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The Winner's Podcast

The Winner's Podcast

By We Just Wanna Win
Achieving growth in your business and life is completely determined by your mindset. Incorporating the mindset of a Winner gives you a straightforward way to face-off challenges without backing down in your life, business, or career. We will be putting together strategic measures through our valuable podcasts and guests to build and encourage that Winner's spirit in all of Us. If You are looking for where to find growth, success, and knowledge in life and the business world, then this place is definitely for You.
You are a Winner!!
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Relationships 101 with Roman Mironov: Relationship Coach

The Winner's Podcast

Entrepreneurship 101 with Kylee Hurrell: Business Coach
As Entrepreneurs starting up is one of the most difficult stages as it needs psychological, physical and mental preparation. All these needs to be put in check. We were glad to have Kylee, who is also Co-Founder of The Threedom Coaches, advice us on what every entrepreneur needs to know. A Short Bio The Threedom Coaches provide coaching and training to entrepreneurs and corporations. They help provide procrastinating entrepreneurs with the tools and practical steps to take action and build a successful business. They also work with organisations to create companies' culture for their employees to thrive. Footnotes We are now available on Instagram with Our own page @the.winnerspocast, head out there and check out all Our podcasts For small businesses starting out and need the best way to get themselves branded and established in the digital space, with The Winner's Media, we plan on offering digital marketing services. Head out now to Our page on IG @the.winnersmedia or shoot an email to Us at
November 14, 2021
Change Your Mindset, Change Your Perspective
In today's society, we live in a world full of noise, negative occurrences, and negative people. But beyond that, there still lie very positive circumstances, events, and communities. It all matters where you are paying attention to, what you are feeding your mind. Are you making your mind live in an environment full of positivity, motivation, and good living? Or are you making your mind live in a negative, stressed and fearful environment? These are very important questions to ask ourselves because the mindset in which our mind lives overall has a great impact on our perspective, the way we react to society. A negative mindset environment gives you the perspective of fear, distrust, and anxiety while a positive mindset environment hives you the perspective of hope, trust, and courage. This episode provides an insight into all of these concepts and some ways a positive mindset environment can be cultivated If you found this resourceful, be sure to share it with a friend who this may help. Make sure you also check Us on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Or visit our website to get more of our resources.
April 26, 2021
Relationships 101 with Roman Mironov: Relationship Coach
As Social beings, building relationships has been one of the sole bonding features which has brought mankind to where it is. It is by this bonding that cavemen sat together and saw a need to settle in communities, raise families and create companions. We were joined in this Podcast by Roman Mironov who is a Relationship Coach to enlighten Us on relationship concepts. - A Short Bio - Roman Mironov is a coach trained by a Tony Robbins' program, helping people create amazing relationships and a happy lifestyle.  Go to and book a no-fee breakthrough session. Mention that you're a listener of my show and Roman will give you a 30% discount if you hire him.  - His Links - YouTube channel: Podcast - Be Version 2.0 of Yourself: Instagram:
February 20, 2021
Maintaining a Positive Mindset with Natsune Oki: Entrepreneur and Author
It is very easy to be negative, we all have had periods in our life where our experiences or the experiences of others have made us doubt ourselves and our actions. Today, we were joined by Natsune Oki, an Entrepreneur, and Author who enlightens us about raising our heads above negativity and maintaining a Positive Attitude. Also, as an entrepreneur, she also gave out her takes of what the world of entrepreneurship means and what we ought to know. A Short Bio: Natsune is the host of LifeUpEducationTV, author of  "The Game Of Self Domination", and the managing director of a virtual B2B global recruiting & international project management service called ForeignConnect ( After graduating from high school, Natsune went to the U.S. and studied business & economics. She realized her passion for entrepreneurship while working for middle-sized tech startups as a student & her life mission to contribute to the progress of humanity.  Working as a digital marketer for some time ago, she also found her own brand. She now runs all of the operations of ForeignConnect where she helps companies who want to launch a business abroad to find, hire & manage work with local vendors by being their virtual B2B recruiter and international project manager. She also creates content for LifeUpEducationTV to make people happy, laugh, feeling worthy, loved, and inspired. She also provides talks for companies & conferences talking about philosophy in life and business. Her Links: Get her book here:
January 15, 2021
Self Development with Colin Thompson: Techpreneur and Life Coach
In other to better ourselves to be Winners, we have to actually prepare ourselves to make sure that happens. And developing oneself is not done by just saying it but putting Your intentions into action. For this reason, we were honored to have Colin Thompson, a Life Coach and Techpreneur who spoke a lot on how to actually make Yourself an overcomer and achiever towards making Yourself a better person. We discussed how he has been able to achieve his goals and also how he is using Blockchain to make people find their career paths in life. A short Bio Colin C. Thompson is a Canadian-born Jamaican, and the founder and CEO of Oligye Enterprises (Shanghai) a Business Consulting company focused on coaching, training, and Blockchain technologies. Specializing in Personal Development, Diversity, and Career Coaching, Colin coaches individuals and groups on how to reach their dreams, goals, and desires. Colin developed an extensive background in the Information Technology field working for blue-chip organizations such as International Business Machines (IBM), Ernst & Young LLP, and Howard University.  In addition, Colin is co-Founder of XChainz, a blockchain-based educational and workforce platform for assessments, training, coaching, and the award of digital credentials. Get to his website and see the valuable information that awaits You.
October 19, 2020
Recovery to Victory with Kane Patterson: Ex-addict, Online Coach and Business Owner
Going over addictions is not an easy task, especially drug addictions. It takes more than an intention to actually quit Yourself from any addiction. It is more of You seeing the need to actually make Your mindset go through that transformation and get out of that situation. On this episode, we were honored to have Kane Patterson, who after recovering from drug addiction is now a Business owner talked about how he got out of it and also focused on his business and career ventures A Short Bio Kane has lived an interesting life. He was born into a family broken and torn apart by drugs and crime, His mother was a drug addict and Kane spent most of his childhood in and out of foster care.  He developed his own drug habit in his teens and lost 10 years of his life to it. After his self-recovery, He is now a personal trainer, online coach, business owner, and podcast host. More on this Episode Get FREE business coaching here If You found this episode valuable and inspiring stick around by following because there's still more to come. Also sharing is caring, so share this with someone who You know may help them build that ideal relationship they need. Also, Check Us out on... Instagram: wejustwannawin Facebook: wejustwannawin1 Twitter: WeJustWannaWin1
October 08, 2020
Marketing 101 with Paul Guarino: Social Media Marketing Manager
The essence of marketing to a business is as important as raising capital for the business. Because marketing is the key element in communicating Your message to Customers, Clients, or even potential investors. In this episode, we had as a guest Paul Guarino who is Social Media Marketing Manager and Founder of the brand PG Sports,  where he outlined some important procedures for businesses starting up with marketing and how he grew his Twitter page which he started way back as every other normal Twitter User to a marketing company. A short bio Guarino graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2014 with his bachelor’s degree in Sport Management and in 2015 with his Master's degree in Communications and Media. In 2011 at the age of 19, he created PG Sports as just a Twitter page to talk about his passion which is Sports and now it has risen to a successful marketing company. He also looks forward to providing values for businesses that want to achieve growth especially with social media marketing forging ahead with business consulting. Links Get in Touch with Paul Check out PG sports
September 25, 2020
Achieving Success with Evan Owens: Entrepreneur, Author and Philanthropist
Success which is definitely something everyone needs in all aspects in their lives as it shows progression and growth, especially as a Winner. Most people get to have the wrong notion of success and account it to indefinite factors as to what counts. On this episode we were honored by a successful Entrepreneur, Author and Philanthropist, Evan who discussed on how he achieved the successful standard he is in right now and how he maintained it, because it is not only about succeeding, but maintaining the success all through. A Short Bio Evan Owens is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and leading voice in innovative marketing & merchandising. With expertise ranging from why some companies thrive in times of change — and others don’t — to leadership behaviors needed to best leverage the unique gifts of team members,  he has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations alike discover their own secrets to multiplying their successes. Owens is the Merchandising Director for the creative agency turned record label LVRN (6lack, Summer Walker, Boogie, etc) , helping to establish an innovative system which now generates over $1M. A nationally recognized specialist in marketing, merchandising, and curation, he has directed events grossing well over $75K, with a recent work being featured in Billboard magazine. Beyond  direct business interests, Evan serves as the Founding Director of the nonprofit organization Everyone Eats, providing over 1,000 meals to individuals in need, donating hundreds of school supplies to students in need, and passionately helping to nurture communities through enrichment, empowerment, and education. About PACES; His Book PACES is the ultimate recipe for creating success in your inner self. If you are not Passionate, you will not take Action. Without action you will not respond with Courage. In order to bring this full circle one must possess the Energy to stay on the journey. All these ingredients will equal success in any endeavor you focus on whether it be relationships, health or wealth! PACES is meant to walk you through a process of accepting your own journey. Not only accepting it however enjoying this process and loving the inner work that must be done to achieve success. Everything one creates starts in the mind first and with intention set on the ingredients of passion, action, courage and energy even if one does not reach the ultimate goal one will be satisfied with accepting one did their best. Readers will take away practical advice on how to stay focused on their intentions and goals while having a guided leader coach them along the way! Book Launch date: September 1st 2020. His Links Get the book here: GET NOW! Instagram Links: isetrends, paces.worldwide Get FREE business coaching, If You found this episode valuable and inspiring stick around by following because there's still more to come. Also sharing is caring, so share this with someone who You know may help them build that ideal relationship they need. Also, Check Us out on... Instagram: wejustwannawin Facebook: wejustwannawin1 Twitter: WeJustWannaWin1
August 28, 2020
Handling Relationships with Angela Walker: Relationship Coach
Most people face relationship issues and problems in life and this has highly increased with the coming of this unexpected Pandemic. As a Winner, we do not only seek business success, relationship success counts too. We have witnessed a lot of brutality, divorces, and breakups due to misunderstandings and complications. But what really causes this? to try to discuss remedies to this we were honored by Angela Walker who is a certified and experienced relationship coach to seek methods to better handle relationships and also strengthening them to last longer and better, A short Bio Angela S Walker is a Relationship Designer and Certified Coach with over 10yrs of experience. She has dedicated her life to helping singles and couples design relationship strategies that are comprehensive and customized for their specific relationship needs. The personal obstacles she has overcome makes assisting others on their relationship journey very rewarding. After a 14 year marriage that failed due to infidelity, verbal and emotional abuse as well as the pressure of raising a disabled child, Angela had to go on an emergency self-discovery journey to rediscover who she really is. With her approach of “Barring My Scars to Help Others Heal” She has provoked others to reclaim their love for one another through effective communication tips and techniques. She has also created coaching services that are more affordable to those who need a relationship coach, but could never really afford one. Her Links: Contact Information: Instagram: Book: Freebie: Facebook Group: If You found this episode valuable and inspiring stick around by following because there's still more to come. Also sharing is caring, so share this with someone who You know may help them build that ideal relationship they need. Also, Check Us out on... Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest:
July 31, 2020
Are You an Entrepreneur?
Many people out there are starting up businesses and creating massive incomes for themselves in their businesses and careers. But Overall, Entrepreneurship has been the talk of the century This century has led to the founding of many "Entrepreneurs" and businesses, but sadly the name of entrepreneurship is more talked about than what really Entrepreneurship is about.  In this episode on Entrepreneurship, those core values of Entrepreneurship are reenacted and spoken about so we all can be more aware of what entrepreneurship is all about. Also knowing these core values and expectations of Entrepreneurs makes Us strand out in the different fields we engage in. Important points What is Entrepreneurship? Who are Entrepreneurs? Core values of Entrepreneurs  What is expected of Entrepreneurs Succeeding as an Entrepreneur Ooops forgot to mention the name of the documentary, it is called Blood in Silicon Valley. Thanks for listening to this episode, if You found this helpful, You may want to stick around by following so You get the best on growing with me in this journey to be Winners on The Winner's Podcast Feel free to reach out to me on social media to share or discuss. I'm on the following platforms; Instagram: @wejustwannawin Facebook: @wejustwannawin1 Twitter: WeJustWannaWin1 Pinterest: We Just Wanna Win Anchor link: The Winner's Podcast
July 25, 2020
Introduction to The Winner's Podcast
The Winners Podcast is a Podcast out for business enlightenments, mindset transformation, and growth. This first episode of the Podcast is an introductory episode where I give a brief introduction to who I am, what The Winner's Podcast is about, and also the kind of guest we all will be expecting on the Winner's Podcast.  I am Jason and started this Podcast to build mindsets and extend full potentials in entrepreneurship and life. We all want the best in what so ever we do and that's what I always strive for. Join in on this Podcast journey towards achieving Wins in whatever we are chasing in life. You can WIn!! Time frames My introduction - 1:22  What the Podcast is about - 3:25 Expected guests  -  6:03            Will very much love to get your review and feedback, because that is what helps me make better Podcasts and also I learn from them. Feel free to connect with on to discuss ideas via Email: Facebook: We Just Wanna Win Instagram: wejustwannawin Twitter: WeJustWannaWin1
July 08, 2020