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This Awkward Life

This Awkward Life

By Eric Adcock
I am hoping listeners will enjoy my quirky life stories, as I try to find the guiding hand of Jesus Christ in my life and hopefully listeners can see the goodness of God in theirs.
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The T-206
A rare baseball card recently sold for a record breaking price. The T-206 Honus Wagner card from 1909 is considered to be the most sought after card in the world. Some have estimated there to only be between 50 and 200 cards. But I believe somebody will find one of these rare cards one day and become and instant millionaire.  Which led me to thinking about self discovery and how one day, we come across something more valuable inside ourselves, that eclipses anything we could ever imagine.
August 09, 2022
Rage Giving
Rage Giving is the new philanthropy. What is rage giving? It's when people feel so passionate towards an event they are able to fund, sometime new start up companies, to supply, support or combat an adversary. Millions of people unified towards one goal. Small "offerings" most of the time five dollars or less, snowballs into multiplied fortunes.
August 04, 2022
We will want to be profitable in our lives. After a call from a district manager, the word "Unprofitable" has been ringing in my ears. I hope ya'll enjoy this episode.
August 03, 2022
Every time I come across a set of keys, I ask myself why I still have them and what are they for? Keys aren't items that you just disregard unless you don't need them anymore, and then when you come across a set, you wonder, what have I missed.
June 28, 2022
Don't worry, you'll grow into it.
Hey, ya'll. If life or certain situations seem too big, don't worry you will grow into it. Whether it's a ministry, a job, a promotion, or a life event, given the grace of God, we can grow into it.   Husky 
June 25, 2022
Theme Park
Just my quick take on why you should take your fiance to a theme park before you marry. Feel free to take this as sound advice or a joke, either way, is fine with me.
June 08, 2022
Christ Shaming
As new converts, we all face challenges with family and friends. I hope this episode helps someone.   Visit our sponsor
April 28, 2022
Interview with Brandon Frazier
I had a great time catching up with Brandon. I met him back in 1998. Since then, He has been in various forms of Ministry and now is excited about his new Church in Starkville Mississippi.  I would also like to thank the sponsors for this episode. ASAP Mobile Phone Repair and The Adcock Agency.
April 15, 2022
A few months ago I found a dime in a parking lot. Since then I have had several people finding dimes and I took the time to do an episode on my thoughts.  Many people feel that the dimes are a sign of communication from someone that has passed on, letting them know they are not alone. Some other interpretations of finding dimes are: – Someone or something is trying to get your attention. 
April 04, 2022
Interview with Roger Simpson
I sat down and talked with Roger Simpson. Bro Simpson has been teaching our new believers class at our church for the last 14 years. Bro Simpson is a studious man with a burden for souls. For further information or to request study materials, please contact Bro. Simpson at
March 29, 2022
Being Carried
The way a person "Walks" through this life, greatly determines how he or she will be "Carried" out. I hope you enjoy this episode. 
March 06, 2022
Doors offer safety when locked. An open door gives us the feeling of being welcomed, invited, and accepted. There are a lot of spiritual references concerning doors and in the Church world, they are mentioned in much that we do. Oh, how we celebrate when those spiritual doors swing open. Situations we have prayed, sometimes years for, just seem to swing right on open and we walk right on through. However, it has been my experience at times, that certain doors stay closed for a reason. It's not that God is deaf, it's just not our room behind that door. And to push, pull, pry, beg, scream and fight to get that door open and into that room, would be spiritual burglary. I pray every day that God leads me to every door that safely secures whatever is in the rooms meant for me.  
February 13, 2022
The Rage Of The Artist
Have you ever seen an Artist ball up a piece of paper and throw it away with vigor and force? Or maybe a painter cut up a canvas or a potter swiftly throw clay off his wheel? If so, you are witnessing, what I call, "Artist Rage." It's when an artist can't get the medium, to perform the way it should.  I used to experience it all the time. I would throw sketches away,  stomp canvases, and generally destroy pieces that I was unhappy with upon completion. However, In my old age, I have since found the value in every dented canvas, bad brushstroke, and glitch in the system. I now value the mistakes and sometimes even though it really is messed up, I can find some beauty in it. There is beauty in the mess. It may time some time to see it and even more time to appreciate and learn from it, but the beauty is there regardless. I hope you enjoy this solo show. Thanks, Eric
February 06, 2022
Matthew, Jaxon & Lyndon: Council Of The Dirt
“The Council Of The Dirt” started 10 years ago on a vacant lot, when three friends formed a lifelong bond on a red dirt patch of ground in central Mississippi. Matthew, Jaxon and Lyndon learned to ride four wheelers, shoot BB guns, and sword fight, all while growing up under the sheltering wing of a mighty God and a powerful church. After watching these young men come of age, I sat down with them and talked church culture, Covid, social media, and which service was harder to stay awake in. Tune in to the new This Awkward Life podcast, “The Council of the Dirt”.
January 20, 2022
Interview w/Corey Cremeen
One of the most faithful young people I know is Corey Cremeen. I have known him all his life and have watched him and been extremely proud of his faithfulness to the Kingdom of God. We recently sat down and talked about his startup suit company and who is better MJ or Kobe.  Instagram: @cremeen_22
January 14, 2022
Where Light Is Needed
Hey ya'll.  Simple question sparks my imagination. So, when John Barfield asked me, "Eric, is there anywhere you know of, that needs lights?" I had an immediate answer. I hope ya'll enjoy this episode.
January 05, 2022
We Don't Need Another Leader
We don't necessarily need more leaders. Now when I say that, it may sound like I am against leadership but anyone that knows me, knows that is not true. We all need those that have that special ability to organize and push through with vision and determination. But I also believe that we are lacking in one area and that is the development of Watchmen.
December 07, 2021
Sizing Me Up
We all stand on the shoulders of someone else that helped us along the way. Whether we knew them or not, everyone owes a debt of gratitude to someone else.
November 15, 2021
Everyone Could Have Walked On Water
Peter didn't have to be the only one. Any of the disciples could have stepped out there and gone too. But they didn't
November 07, 2021
Evangelist Ryan Brister
Ryan Brister wanted to be a soul winner above everything else. Several years ago, he started a Bible study in a tire shop and began preaching in local churches that were outside his Apostolic faith. During that time he was also youth leader at Pine Grove Pentecostal Church and head chaplain at a correctional facility. He felt the call to evangelize, but all the doors seemed to be shut. He continued to work in the field God had given him. And just when he was immersed in the work at Pine Grove, that’s when God opened the doors to evangelize. We talked about soul winning, church growth and how to build a lazy boy recliner.
October 28, 2021
Interview with D.L. Sisterson
Overcomers are often defined by the challenges in their lives that they conquer. My friend Daniel Sisterson is one of those people. He spent his formative years raised in a cult, and survived a devastating ATV accident at sixteen years old that left his left arm completely paralyzed. Through it all, he has maintained his love for God, and continues to develop his calling by hosting Bible studies both face to face and online, and ministering in churches. His desire is to advance and grow the kingdom of God from his home church in Buford, GA, and he is the latest guest on my podcast.
October 18, 2021
Solo Show: Let's talk about hunger AND thirst.
Hey ya'll! My first solo show in a couple months. Just me rambling in my studio closet today. I appreciate all the feedback and support. More interview this month. Stay Tuned.
October 04, 2021
The Calling of Law Enforcement: Eric Quick and RJ Bell Interview
I know of no job that constantly asks as much as that of a law enforcement officer. At any moment, these proud men and women could be asked to fulfill the role of not only an officer of the peace, but also the role of medic, lawyer, counselor, chaplain or defender. The challenges they face can be brutal, but also rewarding. I sat down and talked with officers Eric Quick and RJ Bell about their daily routines, things they’ve seen on the job, and the power of the Holy Ghost.
September 22, 2021
Interview with Sis. Samantha Thrash
Samantha Thrash served six years in the Mississippi National Guard and even sat on a former Iraqi dictator’s throne; but her fondest “tour” was that of a teacher in the public school system. She recently resigned from teaching to stay at home with their newborn baby girl. Listen in as we talk about her experiences in the Army, in the public school system, and in the church.
September 15, 2021
Interview with Lauren Morales
About two years ago, our church was faced with a huge dilemma. Our longtime minister of music was retiring. Faced with the possibility of losing our choir, we looked inward and found a group of extremely talented and eager people, ready and willing to step in. One of those people was Lauren Morales. I got an opportunity to sit down with her and talk about that transition, the importance of mentorship, and the true use of Walmart plastic bags.
September 01, 2021
Interview with Cody Thrash
Cody Thrash is one of the most detailed young men I know. A former 10 year veteran of the Army, he sat down and talked to me about his experience in Iraq. He and his wife, Samatha, were deployed at the same time. They came home and started a family. Although things were fine at first, His Rock and Roll lifestyle, drinking and partying began to have an effect on their marriage. But isn't it just like God to step in and begin to straighten things out? Yes, it is. Cody and Sam have become strong leaders in our Church, leading youth prayer meetings, teaching Bible studies, and singing in the choir and praise team.  He is currently back in college seeking a degree in Addiction Counseling. I hope you enjoy this episode.
August 18, 2021
Special Guest Jason Davidson
Every time Jason and I sit down and talk Art, Songwriting, Comedy, Personal and Spiritual Growth, and Randomness, I always leave those conversations, wishing I had recorded them. So, when I began thinking about bringing guests on the podcast, Jason was the first person on my mind. I hope the listeners enjoy my talk with him and check out his social media links. He also has a new song he has written and it has been released on the new Ernie Haase & Signature Sound album. The song "Overcome" is absolutely wonderful. Facebook: Instagram: Website:
August 11, 2021
If we are not careful we can reach the point where we think everything is about us. About our blessing and how God can best bless us. I hope I can learn that it isn't about me. When I have had enough, somebody else just now getting started.
June 19, 2021
Gods & Devils
It's amazing how fast a person can be labeled a god or devil. Sometimes it happens within a few hours or minutes. I hope you enjoy my latest episode.
May 07, 2021
The Little Man
My dad once told me there was a little man inside the car working the antenna. I searched all day for that man when I was 4 years old, now I search for the little voice inside my heart.  
May 06, 2021
Letters Home
How many of us write letters and send them through the mail. After talking with a young man, that had never written and mailed a letter, I remember writing to my Grandmother and a time when a man gave me an address to write him but it was an unknown address. Drop me a snail mail at: This Awkward Life PO Box 61 Sebastopol, MS 39359 This episode was sponsored by The Yard Barber. "You Work To Hard To Cut Your Own Grass" The Yard Barber  Grannys House The Post Office  
April 16, 2021
The Toy Box
What did I learn from cleaning out a toy box? If you are a parent, you spend thousands of dollars on toys for your children. I know growing up in the 70's and 80's the toys were unique and now are making a strong comeback. With all of us Gen X'ers coming into middle age, it's time now to reach back for a piece of childhood, back when times were somewhat less stressful. I hope you enjoy listening. Follow me on Facebook: Instagram: Expensive Collectible Hotwheels:
March 24, 2021
Hide & Seek Champion
What's the oldest game around? I am going out on a limb and saying it was invented in the garden by Adam and Eve. Yup, they ran and hid and the rest is history. 
March 22, 2021
The Problem With The Swift
I have never been too swift. Rather slow actually and that's okay. This walk of faith isn't a sprint to see who can get there first, it is a marathon that only those that endure will win.
March 12, 2021
Whether they be good or bad, memories never fade. In just a moment you can be transported back. I hope you enjoy my latest episode.
March 08, 2021
The Broken Tooth
Have you ever broken a tooth and your tongue just keeps going over and getting cut? How quickly the tongue can adapt and in a day or so and maneuver without any problems. The tongue is the most unruly member and it can fool us and for a while say what we want but in the end, it's the heart that comes through.
February 27, 2021
The Best ShipBuilders In The Bible
Who was the best shipbuilder in the Bible? The answer seems pretty easy huh? I have one to consider. 
February 23, 2021
The King's In Kingsport
Imagine being 600 miles away from home and wondering if God is even with you. Well, that's where I was a few years ago and something amazing happened at a Taco Bell of all places.
February 21, 2021
I know a guy
"Ain't no sense in complaining. Nobody gonna listen." Have you ever said that? I have but the fact is the very person we are "complaining" to maybe the very one that can help. I hope you enjoy my latest episode. 
February 17, 2021
The Centurion
Have you ever had a conversation with someone that reminded you of one you had read in the Bible? Maybe it wasn't being swallowed by a fish but I have a story for ya.
February 13, 2021
Episode 1 "Being Called Son"
Within the last 24 months, I have lost my Dad and Mom. This episode is just a little of the many thoughts I have had the last couple of days.
February 12, 2021