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The Singer's Muse

The Singer's Muse

By Tish Oney
What inspires singers? Toward whom does a singer glance when searching for musical ideas? Where do singers travel to fill their wells with creativity? When do singers reach for outside inspiration and why do they turn where they turn? I am delighted to investigate some of these direct and rhetorical questions in my podcast as part of WGJC radio, "The Singer's Muse."

Singers from all genres and styles will be invited to contribute their thoughts as guests. As we share our journeys, stories, and experiences, we will learn from one another and hold each other up.
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Episode 2: Musing with David Rhyne of S.C. Bach

The Singer's Muse

Episode 2: Musing with David Rhyne of S.C. Bach
I am excited to welcome my first guest, David Rhyne, artistic director of S.C.Bach, to The Singer’s Muse. We discuss how J.S. Bach has been a major source of inspiration for Rhyne, leading to his founding this baroque performance organization. We also discuss our upcoming virtual concert, Bach and Jazz with Tish Oney, which we will record in January. Check and for updates on the broadcast of Bach and Jazz with Tish Oney! Listen to “The Singer’s Muse” live on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm at  Follow me on social media:  Facebook:  Twitter:  Instagram:
December 31, 2020
Episode 1: The Singer's Muse with your host, Tish Oney
Welcome to the inaugural episode of "The Singer's Muse" podcast. In the first episode you'll meet your host, Dr. Tish Oney, a singer/composer/author, as she discusses the questions surrounding a singer's "inspiration." We hope you will join us for this new artist-friendly series! Listen to “The Singer’s Muse” live on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm at Follow me on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
December 10, 2020