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The T SPOT with Topher Taylor

The T SPOT with Topher Taylor

By Topher Taylor
You found my T SPOT. Formerly known as Sex with Topher. This ‘Apple Podcast Top 5’ charting podcast is all about judgement-free INTIMACY & unapologetic SEX talk from award-winning sex educator, writer, & adult toy expert, Topher Taylor. This no-holes-barred (literally) podcast addresses sexuality for all adults of all genders and sexualities – and features special guests from all walks of life. Alongside dedicated sex education episodes. Honest and relatable chats about confidence, relationships, and sexual health. For. Every. Body. Don't be shy. Get involved:
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1: Kink, Fetish & Sex Talk with Matt Spike • Plus Sex Q&A
Where have I been? Episode 1 of THE T SPOT begins with a catch-up, discussing my new life, relationship, home, and podcast. Then a very frank, fun, and extremely honest conversation with famous Fetish photographer and videographer, Matt Spike. Talking sex, fetish, leather, romance, being a young escort, and getting into sex as a queer boy from the outskirts of Essex.  Also ‘Ask Topher’ a frank and honest sex, relationships, and sexuality Q&A with me.  To see the full photoshoot with Matt Spike and me, head to or alternatively, my Instagram @tophertaylor / Twitter @helloiamtopher  Want to get involved? Don’t be shy.  Music: Girls of The Internet - ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose You’
October 15, 2021
Episode 8: The XXXmas Gift Guide! Adult Toy brands & Sexperts recommend gifts for Xmas [Sex with Topher]
Have you been naughty or nice this year? Both?! This is the XXXMAS GIFT GUIDE episode! Are you looking for the perfect sex toy to carry you through 2021? Your winter time pleasure product? Not sure where to start? Working with a budget? I speak to 6 incredible adult toy brands and their experts about their companies, product recommendations, and what makes them special. From £20 through to £404.99. Something for most pockets (and other body parts - wink wink). This episode features Tracey Cox of LoveHoney, Anthony of Mr Hankeys Toys, Dr Jill McDevitt of California Exotic Novelties, Adam & Monika of Godmiche Silicone, Brad Taylor of SHOTS Media, and Kerri Middleton of Bathmate - the worlds best-selling penis pump. Links to the products discussed (in order): Tracey Cox: 1. Clitoral Vibrator: at £49.99 2. Bullet Vibrator: at £44.99 3. Wand Vibrator: at £69.99 4. G-Spot Vibrator: at £59.99 5. Pegging Kit: at £44.99 6. Bondage & Toys Kit: at £39.99 Tracey Cox’s book ‘Great sex starts at 50’ is available from all booksellers now. Hankeys Toys: 1. XS Range: (prices vary on size and texture/firmness) 2. Clyde (prices vary on size and texture/firmness) 3. Seahorse: (prices vary on size and texture/firmness) Full range and custom options from California Exotic Novelties 1. My Pod: at $124.99 2. Shameless: from $239.99 - $249.99 3. Jack Rabbit Heated: at $134.99 Find out more about Dr Jill McDevitt here: Godemiche 1. Off-Beat: from £20 2. Ambit: from £28.99 3. Ball Gags: from £24.99 Find out more about Godemiche here: Shots Media 1. The Twitch - - £59.99 2. OUCH Vibrating Silicone Strap-On: - £46.99 3. SONO Rattle Plug: - £19.99 Find out more about SHOTS here: Bathmate 1. ULTRAMALE Kit for Penis Owners: from £409.99 2. THE TRIM Manscaping Kit: at £29.99 Find out more at
December 4, 2020
Episode 7: Interview with Dolf Dietrich on being a Gay Porn Icon [Sex with Topher]
This months episode is about gay porn, featuring an interview with iconic gay porn star DOLF DIETRICH. Known as ‘The Daddy you always wanted’ of porn, Dolf’s 6ft-6 frame made him an instant sex symbol and one of the most recognisable faces (amongst other body parts) in porn. We discuss sex work, his own sex education growing up, getting into sex with a large penis, his HIV advocacy, anal surgery, having sex on stage, having a pretty butthole, and much more. Get ready to fall in love with Dolf. Dolf’s sex toy recommendation is the TitanMen Master Tool made by Doc Johnson. The skin-treatment Dolf was recommended by Michael Lucas is Tend Skin Solution by Tend Skin. The lube Dolf recommends is J-LUBE.  Get 15% OFF sex toys by using discount code ‘TOPHER’ at Clonezone:  Get involved: This episode is supported by my friends at
September 28, 2020
Episode 6: Getting into Anal Sex for Beginners. Sex Education guide from Topher Taylor. [Sex with Topher]
Want to experience anal sex? Don’t know where to begin? Had a bad experience in the past? Episode 6 is all about developing confidence with anal penetration. This episode has a focus on beginners, alongside those who’ve had bad experiences. The ‘Getting Into Anal Play’ episode is my take (as a sex educator) on how to prepare for anal, tricks on how to enjoy it, helpful sex positions, addressing discomfort, recognising whats painful, and what to look out for after sex. This is a detailed and intimate guide developed by myself from my personal experience - and benefit from the experience of a sexpert. Based on my Beginners Guide to Anal Sex which can be found at Got a question or want a product recommendation? Email: 15% OFF Sex Toys using discount code ‘TOPHER’:
August 7, 2020
Episode 5: Divina De Campo from Ru Paul's Drag Race UK, Black Lives Matter & LGBT + Pride Month [Sex with Topher]
#SexWithTopher Episode 5 begins with an explanation of what I am doing as a white person, to support the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement in response to systematic racism and police brutality — alongside its relevance in the context of LGBT+ Pride Month (June).  My fabulous guest this episode is an iconic Ru Paul's Drag Race UK queen, Divina De Campo. Divina and I discuss Section 28, Sex (of course), Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Gender Identity, Sexual Fluidity, and meeting met her nightclub-owner-husband, and how she got into DRAG. Also, broken sex toys. Also, 'Ask Topher' is back, where I answer your questions, curiosities, and dilemmas surrounding SEX. Question? Please donate to: // // // // Check out Divina on Twitter & Instagram @DivinaDeCampo. Divina’s new single ‘Gratify’ is released on 26th June but available for pre-order now.
June 5, 2020
Episode 4: Female Domination with a Dominatrix & My Channel 4 Documentary [Sex with Topher]
#SexWithTopher Episode 4 begins with discussing my Channel 4 mini-documentary about cyber sex during quarantine which hit over 2 MILLION VIEWS in just a few days. And the homophobic public backlash. My guest this episode is the iconic Mistress Evilyne, a famous Dominatrix who has made newspaper in the past - and known for her extreme services. Alongside the better known Fem Dom services, Evilyne offers SCAT DOMINATION which is... yes - poo. I was curious to discuss this taboo topic as well as learn more about her and how she got into this fascinating and mysterious line of work. Check out Mistress Evilyne on Twitter @MsEvilyne or visit Find me using @TopherTaylor on IG, @HelloIAmTopher on Twitter or email
May 15, 2020
Episode 3: Sexual Health, PrEP for HIV prevention & Phil Samba from PrEPster Interview [Sex with Topher]
#SexwithTopher is back. Episode 3 is all about SEXUAL HEALTH. All the nitty-gritty details of what happens when you go to a GUM clinic for your 3-monthly sexually transmitted infections and disease checks. There is no shame in getting checked.  I also chat to social activist, writer and the strategic lead of #PrEP4QueerMenOfColour, Phil Samba. We discuss his PrEP activism, the complexities of coming out as gay as a person-of-colour and his plans for the future. We recorded this a few days before the £16 million fund for PrEP on the NHS was announced - and Phil is one of the people we can thank for it. Great timing! Check out Phil Samba on IG & Twitter @IdiosyncraticXL & visit the incredible Team PrEPster at @TopherTaylor on IG, @HelloIAmTopher on Twitter or email
March 31, 2020
Episode 2: Sex during COVID-19 & Part 2 of Interview with Rebecca More [Sex with Topher]
#SexwithTopher is back. This is a SEX-POSITIVE podcast brought to you by me, Topher Taylor. Episode 2 begins with a thank you for the success of Episode 1 - with a special thanks to my Sex Worker friends.  I then discuss having sex during the Corona Virus outbreak and what this means for sex. Is it safe to sleep around during the COVID-19 outbreak? Then, we hear the rest of my interview with Rebecca More (a.k.a MORE MILF) of ‘Cock Destroyer’ fame. We talk ‘the SLUT HUT’, the Cock Destroyer phenomenon, being proud SLAPPERS, and infiltrating the charts with BBCs Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK’s ‘Break Up (Bye Bye)’ by The Frock Destroyers.  @TopherTaylor on IG, @HelloIAmTopher on Twitter or email
March 13, 2020
Episode 1: Interview with Rebecca More (More Milf) & Sexual Confidence [Sex with Topher]
Hello, Slappers! #SexwithTopher has arrived. This is a provocative podcast brought to you by me, Topher Taylor. I’m a Sex educator from London. You can expect TART… and you can expect HEART. We are talking sex without filters and with a focus on self-love – just in time for Valentine’s Day! Episode 1 begins with a focus on sexual confidence with easy-to-follow tips. Then I chats to Rebecca More (aka More MILF @more_milf) the iconic cock destroyer, porn star, MILF, retired mega hooker, and mother. Our chat covers how Rebecca got into the adult industry, how she broke her arse, being a mother, how she discovered SEX, Madonna, and much more. Also featured in this episode is ‘ASK TOPHER’ – a segment where I answers questions and curiosities about sex and all surrounding topics. This week we look at issues ejaculating, chemsex, and can giving deepthroat give you cancer? Got a question? DM @TopherTaylor on IG, @HelloIAmTopher on Twitter or email
February 13, 2020