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"Traveler" is the travel podcast we all needed. You will hear insights on all fronts of travel from travel professionals, industry leaders, and various world travelers. Guests include tourism boards, award-winning cruise lines, the finest tour operators, and hotels and resorts from around the world.

If you love to travel, have a passion for adventure, or are seeking inspiration for your next getaway, then tune in each week for a new episode. Thank you for being here, I hope you enjoy the world of travel from the eyes of the industry’s best.
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Mexico is the #1 Foreign Destination for U.S. market. Why?


Traveling Europe On $5 a Day In 1971 | Episode #33
Sandy Lovick owner of Travel Leaders - Market Square Travel joins us for our season 3 premiere. Today we discuss a hot topic, solo travel, specifically for women. In 1971 Sandy, a 19-year-old college student, traveled Europe on $5 a day - we discuss this adventure and how things have changed. 
February 17, 2020
Disney Can Be Overwhelming - The Dining Plan | Episode #32
When planning a Disney Vacation for your family things can get complicated. What hotel? What parks? What restaurants? Do we want the magic band? What rides do we want to hit? What do the kids want to do?  There are so many questions when it comes to Disney parks. Today we talk about the Disney Dining Plan and include everything you need to know for your next vacation to Disney World. 
February 12, 2020
Traveling Ireland with Brendan Vacations | Episode #31
Irish native, Catherine Reilly has been making friends within the Irish and Scottish hospitality community for more than 35 years. The people of Ireland and Scotland are blessed with a natural gift of storytelling. She joins our podcast to touch on the Brendan Vacations experience, the fantastic hospitality of Ireland and her passion for exploration and travel. Her expertise, knowledge, and passion are carefully woven into every one of Brendan’s hand-crafted itineraries, enriching your stories by the connections with this place, the pace of life and the locals you’ll meet.
February 05, 2020
How Do You Maximize Your Disney World Vacation? | Episode #30
Our Disney episodes are ramping up with co-host Melissa Gutting. Today we bring on Disney Travel Advisor, Tammy Ellingson to talk about all of our favorite rides, restaurants, and tips when visiting the Disney parks. How do you maximize your Disney World Vacation with your family? Tune into this episode and find out!
February 04, 2020
A Message from Roger Block - Travel Leaders Network President | Episode #29
President of Travel Leaders Network, Roger Block joined us at the Travel Leaders HQ in Minneapolis. Roger joined our podcast to discuss all things travel; travel trends for 2020, his journey in the industry, the future of Travel Leaders and the value of using a travel advisor. 
January 31, 2020
River Cruising the World with AmaWaterways | Episode #28
In today's episode, we are covering the hottest style of travel with AmaWaterways. A family-owned and operated River Cruise line since 2002.  With 3 new ships in 2019 and 1 in 2020, we are covering a few topics; the ultimate Christmas Markets experience, their new ship Ama Magna, and why River Cruising is a must-do. 
January 28, 2020
New Hard Rock All-Inclusive Resort Coming.... | Episode #27
Hard Rock All-inclusive Resorts is everything you want in a vacation. Where luxury meets fun.  Currently 5 locations in Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and their newest resort in Los Cabos. But they are officially building a 6th...We sit down with returning guest Carissa Holman to break down the big news at Hard Rock and what to expect as an Adult and or an Adult with kids at their properties.
January 23, 2020
Luxury All-Inclusive - UNICO 20°N 87°W | Episode #26
On this new episode, we bring on AIC Hotel Group who represents a number of hotel brands; Eden Roc Miami Beach, Nobu Hotel Miami Beach, and Nobu Hotel Chicago as well as throughout Mexico and the Caribbean, including Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, Cancun, Vallarta, Riviera Maya, and Los Cabos. Today we focus on UNICO 20 ̊87 ̊ Hotel Riviera Maya, the first of a new luxury all-inclusive concept. If you are interested in a luxury boutique with everything included, this resort is for you. 
January 15, 2020
UnCruise Adventures: Wildlife, History and Culture | Episode #25
UnCruise Adventures puts a unique spin on the cruise experience. An American owned small ship adventure cruise line founded in Everett, Washington. Their small ships are known for getting into corners of the earth others cannot. Where nature reigns and culture stays strong. Unbeatable activity, expertise, and personalized service—with connection, place, and adventure at the heart of your experience. 
January 06, 2020
Travel Tips - Your 2020 Inspiration | Episode #24
If you are a frequent listener you know at the end of every show we ask our guests (travel experts and professionals) their one piece of advice for a traveler. We take a look back at our year in the podcast world and share with you the travel tips you should take into 2020. We appreciate all the support and thank all who have listened.  
January 03, 2020
GoGo Vacations Thailand Travel Guide | Episode #23
Traveling to Thailand can be a lot to take in. Whether you want the beautiful beaches or the big city life, there is so much ground to cover in this destination. We have GoGo Vacations and Thailand expert, Erica, on our podcast today as we cover some of the unique things to do and see. A full itinerary for your next vacation to Thailand!
December 30, 2019
Richard Branson joins Cruise Industry with Virgin Voyages | Episode #22
Virgin Voyages are the most anticipated product of this year. While Richard Branson has never been on a cruise, he is changing the way cruises happen today. Their slogan "Adults by Design" is no joke. A cruise for only adults; no buffets, no Broadway shows, beach club, late-night food, and parties on demand. The first ship is expected to debut in 2020, operating week-long cruises in the Caribbean. 
December 18, 2019
Australia Wins Destination of the Year 2020 | Episode #21
We sit down with Tour company "Travel2" and "Western Australia Tourism Board" to talk about all things Australia. We recorded this episode the day after Travel and Leisure announced Australia WON Destination of the Year for 2020. Our two guests are Australian and give us everything we need to know about the Continent, unique experiences to consider and explain more in-depth why this beautiful destination has won its latest accolade...
December 17, 2019
Avalon Waterways - Small Ship Cruises with Panorama Suites | Episode #20
With over 80 years of experience, Avalon Waterways offers river cruises like no other. This innovative river line aims to deliver you a luxury, customized cruising experience as you sail comfortably along some of the most intriguing rivers in the world. With a diverse selection of shore excursions—for no extra cost—you can explore the history, peoples, and cultures of the finest locations. Today, we share our experiences as Paul, our guest, and host Adam has enjoyed Avalon!
December 12, 2019
Disney Adventures and Europe Christmas Markets | Episode #19
Our advisor Melissa Gutting is a world traveler and Disney expert. One of her latest adventures was with Disney Adventures on a river cruise in Europe during the holiday season. In this episode we talk about her recent experience through the Christmas Markets, how Disney travel is not just for kids, and why river cruising is the hottest style of traveling. 
December 11, 2019
The World's First Hybrid-Electric Cruise ship with Hurtigruten | Episode #18
We sit down with Hurtigruten Cruises, best known for sailings in Antarctica, Norway, and Iceland. Handpicked itineraries with premium ships. We talk about sustainable travel, eco-tourism and how Hurtigruten released the first-ever cruise ship that is fully electric. Hear more about the unique experiences and destinations on this episode! 
December 09, 2019
The Unpleasant Things that Happen at the Airport | Episode #17
We are all guilty. Guilty of being stressed and anxious at the airport. We sat back and observed while traveling these past few weeks. You have to give credit to all the people that work in the airport, they deal with some unpleasant situations. Thank you!  In this episode, we share some of the things we have seen and are guilty of partaking in. Acceptable or unacceptable? You decide. 
December 05, 2019
Immersive Travel Experiences with Trafalgar | Episode #16
Trafalgar is apart of the Travel Corporation which holds 30 brands, theirs being the largest. For over 70 years Trafalgar has been providing guided vacations and escorted tours to the best destinations in the world. Unique to Trafalgar, their "Connecting with Locals" program offers immersive local experiences within every destination. We talk more in-depth about this incredible opportunity on today's episode.
December 02, 2019
Largest Tour Operator Worldwide - Globus | Episode #15
Since working in the travel industry my eyes opened to the benefits and inclusions of a guided vacation. Arriving at the airport to a driver holding a sign with your name on it is just the start. Globus offers first-class escorted tours with just the right balance of included features and free time. We go more in-depth about the value and some incredible immersive experiences when traveling with Globus! 
November 26, 2019
Traveling Canada by Rail with Rocky Mountaineer | Episode #14
Rocky Mountaineer is the only company to do this in North America. We talk to Balinda, a Rocky Mountaineer veteran, on the different routes, what to expect on-board, the first-class service, and 5-star accommodation options. Have you ever traveled by Train? "The majesty of the Canadian Rockies meets the comfort of luxury train travel".
November 25, 2019
Planning a Destination Wedding with a Travel Advisor | Episode #13
In this episode, we talk about the added values of using a travel advisor for your Destination Wedding. Whether you are thinking an all-inclusive on the beach or a European castle, there is an advisor that can help plan, advise, and curate a seamless experience for the Bride and Groom. We also touch on some of the trends and rising destinations for your wedding in 2020.
November 25, 2019
Rwanda Adventure for Gorillas with Sandy Lovick | Episode #12
Sandy returns home from Rwanda and her once-in-a-lifetime trek in search of gorillas. Find out what it took to see these majestic animals and how many surprises she came across in this destination. "A bucket-list destination like no other" - Sandy
November 19, 2019
Remember "The Love Boat" with Princess Cruises | Episode #11
Princess Cruise Line became a household name as the star of the popular series "The Love Boat". The show was filmed aboard many of Princess' ships in destinations around the globe. Now, with 17 ships cruising worldwide Princess Cruise Line is one of the most popular lines sailing today. In this episode, we talk about why this cruise line is different and how their on-land experiences separate itself from everyone else. 
November 11, 2019
Cruising Alaska Before it was a State | Episode #10
We are joined by Holland America Cruise Line, known for it's Alaska cruise itineraries. They have been traveling in Alaska longer than it has been a state along with 525 different itineraries, 475 ports of call, 11 countries and 7 continents. We talk about the unique experiences they have to offer in Alaska and what makes their line different than others. 
November 04, 2019
American Express makes big Partnership with Travel Leaders
Since 2018, Travelers have the ability to use American Express points to pay for travel, a new travel benefits program for all card members to redeem loyalty points. Offers featuring valuable discounts, value-added benefits to enhance the journey, professional assistance from Travel Collection Specialists, and the option to use Membership Rewards points. We talk about this program in this episode with our VP, Nora Blum (Bloom).
October 30, 2019
Our Owner Goes Trekking For Gorillas in Rwanda
We were lucky to catch our owner Sandy Lovick before her big trip to Rwanda, a country she has yet to visit. This trip is built around trekking for Mountain Gorillas in the cloud forests. This is not a very popular destination, so Sandy gives us the inside scoop on the preparations and some of the things they expect to do and see. 
October 23, 2019
Travel Disruptions - Who Has Your Back?
A topic many travel companies avoid. The recent happenings in the news pertaining to protests and other unfortunate events can impact your travel plans drastically. You never know what will happen while in the destination or before it, and today we talk about the many FREE resources available and precautionary actions you can take that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. 
October 21, 2019
World's Largest Cruise Ship with Royal Caribbean
We share with you some of the new things coming to RC and what a traveler can expect on-board the world's largest cruise ship, 'Symphony of the Seas'. Royal Caribbean has been incredibly innovative with technology and ship design in recent years. From their own private island to some incredible technology that will make your experience seamless!
October 17, 2019
Mexico is the #1 Foreign Destination for U.S. market. Why?
When people think of Mexico travel they think of over-crowded all-inclusive resorts. Today, we talk to our Luxury Travel Advisor Ted Blank after returning from Mexico and how this perception isnt necessarily right. We go into the options and versatility this country really has to offer. 
October 11, 2019
Your Choice of 250 Destinations With Delta Vacations
In this episode, Bev Weber talks about the value of using Delta Vacations, the new things coming, and some exotic destinations they have to offer. Delta Vacations packages air, hotel, and optional car rentals to create savings you can't find anywhere else. 
October 08, 2019
Norwegian Cruise Line Travels to Africa
Norwegian Cruise Line is a proud partner of ours at Travel Leaders. We brought our Representative Sinda today to talk about the new things coming to NCL, including new ships and exciting new destinations. All you need to know for your next Ocean Cruise. 
October 03, 2019
Travel Tips | 10 Packing Essentials For Every Trip
On this episode we are talking about the 10 Packing Essentials that can and should be taken on every trip. These essentials are versatile and beneficial for any style of trip. Taken on trips like Jordan, Europe, and Fiji. 
October 02, 2019
Travel Tips | Traveling the World
Over the years, we have consolidated travel tips into a notepad; from mistakes, when things went wrong and times that paid off. Here we bring you the most important travel tips for before and during your travels. 
September 26, 2019
Welcome to The Traveler
We are Traveler, a travel podcast presented by Travel Leaders one of the largest travel networks in the U.S. We are excited to bring you the travel value we have for your next vacation. We are happy to bring on guests that represent a variety of travel products around the world. Ocean and River Cruise company, accommodations, hotels, resorts, tour operators, tourism boards, influencers, etc. A podcast for all travel enthusiasts.  We hope you stick around for more episodes featuring our host Adam Lovick and travel industry professionals. 
September 23, 2019