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The Umpire Strikes Back

The Umpire Strikes Back

By Erik Weiss
We’ve peaked at #19 in the US, #20 in Canada, #8 in Spain, and #4 in Germany on the Baseball Podcast Charts!!!

When you watch a baseball game, you get the opinion of the announcers, players, and coaches. What you’ll never get is the opinion of the umpire. Well, that time has come! With years of experience at the Little League and Travel Ball levels, I’ll bring you the insight of an umpire when it comes to rules, controversies, and everything else in the game of baseball
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Robot Umpires and PA Microphones

The Umpire Strikes Back

Angel Hernandez “Strikes” Again
In this episode, I break down why Kyle Schwarber was so upset with Angel Hernandez about a pitch just off the plate.
April 26, 2022
Why Buster Posey is NOT a HOFer
I break down the stats of Buster Posey’s career and explain why he doesn’t quite meet the standard of a Hall of Fame catcher
November 10, 2021
The Real Reason Umpires Quit
There is a National shortage for umpires and other officials. The main reason is abuse from fans and coaches, but what if I told you it is also due to the way officials are treated from within? In this episode I talk about the way umpires treat each other as well as how umpires are treated by their superiors. I also touch on my personal situation that lead to me leaving my local Little League District
November 04, 2021
Can Angel Hernandez Redeem Himself?
Angel Hernandez will be on the plate for Game 2 of the Dodgers-Padres NLDS. Can he redeem himself and prove he belongs in the playoffs? Also, I strike back at everyone who came after me for my previous opinions about Angel Hernandez
October 07, 2020
Angel Hernandez Assigned to NLDS
I give my opinion on Angel Hernandez and his assignment to the Dodgers-Padres NLDS Series
October 06, 2020
Umpiring Different Youth Levels
I discuss what I do different when umpiring a lower level of youth baseball
October 01, 2020
Rob Drakes 27 Missed Calls
I give my personal opinion on Rob Drakes performance in the season finale between the Giants and Padres where he apparently missed 27 calls
September 30, 2020
John Kruk Loses His Mind on Correct Call
John Kruk was calling for Joe West’s head after Joe and his crew made a correct call of incidental contact on a back swing
September 24, 2020
Force Out After Retouching Second Base
Robbie Grossman of the Oakland A’s was called out on a force play at second after obtaining second bases, but then retouching it and returning to first base. Was this the correct call? Also, I touch on the newest developments concerning the World Series and Postseason bubble
September 22, 2020
Josh Donaldson Homerun Ejection
I discuss my opinion on the ejection of Josh Donaldson following a homerun against the White Sox. Also my take on the K-Zone feature on tv
September 18, 2020
Revisiting Trea Turner’s Game 6 Interference
I discuss the interference call on Trea Turner during Game 6 of the 2019 World Series and explain why the call was correct
September 16, 2020
Kershaw: “It’s Not Real Baseball” and Postseason Bubble
I discuss Clayton Kershaw’s feelings about the extra inning rule and what Major League Baseball is proposing for a Postseason Bubble scenario
September 12, 2020
Bryce Harper “Be a Professional” Ejection
I discuss my take on the Bryce Harper ejection from earlier in the week. Was the umpire being a professional? Bryce and I seem to have a difference in opinion on this
September 10, 2020
Strike Back Short #2 - Importance of Preseason Games
I touch on the importance of umpiring a few preseason games
February 26, 2020
Strike Back Short #1 - Michigan Ejection
I give my opinion on the Michigan ejection. *I mistakenly refer to the team as LSU
February 19, 2020
Cheaters in Baseball
I bring my good friend Josiah on the show to discuss cheating in baseball from the Astros to the Black Sox of 1919
February 10, 2020
Robot Umpires and PA Microphones
I give my opinion on the Robot Umpire situation and discuss the improvement Major League Baseball is making by introducing PA microphones for umpires
January 28, 2020
What is a Bunt?
I briefly talk about what a bunt is and what it means to “attempt at the ball”
May 28, 2019
LL Leaving Base Early & Batting Out of Order
I discuss the penalty for leaving base early in Little League as well as batting out of order
April 29, 2019
“Hey, That’s a Balk!”......Or Not
I go over what a balk is and admit to screwing one up during a game
April 18, 2019
Obstruction on a Rundown & Little League Fence Rule
I talk about the award a runner receives when obstructed during a rundown and touch on a strange rule I came across in the little league rule book about fence distance
April 16, 2019
Running Through First Base (Read Your Rulebook)
I explained the rule for Running Through First Base and tell a little story of the time I had a situation so complicated that we had to make a phone call to the folks in Williamsport, PA in order to make a decision
April 15, 2019
2012 NL Wildcard Game - Infield Fly Rule
An explanation of the infamous Infield Fly Rule heard around the world
February 22, 2019