) before the guys give a fond farewell to Anthem Next as EA essentially discontinues the game (51:00). Of course, The Respec Section is chocked full of content as well, including the rebirth of Avatar, Mortal Kombat movie theories, and Skullgirls getting new life after nine years! Enjoy the content, and be sure to drop by as we record every Saturday night at 830, CST!  
March 08, 2021
REACTIONS (Episode 5)
Did you miss us? The guys return for a new episode that's chocked full of content covering the last TWO weeks (since they took a week off). Topics this week include... The Blizzcon Review, but only for Overwatch 2 and the Diablo series (4:40), the irony of the Metallica DMCA issue during the livestream (22:25), the 7.5 Billion dollar Vault that Microsoft is investing into (26:24), Mortal Kombat MOVIE HYPE (38:28), the full rundown on Street Fighter V's Winter update - which goes live today (50:27), the amazing Guilty Gear Strive beta (60:00), and the polarizing Nintendo Direct (71:04). The Respec Section rounds it off with a few user-submitted questions surrounding Back 4 Blood and more (83:52). Catch this content!
February 22, 2021
Delayed (Episode 4)
The Skill Tree: A Gaming Podcast is back with a loaded episode! Topics include: the triumphant return of NCAA Football is quickly soured by real questions that needs answers (4:22), the return of Mass Effect - with more lens flare (20:00), the significant pushbacks to Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV (35:43), and some healthy speculation about what's really happening with the Street Fighter V Winter showcase on February 9th (48:17). On top of that, The Respec Section has a couple of wild topics, such as Lil' Yachty being involved with a heist movie based off... Uno (62:05)? No, seriously. Catch this content! 
February 08, 2021
Privilege (Episode 3)
On today's episode of The Skill Tree: A Gaming Podcast, the guys take some time to properly address the madness surrounding the Gamestop shares in the stock market and why it's not really about the games anymore (3:52). Afterwards, the take Ninja to town for his comments on policing his chat and not using his platform properly (18:38). Halo Infinite's team wants to provide monthly updates and it turns into the team's first real disagreement (32:41). The guys finally take time to adress the FGC Arcade and Max's 2nd Twitch Rivals tourney for Killer Instinct (53:16). And of course, the Respec section has the guys talking roles in the Borderlands movie, forgetting about Bayonetta 3, Black James Nond tin foil theories, and more (66:03). Catch this content! 
February 01, 2021
Sequel (Episode 2)
Today's episode was recorded LIVE on Twitch, so the shenanigans are in full effect from the jump as L.J., Jeff, and Paul run through our favorite gaming topics from the last week. The list includes: Xbox Live Revealing/Reversing their pricing (5:39), Ubisoft deciding to roll the dice with in-person tourneys (22:35), Resident Evil: Village reactions (30:56), Team Ninja getting back to work on everything except the games we want (45:08), and our initial issues/hype around the Godzilla vs Kong feature film fisticuffs (55:11). Oh, not to mention The Respec Section to catch the topics we couldn't fit in the first hour (64:12) from more Cyberpunk 2077 bugs, a Diablo 2 revival, to Gamestop Stocks that we really don't care about... Catch this content! 
January 25, 2021
Beta (Episode 1)
In today's initial run you get to meet the hosts (ELJAY, Jeff, and Paul) as they introduce themselves (2:30) and run down some of their favorite topics that happened the past week. That includes: UbiSoft taking on Star Wars (16:30), the Mortal Kombat live-action movie (29:00), Cyberpunk 2077's trash apology (37:37), Resident Evil VIII hype (48:49), new Final Fantasy trademarks filed by Square Enix (58:37), the new FGC Code of Conduct (70:53), and- of course - a Destiny 2 rant about the purpose of Sunsetting weapons [plot twist: there is no purpose] (81:15). And of course, there's the Respec Section where the guys hit the other topics that couldn't fit on the main docket (97:48). CATCH THIS CONTENT!
January 18, 2021