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The Success Podcast Now with Michelle Rickman and JAM JR

The Success Podcast Now with Michelle Rickman and JAM JR

By Jose Angel Manaiza Jr
The Success Podcast Now with Michelle Rickman and Jose Angel Manaiza Jr focused exclusively on the power of intention reflected on the success of industry leaders.
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MY SPECIAL ❤️ VALENTINE with Pamela Clay

The Success Podcast Now with Michelle Rickman and JAM JR

BLACK HISTORY MONTH SERIES: Our Greatness From Ancient To Modern History
In this episode, we share about the greatness of black people from Ancient to Modern history. The conversation starts with Hatsheptus as a woman Pharaoh of 18 Dynasty followed by Frederick Douglas who championed the betterment of African Americans before, during, and after Civil War. Afterwards, a tribute to The King of Pop Michael Jackson and Garifuna historian Santos Centeno Garcia who wrote 9 books on black history and the struggles and victories of Garifuna people facing British Empire and super powers in The Island of Saint Vincent. This act of courage inspired the Boston Tea party and American Revolution to be a free and independent Nation with Declaration of Independence of July 4th, 1776.
March 1, 2021
IN HONOR OF BLACK HISTORY MONTH starting with William Leo Hansberry (The Father of African Studies)
In this episode, we honor and pay tribute to women and men who made history in the face of racism, severe obstacles, and injustice. The conversation starts with the history of African Studies by William Leo Hansberry, followed by Benjamin Banneker who built Washington DC and The White House, then, the first woman who became millionaire, Madam C J Walker and ends with the story of pioneer Diahann Carroll who was the first be black woman to win a Tony Award. Enjoy this fascinating conversation only available in The Success Podcast Now with Michelle Rickman and Jose Angel Manaiza Jr
February 25, 2021
EARLY SIGNS OF VIOLENCE: How To Prevent All Types of Abuse with Veera Mahajan
Do you know that there are early signs even during dating phase that you can detect whether or not someone can be abusive? In this episode, international bestseller author Veera Mahajan shares her wisdom on how to prevent all types of abuse whether it's emotional, financial, physical and sexual. She is a professional mediator who helps families to win-win at all times and settle their disputes. In this article, she shares her in Thrive Global her journey from India to the United States facing abuse in her early childhood from her dad and then during her marriage: She is the author of the book DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Unreported Crime which can be available at her website for $1 at and official ebook website link:
February 17, 2021
MY SPECIAL ❤️ VALENTINE with Pamela Clay
In this episode, Pamela Clay shares her inspirational story that started in being a multitalented artist from Oklahoma. Pamela Clay is an Oklahoma-born singer-actress-songwriter and Army brat who lived many years in France and Germany, fluent in French and some German.  Pamela’s award-winning career began in the musical theatre, and encompasses not only stage, but also radio, film, television and internet; working with such stars as Mel Brooks, Mandy Patinkin, and Alan Arkin along the way. Her vocal styles include jazz, R & B, pop, country, cabaret, Broadway, Edith Piaf in French and more, and Sanford Meisner called her a true character actress.  Cabaret Scenes magazine called LA- based Pamela Clay “a powerhouse performer whose style crosses all genres”, late great Grammy winner Lou Rawls said she’s got one of the best voices he’d ever heard, and esteemed critic Richard Blackwell wrote of her Edith Piaf renditions: “A voice that will have you mesmerized”! Her first one-woman show was at JFK Center, first film role opposite Tommy Lee Jones, and first solo show in NY at Feinstein’s 54 Below, where she presented her acclaimed self-penned “Forever Piaf!”, in which she is “taken over” by the spirit of the French chanteuse, singing in French and sharing poignant true-life tales in an authentic French accent.  In Los Angeles, Pamela’s headlined at Catalina Jazz Club, Herb Alpert’s Vibrato, Feinstein’s at Vitello’s, Wilshire-Ebell, House of Blues, the Gardenia and starred at John Anson Ford Amphitheatre in original rock musical VISIONS, and is often hired to entertain at private parties, and special events for charities such as the Thalians.  Her original compositions written and recorded with her all-original New Orleans-flavored rock band, Catahoula, as well as some of her original French songs have been featured on prime-time television and feature films, and with Catahoula, she’s performed at major rock clubs in Los Angeles including Troubadour, Whisky, Roxy, Federal, Molly Malone’s, and with musical luminary Randy Newman.  Pamela also sings with Unity Inspiration Ensemble gospel choir and currently resides with husband Bruce Bermudez, New Orleans-born artist-musician and Catahoula co-founder, in the magical Hollywood Hills, from whence her live shows are now broadcast via New York’s leader in virtual events,, formerly the fabled Metropolitan Room.  For more information, visit
February 10, 2021
In this episode, Chandra Ellington (founder of Choose Happiness and Civility) joins us again to talk about Volume I of her new book entitled, “Choose Happiness and Civility” which offers strategies on how to make a Paradigm Shift and live life being the best expression of yourself in a way that leads to better life experiences.  Her book includes:   ·         The Role of Thoughts in Achievement ·         How to Respond to Other People’s Criticism of You ·         Strategies to Encourage Yourself Daily ·         Daily Mental Exercise Practices ·         The Secret to Changing your Self-Image ·         Civil Responses to Defend Your Privacy   You can purchase her paperback or Kindle book at   You can also follow her on social media at:   ·         Website: ·         Website:   ·         YouTube: Choose Happiness and Civility at ·         Facebook eClub:   Facebook Page: Facebook Page: ·         Twitter: ·         Pinterest:     ·         Pinterest: ·         Instagram: ·         Linked In:  
January 27, 2021
ONE HOPE WORLD with Pete Peterson
In this interview Pete Peterson shares his success journey prior to leading One Hope World starting with his early beginnings in Cleveland, Ohio, being raised in a military family in different parts of the country  to now living in Orange County.  Mr. Peterson shares vividly the key to his success and his wisdom how to deal with jealous and envious people and racism.  He motivates people to have positive wave rallies along with a Pledge To Win. H.O.P.E stands for Helping Other People Excel. Mr. Peterson helps individuals of all economic background to earn a high return on their investment (ROI) 15% to 20% return. Mr. Peterson explores in details how to achieve financial well-being phase in 5 easy steps. For more information, email
January 20, 2021
THE HAPPINESS FORMULA with Michelle Rickman
In this interview, Michelle Rickman shares about her journey from her early beginnings as a middle child to becoming a successful parent of 5 inspirational black men, professional speaker and coach. She shares vividly about The Happiness Formula and how it has changed her life in her most recent years in the face of many obstacles. Seligman soon came up with a formulafor happiness, H=S+C+V, where happiness (H) is the sum of a person's genetic capacity for happiness (S), their circumstances (C), and factors under their voluntary control. Learn what The Happiness Formula has done for Michelle Rickman and what it can do for you.
January 6, 2021
CONSCIOUS LIVING with Sandy Stackler
In this interview, business mogul Sandy Stackler shares her life in a nutshell from her early days in Brooklyn, New York to now living in Malibu. She co-founded San Martin Bridal while raising two daughters and made remarkable accomplishments with a $23 million in profit. She shares her experiences from business life to hypnotherapy, coaching, and senior advocate and her commitment to live a conscious life. Her story has been featured in the mainstream media including Forbes Magazine, USA Today, and Thrive Global. More about her story is in this article:
December 31, 2020
STRIPPED with Evangelist Nicola Daugherty
In this interview, Evangelist Nicola Daugherty shares her story of redemption from her childhood to adulthood dealing with molestation, abuse, jail, prison and more tribulations you can imagine. She overcome the odds and her life is transformed for the better.
December 23, 2020
The Success Podcast Now with Michelle Rickman and JAM Jr have the extraordinary honor in having special guest Author Kat Wilson. In this interview, she shares her key to success in parenting her own daughter, the true meaning of unconditional love coupled with boundaries, and highlights of her new book available on For more information, visit
December 16, 2020
November 25, 2020
November 25, 2020
A Star Is Born with Salina Soto
Discover the success of the award-winning singer Salina Soto as she released her single album music video A STAR IS BORN:
November 25, 2020
The Power of Clarity
In this podcast you will learn the power of clarity with Veronica Rosenfeld
November 24, 2020