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The Therapy Shed

The Therapy Shed

By Mark Dawson & Brian Jones
The Therapy Shed podcast is a fresh new podcast with Mark and Brian, 2 practicing clinical therapists from Merseyside. Listen in to The Therapy Shed to hear Mark and Brian chat about all things mental health; what therapy can often involve, why to access support, why bother with self-care, as well as challenging, and hopefully disproving, some myths and assumptions that still linger around the world of therapy. With some episodes involving guests, often experienced specialists in their clinical field, we hope to make therapy more relatable and tangible for anyone who listens into the Shed.
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Spelling out ADHD

The Therapy Shed

Sean's Place - Debbie Rogers
This episode we invited the very lovely Debbie Rogers, from Sean's Place, into the Therapy Shed. Sean's Place is a charity based in the Sefton area of Liverpool, that aims to support and improve men's mental health across the Sefton and Liverpool city region. Debbie shares her personal journey about the loss of her brother to suicide, which motivated her to founder Sean's Place charity service. Very quickly Sean's Place became an invaluable support service for men of all age ranges, and by 2021 was awarded "Charity of the Year". Debbie shares the various reasons why men often access support, from acknowledging feeling lonely, experiencing suicidal thoughts or a lack of opportunity to socialise in a welcoming and relaxed environment.  Sean's Place encourages positive discussions around mental health, in a non judgemental setting through a variety of practical and proactive support programmes, including Counselling, CBT therapy, Coffee and Connect Drop In groups, as well as Guitar sessions and Sean's Place Fishing Club! They support adult males, aged 18 plus. To access Sean's Place you can complete a self-referral, via their website or in person at the centre. Alternatively, someone can refer on a person's behalf, providing the person has given consent for the referral. Further information about all the services and support available at Sean's Place can be found at We also named the Therapy Shed gnome in this episode... If you know, you know! Hope you enjoy
May 30, 2022
You can read us like a book
We are back in the shed for a catch up on the past few weeks of talking with various support services and mental health organisations. We reply to some questions and suggestions sent in from listeners, including pics of a trek to Hong Kong (sadly not involving ourselves!). We also discuss our favourite and most helpful books, ranging from mental health and "self help" books to more social psychology related books that explore various cultures and how we understand each other and the mind.
May 16, 2022
RASA Support Service - with Vicky Green
In this episode we were kindly welcomed into RASA (Rape and Sexual Abuse) Support Service to chat with Vicky Green, a Counsellor and Clinical Lead at RASA. Vicky shared her backstory and interesting journey into the world of mental health, along with the specialist work RASA offers. We discussed some of the causes and consequences of rape and sexual abuse, whilst hoping to break down some common myths often attached to both perpetrators and victims. RASA are a vital and brilliant charity, supporting victims of rape, sexual assault and/or abuse. RASA offer independent advocacy, Counselling, help and information to anyone affected by rape and/or sexual assault. People can contact the RASA helpline (0151 666 1392) to share concerns and/or report an incident, and also remain anonymous if they wish.   Further information is available at  
May 02, 2022
Andy's Man Club - Men's Talking Groups, with special guest Andy Milner
In this episode we welcome special guest Andy Milner, from men's mental health organisation Andy's Man Club, into the Therapy Shed for chat. Andy kindly shares his experiences of fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming a professional footballer, along with the mental health challenges he experienced following his football career ending prematurely. Andy speaks openly and honestly about his own journey, which led to him becoming a participant of Andy's Man Club; a men's mental health charity offering free to attend men's talking groups across the UK and helping to breakdown the stigma around men's mental health and emotional wellbeing. Andy's Man Club is available to all males aged 18 and over, now in more than 100 groups across the UK. Andy's Man Club is free to attend and attendees are not required to involuntarily share any personal information. For further information please visit
April 18, 2022
Love Jasmine - Child Loss & Bereaved Families, with Kathy Lapsley
The first episode of Series 3 is a poignant and compelling conversation with Kathy Lapsley, co-founder of Liverpool based charity service Love Jasmine. Kathy shares her heartbreaking experience of losing their young child (Jasmine), along with the consequential challenges of accessing support, which led to Kathy and her family eventually founding Love Jasmine. We talked about the unimaginable pain of losing a child, and the subsequent challenges families often face when trying to cope in the aftermath of child loss. Kathy talks with great honesty and openness about her families experience, along with the inspiration and motivation for Kathy and her partner Rob to ultimately founder Love Jasmine. We discuss the amazing work at Love Jasmine, along with the various support available at the service, including Talking Therapy, Parent Support Groups, Grandparent Support Groups, Sibling Support and Coffee Morning Events.   It was a real honour to talk with Kathy in the Therapy Shed. If you would like further information or support in relation to any of the issues discussed, Love Jasmine offers support to bereaved parents and families, and is accessible via telephone, email and online self-referral at   Xx
April 04, 2022
Have yourself a peaceful little Christmas
Listen in to the Therapy Shed for the final episode of the year, as we wish all our listeners a kind and peaceful festive period with a Therapy Shed Christmas special. We are joined by special guest Jack Rhodes; experienced podcaster, the "Epiphany Coach" and all round charming, warm soul. We talk with Jack about our favourites and least favourite Christmas songs/movies/foods, with some interesting festive preferences! We also scratch the surface of Christmas and explore the emotional impact many of us can experience at Christmas time; and the impact of personal relationships, reflections, loss and self-expectations at this time of year. We sign off the season with a joke off contest of our favourite Christmas cracker jokes... Ho Ho Ho!  Merry Christmas everyone; kindness begins with you
December 20, 2021
A moment to reflect
In the final episode of the series, we reflect on all the brilliant guests that have joined us across Series 2. Talking about the learning, and the homework tasks, we reflect on the knowledge shared from each of our special guests around Trauma, OCD, Children, Suicide Prevention and ADHD. We share our favourite conversations from the series, how we apply the theory into clinical practice, and answer more listener's questions. That's a wrap for Series 2... Thanks for listening!
November 22, 2021
Spelling out ADHD
Episode 5 is a great conversation, with special guest Sarah Templeton, about all things ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Sarah runs 2 services that specialise in supporting people presenting with traits of ADHD; Headstuff ADHD Therapy, providing a team of over 40 therapists specialising in ADHD and supporting people across the UK, and Headstuff ADHD Liberty service, which targets support for people "fighting for freedom from addiction and crime". Sarah was diagnosed with ADHD at 51 and has been sharing her personal story and expertise about all things ADHD ever since. Sarah offers insights to what ADHD actually is, how it can be recognised, the assessment process, and importantly Sarah shares coping strategies and ways to use ADHD traits as superpowers! Sarah has extensive experience working in prison systems across the UK, and we talk about her work with prisoners, highlighting the correlation between ADHD and convicted offenders. Sarah highlights how ADHD is still a grossly misunderstood area of mental health, and we discuss the huge impact of people being misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. We learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed talking with a leading light in a vital area of mental health. For more info, check out Sarah's book "How NOT to murder your ADHD kid, instead learn how to be your child's ADHD coach". 
November 08, 2021
Let's talk about Suicide!
This week we welcomed into The Therapy Shed a very special guest; Yinka. Yinka is a Counsellor with extensive experience working in suicide prevention with people from all age ranges and backgrounds; it was a real honour to have him drop by the Shed to talk about what is often the most sensitive and challenging issues in society today; Suicide. Listen, as we explore the evolution of language around Suicide, the role of language in how we understand and relate to Suicide and suicidal ideation. Yinka offers great insight into the how, what and why any of us could experience suicidal thoughts and feelings, plus the great importance of learning to understand and respond to those thoughts and feelings constructively. We share personal experiences relating to suicidal ideation and Yinka shares suggestions for communicating with the self and others if someone is experiencing suicidal ideation. This is one of the most human and honest conversations we had the pleasure of hosting in The Therapy Shed. Hope you enjoy listening, and be kind to yourself.
October 25, 2021
Family Business with Children in Mind - special guest Kate Henderson
Welcome back into the Therapy Shed, for a chat with another very special guest and friend of the show; Kate Henderson. We had a great conversation with Kate, discussing one of the most important healthcare topics in the modern world; children and young people's mental health. Kate is a qualified CBT therapist, CAMHS Senior Practitioner and University Lecturer, with vast experience working with young people, schools and social support services. We pick Kate's brains about the different challenges facing families and young people today; the relationships within the family and the challenges of communication and safeguarding in today's everchanging world. We discuss the importance of constructive relationships for young people, both within their peer group and with adults at home and in school. Kate shares examples from both her personal and professional life, and offers advice on listening and talking effectively with children. We learned a lot, and hope you enjoy this one!
October 11, 2021
Checking in with OCD - special guest Nik Voller
We are back in the Therapy Shed with another very special guest; friend and experienced clinical therapist Nik Voller. We talk about Nik's journey into the world of therapy, including a great insight into her personal challenges with a very commonplace mental health issue; OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a prevalent and widely discussed subject, however it can often be a misunderstood area of mental health. We discuss Intrusive Thoughts, the impact of childhood experiences, unconscious fears, and the caring, compassionate nature often characterising people who develop OCD symptoms. Nik shares personal experiences, along with effective techniques and approaches to help begin treating OCD. Plus, Nik puts us to work, with a task designed to challenge our own personal habits and everyday rituals! 
September 27, 2021
Speaking of being Traumatised - special guest Paul Nairn
The opening episode of Series 2 has very special guest and Trauma Therapist Paul Nairn invited into The Therapy Shed. The conversation is a real insight into the key aspects of Trauma; what happens in the brain when we have experienced Trauma, the key symptom criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and we delve into various therapeutic approaches available to treat Trauma. We discuss Paul's experience working with survivors of the Manchester bombing and ask him about Trauma treatments such as CBT, Counselling, Brainspotting and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR). We draw on Paul's in depth experience of working with and treating Trauma survivors. Paul also puts us to work, sharing everyday techniques that can help begin to heal a traumatised mind.
September 13, 2021
Endings: The end of new beginnings
In the final episode of Series 1 we talk about the value and significance of Endings & Reflections. Whether it's life, relationships, jobs, careers, or of course the first series of a podcast, almost all things come to an end of some sort. We discuss how our experience of endings often has a big impact upon our perception of past events, and also how we relate to endings in future. We reflect on our own experience of Series 1 and share feedback from listeners of the episodes so far. We also offer a peak at upcoming episodes and special guests in Series 2 of The Therapy Shed.
August 23, 2021
Looking back at Anger
Episode 5 is all about the emotional beast that is Anger! Anger is one of the most common human emotions and often the most misunderstood emotion. In this episode we discuss how it is entirely normal to feel Angry, with our understanding of personal triggers and the primary emotion (Anger is frequently a secondary emotion) often determining whether we perform a constructive or destructive reaction to Anger. We also explore the shame frequently attached to behaving in Anger, and share some Anger management techniques to help us better respond to feeling Angry!
August 09, 2021
What's the score with Anxiety?
Anxiety is something we can all experience in many different ways, and can often lead to severe distress and pain. In this episode we explore what Anxiety is, and how the mind is structured to experience it. We discuss some of the ways anxiety can significantly impact our life, through General Anxiety, Health Anxiety and OCD; and we share some techniques for building a more constructive relationship with Anxiety and reducing everyday stress. 
July 26, 2021
Breaking down the world of Therapy
In this episode we discuss several modalities of therapy, along with some key concepts and processes involved in Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. We share what a person can expect from a therapy session, and discuss a number of mental health concerns frequently brought into the therapy room. 
July 11, 2021
What's the point in Therapy?
In episode 2, listen to Mark and Brian continue to chat about their experiences in the world of therapy. This episode delves into the reasons why a person may access therapy, the difference between talking with a therapist compared to talking with family or friends, and explores the importance of self-reflection, empathy and congruence. Plus, an interesting insight into the confidentiality skills required to be a local barber!
June 28, 2021
Intro Episode; Getting to know us
Welcome to the first episode of The Therapy Shed podcast. Listen in to the Shed for an introduction to the hosts, Mark and Brian, sharing their stories and experiences that led to them becoming practicing clinical therapists.
June 13, 2021