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By Tilly Davies
Welcome to the LinkedInBuddy podcast!

This show is for entrepreneurs, business owners and business executives who want to master LinkedIn marketing becoming authority and brand leaders… while filling their sales pipelines and grow their businesses.

Learn from Tilly Davies, known for her LinkedIn skills as a global LinkedIn Specialist, founder of MarketingCX and creator of the LinkedInBuddy System.

Inside each episode, Tilly reveals her tried and tested LinkedIn marketing and business secrets to assisting 1000’s of clients generating 10,000’s sales opportunities over the last 15years.
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Find a Guide and Find Success
Find a Guide Find Support Get Ultimate Success
February 3, 2021
Marketing requires Discipline
Find your Guide  Find your Support Get Ultimate Success!
February 2, 2021
Learn To Rest
When you are tired learn to rest... not quit!
December 29, 2020
Commit yourself to the Activity not the Result...
Focus on doing the activity daily, rather the result. There is a time to measure and manage your results but remember, without the activity there will be no result!
December 28, 2020
My Story, Why LinkedInBuddy?
LinkedInBuddy is a dream and a passion to help others achieving their Marketing Goals using LinkedIn. It is so frustrating when all your efforts and activities are yielding zero results with the only solution more and more expensive training.  LinkedInBuddy is the first ever LinkedIn Marketing Support system designed and developed by LinkedIn  practitioners; a marketing team generating sales opportunities for their clients daily. It so much more than just another LinkedIn training course. LinkedInBuddy is your guide, your manual, your marketing support... Now you too can know how... like the LinkedIn Marketing Expert do!
December 27, 2020