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Focus...refocus your focus

Focus...refocus your focus

By Tiffani Madkins
To encourage those that have lost focus to regain their life focus. Life may have knocked you down...but you CAN get back up. Everyone needs a push every now and then. It’s time to get up again!
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Episode 1: Focus...Refocus your focus

Focus...refocus your focus

Is there something wrong with asking for help?
People are hurting, bleeding on the inside, taking their own lives because they feel it’s no one who can help. Or, they tried to seek help and it seems as if they are burdening individuals. What and how did you get help for your situation?
October 22, 2019
Focus- “Process Of Elimination”
Eliminating toxic people from our lives
August 16, 2019
Episode 1: Focus...Refocus your focus
This episode on focus is to help you to gain focus again where you lost it. To make individuals think about where they are in life...letting you know “it’s not to late” to accomplish your goals.
August 15, 2019